Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, April 03, 1919, Page 11, Image 11

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Accounting Division Being
Prepared to Move to
This City
Or de r s have
r\\ • //j been issued for
vn\\ " ie removal of
V\\ W fea n> the division of ac-
counting of the
State Department
of Health located
years in the Acad-
UPBUyaj Science in Phila
delpliia to Ilarris
burg about May
1. It is probable that the purchas
ing division of the department may
be renewed to this city also. About
twenty persons are in the accounting
Health officers have been named
as follows: Dr. W. R. Shannon for
Lackawaxon township. Pike county;
XV. Frank Sanders for Adams, Beav
er, Center, Spring. TVest Beaver and
Franklin townships, Snyder county;
Chester Elmore for Palmyra and
Paupack townships. Wayne county;
XX". F. McComb. for Taylor, Union
and Mahoning townships. Lawrence
county; Homer J. Lamson, North
Beaver township, Lawrence county;
James Seegprs for Clyroer, Westfield
and Brookfleld townships, Indiana
Dr. Richard Jonathan Miller, Har
rlsburg has been appointed as as
sistant in the State Urinary dispens
ary in this city.
Only Overseas Men—No men will
hereafter be enlisted for the De
partment of the State Police unless
they have had army or navy serv
ice overseas. The number of vacan
cies in the State Police force is be
ing rapidly reduced, virtually every
man enlisted recently having been
a veteran of army service.
T'p to Counties—The West Chester
Board of Trade has been informed
by State Highway Commissioner
Sadler that the policy of the State
is to allow county commissioners
of counties to express the prefer
ence in regard to State aid con
struction, while Kutztown council
has been informed that changes in
routes of main highways are mat
ters for the Legislature.
Must Permit - Show—The State
Board of Moving Picture censors
has been directed by the Philadel
phia courts to permit showing of
one of the Beach series. The test
came on the propriety of the scenes
in a film.
But/, at Beading—Fire Marshal
Howard 1". Butz is in Reading in
specting the city after a drastic
clean-up order.
Can't Build Fields—Third class
city legislators were interested to
day in a report from Hazleton that
the local authorities wanted to lay
out an aviation field, but that they
found that the Clark act forbade
such expenditures. An amendment
is likely to be presented to cover
such matters.
Compensation Question —Shall the
workmen's compensation act apply
in the case of a man who died of
influenza alleged to have been con
tracted while in a weakened con
♦ t:nn brought on by an accident?
says the Philadelphia Press.
Decision of this question which
will be handed down by the Work
men's Compensation Board in a few
days in the case of Samuel Mil
ler, a negro, versus the firm of John
llanna & Sons, is awaited with great
interest, as it is expected to set a
precedent for hundreds of such ac
tions. In a preliminary hearing in
this city. Referee XYarren C. Gra
ham decided lor the plaintiff, but
the case was appealed and will bi
finally adjudicated in a few days.
May Xiiii'iul Big Bill—lf amend
ments are necessary to the charter
revision bill, to the extent of elimi
nating those present clauses which
would make the city solicitor ap
pointive by the mayor, and the re
eelver of taxes appointive by the
city treasurer, in order to insure the
passage of the balance of the pro
posed charter changes, those amend
ments will he agreed to by the com
mittee which drafted the proposed
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new charter, says the Inquirer. This
statement was made yesterday by
John C. Winston, chairman of the j
Philadelphia charter committee, al j
though at the same time he adde
that he would be sorry to see the !
eliminations made. The effect of |
such eliniinatinj; amendments would |
be to continue the city solicitor's and |
the receiver of taxes' offices elec- ;
tive, as at present under the Bullitt i
Another Yarn—Officials of the ;
State epartment of Health to-day 1
denied with emphasis the reports
printed to-day that Col. Edward
Martin, State Commissioner of
Health, contemplated turning over
to an independent board the man
agement of the State tuberculosis
sanitoria. Instead of planning to
separate them the colonel is work
ing out some ideas to build them
up. The sanitoria have been placed
on the personal supervision of Ma- |
jor John 1). McLean to carry out
the commissioner's plan.
Discuss Accidents—Deputy Chief
of Mines Frank Hall and Chief
Clerk Arthur C. James, of the State
Department of Mines, have been
summoned to Wellington for con
sultation with Van H. Manning, of
the National Bureau of Mines, about
mine accidents and their classifica
To Meet Tuesday—The State In
dustrial Board will meet at the
Capitol next Tuesday morning.
Water Bound Macadam
Is Being Discouraged
In reply to W. M. Rhoads of
Point Marion, who asked the State
Highway Department whether the
State will approve macadam con
struction providing the township is
not financially able to build brick or
concrete, Commissioner Lewis S.
Sadler says: "We are endeavoring to
discourage water-bound macadam
type of highway, on account of the
very excessive maintenance expense.
There are places where the Telford
macadam can be used, and a pene
tration bituminous surfacing con
structed would be very much more
satisfactory, whereas the cost would
be slightly increased over macadam. l
Commissioner Sadler, in a letter to
W. A. Baker, Dillsburg, regrets that
the Department has not been in a
financial condition to take up the
entire re-surfacing of the roadway
between Dillsburg and Wellsville be
cause of the length of the project.
The Commissioner says that every
effort will bo made to protect the
foundation through temporary re
pairs until such a time as funds will
warrant more substantial work.
H. B. Scott, of philipsburg, Clear
field county has been advised that
District Engineer Bennett has been
authorized by the Department to
take up the survey for construction
through Chester Hill Borough,
Clearfield county.
To Demobilize Service
Flags in Colored Churches
Mav 4 has been set as the date for
the demobilization of negro service
flags, by the colored ministers, who
met with the directors of the War
Camp Community Service. Special at
tention will be paid to the gold stars
on that date in every church and or
ganization hall. Colonel J. M. Auter
is chairman of the gold star commit
tee. and will arrange a fitting pro
gram for the occasion.
The Rev. Albert Josiah Greene, pas
tor of the Second Baptist Church, is
chairman of the committee in charge
of the arrangements. Others to serve
on the committee are: Dr. H. H.
Cooper, chairman of invitation com
mittee; the Rev. S. A. McNeill, pastor
of A. M. E. Wesley Church, chairman
committee on arrangements; the Rev.
E. Luther Cunningham, St. Paul's
Baptist Church, chairman of music
The United Evangelical Ministerlum
of Harrlsburg and vicinity met In
regular monthly session in the Evan
gelical Publishing House, Tuesday. A
largo number of ministers were pres
ent. The Rev. A. O. Flcxer. pastor of
Harris Street United Evangelical
Church. read an inspiring paper,
"Ministerial Brotherliness." The
paper was of excellent character,
practical, and full of helpful sugges
tions, all of which evidence a life of
truth and sincerity hack of it. The
next meeting will be the regular uni
fication meeting, to be held in Lo-
Imoyne United Evangelical Church.
I May 6.
Calls For 1,700 Planes in Ac
tual Commission and
3,400 in Reserve
By Associated Press.
Washington, April 3.—Army re
; organization plans upon which the
j War Department is now working, it
I is learned, provide for an air service
I with approximately 1,700 airplanes
' in actual commission and a mini
; mum available reserve of 3,400 ad
i ditionai planes This is based upon
I the proposed military establishment
| of 509,000 men in which total the
(air services personnel will be 1,933
officers and 21,853 men.
The organization tables show that
the air forces on a peace basis will
be comprised of 8" service squad
rons. The tables also call for the
maintenance of 42 balloon com
i panies divided into three wings of
! fourteen companies each.
The general plan of the army re
organization calls for 21 divisions,
including one cavalry unit of nine
j regiments, to be formed into five
j army corps, each to be commanded
i by a lieutenant general.
Captain John T. Bretz, who com
! manded Company D, One Hundred
! and Twelfth Regiment, of the Key
stone Division, will speak in the
Courthouse Saturday night, at 8
: o'clock, It has been announced. Cap
jtain Bretz. who has been at the Army
I Hospital at Carlisle, aided in training
the Harrisburg Reserves until his
unit went to Camp Hancock. Mem
bers of the Reserves, of the Reserve
Militia, soldiers and sailors and those
! discharged from the military service
have been invited to attend.
• Charged with deserting her three
' small children, at Lewlstown, Mabel
j Dillman, of that place, was arrested
■ late yetserday. She claims she did
not return home because she had been
injured in an automobile accident.
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APRTL 3, 1919.