Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, February 13, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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    J, I^l—23M UNITED
Warp Print Ribbon, 39c Yd.
; vards warp print ribbons in light and dark shades. 5 and
wide. Suitable for camisole and bags. B. B. B. Sale,
'yaid. *
3<i)o yards cambric edges and insertions. 2 to 4 inches,
line. 6. B. B. 6c yard.
Cvonvent embroidery edges. 4to 6 inches wide. Excellent
>aiperils. Strong durable edges. B. B. B. Sale, 15c yard.
."/'-in h voile flouncing. Fine quality. B. B. B. Sale, 25c
BOWMAN'S —Main Floor.
Towels and Toweling
• V . * ' *
Turkish towels. Bleached and hemmed; about 17x32 inches.
5. E. E. Sale. 21c each.
Turkish towels. Bleached and hemmed, about 18x40 inches. ;
!. b'. B. Sale, 25c each.
Turk -h bath towels. Large size; about 25x48 inches,
lade of good heavy double terry. B. B. B. Sale, 65c each.
Bleached twilled toweling. Quality pansy. B. B. B. Sale,
1 1 '.c' yard.
Heavy cotton crash. 18 inches wide. An excellent towel
f-pr hard use. B. B. B. Sale, 15c yard.
' ;t linen unbleached crash. B. B. B. Sale, 19c yard.
11 hncn crash. Good serviceable quality. B. B. B. Sale,
3c yard. ,
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor.
Cotton waists in voile and dimity in all white and colored
triocA Lace and embroidery trimmed. All sizes. B. B. B.
pedal. SI.OO.
•Voile waists in frilled, lace and embroidery trimmed.. All
trie dollars. Large and small rolled effects. B. B. B. Special,
Taft eta waists in plaids and fancy stripes. Also plain navy.
.C'tjß ■" d square necks. High tailored collar. B. B. B.
p< ial. ' >.49.
sh, white, gray and bisque georgette crepe waist,
i ng and lace trimmed. B. B. B. Special, $3.49.
Line of Sweaters
it '. ;.it styles and slip-ons in wool and fiber silks; belted
t} !cS. B. B. B. Special, $3.89.
BOWMAN'S—Third Floor.
Undermuslins and Negligees
i - w aprons in assorted figures and stripes. Made of
e|cale, All sizes. B. B. B. Sale, 89c.
Jloudoir caps trimmed with lace and crepe de chine, also
ilk. Pink and blue. B. B. B Sale, 49c.
Percale ressing sacques in dark colors. Few white lawn
adqt.'js in flack figures. B. B. B. Sale, 39c.
lit. vcloy chemise in nainsook with lace and embroidery
rir|m ; r.g; 41 sizes. Slightly soiled. B. B. B. Sale $1.29.
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor.
f Women's Shoe Specials
\Vnu!n > tan calf laced boots with French heels. B. B. B.
ialeß&.|o. . . .
\Yyi - i L gray kid laced boots with perforated tip. French
eels|i, B. B. Sale, $8.50.
Won , u's ,ray kid laced boots with cloth tops. French
eels. L.B B. Sale, $7.00.
Women's tan calf laced boots with cloth tops. Medium
cel. E.JB.'B. Sale $7.00.
Won i s patent button shoes with cloth tops. B. B. B. i
laic, sl.4'V
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
t^h : Bowman's
llSffiLHj February
Qw Furniture Sale
i ifl" Go Hand-in-Hand With
Bowman s Big Bargain Sale
' They both come in February. Consequently
NIGH h unt lreds of people "hit two birds with one
stone," by coining to the Fifth Floor For Fine
V-ssss'-'s furniture when they come to Harrisburg for
V c > -T-- / the great B. B. B. Sale.
Scores of people have come from miles away, of course, purposely to sec'and
>uy at the February Furniture Sale, but hundreds of others will come for both
tvents during die next seven days.
Did you see some of the fine suites we had on exhibit in our windows? You
ouldn't blame oeople for buying them at first sight. In fact, we had to send in
luplicate orders for several of them, as some were not only extraordinary in
alue but unusfal in beauty of design.
A deposit will h .(id any purchase for later delivery. All goods purchased in
he February Fu uiture Sale will be stored for ninety days free. All furniture dc
ivered bv auto .ick or freight charges prepaid to distant points.
Tilt Bowman l inb plan gives you the privilege of buying furniture in the Feb
uary Sale and v. tending payments over a period of months.
Big Bargain
jst Jv JS
Last year we were obliged to dispense with the B. B. B. Sale because of War condi
tions in the Mercantile field. For years Bowman's Big Bargain Sales have been among
the leading Thrift events of Central Pennsylvania. Twice each year people have come
from towns miles away to avail themselves of these unusual opportunities for savings.
And savings at Bowman's mean, not only low in price, but dependable in quality. Con
sequently you save more than the price mark indicates—you also get the economy of in
creased service out of what you buy.
This year we have prepared for weeks to make this sale compare favorably in value
giving with the B. B. B. Sales of pre-war days. Every department has made extraordi
nary reductions. There will be seven days of the Bowman's Big Bargain Sales. Come to
morrow or Saturday if possible.
Notions at Reductions
A JVonderful Value in 'Buttons
Buttons suitable for coats suits or dresses. B. B. B. Sale,
10c card.
Buttons of assorted sizes and colors. B. B. B. Sale, 2pjc
Clark's O. N. T. Lustre and Sansilk mercerized crochet
cotton in assorted colors. B. B. B. Sale, 4c spool.-
Security pad hose supporters. Black and white. B. B. B.
Sale, 39c pair.
Black feather fans. B. B. B. Sale, $1.19 each.
Ostcrmoor baby pants. Sanitary, water-proof- odorless and
washable. B. B. B. Sale, 59c each.
Hicks cupid pants. B. B. B. Sale, 39c each.
Feather-lite sanitary belts. B. B. B. Sale, 15c each.
Comfort kits. B. B. B. Sale, 10c each.
White cotton tape. 1 to IJ4 inches wide. B. B. B. Sale, 2c
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Save Now On Bedspreads
Hemmed crotchet bedspreads, 68x80. B. B. B. Sale, $1.29
. Hemmed crochet bedspreads; size 75x84. B. B. B. Sale,
$1.69 each.
'Hemmed crochet bedspreads. Bleached snow white. B.
B. B. Sale, $2.00 each.
Hemmed crotchet bedspreads. Full double bed size. B. B.
B. Sale, $2.50 each.
Hemmed satin bedspreads. Extra large size in Marseilles
cSects. B. B. B. Sale, $3.75 each.
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor.
Corsets—Special at sl.lO
A group of desirable corsets. All good models. Most of
them new goods; but they arc odds and ends. You have a
choice of either front or back lace. Not all sizes. B. B. B.
Sale, sl.lO.
Bandeat? brassieres front and back closing good assortment
of styles and sizes. B. B. B. Sale, 25c.
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor.
Prices Cut On_
Silks, Cotton and Other Dress Goods
Silks 32 and 36-inch printed figures and stripes on
khaki kool, shantung- pongee and tussah for suits or fancy
skirt. You will recognize some of these silks that sold for
very much higher prices. Only 500 yards in this lot to see
them, means a sure purchase. $1.50 yard. •
32-inch natural Shantung, 79c yard.
36-inch white Habutai, 79c yard.
40-inch Crepe de chine. Full range of colors, $1.29 yard.
Cotton Goods 36-inch finest American print percales
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
700 Pairs Gloves--65c W
Chamoisette, two-clasp. Tlicy are perfectly made and per
fect fitting, but some have slight mill imperfections which is
hard to detect. They are made by one of the best known
glove manufacturers in the world. White, black, gray, tan.
mastic and khaki. B. B. B. Sale Price, pair, 65c.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Men's hosiery in lisle and cotton. Black and white. All
sizes. Double toes and heel. A very desirable half hose. This
lot of hosiery are seconds, but exceptional good ones. An un
usual value specially for B. B. B. Sale. 17c pair, or 3 for oOc.
Ladies' stockings in black silk. Medium weight. Lisle top
and feet. This is a grand opportunity for big savings in
hosiery. This stocking cannot be bought to-day -for these
prices. An extraordinary B. B. B. Special, 89c pair.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor. HC"
Linens Priced Unusually Low nr.
Mercerized table Damask of very fine quality. Closely
woven in a varied assortment of desirable patterns.
64-inches wide. B. B. B. Sale, 65c yard
' 72-inchcs wide. B. B. B. Sale- 87c yard
All linen Damask—silver bleach; 70 inches widl. B. B. B.
Sale, $1.59 yard.
Fnion linen double damask—7o inches wide; several pat
terns. B. B. B. Sale, $1.90 yard.
All linen pattern cloth ; size 70x70. Made of Deri-yvalc Irish
linen. B. B. B. Sale, $4.75 each.
Mercerized pattern table cloths; size 68x68. B. B. B. Sale,
$2.50 each.
Lunch cloths; hemmed and ready for use. Made of fine
satin finished damask.
Size 36x36, B. B. B. Sale, 69c each ; 45x45- SI.OO each ; 54x54,
$1.50 each.
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor.
Basement B. B. B. Specials
Aluminum Coffee Percolators.
Aluminum coffee percolators of about 2-qt. capacity. $1.19.
Clothes props durable wood clothes props, full length,
Stepladdcr chairs combination stepladder and chair for .
pantry and kitchen use, $2.50.
Ironing boards the good old fashioned kind, about 6 ft.
long, SI.OO.
Curtain stretcher 6xl2 ft. adjustable for small or large
curtains, sl.lO.
O'Cedar Mops genuine O'Ce-dar chemically treated mops
Water Bucket made of galvanized iron, 10-qts. capacity,
Toilet paper in rolls of 1000 sheets. good soft
tissue, 3 for 25c.
BOWMAN'S —Basement.
Hairbrushes . *
Hughes' ideal waterproof hair brushes. A fine toilet brush.
Every brush guaranteed. B. B. B. Sale, 95c.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
in white, gray, Copen- navy or black grounds with figures,
stripes or checks; over 125 styles to select from, 35c yard.
32-inch foreign and domestic gingham zephyrs. Over 150
styles in this lot, and the biggest offer at the'beginning of
• what promises to be a gingham season, 59c yard.
Dress Goods —4B and 54-inch serges. Fine French twill,
all colors and black. Big quantity of navy blue, $2.50 yard.
36-inch colored batiste for house, gowns and children's
wear- 59c yard.
Coats and Furs
this event offers our patrons one of wMrlli\f
the most notable opportuni'ties for ImVjjr
genuine economy that has been pre- 'Hflr Aj IIP:';W: *
sented this season. An article is not
cheap merely because its price is low
—to be a true bargain, it must also
have high quality and serviceability. And these styles and values are such as
you can afford to buy now for immediate wear and still have a splendid, service
able coat to begin the season with next Fall.
50 Wool Velour Coats —Silvertone,
Bolivia and Plush, in Burgundy, plum,
Navy blue and-black; beautifully tai
lored; others handsomely fur trimmed,
$39.50. t '
39 Wool Velour Coats—Silvertone,
Bolivia and Plush, in Burgundy, plum,
Nivy blue and bl3ck, $29.50.
FEBRUARY 13, 1919.
Big Bargain
Flannels, Ginghams and
Bedding Specials M
■ i
Outing flannel—27 inches wide. Light and dark patterns.
Good heavy quality. All perfect and cut from the piece.
B. B. B. Sale, 25c yard.
Unbleached canton flannel. 27 inches wide. Good weight
and nap. B. B. B. Sale, 27c yard.
Unbleached sheeting. 36 inches wide. Smooth, even, round
thread. Free from specks. Will wash and bleach easily. Cut
from the piece. B. B. B. Sale, 19c yard.
Dress gingham in plaids and stripes. Good patterns.
B. B. B. Sale, 20c yard.
Bed blankets in white or gray. 55x72. Good quality, per
fect goods. B. B. B. Sale, $1.98 pair.
Bed comforts made of silkaline. Filled with sanitary cot
ton. B. B. B. Sale, $2.25 each.
Unbleached sheeting—3B inches wide Smooth even thread
in 10 to 18 yard length. B. B. B. Sale, 15c yard.
Bed sheets, 72x90 with center scam. Made of good muslin.
3-inch hem at top. Laundered. B. B. B. Sale, $1.15 each.
Pillow cases, 45x36 to match above. B. B. B. Sale, 32p£c
Double bed size sheet, 81x90. Good quality. B. B. B. Sale,
$1.49 each."
Bleached pillow cases. 42x36 or 45x36. B. B. B. Sale, 23c
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor.
Ladies' Union Suits *
Here wc arc again making decided reductions in ladies'
underwear. Wc have reduced for to-morrow's B. B. B. Sale a
white cotton, ribbed, slight fleece lining to the low price of
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor. •
* Draperies at B. B. B. Prices
White, ivory and ecru voile curtains. Handsomely em
broidered; hemstitched with filet net corners. B. B. B. Sale,
$3.39 pair.
Fine scrim curtains. Hemstitched: beautifully embroidered.
White and ecru. B. B. B. Sale, $1.98 pair.
Very heavy dark and medium colored cretonne for uphol
stering and draperies. B. B. B. Sale, 59c yard.
Figured silkoline in light and dark colors, 36 inches wide.
B. B. B. Sale, 22c yard.
52-inch blue Rep for portieres. B. B. B. Sale, 65c yard.
Nottingham curtains. 2}4 yards long in white and ecru.
B. B. B. Sale, $1.25 pair.
BOWMAN'S—Fourth Floor.
Rugs Temptingly Priced
Room size rugs in Tapestry, Velvet, Axminstcr and Wilton
in all the new colors and patterns.
Tapestry, 9x12 ft., $15.95, $20.00, $22.50, $25.00. $35.00.
Velvet, 9x12 ft., $27.50, $30.00, $32.50, $35.00.
Axminster, 9x12 ft., $35.00, $42.50, $47.50.
Wilton, 9x12 ft.. $50.00, $65.00, $82.50, $90.00, SIOO.OO.
These above prices are much less than we can replace today.
Very special for B. B. B. Sale.
Small Rugs
Axminster rugs in beautiful patterns, 27x52 inches. B. B. B.
Sale Price, $2.95.
Extra heavy Axminster rugs in floral and all-over patterns;
27x54 inches. B. B. B. Sale Price, $3.00.
Whittall's Axminster rugs in mottled patterns, 27x54 inches.
B. B. B. Sale Price, $3.25.
BOWMAN'S—Fourth Floor. • • -r*.
30 Winter Coats —one lot of all-wool
Velours and Burella Cloth Coats; all
lined throughout—just the thing for
this weather—all sizes, 16 to 44, $13.50.
All the remaining beautiful higher
priced Coats at one-half price.
BOWMAN'S—Third Floois,