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Less Than 4,000 Amputations
in American War Forces;
Limbs For ">OO
By Associated Press.
Washington, Aprii 10. There
were hot 125 cases of total blindness l
and less than four thousand ampu-;
tations in the American forces en- j
geed in the war, it is stated to-day,
by the bureau of war risk insurance i
in an announcement concerning the;
bureau's activity in supplying orip-i
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Anthracite Coal
I A Good Investment
The coal operators have issued their price
circular which calls for an advance of 10c per
ton each month from May 1 to September 1
The man who has money to invest in coal has a perfect
ly safe investment and a good return (about 1 0 per cent.)
on the money which he will employ in buying coal at the
low price, and keeping it until needed in the fall.
Coal is one of the safest possible investments. Its earn-
ling is absolutely sure. It can be put into your house; will
not fire on the pile; will not lose any of its value by sum- ,
mer storage and will be worth good gold dollars next fall \
—even more than it is to-day.
Anthracite Coal is therefore a perfectly safe investment
for the man of wealth as well as the small consumer. j j
Aside from the saving in price, anthracite coal is much
better quality when mined, shipped and delivered during '
the warm spring and summer months. \
Phone lis to-day, we take qood care of tele- '
phone business. operate coal yards on the
P. It. It. and P. & It. R. It., thus permitting us \
to handle a large slock, also many varieties.
United Ice & Coal Company 1
l.tli K < liestmit Streets. Korster & Cowden Sts. ttth near Hamilton Street*.
7th & 1 telly Streets. - th & WoodWnc streets.
Also Steelton, Pa.
| pled soldiers and sailors with arti-|
, tidal limbs and in otherwise caring
I for the wounded and disabled. Not
even all of the 125 cases of total
blindness cited, it is stated, have
been declared permanent by the
medical officers in charge.
I Ilelative to amputations, denial is
made, on the authority of Surgeon j
•[General Ireland and t'olonel Charles;
i E. Banks, chief medical officer of thej
! war risk insurance, that there were
■ any cases in which men lost both j
; arms and both legs.
.->OO Get Artificial l.imbs
More than 500 artificial limbs have
been furnished to disabled tnen to
date by the bureau under the pro- ;
visions of the act of Congress.
"I'pon being discharged from the I
War Department hospitals as unfit
' for further service, all men disabled
j as a result of injury or disease suf-I
i fered in line of duty are entitled to!
j the benefits of the war risk insurance!
act." the statement says.
"If their condition demands fur-j
'ther treatment they are entitled to;
j medical attention in one of a large.
I number of hospitals now being estab- |
j llsbed throughout the country, to be j
[operated by the public health serv- ;
lice. If a man is disabled but ho?;
1 condition needs no further medical
[attention, he may secure from the [
j bureau cf war risk insurance a
[monthly compensation.
"Medical experts at the bureau j
'make examinations of all who apply I
for rempens®lion and rale their phy
sical condition, present and poten- |
tiaL and determine the percentage
of handicap wlrieli each suffero a* a
wage earner a* a result of disability. !
I The rating given is cjuetnlly consid
ered in fixing the compensation
which will be paid monthly t® the i
• until and his dnpendaarta.*' I
;'Boy Robber Spends $BOO
\\ and Gaily Films Broadway
, ■ Now York, April 10.—After spend
i ing *BOO less 40 cents in "seeing
i New York." John Paplyk, 16 years
1 1 old, of Cleveland, appeared before
j Magistrate Ten Eyck to-day as a
I fugitive from justice. Before start
i ing out to visit New York to be
' come an actor John had been a tele
graph messenger. He was arrested
while negotiating for the purchase
1 of i racing automobile.
Detectives told the magistrate the
boy went to the cashier's window of
'the Kuthenian Building I>oan Asso
: elation in Cleveland. March 30, seiz
ed a bundle of checks totaling *l5.- ;
j 000 and JSOO in cash and fled. Ac- ;
J companled by a friend, said by the i
[police to be Waiter Kosinski, 16, j
• John set out for New York.
i Paplyk invested 1200 in a moving- j
j picture camera and spent days film
. ing Broadway and S'"\fth avenue. ;
I Yesterday the bankroll had shrunk ,
jto 40 cents, and John decided to [
; buy an automobile. When he offer- t
: ed* a P.uthenian Association check
' for a racer, the salesman called in
i the detectives.
Forty-Eight-Hour Week
For New York Silk Mills
By Associated Press.
Washington. April 10.—The War
i Labor Board decided unanimously
! for the adoption of a forty-eight
hour week for the silk mills in the
I metropolitan or New York district,
j Nearly 110.000 workers in 486 mills
• are affected by the decision.
No I'se Passing Salary Rais
ers For Capitol Hill
worth while pass
fiCfra|yJllJs\ ins the various
IvjQSSSjQfc' bills now pending
ILMynffW * n >he i - ,eK ! s ' aturc '
aries at'the var
ious departments. The idea is to
I have ,he proposed State Salary
| Board take care of all such matters
.as readjustments of salaries. The
j tjoard would be composed of the
| Governor. Attorney General. Auditor
ieneral and State Treasurer and
| would have authority to review all
i salaries and increases where it is
j desirable, so that situations which
j prevailed during the war and at
| other times where men receiving
I ow salaries fixed by law, left State
service to enter business.
A number of bills have been oc
cupying attention in the House for
increases of pay for various grades
of attaches of the Department of
Public Grounds and Buildings, in
spectors of the Department of Labor
and Industry and other branches.
These bills will probably not go
much farther.
w Patent Bill—Considerable in
| lerest is being shown by legislators
I from counties bordering on the Sus
quehanna river in a bill presented
, to the Senate by Senator Augustus
I I'• Daix, Jr., Philadelphia, which
provides an amendment to the act
of 1913, and stipulates that when,
jas a result of operations by the
I united States Government. the
| course of a stream is altered and
I parts of the former bed become un
necessary to be classed as the stream
I proper, these portions can be de
clare abandoned and subject to pat-
I enting.
Ruling on Insurance—Automobiles
owned by the State Highway De
j partment are insured In the State's
own fire insurance fund, and it
i would not be lawful for the depart
| ment or any one else to insure them
jon behalf of the State any other
way, according to an opinion given
by Deputy Attorney General Emer
son Collins to Auditor General
Charles A. Snyder to-day. In the
same opinion he holds that insur
ance against theft of State cars 1s
not provided by the State's own in
suianee fund, but must be carried
outside. This decision will affect a
number of automobiles, as the num
ber owned by the State and used by
men connected with the departments
is increasing.
Bant Early Work—Numerous re
quests for early work on improve
ment of State highways throughout
| fhe State, including repairs and
changes, were made yesterday after
j noon to State Highway Commission
er Lewis S. Sadler and assurance
given that things would be handled
promptly. The requests were made
for work to be started on Northun
berland. Lehigh. Dauphin, Bedford,
Somerset and other roads. The Bed
ford proposition was brought up by
Senator John S. Miller and Simon H.
Sell and A. G. Fowler, the latter two
of Evitt's Creek, who also said that
stone would be furnished free for an
improvement by quarry owners.
This delegation suggested a change
• in line of the road from Bedford to
J the Maryland line in vicinity of Pa
| tience. To this delegation, as to
i Washington county legislators who
I asked a change in route of the road
from Washington to Waynesboro,
the Commissioner said that changes
were matters for the Legislature and
the Governor. Surveys will be made
where necessary to ascertain condi
tions. Senator H. W. Schantz. of
asked for work on roads be
tween Emaus and Allentown and
near Slatington, the latter being in
the second year program.
Suffragist* meet. —According to re
ports coming here from the meeting
of the State sufTragists association
at Philadelphia yesterday the mem
bers are confident that the amend
ment is going through. Delegations
will be here after the recess to push
the amendment which is on the House
second reading calendar.
Fought Warden.—Fish Warden W.
E. Shoemaker was attacked by an
illegal fisher with an ax while at
tempting to_make an arrest in Wyom
ing county. He landed the man in
jail and then sent a report.
Governor Better. —Governor Sproul
is improving rapidly at Virginia Hot
Springs because he is being kept free
from official cares. He is taking ab
solute rest and on orders from his
physician no Harrisburg matters are
presented to him.
Zimmerman Speak*.—W. R. Zim
merman, assistant school superinten
dent of Dauphin, county, was the
speaker at the meeting of Philadel
phia teachers to-da.v. He explained
the bill which had been drafted to
meet the situation in regard to sal
Hearing on Charter, —The Senate j
municipal alfairs committee to-day !
began the hearing on the Philadel- i
phia charter bills, the membership!
of the committee leaving last night j
for the Quaker City. To-night the
Senators will attend the debate be- I
tween George Wharton Pepper and I
Senator Gilbert M. Hitchcock.
Camp Hill Methodist
Church to Give Musicale
The Methodist Church at Camp Hill
will be the scene of a musical Fri
day evening at 8 o'clock when a de
lightful program will be presented. -
The musicale will be opened with
a selection by an orchestra. Miss
Margaret Harrison will give a read
ing; Miss Mary Tripner will sing a I
solo; and a duet will be given by-
Miss Hartman and Miss Slothour, to
be followed by a reading by Mi ss
Condrun. Miss Anna Folk will sing,
Mr. Straka will render a solo, and
Mrs. W. A. Tripner and Misses Mary
and Virginia Tripner will present a
trio, to be followed by a reading by
Mrs. E. O. Pardoe. Miss Dorothy
Folk will render a solo and Mr. Hart
zell will render a piano solo. Miss
Margaret Musser will sing, Miss
Anne H. Beatty will render a solo
and a duet will be given by Miss
Folk and Mr. Hartzell. The program
will be closed by a reading given
by Mrs. G. O. Pardoe and the singing
of the class song.
President Out in Limosine
First Since His Illness
Paris, April 10.—President Wilson
left the "White House" after the
meeting of the Council of Four for
the first time since his Illness.
With Rear Admiral Cary Grayson
, his personal physician, he motored
I about town in a limousine.
Water Companies
Must Give Service
Water companies which fall to j
carry out orders of the Public fei"- j
vice Commission and which do not j
show evidence or desire to improve i
their service are going to have fights
to hold their charter if some plans |
under discussion at the Capitol lire ,
carried out. Several companies, |
which have shown reluctance to obey j
Public Service orders and whose ser- ;
vice has been a source of consider- j
I able litigation may be called upon i
j to defend their charters.
Not long ago steps were taken in ;
the Dauphin county court to revoke !
charters of a dozen water companies j
which had not exorcised their priv- i
ileges at all and the list Is being i
gone over again.
The State Department of Mines j
now on the mezzanine floor of the '
north wing of the Capitol, will re- j
move in a few days to the Trustee j
building on Market Square, where a |
floor has been leased by the State. ]
The quarters of the department will >
be occupied by the accounting and
purchasing divisions of the State De
partment of Health about to be re
moved from Philadelphia under the
administration plan of concentrat
ing the offices of the State Govern
ment in Harrisburg. Thirty people
will be affected. Col. Edward Mar
tin. Health Commissioner of Health,
to-day took the suite of the sanitary
engineering division which has re
moved to the old Star Independent
building, while Major John D. He-
Lean, assistant commissioner, took
the offices of State Registrar W. R.
Batt, who moved to new offices on
the first floor of the north wing.
The *upervl*nr* of \\ est Chillis
quaque , township. Northumberland
county, to-day entered complaint be
fore the Public Service Commission
against the grade crossing near East
Lewisburg. Several other complaints
have been filed against crossings in
that end of Northumberland county.
Governor Sproul to-day issued req
uisition for the return to Philadelphia
from Atlantic City of Antony Zangle
and Peter Murio, charged with mur
From all account* the appointm >nt
of Dr. C. B. Connelley, of Pittsburgh,
to be Acting Commissioner of Labor
and Industry, will not be delayed
much beyond the legislative recsi.s.
He will succeed Walter McNichols,
of Scranton, who will remain for 'he
present as a supervising inspector.
Storm Demoralizes Train
Service in Colorado; Snow
Falls to Depth of 6 Inches
By Associated Press.
Denver, Colo., April 10. —Railroad
and telegraph companies to-day were
recovering from the effects of the
snow and sleet storm which sweot
the Southern Rock Mountain region
Tuesday and Wednesday. Trains
had been tied up by snow blockades
in Western Texas and New Mexico,
were reported moving, but far belli.id
schedule. Because of the demoral
ized wire conditions, the railroads
were unable to give definite .eports
on the delays to trains other than
that they were from one and a half
to ten hours late.
The storm which extended south
j as far as Mexico, was especially se
vere in New Mexico, where the snow
fall varied from six to ten inches.
Livestock losses, except in the Kan
sas Valley, where sheep raisers were
reported to have suffered heavily,
were said to be light.
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ties. Mild in action, reliable and
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attack of
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part M the lunjrs or bark. As a counter
irritant Radway't Ready Relief In much
itrncer. more convenient and cleaner thaa
the old-fashioned mustard plaster. I•
a I AO ta the eome manner for sore throat,
cooah# and colds and all Irritations of the
throat and lunct.
and no raise In price—2fc, 50c.
3rL,„.Apeef i
ima pain Jv^s,
Eye Comfort
Do you tax your eyes during
business hours so that you find
yourself unable to really enjoy
an evening with book or paper
—your eyes being too tired?
Properly fitted reading glasses
will enable you to increase
your enjoyment of reading, and
your efficiency at work.
We delight in doing good to
tired eyes.
D.C. Urich
807 N. Third St.
Get New Proposal
•. For Settlement of
N. Y. Harbor Strike
By Associated Press. .
Nov York. April 10.—Officials of
| the Marine Workers' Affiliation an- i
| nounced that the affiliation strike
I committee would meet a committee |
I representing the Boat Owners' As
j sociation to-day for the purpose of
I receiving a new proposal for scttle
j nient of the harbor strike, which
i was described as the "best yet."
The offer, it was said, includes a
j fifteen per cent, wage increase and
[ a reduction of the working day to j
j ten hours. The most favorable pre
j vlous offer "v fr a tea-hour day
and a ten per rent, wage increase, j
Dr. Da Costa Is .
Summoned to Paris
By Associated Press.
Philadelphia. April 10.—Dr. J.
Chalmers Da Costa, of the Jefferson I
Medical College, and an officer in the!
navy, received orders from Washing
ton last night to sail for Europe on;
[the steamship George Washington,!
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the kind of home you have always longed for.
which is expected to leave New York J
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be learned here last night tho na- |
lure of I)r. Da Costa's mission, but |
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it was not believed at Jefferson Col
lego that he had been summoned to
Fails on account of President Wil