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Permanent C. E. Alumni Association Organized at Head
quarters; Palmer Is President
St. Matthew's Lutheran Christian
Endeavorers are taking an interest
ing part in the work at the Bethseda
Mission on South Second street.
Enthusiastic workers, full of "pep,"
with a program that "talgs," go to
the mission periodically and hold
services and men and women are
saved from sin and led into the
gospel way of salvation. This is only
one of the worthwhile facts men
tioned which the endeavorers are
accomplishing for the organization
and "Christ and the Church."
Last evening a large group of en
deavorers attended the services at
the mission and an attractive pro
gram was rendered. Grant Marts
was the speaker and addressed t"
audience. The music was rendered
with such a fervor and manifesta
tion for spirit that the wayfaring man
said: "Music still hath charms.'
Preparations are being made by 1'
society for a reception and social to
be given in honor of new church mem
bers during the week following
Easter Sunday. A canvass will also
be made for new members for the
The new officers of the society are
as follows: President, Harry Webb;
vice-president, Kenneth Fisher: Miss
Esther stcnce: treasurer. Miss Lillian
Koster; corresponding secretary, Miss
Margaret Martz: pianist, Miss Alary
Binkley; assistant pianist, Miss Pau
line Rife; junior superintendent. Mrs.
A. E. Burkholder: intermediate super
intendent, Miss La Vcne Grove.
President Webb has been at the
head of the society since the begin
ning of the year. He is an enthusias
tic worker and is planning special
features that will stir enthusiasm and
inspiration among the members of
the society during the coming
A permanent Christian Endeavor
Alumni Association was organized at
the C. E. headquarters room. Market
Square, on last Tuesday evening. The
name of the new organization is the
First Pennsylvania Alumni Associa
tion of Harrisburg and vicinity. The
•officers elected are as follows: Presi
dent, J. Frank Palmer, Pine Street
rresbyterian, city: first vice-presi
dent, William H. Huble.v, Presbyter
ian, Carlisle; second vice-president,
Frank T. Harpel, Lutheran, Lebanon:
secretary, Miss Anna Dewhirst, Bap
tist, city: treasurer, Charles R. Bart
ley, Park street United Evangelism,,
city: press superintendent, Elmer S.
Schilling, Harris Street United Evan-
Holy Week
o •
For Both Men and
APRIL 14th to 19th
Under Auspices Central
Y. M. C. A.
| Cor. Second and Locust Sts.
Daily Program
12.15 to 12.45 P. M.
Organ Recital and
Well Known Soloists
10 Minute Talks by the
Clergy, as follows:
| Monday, April 14
Bishop .James H. Darlington.
Protestant Episcopal llisliop
of Central Pennsylvania.
Subject '"ldealizing the
Real Through Christ."
1 Tuesday, April 15
Rev. .loseph A. I.yter. Pas
tor Berry St. United Breth
ren Church. Subjeet
"Hecklers Discomfited."
Wednesday, April 16
Rev. George Kdward Ifnxrcs,
Pastor Market Square Pres
byterian Church. Subjeet—
"The Inner Circle."
Thursday, April 17
Rev. Robert Bagliell. Pas
tor Grace Methodist Church.
Subjeet—"Christ in Gethse
j Friday, April 18
Rev. Henry W. A. Hanson,
Pastor Messiah Lutheran
I Church. Subjeet "The
Shame and Guilt of the
Saturday, April 19
Rev. Ellis X. Kremer, Pas-
I tor Salem Reformed Church.
Subject "Christ's Descent
Into Hades."
"lie Class With The Bells"
Derry Street U. B. Men's Bible Class
Don't Aliss Next Sunday—Fifteenth aiul Derry
Two O'clock—Ail Alen Welcome
Over the Top d™
Christ Lutheran Church
tThis Holy season of the year makes its
own appeal. It holds out to all its hope
and its warning. The Passion of Jesus
atones for our sins; the Resurrection of ■■■■■
Jesus destroys death and gives life to as
many as will receive him. What a warn
ing also! How shall we escape if we
neglect such great salvation? What hope
for the sinner who remains in his sin? ■
- How shall we escape who have accepted
fulfil Christ's salvation and then neglect to raster
' foster its Privileges and its duties? We " u " c '
Cnn/lnu cannot afford to miss the services of Pas- C—J—..
junaay sion Week and the Communion on Easter OOnflflV
j gelical, City: members, the Rev. W.
I X. Yates. D. D„ Fourth Street Church
| of God, City; A. Elwyn Strode. Pres
byterian, Camp Hill; Nelson B. Cas
seil. Church of God, Penbrook. The
| total number of pledges to date are as
j follows: Harrisburg city, $157; Dau
! phin county and vicinity, $147. Total
j $304.50.
| All persons desiring to attend the
! big .May musical to be renderrd in
! the Technical High School audltor
j ium, May 8 are urged to get their
I tickets at an early date. The famous
j • ratorio, entitled "The Creation." will
be the big attraction this season. A
i large number of prominent musical
i people will take part in the rem,..inn
!of the program. Music lovers appre
! i iate the work of the Harrisburg C.
; K. Choral Union and many persons
j are expected to attend the affair.
Great attractions will be on the
j program at the St. Paul's United
: Brethren Society, Wormleysburg, to
] morrow evening. A joint service of
the senior and junior societies will
J be held and a number of special fea
| tures have been arranged for the
occasion Ross Derrick rtnd several
j ether endeavorers will take part on
i the program.
■ One of tile popular topiles of the
day will be discussed by the endeav
' orers at the various churches on
Sunday evening. The societies have
made preparations to study the sub
' ject. "How to Give God's Day to
I Godlike Deeds." Many societies wm
; have special music rendered by tal
] ented singers and musicians upon
the occasion.
Mrs, James Howard will have
! charge of the program at the Wqst
f minster Presbyterian Endeavor So
! ciety on Sunday evening. Come. \*ou
! are welcome, is the invitation.
St. John's Lutheran Society. Steel
ton is progressing with much enthus
! iasm among its members and friends.
The society aims to have attractive
| prayer meetings and live socials
where the old and young people can
' iningle together. Paul Shatto will be
i the leader at the 6.30 o'clock service
j to-morrow evening.
j The Sunday school com -ill
| have charge of the program at the
Keystone i-eague of Christian Kn
j deavor service at the Harrts stteet
' United Evangelical church on Sun
| day evening.
Christ Lutheran Endeavorers will
have a worthwhile service on Sunday
evening at which time the regular
| ctening's topic will be discussed. Paul
Unger will be the speaker and a
j number of endeavorers will take part
| on the program.
Miss Elizabeth Rutherford will have
charge of the service at the Cen
, tenary United Brethren Society, Stcel-
I ton. to-morrow evening. This so
i ciety is doing excellent work under
j the direction of the following offi-
I cers: President. Robert J. Afiller, Jr.;
I vice-president, Aliss Catherine Steh-
I man; recording secretary. Miss
Blanche Warner; corresponding sec
| retary. Jaines F. Atentze ; pianist,
1 Miss Elizabeth Rutherford; assistant
pianist. Airs. Robert Gecsey; treas
i urcr, Donald Raifsnider; chorister,
i Mae Douglass; assistant chorister,
; Aliss Pearl Beidle; librarian, James F.
Mentzer; junior superintendent, Mrs.
Mary Grimes; assistant junior super
] intendent. Airs. Charles E. Shaeffee.
At the Zion Evangelical Lutheran
| Society, Enola, Aliss Kathryn Fam
j ous will make the program attrac
j tive on Sunday evening. Everybody
j is welcome to attend.
Watch the bulletin bo;.rds in your
Endeavor Society room. There may
soon be an announcement posted
concerning a big union picnic to be
held at some convenient park during
the coming summer.
Miss Alary Binkley will be the , .. ,
er of the endeavor service at the St.
Music in the Churches
Morning—lo.3o,Prelude, Les Ru
meaud, Faure; Soprano solo. "Hc
j joiee ye with Jesus Alone' H. A. Mat
i hews, from 'The City of God." Mrs.
Decevee; offertory, violin solo. "The
Palms," Faure. Mr Victor Hanck
necht: anthem, "God so Loved the
World," Stiner; postlude, Fugurin in
Fmayor, Bach.
Evening—7.3o, Prelude, Puques
Fleuries, Mailly; quartet. Palm
Branches, Faure, Mrs. Decevee, Miss
Bennett, Mr. Shantz, Mr. Smith: of
fertory, Litany, Schubert: gospel
hymn: postlude, prelude in G major.
Bach: Mrs. E. J. Decevee, chorister,
j Air. William E. Mrotz, organist, Mr.
E. A. Kepner, chimes.
I Morning—ll, Venite, Turner;
benedicitc, Marker; bonedictus, No
veilo; solo. "The Palms," Clarence
11. Sigler, Fadre.
Evening—7.3o, cantata "Peni
| tence. Pardon and Peaca," Maunder.
Morning—Prelude, "Contempla
\ tion," Lsmare; anthem, "Arise,
| Shine O Jerusalem," Thomas Adams;
| offertory. "Invocation," Guilmant,
i solo, "The Palms," Faure, by Mr.
Ley; postlude, "Fantasia in D maj-
I or," Andre.
Evening—Prelude at 7.15, "Of
| fortoire in D minor," Batiste. "The
! Minster Bells," Wheeldon; anthem,
j "The Twilight Shadows Fall," Rar
| ri-Shelley; offertory, "Adagio (Sym
phony II)," Tertius Noble; postlude,
• "Alarch in B flat," Silas.
Aiorning—The prelude, "Song of
Spring," Sonnet; anthem, "Te
Dcum," Dykes; offertory, "In Spring
time," Chaftln; postulude, "Grand
chorus in D major," Best.
Evening—Prelude. "Intermezzo,"
Hollins: hymn by the choir, "There
is Always Happiness," Gabriel; of
fertory. "Berceuse," Ilynsky; post
lude, "Alarch in A major," Heintze.
Aiorning—Prelude, "Stabat Alater
; Dolorosa." Lemaigre; anthem, "On
| the Way ta Jerusalem," from "Oli
! vet to Calvary," -Maunder; contralto
I solo. "The Palms," Faure, Airs. Hugh
[ L. I-lertzler; offertory, "Prierc a la
Yierge," Grey; postlude, "Hosanna,"
: Hartmann.
j Evening—Prelude, "Allegro Giu
j bilante," Federlein; anthem, "Jeru
salem," Parker; duet, ' 'Crucifix,"
Faure. John P. Gibson, tenor and
| Roy Alathias, bass; offertory, "Good
j Friday Spell," Vretblad; postlude,
j "Festive Alarch." Rlackniore: Airs.
( Wm. K. Rumbaugh, directress; J.
I Stewart Black, organist.
| Aiorning—Prelude, "In Spring-
I time," Kinder: anthem, "Ride On,
Ride On in Alajesty," Allen, solo,
j Aliss Dubbs: offertory, "Cantilena,"
Helmund: solo, "The Palms," Faure,
Aliss Dubbs: postlude, "March Trl
| umphale," Wachs.
j Evening—Prelude. "Alarch in B
• flat," Silas: anthem, "Jerusalem,"
i Parker-Rees, Solos. Air. R. Fos
j tor Shader, Aliss Alioc Rollison;
i offertory, "Springtime Sketch,"
i Beebe; quartette, -"Dreams of Gal
illeo." Alorrison, Miss Dubbs. Aliss
; Rollison, Air. Ebersole, Air. Lyme;
I postlude, "Allegro Ataestoso," Heller.
. Aiorning—Prelude, "Processional."
(Chauvet: anthem, "O n the Way to
Jerusalem," J. H. Naunder; offer
tory, "A Afeniory," Guiiett: postlude,
"Epitlialiuni." Woodman.
I Evening—Prelude. "Ave Alaria."
; Schubert; anthem, "Palm Branches."
IJean Raptiste Faure assisted by W.
|F. Sudds; offertory, "Melody in F,"
| Rockwell; postlude. "Voice of
j Spring, A'ineent Heg.
Aiorning—"Allegeo Con Fuoco,"
. fith Sonata, Guilmont; anthem "Jeru
! salem," Parker-Rees, with recita
j tive, Airs. Wm. R. Helsley.
Evening—"Aleditation,"" 6th Sou
\ ate, Guilmont; anthem, "Sing and
j Rejoice. O Daughter of Zion." Lan
i sing, with incidental solo, Airs. O.
iW. Mvers.
Morning—Prelude "Les Ram
i eanx," Palm Branches: offertory,
j "Morning Song," Alerkel; postlude,
"Grand Chorus," Lemaigre; anthem,
i "Hosanna," Granier; Duet, "Palm
! Rranches, Farre, Aliss Alary Irwin,
Mr. C. F. Clippinger.
( Evening—Prelude. "Spring." Has
: lup: offertory, "Lullaby," ATacfar
j lane; postlude, "The Palm Branches,"
| Farre; antliem, "The Sun Shall Be
No Alore Thy Light By Dav," Wood-
I ward.
i Aiorning—Prelude, "Caprice in E
Alinor. Vincent; anthem, "Around
the Throne of God," Brown; con
: tralto solo, "The Palms," Farre, Aliss
| Jennie Shartzer: anthem, "Jerusa
! lem," Parker-Rees: postlude, "Fes
tal March," Kinross.
Evening Prelude "In Spring
time," Hollins; anthem, "The Grace
of God," Barnby; anthem, "See Now
the Altar," Farre, incidental solo,
Louis Alunnell; anthem, "Praise
Him with Song, Brown; postlude,
"Festal Alarch," Kroeger.
Aiorning—Prelude, (a) "Paques
Fleuries," Mail ley: fb) "Familiar
Hymns." selected: offertorv, "Invo
cation," Schubert; contralto soio,
"Jerusalem" Parker, Airs. Ernest
I Matthew's church to-morrow evening
jat 6.30 o'clock. If you desire to enjoy
1 a good time go to St. Matthew's on
j Three livewire workers, Aliss Alat
[ tie Weidenhammer, Mrs. Mabel Camp-
I bell, and Aliss Atyrtle A'ocum, will
j have charge of the program at the
j Fourth Street Church of God Society
J to-morrow evening. The Rev. W, N.
. Yates. D. D.. pastor and a former
president of the Pennsylvania C. E.
union, is putting "pep" into the local
endeavor work.
William Kohler will have a good
program for all persons desirim
attend the service at the First Church
I of God. New Cumberland, on Sunday
j evening. The leaders of this society
j emphasize the following pointers: A
good C. E. meeting means that I.
! You must be prompt at the meeting.
| 2. You must be ready to take part.
! Pray for the success of the mcet-
■ Former state secretary. H. B. Alae
rory, of Pittsburgh, has entered upon
his new work as pastor of a church
in Akron, O. Air. Alacrory has com
pleted his sixth year as secretary for
the Pennsylvania Christian union.
The C. E. choir of the Otterbein
United Brethren church will sing the
famous selection, entitled "Jerusa
lem", by Henry Parker, at the endeav
or service on Sunday evening. "The
Psalms" will be used as a solo on the
program. George L. Sellers will be
the leader of the me6ting.
Keys: postlude. "Marche Re
iigieuse," Gigout.
Evening—Prelude, (a) "Prelude
in E Flat," Capocei; (b) "Adoia
tion" (from The Holy Oily) Gaul;
bass solo, "Palm Brunches," Fauie,
A W. Hartman; offertory, "Song
Without Words," Deshayes; motet,
"Blessed Bo Thou, Lord God of
Israel," Matthews; postlude, "Grand
Triumphal March," Knabel. Mrs.
Eninia Hoffman, organist; A. W.
Hartman, director.
Maclay Street —The Rev. Dr. Will
iam S. Houck; 11, "Mountain-Top
Experiences—Nebo;" 8, "How Shall
We Die, —and Then?" Sunday
School, 9:43.
Linglestown—The Rev. J. M. Wag
goner; 10:30, "Palm Sunday;" Sun
day School, 9:30.
Vol. .1, No. 32. HARRISBURG, PA., APRIL 5-11. Our Yank Rditlin.
It Also Seems to Be an International Trait to Want to Take
One More Good One Before the Law Goes Into Effect
Saturday, April 5
City golfers protest against the j
proposition of landing the big dirigi- ■
ble balloon that is being brought to
this city as part of the publicity cam
paign to advertise the Victory Loan,
on the golf links in Reservoir Park. ;
Preparations are outlined for the Y.
M. C. A. boys' camp next summer at
a meeting of the Boys' Work Commit
An intruder broken into the Steelton
jail and then not finding things to his
liking therein, went out again. Police
have not located him.
Governor Sproul vetoes the bill boost
ing the pay of election olllcers. He says
that the increased compensation would
not increase the efficiency of the boards.
Mrs. William Jennings, of Harrisburg,
is elected for the ninth successive time
to head the Women's Foreign Mission
ary Society of the Carlisle Presbytery
at its forty-second annual convention
at Duncannon.
Monday, April 7
It is announced that the Legislature
will take a recess until April 21.
Funds of the city's charitable organ
izations would he thousands of dollars
richer if the valuable waste material
being annually sent to the city dumps
were sold, city health officials say in
their plea for greater saving among city
A Chamber of Commerce Committee
goes to Chester and Camden, N. J., to
study housing conditions in those cities.
John H. Demming, long a well-known
conductor on the Pennsylvania rail
road from this city, is dead at Duncan
March was a banner month for the
Home Service Bureau of the Harrisburg
Red Cross Chapter, it was announced.
Collections for the Rummage sale ,
which opens Thursday, are reported to
be exceptionally heavy.
Tuesday, April 8
"Bob" Chenoweth, arrested late .
yesterday after being implicated by 1
testimony of three self-confessed i
I "dope" peddlers, is discharged in po
! lice court for the want of sufficient
Plans to assure a great, celebration
in honor of the homecoming of sol
diers. sailors and marines of the Har
risburg district, are being made by
the Chamber of Commerce. A big
victory demonstration is planned for
July 4.
Col. W. P. Hurrell, of the Thirtieth
Infantrv, former head of the Harris
burg recruiting district, lias been dee
orated with the Distinguished Service
Medal and the Distinguished Service
Cross for bravery in action.
The dirigible balloon that is being
brought here as part of the publicity
campaign of the Victory Loan will be
landed on the old Harrisburg Athletic
Club field in Island Park it is an
Attorneys of the Susquehanna Col
lieries Company attack the maps pro
duced by the county commissioners in
support of their stand for increased
assessments of coal land properties
of the county.
Col. Kdward Martin, State Commis
sioner of Health, announces plans for
a meeting on Monday evening to
unite all organizations of the city in
the movement to make it a model city
from health and sanitary standpoints.
Tlie forest fire that, has been rag
ing on the Blue Mountain near Bella
Vista for the past several days, at
tracts considerable attention" from
city people.
Wednesday, April 9
Visitors who made excessive noise in
the House of Representatives were de
nounced by Speaker Robert L. Spangler
following the complaint of a number of
Final preparations are being made
for the annual conference of the Fifth
District Rotary Club which opens here
I Action, not talk is wanted as a result
1' of the meeting next Monday evening
to study health conditions of the city
I Renovated and Beautiful
Room For Fourth Street
Church of God Class
The Men's Bible Class and Pri
mary Department of the Fourth
Street Churcli of God Sunday School, t
will meet in renovated and beautified J
! rooms next Sunday. During the |
past two weeks the paper hangers j
and painters have been busy, and 1
the result is very pleasing.
' Twenty new men "have joined the
1 Men's Bible Class during the past
few weeks, and the Primary Depart
ment has about reached the limit
of the space allotted. These rooms j
are scenes of intense interest and >
activity every Sunday at 1.40 P. M. ]
with the view of making the community
i one a model one as regards health and J
i sanitary conditions. This meeting has j
I been arranged by Colonel Martin, Com- j
missioner of the Department of Health. |
One of hte most important arrests J
jby the State Fire Marshall's Depart- I
mcnt has been announced in the taking
! of Ijsonard Rundell, of Athens, Brad
ford county, after a chase of 3,000 miles.
Adonese Grimes, six years old. is
drowned when lie falls from the steps
j along the river front into the Susque
| hanna river when striking at a tin
; bucket in the water with a switch,
f City merchants who are members of
the Chamber of Commerce have organ
ized a Merchants' Council to consider
matters of special concern to them.
In disposing of his estate. A Mitchell
Rutherford, formerly of this city, who
died in Pittsburgh recently, wrote his
will on a piece of memorandum paper,
: three by four inches.
County Ilya Tolstoy, son of the great
Russian scholar, Leon Tolstoy, wilt
speak on "Bolshevism and the Russian
Revolution" in the Chestnut Street Aud
itorium next AA'ednesday evening under
the auspices of the Chamber of Com
Thursday, April 10
! Hundreds of Uotarians from 22 cities
arrived in Harrisburg to-day to attend
the annual conference of the Rotary
Clubs of the Fifth District, International
Association of Itotary Clubs. Opening
sessions were held in Fahnestock liali.
The Harrisburg Chamber of Com
merce Committee on housing lias re-
I turned to this city after the investiga
tion of housing projects in cities adjoin
| ing Philadelphia.
Captured German guns and other war
relies will be shown in a tour of Dau
phin county in the interest of the Aric
j tory Loan on May 4 and 5.
i But three Keystone division regiments
| will participate in the review of that
! regiment which is scheduled to be held
lin Philadelphia on its return from
i France, it is announced following the
receipt of advice from the AVar Depart
j ment.
The city is ready to go ahead with its
' work on the improvement of Third and
I AValnut slreets as soon as the State
completes its contemplated changes.
1 Hundreds of persons thronged the old
Gilbert store building in Market street
this morning when the annual Rummage
I sale for the benefit of the Harrisburg
I Hospital, opened.
Representatives of farm organizations
in Perry county interviewed county com
missioners on the proposition of forming
a county farm bureau and securing a
| county farm agent.
| AVaynesboro people are complaining
of increasing vandalism in their hor
| ouglt.
: The sixtli death in the typhoid fever
.epidemic at Mechanlcsburg is reported.
Friday, April 11
I William H. German is elected scout
! commissioner to direct affairs of organ
' Ization in Harrisburg district,
i "Bring your beau to church," is ad
! vice of the Rev. A. Smucker to girls
I of the city.
Draught beer virtually exhausted at
local breweries with little bottled stuff
Lessons learned in war In handling
men should be applied to peace prob
lems, E. S. Herman advises Rotary
Club conference.
More than 5,000 local railroad men
iin train service benefit by new wage
scale which adds $l6O annually to their
The' Rev. AV. H. Dallman accepts call
from Waverly, N. Y. Baptist Church.
Thief escapes from Crescent street
home in middle of night after fight with
L. B. Dotter.
Chester Young arrested charged with
using mails to defraud. He Is said to
| have represented himself as missing
son in order to get funds from parents.
AV. C. Alexander resigns from Moor
head Knitting Company to help organize
new corporation.
Fourth Street —The Rev. William
N. Yates; 10:30, "The One Who
Wins;" 7:30, "Those Who Lose;"
Sunday School, 140 p. m.
Green Street—The Rev. H. S. Hcr
shcy; 10:30, "A Memorial Before
God;" 7:30, "The Measure of God's I
Love;" Sunduy School, 2.
Pleasant View—The Rev. George
W. Harper; Sunday School, 9:45;
10:45, The Rev. Solienberger; 7:30,
"The Trial and Crucilixion of Jesus,"
The Rev. G. \V. Harper.
Nagle Street—The Rev. Elmer K.
Kauffman; 10:30, "The Command to
Reprice;" 7:30, "The Glorious Gos
pel;" Sunday School, 1:30.
Market Street—The Rev. W. S.
Dunlap; 10:30 and 7:30; Sunday
School, 11:30.
Second—The Rev. Albert Josiah
Greene; 10:30, "Innocence, the Ideal
State Christianity;" 7:30, "God's
Love for the World;" Sunday
School, 12.
St. Paul—The Rev. E. Luther Cun
ningham; 10:30, "The Blood of the
Covenant," by The Rev. Dr. O. S.
Cinims, of Pittsburgh; 3:30, "The
Divine Peace;" 7:30, "In the Valley
of Dry Bones;" Sunday School, 12:30
First—The Rev. William J. lawk-1
hart; 10:30, "The Palm Sunday I
Psalm;" 7:30, "The Glory of thc|
Cross of Christ;" Sunday School. |
Tabernacle—The Rev. Millard Os
more Pierce; 11. "Christ in Our
L\ ery Days;" 7:30, "Roots and
Roses;" Sunday School, 9:45.
St. Paul's—The Re\\ Floyd Apple
ton. S and 10, holy communion; 11,
"Palm Sunday;'\ 8, "Holv AVeek;"
Sunday School, 2:30.
St. Andrew's—The Rev. Henry
A. Post; 8, holy communion: 9:43
Church School: 11, morning prayer
and sermon, "Loneliness;" 7:30,
evening prayer and sermon, "The
Mind of Jesus Christ."
Park Street—The Rev. A. E. Han
gen; Sunday School, 9:30; holv com
munion, 10:45, "The King That Con
quers With His Own Blood;" 7:30,
"The Growth of the Kingdom," holy
Enola—The Rev. H. M. Buck;
'0.45, "Sin and Salvation;" 7:30,
"The Triumphal Entry;" Sunday
School, 9:30.
Harris Street—The Rev. A. G.
I- lexer; 10:30, morning worship,
"The A alue of the Gospel;" 7:30,
evening service, 'Victorious Entry."
Westminster—The Rev. Henrv AV
Miller: 10:30, "The Lord's Claim;"
7:30. "How and AVhat it is to Be
Great;" Sunday School, 1:43.
Paxton—The Rev. Harry B. King:
< aptain Charles K. Imbrie will
speak; 7:30, pastor will preach"
Sunday School, 1.
Capital Street—The Rev. B M
Ward; 10:45. "What Think You of
Christ;" 7:30. "Suffering for Well
Doing;" Sunday School, 12:15.
Market Square—The Rev. George
Edward Hawes; Rev. Howard Rod
gers, assistant: 11 morning service,
"Our Lord's and General Allenby's
Entrances Into Jerusalem;" 7:30,
evening service. "Work of an In
i fantry Chaplain," Chaplain Charles
K. Imbrie. Popular song service.
Immanuel—The Rev. H. Everett
|Hallman: 10. morning worship, sac
j rament of infant baptism will he
I administered; Sunday School, 11:15;
■0:30, Senior Christian Endeavor;
7:30, evening worship, "Parable of
the Hidden Treasure."
Bethany—The Rev. John Martin
AA'arden; 7:30, "The Christian Run
nel ;" Sunday School, 9.
Covenant —The Rev. Harvey Klaer;
10:30, "The Hope of the AVorid;"
7:30, "Waiting:" Sunday School, 2.
Pine Street—The Rev. Lewis Sey
mour Mudge, D. D., The Rev. H. H.
Baldwin, assistant; 10:30, morning
service, "The Christian Principle of
Progress," by The Rev. R. AA r . A'each.
D. D.: 7:30, evening service, "The
Heroe's Heroism;" Church Sunday
School, 1:40.
Division Street—The Rev. H. H.
Baldwin; Sunduy School, 3; evening
service, "The God Gives," 7:43.
Fourth —The Rev. Homer Skylcs
May; 10:45, "The Children and
Palm Sunday," baptism of infants;
7:30, "The Conquering Christ:" Sun
day School, 9:30.
St. Johns —The Rev. Clayton H.
Ranck: 11, Palm Sunday sermon:
7:30, "The Rejected Cornerstone;"
Sunday School. 10; Christian En
deavor, 6:45. Passion week services,
Monday to Friday evenings.
Salem —-The Rev. Ellis N'. Krciner;
11 and 7:30; Sunday School, 9:45.
Second—The Rev. Alfred Nenin
Sayres: 10:30, confirmation and re
ception of new members; 7:30, "The
Open Heart;" Sunday School, 1:43.
Epworth—The Rev. Homer Knox,
pastor, 11 a. m., "Echoes from the
Methodist Conference," 7.30 p. m.,
"What Will A'ou T>o?"
Grace—Dr. Robert Bagnell. Morn
ing service, 10.30 o'clock; sermon
topic: "The Triumphal Entry." Sun
day school at 12.t0. Evening service,
7.30 o'clock; sermon topie: "The Storm
Dauphin—The Rev. George L.
Schaffer, pastor, preaching 7.30 p. m„
Epworth League, 6.45 p. m., and Sun
day School 2 p. m. Prayer service
Wednesday 7.45 p. in. in the Presby
terian church. Preaching at Heckton
at 10.30 a. m. Sunday school 2 p. m.
and Ladies' Aid Society, Thursday at
7.45 ji. m. at Mr. and Mrs. Barnhart's.
Ridge Avenue—Morning, worship at
8 p. m„ "Christ's Message to Simon,"
by tlie pastor, Rev. H. R. Bender, Sun
day school at 10 a. m.
Fifth Street—The Rev. Edwin A.
Pyles, minister. "The Itoyal Entry,"
10.30, "Missing the Mark," 7.30 p. m.
Sunday school at 2.
Camp Curtin—The Rev. Jo.. . ... .ti
mer, pastor, will preach at 10.30, The
Triumphal Entry," and at 7.45, "Sal
vation, AVhat is It?" Sunday school
at 2.
Coxestown —The Rev. John G.
Davis, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"Christ on the Way to the Cross,"
and at 7.30, "The Final Appeal;":
Sunday school at 9.30. Special an
nouncements at both services, the
pastor will give sermonettes. illus
trated with objects, for the children.
Calvary—The Rev Edward H. Paar,
pastor, will preach at 10.45, "Con
firmation .Continue Ye In My Love,"
and at 7.45, "The Crucifixion of
Christ;" Sunday School at i-.
Bethlehem The Rev. J. Bradley
Markward, pastor, will preach at
10.30, "The Beloved Captain," and at
7.30, "The Principal of Vicarlano
Suffering;" Sunday school at 1.45.
Memorial The Rev. L. C. Manges,
'APRTL 12, 1919.
pastor, will preach at 10.30, "The
Royal Triumph of the Redeeming
Passion of our Lord," confirmation
service also, and at 7.30, "The Call '
of the Gospel to the Higher Service;"
Sunday school at 2.
Augsburg The Rev. .A, M.
j Stamets, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"The King and His Kingdom." and
at 7.30, "Finished Redemption," Sun
day school at 2,
Trinity The Rev. R. L. Mclsen
helder, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"God's Two-fqld Love," and at 7.30,
"Riding to Death and Victory;" Sun
day school at 2.
Holy Communion The Rev. John :
Henry Miller, pastor, will preach at ]
10.45, "Thou liast the Words," and I
at 7.30, "Via Dolowse;" Sunday school j
at 9.30.
St. Matthew's The Rev. 11. K. |
Snyder, pastor. Preaching services j
at 11, "The King and His Kingdom,"
and at 7.30. Sunday school at 9.45.
Redeemer The Rev. SI. E. Shafer,
castor, will preach at 10.30, "The
Power of Christ," and at 7.30, "The
Last Journey of Jesus," illustrated.
Messiah The ltev. Henry W. A.
Hanson, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
Confirmation Service, and at 7.30,
"Meditations by the Golden Gale;"
j Sunday school at 2.
j St. Peter's Highspire The Rev. J
I Ernest L. Pee, pastor, will preach I
| at 7.30, "Crowned by Christ;" Sunday
school at 9.30.
Trinity, Camp Hill Dr. E. D.
Weigle, pastor, 10.30, "The King
Above all Kings," 7.30, "The Home
Above Every Home," Sunday school
at 9.30.
■ Zion —The Rev. S. Wingflold Her
man, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
Confirmation Service, and at 7.30, Phe
Shadow of the vioss;" Sunday scuu,,
at 1.45.
Shiloh, Riverside Rev. E. E.
Snyder, pastor. Sunday School at 2. !
Sixlh Street—The Rev. J. Owen
Jones; 10:30, "Objections to Prayer;" j
7:110, "The Victorious Christ;" Sun-!
day School, 1:43; morning praise
service, 9:45.
First —The Rev. W. E. Daughter- j
ty, 1). D.; 10:30, "Isaiah Seeing the
King;" 7:30, "Drinking at the Upper
Spring; Sunday School, 1:45.
Derry Street—The Rev. J. A. Ly
ter; 10:30, 7:30; Sunday School, 2.'
jj J Sunday, April 13, 1919 s& |
| 10:30 A.M. '|||
$ £ Hew H. W. Voach, D. I)'., of Philadelphia k
I! | 1:40 P. M. | 9
■V • V. : Smiiliiy Schnnl Annlvrrnury, Ti'ihnlrnl lllali Srhnol ;J
V ; . ' Auditorium
NPF.AKIiIt, HKV. 11. W. \ KAI'H. I). I.
"Tin- Message of the War to the Sunday Schools of | ?
'& i § America" % , 3
7:30 P. M. Ik
S ?v THI: iiKito's HHnoisM" j.: .
;i The Third Sermon in the Current Series
ij: Organ .Music at 7.K,. Special Quartet Selections S j\
2 3 Sunday livening, April 20 '■
.? 3 "TIIK IllillO'S lillAVi;" Lj
Kaster Cantata—"Kaster live and Morn." •: |*
(Co %
St. Stephen's Church
I North Front St. ni'nr Pine)
Cantata, "Penitence, Pardon and Peace"
lly J. 11. .Ilnuitdrr
Soloists Master Merrill Shepherd, Soprano;
Clarence H. Sigler, Bass.
Seats Free You Are Welcome
Interesting Services To-morrow
Bethlehem Lutheran Church
| Rev. J. Bradley Markward, D. D., Pastor
10.30 A. M.
A large class of Catecheumens will be confirmed.
7.30 P. M.
"The Church With the Chimes"
A Quiet Service
For Busy People
DURING HOLY WEEK, April 14th to April
20th, every day between 12.20 o'clock and 12.45
i o'clock, services will be held in old Zion Lutheran
Everybody is invited—especially the individual
employed down town and who desires rest and i
quiet during the noon hour.
Church services every evening next week.
Special Lenten Cantata, Thursday,
,j April 17th, at 7.30 P. M.
f; Zion Lutheran Church
• j Mouth Fourth St., near Market
S. W. Herman, D. D. Pastor
"Zlon's Doors Are Open livery Day."
• i —^—————■
< itlerbein—-The Rev. S. Edwt
Hupp: 10:110, 7:30: Sunday School, 2.
State St reel. —The Rev. 1C F.
Rlioad; 10:43, "A Prayer for Guid
ance:" 7:30, "Who Is This " Sun
day School, 0:30.
The Christian and Missionary Al
liance—The Rev. VV. H.
Sunday School, 9:30; preaching tct
10:30 and 7:30.
Gospel Hall—10:30; "Breaking
Bread;" 2:30, Sunday School; 7:3<*
gbspel preaching by Evangelist WiU
lam Beveridgc.
Church of Christ, Lenioync— Th
Rev. Ira P. ilarbaugh; 9:30, Bible
School: 10:30, Lord's supper and
sermon, "The Triumphal Entry;"
7:43, "Christ Before Pilate."
Kinnand's Hall, Reformed Men
; nonftes —The Rev. Elias H. Hcrshey,
lof Lancaster, will preach sit. 10:30.
j The Church of Christ—The Rev.
!J. Boyd Wenger; 11, "The Trium
j phal Entry;" 7:30, "The Tragedy of
| a Soul;" Sunday School, 10.
First Church of Christ—"Are Sin,
Disease and Death Real?" morning
at 11 and evening at 7:30; Sunday
School, 11. Testimonial meeting
Wednesday at S p. in. Free reading
room, Kunkcl Bldg., 11:30 to 5 daily.
A. M. E.
Harris —The Rev. R. L. Briscoe;
10; 30, "Jesus' Public Entry Into
.Jerusalem;" 7:43, "Man's Choice,
j f.ife or Death;" Sunday School, 1:30.
The Rev. W. E. Jones preaclis at 3.
St. Paul's —The Rev. William
Moses: 10:30 and 7:30; Sunday
School. 1:43.
Bethel—The Rev. H. H. Cooper;
At 10:30, the Rev. J. E. Buchanan
will preach; 10:30 and 7:30, the
Rev. W. A. Flames will preach,
"Palms;" Sunday School, 1.
[Other Church News on Page 7.1
Wo anticipate a largo aaaihor
of bookings for picnics at
Beautiful Hershey Park
llcrstioy. I'n., tills nrnsan and
' recommend that plcnie committee*
make application for such privi
leges ns curly its possible In order
to secure desirable dates.
llersliey, I'n.