Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, February 21, 1919, Page 16, Image 16

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Report of British Officers Says Country Is Living on Its
Capital as Regards Food Supplies—Need
For Fats Is Urgent
Paris, Feb. 21.—The need for re
victualling Germany is really urgent,
according to the report just made
by a group of fourteen British of
ficers, who visited various parts of
Germany recently for the purpose of
conducting a special official inves
tigation of the situation. The officers
declare that the country is living on
its capital as regards food sup
plies, and that either famine or
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Bolshevism probably both will
ensue before the next harvest, if
outside help is not forthcoming. The
need for fats is especially urgent.
American troops have arrived in
Berlin and been quartered in differ
ent hotels, says a dispatch to the
London Exchange Telegraph from
Copenhagen quoting the Extra
bladet's Berlin correspondent. The
troops are said to belong to the
"One Hundred and Thirteenth New
York Regiment" and their duty will
be the protection of expected trans
ports of food.
The meeting of the Supreme Coun
cil of the Peace Conference, which
was to have been held at 3 o'clock
yesterday, was postponed until this
afternoon wlien Stephen Pichon,
Foreign Minister, and Captain An
dre Tardieu will represent France.
Robert Lansing, the American Sec
retary of State, undoubtedly will
preside over the session.
The agenda for the session com
prises, first, the zone of non-occu
pation in Transylvania between the
Hungarians and Rumanians; second,
recogition of the Polish government;
third, the hearing of the Danish
minister in Paris on Schleswig;
fourth, the hearing of Turkhan
Pasha, representing the Albanian
delegation, and, fifth, the hearing
of the report of the economic com
mission charged with the provision
ing of the devastated districts and
also reports on the commercial pol
icy to be adopted as regards neu
trals and economic relations be
tween the Allies.
Six Men Under Arrest
For Murder of Ohioan;
Robbery Thought Motive
By Associated Press■
Pittsburgh, Feb. 21.—Six men
were under arrest here to-day in
connection with the murder of H.
A. Baldwin, of Cleveland, who was
shot to death in a boarding house
last night. The six men are said
to have had a large sum of money,
which the police believe was stolen
from Baldwin.
Two Held on Charges
of Demanding Money
Two men were given hearings in
police court to-day on the charge of
demanding money and threatening
assault when they were refused
their demands. John Wilson was
arrested by Policemen Murphy and
Jackson at Verbeke and Currant
streets, where he is suid to have de
manded a $lO bill from Elmina
Jones. It is said he tried to snatch
it from her when she refused. Rob
ert Hayes was accused of having
rapped at the door of 1007 North
Seventh street, where Gathla Cev
erasan lives, and demanded money.
He became abusive when he was re
fused, it is said, and raised a dis
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special train before night for Wash
ington. •
May Address Joint Session
Tuesday morning the President
will be at his White House desk, and
if the present plan is carried out he
will start one week front that night
for New York to board the trans
port. In addition to his dinner' con
ference with members of the con
gressional foreign relations com
mittees Wednesday night probably
an address to Congress in Joint ses
sion later in the week, and consid
eration of various bills and resolu- j
tions, attention to important prob-1
lems from nearly every executive de- !
partment of the government must. I
be crowded into the seven days. i
Tentative plans have been made]
I°t/ 1 con ' erence °f state governors
with the President to discuss unem
ployment. His short stay may in
terfere with this.
Rornh Attacks League
Senator Borah, of Idaho. Repub- :
llcan, member of the foreign rela
tions committee, delivered in the .
Senate to-day his promised attack (
on the proposed League of Nations
an d referred to it "as the most radi
cal departure from our policies that '
we have ever clnsidered."
Statements made by former Pres
ident Taft that the proposed league ,
of nations did not contravene with
Washington's doctrine against en
gaging in entangling alliances with
foreign countries, or with the Mon
roe Doctrine, were declared by Sena
tor Borah to be "to the utmost de
gree misleading."
"The people of the TTnited States .
have the undoubted right," he said,
"to change their form of govern- !
ment and to renounce their estab
lished policies whenever they see
fit. I would not appose any change
in an orderly fashion as may meet
with the approval of the people at
any time. T believe, however, that 1
from established policies is propos
ed, the people ought to be consult
Wilson Will Deliver
First Address in Boston
Next Monday Afternoon
T!y Associated Press
Washington, Feb. 21.—President
Wilson's first homecoming address
will be delivered Monday afternoon
at Boston, and he will leave soon
afterward for Washington. He is
expecte'd to be at his desk in the
White House early Tuesday.
Secretary Ihyiiels announced to
day that President Wilson would
embark on the George Washington
about March 5 for his return trip to
Boston, Feb. 21. —President. Wil
son will deliver his address here at
3 o'clock next Monday afternoon in
Mechanic's building. This was an
nounced by Mayor Peters on receipt
of a message from the George Wash
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spoke their minds as to the nation's
future under Republican control.
Lieutenant-Governor E. E. Beidle
man could not be present, but he
sent as a most able substitute,
Emerson Collins, Deputy Attorney
General,' from Willlamsport, a
rugged Republican who seldom
speaks in public, but who has the
energy and loyalty of a Roosevelt,
not to mention a punch in his re
Ashton D. Peace presided, and
after a short talk by Deputy Attor
ney General William M. Hargcst,
the Lycoming county veteran pro
ceeded to tell his inmost thoughts.
He handled President Wilson in a
peculiarly telling fashion, advising
the Republicans to keep on voting
to send Democratic men to Con
gress. with the obvious result that
the party would suffer. He described
Wilson as adjourning politics dur
ing the war for the object of get
ting some new policy, which at
present he still lacks. He gave an
eloquent tribute to the Republican
party for its conduct during the war.
supporting Wilson more loyally than
the Democrats themselves.
The applause after this talk last
ed five minutes, and when the Ly
coming county veteran gave direct
tribute to Governor Sproul and to
the Senatorial candidate. Mr. Smith,
a "man of business caliber," there
was another cataclysm of enthusi
Charles E. Pass, prothonotary,
distinguished himself with an able
speech, in which he gave greatest
heed to the late Theodore Roosevelt,
whom he opposed In other days. As
for Wilson, he said: "He knows no
more than we do about his inten
tions," and Mr. Pass brought out a
burst of yells when he demanded
that America be informed of the
correct cost of the war; that she im
mediately get a settlement and that
she uses part of it to establish pen
sions for the men who fought and
won it. "Give us the money that's
coming to us." he demanded, "and
wait to tie us up in a League of
Unspoken sentiments of this his
toric gathering indicated that Re
publicans of Harrishurg see the na
tion under Republican control for
may a year to come.
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the Galician frontier. Attacks by
Ukrainian troops have been repuls
ed in that region. In Lithuania,
bands of Bolsheviki have been rout
ed and 80 prisoners taken.
Two million pounds of flour have
arrived here from Danzig, coming
through by railroad in record time
without interference from the Ger
mans. It will be distributed In this
city, the Lodz mining district, Cra
cow and Lemberg. American officers
will supervise sales of the flour and
will prevent speculators from get
ting It.
There doubtless are large quanti
ties of , food in Poland, especially
of potatoes, meat an dsugur, but
prices are prohibitive for the poor.
Acrosß the frontier In Poscn. as well
as in East Prussia, the best hotels
charge flvs marks for meals, as com
pared with thirty and fifty marks
here. Although the Warsaw hotels
have been full of paying Russian
refugees all winter, they have been
raising prices since the arrival of
the allied missions. They now charge
five marks a day for a room and
restaurant prices are 50 per cent,
higher than In Vienna or Berlin.
Shoes which cost 400 or 600 marks
here can be obtained in East' Prus
sia for seventy-flve, ~
1 fc
Patriotic Order Hears
Soldiers Tell of War
Washington Camp No. 8. Patriotic
Order Sons of America held an enter
tainment last evening, following the
regular meeting in their lodge rooms,
I Sons of. America Hull, Sible building,
I Third and Cumberland streets.
| The meeting was one of the largest
j attended In years. A large class of men
were initiated. Very interesting - ad
dresses were made by Frank Lindsey
who has Just returned from Fort Sam
Houston, Texas ; Mr. Fortney Just back
from France; District President Duncan
of Camp No. 505, Highspire, and others.
Mr. Lindsey being in the aviation
i service gave a talk about camp life
| over here, and flying. Mr. Lindsey gave
! Dallas much credit for the hospitality
I shown the soldier. Mr. Fortney gave a
j short review of his experiences in
j France. He was in the hospital service
j and spent most of his time, while on the
other side in Lorraine. President Dun
can spoke of the tine condition of all of
the camps in the lower Dauphin county
district, and urged a large attendance |
at the district convention at Highspire
which will be held to-morrow afternoon.
. The Camp selected the following as
delegates to the convention: Robert
Foulk, C. N. Miller, Ralph Warren,
John W. Sperro. O. L. T. Hohenshlklt,
James Wolfe. Calder Brunner and Har
vey E. Enders.
The entertainment committee com
posed of W. E. Franklin, W. H. Best.
S. A. Worley. G. L. T. Hohenshildt and
H. M. Hudgins served refreshments.
Fe wappeals were presented to
the county commissioners as a board
of revision of taxes and appeals bv
property owners in Penbrook and
Susquehanna township to-day when
the officials were in session. No ap
peals were received from the First
ward owners during the morning,
and only nine from Penbrook and
three from Susquehanna township.
To-morrow the commissioners will
he at the Hotel Charles, Mtllersburg,
to receive appeals from owners in
that borough and Upper Paxton
township. "
Chaiiibersburg;, Pa.. Feb. 21.
Dr. Eugene P. Deitrick. fornierlv
one of the instructors in the State
Forestry Academy, at Mont Alto,
near here, who enlisted in the army
soon after the outbreak of war with
Germany, has been discharged and
has returned to his duties at the
Market Square
Pomeroy's Daily Market
Second and Reily Streets
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Warship North Carolina
Takes Place of New Mexico
in Convoying Wilson Vessel
By Associated Press,
Washington, Feb. 21.—The bat
tleship North Carolina, returning
from France with troops, bus joined
the Presidential transport George
Washington, and is proceeding with
her to Boston, replacing the battle
ship New Mexico, which dropped
behind with disabled machinery-
Diverted from tier course yester
day on radio orders, the North Car
olina reported to-day that she had
come up with the transport. The
cruiser Denver, order to sea to meet
the George Washington, had not re
ported her position early to-day.
Boston, Feb. 21.—The cruiser
Galveston was ordered to-day to
speed to the'steamer George Wash
ington, approaching this port with
President and Mrs. Wilson aboard,
to take t)P the convoy duty which
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the dreadnought New Mexico, was
obliged to abandon because of a
stripped turbine. At the same time
a small fleet of destroyers were or-
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