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Doors Closed 1" or Half an
Hour to Aid the
Yesterday's Iluinmagc
Sporting goods. $103.20: milli
nery. $117.37; china and glass,
$44*77: pictures, $128.58: furni
ture. $116.92: house furnishings,
$105.98: women's department,
$226: draperies, $114.88; men's
department, $131.4 3; notions,
$55.60; shoes. $120; toys, $54. 45.
Thursday $2,201.63
Friday 1-319.21
Total i
To-day's estimate .... 750.00 |
"Close up at 1 o'clock" was the
order sounded from headquarters at
the Rummage Sale to-day, and just
as the echo died out a loud call toi
help came from a G. A. R. veteran
who claimed he had been robbed of
a wallet containing $llB and two
Liberty bonds. Mercer B. Tate in
stantly had both entrances closed
and locked with a view to recovering
the loot and for half an hour no one
was allowed in or out.
The veteran came to buy a pair of
shoes and was accommodated by
Mrs. Olmsted, who was working at
that counter. Purchasing a pair he
paid for them from a wallet which
he took from his hip pocket and
went away, only- to shrilly announce
his heavy loss. Police headquarters j
were notified, but when detectives
arrived they could not tind the com
plainant, nor learn his name. He
wore a G. A. R. badge and this yvas
the only identification to be had.
; A second pick-pocket tale was re
ported to police headquarters by A.
L Koppenhaver, 1926 Rwatara street, j
He said that his yvallet containing j
$75 was taken.
Though the last day. the crowd j
was persistent and heavy and the ;
gallant women clerks were about all |
in with the final rush. A neyv bunch j
of women's hats brought a flying .
wedge to that department and the j
patronage was brisk and rough, t
"The beaver on that hat alone is
worth $l." exclaimed one of the:
tired clerks to a woman who hag- |
gled bitterly for a reduction of five ,
cents. "Well, gimtne th' beaver,
then," she insisted, and got it. for i
patience was no longer a virtue.
Mens clothing did a tremendous j
buisness and yet some will be left I
!• over for the junk dealers. "I want :
1 a dark suit for my husband." shout- j
' ed a very stout woman, arriving all i
t out of breath, when it was nearly ,
closing time. i
"Hoyv big is he: what'? his size?
s "I don't know; he wears a seven- |
- 'n-a-eight hat" yvas her final appeal. I
"Gimme suntpin to lit him."
Mercer Tate, as closing hour ar- ]
rived, made a last call to get over |
!- t lie top. "All yve need to beat the
record is a little over $500," he said, |
"and -we're sure to get it." He. enu '
phusized the fact that second-hand t
dealers did not bust up this sale; •
they were all identfied and asked
to leave. The remnants will be dis- I
posed of on Monday to junk dealers. I
Dauphin Aid Society Meets
at Hoover Home, Rockville
Dauphin. Pa., April 12. —Ladies' Aid !
Society of the United Evangelical j
church, will meet at the home of -
Mrs. C. D, Hoover at Rockville, Tues- •
day afternoon. —Prank Wallis anil j
family of Harrisburg have opened j
their bungalow on the mountain side j
for the summer. —One member yvas ,
initiated by the P. O. of A. at its I
last meeting. Mrs. Jeff Cauffman re- |
signed as assistant conductor, and i
John Smith was appointed. Mrs. |
Barbara Baker of Harrisburg and j
Miss George Mickey, of Waynesboro, j
spent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. I. j
L. Long.—Mrs. Elijah Dewalt and j
Miss Martha Irvin yvho were guests j
of their sister. Miss George Oleyvine
at Stone Glen, have returned to thoir I
home at Lebanon. Mr. and Mrs. ]
Ralph Lutz and daughter, Helen Mae, |
arc guests of Mrs. Lutz's parents, i
Mr. and Mrs. George Gilday.—Mrs. j
Surah Sponsler has returned from a j
visit to Tremont and Lebanon. —Miss i
Xoreen Smith, of Washington, D. C., !
who yvas the guest of Mrs. W. B. j
Gross, has returned home. —Mr. and !
Mrs, John Conrad of Harrisburg spent
Saturday yvith Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
Conrad.—Miss Margaret Garman has
returned from a visit with her sister
Mrs. Herbert Singer. Enola.—Miss
Martha Cresswell and Miss Helen
yallis of Harrisburg, and Guy NetT
of Huntingdon, PH.. were the week- j
end guests of Miss Sabra Clark. — j
Captain and Mrs. D. \V. Speece who |
were the. guests of the former's sis
ter. Mrs. D. P. Deiter. left for Fort
Oglethorpe. Ga.. —Max Long, of Get
tysburg College is spending the
spring recess yvith his parents. Mr.
and Mrs. I. I- Long.—Roy Welkerj
is homo from Camp Merritt, yvhere
he was discharged, after being over
seas ten months. —Mrs. Bertha Hen
ninger is visiting Iter parents, M.'
and Mrs. George Kinter.—Mrs. Eman
uel Feaser spent several days yvith
her daughter. Mrs. Simon Shope in
Pishing Creek Valley.—Miss Emma
Boingardner of Harrisburg was the
guest of Mrs. W. P. Clark.—Miss
Carson of Williamsport and Miss
Marian Hunsicker spent Monday and
Tuesday in New York and Philadel
phia.—Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schneider
motored from York Sunday and were
the guests of their aunt, Miss Sarah
Sponsler.—Mr. and Mrs. John Wolf,
4 attended the funeral of Mr. Wolf's
brother, Samuel Wolf at Marysville,
Monday.—Miss Sabra Clark who spet.;
r the spring recess with her pan., ts,
i Dr. and Mis. W. P. Clark, returned
to Gloucester College. Baltimore, Md.,
on Wednesday- morning.—Mrs. J. u.
- Reed has returned from Berwick,
where she had been visitl-g her
1 rother, Prank Shope.
Wrist Broken When He
Is Knocked Down by Car
Dennis L. Barrick. 10 South Seven
teenth street, a Harrisburg Ruilyvays
Company inspector, suffered a frac
tured left wrist and severe lacera
tions of the scalp when struck and
• knocked down by a trolley car in
Steelton early this afternoon. At the
frog shop entrance to the Bethlehem
Steel Company he yvas directing the
movement of two cars yvlien he
stepped back, too close to the south
bound track and was struck by a car.
Camp Colt Buildings and Equipment Will Be Sold Next
Week and Famous Instruction Place Abandoned; Con
gressman Brooks Working With War Department For
(ict( ( vburg, Pa., April 12.
Although next Tuesday is the day
set by the War Department on which
the buildings and all other belong
ings of the Government at Camp
Colt are to be sold, strenuous efforts
have been made during the past week
or two by some of the people of town
to have a part of the equipment re
tained and a permanent post estab
lished here. The matter has been
taken up with Congressman Brooks,
and he has been busy with the offi
cials at Washington. It is pointed
out that there is not a permanent
army post in' the State of Pennsyl
vania, and that with the Government
interests here this would be the ideal
place for a post. As yet no anno
ment in the matter has been made
by the War Department and from
the present outlook it wuuiu seein
that army activities here are A
of the past. Miss Josephine Shultz
fell down the stairs at her home and
broke her left arm. Last October she
had her arm broken at the tamo
place.—Arendtsville welcomed one
of her soldier boys home in oaO
fashion, although it was not his first
return home since coming from
Prance. W. Arnold Raffensperger,
a member of Company A o. the 310 th
Infantry, who was wounded in the
Argonne Forest, made his second re
turn to his home accompanied by his
bride, who was Miss Helen Eicnoltz.
and they were royally received and
giv<n r.n immense shower of gifts by
about one hundred of their friends.
The presents included many —•
articles and ranged in size iroiu a
mouse trap <.O a kitchen cao.net. —
Once a week in is offer d in ft.
Ignatius Catholic church in the Buch
anan Valley for the repose of tic
soul of Samuel Clapsadle, o'f the
Eleventh Infantry, whose body lies
buried in Prance. Always some me...-
bers of the Clapsadle family attend
these services. Bast week Mrs. \X il
liam Clapsadle found a large chicken
egg in the rear of her buggy after
mass. She presented it to the Rev.
Will Whalen, the pastor, for his next
meal. She suspected that one of her
best hens had gotten in the buggy
and made the offering as a pre-Easter
contribution to the rector. This week
'The Laughing Cure' Given
by Ladies' Aid Society
Manchester, Pa., April 12. —"The
i Laughing Cure." a two-act comedy, was
: presented in Fraternity hall auditorium.
I under the auspices of the Ladies' Aid
I Society of the Lutheran Church, Satur
day night. A large audience was pres
| ent and $38.50 was realized. The fol
lowing was the cast of characters: Dr.
| St. George Carey. Ira Rentzel, Jimmy
' Mason. Charles Landis, Dr. Whltcomb,
I Roy Jacobs, Clark Hanson, George
| Beck, Laura Hanson, his wife; Jennie
j Fink, Gay Hanson, his sister; Rebecca
Gladfelter. Kitty Clyde, his stenog
| rapher; Estelle Bell, Mary Ellen Perry.
'<i neighbor; Sara Dietz, Nora, the maid
| wld a bit o' Blaney, Anna Kauffman. —
| Miss Lucinda Fink, who had been seri
: ously ill is slightly improved.—Mr. and
■ Mrs. F. S. Kauffman and son, Gordon.
' unci daughter, Thelma. of York, were
j visiting relatives here on Sunday.-—John
I Fa relit is ill at his home on Railroad
I street. —Mr. and Mrs. Austin Miller and
| son, Penrose, spent a day at york.
. Miss Ruth Walker, of York, was enter
| tained at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Altland on Sunday.—Mrs. John
I Miller and son. Samuel, and daughter,
! Mary; Mrs. Henry Knautx Mrs. A. E
-1 White and daughter. Blanche; W. G.
I Good. Mrs. Irving Myers, Mr. and Mrs.
I Scott W. Knaub. Harold Kauffman. and
! William Kauffman spent Saturday at
I York. H. A. Kauffman spent Sunday
jat Harrisburg. —Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
.Welsh spent Sunday at Spring Grove.
I p. o. Good, who was ill the past several
] weeks, has resumed work.—Corporal
I George Kverhart spent Sunday at New
Cumberland.—Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bless
ing— Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brenneman
! spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Bren
| neman's parents. Mr. and Mrs. William
i lironneman of noar Quickel's Church.
Mrs. Frank Smith returned to her home
at Dover after several weeks visit at
the home of Mrs. George Smith.—Mrs.
I Ellen Spangler. of York Haven, was
visiting at the home of Harvey Grove,
on Sunday.—Mr. and Mrs. Irving Uoek
| ley and sons, Neal and Donald, of
York; were entertained at the home of
IMr Cockley's parents. Mr. and Mrs.
jolin Cockley.—Daniel Strine's mother,
I of Harrisburg. was visiting at the Strine
home Sunday.—Miss Catherine Brown,
of York, spent the weekend at the home
of Miss Ada Gross. —11. D. Mault left
for Palmer. Montgomery County, on a
' business trip.—Eli Gross, a former resi
dent of Manchester, at present located
jat Liverpool, Perry county, is visiting
I friends here. —Oran Reachard, of Dal
! lastown, was visiting friends here on
j Monday. —Mr. and Mrs. George Winters
I have returned to their home after a
several weeks' visit at Coraopotis.
Women ol Zion's Church
Plan Bake Sale Next Week
lilsiiii, Pa„ April 12.—Women of
Zion's Reformed Church are planning to
hold a bake on Saturday afternoon. J
April 19.—The Rev. H. C. Kleckner, of j
Loysville, will supply the pulpits of the :
Zion Lutheran charge to-morrow, as j
follows: At New Germantown tit 10.30
a. m. ; at Blain at 2.30 p. m., St.
Paul's at 7.30 p. m.—Communion ser
vices will be held Sunday morning, April
13, in the Zion Reformed Church at
lo!so o'clock. Preparatory services this
evening at 8 o'clock. Communion ser
vices in the Sandy Hill Reformed Church
to-morrow at 2 p. m.—Mrs, Chester
Brown and .children, Chester and Ger
aldine, of Harrisburg, are visiting the
former's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Robin.—Miss Ruth Hench visited her
uncle John Utley. in Pleasant Valley.—
Miss Nellie Pryor, a Red Cross nurse,
who was in France, has returned to
spend a vacation at the home of her
mothef, Mrs. Margaret J. Pryor in Jack
son township.—Private Banks Rohm, of
Blain, has arrived with the Twenty
sixth Division at Camp Devens. Mass.,
and will be mustered out on April 28.
Clarence Wilt went to Harrisbrug.—
Levi Shu man and Samuel Cooney are
very ill.—Dorf Rohm, returned home
from Harrisburg to work on the farm.
—R. B. Kell received four partridges
from County Game Commissioner
Maurice Shuler, of Liverpool, which he
, liberated in the thickets near here.—■
' Perry county has nine Republican can
jdidates on the ticket for the nomination
j of County Commissioner and three Dent
locrats. —Miss Grace Hosteller, of Phila
delphia. is visiting her mother, Mrs.
John Echeiberger.
the Rev. Whalen noticed a strange
lien among his flock of chickens and
was at a loss to know where ... u
came from. Mrs. Clap- o-
nized the fowl as hers, the very one
that made the offering lasf weak.
The bird bad again concealed herself
in the carriage. "She's a church chick
en," she said. "She sings her lay
louder than any of her feathered
friends. So let her live ui..*>.. 0 the
priest's birds in the future."—A class
in bread making and sewing has been
formed at New Oxford under the
supervision of Miss Bess McAllister,
who is representing Pennsylvania
State College in Adams county in ti.o
department of Home Economics.—
Gettysburg's branch of the Red Cross
has not stopped business and shut up
shop as many of the branchea
throughout the country - done.
but every day the secretary of the
chapter and the secretary of the home
service department are on the job
and are giving information and help
to many persons needing aid. A
change has been made in the routes
of the motor mail trucks running out
of Gettysburg and as a result there
are no longer direct routes from
here to Washington and from here
to Baltimore. Mail goUtg on the
trucks to these places is now ..auteu
on the Lancaster truck as far as Lit
tlestown and there transferred.
Night officer Pox will ask the town
council to put a rod globe on the call
light in the public square. The claim
is that the ordinary light now used
for this purpose is too hard to dis
tinguish from the other lights if any
of the officers are any distance away
while the red light could easily be
detected. Under the present ordi
nances of the borough it is necessary
for persons desiring to keep pigs
with In the borough limits to secure
a permit from the board of heulth
and since the first of u-- yc...' eighty
such permits have been granted by
Health Officer Christ.—State Troops.
Norman Tipton, whose home is at this
place and who for almost a year has
been stationed here, has been g- -■ '
a vacation and during his absence
his place lias been taken by W. T.
Griffiths, of the Pottsville Troop o.
the State Constabulary.
Miss Koons Entertains
Senior High School Class
'l.tiislostowii. Pa.. April 12. —The
Senior Class of the Lingleslown High j
School was entertained by Miss Vesta J
Koons, one of the members of the class,
at the home of her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Koons, on Thursday even
ing. Music, games and contests were
features of the evening. Refreshments
were served to: Miss Meta Graybill,
Miss Sibyl Hench. Miss Carrie Hocker,
Miss Helen Hocker, Miss Ethel Cassel,
Miss llulda Longenecker, Miss Elsie
Bierbovver, Miss Vesta Koons, Miss
Sara Felty, Sylvester Deauens, Ellis
Mumma, Paul Zimmerman, Marlin
Shope and Prof. Stewart L. Oyler.—Mr.
and Mrs. F. M. Balsbaugh and Miss
Mabel Feeser, of Hershey were guests
of Mrs. Carrie Feeser over the week
end.—Mrs. William Feeser. Mrs. Fleck
Mixell and John Kprly, Jr.. of Hainton
on Sunday visited at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. William Look.—There will be
Sunday school services in the United
Brethren Church at 9.30 and preaching
services at 10.30. Subject: "The Tri
umphant Entrance," by the Rev. L. D.
Gottschall. Also services in the Church
of God in the evening by the Rev James
Wagner.—Mrs. Thomas Spence and Miss
Liia Spence, of Wormleysburg and L.
R. Albright, of Harrisburg, spent Sun
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Lewis Zarker.—Mrs. John Koons and
son Donald, from Harrisburg, were re
cent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Koones.—Ralph Stauffer and sister .Miss
Elizabeth Stauffer. of Myerstown, vis
iltd at the home of David Felty on Sun
day.—Mr. and Mrs. Adam Smith were
recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Bomgardner.—Mrs. Libby Bolton is
spending the week with her sister, Mrs.
William Lountz.—The seventh district
of the Dauphin county Sunday school
association is planning a convention to
i be held in the Bethel church, on Thurs
day evening. May I.—Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Getz, of Mount Joy, motored to
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Miles Bolton
I on Sunday.—Roger Care, who is a "Y"
' worker at Camp Meade, Mrs. Care and
j son Ross, of Paxtonia, spent Sunday at
; the home of C. Brooke Care.—William
l Feeser and son John, of Hainton, were
I Sunday visitors with the former's
! mother. Mrs. Mary E. Feeser.—Mrs.
: Amos Lingle, of I'leasant View, on
; Tuesday, was the guest of her sister
I Mrs. Austin Schaner.—llarry Frank, of
i'axtarig and Joseph Timothy, of Har
; isburg, were Sunday visitors at he home
1 of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zelters.—Mrs.
| Matilda Shivey, who was wintering with
j her son. Harvey Shivey. at Enola, rc
i turned to her home here.—Miss Elsie
| liierbower, of Carlisle, is spending a
j few days with Iter sister, Mrs. Charles
i Koons.—Mr. and Mrs. Russel Farling
| announce the birth of a son on Tuesday,
i April 8. 1919.—Mr. and .Mrs. George
! Hoover, Mrs. John Hetrick, and Isaac
| Strickey motored to Palmyra on Sun
i day.—Mr. and Mrs. Roger Good and
i daughter Gladys, of Harrisburg were
I recent visitors at the home of Mr. and
j ltober Koons and daughter Anna, of
! Harrisburg, are spending a few weeks
j with, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Koons.—
: Mrs. Roy Gumpher and son and Mrs.
I Roger Koons. of Penbrok, were recent
i visitors with friends here.
Miss Jane B. Ahl to
Address Civic Club
\cwvllle. Pa., April 12.—0n Mon- ;
day evening the monthly meeting of the i
Civic Club will be held at the home of j
Miss Belle Dunfee in Big Spring avenue.
The Club will be addressed by Miss
Jane B. Ahl, of New York City, on the I
subject, "Child XVelfare. As Miss Ahl
is one of Newville's girls, the members
are asked to bring their friends and
hear her tell of this wonderful work.
Business meeting will follow the ad-'
dress. It Is the intention of the club
to have a course of lectures and
musical performances, as In previous
years, this coming fall and winter.—The
X'oung Ladies' Missionary Society of the
Church of God will hold the monthly
meeting at the home of Mrs. D. XV.
i XVeller, East Main street, on Tuesday
i evening at 7.30 o'clock.—A patriotic
[meeting will he held in the Hbg. School
| auditorium on Thursday evening, April
j 24, in the interest of the Victory loan.
Speakers from over the sea are expected
I to be present.—Russell Swigert has been
! discharged from army service and is
' spending some time with his parents,
i Mr. and Mrs. J. Clyde Swigert.—C. C.
| Myers, tlie corner grocer, underwent an
operation at Ut/s Harrisburg hospital
on Tuesday.
Lester G. Holtzman Will Build
Up-to-date Structure in
Center Street
Soldier Comes to Home of
Parents During Night and
Gives Them Surprise
Millerxburg, Ta., April 12.—Lester
G. Holtzman lias purchased front Dr.
M, Ulrlch at private sale the prop
erty in Center street cast of the
Drelbellis meat market. Mr. Holtz
man will raze the building now a
the property and erect a modern
moving picture theater. The build
ing will be built of brick and i g,
yvill be fireproof and have a stating
capacity of not less than 4,500. The
stage and furnishings yvill be first
class in every respect, work on the
neyv structure yvill begin in a few
| weeks.—Berkley J. Pranke a ta..a
-i ber of the 3fith Aero Squadron, ar
tived from Prance on the
last yveek, and is noyv at his home
here. Mr. Pranke is a son o- ->"•
and Mrs, J. A. Ftunke of Union street.
and gave his parents a surpi
h, arrived home on a night train,
and yvent to his home, enter.--.- nd
passed the balance of the ...gnt on
a couch not wishing to disiu.- the
household. Great yvas the —...
therefore when his parents arose in
the morning to find their
and in good health.—Lieutenant
George Michaels son of Mr. and X— •
S. T. Michaels, Market street, who
recently arrived from Prance, is ...w
at his old Millersburg home. —The
first artificial ice to arrive in Millers
burg this season yvas housed in the
Eshcnour ice Itouses this yveek. It
yvas a three-car lot and was manu
factured at Lancaster. —The members
of the Methodist Episcopal c cii
gave a reception to their neyv past...
and family in the Sunday schcol -win
of the church Tuesday! evening, a
joyous time yvas had, refreshments
yvere Served in the church dining
room.—The blue martins are back
from the Southlands, a sure sign of
spring. These birds have made their
summer home in Millersburg for many
y> ars. A new bird-house has bet
erected for them in West Park. —Miss
Lovie Feeser and Mrs. Laura Mat
thews have arrived home from De
troit where they spent the winter.
Walter Shaffer Lectures For
Lewisberry Epworth League
Lcxvisberry, Pa., April 12. —A large,
audience assembled in the Methodist
Episcopal, on Saturday evening, j
when Sergeant Walter J. Shaffer, i
the American aviator of Dauphin, i
and a member of a French flying
corps, gave his lecture, "Over the
Heads of the Hun." Keen In sym
pathy and generous in applause, the
audience responded to the various
moods of the speaker as he gave his i
wonderful experiences, and saying
he was "proud to belong to the
greatest Nation on earth —America."
Modest to a degree, though wearing j
an attractive French uniform, col-1
ored with medals and French cita-'
tions, this yot'-g aviator fully de- j
served the plaudits of the people. ]
The program, which was given for:
the beneiiit of the Senior Epxvorih
League, was arranged by Miss Edith
Cline, who was the pianist, opened j
with the song, "America." Lieuten
ant Bruce G. Xebinger introduced
the speaker. The lecture was fol
lowed by a vocal solo by Private
Raymond Stonesifer, who saw ser
vice in France, with piano accom
paniment by Mrs. H. C. Hetrick.
The closing remarks were made by
Ihe pastor, the Rev. L. L. Owens.
The meeting closed with the "Star
Spangled Banner." Sergeant Shaffer
was accompanied by his father.
Charles E. Shaffer, of Dauphin, and
his manager, N. W. Pickens, of the
I Majestic Theater, Harrisburg.—Mrs.
E. A. Pennington entertained at iter
| home in honor of her niecej Mrs.
| Chester C. Byler, and daughter,
Sarah Ellen, of Harrisburg. Those
present were: Mrs. J. H. Shettel.
Frank E. Foster, Mrs. G. J. Strayer,
Mrs. 11. C. Hetrick, Miss Blanche
: Miller, Miss Edith Cline, Miss Bessie
| Kunkel, of town, and Miss Alice
i Griest, of Steelton. —On Monday
levelling, the officers of the Twelfth
j District of the York County Sabballi
'S-hool Association held a meeting in
Mount Zion Church, and arranged I
la program for their coming conven-1
ition to be held in that church on j
I Ascension Day, May 29. The Rev.
j and Mrs. L. L. Owens, Miss Edith
i Cline and D. L. Snavely, of the Lew
-1 isberry Methodist Episcopal Sunday
I School, were present. . On account
!of the dejith of the president. XX'ill
-1 iam Hartman, the vice-president.
I Clarence Beshore, presided.—Miss
Nelson, of Mount Holly Springs, is]
I a guest at the home of her uncle
land aunt. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Crone, i
i Mrs. Crone is confined to the house
Iby sickness.—Mrs. Elmer C. Wise
'is confined to her home by pleur- i
; isy. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur II
Laird and son, Wilbur, returned
Ito their home at Steelton after be
j ing guests of Mrs. E. TT. Laird and ■
] Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Hudson.—Mr. I
] and Mrs. J. L. Brenneman moved to
I Red Lion on Tuesday. They will
I take charge of a store at the place.
I —The Rev. D. I<. Dixon, of Weather-1
ly, a former pastor of the loeal
I Methodist Episcopal Church, spent
I Tuesday and Wednesday with friends
!in town. —Mrs. Leah Potteiger and I
j Miss Smith were. Tuesday, guests of
; friends in New Cumberland.—Frank
j D. Bratten. Harrisburg. was a gue^t!
of his sisters, Miss C'arissa Bratten
and Mrs. J. H. Shettel.—Alvin A.
Zeigler, Charles Brothers and P. C.
8011. Ooldsboro, were in town Mon
day evening, onroute to the meeting
at the Mount Zion Church —The
Misses Mame J. and Ellen Uelff. of
] New Cumberland, have returned to
their summer home here.—Miss Me
• Kibben, of Harrisburg, is a guest
jof Mrs. Annie Laird and Miss .Tana
: Potts. —Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Arm
strong, of Harrisburg, spent Satur
| day evening attending the Shaffer
i lecture. —Private Raymond Slonesi-
I fer and Miss Grass, of Steelton, at
j tended the Walter Shaffer lecture
'Saturday evening.-—Anneta Rockey,
j youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
jJ. Ray Rockey, was knocked down
| by a runawav team and had her face
; badly scratched. —Mrs. G. J. Strayer
! was a guest of her une'o and aunt.
! Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Crumllc, New
I Cumberland.
Boys' and Girls' Basketball
Teams Have an Enjoy
able Banquet
Managers, Captains and Play
ers Congratulated on Rec
ord For the Season
Mount Union, Pa., April 12.—Anj
event which proved to be one of the j
greatest in the history of Mount j
Union High School, took place on j
Wednesday yvlien the High School
Association gave a banquet in honor
of the boys and girls varsity bas
ket ball teams, which recently closed
one of their most successful seasons.
The hoys won 17 out of 20 of the
scheduled games, with a total of S5O
points against 4 30, and the co-eds
yfron all of their games except one.
Superintendent W. P. Harley acted
as toastmaster and the committee oni
'arrangements. Professors Slothower.j
Gilbert and Floyd Runker, prepared
a program which furnished some
thing startling for every minute.
The various managers, captains and
coaches responded yvith toasts. Man-|
agers Miller and Markey were con
gratulated on the splendid schedules
arranged and Captains Rosenberg
and Wagner complimented for the
loyal way in yvhich they led their
teams, and Coaches Huston, Smith
and Gilbert for the high standard
attained by their teams. The cheer
leaders came in for much credit for
their good work and the true school
spirit which they developed. One
of the big features yvas the an
nouncement of the letter yvinners,
which included Misses Wagner.
Smith, Vaughn, Markey, Rosenberg,
Hower, Gracey, and for the boys:
Rosenberg, captain; Ritchie, Ben
nett, Sudors, Peters and Briggs. The
captains for 1919-20 yvere announced
for the girls. Eva Rosenberg; for
the boys, R. Peters.
Dinner in Honor of
William Landis' Birthday
Halifax, Pa., April 12.—Andrexv C.
Y'eager. recently discharged from
the United States Army after spend
ing some time yvith his parents. Mj\
and Mrs. Hiram Yeager, left on
Wednesday for Alberta, Canada. —
William H. Landis, a member of
the Halifax Shoe Company firm,
celebrated his fiftieth birthday anni
versary on Sunday. Mrs. Landis
gave a birthday dinner in his honor,
at their home in Second street. —
Elmer E. Daugherty attended the
funeral of George H. Hoffman, yvho
yvas killed by a wagon box falling
l on him last Friday morning. Burial
yvas made in the family plot in
Long's cemetery near Matamoras on
Sunday afternoon.—Miss Florence
Hoehn, of New Y"ork City is spend
ing some time at the home of her
aunt, Mrs. Joseph M. Smith. —Mrs.
Anna Richter and daughter. Miss
Caroline Richter are home from an
extended visit to the formers son,
the Rev. George M. Richter, at
i Schuylkill Haven. —Beulah Fauker
1 and Mary Stoneroad returned from
i a weeks visit at Steelton.- —S. J. Bovv
| man and family spent Sunday at
I Interline.—Jesse McWrie and family
| and Agnes Mace, of Steelton, were
I Sunday visitors at the home of Mr.
land Mrs. W. B. Bowman.- —Mr. and
I Mrs. Clarence Fetterhoff and Charles
i Zimmerman and family, spent Sun
day at the Lutheran parsonage at
Fisherville.—Mr. and Mrs. Henry C.
Loudermilch are much improved
from the injuries they received in
their recent runaway.—Adam Stef
fer, of Herndon, was a guest on Sun
day. at the home of his son, N. A.
Steffer and family.—Sergeant Robert
Noble, a member of the famous Key
stone Division, just home from
France, is spending the week in
town, visiting his aunt, Miss Stella
Hench, a teacher in the Halifax pub
lic schools. —Joshua Albright, a
sailor on the U. S. S. Georgia, and
Franklin and Marshall College, Lan
caster, are paying a visit to their
mother, Mrs. Mary Albright.—Miss
Helen Melt is home from Irving Col
lege, Mechanicsburg and is the guest
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira M.
llelt.—John Radle and son, Charles
Radio, of near Enterline; Wesley
Warfel, of Harrisburg and Miss
I-aura Sweigard, spent Sunday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Uriah Radle.
at Wagnesville.—Mr. and Mrs. J.
Harvey Chubb entertained the fol
| lowing friends at their home on
' Monday evening: J. O. Bichtel and
| family, W. H. Sweigard and family,
: Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Rowe, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Hooner, Henry It. Lau-
E. Chubb and Naomi Sheetz.—
Charles Midee, J. E. Jury and fam
ily spent Sunday at tho home of
Michael Shaffer at Penbrook.—The
i Rev. A. I. Collom is paying a visit
ito his daughter, Mrs. I. D. Fleck
lat Bryn Mawr and his son, Fred
Collom, at Philadelphia.—Mr. and
j Mrs. Fernando Loudermilch and
! daughter, Martha, left Monday for
| their new home at Harrisburg. Mr.
| Loudermilch assumed his new posi
tion as steward at the County Alms
house on Tuesday.
Free Mail Delivery at
Tower City and Sheridan
Tower City, Pa., April 12.—Ar
rangements are being made for free
mail delivery throughout the town by
May 1. The houses in Tower City and
Sheridan are being numbered and mail
boxes being placed.—At a rally recently
held in the Reformed Sunday school
enough money was turned in to pay
the last mortgage on the parsonage and
a hundred dollars over.—Miss Jean Mur
ray, of Pottsville, is visiting her parents.
—Mr. and Mrs. Finley were Lykens
visitors during the week.—Miss Elsie
Herb, of Sacramento, spent the week
end with relatives here.—Miss Emma
Wolfe is visiting relatives at Phiiadel
phta.—Mrs. William Klinger and Mrs.
William Smith motored to Kllngerstown
to attend an entertainment given by
the school children taught by the form
er's daughter.—Mrs. Pando and son.
have returned from a pleasant visit
to her daughter, Mrs. Ed. Harris, at
Harrisburg.—Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Erd
man and daughter Ruth, spent the
week-end with relatives at Schuylkill
Haven and Pottsville.—Lewis Schreiner,
og Schuylkill Haven visited relatives
here. —An interesting meeting of the
XV. C. T. U. was held at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. John Kniley on Tuesday
evening.—Mrs. Dr. Haas, of Williams
town, was a visitor here during the
week. —Mrs. Ed. Kantner spent a duy
at WUliamstown.
When lie Saw at Courthouse Names of Soldiers Who Sac
rificed' Lives For Country He Went to Victory Loan
Chairman and Pledged $1,200 For Bonds; Made More
Money Than Ever Before in Life
WellsvlUo, Pa., April 12.—A far
mer from one of the upper town
shtps of York county,' on Tuesday,
visited Grler Het-sh, chairman of the
York County Victory-Liberty Loan
Committee, and pledged himself to
put $1,200 of his savings in bonds
of the fifth issue. The story the
fanner told Chairman Hersh is as
folloyvs: "I must own up to it, 1 am
conscience-stricken, and I want to
make amends for failure to do my
duty in the past. Had everybody
done as I did, the war yvould not
have been won. On the first day of
April, 1 came to York to pay some
bills and to transact some business
at the court house.
"When I was going into the court
house, X stopped to read the names
of the boys yvho sacrificed their
lives for liberty and the thunder bolt
struck me right there. During the
other campaigns, I often read the
question: 'What Have I Done?' but
somehoyv it failed to sink in. Tito
question came before me again and
this time it did sink in. going
straight into my soul. X answered
the question. I had done nothing
except to buy a puny $4OO worth or
Liberty bonds and there all those
Mechanicsburg Woman Sur
rounded by Children and
Moehaitieshitrg, Pa., April 12.
With her children and grandchildren,
yvho had gathered for the occasion, Mrs.
Mary A. Syvartz celebrated iter eighty
seventh birthday anniversary. She is i
active and remarkably yvell preserved j
and yvas made the recipient of quanti- I
ties of beautiful floyvers, gifts and con- |
gratulatlons.—After being confined to j
the house the past four weeks by sick- '
ness, P. S. Mumma was able to go to ,
his ottice on Wednesday.—A pleasant
session of the Story Tellers' class was |
held at the home of Mrs. Robert H. |
Thomas. Jt\. West Main street, on Mon-j
day evening and yvas yvell attended. In- i
terest in the yvork increases and plans j
for future work was discussed. Mrs.
Harry Keffer, of Harrisburg. was pres
ent. and following the business session. |
told several stories in her usual de- j
lightful manner.—The folloyving subor
dinate officers of Trinity Lutheran Sun- |
day School were announced: Pianist. •
Miss Edith Springer; assistant pianists,
Helen Hoover and -Elizabeth Martin ;
assistant secretary, Paul Gronbeck;
librarian, Robert Arnold: auditors,
Elizabeth Hurst and Ruth Miller.—
Charles Eberly, cashier of the First Na
tional Bank, has been appointed dis
trict chairman of the Victory Loan in
Mechanicsburg.—Mrs. J. B. Spangler, qf
East Main street, spent Wednesday t
yvith friends in Neyvville.—Mrs. S. J. |
Mountz, of West Keller street, spent
several days at the home of her son.
Frank Mountz at Harrisburg.—George |
W. Hershman, district deputy grand- j
master of the Independent Order of I
Odd Fellows, yvas in Bowmansdale on
Monday evening installing officers.—
Mrs. William White, of Harrisburg. |
spent Tuesday with her mother, Mrs. |
Ella Adams, South Market street. — |
Mrs. S. Carroll Miller was a Harrisburg ,
visitor on Tuesday.—Mrs. A. P. Schaf
hirt, of East Main street, spent Tuesday
with friends in Greencastle. —Mrs. J. ,
Irvin Steel yvas in Carlisle on Monday.
Jacob Pentz, of Harrisburg, yvas in ,
toyvn this week, called here by the
death of his brother, William H. Pentz.
Albert Brubaker, of Philadelphia, yvas
a yveekend visitor at the borne of Mr.
and Mrs. C. K. Umberger.—On Tliurs
day evening, April 10, Mrs. Rahter
Myers, of 26 East Coover street, will be
hostess for the Ladies' Aid Society of
St. Mark's Lutheran Church. The com
mittee is planning a program yvith fea
tures of more than ordinary interest.
By this means the society hopes to raise,
contributions toward repairs to the par
sonage. Mrs. E. L. Daron, of Scranlon,
who yvas visiting at tho home of her
father, H. S. Moore, West Coover street,
left yesterday, accompanied by her
father, who will spend the summer
months at her home. —Miss Rosahi M.
Diehl was at Harrisburg on Monday and
' attended the production of "Hamlet."
i at the Orpheunt theater.
In order to facilitate the handling]
of the salaries of member of the city j
police force, Clarence O. Backensto.s,
secretary to Mayor Keister. has been
named as paymaster in the bureau
of police. He will prepare one vouch
er for the money and then make
pay envelopes for each member of
| the force, these envelopes being giv
en to the men at roll call on payday.
I Under the old system, the vouchers
i were signed by four persons and
much time and inconvenience on the
part of the payee was occasioned for
him to receive his money.
Six of the first ten cases on the
trial list for the April special ses-j
! sion of common pleas court, which
opens on Monday are to be tried.
Three of the other four yvere settled
| and the fourth yvas continued. Tip
staves for next week include John
j Pottroff, R W. Green. Harry Fulch-
I ner, M .F. Graham, Samuel Johnson,
' H. C. Winter, Jacob Stauffer, Henry
| Chubb, John Killinger, Peter Her
shey, George Oarr and John Q.
Damage suits against the Harrisburg
Railways compuny have been filed by
counsel for Irving E. and Mrs. Augusta
Robinson. No statement has been filed
but It is understood the actions yvere
started because of personal injuries
suffered by Mrs. Robinson in a street
car accident. Another damage suit was
filed against Alfred H. Shaffer for
Edward S. Mentzer. father of Edgar G.
Members of churches, Sunday
schools and Bible classes of the city
! will hear J. C. Bennett, of Chicago,
national trustee and field secretary
of tho Gideons, yvho is speaking
here In connection with a publicity
campaign being waged throughout
the country. His headquarters are
Jat the Metropolitan Hotel.
APRIL 12, 1919. "
(boys, whose names were before me
| on the court house walls, Xtad given
i their lives.
"When I went home I couldn't
sleep that night for thinking about
it. 1 reflected that during the. war
j I made more money than I had ever
made in my life before. I had
j cleared my debts and had bought a
I player-piano for my yvife and cliil
| dren, but I had neglected my duty
] as a patriot and a good citizen. After
consulting my wife on the question,
we yvere both of the same opinion
that yve both were rank slackers
while the war was going on.
"Well, to make a long story short,
| we have $1,200 in bank that wc had
saved to buy an automobile. We
I now are going to do without an
automobile and shift along yvith our
old horse and carriage for a few
more years. We have decided to
use the $1,200 to buy Liberty bonds.
If I could find a customer for the
piano, which is a new one and a
good one, I'd sell it and buy bonds
yvith the money."
Before leaving Chairman Hersh a
office, tlie farmer offered to place
the $1,200 in Mr. Hersh's hands, to
show that lie meant what he said.
[Continued front First Page.]
662, or nearly 50 per cent. Of tho
deferred building operations, 237 are
private and 88 public, most of the
former including dwellings and tho
latter public schools.
A larger percentage in Pennsylva
nia also report high cost of materials
than in the two other leading states.
The figures are 276 or 4 2 per cent, in
Pennsylvania; 291 or 36 per cent, in
Ohio, and 22 4 or 3 3 per cent, in New
A larger percentage in Pennsylva
nia also report wages higher than in
the other two states, the figures be
ing 32 per cent, in Pennsylvania to
24 per cent, in both New York and
Fifty-nine projects were reported
under way in Pennsylvania out of the
total of 662 reported on, against 58
out of a totjd of 673 in New York,
uml 59 out of a total of 805 in Ohio.
Pennsylvania reports 119 to start in
the spring against 92 in New York
and 104 in Ohio. To start during the
present year the figures are 146 in
Pennsylvania, 256 in New York and
99 in Ohio.
Of the total number of projects re
ported in Pennsylvania, 662, there
are 207 public and 455 private. The
public projects are divided into three
Federal, 16 state, 27 county, and 161
municipal. The following table shows
the numbers and valuation of the
various classes of projects reported:
No. of
Class Projects Valuations
Apartments 18 $1,530,000
Amusements 9 615,000
I Business 103 12,290,000
Dwellings 130 4,710,000
! Educational 14 735,000
I Hospitals and homes 10 1,010,000
Hotels 5 1,280,000
I Manufacturing .... 65 6,265,000
Religious 64 3.625,000
I Social. 27 2,810,000
| Miscellaneous 10 4,325,000
I Totals 455 $49,195,000
No. of
Class Projects Valuations
Bridges 25 $4,615,000
I Canals and water
front 4 6,120,000
I City halls and court
] houses 0 4,270,000
! Fire and police stat-
I tions 1 40,000
Hospitals, institu
tions and homes. 15 6,180,000
Schools 44 9,165,000
Sewers 25 6,455,000
Street improvements 52 27,440,000
Water works 13 9,515,000
Miscellaneous 22 5,350,000
Totals 207 $78,150,000
The number of questionnaires re
porting on shortage of materials is
Ismail in proportion to the whole, but
| a comparison of those stating that
j there is a shortugn with those wito
specifically state that there is not
serves as a reliable indication of the
effect of this influence on the build
ing industry.
In answer to the question of high
cost of materials, 276 sav yes, 22 no
as- compared witli only 59 who state
that there is a shortage of materials
to 102 who say there is not. Of those
specifying materials short, 17 indi
cate brick, 15 lumber, 11 steel and 7
cement. Of those specifying materials
high, 52 say lumber, 50 brick, 46
steel, 38 cement, 17 slone, 15 plumb
ing supplies, 6 heating supplies, and
two electrical supplies.
In the loan difficulty column. 40
answer yes, while only four complain
of high rate of interest, to 144 who
specifically state that tTiey are not
having any loan difficulty and 81
who say the interest rate is not high.
The number reporting labor short
age is 80 to 4 3 who report no short
age. Four indicate inefficiency of
labor. About half of those reporting
in the bids taken column answer tho
question yes, the numbers being 159
who say that they .have taken bids to
154 who have not.
Of those giving the excess in cost
of construction over previous esti
mates .the largest number 27, say 30
per cent., 22 say 50 per cent., 17 say
20 per cent., 7 put it at 100 per cent.,
5 say 60 per cent., and 2 each indicate
I that the excessive cost of construc
jtion at 70, 80 90 and 100 per cent,
| The automobile owned by Dr J
IH. Crampton, 600 Forster street'
i was badly damaged early last night
|in a collision ut Thirteenth and
l Derry streets, caused by wet streets,
j No one was injured.
Open All Yeai. Enter Any Time.
Individual Promotion.
121 MARKUP' ST. , |
Bcil 125 <Opp. Senate) Dial 401t
Fishermen of Tyrone Will*
Contest For Prizes For Larg
est Fish on the First Day i !
Howard B. Calderwood An
nounces Candidacy For Com
missioner of Blair County
Tyrone, Pa., April 12. —Fishermen
are getting ready for the opening of
the trout season, next week. The sport
of angling will bo more intense this year,
not alone from the fact that everybody
bas more time than last year, but also
from the 'fact that many of the streams
which protect or feed water supplies,
and which were posted during the per .
od of the war, are now again open to
the fishermen.. The principal sporting
goods deuler in town, is again offering
three prizes for the largest trout caught
on the first day of the season.—Howard
1!. Calderwood has announced himself
as a candidate for County Commissioner
The race for this office this year prom
ises to furnish the political excitement
of the year, as the increase of the sal
ary of the office from $lBOO to $2500
makes it an attractive berth. A further
vim has been injected in the political
matters this year, by the close scrutiny
that all candidates are being subjected
to by the Labor Organization.—Charles
H. 1 terse, a resident of Tyrone for
forty years, announced this week that he
intended to move to Gary, Ind., where
he has two sons employed. He has
sold his six properties and his house
hold goods. For the forty years he
has lived here, he has been the plasterer
of nearly all the homes that have been
erected in this vicinity.—John Fosnot
of Canton, Ohio, is the guest at the
home of Air. and Airs. William Eckels,
for several days.—Miss Mary Dubbs is
on an extended visit with relatives
?!? ~a n extended visit at Ardmore and
I hihulelphia.—Air., and Airs. W. V. Alil
ler. of Barnesboro, are guests of D. H.
iiaagen.—Mrs. Laura K. Woodln has
returned to her home after visiting for
a season with her daughter at Jersey
Lity, X. J.—Mrs. John Alinich and
daughter, of Olean, N. Y., are the guests
of Air. and Mrs. Marry Gardner, of this
place. Air. Frank Swangor and young
daughter departed this week for Mer
cersburg, Pa., where they will spend
the summer, being joined later by Air.
Swanger after he completes his duties
as principal of the ward school of Tv
rone.—Miss Martha Appleby and friend
Miss Elenah Manley after visiting for
a week with Mr. and Airs. Frank Fox
have returned to their home at Kbens
burg.—Miss Adaline Albright, a student
at the New Enghind Conservatory of
Music at Boston, Alass., is spending a
vacation of two weeks with her paronts,
Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Albright—John
B. Nason, Jr., is home for a week on a
short vacation from his studies at
Massachusetts Institute of Technoiogyr
Boston, Aluss.—Air. and Airs. George
C. Wilson and two children, who spent
the past three months in Florida have
returned to their home here.—Mrs.
James Branch has returned from a
visit at- Bock Ilaven and Belief onto, - <
The Be v. J. 11. Flagg, of Curwensvillo,
spent several days with the Itev. H,
E. Newman.
York Haven Men Will ■
Organize Realty Company
..York Haven, Pa., April 12.—Pro
minent business and moneyed men
1 of tlie town are contemplating or
-1 ganizinz a realty company, for the
purpose of erecting more houses ta
1 overcome the scarcity here. The
promoters will get together within
the near future for the purpose of
i perfecting the company. Owing to
1 tlie scarcity of hemes, a number of
residents will be obliged to locate
' elsewhere, although employed here.
—Mrs. Thomas Green returned from
1 Harrisburg, Where she had spent
several days with her son, Russell
1 Green.—A daughter was born to Mr.
and Mrs. John Naglo.—Andrew
1 Harris has been confined lo his home
1 the past week by sickness.—Harry
1 Weaver returned from Philadelphia,
1 where he spent several days.—Mrs.
I Esther O'Leary, of Reading, was a
I I guest for several days at the home
■ of the father, Augustus Rally.—Re
-1 cent guests entertained for a week
by H. W. Stokes, president of tlie
' York Haven Paper Company, at the
- "Company House," were: Mrs.
; Stokes and son, Tyson; Mrs. T. S.
1 Tyson, S. Roland Morgan. J. Oarretl
Kell and William Roloid, of Phila
■ dolphin.—Mrs. Susie Rinehart has
■ been ill the past week at the bonis
of Tsaae Wolf.—The men's chorus
1 of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, will
- make lis first public appearance a!
! the services io-morrnw morning, ni
• 10:30 o'clock.—Miss Violet Swan re
' turned to her duties, at the General
; Hospital at Philadelphia after spend
ing several weeks with her parents,
< Mr. and Mrs. William Swan.—Paul
' Kerry spent one day this week with
| friends at Harrisburg.
Sliippeiislmrg, Pa., April 12.—<
Mrs. Crawford Smith, of Rockaway, N,
.T., and Alias Helen Therriek, of Pliila<
delphia, spent several days with Airs
Sherrick on King street.—A number oi
persons went to the South Mountain on
Sunday for nrbustus.—A donation wai
held by members of the Orange strpei
United Brethren church on Thursday
evening for their pastor, the Rev. E. AC
Funk.—George AVatson spent a day al
Harrisburg.—A hike was held by ATisi
Carrie Kitzmiller's school on Tuesday
evening.—George Thrush, of the United
, States Regular Army, spent a short fur
lough witli relatives here.—Miss Vera
' Long, of Penbrook, spent Sunday witl
| her parents on East Orange street.
Chnmlierslinrg, Pa., April 11. Thl
Victory Dinner at Hotel Washington
or Monday evening. April 14, promise:
to be a big event as tickets are sc.uiiij
fast and a large attendance of mem
. bers of the Chamber of Commerce and
, other buainess men of whom ars
t pected. Prof. F. S. Alagill, reprcsou
i tative In the assembly from Frank'.il
. county has been selecieu as t-—--
master for the occasion.