Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, April 04, 1919, Page 17, Image 17

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Eighteenth District of Dau
phin County Association
to Meet Tuesday
The annual couvention of the
eighteenth district of the Dauphin
County Sabbath School Association
will be held next Tuesday, in Augs
burg Lutheran church.
The Augsburg Lutheran chorus
will lead in the opening song, and
the Rev. A. M. Stamets. pastor of
the church will offer prayer. < . ' •
Oroff, superintendent of the Augs
burg Lutheran Sunday school, will
deliver an address of welcome to
which H. Howard Hoy. president or
the Dauphin County Sabbath School
Association will respond.
Among the interesting addresses to
be made in the afternoon is that on
"The Trained Teacher." by J. A\\
Barker, teachers' training superin
tendent, who will emphasize the
value of training for every Sunday
school teacher.
Various division subjects will be
taken up at the closing of the ses
sion. These include; Children s Di
vision. Mrs. H. D. Jackson, Dauphin
oounty children's division superin
tendent; Young People's Division,
the Rev. Howard Rodgers. Dauphin
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most marvelous drug known, aching. Pain stops, corn goes!
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county vice-president; Adult Divi
sion. J. E. Gipple, Dauphin county
advisory executive; Home Depart
ment, C. P. Haehnlen, Dauphin
county home department superin
The Rev. U. S. liershey will lie in
charge of the devotional exercises at
the evening session which will open
at 7.45 o'clock. A special musical
program is being arranged. President
Hoy will speak on "The Purpose of
District Sunday School Associations,"
and Prof. John P. Kob will talk on
"Things That Count." The report or
the nominating committee, election
of officers and other business will be
on the program, followed by bene
The personnel of the executive
committee is H. Howard Hoy, chair
man; C. T,. Dice, J. W. Barker, the
Rev. H. Rodgers, H. I*. O. Haertter.
Plans for a Childrens' Week to he
he'd from April 27 to May 4 by Dis
trict No. 2. of the Dauphin County
Sabbath School Association were
adopted at a recent meeting. The
enmpaign is continent-wide and the
object is to emphasize the religious
education of children.
A booth is to be opened in Market
Square, according to present plans
and a campaign will be waged to
bring religious education closer to
the masses of children.
Sixteen thousand AVelcome Home post
ers will he distributed throughout the
city by the Boy Scouts. Monday, in co
operation with the AA'ar Camp Com
munity Service in its jj'an to greet the
returning soldiers.
VMhhb wm*am *^wfli
j I.ast Monday evening O. R. P.upp pho
! tographed tiic troop in our ineetlngroom.
| Pictures of our cubs and of the basket
' ball team were also taken at this time.
This picture was taken in connection
with our second anniversary which was
celebrated last month.
AA'e are about to re-rcgister and have
a good record to send to headquarters.
At our last meeting, one of our assist
ant scoutmasters read a history of the
troop which was written by Scout Edwin
I Just a few things which we have
Boas School Closes
During Pilkay Funeral
| Teachers in the Boas School Build
■ ing attended funeral services for Miss
j Mary Pilkay in a body this afternoon, j
j Miss Pilkay, who was killed in an;
| automobile accident Tuesday afternoon. (
j was a member of the teaching staff, j
The services were held at the home of j
her sister, Mrs. Bertha P. Minnich, 529
Woodbine street, at 2 o'clock. The Hov. j
Kills X. Kremer, pastor of the Salem 1
Reformed churcli officiated. Burial was 1
made in the Harrisburg cemetery.
To Tell of Conditions
in Stricken Armenia
! Klixnlietlivtllc. Pa., April 4. —At a
I meeting this evening, conditions in Ar
| menia where thousands of men, women
j and children are being murdered or
' starving, will be related by Lieutenant
j Frank Conness, just home from Russia, j
| lie will tell of the conditions as he |
j found them in that country, as well,
i Colonel Henry X. Anderson will speak'
| at the same meeting which is being held I
j in the interest of the Armenian Relief j
Thieves are reported last night to
j have entered the residence of .Mr s.
: Lavina March, 410 South Thirteenth
I' tsreet, overturned some furniture,
and to have left without securing
any loot.
| done during the last year were: In
j creased the membership from 15 to 35 ;
Isold over $2.U00 worth of \V. S. S.: 15
Scouts have won liberty Coan medals;
| held two inter-patrol meets which were
! followed by "big eats." We were the
i first troop to enjoy the presence of Chief
! Virgin its well as "the Otllee Scout" at
! our meetings. We celebrated our anni
versary by special church services and
by a demonstration of scouting, and
many other things which we are not
going to tell owing to the limited space
; for this article.
Attorney General Demands
That Former Rates Be Re
stored by Them
Formal notices
yy\ a y/j to telephone com
braced in the ac
pltln county court
WTgpQSQV: to restrain the
! must restore the
former rates, as
approved by the Public Service
Commission, being issued by the At
torney General. These companies,
which number over 200, Include a
number 6f small lines and all of the
so-called independent systems.
Attorney General William I Scliaf
fer who has been issuing the no
tices, says that the State will require
all rates for intra-State business to
be tinder schedules approved by the
Public Service Commission or the
State will bring action in equity bc-
One of the latest things we have done
was to organize a patrol of Cubs and
they certainly are a live bunch. They
have received their caps which are blue
and gold with a gold 8 on the blue part.
They were proudly exhibiting these at
our last meeting. They have been hav
ing their meetings at the same time
as ours but starting next Monday eve
ning tliey will have their meeting from
6.45 to 7.30 and the troop's meeting
time will be from 7.30 until 9.30 o'clock.
! fore tbe Dauphin county court to
enforce tbe charges.
Nothing has been received here
as yet, to indicate any intention of
the counsel for the Dell company br
,by United States Government offi
cials, to take further steps in the
case decided by Judge George Kun
Veterans .Apply Over a dozen
| men discharged from the (United
States* army after overseas service,
! have applied for enlistment in the
| State Police force in tbe last fort
| night and others have asked for
i Information regarding requirements.
, The bills reorganizing the police de
| partment, adding a new troop and
j providing the bureaus of (ire pre-
I vention and records are still in lcgis
| lative committees.
! Building Bill l)uc—The hill an
j thorizing construction of an addi-
I tional office building in the Capitol
' park extension has been completed
land passed upon by Governor Wil
[ liam C. Sproul. It is to be presented
|to tlfe Legislature next week. The
building will be 280 feet long and
| the cost will run close to $1,000,000.
It will be in accord with the pres
ent State Capitol.
I Hearings ended. —All Public Ser
| vice hearings have been ended for
j the week. The Commission will con
| skier local cases in executive session
on .Monday.
| Ki-llemlier I)end. —Jesse P. JCeig
! ler, former legislator from Oumber
j land and once active In National
j Guard affairs, died at his home in
l Carlisle, lie served in the session
I of 1887.
' Mr. Hen <? Here.— Kx-Representa- ]
j live Claude T. Reno, of Allentown,
prominent as a candidate for Le
j high's new judgeship, was here on
I Public Service matters,
j Attended Meeting. —Major John D. '
, McKean, assistant commissioner of
health, attended the sanitation meet
ing' at Reading last evening.
Mr. Thompson A Islts—Ex-Represen
tative H. A. Thompson, of Tyrone,
was at the Capitol yesterday.
I Borough Must Pay.— The Rorough
j of New Brighton was ordered to pay i
for all service rendered by the Bea- j
ver Valley Water Company in an
opinion handed down by the Public j
Service Commission last night in the i
| controversy net-veer the borough and '
I the company over rates and service. I
The borough must also allow the j
I company to attach meters to flush- ;
| ing tanks.
In another opinion the city of New j
| Castle Wqtcr company is ordered to I
j extend mains, the Commission say- ■
| ing that the application refused was I
| a reasonable one and that the Com-
I pany must meet the obligations.
Inspected Allentown. — Senatorial
members of the appropriations com- I
inittee spent yesterday and to-day
j inspecting institutions in the Allen
i town district.
j Stnte AA ill Help. —Adjutant Gen- j
| era! Frank D. Beary returned last
! night from Philadelphia, where he ,
j went to discuss the return of the [
1 Twenty-eighth Division. The State !
j will pay transportation for the cas
ual men who may have been injured
| or become sick and returned ahead
| of the division so that they can take
I part in the parade. |
| A ore niol ltotnii. —There seems to
I he a disposition on the part of the
I Vare and Rotan forces to dispute
i o-er bills for the district attorney's
j force. The hills are pending.
| < opinio to Ile/p, —Captain "Jack"
I Sproul, son of the Governor, will take
, part in the Salvation Army drive in
! eastern counties.
| Slate to Get Hearing. —A hearing
| will be arranged by the House ap-
I propriations committee on the State
I College appropriation. The College
| is asking $3,300,000.
Westmoreland Joins
Good Roads Parade j
I AVestmoreland county has joined I
J the movement for improved roads.
I County Commissioners AV. D. Rea
-1 mer and George W. Deeds in
| formed Commissioner Lewis S. Sad
ler, that an extensive building pro- |
I gram for secondary roads would be j
| undertaken at county expense and i
with State co-operation. Funds to
j the credit of the county will be used.
| The construction will include from
Greensburg to Youngwood; 1.48
j miles in North Huntingdon; Derry
| toward New Kensington to Derronda.
Bids were opened at the depart- j
ment for furnishing 5,071,065 gal- i
lions of bituminous materials for!
macadam or bituminous surfaced
I highways. This is the great
! est amount of material of the
j kind ever to be offered and bids
were made on five districts. The >
size of the offering indicates a tre-j
mendous amount of road work to be i
undertaken. The bidders included 1
I the Barrett Company, Philadelphia
jand Pittsburgh; lloadley Good
: Roads Company, Atlantic Refining
| Company, United Gas Improvement
Company, Philadelphia; Maloney
Oil and Manufacturing Company,
lAVilkes-Barre. Awards will be made
in a few days.
Geneva and Brussels Are
Being Considered as
Possible Seats
By Associated Press.
Paris, April 4.—There is a possi
bil'ty that the League of Nations |
will have tAvo scats, at Geneva and
at Brussels. This plan is being con
Aitnough a majority of the dele- !
gates apparently favor Geneva, King',
Albert's strong appeal in behalf of 1
Brussels is influencing sentiment, ;
and the palaces offered by both the !
Swiss and the Belgians may both be 1
accepted, and alternate meetings ar- !
The peace conference delegates at
Budapest have received delinite as
surance that the new Hungarian gov
ernment does not intend to apply 1
Americans the order for the seques
tration of the property of foreigners.
Reports from the delegates indi
cate that the new government is
consolidating its position and that
order prevails.
A total of 551 men have received
I positions through the State Employment
Bureau in the last few weeks it was
announced yesterday by Jacob Lightner,
director. There are now IB branch
offices in operation in the State and
is planned to open more.
8 iiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiuiiiiiiituiiitiiiiiMiiiiHiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiH'iiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiii iiriiiiuiiiiitMiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiHiiMifiiuniflr •-
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211 MARKET ST. j
21 Monarchies to 29
Republics in World
Paris, April 4. —The world is fast
becoming republican. Before the
war monarchies and republics were
about equally divided. Now there
are twenty-nine republics, as
against twenty-one monarchies,
counting Germany, Austria and
Kussia as a republic each. The
number of republics will still be
augmented by several new states
ill/ l! 1 ®
Keep Your Shoes Neat JrlW
that aro now in course of forn
The largest republic is Chi
with 40(1,000,000 inhabitants;
smallest San Marino, which has o
11,000 citizens.
New York, April 4.—Twenty-eh
officers and 1,535 men of the 33,
Infantry, 85th division, arrived In
to-day on the cruiser Frederi
front Brest. Also aboard were li
casuals of various branches of i