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Would Keep Schools Open at
Least Eight Months
of Year
An amendment to the school code
providing that schools shall be kept
open at least eight months in all
fourth class districts was presented
l>y Mr, Bigler, Mercer, when the
House opened to-day.
Mr. Reber, Schuylkill, introduced
a bill making institutes optional in
second class school districts where
supervisors are employed and Mr.
(Smith, Bedford, a bill regulating ad
vertising for bids for supplies.
Another school code amendment
Came from Mr. Swertzer, Clarion,
providing for close of schools where
littendance falls to less than ten.
Speaker Spangler introduced
How to Be Rid of
Dangerous Dandruff
If you have dandruff you must gel
rid of it quick—it's positively dan
gerous and whl surely ruin your halt
if you don't.
Dandruffy heads mean laded, brit
tle, scraggly hair that finally dies
and falls out—new hair will not
grow—then you are hairless and
nothing can help you.
The only sure way to abolish dan
druff for good is to destroy the germ
that causes it. To do this quickly,
surely and safely, and at little ex
pense, there is nothing so effective as
Parisian sage, which you can get
irom Kennedy's Drug Store and good
druggists everywhere. It is guaran
teed to banish dandruff, stop itching
scalp and falling hair, and promote
n new growth, or the cost, small as it
is, will be refunded.
Parisian sage is a scientific prep
aration that supplies all hair needs
an antiseptic liquid neither sticky or
greasy, easy to apply, and delicately
If you want beautiful soft, thick
lustrous hair, and lots of it by all
means use Parisian sage. Don't do
lay—begin tonight—a little attention
now insures abundant hair for years
to come.—Adv.
407 Broad Street
Harrisburg, Pa.
i Hell I'hone 3370-J
9 mm ll
Lasts <%P? 7 s\
bill No. 1,000 in the House to-j
day. It provides that dogs taken l
up when running at large sliull be j
held by police for three days to !
allow owners to claim them.
Several game atfd fish code amend
j ments were introduced, including
i some by Mr. Powell, Luzerne, allow
I men to exercise dogs in woods on
j Sunday without firearms. Mr. Wal
i lace. Lawrence, regulating creation
| of auxiliary game reserves and Mr.
: Baldridge. Allegheny, regulating
j petitions for closing of counties. !
Mr. Fowler. Lackawanna, intro- i
' duced bills forbidding judges to issue j
! injunctions in labor disputes and re- i
I quiring advertisements for workers!
I during a strike or lookout to set ,
| forth the fact of a strike or lock
] OUti
Dr. James J. Walsh to
I Give His Famous Lecture
on Marshal Foch Here!
Dr. James J. Walsh, noted lee- ]
tliter of New York, will give his lec- j
I ture on Marshal Foch in Technical !
j High School Auditorium Tuesday j
j evening of next week at S o'clock. !
I The lecture will' he ■given under the j
: auspices of the Knights of Colum- (
bus. i
| Dr. Walsh has lectured from Port- .
land. Maine, to Portland, Oregon. '
[and from St. Paul to New Orleans. I
| Probably the most interesting thing !
' about his lecture career has been the |
number of his recalls. Those who !
. have heard hint many times know
1 that any subject that lie handles will j
I be treated front an individual stand- '
: point and will present thoughts j
1 about it that have never been ar
ranged quite that way before, though
■ they always illustrate basic, conserv- j
ative principles and bring out how
! old the now is in the best sense of
] the expression. Many of the Cath- j
olio T'niversities of the country have !
conferred honorary degrees on him.
I Pope Pius X accorded hint a special 1
"Neutrone Prescription 99" removes
the poisonous accumulations that lodge
in the blood.
After one week's use you will bs
looking at other* sufferers instead of
being an object of misery and pity. i
Your joints and muscles will he
loose and limbered up. ah aches and
misery will be gone, you will feel like !
As soon as you take "Xeutrone Pre
scription 99" you can feel the pain and 1
misery leaving and comfort and happi- I
ness coming in. Go to vour druggist 1
today and get a 90c or 51.00 bottle, then :
i enjoy life, feel like doing things again, j
i Mail orders filled on $l.OO size.
Many Attend Bible Class Banquet
Dr. C. 1). Pinchbeck, pastor of the Seventh Baptist Church, Baltimore, Mil., and the Rev. Dr. Robert
Bagnell. pastor of the Grace Methodist Church, were the principal speakers at a banquet Friday night which
closed the membership campaign of the "Out-2-Get-U" Bible class of the Tabernacle Baptist Church. Frank
Entry sang and Howard Davis, Philadelphia, rendered a pinao solo. John T. Olmsted acted as toastmaster.
William G. Gordon, Chester attorney, was among the speakers.
interview .and spoke to him of the I
apostlesliip of the press and the lec- I
ture platform in our day as all int- |
portant for the Church. Later His j
Holiness accepted the dedication of i
"The Popes and Science" and con- |
ferred on its author on the next visit i
of the Cardinal Archbishop of New i
York to Rome. not the simple !
Knighthood of St. Gregory, but the j
Knight Commander with the Star,
almost the first time that this third [
. degree of the Gregorian Order had \
been conferred without previous in- j
itiation into the two preceding de
grees. Three years ago the Fniver- |
sity of Notre Dame selected Dr. |
Walsh as the most prominent Cath- :
olic layman as yet unhonored by the j
distinction to be the recipient of the j
1-aetare medal.
State Council of K. of C.
to Meet Here in May
The State Council of the Knights |
of Columbus will meet in Harris-,
burg May 12, 13 and 14. More than i
200 delegates are expected.
Headquarters will be in the Penn- j
Harris Hotel. The program as an- |
nounee dto-day included administer- !
ing the third degree .Monday night, j
Tuesday night a ball will he given. !
other features are being planned. j
A meeting of the Employed Boys' j
Personal Problems Group will be:
held at the Central Y. M. C. A. this j
evening tit 6 o'clock. Luncheon will j
be served. The High School Boys''
Study Group' will meet to-morrow i
evening at 6 o'clock.
Cse McNeil's Cold Tablets. Adv. i
Elliott-Fisher Girls
Entertain Soldiers at
Middletown Depot
The girls of Elliott-Fisher Com
pany general office force delightful
ly entertained the soldiers at the
Ordnance Depot, V. M. C; A. Hut,
Middletown, last evening.
A fine Musical program in charge'
of Miss J. Azalea Wigfield wus ren
• Tile young ladies headed by Miss
Dorothy Frankeburger, assisted by
Mrs. Cornell and Miss Esther Smith,
provided refreshments. Homemade
cakes, cookies, candy, doughnuts,
pies and punch were served to the
One of the features of the evening
was the presentation of a birthday
cake to Private Edward Dunn, who
celebrated his nineteenth birthday,
and was declared by Secretary Giles
as being the "baby" of the Camp.
Dancing, with Miss Janet Soult
and Mr. Clayton M. Fickes at the
piano, completed the evehing's en
tertainment, after which the young
ladies departed to their special
car at 10.45 p. m., returning to the
The following were in attendance;
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Miller. Mr. and
Mrs. M. H. Dean, Mr. and Mrs. W. R.
Busch, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Eentz, Mr.
and Mrs. R. D. MacGuffin, Mr. and
Mrs. M. E. Bowman, Mr. and Mrs.
M. A. Seely, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Steele.
Misses Eydia Wilt, Whrena Miles.
Myrtle Dlegel. Pearl Waggoner, Gail
Knell, Clara llouser, Emnta Rhoads,
Grace Farmer, Maude Sheaffer, Pearl
Grcegor. Sadie Anglin. Hazel Shoop,
Helen Fulton. Esther Smith, Salome
Shepherd, Edith Kshenour, Mar
guerite Smith, Mrs. Mary Cornel),
Mrs. Maurice Ferhsler, Misses Grace
Robinson. Ruth Sheesley. Eouise
Slothower, Hope. Edna
Vocliuni. Rhoda Beamer, Elizabeth
Campbell, Violet Brptz, Emily Rupert,
Mary Darlington. Catherine Zelders,
Pearl Black, Esther (Jruber. Ruth
Fritz, Helen Waid, Catherine Wolfe.
Noami Winger,' Esther Ream, Efffe
Hoover, Helen Cocklin. Mabel Cook.
Ardella Cook, Theresa Cook, Gladys
Sansom, Ida Sourbeer, Martina Mul
len, Margaret McCurdy, Fannie Mul
len, Helen Henderson. Delphine Hoff
man, Pearl bauver, Ruth Routzahn,
Rosalie Smith, Hutli Reidelh Frances
Dunlay, Dorothy Frankeberger, .1.
Azalea Wigfield, Mary A. Matter,
general chairman.
Evangelist Orr Tells of
Babies, Young and Old
"How shall we escape if we neglect
so great a salvation?V was the, sub
ject. of an address by Dr. W. W. Orr,
evangelist at Market Square Pres
byterian church last evening. He said
in part:
"This salvation is great because
of its author. The Presbyterians
didn't make it. No church made it.
It is great because of what it does
for a person. It saves him front
death to life. It is great because it
guarantees to hint an eternal home.
And yet it is neglected. And the ques
tion the text asks can not be answer- J
ed. The wisest men of the nation i
can't answer it. Our Congress, our!
Supreme Court, our President can't ,
answer it. No man has ever answered ■
it. Even God Almighty Himself
hasn't any answer for it.
"But the place where I want to j
put emphasis to-night is on the!
neglect of the people who have it. 1
If salvation is a good thing for us, I
and we have this good thing, then j
why don t. we give it to others .' I
These multitudes of your city who
are dying eternally, why do we ne- |
gleet giving it to them ? Our church !
are full of people who have never
exercised their powers by giving: j
and so they are no larger to-duy ;
than they were the day they united
with the church. Down South in my)
church 1 have some of them. They/
joined church twenty years ago. If;
anything they we're lurgbr then than I
now. They are babies still, as they
were then. T love real lit tie babies. |
But I have no use for these sixty I
and seventy-year old babies who are!
always wanting 'the sincere milk of!
the word,' when they should be I
strong men and fine women who i
can take 'strong meat.' "
Harvey Denounces Plans
of League as Un-American
Indianapolis, Ind., March 18.—!
Branding the League of Nations as
it now stands as un-American, and
voicing opposition to this country
entering into an alliance with any
country for any purpose. George
Harvey, editor and author, in an ad
dress before the Columbia Club, of
this city, declared the United States
must support the Monro" Doctrine.
Mr. Harvey was especially empha
tic in denouncing any plan by which
a foreign power would have anything
to say about the size of the American I
army and navy. "I am opposed." be '
said, "to any proposal that might by j
the remotest chance impair the ab
solute independence of the nation. I
or the complete freedom of the peo- '
Mr. Harvey declared that he hoped '
that if a league ever .were formed
that President Wilson would he at
its head, but goes on to say that as
President of the world. Wilson could
no more keep the United Stntes out
of war then than he did. when he
wus President of the United States.
A meeting of the Pennsylvania
Association of Master Bakers will
be held in Parlor A of the Penn-
Harris Hotel Thursday morning.
Questions of impor'ance will be' d's
russed. A dinner of Eei-nnon V|]- ;
ley College people will also be bii ,
at the hotel Thursday. 1; j
A meeting of local frciah' ng"o-:
will be held at the I '".in .11.in is !■
■ i
Laughter and. Tears
and Beautiful Organ
af Regenf: Theater
Louisa M. Alcott's "Little Wo
j men" wus given splendid presenta
i tion. on the screen at the Regent
' Theater yesterday and last evening.
People familiar with the story flock
! cd to the Regent which last night
, was crowded to the doors. It has
' been many a day since so clean a
| story was told from the screen.
There were moments of laughter
i and there were periods in which
| women and even men could be seen'
i wiping the tears away. This espe
l daily was true in the death scene
iin which Beth asked to see Meg's
| children before site passed o.ut.
During the presentation of this,
part of the story Miss Merchant
played Braga's "Angel's Serenade"
| on the great organ, played it beauti
fully, adding pathos to the picture.
! The characters all were well taken.
| There w as other splendid organ niu
! sic. special effort having been
j made by Miss Merchant and Bess
W. Corkle to have the organ inter
j oplations suit the beautiful drama
| which made Louisa M. Alcott fa
j mo us.
Standing of the Crews
II tltllisili lit; SIDE
I'll i liklp I l>li in Division The 124
crew first to go after 1 o'clock: 121,
i 117, 111, 125, 118, 101, 1 19, 1 18. 109.
Firemen for 121, 124.
| Conductors for 118.
Brakemen for IOS, 109, til. 117,
{llB and 125.
I Engineers up: GemniiU, McDonald,
j Lefever, Wiker, Shocker, Ream, R.v
. an. May, Brodhecker. Eridy, Mohn
Schwartz. Lybert, Small. Shoaff.
Hickel, A. K. Stcffy, Gaeekler.
Firemen np: Shiskoff, Varnes, Copp,
j Hatton, Falk. Cashing, Fenstermach-
I cr, Leach, Craley, Myers, Ktmmich,
| Northcutt, Netzley, Gatlinger, Thonip-
I son. Fry, Malonc, Ellis.
Conductors up: Rife, Wilson.
Brakemen up: Lark, Hcckmap, 11 o1 -
j ton, Cross. Altemue, Zimmerman.
' Maurer, G. W. Smith. Craver, Reigel.
; College, Boughter, Wcrdt, Eicholberg
cr. Hover, Kassemer, Singleton, Bren
| izer. Silks, Christ, Craver, Lutz, Clay.
Ulilille Division —The 228 crew to
| go ifrst after 12.30 o'clock: 246, 235.
239, 233, 231, 33, 18, 35, 86. 32, 29, 17.
I 34, 26, 20.
I Engineers wanted for IS, 26.
Firemen wanted for IS, 32.
[ Conductors wanted for 33, St.
Brakemen wanted for 33, 26.
Engineers up: Cook, Numor, Leo
pard, Burns, Asper, ('under. Tetter
men Brink, Peters. Buckwalter,
Kick-lea, Bombcrger. Blizzard.
Firemen up: Clay, Flicker, Gant,
Hornsby, Primm, Arnold, Seeger. Pet
Conductors up: Cor), Heiner.
Brakemen up: I-antz, Bowman,
Fisher, Foltz.
Yard Hoard —Engineers for SC. 15C
and 23C.
Firemen for 3, 15C, ISC.
Engineers up: Ranch. Wise. Watts,
Clelland, Goodwin.
Firemen up: Wirt, Klineyoung. J.
K. Lanver, Sherer, Diehl, Shopp,
Hoover, Rice, Roberts, Burns, Houde
sfiel, Gardner, Otstot, Rupley, Speese.
Middle Division Engineers up:
M. F. repps, D. Keanc, J. Crimmel, I
G. G. Keiser, J. A. Spotts, F. F. |
Scbreck, R. M. W. D. Mc- I
Dougal, F. McC. Buck. C. D. llollen- !
baugli, W. C. Graham. James Keane, i
J. W. Smith, S. 11. Alexander, O. L.
Miller. j
Engineers wanted for 25, two ex- I
tras, west and 37.
Firemen up: J. N. Ramsey, R. E. 1
T.ook, D. F. Hudson, G. L. Hugglns,
J. L. Fritz, Roy Heir, C. F. Faust,
E. F. Mohler, H. Naylor, H. B: Thom
as. S. H. Wright, George Musser, G. |
B. Huss, w. W. Bacham, J. R. Welb- j
ley. J. ('. Richards, H. A. Sehrauder.
Firemen wanted for 6239. two ex
tras west, and 37.
Philadelphia Division — Engineers
up: C." R. Osmond, A. Hall, J. C.
Davis, C. H. Seitz, V. C. Gibbons, lil.
Pleam, H. Smeltzer, B. A. Kennedy,
H. W. Gilliums.
Engineers wanted for 40. 626.
Firemen up: W. IS. Aulthouse, M.
Stoner. J. M. White, .1. M. Piatt, F.
L. Floyd, M. G. Shaffner, K. D. Mc-
Firemen wanted for 578, 40.
YYllllnmsport Division — Engineers
up: E. E. Bastian.
Firemen up: A. Henry, C. E. Smith.
I'hllndelphln Division . The 232
crew first to go after 1.15 o'clock:
201, 239, 230, 238, 711, 245, 242, 236,1
241, 251, 204, 209, 252, 234, 2)0. 215,
212, 240, 205, 222, 249, 227, 47, 4o! j
225 and 243.
Engineers for 204, 211, 2 16, 249.
Firemen for 207, 234, 230.
Conductors for 230, 238. 209, 212, 1
210 and 227.
Flugmen for 212, 236, 209, 210, 222. |
~ — 1
Jack says
are popular. He
• I means they're the
J "finest tastinA corn
i flakes
Brakemen for -32, 201, 245, 236, 211,
251, 231, 205, 222, 227, 247, 225.
Brakemen up: Vogelsong. Flowers,
Arbeknst, Simpson, Freedman. Horn,
Vatulla, Gardner, Miller, Skllcs, Wil
liams. Detlinger, Coulter, Carper,
Morgan, Flesher, Banks, Bee, Reislng
er.Garlin, Singer, Beer.
Middle Division —The 220 crew 1q
go first after 11 o'clock: 217, 107, 106,
11S, 114, 100. 121.
Engineers for 107, 11S.
Firemen for 107, 109.
| Extra Special Good News for Wednesday
1 Many More Stunning New Suits 1
I Specialized Values $22.50, $25.00 & $29.50 |
I TH™ surely is a great demand j||
1 f° r our specialized values in women's and Si
ijlj misses' new Spring Suits at $22.50, $25.00 |IJ
Si and $29.50. They are the talk of the town. By the £&
H looks of things they are going to set the pace for |jjj
vl Harrisburg. This achievement is the result of our
4>l 1 intense efforts to give the women of this community |t|
|i ) I the very best values possible. The assortments are SSi
|jj yrj J I very broad. Don't be mistaken about that! We [ty
sji \\j haven't simply put in a few suits at these prices for &
U veL Y 1 W advertising talk; but on the contrary we are pre- JiU
'd ' P 3l ' w '. t ' l t ' ie ' ar S est variety and greatest stocks
I r yT\s Specialized Values S'TO.SO W
|W 1 '-|M These are shown in serges and poplins, mostly in navy, ijS*
2) Tyfln| ! but also In Copen, taupe, rookie and gray.
'jjj 'Jig* j If <J Wo have all sizes for women and misses. s{§?
j) M Specialized Values $9C.00 bi
ajl jjgjji '/ / / These are shown in till the wanted materials—men's !jL|
U |H I wear serge, mixtures and serges. Navy is the most prom-
S I / / inont color, although other charming colors are represent- ||||
Jjj e ' All sizes for women and misses.
I Specialized Values $1Q.50 p
flil These are extra fine suits in tricotine and serge in all the
U v i;.te shades. Exclusive models that will appeal to the best I^4
dressers. All sizes for women and misses. fyl
ij Capes & Dolmans Extra Size Suits S
1 J l7~ to J 5O s 29= to $ 45 I
|| Introductory Prices Introductory Prices is
S)| The cream of the new styles are shown Bear this in mind, our extra size suits |j|J
IjlJI in these. Every wanted material and are especially designed for large women.
St every new shape is represented. All are They give the slender lines that are re- t>ujl
Slj extremely exclusive in mode and cspe- quired lo meet tlie vogue. The fine tai- l[W
\ dally suitable for the affairs of the sea- loring of these suits will appeal to .every
son and street wear. good dresser. , Oil
|-- - J
S The Big Waist Sale Goes On |
I All selling records were broken last week in our m
H big waist department. Phis big event featuring thousands £
|j of high-class waists at the surprisingly low prices has H
|j opened the eyes of the women of this community as to p|
jy where to get waist values. bj
|| Georgette cr.d Crepe de frF ft\F Georgette. Crepe de A/" fait
fijjl Chine Waists Chine, Hahutai Waists .*23 KsJ
IS! . Hound and square necks with and with- Ail the new shades. Victory Ked, I.eaguo Kjl
out collars, trimmed and tailored styles to !'!!!£; I ''. S( l Ul '. lra Hose. Rookie, Maize, jlil
Mil . , • ~ Flesn, Navy, llennn, Sunset and White; IS
IjU suit the most fast.dloiis. 111 every desirable pretty stripes in Habutal Silks; plain tai- a2t
shade: tlie.se you will find to lie most ex- lored, silk and beaded, embroidery and laee
traordinary in quality and price; sizes 36 'rimmed, round and square necks; also rV|
|[U to 46. reversible high-low collars; sizes 36 to 46. gSji
Si Voile O* I (\F Crepe de Chine and Silk Waists <t 5 f /?/)
[M Waists ... tyl itsD Georgine FQ at <P R U*/ ssh
S|J White and colors in plain Waists ~ . $ V Now .lap Silk Waists— I I |[L|
[yt| nn<l novelty effects, nil the Pretty embroidered styles, shown in the season's most Sjl
new Uljfn shades, plain tai- also plain with laco trim- desirable shades; Flesh, sun
ff|.| lorerl snd trimmed models nilnjr. round and s|iiaro sot. Mai/.e, Navy and White: |Js|
;|J with the new frills and necks: the colors arc Flesh, perfectly tailored, trimmed SS|
S? tucks; also lace and cm- Tea Hose and White; every with embroidery and laces; if|jl
Nh]l . broidery, in an unlimited garment perfect and full a large variety of styles; full |i|||
variety: sizes ."G to 4G. sized; 30 to 4t>. cut; sizes 3G to 16.
Kmif man's—-First Floor— M
>Y) Women's Corsets— House Dresses Special Petticoats—Spe- /2Q
[d Special 1 (Ifk Tues- GC cial Tuesday . .otfC KJI
Tuesday... UU day $1 ,*PD Good qua)ity Klngham |n . |gl
Made of pink uoutil. good Billie Burke ancl regulation neat stripes, with sectional fijl
Sj luality. topless mode], lightly models, pretty patterns, light flounce and full cut body; ltd
II boned with rustproof boning. and dark percales; every •' Si
guaranteed, fitted with four garment perfectly made and a " lengths, this same petti- feTl
Ss good hose supporters; sizes finished with neat ehambray coat in extra sizes', cut very I 111
jlj 19 to 28. trimming; sizes 36 to 46. full.
I Dressing Sacques & Kimono Specials Wednesday jl
ly Women's and Misses' nl
H] Women's Dressing Extra Size Dressing QQ Crepe QF IN
Sacques aa/ C Sacques ...: tf C C Kimonos tj) 1 , O
fjlj Regular and extra sizes
lAI l.ight and dark., percales Made extra full of best made of serpentine crepe in a |£l
gs largo assortment of pretty
best quality in general neat quality percales in light and and attractive patterns and Ijg
styles-full cut well made— dark patterns neat styles— med-WanTVitted'styles'— H
|n sizes 3S to 46. sizes 48 to 54. sizes 36 to 54.
I Kaysers' Silk Gloves At Attractive Prices 1
I Also American Maid Silk Gloves 1
I 75c $l.OO $1.25 and $1.50 I
P All leading colors such as Grey, Mas.ic, Navy and White and Black, in
|jj self and. contrasting embroidering, 2 buttons. ||
MARCH 18, 1910. -
I Conductors for lOii.
Flagmen for 109.
Brakcmen for 109.
Ynril fiwvn—Engineers up: Curtis. I
D. K. Ilinlcle, Holland, lloyer, Kling.
Firemen up: Metz, Haubaker,
White. Meek, Censor. Cushman, Wal
j ters, Taylor, Brubaker, Connelly, Crn
| mer, Morris,
i engineers for 137.
Firemen for 3rd 136.
The 5 crew to go first after 12.15
1 o'clock: 67, 3, 68, 55, 62, 69, 66, 53.
All other crews broken up.
j Engineers for 62, 66,
i Firemen for 53, 55, 62, 66, 89, 3, 5,
Conductors for 53. 55.
Flagmen for 53, 65.
Brakemen for 53, 55, 62, 66, 69, 3. 5,
Engineers up: Walton, Wierman,
Martin, Booser, Kettner, Middaugh
Morrison, Massimore, Raisner, 'Park
Firemen up: Grove, Orndorff, Es
linger, Koclienour, Deckert, Hesse,
Mintzcr, Vogelsong, Miller, Kittner