Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, February 28, 1919, Page 7, Image 7

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it Navy, Joined Marines,]
Confessed to the Captain
, lie Saved in Battle
lew York. Fell. 28.—Cornelius
k. recently with the Sfeventy
rth Company of the Sixth Ma- •
is. and before that a member of j
crew of the President Grant,
lo back on that vessel a prisoner!
stand trial by court-martial on j
large of deserting from the navy. |
is a resident of The Bronx. Tt i
suspected tiis sentence will be I
igated by his valorous record in ]
marines. Cornelius is only 18,;
when used for duty on a trims- I
t alter lie had' confidently bank- !
nn engaging in sea battles he re- :
cd. On hearing that his brother
iply few drops then lift sort,
touchy corns off with
fingers —No pain!
RfYJi 5
[A '
ocsp't hurt a bit; Drop a little _
ezone on all aching corn, instant
hat corn stops hurting, then you j
it right out. Yes. magic!
tiny bottle of Freezone costs but]
*w cents at any drug store, but
aifficient to remove every hard;
t, soft corn, or corn between the,
and the calluses, without sore-;
> or invitation.
reezone is t lie sensational discov-1
of a Cincinnati genius. It is
Vigorous Men
nd Women Are
m Demand
! your ambition lias left you, your
piness has gone forever unless
take advantage of 11, C. Ken
y's uiagiuiicent offer to refund
r money on the nrst box pur
sed it Wendell s Ambition Pills
not put your enure system m
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rgy and vigor you have lost,
e ambitious, be strong, be ugor- j
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d feeling, nervous troubles, poor j
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ital depression, loss otwappetite,
kidney qr liver complaints; you
; llleut vnh this understanding,
I two days you will feet better.
a week you will teel line, and
r taking one box you will have
r old-tune confidence and arubi- j
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e of the box.
e sure and get a 50 cent box to
rrid get out of the rut, lierneni-'
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has.H.Mauk *•
Private Ambulance I'honea
~ 'l
. ~M: , , .in ' 1 rr j > .'!r ,u,GQ ■
p It stands to reason that people
who have been accustomed to eating one
, kind of bread for a long time will try a new p||
nicn bread occasionally.
\ s But after twelve years of making |j|
bread which has proven to be the very |||
Best finest bread which can be baked, our cus- gjjil
tomers although they try other bread come |||
back to the original Bricker's O. K. bread. -
It is a good tiling for the reputa
tion of Such a standard article as Bricker's |||
O. K. Bread to have our customers try ij|J
other bread. It gives our customers an op> 3||
portunity to compare other bread with ours _||
-—with the result that they are more strongly |||
in favor of Brickers O. K. Bread.
Now that we are back on a peace jj|
time basis you can get the original.
Bricker's 0. K. Bread
"Tl = 5
In the same old 0. K. way.
Eat Brickers Bread—you can depend on the quality
Brickers West Shore Bakery
Lemoyne, Pa.
h* ' 'frrr—irain'r-7nin--7 i T J Il 'lj[n' flll ' l ' lllll iWiiiiiWiiiiiNiiiiiiiiiiiiwillWiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
. Joseph had joined the marines his
! rebellious spirit giW as he pictured
I Joseph, utter tne war, lauding it
] over h,m.
j While the President Grant was in
! this port in the summer of 1917
Cornelius deserted and joined the
j marines under an assumed name.
: He was among the first to get into
I action. At Chateau Thierry, he was
; wounded while bringing his com
! tnunder. Captain Joseph F. Gargan,
! back to safety. Captain Gargan was
' caught in an ambush .while raiding
] machine gun nests. In 'September
I Cornelius was wounded at St. Mihiel
and was taken to a hospital in parls.
where he met Captain Gargan. His
j conscience was stirred by liis illness
1 and he confessed to the Captain that
' lie was a deserter from the navy.
] After lie was well enough to travel
l he was sent to Brest and the naval
! authorities ordered hint here for
Private Frank Savicki, of Shenan
| doali. Pa., was captured at Belleau
! Wood on July 2 3 and sent to a
] prison amp with "400 Russians. Ha
J determined to get away and one
night eluded the guards and follow
j ing a railroad track reached the
Swiss border, where lie found a
• wire barrier charged with electricity,
jHe began to dig under it when
I guards discovered him and opened
j lire. He ran to the river, jumped in
I and swam under water until he got
I out of direct range. He finally
I reached Bern, went thence to Paris,
returned to his regiment and fought
until the end of the war.
Frank Alexander, of Birmingham,
Ala., said he was going to invite ev-
I erybody in his command, even the
I others, to a feast in Jiis home town
as soon as he got his discharge. He
received word when the transport
•docked that he was heir to manu
facturing interests in Birmingham
worth almost $1.000,000.
There .were two operations in
heavy weather on the transport. Ma
jor C. F. Nassau, of the Army Med
ical Corps, amputated the leg of
Noble Hoffman, a marine wounded
at Belleau Wood, and Lieutenant-
Commander Langliorne removed the
appendix of Harry Craig, of the
Grant's crew.
' Three French girls who had mar
! ried American sailors also arrived.
Washington, Feb. 2 8. — Members
of the Democratic national coniniit
| tee. now meeting in Washington,
] will he guests of President Wilson
I at luncheon at the White House to
; day. __
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Kitchen Opposes Increase on
; Wearing Apparel After
May 1
Washington. Feb. 2 B.—Repeal of
! the semiluxrury tax clause in the
! war revenue bill signed Monday
night by the President was proposed
• in a resolution approved today by
the House ways and means com
mittee and later introduced by
Chairman Kitchtn. The clause pro
vides for a tax of ten per cent, after
May 1 on weuring apparel and many
other articles costing above speci
fied sums.
I Mr. Kitchin announced that he
i would call up the resolution tonior
; row for passage by the House. Quick
action on the measure is expected,
| with House leaders hopeful that the
Senate will act before adjournment
1 next week.
1 During the meeting of the ways
and means committee, it was sug-
I Rested that the ten per cent tax on
furs should be repealed particularly
in its application to those of lower
cost. No unanimous agreement
could be reached however, and no
recommendation was made.
June Snowstorm Swept
Over Penna. in 1816
Wilmington, Del., Feb. 28.—Ac
' cording to newspaper clippings
| found in an old family Bible by the
i Rev. A. C. Thomas, of the Free
i Gospel Mission here, it is possible
that winter may still be on its way.
| Some of them read as follows:
"In 1810. snowstorms occurred in
J Pennsylvania in June. In 1832 there
f_was good sleighing from February
5 to March 21. That was all the
! sleighing there was during the win
ter. In 1831, it snowed heavily on
j April 23 and 27. On the 16th of
J May, following, the ground was
frozen to a depth of about one inch.
: No apples, peaches or cherries that
"In 1811. there was the very best
j sleighing on April 12. On the 6th of
! May the ground was so firmly
I frozen as to forbid marking out for
' corn. In 1845, the Ist of June, a
| severe frost killed thousands of
| acres of wheat in Western Pennsyl-
I vania. -
j "In 1843, very deep and drifting
; snow fell April IS. In 1837, on the
. Ist of June, there were not enough
1 leaves on the trees to make shade.
• In 1861. a snow eight inches fell on
May 15."
Leviathan Expected
to Dock Thursday
With 9,000 Troops
New York. Feb. 28.—A wireless
, message from the army transport
Leviathan, received yesterday by
; port of debarkation officers at Ho
boken, N. J., stated that the liner,
with 9,000 troops of the 27th (New
j York National Guard) division and
I Major General John F. O'Ryan
j aboard, would arrive here on the
morning of March 6,.a week from
Philadelphia. Feb. 28.—John Reed.
. New York, well known as a "revolu
! tionary Socialist." and William Kogir
ntan, a Socialist of tills city, were
j acquitted by a jury in the Munici
; pal Court last night of a charge of
; inciting a riot. Reed was refused
; permission to hold a public meeting
' here last summer by the police. Some
| of his followers became involved in
j and Kogirman wer e among those ar
| rested.
Bristol, Pa., Feb. 28.—Two women
and a child, carrying light house
j hold articles across the tracks of
the Pennsylvania Railroad, were
i instantly killed yesterday near
■ Clovernook Lane crossing, just above
I the Cornwells Station, when they
! were struck by a westbound express
i train. The dead are: Mrs. Mamie
Bundy. Miss Essie Koons and John
I R. Craven, the last a child of three
1 years.
Former Editor of Anti-British
Bull Faces Espionage
Xow York. Feb. 28.—Jeremiah A.
O'Leary former editor of the anti-
British magazine BULB, took the
■witness stand in Miis own behalf
yesterday at his trial in federal court
on a charge of violating tha espion
age law.
O'Leary vehemently denied ever
having intended to obstruct the rais
ing of an army by any articles he
had published, and asserted he did
not know that BULL was regarded
as obstructive of any American war
measure until he read n notice to
that effect published by direction of
Postmaster General Burleson.
An earlier letter from the Post
Office Department, he said, had no
tified him that his mailing privileges
had been suspended on the ground
that it was "not a newspaper or
other periodical within the mean
ing of the law, and that it was
not published regularly within the
meaning of the law."
Bishop Heil Opens
Annual U. E. Conference
in Allentown Church
Allow town. Feb. 28.—Members of
the Bethany United Evangelical
Church gave a welcome to the meifi
bers of the East Pennsylvania con
ference in session at this place. The
conference opened yesterday with
the Lord's Supper. Bishop W. F.
Heil, D. D., had charge of the serv
ice. . , *
The sociological , commission has
secured the services of the Rev. F.
Ernest Johnson, pastor of the
Duane Church, Xew York, who de
livered an address yesterday after
noon. Dr. Johnson is secretary for
research of the commission on
church and social service.
A groat Jubilee Temperance Rally
was held last evening under the au
spices of the Temperance and Re
form Alliance. Unusual interest cen
tered in the meeting because of the
ratification of the prohibition
amendment to the national constitu
tion. Ex-Governor Willis, of Ohio,
delivered an eloquent address.
Tlip large Bethany chorus and the
XL Girls' chorus of Bethany ren
dered special singing at the evening
services and will sing at all of the
services on Sunday.
The Rev. S. P. Erisman. pastor
of Grace United Evangelical Church,
of Allentown, together with Profes
sor llenry Stercher, will have charge
of the singing.
Tire church is elaborately deco
rated with the celebrated Peace
Jubilee design, in which tlags of the
Allied nations are used very ex- I
The meeting this evening will be
under the auspices of the Educa
tional Aid Society. John A. McSpar- 1
ren, master of the Grange of Penn
sylvania, will be the speakers at this
The committee on worship has ar
ranged for the celebration of the
twenty-fifth anniversary of the East
Pennsylvania conference. The cele
bration will be held to-morrow aft
ernoon following the memorial serv
ice. The following partial program
is prepared: The Rev. C. D. Huber
will speak on "The Past of the Con
ference;" the Rev. G. W. Mar
quardt on "The Present." and the
Rev. J.' P. Miller on "The Future."
Among the ministers and "dele
gates in attendance are: Bishop W.
H. Fouke, D. D., Harrisburg; J. J.
Nungesser, Harrisburg: Levi Wal
born, Millersburg; W. R. Donmoyer.
Harrisburg; Mrs. W. J. McGinnis!
The Rev. C. H. Mengel, pastor
Bethany Church, observed his
twentieth anniversary as a pastor of
the United Evangelical denomina
tion. Bishop M. T. Maze, of Mars,
lowa, delivered a spelndid address.
East Broad Top Men
May Go on Strike
Huntingdon, Pa., Feb. 28.—A
strike of the maintenance-off-way
employes ot' the East Broad Top
Railroad Company is said to be im
minent. Higher wages and improve
ment of working conditions are
sought. Brotherhood representa
tives who have arrived at Rockhill
and Orbjsonia are 1.. 1. Kennedy,
general chairman; C. Howard Sev
ers. assistant to Grand President
Anthony Spair; C. A. Pines and P.
K. Hannan, grand organizer, the
former being from Trenton, X. J.
Such a strike would interfere with
transportation of bituminous coat
through the Mount Union gateway
to the seaboard and eastern markets.
Frank P. Shattuck,
State Movie Censor, Dead
Philadelphia, Feb. 28.—rFrank R.
Shattuck, chairman of the State
I Board of Moving Picture Ceqsors,
1 and prominent in legal circles in
| this city, died late Wednesday night
|at Atlantic City, whither ho had
! gone to regain his health. His home
I here was 1 725 Pine street. He hail
been ill for some time from loco
motor ataxia and the rapid progress
of this disease is attributed as the
cause of death.
Major Anderson Killed
in Fall of Aeroplane
Coblen/., Sunday, Feb. 23.—Major
H. B. Anderson, of Dover. Xew Jer
sey, commander of the Fourth
corps aviation service, was killed on
Thursday near Cochem on the Mos
elle. when the Fokker machine in
which he was flyipg became un
manageable at several thousand feet
in the air. The body of Major
Anderson was buried Sunday in the
Third army cemetery, near Fort
ress Alexander in the outskirts of
Paris, Feb. 28.—Eight hundred
German prisoners captured by the
Americans are about to be released
from the prison camp at St. Pierre
dc Corps, near Tours. All the men
come from A'sacc or laorraine and
are the first captures from the Ger
man army to be released by the Al
lies. The released men will be giv
en civilitin clothing and will ba
transpoited free' op regular pussen
ger trains to their old homes in re
deemed territory.
Washington, Feb. 28. —The Sen
ate committee investigating radical
agitation in the United States yes
terday tentatively set Friday. March
7. for hearing Ambassador Francis,
who has recently returned from
Russia. Colonel Raymond Robins,
of the American Red Gross, -and
Miss Bessie Boatty. of Xew York,
who also recently returned from
t Russia, will testify soon.
Senate May Hold Up
Palmer Appointment
Washington, Feb. 28.—Nomination
of A. Mitchell Palmer, alien prop
erty custodian, to be attorney gen
j eral, sent to the Senate yesterday
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" I
-4 •' ■; ' ,/s ", v• 1
by President Wilson, was referred
to the judiciary committee early this
morning by tho Senate. Doubt was
expressed that the nomination would
be acted upon, but administration
leaders pointed out that if such
should prove the case, the Presi
dent could make a recess appoint
' ment.
State Officials Guests
of Honor at Shrine
Session in Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Feb. 28. —Hundreds of
Shriners from all sections of Penn
sylvanla, West Virginia and Ohio
attended • services here last night
incident to the induction of a class
of 250 new members ir/.o the Mystic
Shrine. Governor William G. Sproul,
I.ieutenant Governor Kdward K.
Heldleman and W. Harry Baker,
secretary of the Pennsylvania Sen
ate. were the guests of honor. *