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President Wilson and Pre
miers Decide to Send
For Information
By Associated Press.
Paris, April 3.—President Wilson
and the premiers here decided to
Bend to South Hungary for informa
tion concerning the situation and to
remove the misunderstanding that
has arisen regarding the frontiers
of new states. It has been said that
the revolutions have largely been
brought about by a mistaken notion
regarding the intentions of the al-j
lied commission in Hungary.
The council continued its consid
eration of reparations yesterday.
/T> k
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The executive committee in
charge of the Rummage Sale to
be held next week for the benefit
of the Harrisburg Hospital called
attention to the fact that the
actual sale will not be held
throughout the week, but that the
first three days—Monday, Tues
day and Wednesday—will be giv
en over to assembling the great
mass of material which has been
promised the sale.
"We want everything," said
Mrs. Olmsted this morning.
"Everything from old c'othes to
new clothes, and from automo
bile odds and ends to household
There is no indication of a final de
cision, but it was said some progress
was made. Responsibilities for (ho
war were further discussed. This
question has introduced a fresh ele
ment of delay, as the committee on
responsibilities was unable to reach
a unanimous decisions.
President Wi'son received a let
ter from King Alfonso approving the
League of Nations and expressing
Spain's desire to join with the United
States in this respect.
King Albert of Belgium will call
->n President Wilson this afternoon
at 2 o'clock to discuss the interests
f Belgium now before the council
and also to request the location of
the seat of the League of Nations in
Brussels, a matter in which the king
is deeply interested.
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! Great Britain Is to
Reconstitute Fighters
! London, April 3.—lt is proposed
: to reconstitute and reorganize Great
; Britain's territorial forces into four
i teen divisions and fourteen mounted
I brigades from army troops, garri
: sons and old line of communication
i units, said Winston Spencer
j Churchill, Secretary of State of War,
! speaking at a conference held here
I to-day.
Mr. Churchill declared, in discus
' sing the liability of territorial forces
for services overseas, they should
not be called upon for such services
i until "the situation becomes so seri
i ous that the general military serv
j ice act calling for troops for the
: duration of the war, has been as
sented to by Parliament."
Although he can't speak Esqui
maux or Tagalog, like some of the
other men at the local Army re
' cruiting station, 325 Market street,
Frank C. Luczynski, who recently
joined the recruiting party, can
• speak as many languages as Ser
| geant Novak, who previously held
; the record. The new recruiter
1 speaks Polish, Russian, Slavish,
I Hungarian and Lithuanian, besides
! being able to handle the King's ling-
I lish. He has served in the Twenty
! third Cavalry and Eighty-first Field
I Artillery. While in the latter regi
i ment, he spent three months over
' seas.
Broken wires have resulted in the
ringing of the fire alarm bells of the
city several times within the past
twenty-four hours. This morning
trouble was caused by a broken wire
•it Hemlock and Cameron streets,
which moved back and forward and
caused the alarm to ring. Last even
ing wire wrapped around a break of
last year at Sycamore and Cameron
streets, caused the trouble. Every
time that a trolley car passed it shook
the pole and this frequently resulted
in the ringing of the alarm. The
breaks have been reported by William
Crozier, assistant city electrician.
Discontent Reigns Among All
Classes; New Coup Ap
pears Imminent
By Associated Press.
I/ondon, April 3.—A long Berlin
dispatch from Reuters correspon
dent comments on the discontent
noticeable everywhere among the
German peoplo of all classes and
the talk of a new coup being immi
Sympathy with Spartacism, says
I the correspondent, is beginning to
[ invade the better classes, including
officials, clerks, teachers and peo
ple in similar walks of life. They
argue that things cannot be worse
and that Bolshevism at least opens
the prospect for "better things one
day for our children" as regards
They ask, the correspondent con
tinues, whether nothing can con
vince the man of small means that
Bolshevism is not calculated to bring
him the ideal state he dreams of.
A liberal increase in the food ra
tions, especially of meat, bread and
fats, alone can work such a miracle,
the people say.
Officer Serving in France
Candidate For Court Clerk
Gettysburg, Pa.. April 3. Adams
county has a candidate seeking office
at the coining primaries who Is with
the army of occupation In Germany.
Announcement has been made that J.
Chester Bell, of Hunterstown, is a
candidate for the office of clerk of the
courts on the Republican ticket. Bell
is a first lieutenant on the regimen
tal staff and has been overseas al
most a year.
Another candidate is also in the
field who hs seen service at the
front, John Hartman, a son of the
present sheriff of Adams county, who
is a candidate at the primaries to
succeed his father.
Standing of the Crews
Philadelphia Division. The 122
crew to go first after 1 o'clock: 114,
123, 125, 108, 113, 115, 117, 112, 111,
101, 121, 124.
Firemen for 115.
Conductors for 105, 121.
Brakemen for 101, 112, 114. (2) 123.
Engineers up: Bickel, Howard,
Dolby. Gaeckler, Downs, Karr,
HhoafT, Gemmill, Binkley, Stauffer,
Heaps, Andrews. Lefever.
Firemen up: Barclay, A. Rider,
Beers, Webb, Craley, Dollmyer, Mor
gan, Good, Kase, Bickel, Wood, Copp.
Conductors up: Boyle. Stark, Rife.
Brakemen up: Preston, Murphy,
Cook, Belford, Kassemer, Hackman,
Burger, Killian, McCarty, Arndt,
Eiclielberger, Smith, Altemus, Yolie,
Craver, Christ, Brown, Lutz, Bren-
I izer. Lark, Silks, Hoyer, College, Mc-
I Bride.
Middle Division —The 15 crew to
go first after 1 o'clock: 22, 34, 18,
21. 32 and 23.
Engineers wanted for 32,
Brakemen wanted for 22, 34, (2)
18. 23.
Engineers up: Bowers, Baker,
Tettemer, Albrigt, Nickles, Peters.
Firemen up: Gault, Gross, Schmidt,
Conductors up: Heiner. Carl.
Brakemen up: Roush, Shelly, Fish
er. Leonard, Manning, Hemminger,
Dare, Furlow, Woodward, Beers,
Page, Lantz, Rhnades. Beers, John
son, Jr., Blace, Shearer.
Yanl Board —Engineers for SC. 35C.
Firemen for 12C, 2. 15C. 17C.
Engineers up: Fulton, Fells, Mc-
Morrls, Clelland, Goodman, Harling,
Firemen up: G. S Smith, Howe,
Rothe, Spahr, Ostot, Bryan, Whichello,
Stlne, Ross, Brinkley, E. Kruger, En
gie, W. C. Kruger, N. Lauver.
Philadelphia Division. The 238
crew to go first after 1.15 o'clock:
211, 252, 234, 216, 251, 209, 242, 217,
213, 241, 233, 215, 204, 249,, 225, 212
and 222.
Engineers for 209, 211, 238.
Firemen for 215.
Conductors for 216, 213, 215.
Flagmen for 252, 217, 213, 225, 222.
Brakemen for 211, (2) 252, 233, 249
and 222.
Brakemen up: Skiles, Garverich,
Brunner, Home, Simpson, Tennant,
Anderson, J. W. Smith, Freedman,
Morgan, Carper, Breichaupp, Philips,
Eshleman, Shank, Couldcr, Smeltzer.
Middle Division —The 110 crew to
go first after 1.15 o'clock: 109, 114,
112, 103, 121. 104, 119, 108, 111, 101
and 115.
Engineers for 108.
Firemen for 110, 103, 119, 111.
Conductors for 103, 108.
Brakemen for 110, 109, 112, 103, 104,
108 and 101.
Yard Hoard —Engineers up: Rider,
Boyer, Kling, Branyon.
Firemen up: Wolf, Wagner, Mc-
Connell, Coldren, Taylor, A. W. Wag
ner, Holmes, Sadler.
Engineers for change crew.
Firemen for change crow.
Middle Division —Engineers up: J.
A. Spotts, R. M. Crane, W. D. Mc-
Dougal, C. D. Hollenbaugh, W. C.
Graham, James Keane, S. H. Alexand
er, O. L, Miller, D. Keane, H. F.
Krepps. W. C. Black, G. G. Kciser,
J. W. Smith, F. F. Schreck.
Engineers wanted for 665, P-21,
Firemen up: H. O. Hartzel, R. B.
Pee, H. Naylor. E. E. Roller, R. M.
Lyter, H. A. Schrauder, G. B. Huss,
F. Dysinger, H. A. Wohling, C, W.
Winantl, D. F. Hudson, G. L. Hug
Firemen wanted for 41.
Philadelphia Division — Engineers
up: C. It, Osmond, H. W. Gilliums, A.
Hall, M. Pleam.
Engineers wanted for 26.
Firemen up: J. M. White, C. E.
Britcher, W. E. Aulthouse, E. D. Mc-
Neal, M. G. Shaftner, H. Stoncr.
Firemen wanted for 26, 20.
WilllumMiiort Division — Engineers
up. E. E. Bastiun. No vacancies.
Firemen up: C. E. Smith, J. L.
Manghes. A. Henry.
The 55 crew to go first after 12.15
o'clock: 61. 57, 3, 18, 69, 68, 67, 71.
66, 53, 14. 5 72.
Engineers for 66, 5.
Firemen for 53, 57, 66, 69, 71, 6, 18.
Conductors for 53, 55.
Brakemen for 55, 69. 14, 18.
Engineers up: Wyre, Kauffman,
Clouser, McCurdy, Dlttrow, Walton,
Morrison, Mlddaugh, Hoffman, Schu
Firemen up: Kurtz, Tullinger, Dls
brow, Saul, Orndorft, Vogelsong,
Schultz, Kochenour, Fahnestock,
Estline, Lowe.
Conductors up: Dannor. Meck,
Kelfer, Meek, Smith.
Flagmen up: Ridell. Hoover, Mc-
Kissick, Ensminger, Wiley, Edmond
son, Ely, Hain.
Brakemen up; Gallagher.
W. B. Meetch Is Home
From Long Florida Trip
Prison Inspector W. B. Meetch. who
spent the winter in Florida, returned
to his home, in North Second street,
yesterday. He is in flne health and I
nnd closes at c^oses a t J
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thoroughly enjoyed his outing in the
South, a good deal of the time being
spent in the hunting region of the
Mr. Meetch is one of the great
game hunters of this section and his
experiences in the pursuit of big game
in the Far West and Alaska are quite
,as thrilling as any hunting narra-
I tives ever printed.
APRIL 3, 1919.
Twenty-four of the twenty-six
farmers necessary to form a cow
testers' association, have already
been secured. County Farm Agent H.
G. Niesley reports to-day. But two
more farmers can bo accommodated,
he says. An expert tester will la
I employed bv the association and wilt
give one day each working month
on the farms of the members of the
York, April 3.—An Army recruit
ing office was opened here at 9
West Market street by Sergeant
John N. Washoek.