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Program Ready For Enter
tainment Scheduled For
Saturday Evening
The first big Father and Son event
of the week will be held at the
Central Y. M. C. A. Saturday even
ing when a Father and Son' Play
Festival will be staged for the bene
fit of all the sons and dads in the
city and its vicinity.
All plans for the evening's enter
tainment have been completed by
the committee In charge. A recep
tion to fathers and the boys will be
held at 7.45 o'clock. At 8.30 the
men and boys will go to the Y
gymnasium where a series of con
tests will b§ staged with fathers
pitted against sons.
For instance there will be a goat
race, a cracker-eating contest, a bot
tle balance episode and what not.
Following the hour of play in the
gym. an informal musical program
r blowers T
t or All Occasions
Floral Decorations
Wedding Flowers
Party Flowers
Funeral Flowers
- v
For the Month of
We Shall Offer
On Congoleum and Wool
Fibre Rugs J
Congoleum Rugs, 9x12 ft.,
regular SIB.OO, now .$14.50
Wool Fibre Rugs, 9x12 ft.,
regular $19.00, now $15.00
All our goods reduced in pro
portion during February only.
Joseph Fornwald
1321 North Sixth St.
BELL 4838 v DIAL 3114
Ever have a pair of white kid gloves cleaned Here? If not, we
clean the first short pair Free if vou bring them to us.
Should Be Your Valet
Where Cleaning' Is an Art
Let Her Valentine Gift Be a Box of ffigpp
J| Sheetz's Old-time Home-made {^)
flf Mart Ha Washington Candy fIR
"Sweet as the Scent of Roses, y _ )
Pure as tlie Spotless Snow."
. The Sweet Shop IT)
Fourth and Walnut Sts.
More Than Half The Meal
Coffee is literally the gauge of the meal, for how often
is a well balanced delicious meal ruined when the coffee is
served. And vice versa—the coffee saves the meal many,-
many times.
Hasn't it been your experience to judge the
meal by the final impression—the coffee?
Such a problem never confronts the housewife who serves
This blend is virtually built, because there is no element
of guess-work. It is scientifically blended and roasted to
always give you that rich mellowness which you want.
In air-tight sealed pack
ages at all grocers
R. H. Lyon
j will be held to bo followed by light
Plans are also about complete
for tho Sunday aftornoon mooting
to bo hold In Fahnestock hull at
8.30 o'clock. Professor C. C. Kills,
of Juniata College, will speak on
the partnership that should oxlst
betweon and their hoys. Mu
, sic for tho meeting wl'l bo furnlshod
• by tho Technical High school or
| chestra. '. ~
. J The wind-up event will be the an
j nual Father and Son banquet In
I Chestnut Street Auditorium. What
| will bo doing thoro? Sh!
Junior Red Cross Drive
Is Opened in City Schools
Thu Junior Rod Cross, of tho Har
risburg Chapter, oper.odm drive for
membership yesterday, with tho aim
of "Every school child n Rrd Cross
member." Mrs. Lyman D. Gilbert Is
chairman of tho drive. Mrs. Goorge
E. Tripp has been named 'ns vlco
chalrman. and Mrs. KugWio Is>e
Htyser us assistant. Tho arlvo will
continue until February 22.
It Is'planned that every echool.room
, in every school building of tho Har
rlsburg district shall bo registered as
100 per cent, strong in the Red Cross
membership. Incidentally, ' Junior
Red Cross memberships are twenty
five cents each.
It has been requested by nfflclnla In
charge of the campaign that as soon
as schools are 100 per cent, they ro
pe rt this fact to the local Red Cross.
I calling 4884 on the Dell phone.
Dr. Charles C. Ellis to
Speak at the Y. M.\C. A.
I Dr. Charles C. Ellis, of Juniata Col
| lege, will be the speaker at tho Sun
] day afternoon meeting for men on tho
coming Sunday nt tho Central Y. M.
C. A. The meeting will take a slight
ly different turn from the usual 1..M.
iC. A. men's meeting. It will l>o
' adapted to fit in with tho "Father
; and Son Week" plans. The subject
i of the address by Dr. Kills Is to be
"Fatherhood and Sonshlp." Men who
" heard him when he spoke before tho
association meeting last season, are
looking forward to hearing him
again. Fathers are especially Invited
to bring their sons or other men's
; sons with them to this meeting. Music
i will bo furnished by the Technical
I High school orchestra. The program
j will begin, as usual, at 8:30 o'clock.
j Lemoyne, Pa., Feb. 13.—A pie sq
! rial will be he'd to-morrow after
i noon and evening by the Ladies'
| Bible Class of the Trinity Lutheran
j Church, of this place.
paper print an<r should be read I
| without any trouble during the
day or night. If you find any
| difficulty in reading this print,
| either you need glasses or
your glasses need changing.
Good Glasses fitted as low .
' A eyes free. No drops used. y
! I Registered Eyesight Specialists
320 Market Street
"Over the Hub''
Hell Phone 42G-J
Open Wed. and Sat. Evenings
See l a to See Better
Established in llarrisburg
11 years
I. '
| Exhibition Dunce by Children
j and President Lincoln Tells
of His Former Visit Tlcre
The annual ladles' night of the
Rotary Club Was merrily celebrat
ed In the I'enn-1 farrls last evening
with a dinner-dance In the bull
room. An elaborate menu was
served at round tables seating seven
guests each and during the dinner
the Municipal Orchestra played anil
thero was singing by overyone led
by "Kid" Davis and some of the Ro
After dinner the lights Vent out
and suddenly the guests saw Abra
ham Lincoln In the flush evidently
Just stepped down frpm his port
trait hunging over the platform.
John T. Olmsted excellently Imper
sonating tho martyred President
mado a brief address telling of his
last visit to this city Just before his
Miss Virglnfn Hhaur danced the
sailor's hornpipe to tho delight of
the guests and lutor In the even
ing gave tho "Danse de Petal,"
which was enthusiastically encored.
The Misses Margaret llughos and
Margaret Assolyn guvo much pleas
ure by their beuutlt'ul steps and pos
ing in the dance "Dawn." Mrs. Ar
thur Herman played for the spe
cial dancing. Cards and dancing
completed the evening's
poyed by over two hundred peo"ple.
The entertainment committee in
cludes Norris S. Longaker, chair
man; C. Floyd Hopkins, David W.
Cotterell, Frank F. Davenport and
A. W. Myers.
Among tho Guests
Among the guests were noticed!
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Bacon, Mr.
and Mrs. E. B. Black, Mr. and Mrs.
Ashmer M. Blake, Mr. and Mrs.
George W. Bogar, Mr. and Mrs.
Ixjuis M. Brlcker, Mrs. Phoebe
Knowles and Miss Margaret Deegan,
of Seattle, Wush; Miss Elva Myers,
George Myers, Mrs. Haywood M.
Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ca
hill, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore P.
Carey, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Con
sylman, Mr. and Mrs. David W. Cot
terell, Mr. and Mrs. Preston Crowell,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank F. Davenport,
Mr. and Mrs. Clark E. Diehl, Mr.
and Mrs. C. O. Shaar, Mr. and Mrs.
P. G. Diener, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
A. Doohne, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph AV.
Xiowdell, Mr. and Mrs. Errol B. Ellis,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Enders, Mr.
and Mrs. William S. Essick, Miss
Essick, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C.
Fickes, Mr. and Mrs. Charles' M.
Mr. and Mrs. William H. German,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Hull, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry J. Hamme, Mr. and
Mrs. John Heathcote, Mr. and Mrs.
Todd Holman, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
W. Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
11. Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Beaumont
R. Hunter. Mr. and Mrs. Richard
C. Jobe, Air. and Airs. John W.
Jacobs, Dr. and Mrs. H. AI. Kirk
patrlck, Mr. and Airs. Fred S. Lack,
Aliss Dorothy Dowdell, Paul A. Kun
kcl, Miss Lydia Kunkel, Aliss Fisher,
the Aliases Gertrude and Cassandra
Alusser, Air. and Airs. 11. Al. Butler,
Air. and Airs. Elmer E. Lawton,
Air. and Airs. X. S. Longaker, Cap
tain and Alr&, George F. Lumb, Arr.
and Airs. R, H. Lyon, Air. and Airs.
William Rufus AlcCord. Air. ond
Airs. James P. MeCullough, Air. and
Airs. J. F.Alaclary, Air. and Airs.
F. H. Alarsh, Air. and Mrs. W. C.
Aliller, Mr. and Airs. A. W. Aloul,
Frank B. Alusser. Air. and Airs. John
S. Alusser, A. W. Alyers, Mr. and
Airs. L. W. Alelius, Aliss Martha Law
ton, Air. and Airs. John H. Xixon,
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Olmsted, Air.
and Airs. John C. Orr. William AI.
Robinson, Miss* Elizabeth Knox, Airs.
Edson J. Hockenbury, Air. and Airs.
J. W. Roslion, Arr. and Airs. Edward
F. Rowe, Dr. and Airs. Samuel Z.
Shope, Aliss Snyder, Mr. and Airs. C.
Linford Scott, Mr. und yrs. Frank
C. Sites, Air. 'and Airs. Rudolph K.
Spicer, Robert F. Spicer, Mr. and
Airs. J. Frank Saussaman, Mr. and
Airs. Charles J. Stevens, Dr. and
Airs. Harvey A. Stine, Mr. and Mrs.
Horace Wiggins. Air. and Mrs. Jo
seph P. Yuengel, Frederick Kam
merer, Charles W 8011. Howard C.
Fry, Eli N. Hershey, Dr. C. E. L.
Kecne, Daniel D. Hammelbaugh and
Edwin F. Weaver. •
Hebrew Laches' Aid
Elects Officers For Year
At the regular monthly meeting
of the Hebrew Ladies' Aid Society,
held Tuesday evening at Kesher
Israel Synagogue, the following of
ficers were elected: President, Mrs.
David Cooper; vice-president. Mrs.
M. Herbert: treasurer, Mrs. L. Co
hen. and secretary, Mrs. Eli Gold
stein. The board of directors. In
cludes the following: Mrs. E.
Skolnik, Airs. J. Rappoport. Airs. A.
Tsaacman, Mrs. Veaner, Airs. AI.
Brenner. Mrs. R. Alacus, Airs. D.
Aaronson, Mrs. L. Scliampan, Mrs.
L. W. Kay, Airs. AL Gross. Airs. Bar
ron and Airs. D. Gaionzik.
An interesting report of the past
year's work was given by the sec
retary. •
Of course when you come here
the first matter to bo considered
is your eyes. I make a care
ful, scientific examination and
study them thoroughly. After I
have determined for a certainty
the exact lenses required I study
your features so I can recom
mend a stylish mounting or frame
that will be becoming. The right
kind of glasses have a lot to do
with your good looks and I take
particular pains to have them
Permanently located at
Second Floor
Rarrisbuho telegraph!
Lecture, Music und Stories of
Russiu Plenso Today; New
Regent Presides
. "Kussia —Promise or Menace,"
was the subject of Dr. John H. Wood
ruff's lecture this afternoon before
the Keystone Chapter United States
Daughters of 1812, and many friends'
gathered In the Civic Club.
Dr. Woodruff, who is professor of
English tn Susquehanna University,
said in part:
"Russia is standing out ns the
political riddle of the age. It pre
sents many curious phases. From
having recently been the land of
obsolute monarchy in the complet
cst sense, it has taken on the most
radical form of popular government.
Its swinging from one extreme to the
other, the strain on stability has been
most severe, violent plunderer and
wholesale murderers, having marked
the path toward democracy.
•"At the present moment all is un
certainty. In many quarters the
worst element of Bolsheviltism seem
ed to sway, in dangerous fashion,
the ignorant and unstable masses,
cut loose from the ancient moorings
of absolute authority. The world is
eagerly awaiting the outcome and
madly hoping that the Red Terror
may exliaust itself while the fin a/
adjustment is taking place.
"The possibilites of a mighty na
tion arc on the side of Russia. The
Bear of the North is trying conclu
sions with popular government. It
remains to be seen whether his
nimbleness is equal to the occasion.
While the situation is perplexing
and while conditions are chaotic,
and the suspense of the nation in
tense, it is in harmony with the
movement of world events, to say
that when the fires of revolution
and terrorism shall have burned
themselves out, from their ashes a
new Phoenix will arise. The path of
the world is beholding, not a menace,
but a promise."
Adopt Belgian Orphan
The new regent, Mrs. Samuel Z.
Shope, presided for the first time and
received a warm welcome from the
audience. Patriotic songs were sung
In unison and Miss Mary Buttorff.
soprano of Grace church choir, ad
mirably presented the solo Russian
song, "Hopak," by Monssorgsky, and
Mrs. Anna Hamilton Wood told in
pleasing style Heo Tolstoi's folk tale,
a Fire and It Will Not Be
Mrs. James B. Mersereau, chair
man of the executive committee, re
ported that the committee recom
mended that the Chapter takes care
of a French orphan and a motion
was made and passed to that effect.
Mrs. Mabel Cronise Jones gave
current events as usual and after
the meeting refreshments were
Trinity Guild Plans
an Informal Dance
At a recent meeting of Trinity
Guild of St. Stephen's P. E. church,
final arrangements were made for
the dance to be held Friday evening
in the parish house, North Front
street. The committees in charge of
the dance includes:
Music, Mrs. John (J. Jessup and
Mrs. F. Herbert Snow; decorations,
Mrs. Farley Gannett and Mrs.
Snow; supper. Miss Anna Henderson,
Airs. Albert E. Foosc, Mrs. Warehain
Baldwin and Mrs. Adele S. Baldwin,
chairman; Mrs. Philip T. Meredith,
favors, and Mrs. John M. Mahon,
Jr., tickets.
Dance at "Y"Hut
at Middletown Depot
The girls employed at headquar
ters aviation general supply depot,
Middletown, will give a dance at the
"Y" hut to-morrow evening. The
ClOth Squadron orchestra will play
for the dancing. The committee in
charge of the dance includes Mrs.
A 1 Cooper, Mrs. William J. Tate,
Mrs. Humphrey J. Roberts, Mrs.
Eckinger, Miss Dorothy Campbell,
Miss Mary Campbell, Miss Hilllan
Campbell, Miss Jean Allen, Mtss
Anna I-uft, Miss Margaret H. Hughes,
Miss Florence Scholl, Miss Hazel
Taylor, Mifs M. Ardcll Floyd.
Miss Elizabeth Bolicr, 4001 North
Second street, has been appointed a
reconstruction aid in occupational
therapy, and will leave within two
weeks to assume her duties at Fort
Riley, Kan.
Miss Katherine Kelly, of 1900
North Second street, and Miss Ba
bra Clark, of Dauphin, will return
from -'Goucher College to-morrow
for a short visit at their homes.
Miss Gertrude Schytt, of 12 North
Fifteenth street, is home after a stay
in Atlantic City.
Miss Mary Cressniap, of South
Thirteenth street, has returned
home after visiting relatives near
Reading. .
Miss Margaret Cover, of 1924
Bcrryhill street, is home after visit
ing Air. and Mrs. Donald B. Smith,
in Waynq Junction. (
Mr, find Mrs. John C. Orf'Are
Hosts nt One of Prettiest
Events of tho Winter
With gay Valentine appointments
and most Unique favors tho cotil
lion given In the Clvlo Club by Mr,
and Mrs. John C, Orr Thursday .eve
ning Was one of tho prettiest par
ties of Iho winter.
Tho t'pdegrove Orchestra played
and two young colored men sung,
making tho music most efToctlve.
In ono of tho figures men were
masked and the women choso their
partnors "In the dark," Among
tho beautiful favors vvoro bright
hued balloons on runes and bags of
hearts on walking sticks.
All through tho evening there
were surprises and supper time
brought many more In Valentine
Among the guests were: Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur H. Bailey. Mr. and Mrs.
Redsecker Brinser, Mr. and Mrs.
Houls F. Haehnlen, Mr. and Mrs.
Claudo Brinser, 'Mrs. Victor Bixler,
of Johnsonburg: Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Pennock, Mips Anna Car
roll, Mr. and\Mrs. Albert H. Allen,
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Shanr, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles linrtnett, Mr. and Mrs.
James C. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs.
Anson I'. Dare, Mir.s Mary Y. Mc-
Heynoldb, Mrs. William P. Starkcy,
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Seel, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank H. Bass. Mr. and
Mrs. Charles A. Alden and many
others. .
Plans Surprise Party
in Honor of Husband
Mrs. J. P. Hallman, of 165 North
Fifteenth street, arranged a surprise
party Tuesday evening for her hus
band in celebration of his birthday.
Many friends extended good wishes
on the arrival of Mr. Hallman and
later games, music and refreshments
were enjoyed.
The guests included: Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Pearl, Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Pearl, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shirk,
Mr. Mrs. Frank Brenner, Mr.
and Mrs. James Bernheisel, Mr. and
Mrs. William Hess, Air. and Mrs.
Harry Searfauss, Mr.,and Mrs. Bur
ton Carl, Mr. ami Mrs. Ernest Ed
wards, ,Hevi Hallman, Mrs. Rebecca
ltunklo. Mrs. William Hantz, Miss
Sara MeGruu, Stanley Runkle, Mar
garet Edwards, Frances Bcnner,
Royal Hallman,
Salvage Committee
Wants Donations
The salvage committee of the
Red Cross is most'anxious for fur
ther donations of old newspapers,
magazine?, rags, tinfoil, rubber and
metal. Call up Red Crdss head
quarters, phone 4884, and give your
address distinctly und the collector
will call for your articles. Or you
can drop a post card to -the chair
man. Mrs. Mabel Cronise Jones, 105
Hocust street. Do not forget the sal
vage committee in the houseclean
ing days which will soon bo here.
household should have some
thing to contribute.
Dr. Allison to Talk
Before Civic Club
"File February meeting of the Civic
Club will be held at the clubhouse
Monday afternoon at 3.30, the edu
cational and municipal departments
meeting at 2.4 5. Dr. Elizabeth Alli
son. sent out by the United States
government to speak on social hy
giene, will give a brief talk, and this
subject is considered so important
that members of the club may hnve
the guest privilege on Monday af
ternoon in order that as many as
possible may hear Dr. Allison. Gen-
I eral current events will be given by
Mrs. Mabel Cronise Jones and there
will be some important reports.
Miss Dubbs in Recital
at Dickinson College
The first of a series of musieales in
chapel hall of Dlckinnon College was
held yesterday with Miss Katharine
Dubbs, of this eity, in recital. These
musieales are arranged by the Y M
C. A. secretary, and to be attended
not only by the students, but the
townsfolk as well. Everyone express
ed mucli pleasure in the program so
v ell sung, for Miss Dubbs was in ex
cellent voice.
Miss Dubbs. with William Bretz at
the piano, sang in delightful manner
two groujis of songs, Including: "Mv
I.addie," W. A. Fair; "Danny Boy'"
' Weatherly, and the "Hittle Irish Girl"
Hohr. "The Hnddie In Khaki," Novei
lo, and "Bon Jour Mabelle," Behrend
concluded with the stirring war song'
"The American Come," by Fay Foster!
Mrs. Feight Entertains
at Luncheon to Nine
Mrs. Alfred Feight. of New Cum
berland. gave an informal luncheon
followed by cards, at her home in
compliment to Mrs. Victor Bixler of
Johnsonburg, who Is visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Claude Brinser. of Steelton. The
table appointments were of pink with
masses of primroses In the center
piece. The guests were: Mrs. Bixler.
Mrs. Brinser. Mrs. Samuel F. Dunkle
Mrs. C. O. Shaar, Mrs. Oscar Wicker
sham. Mrs. William Martz, Mrs. David
Siriouse and Mrs. Edward Doehne.
Capt. and Mrs. Seibert
Recent Guests tiere
Captain and Mrs. Raymond Sei
bert wore recent guests of Dr. and
Mrs. E. It. Rhine, of 1504 Market
street. Captain Seibert, a former
Harrisburger and graduate of the
Central High school, was engaged in
practice In Trenton, N. J., before en
tering the service. While overseas
he was in the heavy fightinfTttt Ver
dun and on the Argonne-Meuse
front. He returned a short time
; ago and is now on a month's leave
of absence after which be will bo
stationed at Hakewood. N. J.
1 Miss ' Kartbryn Brnrkenrl'ttge, of
231 North Besond street, will he
home from Goucher College over tho
Miss Mildred Bheesley, who Is a
student at Peabody Institute, will be
home to-morrow to spend a week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. Bheesley, of Paxtang.
Miss Mabel Bofflngton. of North
Second street. Is home after a visit
with relutives in Ohio.
Miss Helen Hoffman, of 210
Hamilton street, is home from
Goucher College, Baltimore, Md., for
a few days".
Mayor William G. Murdock left
for Washington, D. C., to-day on al
i business trip.
Birthday Party For
Mrs. John W. Finton
Mrs; John T<"; I'jnton was given a
birthday party at her homei 1632
North Sixth streeti Tuesday evening
by the members of her Sunday
school class of the Fifth Street M; E.
church.- Those present werei
Mrs. William irenstermacher, Mrs.
Harry Kreps, Mrs. William Chand
ler, Mrs, W, MeComad, Mrs, Anna
Manley, Mrs, 0.. Wi Mlppensteel.
Mrs. John Spltler, Mrs, H. Morris,
Mrs. Jane Machlan, Mrs, Fanny
Mots, Melvin Meta, Mrs, Georgp
Heed, Mrs. C, A. Ithlne, Miss Cather
ine Brown, Mrs, J. 11, I.igWner, Mrs.
D, A, Ilaas, Mrs, Mary llowers, Mrs.
11. 11, A 1 otter, Mrs, It, £, Sterrlngor, i
Mrs. E, Htees, Mrs, J, Pennell, Mrs.
H. J. Foltzenberger, Mrs. J, H, Bhoaff,
Mrs. E. J, Sobor, Mrs, J, W, Page,
Mrs. H. E, Smith, Mrs. Fred Glosser,
Mrs, Hichurd butt, Mrs, F, Oomp
orllng und Mr, and Mrs. J, W, Fin
ton, •
Sauerkraut Supper
For K. K. K. Girls
. G. O. Hchermerhorn, manager of
the Krqfige store, entertained the
K. K. K. girls at, a a&uerkraut sup
per In the new club room Just ovor
the store. Those present were:
Goldie Douglas. Clara Wallowor,
H. 8. Drown, J. it. Haldeman, P.
W. Qulgley, D. 8. Cronin and Mr.
and Mrs. George O, Schermorhorn
and daughter, Jennie; Misses Ituth
Webster, Mary Nebingcr, Carrie
Merkle, Grace Oulp, Almeda Brick
ley, Elsie Tress, Edith Zimmerman,
Sara itau, Pearl Fowler. E.ete Ham
bert, Margaret Klmmel, Grace Kell
er, Mary Conrad, Hilda Dateman,
Onata Shope, Paulino Drlnton,
Esther Cummings, Reba Garonztck,
Anna Reitzel, Mildred Martin,
Maude Bhoop and Katherine Mc-
At the Christian and Missionary
Alliance, 1309 Walnut street, be
ginning Friday evening and closing
bunday evening. February 16. there
will be a three-day Hiblo conference.
There will be no afternoon services.
Miss Dora H. Cain, formerly with
Dr. Henry Stough. evangelist, will
be the teacher. Miss Cain comes
to us very highly recommended by
the following well-known Bible
teachers of the county: The' Rev.
Hen. G. Broughton. D. D.; the Rev.
H. G. Cosnell, of the Moody Bible
Institute, and others of reputation.
Miss Cain is a graduate of the
Moody Bible Institute. The lectures
are intensely practical, enthusiastic,
efficient and will appeal to all in
terested In Christian life and work.
Miss Mary Alma Allin. of 921
Green street, entertained the C. A.
O. Society at her home last evening.
A social evening was spent and im
portant business transacted. Re
freshments were served to' the fol-
Helen Heary, Miss Gertrude Weston,
Miss Margaret Landis, Evelyn Speak
man, Miss Ruth Bcatty, Miss Beatrice
Bacon, Miss Caroline Hahn. Miss
Helen Wall. Miss I-illta.il Bpeakman.
Miss Mary Hong, of New Cumber
land, will entertain the following
girls at her home this evening: Miss
Ruth Gorkes, Miss Ruth Peeler,
Miss Katharine Miller, Miss Martha
Wall, Miss Mary Hart. Miss Helen
Wall and Mrs. Thomas.
Miss Dorothy A. Steen, 217 Wood
bine street, a graduate kindergartner,
| has opened a kindergarten, at 220
Woodbine street.
Cloyd R. Burris, 610 Granite
street, has returned from a week's
visit with H. H. Hove, of Philadel
Corporal Chester M. Hong, 1714
Susquehanna street, has received his
discharge from the service and has
returned to his home. Mr. Hong
will resume his work with the Ken
dall Optical Company.
Miss Margaret Kerr, of NewvlUe,
spent Tuesday with Miss Mary Alma
Allin, of 921 Green street.
[An announcement under this heading
must be accompanied by name to assure
Lieutenant and Mrs. "William
Meredith Wood, of Baltimore, Ma.,
announce the birth of a son, William
Meredith Wood, Jr., this morning
at the home of Mrs. Wood's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Etter, 209
Pine street. Mrs. Wood was Miss
Catharine Etter.
Mr. and Mrs. Levi S. Blosser, 1606
Susqtfehanna street, announce the
birth of a son, Claude Wellington
Blosser, at the Polyclinic Hospital,
Tuesday, February 11, 1919.
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Redman,
1625 Derry street, announce the
birth of a son, George Anderson
Redman, Jr., Friday, February 7,
1919. Mrs. Redman was Miss Ethel
Mumma, before her marriage.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer F. Bryan, 446
South Thirteenth street, announce
the birth of a son, Elmer F. Bryan,
Jr., January 20. ,
Holsum Bread
has met the demand for such
a long time it's a mighty hard matter
to do without it. HOLSUM BREAD has that
satisfying flavor and is so easily digested—it v
is best for little children, grown-ups and peo
ple well advanced in years. It's the same old
story—-HOLSUM BREAD has the right quali
ty and is always the same.
Sold At All Grocers
Made by
13th and Walnut Sts.
February 13,*i9i9;
Mrs. Detweiler's Guests
Enjoy Cards and Tea
Mrs. Meade D: Detweller was
hostess yesterday afternoon at ft
small lea given at her residence,
El North Front street, In honor of
her daughter,- Mrs. Lewis 8: Linde
muth, of New York,
Bridge and ft tea were enjoyed by
tho following guestsi Mrs. Richard
McKay ( Mrs. George Comstock, Mrs.
Paul G, Smith, Mrs, Carl Lempcke,
Mrs, John Magoun, Samuel W,
Fleming, Jr., jtllss Mary Creighton,
Mrs. Edward J, Stackpole, Jr., Mrs,
Henry M, Gross, Miss Emily Bailey,
fbntei Mrs, Walter Jlruce Caldwell,
Mrs. John C, Herman, Mrs. J, Holtor
Detweiler, The priso-wlnners wcro
Mr*. jfaul G, Smith and Mrs. Hof
fcr Dgtweiler,
The Tarus Club of St. Puul's P. E.
church, will hold a supper in the
gymnasium of the church from 5.30
to 8.30 o'clock this evening. Fol
lowing tho supper a dunce will be
held with an orchestra composed of
members of the club playing.
ClianilHTsbrirg, i'a., Feb. 13.
Because Miss E. Brechblel hadi ex
pressed her intention of relinquish
ing the duties of superintendent of
the Chnmbersburg Hospital at tho
expiration of her term on April 1,
the hoard of directors of . that In
stitution have chosen as her suc
cessor Miss Mary H. Forrest, of
Chambersburg. Miss Brechblel re
tires because of 111-health. Miss
Forrest has been secretary of the
Public Safety Committee of Frank
lin county and prior to that was em
ployed In the office of the Chuin
hersburg Trust Conrpuny. The resig
nations of two members of the board
of directors, C. Price Specr and T.
M. Hood, were accepted by the
board but no one was chosen to
succeed them.
Gettysburg, Pa., Feb. 13. The
government has notified John M.
Warner, owner of some of tho land
on which Camp Colt was located,
that immediate release would bo
granted of enough of the land for
building of the new hospital
Which Mr. and Mrs. Warner will
present to the town. This clears
the way for work lo go ahead on
he building and as soon as weaher
conditions permit work will be
Cliambcrsbtirg, Pa., Feb. 13.—At
the midwinter meeting of the board
of trustees of Wilson College, J. It.
Ituthrauft, a local attorney, was
elected a member of the board. The
board increased the salary of G. 11.
Bartle, business manager of the col
lege. from $2,400 to $3,000.
Chambersburg. Pa., Feb. 13.—A
belonging to William Grove
of near Greenvillage. this county,
had to be killed after it had been
str.uck by an automobile and had
Its "legs broken. Tho automobile
and the buggy were both badly
damaged but the occupants escaped
Winterdale Dances
15 North Market Square
- Nesbit's Orchestra and Mr.
wValter Evans, tenor soloist, of
Sunbury, Saturday evening,
March 13th, admission, 50 and
I 75 cents.
sr. nri cps xsq otsw, 3j*i
"-^^^KiliiSPJlfi|®r[l|nii|iy^^^3p^|^H^^Ulml^^^^l^:rr r '!:iift^i>lH
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Ijp You will find here at Sweetland the largest sppl
Kt' assortment of Candy and Valentine Satin Boxes J||s
■ft, shown in the city. \i|ll
■R? Silk Hearts filled with Chocolates or Bon
lpv Bons at various prices. j^jg
jljjj; Black Walnut Sweethearts, ..hi?!.
4JU| 33£ Per Box
Al 'SweetlandJp
JiKs(ra Confectionery
321 Market JgSjg
Ohamberslmrg, Feb; 13.- Thi
formation of a farm loan ftssoeia- -
tion in Franklin eounty "Will be Con
sidered tit it meeting id be held for l
that purpsoe in the ftrbltratlorn rootri
of the courthouse here on feature
day morning: A representative o£
the Fetkeral Land Bank of Baltl
more will be present and address
the meeting,
Ilallttm, Pa., Feb: 13, — hun
tired and nine dollars Was cou
tributed tQward the church Indebt
edness fund at the annual rally day*
services on Sunday at Bethany Unlt
ed Brethren Church, Tho Itev, Dr
A. B, Statton, presiding elder,of tha
Pennsylvania United Brethren .Con
ference, occupied tho pulpit morn
ing and evening,
Beautiful Spray, $3.00
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