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Beautiful, Refined Gfrls Who Speak English Cry and
Bemoan Their Fate, Says Member of
Relief Expedition
Pittsburgh, Feb. 19. "To help
rescue the thousands of girls scat
tered in Moslem harems from one
end of Turkey to the other is one
of the reasons that I am going back
to Turkey," declared a member of
the expedition for Armenian and
Syrian relief before he sailed for
In a statement issued prior to his
sailing, this relief worker, who had
been an American missionary in
Turkey, told of the suffering on the
part of the starting Armenians and
Syrians which he had witnessed
while in Turkey as a missionary.
"A German missionary lady told
me of a trip she had made with
German officers to the Malatia re
gion from in the interior. She said
Marsovan graduates and teachers
came to see her there who were in
Moslem harems, beautiful, refined
girls, who spoke English perfectly.
She said they cried and bemoaned
their fate. When I asked what
could bo done for them she said,
"absolutely nothing." "What hope
for them?" I said, and she answer
House Then Eliminates Its
Plans For Army of
"t 540,000
Washington, Feb. Legislation
providing for a temporary military
establishment of about 540.000 offi
cers and men during the fiscal year
beginning next July 1 was eliminat
ed from the annual Army appropria
tion bill last night in the H°use
Hfter passage of the Senate bill for
resumption of voluntary enlistments
in the peace-time Army, which
would be restricted to the maximum
of 175,000 men authorized in the
national defense act of 1916.
The Senate measure now goes to
conference and will become effective
upon its approval by President M il
son. The Army bill also was adopt
ed by the House without a record
vote and now goes to the Senate,
with its completion there at this
session regarded by many leaders as
doubtful. It carries a total of
$1,070,000,000 for the War Depart
ment for the twelve months after
June 30.
It was explained by members of
the House that the Senate bill did
not affect the present war-time Army
which, under the selective service
act, must be demobilized within four
months after peace is formally de
clared by Presidential proclamation.
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Between Colder nnd Relly Sta.
ied "absolutely none." To help res
cue the thousands of such girls scat
tered in Moslem harems from one
end of Turkey to the other is one
of the reasons I am going back to
"These children, women ana girls
must not only be rescued, they must
also be helped to • begin life over
again. We shall have to start trades
which will furnish a means of sup
port. Not only this but we must
help them to forget. Almost all
those whom I was able to rescue
were more or less affected seen tal
ly. It was not to be wondered at.
Such experiences are beyond human
endurance. Only as they are loved
and cared for and placed under
cheerful conditions, can they be
brought back to normal condition.
Think of being shown water when
dying from thirst and then refused
a drink. Such were some of the
extremes o fcruelty to which they
were subjected. They need love and
sympathy to restore their fatth in
humanity. Our expedition goes to
help do this, and this is another rea
son I am going to Turkey."
Will Be Ready For Presenta
tion Within Week or
Ten Days
By Associated Press
Washington, Feb. 19.—The Su
preme War Council is rapidly bring
ing together a permanent armistice
which will last until peace 1b con
cluded. This is being first framed
by the military, naval and economic
experts, and then will finally be pass
ed on by the Supreme War Council
before Marshal Foch presents it,'
which probably will be within the
next week or ten days..
The principal feature is German
disarmament down to the require
ments of an international police not
exceeding twenty-five divisions, of
about ten or twelve thousand men'
each, or a total force of approxi
mately 250,000 men. Other restric
tions will cover production of arma
ment of all kinds and the com
plete disappearance of the enemy's
submarine equipment.
Naval Terms Being Considered
The naval terms, while Jointly
agreed to by the experts, have not
yet been approved by the war coun
cil. It is understood the agreement
concerning the dismantling of the
fortifications of Helgoland and of
the Kiel canal will have some re
servations from American quarters,
so as not to establish precedent for
the nonfortification of canals and
waterways in a peace treaty meas
urably within sight.
The present prospect is the first
draft of five or six essential provi
sions, which will be ready when
President Wilson returns March 15,
so that early action can be secured
by the full conference and the enemy
powers can be called in by April.
The peace congress, with all the
powers represented, would thus be
constituted by late spring and give
prospect of the conclusion of a peace
treaty by the early days of sum
Peace by Summer
While such a plan is necessarily
elastic, owing to the range of sub
jects, unforeseen circumstances and
enemy opposition, yet it is the plan
those in chief influence hope to see
carried out as a result of the sys
tematic procedure now being or
What appears to be the main dif
ficulty is territorial boundaries, but
practically all these issues of inter
allied are inter-allied and interpose
no obstacle to peace with the en
Three Chimney Fires in
Few Hours Cause Work
For Firemen, Loss Slight
A chimney fire which started in the
Alva Hotel, corner Blackberry and
Grace streets, this morning caused
considerable excitement among pa
trons of the restaurant who were
eating their breakfast. The chemical
apparatus of the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company from the passenger
station close by, was manned by
workmen from the station, and put
the first stream on the blaze. City
fire companies arriving on the scene
quickly extinguished the flames. A
cook in the kitchen, known as
"Mike" was slightly burned about
the hands.
Two other chimney fires occurring
within a few minutes early last
evening caused considerable work for
fire companies of the central district,
without causing much damage to
property. The first was in the Elk
instone apartments at 901 North
Front street, and the second was at
130 Indian street, where three fam
ilies live. Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Vogelsong, Peter Watson, and Mrs.
Ella Cameron live on the three floors.
Nearing Jury Locked
Up at 1 A. M.; Unable
to Reach a Verdict
New York, Feb. 19.—After de
liberating for nearly thirteen hours
without reaching a verdict, the fed
eral jury which has been consider
ing the case of Scott Nearing, for
mer University professor, and the
American Socialist Society, charged
with violating the espionage act,
was ordered locked up at one o'-
clock by Judge Mayer.
The jury had been deliberating
since noon yesterday, and had re
turned twice to seek further in
structions from Judge Mayer, who
remained in chambers awaiting a
Deliberations will be resumed this
Rivers and Harbors
Bill Passed by Senate,
Goes to Conference
Washington, Feb. 19.—Without
a record vote, the Senate last night
passed the annual rivers and har
bors bill, carrying appropriations of
$33,000,000, or $8,000,000 more than
I the original House measure. The
bill.now goes to conference.
Serbians, Slovenes and Croa
tians Submit Their Ter
ritorial Aims
By Associated Press.
Paris, Feb. 19. The . Supreme
Council of the great powers yester
day heard the portrayal of Serbia's
claims. Some of the representatives
of the council, however, remained
away, feeling that the time for talk
was past and that the present need'
was action for getting back to a
peace basis.
This movement is taking form in
the most responsible British, Amer
ican. Italian and French quarters,
and promises to yield definite results
within the next few days. The first
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stago will b in the permanent ar
mistice plan, which Marshal Foch
will present within a fortnight, tak
ing the place of the short term ar
mistice announced yesterday.
These permanent terms will be
the preliminary steps toward peace
and will be incorporated into the
peace treaty to follow.
The territorial claims of the Slo
venes and Croatians were also sub
mitted to the Supreme Council. Ac
cording to an official announcement
it was decided to submit the ques
tions of the frontiers claimed ex
cept those in which Italy is di
rectly interested, to the commission
already charged with the question
of the frontier of Banat.
1,000 Barrels of Oil
Destroyed by Fire
By Associated Press.
Warren, Pa., Feb. 19. —Four con
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Polish Commissioner to U. S.
Pleased With Inclusion
of Posen
Washington, Feb. 19.—Inclusion of
Posen and a considerable portion of
German Poland in the new Polish
sphere under the terms of tho arm
istice Just accepted by the Germans
will materially aid in the work of
building up tho Polish nation, says
a statement by John F. Smulskl,
Polish commissioner to the United
"We had hoped," said Mr. Smulskl.
"that th e new armistice terms would
also give us control over the full
basin in tho Vistula river to Dant
xig, but inasmuch as we have been
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given to understand that the Amer
ican Government will create a naval
base at Dantxlg on the Baltic—two
American cruisers are already there
—we pre not dtspoaed to worry at
this time.
"There will be no governmental
change by reason of the new arm
istice terms. For some weeks we
have been administering municipal
affairs in Posen and in the surround
ing country."
There has been no Intimation from
the Navy Department that any plan
for establishing a naval base at Dant
xlg was under consideration. Large
quantities of American supplies for
the Poles ar e being sent to that port
for distribution by the allied com
mission and American warships have
been ordered there to guard these
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America —
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The New Clarion —
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Bret Harte.
The River —
Ednah Aiken.
On Trial —
Elmer L. Reizensteln.
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Ash c
Mrs. Humphrey Ward.
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Pollock Wolf.
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W. B. Maxwell.
Dabney Todd —
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WilHam Dana Orcutt
Diamond Cut Diamond —
Jane Bunker.
The Upper Crust—
Charles Sherman.
Farming It—
Henry A. Shute.
The Iloosier Chronicle—
Meredith Nicholson.
Clay and Rainbows—
D. O. Calthrop.
An Affair of Dishonor—
Wm. DeMorgan.
Owen Davis.
V. V.'s Eyes-
Henry Sydnor Harrison.
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Norman Way.
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Ray Norton.
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The Passport—
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FEBRUARY 19, 1919.
Dauphin Jurist Will Break
. Republican Deadlock Over
Congressional Candidate
Pittsburgh, Feb. 19.—The twenty
second district Republican confer
ence, which met here yesterday for
the purpose of nominating a succes
sor to Congressman F. B. Robbins,
deceased, adjourned last night with
the Butler county and Westmore
land county delegates deadlocked,
Butler county representatives put
forth the claim that the nominee
should come from that section, in
keeping with an old party rule in
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the district permitting' the two a
ties to alternate In selecting a
didate for congress. The Westm
land delegates would not adher
this policy, claiming that the Re]
lican state committee rule, gran
one conferee for every thoui
votes cast in the last preside]
election, gave Westmoreland lit
representatives and Butler live.
The controversy will be placed
fore Judge S. J. M. McGarrell,
Dauphin county common J
court, to-day at Harrisburg, and
conference decided It would be g
ed by a decision of the jurist a
which rule holds good.
Before adjourning the Bi
county conferees nominated Lev
Wise, newspaper publisher of :
ler, while the Westmoreland ci
tians named John E. Jamison,
Greensburg, ex-state senator
coal operator. Judge McCarrell's
cision on ths two rules in quei
will nominate one of the candidi
Attorney John H. Wilson, of :
ler,, was named here yetserday ai
Democratic candidate for the