Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, April 03, 1919, Page 5, Image 5

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    Vrooman Vindicated
of Charges Made in
Hughes Aircraft Report
Washington. April 3.—Lieutenant
S. B. Vrooman, charged In the Hughes
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aircraft investigation report with vio
lation of the statute prohibiting per
sons acting for the Government
from transacting business with a
corporation in which they are in
terested. was vindicated of the charge
yesterday by Attorney General Pal
Testimony taken since the publica-
tion of the report, said the attorney
general's announcement, showed that
all lumber for airplane propellers
purchased by the Government from
the S. B. Vrooman Company of Phila
delphia, <in which Lieutenant Vrooman
was financially interested, was in
spected by agents of the National
Hardwood Lumber Association and
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riot by the officer or others appointed'
by him. This information, the at
torney general held, constituted a
complete vindication of the officer.
Foil Plot To Force
Anthracite Strike
WHkeM-Harrc, Pa.. April 3.—Arrests
Store Opens at 9 A. M. and Closes at 5.30 P. M
by county anil railroad detectives of
eleven men ut Mocanaqua late Tues
day night is believed to have r;ppt,,
in the bud a plot to force a general'
strike in the anthracite mines and
the resort to sabotage, if necessary,
to enforce demands.
The arrests followed an attempt
to derail a work train carrying 15U
employes of the West End Coal Com
pany at Mocanaqua. At a hearing
yesterday before Alderman Frank B.
Brown in this city, all were com
mitted In default of Jl.OOO bail eech.
All of the defendants have been in
the country from eig' t to thirteen
\PRTL 3, 1919.
years but none arc citizens. It de
veloped at tlie hearing that a secret
organization of nearly one hundred
has been actively spreading its propa
ganda in the Wyoming and Lacka
wanna valleys. Secret meetings have
been held in mines and 'louse to
' house canvasses made in mining
Girls' Capes and Coats
In many styles and tlie most desirable eolors —
Pre-Easter Selling Event —
Coats at $8.95 fjjjl
Children's Intermediate
Coats - Sizes 7 to in Sill.
Poplin, Serges ami Checks in
a large assortment of styles J\
and colors. I \
A large variety of styles in i&vjMißfii,
serge, silk poplin and cheeks, jWW?.jwlfofrig
tile new
sizes 2 to <> years. '
A large assortment of U
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years; made of Wool Poplin, \| MnKfiflßeKHß
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Silk Poplin. The colors in- V (I
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Spring fli-MMi U | I J
Coats at $18.50 \ ]ij J
A pretty model for girls, 10 ill ■ /
to 111 years: made of Batony r"
Serge, with high waistline, 7/ Y^csyHJ
belted and shirred; the colors
are I'tose, Pekin and Tan.
Girls" Capes in Nary Serge $lO and $l5
Graceful garments with the new vestec. Well tailored and
beautiful quality.
towns for the purpose of enrolling*
new members. District Attorney
Slattery is directing the work of
running down the agitators and ar
rests will continue until they ara
out of Duzerne county.
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