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High Class Vaudeville—Josie Heather
and Company in a clever singing of
fering. Four other acts.
flo-night Kibble's "Uncle Tom's
1' riday, matinee and night, February
Saturday, matinee and night, March 1
—Peek's Bad Boy."
Monday, night only, March H The
Jewish-American Stock Company,
presenting "The World In Tears." or
"Without a Home."
Tuesday night and Wednesday mqti-
Regent Theater
"Woman's Weapons"
In His Joyous New Piny
The famous stage success In mo
tion picture form. Take n tramp
with Ilryunt Wnahbum over the
gypsy trail or happiness anil
Fl,A(ili COMEDY.
Winterdale Dances
15 North Market Square
Wrights Orchestra
Will Piny and Sing For Dancing
Admission, 50£ and 75£
Benefit Dance
By Employes of Bowman A Com
pany, assisted by Knights of Co
lumbus and Harrisburg Operatic
For Children's Industrial
Home, Day Nursery, Sylvan
Heights Orphanage
Table for those desiring to piny
cards Music by two orchestras;
The Banjo nnil Snxo, nnd Upde
Monday. Murch 3,11)19. Tickets, St)c
For Benefit of War Sufferers
You saw "The Birth of a Nation," and went to see it again
because it was the most wonderful picture ever produced up
to that time. And whenever you saw the name, D. W.
Griffith, you went to see that picture because these are
the greatest ever produced. Now you will have an oppor
tunity to see the latest and greatest Griffith production.
"A Romance of Happy Valley"
A Page From the Book of Life.
A kindly, every-day story of love and sunshine and tears
and every-day life.
Just a Sweet, Old-fashioned Love Story
MARCH 6-7-8
The Most Beautiful Woman in Motion Pictures, in
"Under The Greenwood Tree"
How woull you like to be a gypsy? This beautiful favorite pos
sessed romantic proclivities. If you luive the wanderlust, you, too,
will want to tramp out into the country und nestle under the green
wood tree with Klsie Ferguson.
wiUi excerpts from the classics ami the best of the popular.
. ikffggff
Mail Orders Now nights A soc Vo C tl'.oo Seats Saturday
f nee and night, March 4 and 5 Lou
I Telligen in "Blind Youth."
I To-day Earl Williams in "The
i Highest Trump."
l'l idny nnd Saturday Alice Brady in
; The Indestructible Wife."
j To-day Ethel Clayton in "Woman's
I Weapons."
i Ei'ldav and Saturday Bryant. Wush
! burn in "The G.vpsy Trail," and a
Elagg comedy, "Impropaganda."
To-day Tom Mix in "Hell Hoarin'
itefoi ill."
An event looked forward to with
more than ordinary interest theatric
ally, is the coming of VVll
"TTncle liam 11. Kibble's world's
| Tom's greatest revival of Harriet
| Cabin" Beecher Stowe's lovable
story, "Uncle Tom's C'abin."
Not only do they promise to bring a
company of over fifty people, but a
carload of scenery, ponies, horses and
| bloodhounds in the piece. "Uncle
j Tom's Cabin" still holds the hoards
!ut the Orpheum to-day..
' Questions that are bound to come
ii 11 for a vast amount of discussion
will be brought up in
"Playthings" the drama that is to
Friday Saturday
Alice Brady
The Indestructible
An unusually strong pro
duction featuring this dainty
Earl Williams
Highest Trump
You remember
Sis Hopkins
That's the Name of the New
Film in Which
Mabel Normand
Star of "Mickey" Will
Appear Next Week
at Orpbcuiu bo the offering at the
Orpheum to-morrow,
matinee and night. ••Playthings" is
its name, an innocent-appearing
Mr. Toler puts the blame for much
of the misery of the world squarely
up to those whom he claims it be
longs. That is, he voices what would
seem to be a. self-evident fact, when
he says that the world which con
demns the woman who falls, does not
go far enough into the question and
that it is her parents who allowed her
to grow up in ignorance of the stern
foots of life who should be arraigned
before the bar of Judgment.
The author does not seek to make
out his case by argument. His drama
is not peopled by puppets, but by
those men and women we see about
us in the strenuous life of to-day,
working out their destinies amid the
conditions with which we are all fa
miliar in a way, but have seldom
brought so directly home to us.
Culcby music, pretty girls, who
know how to sing and dance; clever
comedians, who will
A I.nughing make you laugh until
Show you cry; beautiful cos
tumes and appropriate
scenery, all go to make "Peck's Bad
Boy" a new and up-to-the-mliiute
musical farce comedy. This attrac
tion is the underline at the Orpheum,
Saturday, matinee and night, and dur
ing the- engagement popular prices
will prevail, which fact alone should
crowd our local playhouse to its ut
most capacity. The management of
this ever-popular farce have had it
entirely rewritten by the well-known
composer, Irving Berlin, and this sea
son it is all new but the name. Six
teen musical numbers are introduced
during the action of the comedy.
Josie Heather and Company, in a
clever singing offering, is the head
line attraction for the re-
At the mainedr of thewee k at the
Majestic Majestic. Miss Heather is
a prominent figure on the
vaudeville, stage, and Is well-known
Her Voice la an Sweet a* Ever.
4 Other Excellent Wilmer
and Vincent Acts
Coming Monday
"Crosby's Corners"
To-Night S.
Get Your Scats Early
Seats, 15c, 25c, 35c, 50c
FRIDAY kve FEB. 28
All Matinee Seats 25c
I NIGHTS, 15? TO 75c
Sat. Mar. 1
Grand Revival of That
Famous Farce Comedy
Matinee 15c and 25c
Nights 15c to 50c
TO-I)AY—Your lnat rhiinre to are
Scenes from the l.ife of Colonel
Roosevelt, 111
William l'oi presents TOM MIX in
The liest of Tom's Diire-Drvtl
I'letures of the Ear West.
Erlilny mill Saturday HOI DIM
Saturday Only, .IAYE AMD KATH
Admission, 10c and 20c and war tax
among: vaudeville devotees. The songrs
that this charming: and talented
young: woman lias selected for her
repertoire are new and original, and
are sung in a delightful manner. Mor
ris and Campbell, in an amusing skit
entitled, "The Aviator," is also on the
bill. Other acts include: The Arras
Sisters, in a spectacular dance offer
ing; Smith and Kaufman, in a hpdge
podge of nonsense and comedy songs,
and Ed Hastings, presenting some
thing "different" along juggling lines.
Another episode of "The Euro, of the
Circus," with daring "Eddie" Polo,
will also be shown.
Tc-day will be your last opportunity
to see Earl Williams, the screen's fa
vorite actor, in "The
Krl Highest Trump." Al-
Wllllnm* though this plot hinges
nt Colonial about the war, it is no
sense a war picture, for
it shows no battle scenes except a
wonderfully thrilling airplane raid.
The star portrays the characters of
twin brothers. The one twin commit
ted suicide, leaving a dying request
that he take his place in the world.
The man did so, and became involved
iln the strangeset set of adventures
♦ hat ever befell a man. Friday and
Saturday, the Colonial offers an un
usual strong attraction, "The Inde
structible Wife," with Alice Brady.
Ilarrisburg admirers of Colonel
Roosevelt had opportunity at the Vic
toria Theater yester-
Sccnea From day to see the life of
I.ife of America's great Presi-
Colonel dent as depicted in the
Roosevelt pictures of "The Real
Roosevelt," which will
also be shown again to-day for the
benefit of scores of the Colonel's fol
lowers, who were disappointed yes
terday because they were unable to
crowd into the theater.
Tom Mix, who has long since gain
ed a warm spot in the hearts of the
city's army of movie, fans for his
daredevil western character acting, is
billed to appear to-day and to-morrow
in "Hell Roarln" Reform," a thrilling
drama which goes beyond even his
previous sensational films. The pic
ture should, if that be possible, add to
Tom's already great popularity.
A dramatic comedy, with Lou Tel
legen as the star, will hold the stage
at the Orpheum next
I.on Tellegen In Tuesday night and
"Mllnil Youth" Wednesday matinee
and night. It is call
ed "Blind Youth," and was written by
Wtllard Mack and Mr. Tellegen. The
sc.enes are laid in Paris and New
York. Mr. Tellegen, who Is the latest
addition to the ranks of our actor
managers, will bring the play here
direct from its New York engagement.
His tour, under the direction of
Charles Kmerson Cook, will extend to
the Pacific coast and return.
The flencness of his art, the delicate
shadings of his characterizations,
learned through his early training in
Paris, has made Lou Tellegen one ot
the marked brilliant young actors of
the day. His first appearance in this
country was as leading man with
Madame Bernhardt, and he has re
mained here ever since that engage
ment. He had achieved great fame in
Paris prior to his departure for this
country, and rfiow his popularity and
fame is no less established among our
Mr. Tellegen found the material for
the story of "Blind Youth" when he
was an artist in Paris. It tells of a
young, artist, born of an American
mother and French father. He falls
in love with an adventuress and is
ruined through her faithlessness.
Brought to a realization of his posi
tion by the story of a fellow-artist,
he goes to New York to join his
mother. There he meets a young
American girl, falls in love with her
end is brought to new life through
a beautiful love.
The adventuress follows him to New
York and traps his half-brother, who
threatens to marry her. The artist,
to end the delusion, makes an appoint
ment with the woman, and the
brother, for revenge, reveals the fact
to the artist's fiancee. This develops
the big, thrilling- scene In the third
act. At the conclusion of the play
the artist has justified himself, and all
ends happily.
Monday evening, March 3, will bring
to the Orpheum life's portrayal en
titled, "The World
Amerlenn-YldiHsli In Tears" or
Stoek Company "Without a Home."
The very popular
stars of the American company will,
without doubt, make a great success.
The play will be enjoyed, and a full
house is expected. The play is under
the management of William Stein and
Louis Litman, of the New Kmpress
Theater. Seats will bo placed on sale
Who is ther who doesn't long for a
tramp down the sunny gypsy trail?
For all who love
Bryant Washburn the joys of the
Sprradn Sunshine open road, the
In New Picture green of the
fields, the gold of
the sun and the quiet blue of the sky,
Bryant Washburn is said ti bring a
message of happiness and good cheer
In his latest production, "The Gypsy
Trail," which will be presented at the
liegent Theater to-morrow and Sat
urday. -From the pungent pen of
James Montgomery Flagg comes a de
lightful new comedy. "Impropaganda,"
which will nlso be presented.
To-day pthej Clayton is being seen
for the last times in her powerful
play, "Woman's Weapons." It is a
strong story of woman's fidelity.
From all indicatipns the theater will
be jammed with the largest audiences
In its history for the great Griffith
production, "A Romance of Happy
Valley." to be shown Monday. Tues
day and Wednesday.
To Bar Aliens From
State Public Works
A bill to prohibit the employ
ment of aliens, exempted from
military service during the war
with Germany, on all public works
undertaken by the State, counties
or municipalities, will be presented
in the House Monday night by Rep
resentative James J. Hefferman of
Philadelphia. The main purpose
of the measure is' to insure the em
ployment of Americans, particular
ly discharged soldiers and sailors,
on the great progfram of road con
struction to be undertaken by the
State Highway Department. To this
end an effort will be made to have
Highway Commissioner Sadler sup
port the measure. Support of pa
triotic organizations also'will be en
listed for the bill.
The bill provides that in each
contract for public work, there
must be a proviso that failure to
comply with its provisions invalid
ates the contract; also that on de
mand of the executive officer of the
State or municipality, the contrac
tor must furnish a list of his em
ployes stating whether they are
naturalized or native-born citizens
of the United Statcc. The penalty
for violation is a fine of not more
than SSOO, or imprisonment of not
more than one year.
Esthonians Repulse Reds
in Fighting Near Salisbury
By Associated Press
Stockholm, Feb. 27. —An official
statement Issued by the Esthonlan
army headquarters reports severe
fighting near Narva, Pskov, Vollmar
and Sallsburg and claims that the
Esthonians have repulsed the Bol
shevlkl, inflicting serious losses.
The statement describes the fight
ing near Sallsbubrg as violent and
declares large forces were engaged.
Us 6 McNeil's Pain Exterminator—Ad
Will Be Made a Special Order
of Business in the House
Next Week
The Dawson bill providing for
the issuance of the bonds authorized
by the people of Pennsylvania in
the constitutional amendment adopt
ed last fall will be passed by the
House next week. It is the plan
to have the ways and means com
mittee report out the bill Monday
night and pass it the first time and
to make special orders for Tues
day and Wednesday so that it will
be ready for the Senate when it
meets on Monday, March 10.
The bill provides for thirty-year
bonds redeemable any time and to
pay not more than four and a half
per cent. Authority to determine
the time, amounts, form, denomin
ations and terms of issuing the
bonds is placed exclusively with the
Governor. The executive plans to
dispose of $25,000,000 of the bonds
within the next two years and the
remainder within two years fol
lowing. The bonds are to be ex
empt from, taxation for State and
local purposes.
The bonds are to be offered for
sale at not less than par, to the high
est bidders after public advertise
ment, "on such terms and condi
tions and upon such open competi
tive bidding as the Governor shall
direct." Any portion of any bond
issue not subscribed for may be
disposed of by the State treasurer
and auditor general in such man
ner and at such prices, as the Gov
ernor shall direct . No commission
shall be paid for the sale of any
of the bonds. •
Proceeds from the sale of the
bonds are to be kept as a separate
fund in the State treasury to be
known as "The State Bond Road
Fund" and are specifically appro
priated to the highway department
"for the purpose of improving and
rebuilding the highways of the
commonwealth." Bonds may be
issued with or without interest
coupons. Bonds without coupons
must be registered by the auditor
A sinking fund is created to re
deem the bonds at maturity and
"shall consist exclusively of moneys
appropriated by the general assem
bly. The Governor must report to
each session of the Legislature full
information concerning issuance of
the bonds. The State treasurer
must report the total amount of
bonds issued and the amount used
by the highway department. An
appropriation of $50,000 is made to
defray expenses incident to issuing
the bonds.
Details of Cuts in
Highway Measures
The reductions made in the high
way bills before they reached the
House yesterday reduced the ag
gregate appropriations in the gen
eral construction and maintenance
bill of the Highway Department
from $13,678,730.57 to $10,842,-
049.38. The item for construction
of State highways was reduced from
$6,000,000 to $5,000,000; the item
for maintenance and repair of
highways through boroughs from
$1,000,000 to $800,000; for mainte
nance and repair of State-aid high
ways from SBOO,OOO to $400,000 and
for purchase of turnpikes and toll
bridges from $1,000,000 to $500,-
000. The department found an er
ror in its estimates for payment of
the deficiency in the construction
and maintenance of roads in second
class townships, thus allowing re
duction in this amount from sl,-
858,730.57 to $1,142,049,38.
This bill, with the measure ap
propriating $3,625,000 for the pay
ment of salaries and expenses of
the Highway Department, were re
ported to the House by Chairman
McCaig yesterday.
9KM|Hp;; M
Robert asks: "I am constipated,
tongue coated, have headache, dizzy
spells and indigestion sometimes.
Please advise?"
Answer: I advise that you begin
using Three Grain Sulpherb Tablets
(not sulphur). These tablets are lax
ative, act on the liver, kidneys and
bowels and tend to keep the blood
pure by arousing , the eliminative
functions. Relief should follow
• * *
Clerk writes: "I have pains in my
spine and frightful headache in back
of head, fainting spells, twitching
and trembling, nervousness, sleepless
ness, loss of appetite and strength,
and in fnct am a 'has been,' when it
conies to performing accustomed
work and duties."
Answer: In all such cases the
assimilative functions have not kept
place with waste functions and a
powerful harmless tonic treatment is
needed. I find Three Grain Cadomene
Tablets unexcelled and astonishingly
beneficial in such cases and advise
them for you.
"Lucy" Bays: "Some time ago I
cantracted a very severe cold and
cough. I have tried many remedies,
but they do not seem to help me ut
all. I wish you would advise me
what to do."
Answer: What you need is a lax
ative cough syrup one that will drive
the cold from your system. The fol
lowing prescription will check your
cold and cough: Get a 2%-oz. pack
age of Concentrated Essence Mentho-
Laxene and make according to direc
tions on the bottle. Take a teaspoon
ful every hour or two or until your j
cold U better. This will relieve you |
in a very few daya.
r FEBRUARY 27, 1919. '
Schuylkill, Northumberland
and Others Cared For—
Sadler Lays Down Law
Plans for improvement of stretch
es of highway that will give Shen
andoah and Paxinos relief declared
to be badly needed were agreed upon
late today by Highway Commissioner
Lewis S. Sadler and delegations
from Schuylkill and Northumberland
counties. The Shenandoah people,
headed by Auditor General Snyder
and Secretary of Internal Affairs
Houck came to protest against the
situation in which Shenandoah was
left and the upshot was that Mr.
Sadler agreed to build seventeen
miles of road between Hometown
andFrackville passing through Shen
andoah, the State to pay $750,000
and the county $350,000. This prop
osition will be submitted to the
Schuylkill county authorities imme
diately. "It docs not follow that be
cause Shenandoah was not on the
list that it will not get a share of
State road. We Wilt help and want
you to help" said the commissioner.
"Schuylkill county has four times as
much primary road mileage outlined
for it as Cumberland and Delaware
counties for instance. You can see
county lines are not being taken into
consideration in laying out the pri
mary road system. The Northum
berland improvement was promised
a delegation headed by Senator W. C.
McConnell and it asked especially for
three miles near Paxinos..
County Commissioners John Roach
and Fred Dornsife agreed that Nort
umberland county, to the financial
ability of the county, will build its
money into the secondary system of
routes planned to connect the high
ways of the main system. North
umberland county's borrowing ca
pacity is SBOO,OOO. It now has a
bonded indebtedness of approxi
matlcy $650,000. The commissioners
are determined, they told the High
way Commissioner, to use the unex
pended credit of approximately $l5O,
000 in road improvements.
In the delegation were Dr. J. C.
Riddle of Ashland, C. Q. McWilliams
C. E. Barron, W. I. Rinehart, Ray
j Leader, H. R. McClough, C. K. Rob
j ertson, W. H. Jury. H. H. Zaring,
Phillip Fuhrman. all of Shamokin,
Preston Vought, W. C. Burns, C. K.
| Metier, Simon Vought, It. C. Case,
H. H. Knoble, A. A. Farringer and
W. C. Burns, all of Elysburg, Wil
liam Keefer of Mt. Carmel, and Sen
ator William C. McConnell and
County Commissioneis Roach and
"Schuylkill county now has with
the primary system planned by Gov
ernor Sproul, four times the mileage
of the primary system possessed by
Delaware and Cumberland counties,
the counties of Governor and State
Highway Commissioner, so that you
can see that the county lines are not
taken into consideration in laying
out the primary highway system."
No representative of the Schuylkill
county Commissioners was present at
Blood-Iron Phosphate
Makes Thin Folks Fat
If you are weak, thin and emaciated
and can't put on flesh or get strong,
no matter how much you eat, go to
Geo. A. Gorgas and get enough Blood-
Iron Phosphate for a three weeks'
treatment —it costs only 50 cents n
week—and take as directed. If at
the end of three weeks you don't feel
stronger and better than you have
for months; if your eyes aren't
brighter and your nerves steadier;
if you don't sleep better, and your
vim vigor and vitality aren't more
than doubled, or if you haven't put
on several pounds of good stay-there
flesh, you can have your money back
for the asking and Blood-Iron Phos
pliate will cost you nothing.
The questions answered below are
general in character, the symptoms or
diseases are given and the answers
will apply in any case of similar na
Those wishing further advice, free,
may address Dr. I.ewis Baker, College
Bldg., College-Elwood streets, Day
ton, Ohio, enclosing self-ilddressed
stamped envelope for reply. Full
l name and address must be given, but
only initials or fictitious names will
be used in my answers. The prescrip
tions can be filled at any well-stocked
drug store Any druggist can order
of wholesaler.
Pride asks: "My hair is too oily
and my scalp itches with dandruff,
and of late it is combing out too
much. What is a good treatment?"
Answer: Obtain I'lnin Yellow Min
yol from your druggist in 4-oz. Jars
and apply as per directions. This
cleans, purifies, cools and invigorates
the hair and scalp, thus stopping the
death of the hair. Dandruff and itch
ing are at once *elUvel. Men and
women all over the country now use
it regularly.
• * *
"George" writes: "Ilava been doc
toring for kidney trouble and now
want your advice. Frequent desire
Is followed by burning pain and am
very tender and sore over region of
bladder. Also backueno affects me
dreadfully. Can hardly move when I
awake in the. morning. Weakness,
too, is a symptom.'
Answer: I thing If you will take
Balmwort Tablets regularly for a few
weeks your kidneys and bladder will
become normal ar.d such symptoms
vanish. This is uncqualed for such
complaints in my estimation.
NOTE: For many years Dr. Baker
has been giving free advice and pre
scriptions to millions of people
—through the press columns, and
doubtless has helped in relieving ill
ness and distress more than any
single individual in the world's his
tory. Thousands have written him
expressions of gratitude and confi
dence similar to the following:
Dr. Lewis Baker, Dear Sir: We
have used three of the medicines you
advise, the double four, the Essence
Mentho-I.axene and the rheumatism
prescriptions, and t want to say they
i all worked like a charm. They are
the best I have ever used and 1 feel
I could house without thorn.
I am very grateful and pleased to
recommend any of these medicjr.es
prescribed. Very truly yours,
No. 8 Coleman St.,
fort Jervle, N, X, 1
the meeting, nor was the delegation
i able to say Just what could be done
by the Commissioners.
The matter of co-operation be
tween the State and the County
will be taken up by Auditor General
Snyder and Secretary of Internal Af
fairs Houck and other citizens dur
ing the next few days relative to
the construction of the Frackville
Hometown road.
I Among those in the delegation
i were: A. B. Lamb, C. T. Straughn, P.
H. Burke, H. H. Bradigan, James
Hough, John Dunlap, Z. Rynkaea
vage, all of Shenandoah; P. G. Fen
ton, Dr. M. R. Holland, Joseph Wy
att and James Sampson, all of Mah
anoy City; Peter McClarren of Har
wood; and Willlaam Adamson of St.
Sadler Policy
Construction of the highways
which are considered of primary im
portance to the people of the whole
State and that will be so built of
concrete that they will have founda
tions for all time will be the policy
of the State Highway Department
which will look to the counties to
construct the secondary highways
was the policy laid down by Commis
sioner Sadler in a series of talks
with delegations that came here to
urge road building. He saw scores of
people during the day and also took
occasion to let it he known that
proceeds of the big $50,000,000 bond
issue will not be used to construct
parallel lines.
The declaration about parallel
lines came when a committee from
, Washington and Greene counties ask
ed with Kx-Senator Daniel S. Walton,
of Waynesburg. ns spokesman for
, building route No. 109 as hotter than
■ No. 325 and resulted in the delega
■ tion saying that it would discusis mat
ters with the people at home. "We
, can't build both these roads for you.
We don't have the money," said
1 Sadler. "What we want is for you
| people from Washington and Greene
, to put your money into roads and
'help us build what wo call the sec
ondary system of highways. Ry that
I I mean roads important locally, but
not to the state at large. Counties
1 in your section of Pennsylvania have
promised $20,000,000 for construc-
L tion. We want every dollar out of
Washington and Greene that we can
[ get. We are building a system for
. all the people of the state. "The
. commissioner suggested that the del
\ egations take up the subject and
\ elect couijty commissioners oh a good
roads basis.
The commissioner told the people
from Clarion, Armstrong and Butler
that the route between Warren and
Tionesta can not be built now be
cause of funds and urged county co
operation and that building of the
road from Butler to Clarion by East
Brady is contingent.
The commissioner told a delega
tion from Blair county that the Penn
sylvania railroad should be consulted
about building the highway from Ty-
Influenza-When Chest Coldsl
and Lung Troubles Threat J
Just Rub Famous Forkola Over
Throat and Chest—Relieves ly
Inhalation and Absorption,
You simply apply a small quantity
of Famous Forkola over the throat,
chest and hack covering with a warm
flannel cloth. The body heat releases
the ingredients that are inhaled in
the form of vapors, while the pene
trating oils and fats are quickly ab
sorbed through the pores, healing and
soothing the tired, aching throat and
Better Save
Than Beg
A LITTLE more industry, a little
denial of luxuries, and, one might
add, a little foresight, will combine
to make the ownership of a home a reality-
One of the strongest inducements to the
habit of saving is having in mind all the time
a definite purpose. Of all definite purposes,
none are more worthy, none so sound eco
nomically and none more promotive of hap
piness and security than building a home.
The man who to-day saves for buying a home
does so because he can look forward a little fur
ther than the man who goes on spending all his
earnings while living in a rented house, and leaves
the "future to take care of itself."
United Ice & Coal Co.
Lumber Deportment
Forstcr & Cowdcn Sts.
The Peace Time Quality of
King Oscar
will be remembered long after the price
which conditions compel us to charge, haj
been forgotten. *
. . John C. Herman & Co.
worth ,t. Makers
rone to Union Furnace and told
Islators from that county that
road from Hollldaysburg to Be<
was down for early work. Ho a
that ho thought if prices fell
State could do better than prom
In meeting a delegation from
wardsville, Plymouth, Wyon
Avoca, Kingstown nnd other Lus
boroughs the commissioner told
that the State would build :
highways through boroughs, bu
until sewers and mains were all
as he was not going to stanc
any tearing up of streets.
ChecK that cold
at the start
Remember, an unchecked cold leada
more serious ailments. Prompt action
half the battle. Hare ready a box
La. Grippe
and Cold
Take them according to directions on tl
box, at the first tign of a cold, chills, hea
ache, feverish condition, or influenza.
Made by the Dill Co., Norristown, P
Also manufacturers of the reliable
Dill's Balm of Life
Dill's CovagH Syrup |
Dili's Little Liver Pills
Dill's Kidney Fills
Ask your druggist or dealer in medlclni
The kind mother alwaye kept
If you ure the 3
Little Gem Ear Phoi
Will enublc you to hear a
ordinary conversation. Fre
demonstration any time. "%
12 N. Market Square
Second Floor Front
pliest. All night long the good v
goes on, loosening the phlegm, so
ing the inflamed membranes
opening up the air passuges
Go to your druggist and ask f
small jar of Famous Forkola
begin the treatment at once. Th
ands have used the Forkola ti
ment instead of nauseous inte
dosing for Colds and Catarrh,
Throat, Bronchitis and even incij
Your druggist or H. C. Kennedy