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Sergeant Howard Tells
How Colored Men Fought
In an address at the Wesley A. M.
E. Church yesterday, Sergeant Louis
Howard told of the experiences of
the colored men in the Ninety-sec
ond Division, many of whom were
from this section of the State. Ser
geant Howard returned to this city
last Thursday with about fifty color
ed men who had been discharged
from the army. The meeting was
held under the auspices of the Peo
ple's Forum. After Sergeant How
ward spoke the fifty men who re
turned from overseas service were
given a chicken supper in the dining
room of the church. Dr. C.H. Cramp
ton, president of the Forum, is plan
ning to have several officers of the
Ninety-second division speak at sev
eral meetings in the future.
The Rev. Dr. Clayton Albert
Smucker, of the Stevens Memorial
Methodist Church, received word
yesterday that the Woodland Sing
ers, who were to have given a con
cert to-night at the church, are de
tained by an accident. A postponed
date for the concert will be announc
ed in the near future.
A benefit dance will be held at the
Board of Trade on Wednesday even
ing, bv the Hebrew Indies' Aid So
ciety. It is hoped that the event will
be well attended.
Mrs. Leonard Schuetz, of Middle
town, and Miss Lillian Embick, of
this city, are home from New York
City where they were guests at the
Pennsylvania Hotel for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hummel, of
Maclay streets, are home from their
farm near Bendersville.
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Children Have Fun Blowing
Out Candles on the
Birthday Cake
Mr. and Mrs. W. Findlay Downes, of
the Riverside apartments, gave a birth
day party on Saturday afternoon for
their small daughter, Ann Elizabeth
Downes. The table was effectively deco
rated with candles and pink roses and
the beautiful birthday cake bore five
tiny lighted tapers which were blown
out by the little guests.
After refreshments were served, a
huge Jack Horner pie miraculously ap
peared upon the scene. Concealed
within its depths were clever gifts for
the following youngsters: Peggy Her
man, Nancy Downes, Catherine Payne,
Margaret Creigliton, Marjorie Downes,
Adaline Martz, Marion Kaltwasser,
Frapces Davis. Margaret Donaldson,
Lesley McCreath, Carl Johnston, Henry
Mofiltt and Bobbie MoHitt.
Beautiful Memorial
For Mrs. Cunningham
A recent issue of the Presbyterian
Banner, published in Pittsburgh, has a
most beautiful "in memoriam" to Mrs.
Clyde Beaumont Cunningham, wife of
Jesse E. B. Cunningham, of this city,
who passed away early in the year.
The writer speaks of her happy dis
position and lovable character, her fond
ness for people and the pleasure she
took in doing for others. Of her love
of home, naturJ. the beautiful in every
thing and closes by saying: "Mrs. Cun
ningham brought the charm and joy of
her own life not only into the home she
graced with peculiar beauty but into
every circle into which she entered.
She cared for people and loved to help
them. To relieve distress, to bring
cheer, to restore to gladness, to renew
hope, to care for the little ones whom
Jesus lovpd and to do it for His sake, to
share in the life and to do her part as
the wife of a man active in public and
professional life, to be faithful in every
duty and to be a minister of others
always—tins is the biography of Clyde
Cunningham. Her husband, her sisters
and her friends mourn that she has
gone. Most of all. however, they rejoice
that they knew her, that they had her
with them for so many years, and that
they shared in the bright and joyous life
site lived."
Seventeenth Birthday
, of Miss Martha Weiser
A crowd of young people were de
lightfully entertained by Mr. and Mrs.
J. M. Weiser at their home, 1705 North
Third street, in celebration of the sev
enteenth birthday of their daughter.
Martha Weiser. The evening was spent
in playing games and music. Refresh
ments were served to the Misses Mae
Williams, Pauline Bair. Sylvia Ging
rich. Alice Maxwell, Marie Bowersox
and Martha Weiser; Mrs. Leslier, Wil
liam Peifer, Norman Berlin, Carl Ging
rich, Lester Bucher, of Altoona; Jacob
Harder, Wilbur Buftiington, Leon S.
Simonnetti, Wilson Weiser and John
Lieutenant Colonel Jamesi <T#r*
rence Rugli, U. S. Army, who iS-in
charge of the organization of
orthopedic work in all the camps of
the United States, was a recent
guest of Mrs. H. B. S. Mark and
daughters, of the Rodearmel apart
will meet his patients and those of
Dr. J. W. Ellenberger for the pres
ent at 922 North Third street from
6.30 to 8.30 p. m. Other hours by
Fifth Street Methodist
Mission Society Meets
The Woman's Foreign Missionary
Society of the Fifth Street Metho
dist Episcopal Church held its reg
ular monthly meeting on Friday
evening, at the home of Mrs. James
M. Byrnes, 532 Maclay street. The
special feature of the evening was
the reading of an interesting letter
from Ira Finbon, a member of the
church, now engaged in missionary
work in Mexico. Those present
were: Mrs. E. A. Pyles, Mrs. Har
riet Yost, Mrs. Sara Himes, Mrs.
Garberich, Mrs. George Wood, Mrs.
J. A. Lininger, Mrs. Annie Tomlin
son, Mrs. U. A. Poffenberger, Mrs.
Rebecca Cummings, Mrs. J. A. Al
dinger, Mrs. Carrie Mulligan, Mrs.
Lucinda Troup. Mrs. R. E. Bratten,
Mrs. Annie Krieder, Mrs. Cornelius,
Mrs. W. S. Zeigler, Mrs. C. M. Ar
nold ,Mrs. James Byrnes, Miss Bow
ers and Miss Minnie Smith.
Local People Attend
Dickinson Festivities
The annual dance of the Phi Delta
Theta Fraternity of Dickinson College
was given in Metzger Hall, Carlisle.
Many guests were present from differ
ent cities and towns in the state, with
a large Harrisburg delegation. The
patronesses were as follows: Mrs. Mary
Parker, Mrs. W. S. Ruch, Mrs. Frederick
Morganthaler, Mrs. George Beaver, Mrs.
E. W. Rupp, Mrs. Frank Gilbert, Mrs.
W. J- Davies, Mrs. Philip Yaste. Mrs.
A. H. Johnson. The festivities closed
Saturday evening with a house party
and dance.
The "Banjosaxo" dance orchestra, of
Harrisburg. under the direction of Mer
lin C. Crawford, produced surprising
novelties and played an excellent dance
A five-course supper was served at
midnight in the alcove surrounding the
Twin Children Merrily
Celebrate Their Birthday
Mrs. S. T. Kinsinger, 2157 North
Fourth street, gave an evening party
in celebration of the birthday anni
versary of her twin children. Mildred
and Ralph. The home was artisti
cally decorated in green and white.
Music and games furnished the even
ing's entertainment.
Refreshments were served to the
Misses Mary Low, Helen Munich,
Catherine Bixler, Nellie Ellenbergcr,
Mary Wallower, Elizabeth Genser,
Esther Barnhart, Esther Hartman,
and Mildred Kinsinger, Chauncey
Davis, Ralph Saul, Russel Barnhart,
John Swiler, Walter Kinsinger,
Charles Kinsinger and Ralph Kin
Lieut. Stewart Is at Home
After Service in France
Lieutenant John G. Stewart, Jr.,
1404 North Second street,has return
ed afted a year's service in France,
where he first served with the 29th
Engineers, and later with the 74th
Engirieers. He was with one of the
first American divisions to occupy
the Toul sector. Later he was as
signed as instructor to the Army En
gineering School near Langrcs.
Lieutenant Stewart is a graduate
of Central High school and of
Princeton University.
Miss Herman Hostess
to Illinois Visitor
Miss Almeda Herman entertained
informally at her home, 2 025 North
Front street, on Saturday night, in
compliment to Miss Dorothy Dain,
of Moline, 111., who is the guest of
Miss Elizabeth Knisely, Front and
Maclay streets. Those present were:
Miss Dorothy Dain, Miss Ruth
Payne, Miss Mary Creighton, Miss
Elizabeth Knisely, Miss Almeda Her
man, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Herman,
Lieutenant Johnes Crowbridge, Lieu
tenant Harold J. Weeks, Sergeant
William Barrett, Daniel Kunlcle,
Paul Gable and Ehrman Mitchell.
Benefit Vaudeville
For the Emergency Aid
A most interesting benefit vaude
ville entertainment will be given on
Thursday evening in Chestnut Street,
Auditorium by the Emergency Aid, |
for the benefit of the Yarn Bill. A
clever minstrel show will be the
main feature of the program, with
William Page, of Steelton, a real
comedian, starring.
A buck and wing dance will be
executed by talent from Marsh Run
and a soldiers' quartet from that
place will furnish many lively se
Lt. Herbert Wallower
Arrives From Overseas
Lieutenant Herbert Wallower, son
of E. Z. Wallower, Front and Maclay
streets, arrived in New York a day
or two ago on the Mongolia and
spent the weekend in that city with
his sisters, Mrs. Henry Underhill
and Miss Dorothy Wallower.
Lieutenant Wallower, who Is in
Washington to-day>looking after his
discharge from the army, has been
attached to Company B, Seventy
fourth U. S. Enginers, and has been
in France for nineteen months. He
come over as a casual officer and not
with his company. He hopes to be at
home the last of the week.
The following names were on the
honor roll for the term examinations
in the primary room of the Seiler
school:, Julia Smith, Marguerite
Reichenburg, Pauline Wert, Marion
Milhouse, Edna Eggert, Mary Wick
ersham, Jane Olmsted, Jean Coover,
Helen Coloviras and Elizabeth Colo
Mrs. G. W. Creighton, Jr., and
Miss Margaret Creighton. of Balti-
I more, are the guests of Mrs. George
W. Creighton, at the Riverside apart
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Shelton
and Bmall daughter, Harriet Shel
ton, went home to Jersey Cify this
morning after a week's visit among
relatives here.
Miss Ella Belle Rogers, of Mil
waukee, Wis., was in the city for a
week's stay on the way home after a
trip to Philadelphia and New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Boggs and
their children, Claire and Henry F.
Boggs, of Pittsburgh, are in town
for a lltle visit among relatives and
old friends. '
Mrs. Jane Moffett and Mrs.
! Charles Curtis, of Williamstown,
spent the weekend with Mrs. D. M.
Esworthy, at 2313 Derry street.
Lieutenant Chandler Markell has
gone to Youngstown, Ohio, after
spending several weeks at his home,
1508 Green street.
E. S. Lousby, of Rochester, N.
Y., stationed at the League Island
Navy Yard, Is making a brief stay
with his aunt. Mrs. A. H. Teter, of
1619 Fenn street.
Bethlehem Lutheran Girls
Elect Officers and Spend
Happy Evening Training
The Thistle Troop, Girl Scouts of
Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Green |
and Cumberland strcest, held an j
enthusiastic and interesting meeting |
in the social room of the church, j
The following were elected to serve I
as officers of the troop: President,
I Mabel Wilbar; vice-president, Mary
Miller; secretary, Katharine Mach
lan; treasurer, Florence Markward;
patrol leaders, Bessie Leslie, Esther
Conrad, Naomi Searfauss, Madeline
Mehring and Mildred YJngling; cor
porals, Helen Best, Helen Keet, Ma
bel Davies and Mabelle MeckiT - .
At their next meeting the troop is
to be honored by the presence of
Mrs. Mabel Cronise Jones, who will
give an address on "Current Events."
Doctor Is Celebrating
47th Birthday Today
Friends from far and near have
been extending congratulations and
good wishes all day long to Dr. Sam
uel Z. Shope, specialist, 610 North
Third street, and the forty-seventh
anniversary of his birth.
Dr. Shope was first president and
afterward for five years secretary
of the Medical Club of Ilarrisburg.
He is honorary president of the
Alumni Association of Susquehanna
University: president of the Pennsyl
vania Educational Association:
member of the public affairs com
mittee of the Harrisburg Rotary
Club and specialist for the Poly
clinic Hospital in the eye, ear, nose
' and throat.
Dr. Shope's war work has been
done effectively and untiringly and
during the influenza epidemic ho ;
not only took care of his own prac
tice and city work, but that of the :
Keystone hospital when his friend I
and neighbor, Dr. Hartman, was
taken ill.
No War Aid Meeting
on Tuesday Evening
Mrs. William Jennings, president
of the National War Aid, announced
this morning that the usual monthly
meeting of that association will not
be held to-morrow evening because
of a conference in the Y. M. C. A.
building. Due notice of it will be
The organization still continues
sewing for the Red Cross evqrry
Monday evening from 7 to 10 o'clock
and while there is a fair atendance,
more women could be used to ad
vantage. Just now there is a de
mand for small garments for refu
gees and these are a pleasure to
| make.
Young Boy's Birthday
Is Fittingly Celebrated
The ninth birthday anniversary of
I George Fetrow, Jr., was iherrity cele
' bra ted at his home, 553 South Thir
' teeruh street, on Friday evening. Games
i and contests were enjoyed by the follow
ing young guestfi: Billio Shade, Lee j
Shade, Nelson Shade, Howard Weaver, 1
Lester Reigle, Clyde Reigle, Norman ]
Keigle, Ross Footharop, James Footha
rop, Daniel Farridy, Morris Schoolnik
and Lowell Fetrow, Mrs. John Henry-
Mrs. Thomas Reigle and Mrs. George
Fetrow assisted with the evening's en
A meeting of the Harrisburg Study-
Club, Mrs. George E. Reed, presi
dent, will be held at the home of
Miss Margaret Pomery, 1520 Herr
street. Wednesday evening, March
19. Mrs. R. Willis Fair, the leader
for the evening, will read a paper,
entitled "Educational Theories on
Problems of To-day." "American
Colleges and Universities" is the sub
ject for the roll call.
Miss Harriet H. Baird, who was
attached to Army Base Hospital No.
, 57, Paris, arrived Friday morning at
| New York on the Caronia, and ob-
I taining a forty-eight hour leave,
j was the guest of Mrs. H. B. S. Mark
and daughters, of the Rodearmel
I apartments. As soon as Miss Baird
receives her discharge from the
army she will return to her home in
Los Angels, California.
The Meade W. C. T. U. will meet at
the home of Mrs. Anna Elder, 101
Evergreen street, to-morrow evening,
at 7:30. Plans have been made for
ar evening of entertainment. An or
chestra will be present to furnish
lively music and other musical, sur
prise features will be given. A full
attendance is desired.
Captain Meade D. Detweiler will ar
rive this week from Italy on the
steamship Guiseppe Verdi, after an
absence of a year and eleven months.
Captain Detweiler has been in charge
of the automobile section in Northern
Italv with the military branch of the
ltea Cross, under the Italian govern
Andrew S. McCreath, 111 South
Front street, celebrated his birthday
anniversary on Saturday evening by
entertaining at dinner. The guests
were: Spencer C. Gilbert, Thomas T.
Weirman, George W. Reily, Charles
H. Bergner, William J. Rose, Ilenry
M. Stine and John E. Fox.
I The Hebrew Indies' Aid Society will
hold its monthly meeting to-morrow
! evening, at 8 o'clock, in the Kesher
Israel Synagogue, ut Capital and
Briggs streets. Mrs. David Cooper
will be presiding officer. All mem
bers are urged to be present.
A song and ballad recital will be
given in Fahnestock Hall, Thursday
evening, March 20, at 8:15 o'clock, by
the well-known baritone, William H
Boyer. J. D. Whitman, violinist, and
J. Stewart Black, pianist, will assist.
Dr. J. W. Ellenbcrger. 922 North
Third street, who lias been seriously
ill for the past three weeks, has been
admitted to the University Hospital
at Philadelphia, and is under the care
cf Dr. Fussell.
Beginning March 11, for four
days. Special prices will feature the
opening days. M. Mall, Custom Tai
lor, 1213 Green street.
Beginning March 10, 1910
and continuing until further no
tice, my Sunday office hours will
be discontinued, except by special
804 North Sixth Street j|
Missionary Society Holds
Its Monthly Meeting
Thp monthly meeting of the Wo
men's Foreign Missionary Society of
the Fifth Street Methodist Episcopal
Church, was held at the home of
Mrs. James M. Byrnes, 532 Maclay
street, Friday evening. A most in
teresting letter was read from Miss
Iva Finton, a member of the church, 1
now engaged in missionary work in j
Mexico. It was very much enjoyed j
by the following members who were '
Mrs. E. A. Pyles, Mrs. Harriet
Yost, Airs. Sara Himes, Mrs. Oar
berich, Mrs. George Wood, Miss Manic
Bower, Mrs. J. E. Lininger, Mrs.
Annie Tomlinson, Mrs. U. A. Poffen
berger, Mrs. Rebecca Cummings, Mrs.
J. Aldinger, Airs. Carrie Mulligan,
Allss Minnie Smith, Mrs. Lucinda
Baup, Mrs. R. E. Bratten, Mrs. An- j
uie Krelder, Mrs. Scott Cornelius,
Airs. W. S. Zelgler, Airs. C. M. Ar- |
nold, Airs. J. R. Smith, and Alls, j
James A 1 Byrnes.
The local Post Office lias received a \
supply of the three-cent stamps com- i
memorating tile successful outcome
of the war. The stamp is of three- I
cent denomination, purple in color
and presents a standing figure of Lib
erty Victorious with a background \
composed of ,the flags of the five
countries which were most actively i
engaged In the cause. Only a limited '
number of these stamps have been I
received as it is not intended that I
they shall be generally used.
r- \
NAFJL easy payments
- 21 s. SECOND ST.
V- _ __ J
|j Distinguished Footwear for Women §
jj ry =
j Mahogany
I Smart lace model, Military heel, ||
welt sole; inside eyelets. An unusual boot in
style and quality. =
C. B. Rodney 1
S'f North Third Street.
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:■! There can be no doubt in
your mind as to how our DRY !j
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... you when once you have tried it. • •
| ' Many a person has discarded
a garment at the beginning of a
season all for the want of new
ness. Many have set aside as 1.1
useless the very garment that
•j will be best suited for this
spring s wear just because it I ]
k lacked the freshness of newly
bought apparel. |
I- How foolish! How wasteful!
But perhaps you didn't know at
the time there was such a serv-
II ice as ours. So we're glad to |
| tell you of it now. §
y . Let US DRY CLEAN your gar
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newness and freshness you so
i.i much desire. It will save you ['j
considerable in money and add |
greatly to your personal satis
|j faction in having your own gar
■ t ments for further use, rather
than worry about newly-bought jjjj
111 ' v clothes. If
All Work Promptly Done !J
1 finkelsteiN I
. Three Stores Both Telephones
Harrisburg Steelton
If ...„ . = 1
'Acme Lodge, Knights of Pythias,
of Lebanon, will come to this city in
a body this evening to visit John
Harris Lodge, 193, and witness the
second degree conferred upon a class
of members in their Hall, Fourteenth
and Howard streets. The members
of John Harris Lodge are making
great preparations for the occasion.
Refreshments will be served.
Marietta, Pa., March 10. —Charles
G. ash. aged 80, near Mountville,
G. Nash, aged 80, near Mountville,
eran of the Civil War, belong'ng to
Company D, Fifty-third Pennsylva
nia Infantry. He is survived by a
/ 4
MONDAY, MARCH 10; 5 TO 7.30
Stouffer's Restaurant
, Bran Soup, Home Style
Breuded Pork Chop
Calf Liver Saute with Ilacon
Country Sausage
Roast Beef
Mashed or Creamed Potatoes
Stewed Tomatoes or Lima Beana
Cream Slaw
lee Cream, Pie or Pudding
Coffee, Tea or Coeoa
I V /
MARCH 10, 1919.
CBtlnaed from March 8, 1011.
"Now," asked
Mr. Hershey,
as he seated himself at his desk, "what
do you want to know?"
"I want to know," answered the Ad
Man, "more about those dairies that sup
ply you with the cream you use in HER
"To begin with, there are about a thou
sand different dairies," said Mr. Hershey.
"Goodness gracious!" exclaimed the
Ad Man, "you don't mean to tell me that
it takes that many dairies to supply this
"It certainly does; and there are times
in season that we could use many more.
We've got a pretty big business here and
it's growing all the time. We don't con
sider a thousand enough!" replied the
general manager of the big creamery.
"Where are all these dairies?" asked
the inquisitive person, who was getting
more inquisitive every minute.
It seems the more questions you an
swer some people the more they will ask;
and the Ad man was no exception to the
rule. But Mr. Hershey was patient, or at
least appeared to be, and the Ad man
kept up his rapid-fire interrogation.
"Our dairies are located in Dauphin,
Perry, Franklin, Cumberland, Adams
and York Counties," replied Mr. Her
shey, in answer to the last question.
That's a big field to draw frpm and a
credit to the section, for .if'proves that
those counties produce tfie best quality
milk, else the Hershey Creamery Com
pany would not use it.
"How do you get all that cream to your
plant here in Harrisburg?" asked the
Ad man.
"Well, as I explained to you before,"
replied Mr. Hershey, "the farmers bring
the milk to our central receiving sta
tions. We have a sufficient number of
them conveniently located in each dis
trict so that the farmers won't have to
haul the milk far."
Think what a wonderful saving thai
is for the farmer who used to haul milk
for many miles to town or to a railroad
station to be shipped. The Hershey
Creamery Company practically brings
its vast facilities right up to the farm
door. That's one of the links in the
chain between the farm and the city.
"What if a farmer has more milk than
you can use?" remarked the Ad man.
"The farmer has the best of it," an
swered Mr. Hershey, "we take all the
milk his farm produces, year in and year
out. If it's the right quality we need
it all."
"When you have the milk at your cen
tral receiving stations, what then?" asked
the Ad man. 1
"That's an important question," an
swered Mr. Hershey.
Harrisburg, Pa. I.ook for tomorrow's
March 10, 1919. continuation of this—
The Ad-man.
Written Especially For Hershey Creamery Co.
Makers of Hershey's Superior Ice Cream.