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Banking Commissioner Ad
dresses the Bankers of
The Important part bankers must
play in the next few months was dis
cussed at Philadelphia yesterday in
an address by Banking Commissioner
John S. Fisher, who struck the key
note by his plea to bankers to meet
the heavy responsibilities, and also
brought cheers from the men by the
statement that his department is to
be fully reorganized in order to help
the banking institutions to best of
his ability.
Praise of Governor Sproul by Com
missioner Fisher brought applause.
"We have a Governor in whom the
people of the state have the su
premest confidence," he said.
A quare deal will be given the
bankers of this state by the banking
department, said Mr. Fisher. ."I have
the highest regard for the personnel
of our financial institutions," he add
The diners took it as an attack on
Good blood makes firm tissue, strong nerves,
steady eyes and clear brain. Keep your blood pure and
full of healthy, red corpuscles, and your liver, active, by
using Beecham's Pills, which remove poisonous matters
from the system, assist u.e stomach to assimilate its
food, and the food to nourish the body. A world
famous remedy to strengthen the vital organs and help to
Make Pure Blood
Direction* of Special Value to Women are with Every Box.
Sold by drugfiata throughout the world, la boxea, 10c., 25c.
People Strongly Urged to Continue Precautions as Iso
lated Outbreaks are Expected Throughout Winter
Infection Proved Only Possible by I
of Vicious Infii
It has been clearly established that
the living virulent influenza germs
are readily conveyed from one person
to another.'
These germs are present in the ex
cretions of the nose, mouth and throat
or other air passage and as these
mucous excretions are discharged the
living germs go with them.
These germs are so exceedingly
ismall that the minutest even invisible
particles of this discharge may con
tain these in great numbers. These
discharges are most frequently and
widely scattered in the air as an al
most invisible spray of coughing and
sneezing unless the nose and mouth
are covered by a handkerchief or
other efficient substitute. By this
simple precaution all these dangerous
germs may be kept out of the air and
the largest risk of the conveyance to
others of this disease avoided.
Don't become alarmed. Keep your
balance, watch and give every atten
tion to your nose and throat. Keep
your mouth shut and breathe through
your nose previously applying a little
Forkola to the inside of the nostrils.
This serves to collect and destroy the
germs at the entrance to your system
and before they can do any damage
Keep warmlly clad and wear heavy
soled shoes. Sleep with the windows
open but be careful to have amnle
The first symptoms are chills, a
headache and depression and In the
great majority of cases a feeling of
catching cold and fever. When these
symptoms appear, hurry home obtain
ing from your druggist a small quan->
Supt. writes: "I have such a very
severe cough and cold and'have not
been able to get anything to help
me. It is weakening my system."
Answer: the following and
your cold and cough will vanish and
. you will soon be strong again. Get
a 2V4-oz. bottle of Concentrated Es
sence Mentho-Laxene and take every
hour or two. This can be taken pure
or made into a full pint of home
made syrup. Full directions as •to
use will he found on bottle. This is
a mild laxative and will drive the
cold from the system.
• • •
Dandruff asks: "I have tried to
euro dandruff, itching scalp, falling
hair and baldness with •'numerous
tonics, etc., but in vain. What do
you recommend?"
Answer: 1 have been recommend
ing Plain Yellow Minyol for the past
seven years and scores of my pa
tients are delighted with the quick,
pleasant action of this remedy in
stopping itching, falling hair, dand
ruff, etc. It gives the hair health, lus
ter and vigor as nothing else does,
obtain in 4-oz. jars with full direc
• • •
, Sister writes: "Let me say that
.my condition puzzles and worries me.
In the last year I seem to have been
.growing old rapidly, though only 38.
;Wy food and sleep do not recuperate
jmy strength and energy and, lately I
have dizzy spells, trembling, head-
I aches, loss of appetite, memory and
' hopelessness. Despondency and
| worry over my condition are ever
Answer: Cheer up, get well and
then conserve your vitality by prop
er. temperate living. Obtain Three-
Grain Cadomene Tablets in scaled
.tubes with full directions, use them
•ujd an agreeable, pleasing
the former Banking Commissioner
Lafean and applauded when Fisher
said, "You'll not be treated like
crooks; I shall start In to recognize
you as high-grade gentlemen. I want
to say to you that we are about to
ask the Legislature for some legisla
tion that will reorganize our depart
ment and bring It up to a standard
where it can render effeclent service.
"If legislation grants us that power"
We hope to catch up with the lagging
work of the department. Heretofore
there has been only on examination a
year of state institutions and in the
case of some banking companies the
banking department is two years be
"We hope to increase our force un
til we have enough men to accom
plish our work. When our examiners
come to your offices, they will treat
you with respect, and if they don't
I want you to report them to me;
Being a gentleman Is not incosistent
with the performance of official du
ties. On the other hand, we do not
ptomise you' that we won't ask you
to obey the law strictly."
In telling these bankers that upon
them is placed the burden of the
present, critical problems Mr. Fisher
said: "If you keep your banks clean
and solid and within the lines of
safety, you have a firm rock upon
which a pre-war foundation will be
builj. If you do loose, wild banking
more or less, you'll create sand on
which our future will fall."
Entrance Through Nose and Mouth
luenza Germs.
tity of Forkola. Take a hot bath, as
hot as you can stand it, a hot drink,
preferably hot lemonade and a good
laxative and gro to bed. AND NOW
These symptoms show that the germ
has a foothold. Make up your mind
you'll soon be well. Keep your bed
room window open but have heat in
the room. Exercise the same care as
in measles, diphtheria or smallpox.
Don't allow a careless physician to
minimize the importa .ee of your case
but be most careful to expectorate in
gauze or In rage that must be burned
and not washed.
But above all do not forget to ap
ply Forkola liberally In the mucous
membrane of the nose and throat.
This is just as important as the hot
bath and hot drinks.
Which is a frequent complication,
while apparently very severe may dis
appear in a night under proper treat
ment and the best way for a person
afflicted with Influenza to avoid Pneu
monia is to go to bed at once and stay
there until the physician permits you
to get up. While In bed the back,
throat and chest should be liberally
covered with Forkola and flannel ap
plied to en sure the necessary heat for
its absorption. Allow a little to melt
in your mouth three or four times
daily. It soothes and heals the in
flamed membranes and permits the
easy expulsion of phlegm.
IMPOHTANT—in some districts the
demand for Forkola has been so heavy
that there is a temporary shortage.
The public are warned against accept
ing substitutes and to insist on For
kola as all wholesalers are supplied
and your druggist, if he is sold out,
can get it on short notice.
, The questions answered below are
general in character, the symptoms or
diseases are given and the answers
will apply to any case of similar na
Those wishing further advice, free,
may address Dr. Lewis Baker, College
Bldg., College-Elwood streets, Day
ton, Ohio, enclosing self-addressed
stamped envelope for reply. Full
name and address must be given, but
only initials or fictitious names will
be used in my answers. The prescrip
tions can be filled at any well-stocked
drug store Any druggist can order
of wholesale*.
ation should ensue to your entire
• • •
N. O. G. wrftes: "These are the
symptoms which lead me to think I
need medicine for kidneys and blad
der: Severe headache, blood-shot
eyes, chills followed by fever. Fre
quent desire to urinate, but scanty
results of a dark color and bad odor.
Also smarting and stinging pains."
Answer: When such symptoms are
present Balmwort Tablets are pre
scribed to tone up and increase the
elimination, neutralize the alkalinity,
and produce natural functioning.
Get them in sealed tubes with full
i directions. •
Nurse asks: "I sutler from head
ache and constipation periodically
and my blood seems too thick, caus
ing languor and tired feeling. I will
thank you to prescribe for me."
Answer: Three-Grain Sulphur Tab
lets (not sulphur) are most effective,
In relieving constipation, thinning the
blood, and removing the symptoms of
languar, etc. I advise you to begin
taking as per direction with each
sealed package.
NQTK: For many years Dr. Baker
has been giving free advice and pre
scriptions to millions of people
—through the press columnfi, and
doubtless has helped in relieving ill
ness . and distress more than any
single individual in the world's his
tory. Thousands have written hiip
expressions of gratitude and confi
dence similar to the following:
Dr. Lewis Baker. Dear Sir:—l have
been taking the Cadomene Tablets for
the pest month. They certainly have
done wonders for me, as I was so
nervous I wasn't able to do my own
housework. I was so sick and miser
able. Now I can do all my own work
and feel good all the time. My daugh
ter and heT husband have also been
taking them and they help wonder
90A I ■<"• n— •
Dr. P. E. Bownes, superintendent of the city schools, to-day issued the following call to the boys
of the city:
Boys, do you know that this week is known as Father and Son week? The week has been set aside
as a time when you are to keep particularly close to your father. Why not make the next few days, espe
cially, days of "companionship with him? Stay home with him and go out with'him. Play games with him.
Go to church with him. Go to the banquet with him next Monday night. You have another Father also; ask
Him to help you to honor at all times your earthly father 'that thy days may be long upon the land
which the Lord thy God giveththee.'"
•Favor Improvement
of Harrisburg-Reading
Pike at Early Date
Reading, Feb. 18.—That the inter
eat of the people of Reading is in
creasing in the Harrisburg-Reading
pike project is shown in the replies
submitted by members of the Read
ing Chamber of Commerce to the
questionnaire recently circulated.
This pike scheme is one of the
features of an extensive good roads
program under consideration at a re
cent meeting of representatives of
most of the central and eastern
counties of the state held at Hade
To Marry Woman Who
Nursed Him on Battlefield
'Huntingdon, Pa., Feb. 13.—Word
has been received of the marriage
of Juniata's former athletic director,
Emerson H. Landis, of Dayton,
Ohio. Professor Landis has been
with the American army In France
for some time and in one of the re
cent big battles while he and a
chaplain were carrying food to the
American soldiers at the front a
gas attack was encountered. The
chaplain was killed, but Mr. Landis
was taken to Paris and put in charge
of an American nurse, who nursed
him back to life. Mr. Landis' par
ents are just in receipt of a letter
stating that their son will soon ar
rive in America with his wife—his
former nurse in Paris. Mr. Landis
enlisted soon after war was declar
ed and received a commission In the
intelligence department.
. .
.' • . •
♦ •
!.*,* • • ■ ,
\ -- ' " -
\ * .. * ' ' r ' > "• .
** hP*** ■*
v- V : , • - • ?£•:•> '
. ' -.s" - •
•F • '
A picture of the last flght of his
sub-chaser with Fritz Is one of the
proud possessions of W. S. Miller, Jr.,
serving on the U. S. S. Sub-Chaser
No. 47. He has sent a copy to a
friend In this city to whom he writes
"This picture was taken for us by
the U. S. S. C., 206. On thb extreme
left of the picture is our ship tear
ing away at full speed to get away
from the shock which a depth bomb
causes when it explodes. While cruis
ing around we picked up the bear
ing of a sub near Lands' End and by
the time we reached Lizard Stead,
the sound of the sub was very dis
tinct, so we cleared ship for paction
1 were bombing her to
Vet service know of
Father and Son Week
Coal Production in
Central Fields Expected
to Shhow Improvement
Altoona, Feb. 13.—That conditions
in the coal industry in the central
Pennsylvania field, which has fallen
off fifty per cent, as compared
with six months ago, are going to
improve materially in the near fu
ture, is the opinion of leading op
erators and officials of the Central
Pcnrsylvania Coal Producers' Asso
The production during the week
ending February 1 was 700,000 tons
and it fell somewhat below that
figure last week, but operators of
the Barnesboro group, who were in
Altoona-for a conference yesterday,
gave it as their omnion that the
trend will soon be in the other direc
tion. Reserve stocks are now
about used up and conditions are
bound to improve.
There has not been much reduc
tion in the wholesale price as yet,
because the Government has
ed through the agency of the fuel
administration that there shall bo
no reduction in wages until the
treaty of peace is promulgated.
In a statement issued to-day the
board of managers of the Children's
Industrial Home extends its thanks
to the "Board of Health, Harrisburg
Hospital, Visiting Nurses Association,
Harrisburg Chapter, American Red
Cross, County Commissioners, trained
and volunteer nurses, and all those
who contributed in any way to the
comfort of the children in the recent
Influenza epidemic"
every U-boat which enters and leaves
Germany, so that way we kept track
of them all.
"About two days after we bombed
her, she was seen entering a German
port in a disabled condition, so the
ijrltish and American Admiralty
gave us credit for damaging It to the
extent of three months' of use.
"This was our last scrap and a few
days later the armistice was signed.
All of us sure wer glad as life aboard
an American chaser is far from gay.
for they roll and toss like a cork. I
have been to every big port in West
ern Europe ahd also America.
"Will be home about March or
April and then I will show you some
.real pictures, and tell you of my ex
Private Howell B£cht
Arrives Home After a
Stirring War Experience
"Hello, Dad!"
The voice was familiar to Dr. J.
George Beeht, secretary of the State
Board of Education, as he entered the
University Club at Philadelphia yes
terday, and he was not exactly sur
prised, but certainly delighted to see
the brave figure of Private Howell
Becht, who had just arrived from,
France on the Celtic, and who, this
very minute, according to Dr. Becht,
Is asleep in a regular bed at the Becht
home, in Harrisburg, where he will
not be disturbed by Boche shells.
Young Becht had one of the most
uncommon experiences of any lad who
went to war from Harrisburg. He
sailed abroad Christmas of last year
with the First Gas and Flame Regi
ment, better known as the Hell Fire
Unit, after training at Wahington
with his comrades, who were mostly
American college lads. This unit was
hurried across and chummed in with
the British in the Flanders front at
the most deadly moment, and though
not long trained, made good, .with
bolls on. They handled gas, bombs
and Stokes trench mortars, and were
sopn shifted to Frensh forces at
Chateau Thierry, being on the job/at
Argonne end Verdun. Becht saw one
year of the fiercest combat and never
got a wound, though baptized in
Flanders Field, and for one year in
the very vortex of battle.
"It's kind o' good to see you back,"
was "Pop" Becht's salutation, for he
is handicapped with a bad cold, but
bystanders noticed a suggestion of
husklness which was not due to the
I Guarantee My Ointment, Hays
"If you are responsible for the
health of your family," says Peterson,
of Buffalo, "I want you to get a largo
35 cent box of Peterson's Ointment to
"Remember, I stand back of every
box. Every druggist guarantees t.o
refund the purchase price If Peter
son's Ointment doesn't do all I claim.
"I guarantee It for eczema, old
seres, running sores, salt rheum, ul
cers, sore nipples, broken breasts,
itching skiji, skin diseases, blind,
bleeding and itching piles as
Tor burns, scalds, cuts, bruises and
"I had 30 running sores on my leg
for 11 years, was in three different
hospitals. Amputation was advised.
Skin grafting was tried. I was cured
bv using Pcteron's Ointment."—Mrs.
F. E. Root, 287 Michigan street, Buf
falo. N. Y.
A Home Care Given Df One
Who Hud It
In the spring
attacked by Muscular and In
flammatory Rheumatism. I suf
fered as only those who have
It know, for over three years I
tried remedy after remedy, and
doctor after doctor, but such re
lief as I received was only
temporary. Finally, I found a
remedy that cured me com
pletely, and it has never re
turned. I have given It to a
number who were terribly af
flicted and even bedridden with
Rheumatism, and it effected a
cure in every case.
I want every sufferer from
any form of rheumatic trouble
to try this marvelous healirfg
power. Don't send a cent;
simply mall your name and ad
dress and I will send It free to
try. After you have used it and
it has proven itself to be that
long-looked for means of cur
ing your rheumatism, you may
send the price of it, one dollar,
but understand, I do not want
your money unless you are per
fectly satisfied to send It. Isn't
that fair? Why suffer any
longer when positive relief Is
thus offered you free? Don't
delay. Write today.
Mark H. Jackson, No, 607-E,
Gurney Bldg., Syracuse, N.
Mr. Jackson is responsible.
Above statement true.
Subcommittee Presents Re
port to Supreme War
Paris, Feb. 13. —The Supreme "War
Council has reached a final deter
mination of the new terms of the
German armistice. There wero pres
ent at the meeting yesterday in ad
dition to President Wilson and the
foreign ministers of the great pow
ers. Marshal Foch, Field Marshal
Haig, Marshal Petain, General
Pershing and General Diaz.
A full agreement on the terms was
presented in the report from the
subcommittee, embracing military
and economic member's. The re
port was unanimous, including the
adherence of the American mem
bers. General Tusker H. Bliss and
Norman Davis, which indicates that
economic measures figure in the
new terms equally with military
The report must be approved by
tlv) Supreme War Council before it
becomes effective.
Tho German authorities have been
asked to furnish information con
firming the amount of their war ma
terial. cannon, airplanes and other
equipment. This question came up
in the recent sessions of the war
council when the extent of this war
material was advanced as a reason
for taking effective measures against
the renewal of warlike activities.
Before dotcrmining on any such
step, it was cohsidered desirable to
request information, both as a memo
dealing wttli the subject and as
testing the good faith of the enemy
in disclosing the status of his mili
tary equipment.
West Fairview, Pa., Feb. 13. —The
Ladies' Bible class of St. Mark's
Lutheran Church will hold a food
sale to-morrow evening at the fire
house. Home-made bread, cakes,
pies, candy and ice cream will be
.Buy Here Noi Alone Because Prices Are Lower, but Because Qoalilies Are Better ]
A Display of Beautiful
New White Dress Fabrics
comprising the newest weaves and patterns in
excellence of quality and economy of pricing
Our dress goods department has for years been the mecca for
thousands of women who seek the maximum in quality at the m\nir
mum in price.
Our display of white dress fabrics for Spring is unusually appeal
ing in point of variety and pricing. It awaits your inspection now.
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59?, 79?, 85? and 98?
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45?, 69? and 75?
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39? and 50?
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New Arrivals in
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Trimmings of all kinds, including fruits, flowers, 'J ,
quills, whips, etc.
B 25 Cent Department Store
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215 Market St Opp. Courthouse
FEBRUARY" 13, 1919.
Seborrhea Kills the Hair
Fame Kills Seborrhea
Seborrhea is an old trouble to
which cientist hwe given a
new name.
And science has fourtd in Famo
a new way of overcoming it.
Seborrhea is the disease which
kills the roots of the hair by •
means of the deadly dandruff
It does to the hair What pyor
rhea does to the teeth.
Famo is a formula worked out
in one of the great pharmaceuti
cal houses of Detroit.
Three years were retjuired to
develop Famo.
It proved its efficacy before it
was offered to the public.
The way in which Famo does its
work is almost unbelievable.
Transformation is
Wonderful 4
Almost at once your eyes testify
to the transformation.
New hair grows like the hair of
healthy children
The scalp becomes like the scalp
of a baby. All itching of the
scalp is stopped.
Famo brings back the look of
health by a softness and lustre
beyond vtords to describe.
Famo Destroys Bacilli
Famo removes the obstacle to
growth, when it kills the sebor
rhea (dandruff) bacilli
Freed from the bondage of dis
ease, the hair leaps into luxuri
In women the change is won
If their hair was normally beau
tiful, the beauty is intensified.
Stops Seborrhea—-Grows Healthy Hair
36-inch Plain White Voiles,
36-inch Splash Voiles 50^
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27 and 36-inch Dotted Swiss, plain white,
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21C, 29£ and 39<
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19£, 29c, 39< and 50<
40 and 44-inch Plain White Batiste,
39C and
40 and 44-inch Plain White Organdy,
. 39c, 50C, and
36-inch Plain White Satin Skirting,
SI.OO and $1.15
36-inch Plain White Linen .. 39£ and
Plain White French Percales, linen finish,
33c, 39fS 48£
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width, 39c value, yard .... 29< '
Remnants of 39c value Plain White Voiles,
36-inch width, yard ...... 25£ •
Remnants of 29c value White Stripe Voiles,
27-inch width, yard 19C
Remnants of 39c Plain White Poplins, 27-
inch width, yard : 25C 4
Famo Contains No Alcohol)
The natural color ia enhanced and giay ucae
is retarded. Famo contains no alcohol.
Alcohol, if used, persistently, ia harmful tto
the hair, aa it drys the scalp.
Famo comes in two sizes—a small sir.*
{or 35 cents and an extra large size ait
sl. Your money back if it doesn't
Every member 6f the family should use ft
Famo is sold at all toilet goods couni
ters. Applications may be had at thi
better barber shops.
Seborrhea is the medical name tea a)
morbidly increased flow from thai
sebaceous glands of the scalp. The
seborrhea excretion forma in aca/ea or
flakes and is commonly known Mrs
Croll Keller,
C. M. Forney.
Spseial Famo Agents. I