Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, April 12, 1919, Page 10, Image 10

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Stones <£QZ^
Approaching the gateway of Ktnerald
City the travelers found it guarded by
two girls of the Army of Revolt, who
opposed their entrance by drawing the
knitting-needles from their hair and
theatening to prod the first that came
Rut the Tin Woodman was not afraid.
"At the worst they can but. scratch j
my beautiful niekelplate," ho said. |
"But there will be no •worst,' for 1 j
think I can manage to frighten these i
absurd soldiers very easily. Follow me I
closely, all of you !"
Then, swinging his ax in a great I
circle to right and left before him, he |
advanced upon the gate, and the others i
followed him without hesitation.
The girls, who had expected no re- j
sistance whatever, were terrified by the ;
sweep of the glittering ax and fled j
screaming into the city; so that our |
travelers passed the gates in safety and
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| **
The Prisoners of the Queen.
marched down the green marble pave
ment of the wide street toward the
royal palace.
"At this rate we will soon have your
Majesty upon the throne again," said
the Tin Woodman, laughing at his easy
conquest of the guards.
"Thank you. friend Nick," returned
I the Scarecrow, gratefully. "Nothing
can resist your kind heart and your
| sharp ax."
! As they passed the rows of houses
they saw through the open doors that
[ men were sweeping and dusting and
washing dishes, while the women sat
[around in groups, gossiping and laugh
| ing.
| "What has happened?" the Seare
| crow asked a sad-looking man with a
] bushy heard, who wore an apron and
j was wheeling a baby-carriage along the
"Why, we've had a revolution, your
Majesty—as you ought to know very
well," replied the man ; "and since you
went away the women have been run
ning tilings to suit themselves. I'm
glad you have decided to come back
and restore order, for doing housework
and minding the children is wearing out
the strength of every man in the Em
j era Id City.
"Hm!" said the Scarecrow, thought
fully. "If it is such hard work as you
say, how did the women manage it so
"1 really do not know," replied the
man, with a deep sigh. "Perhaps the
women are made of cast-iron."
i Xo movement was made, as they
"It's too easy, altogether."
1 passed along (he street, to oppose their | which had once been thickly encrusted
l progress. Several of the women stopped
| I heir gossip long enough to cast curious
j looks upon our friends, hut immediately
[ they would turn away with a laugh or
| a sneer and resume their chatter. And
i when they met with several girls be
longing to the Army of Revolt, those
soldiers, Instead of being alarmed or
tppearing surprised, merely stepped out
of the way and allowed them to advance
without protest.
This action rendered the Scarecrow
"I'm afraid we are walking into a
trap." said lie.
"Nonsense!" returned N'tek Chopper,
confidently; "the silly creatures are
conquered already!"
But the Scarecrow shook his head in
a way that expressed doubt, and Tip
"It's too easy, altogether. Book out
for trouble ahead."
"I will," returned his Majesty.
N'nopposed they reached the royal
palace and marched up the marble steps,
| with emeralds but were now tilled with i
i tiny holes where the jewels had been !
, ruthlessly torn from their settings by'
| the Army of Revolt. And so far not a
rebel barred their way.
Through the arched hallways and
Into the magnificent throne room march
ed the Tin Woodman and his followers,
and here, when the green silken cur
tains fell behind them, they saw a cur
ious sight .
Seated within the glittering throne
was General Jinjur, with the Scare
crow's second-best crown upon her head,
and the royal sceptre in her right hand.
A box of caramels, from which she was
eating, rested in her lap, and the girl
seemed entirely at ease in her royal
The Scarecrow stepped forward and
confronted her. while the Tin Woodman
leaned upon his ax and the others form
ed a half-circle back of his Majesty's
"How dare you sit in my throne?"
demanded the Scarecrow, sternly eye
ing the intruder. "Don't you know you
are guilty of treason, and that there
is a law against treason?"
"The throne belongs to whoever is
able to take it," answered Jinjur, as
she slowly ate another ca'ramel. "I
have taken it, as you see ; so just now I
am the Queen, and all who oppose me
are guilty of treason, and must be pun
ished by the law you have just men
This view of the case puzzled the
"How is it friend Nick?" he asked,
turning to the Tin Woodman.
"Why, when it comes to Daw, X have
nothing to say," answered that per
sonage ; "for laws were never meant
to be understood, and it is foolish to
make the attempt."
"Then what jdui.ll we do?" asked the
Scarecrow, in dismay.
"Why don't you marry the Queen?
And then you can both rule," suggested
the Woggle-Bug.
Jinjur glared at the insect fiercely.
"Why don't you send her hack to
her mother, where she belongs?" asked
Jack Pumpkinhead.
Jinjur frowned.
"Why don't you shut her up In a
closet until she behaves herself, and
promises to be good?" enquired Tip.
Jinjur's lip curled scornfully.
"Or give her a good licking!" added
the Saw-Horse.
"No," said the Tin Woodman, "we
must treat the poor girl with gentle
ness. Let us give her all the jewels she
can carry, and send her away happy
and contented."
At this Queen Jinjur laughed aloud,
and the next minute clapped her pretty
hands together thrice, as if for a signal.
"You are very absurd creatures,"
said she; "but I am tired of your non
sense and have no time to bother with
you longer."
| While the monarch and his friends
listened In amazement t6 this impudent
speech, a startling thing happened. The
Tin Woodman's ax was snatched from
his grasp by some person behind him,
and he found himself disarmed and help
less. At the same instant a shout of
laughter rang in the ears of the de
voted band, and turning to see whence
this came they found themselves sur
rounded by the Army of Revolt, the girls
bearing in either hand their glistening
knitting-needles. The entire throne room
seemed to be filled with the rebels, and
the Scarecrow and his comrades realized
that they were prisoners.
"You see how foolish it is to oppose
a woman's wit," said Jinjur, gaily;
"and this event only proves that I am
more fit to rule the Emerald City than
a Scarecrow. I hear you no ill will.
I assure you ; but lest you should prove
troublesome to me in the future I shall
order you all to be destroyed. That is,
all except the boy. who belongs to old
Mombl and must be restored to her
keeping. The rest of you are not hu
man, and therefore it will not be wicked
to demolish you. The Saw-Horse and
the Pumpklnhead's body I will have
chopped up for kindling-wood ; and the
pumpkin shall be made into tarts. The
Scarecrow will do nicely to start a bone
fire. and the tin man can be cut Into
small pieces and fed to the goats. As
for this immense Woggle-Bug—"
"Highly Magnified, if you please!"
interrupted the insect.
"I think I will ask the cook to make
green-turtle soup of you," continued the J
Queen, reflectively.
The Woggle-Bug shuddered.
"Or, if that won't do, we might use I
you for a Hungarian goulash, stewed !
and highly spiced," she added, cruelly.
This program of extermination was,
so terrible that the prisoners looked ,
upon one another in a panic.of fear, j
The Scarecrow alone did not give way
to despair. He stood quietly before the |
Queen and his brow was wrinkled in |
deep thought as he strove to find some |
j means to escape.
| While thus engaged he felt the straw |
within his breast move gently. At once j
i his expression changed front sadness to j
j joy, and raising his hand he quickly]
iunbottoned the front of his jacket.
! This action did not pass unnoticed by
i the crowd of girls clustering about him, ]
(but none of them suspected what he was i
[doing until a tiny grey mouse leaped |
! from his bosom to the floor and scamp- ]
'ered away between the feet of the Army j
lof Revolt. Another mouse quickly fol- j
Mowed; then another and another, in I
[rapid succession. And suddenly such a|
[scream of terror went up from the Army !
! that it might easily have filled the stout
| est heart with consternation. The flight I
! that ensued turned to a stampede, and I
I the stampede to a panic."
I For while the startled mice rushed j
wildly about the room the Scarecrow
had only time to note a whirl of skirts!
I and a twinkling of feet as the girls dis-
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illllllllllllllllllllilllllillll I 11l
I appeared from the palace— pushing
! and crowding one another in their mad
I efforts to escape.
| The Queen, at the first alarm, stood
! up on the cushions of the throne and be
| gan to dance frantically upon her tip-
I toes. Then a mouse ran up the .cush
ions, a,nd with a terrified leap poor Jin
j jur shot clear over the head of the
I Scarecrow and escaped through an arch
| way—never pausing in her wild career
I until she had reached the city gates.
| So, in less time than I can explain,
] the throne room was deserted by all j
I save the Scarecrow and his friends, and
; the Woggle-Bug heaved a deep sigh I
| of relief as he exclaimed:
| "Thank goodness, we are saved!" j
1 "For a time, yesanswered the Tin .
J Woodman. "But the enemy will soon j
! return. I fear."
I "Let us bar all the entrances to the j
I palace!" said the Scarecrow. "Then
!we shall have time to. think what is
i best to be done."
I So all except Jack Pumpkinhead. who ,
I was still tied fast to the Saw-Horse. ,
! ran to the various entrances of the royal
! palace and closed the heavy doors, bolt-
I ing and locking them securely. Then.
! knowing that the Army of Revolt could
I not batter down the barriers in several
l days, the adventurers gathered once |
j more in the throne room for a council j
of war.
Next story : "The Scarecrow Takes i
Time to Think," in which the adven- I
APRIL 12, 1919.
turera realize that they must escape
from their palace-fortress to save Tij
and the Woggle-Biig from starvation.
Such nn escape seems almost impossible
however, for Jinjur's army surrounds
the palace. Then the Scarecrow de
termines to think out a way. Does he
succeed? Read and find out. Next
week's installment tells.
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