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    Additional Classified Ads
•n Opposite Pafe
chanical condition, very good tires.
Bargain. Chandler J917 touring car.
driven 7,000 miles, just overhauled
and repainted. Mechanica* condition
Al. tires very good, liagerling Mo
tor Car Co.. 1137 Mulberry. Bell 1396,
FOR SALE 1916 Hollier Touring
'ar. 8-cylinaer. Just been overhaul
d. If interested, call at Hess Garage,
ilershey. Pa.
Wanted; used, wrecked or oldtimers.
n any condition. Sea me before sac
■iflcing elsewhere. Chelsea Auto
Wrecking. A. Schiffman, 27. 74, 74
torth Cameron street. Bell 3633.
One twelve-cylinder Pathfinder,
new Cord tires; one Ford Road
ster; one Inter-State, five-passen
ger; one Chalmers Touring; two
one-ton Ford Trucks.
The above cars are all in excel
lent condition. Prices low.
1334 Howard Street.
Tnvered body: 1.000 lbs. capacity; a
bargain. Inquire of Philadelphia
Julck Bunch.
FORD ROADSTER. 1915, for sale. |
Seorge Borondi, 1302 Christian street, !
Harrisburg. Pa.
1917 Reo. 6-passengar.
918 Dodge. 6-passenger.
912 Stanley Steamer.
•"ord Runabout.
"ord Light Delivery.
SOI Cumberland Street.
STOLEN 1917 Eord Touring Car
STOLEN. Motor No. 1720364. slight
rack on left side of cylinder head, |
ront tires U S. Usco tread. rear, Non- !
kid Firestones. Gray-Hawley Cut- !
01L Car thought to be In vicinity of
larrisburg. Libera! reward. W. H.,
•'lemlng. Glenmore. Pa.
has opened the
Court and Cranberry Sts.
(Rear o£ Orpheum)
All makes of cars Repaired.
Ford a specialty.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
FOR SALE Overland Touring,
tar, $350. One-ton Buick, S4OO. ln
uire Ober Bros., 37 North Cameron
1917 FORD CARS Touring,'
383.00. 1
Harley-Davison Twin, with sidecar.
Get acquainted with me. Save
ooney on any used machine wanted,
imon Horst. Linglestown. Pa.
til sorts of auto top and cushion
rork done by experts; also repair,
I'ork. Reasonable rates. 72-7S South
'ameron street.
04-6 Muenth street. Limousines for
unernl parties and balls; careful
rivers; open day and night. Beli ,
airing hy an expert. Road jobs a,
pecialty. Charges reasonable. Both
•hones. Sunshine Garage, 27 Norm
'ameron BtreeL
ire cars for sale. Ford ton trucks. |
futo-Car 2-ton trucks and one 7-
'assenger Haynes Touring Car. All
heap to quick buyers. International
iarvester Co. Truck Department, No.
,19 Walnut street.
WANTED All kinds of used auto
ires. We pay highest cash prices,
to funk. 11. Esterbrook. 912 North
Third street. Dial 4990.
MAGNETOS All types; 4 and 6
losch high tension. Elshmann. Dixjy, |
tplitdorf. Mea. Remy and different
nakes of coils, carburetors, etc. A. 1
ichifCman. 22-24-26 North Comeron
treet. Bell 3633.
Frames Straightened and welded.
Heavy Cast Iron Our Specialty,
ixpert Welders. Work Guaranteed.
1538 iajgan St.
BELL 4396J
FOR RENT Private garage for!
ent. Calder and Penn Applvl
Jeorge W. Ipdegrove. 1200 Penn
street. City. Bell phone.
AUTO RADIATORS of all kinds re- j
faired by specialists. Also fenders,
amps. etc. Best service in town. Har
•isburg Auto Radiator Works. 805 j
Corth Third street.
30x3 % $14.72
31x4 22.68
. 32x3 V* 17.28
32x4 23.06
34x4 26.00
35x4% 27.60
35x5 15.00
32x3 12.56
312 North Third Street.
NOTICE Letters Testamentary on !
he Kjtate of Thomas A. Woods "late 1
>f Harrisburg. Dauphin Countv' Pa..|
Jeceased, having been granted to the
indersigned, all persons indebted to!
iaid Estate are requested to make lm- 1
rtediate payment, and those having
-laims will present them for settl"-
919 North Sixth Street.
Harrisburg, Pa.
HARVEY E. K.NI'PP, Attorney,
No. 3 Russ Building.
Harrisburg. Pa.
If you are in need of Iron and Wood
Pulleys, Hangers or Shafting see us,
Cranberry, Near Second
Home Office Philadelphia
If you would know how
best to insure your car,
write to us today
Harrisburg Branch, A. L. Hall, '
Patriot Bldg. Manager
motoiicyci.es and bicyci ~t
I Harrisburg. F?*ruary 4. 1919.
I will be received by the County Con
| troller. .Room 13. Court House. Har
' risburg. Pa., until 10 o'clock A. M.,
Frldav, February 7. 1919. for printing
1 and furnishing forty-three thousand,
more or less, official ballots and eleven
thousand, more or less, specimen bal-
I lots. The official ballots to be bound
in books of one hundred (1001 each,
for the ensuing Special Election to be
'held Tuesdav, February 23. 1919 All
I ballots, official and specimen, must be
1 delivered at the Commissioners' Office
'bv 12 o'clock noon. Wednesday, Feb
j ruary 19, 1919, proof of ballots hav-
I ing "been first submitted to and ap
-1 proved bv the County Commissioners.
• Certified checks payable to the order
I of the Dauphin County Com miss 1011-
! ers. in a sum equal to fifty (501 per
I cent, of the bid price, must accompany
leacK bid or proposal. The successful
bidder will have five days' time after
the award of the contract to file his
bond for the full bid price and exe
-1 cute contract for the sanv.
Fuil information as to (he number
iof official and specimen ballots re
quired for each voting district can
be had from the Commissioners.
1 Also at the same time and place
sealed bids or proposals will be re
j ceived for 128 complete sets of eleo
ition supplies, which shall include the
j necessary penalty cards and cards of
I instructions; candidates names to he
• printed on the tally sheets, return
eheet statements, triplicate return
sheets, etc. All supplies to be deliver
ed at the Countv Commissioners'
Office bv 12 o'clock noon. Wednesday.
February 19. 1919. Certified checks
payable "to the order of the Dauphin
Co'untv Commissioners in a sum equal
to fifty (301 per cent, of the bid price
must accompany each bid or proposal.
' The successful bidder will have five
days' time after the award of the ccm-
I tract to file his bond for the full bid
| price and execute contract for the j
Sa AU bids will be opened in the ,
! Countv Commissioners' Office at 111
o'clock A. M., Friday. February 7, j
I The Commissioners reserve the j
'right to reject any or all bids.
County Controller. |
' FOR SALE The Commissioners j
i of Dauphin County will hold a Public j
Sale of old plank, oak and white pine.:
taken out of the bridge across the;
Swatara Creek at the western bound- I
ary line of the BOrough of Hummels
town. at 2 o'clock. Wednesday, Febru- j
ary 12. The terms of the sale will be j
President Board County Commission- 1
! NOTICE letters of Administra- j
tion on the Estate of Frank Merlitia. I
late of Harrisburg. Dauphin County,
Pa., deceased, having been granted to I
the undersigned residing at 1414 Re-!
gina street, Harrisburg. Pa., all per-1
sons indebted to said Estate are re- j
quested to make immediate payment. I
and those having claims will present,
them for settlement. •
Or Administratrix.
HARVEY E. KNUPP, Attorney, 1
No. 3 Russ Building.
Harrisburg, Pa.
ceived by the undersigned, at his of-|
flee in the Caider Building. Harris
burg. Pa., until 2 o'clock P. M.. Mon- |
day, February 17, 1919, for the follow-j
Six thousands (6.000) gallons, more!
or less( of Gasoline for use of fire ap- (
paratus and otlier motor vehicles dur-j
ing the year 1919, of a quality equal i
to that sold In the open market for
the purpose specified.
One thousand (1.000) gallons, more:
or less, of Motor Oil. Bidders shall
tid on light, medium and heavy oil,
and specify name and grade of oil.
Transmission and Cup Grease to the.
extent of the requirements of the Bu
reau of Fire, during the year 1919.
Each bid shall be accompanied by a ;
certified check for 10 per cent, of "thej
bid. and the successful bidder or bid
ders will be required to file a bond for:
2j per cent, of the contract price, to
be approved by the City Solicitor.
The right is reserved to reject anv
or all bids.
E. 7% GROSS,
Supt. Parks ajid Public Property.
At Court House, Harrisburg. Pa., 1
Thursday, February 27, 1919,
at 2 o'clock.
No. 1432 North Second Street, being ;
a three-story brick dwelling house,
with all modern improvements, situ
ate at the southwest corner of North 1
Second and Reily Streets, with a|
frontage of 18 feet, more or less, ou '
North Second Street and a depth along I
Reily Street of 106 feet, more or less.,
No. 2110 Green Street, being a three
story brick dwelling house with oil
modern improvements. 17 feet, more!
cr less, front, by 83 feet, more or less, '
in depth.
Teims and conditions of aale will
be announced thereat and in the
meantime may be obtained from the!
Administrator C. T. A. of the Estate
of Elizabeth Keller, Deceased.
City of Harrisburg, Pa.
NOTICE is hereby git en that ex-;
aminatipns will be held by the Civil
Service Board of the Citv of Harris-!
burg. Pa„ for the hereinafter named 1
positions in the Engineering Depart-!
ir.ent of said city, as follows:
Tuesday. February 18. 1919—Steno
grapher (female), salary, S9OO per au-|
Thursday. February 20. 1919 As-!
sistant draftsman and transittnan
(male i, salary*. $1.650 per annum.
Applications for the above positions!
may be secured at the office of the'
board, room 6, second story, Court'
Applications must be filed with said !
board not later than 12 o'clock, noon,!
Mondav, February 11. 1919.
Secretary. 1
Chandler Brothers and Company,
members of New York and Philadel
phia Stock Exchanges—3 North Mar
ket Square, Harrisburg: 836 Chestnut
street, Philadelphia; 34 Pine street.
New Y'ork—furnish the following
quotations: Open. Noon.
American Can 46*4 46%
Am. Car and Foundry Co. 88% 88%
Amer. Smelting 69% 66%
American sugar 114 115%
Anaconda 58% 57 %
Baltimore Locomotive ...67% 67',a
Baltimore and Ohio 46(4" 46(4
Bethlehem Steel 59% 59%
Butte Copper 17% 17%
Central Leather 08 % 58%
Chesapeake and Ohio ... 55% 55%
Chino Con. Copper 35% 35)4
Corn Products 47% 47%
Crucible Steel 53% 63%
Distilling Securities 53% 53%
General Motors 129% 123%
Great North. Ore. aubs .. 38% " 37%
Hide and Leather '.. 17% 17%
Hide and Leather, Pfd ... 87% 56%
Inspiration Copper 43% 43fli
International I'aper .... 35 36%
Kennecott :s 32% 32%
Kansas City Southern ... 17% 17%
Merc. War Ctfa 22 22
Merc. War Ctfs, Pfd. ... 96% 97
Mex. Petroleum 167% 167
Mid vale Steel 61% 41% I
N. Y. Central 78% 73%
Penna. R. R. 44% 44%
Hay Con. Copper 20% 20% !
Reading 79)* 79
Southern Pacific 98% 95%
Southern Ky 26% 26%
Studebaker 50% 50%
Fnion Pacific 127% 127%
F. 8. Rubber 75% 75%
U. S. Steel 90% 90 %
Utah Copper 69% 69%
Willys-Overland 24% 24*4
i Western Maryland 10% 10%
Pini'tiniqiM ruoiHJcia
By Associated Press
Pblladrluphia, Feb. 5. Wheat —1
No. 1. soft, 1 eu, $2.1.0; No. 2. red. $2.21, 1
: No. 3. soft. red. $2.24.
j Corn The market is dull; No. 2.!
rellow. as iu graue and location,
Oats The market is lower;
I No. 2. white, 67©67% c; No. 3. white,!
6a %® 66c.
Bran The market is dull; soft I
winter, in 100-tb. sacks, $59 per ton;'
spring, iu 100-lb. sacks. ssu per ton. |
Butter The market is higher;
western, creamery, extras, firsts, !9c;
nearby prints, fancy, 54055 c.
Refined Sugars Market steady:
powdered, 8.45 c; extra line granuiat- i
ed. 9c. I
Eggs Market higher; Pennsylva
nia and other nearby firsts, free ;
cases, $13.20 per case; do., current'
receipts. free cases. $12.90 per
case; western, extra firsts, free cases,!
$17.20 per I'ses; do., firsts, free!
cases, $12.90 per case; fancy, selected,)
pocked. 49 051 c per dozen.
Cheese The market Is dull'.!
New York and Wisconsin, full milk,
old, 35037 c; do., new, 32fd37c.
Live Poultry The market is arm:
fowls, 34® 36c; spring chickens, 33©6
35e; fowls, not leghorns. 32®36c; white!
leghorns, 24 0 27c; young. out unrated '■
roosters, 32® 33c: old roosters, 21 ®>22c; !
stagey. young roosters, 2<®2Se;l
opinio chickens, not leghorns, 5u U J-'c,
white leghorns. 29030 c; broil
ers, fancy, 40® 42c; larger, 34® 35c:
roasting chickens. 30036 c; ducks.!
Peking. 40®42c: do., old. 30035 c; In
dian Runners, 3S®39c; spring ducks,
Long island. 34©'30e; turkeys. 34©:; So: j
geese, nearby, 30®32c; western, 300 I
Dressed Poultry —• Firm; turkOys,
spring, choice to fancy. 44® 45c; I
do., western, choice to fancy, 43®>44c; I
turkeys, fresh killed, fair to good, 38 !
©42 c; turkeys, common. 20036 c; old.)
turkeys. 38048 c; fowls, fresh
killed, choice to fancy, 33®34%c; do.,
small sizes, 2S@3oc; roosters, 27c,
western roasting chickens, 25 026 c;
western broiling chickens, 42044 c;
ducks, western, 3S®4oc; Pekin ducks,
3S®4oc; old ducks, 30@32c; Indian
Runners. 36 037 c; spring ducks. Long
Island, 300 40c: geese. 26®30c. •
Potatoes Market dull and weak;
New Jersey. No. 1, 80®90c
per bushel; do.. No. 2, 50@02e per'
basket: <iu- loe-ib. bags. No. 1, s-'.6u©
S.OO extra quality; do.. No. 2. J 1.500
2.25; PennsyLauia. No. 1 100 lbs,'
sl.B<>® 2.oo; do., per 100 lbs., fancy!
S2.t)OJ-lo; New Jersey. N u . f,
lbs.. $2.1 -.02.60: do.. No. 2. 100 !bs_
$1.2501.75; western, per 100 lbs., $1 S3 i
0 2.60; New York state, per 100 lbs I
$1.75® 1.90: Maine, per 100 lbs., $1.50© i
1.90; Delaw are ami Mai > land, per iuj i
bag. 90c0 $1.10; Michigan, per 10$
lbs.. Jj.660i.70; Florida, per barrel.
$2.6002.90; Florida. per bushel,
hamper, 76®8c; Florida, per 160-lb. !
bass $1.5003.00; North Carolina, per '
barrel, $1.5004.00: south Carolina, per
barrel. $1.6004.u0; Norfolk, per bar-!
rel, $3.25; Eastern Shore. per!
barrel, $2.0002.t5; fancy, Macungie,
No. r. PC barrel. $2.00©J.10; do., ,\o.
2, per barrel. $1.2501.60.
Flour —The market is quiet; winter!
straight, western. 510.25010.50 per !
barrel; do., nearby. $9.60#10.u0 per!
barrel. Kansas stiaight, $10.50010.75;
per barrel; do., short, patents, $10.751
©11.20 per barrel; spring, short, pat-|
ents. $10.80011.55 per barrel; do.,
spring patents, $16.50 010.75 Per;
barrels, spring firsts, clear, s9.io® j
9.75. • I
llay—The market is dull: timothy.
No. 1, large and small bales, $30.505}
,31.00 per ton: No. 3. $29.00!g> 29.50 per
ton: No. 3, $25.00^26.00 per ton.
Clover l.lght mixed, $28.50@
| 29.00: No. 3, do., $20.50tt 27.50; No. 2.
do.. $ 25.00 26.1)0.
Tallow The market is dull;
prime city, in tierces, Ssc; do, special,
llor.se, 9c; prime country, T'sc; dark,
NOTICE is hereby given that the
partnership lately existing between
i the undersigned trading and doing
business as the Steelton Baking Com-
I panv, has this day been dissolved by
mutual consent and that all moneys
due said firm, shall be paid to Zdfavko
Mladenovic. who ha 9 also assumed to
l"a\ all debts of said firm.
I THE following Ordinance was read in
[place in the City Council at its meet
! lr.g held Tuesday Morning. January
; 23, 1919. and is published as directed
1 by Article 5. Section 3. Clause 10, of
! the Act of Assembly approved June
27, 1913:
Authorizing Elm Street from Six
teenth to Juniper Streets, to be
stricken from the city official plan,
and abandoned as a highway of the
SECTION 1. Be it ordained by the
' Council of the City of Harrisburg. and
it is herebv ordained by authority of
the same, That Elm Street, from Six
teenth to Juniper Streets, be and the
same is hereby authorized to be
stricken from the city official plan,
and abandoned as a highway of the
Citv of Harrisbtirg.
SECTION 2. That the City Engineer
make the necessary notations on the
city official plan to carry this ordi
nance into effect.
SECTION 3. That all ordinances or
parts of ordinances in conflict here
i with be and the same is hereby re
pealed. R ROSS SEAMAN.
Clerk to City Council.
Office of the City Clerk, Ilarrisburg:,
Pa.. January 29, 1919.
MY wife, Mrs. Bruce M. Winter,
having left my bed and board with
out just cause, I hereby notify all per
sons not to harbor nor trust her on
my account, as I will not pay any
debts contracted by her.
(Signed) BRUCE M. "WINTER.
House in good condition with
modern improvements In central
location Give' full particulars,
[ terms or rental in first letter. Ad
| dress Box C 1919, care Telegraph.
SHUUSBURG teijegkxph
edible. In tierces, lliliVlSc.
By Associated Press
Chicane, Feb. E. (U. S. Bureau
of Markets). Hogrs Receipts,
37,000; market strong; to 10c higher;
light hogs showing most advance.
Bulk of sales, *17.40@17.90; butchers.
117.05® 13.00: light. 16.75# 17.70;
packing, *16.60® 17.60; throw-outs.
*16.00® 16.G0; pigs, good to choice,
*13.75® 16.25.
Cattle Receipts,' 7,000; beef and
butchers' cattle strong to 15c high;
'canners steady: calves and feeders .'sc
higher. Beef cattle, good, choice
prime, J16.75@20.25; common and me
dium. *10.65® 16.75: butcher stock,
cows and "heifers. *7.10®1t.55: can
ners and cutters, *6.00®7.10; stockers
and feeders, gocd, choice and fancy.
*ll.oo® 14.50; inferior, common ami
medium. *5.35@11.00; veal calves, good
and choice. *14.50®10.0U.
Sheep Receipts, 6,0/00: lambs and
yearlings mostly 25c nigher; sheep
and feeders strong. Damba, choice and
frime, *17.10® 17.25: medium and good,
15.E0@17.10; cults, *12.50® 14.50; ewes,
choice and prime, *10.75®11.00; me
dium and good, *9.50® 10.75; culls.
*5.25 @ 8.00.
"Why Dry?" will be the subject of
an address by the Rev. Dr. Edwin
R. Worrell in the Christian and
Missionary Alliance chapel, 1309
Walnut street, to-morrow vening. An
inspiring song service at 7.30 o'clock
will precede the meeting.
Health Insurance Discussed
by County Medical Society;
State President Speaks
The Dauphin County Medical So
ciety held its monthly meeting last
evening. Upon taking the chair, the
newly-elected president took occasion
to thank the members of the society
for the honor conferred upon him by
electing him president, assuring them
that he would do his utmost for the
success of the society, and with their
co-operation hoped to make this one
of the most successful years in its
history. As the papers of the evening
dealt with a subject of vital import
ance to all of the medical fraternity,
the regular order of business was dis
pensed with, so as to get right to
Dr. J. B. McAllster, member of the
I legislative commission, created by the
! last Legislature, read the first paper.
His subject was "Health Insurance."
i and, owing to the fact of his being on
this commission, he was in a position
to give the society a large amount of
facts and figures that he hoped would
lielp the medical fraternity to solve
the problem that it is facing. After
, a most careful analysis and thorough
j discussion of the enormity of the pro
ject, on account of large loss Involved,
Dr. AlcAlister deems it proper that
1 something should he done to alleviate
[conditions, and that proper health leg
lislation, whereby the public health
would be properly conserved, might
be the best solution.
Dr. T. S. Van Sickle, of Olypliant.
Pa., president of Medical Society of
Pennsylvania, was the second speaker.
Me took for his subject
rance." especially that phase of it not
covered by the present compensation
iaw and which deals mostly with the
sickness, etc., of the public.
Dr. Van Sickle has been malting a
'special study of sociological medicine
for some time, and he said as scien
tific medicine lias had its opportunity,
now sociological medicine must prove
its worth and right to exist. He went
over the main features of health in
surance bills in general, especially
insofar as it would affect medical men.
He reviewed at some length the dif
ference in conditions of the Kuropean
countries, -where social insurance has
been tried, and .our country being
fully convinced that that form of in
surance would not do for us. From a
sociological standpoint, it was agreed
this insurance was right, and as the
ultimate end to be obeained was the
alleviation of conditions of the peo
ple in general, the medical fraternity
was urged to do its best in having
legislation enacted, not inimical to
their interests and that would serve
the purpose better than most of the
health insurance proposed.
The sentiments of the society were
expreessed in a resolution offered by
Drs. Dickinson and Wfiipple. members
of a committee on public health policy,
and after some discussion it was
unanimously adopted and referred to
the state committee of allied medi
cine, which has to do with state legis
lation. Drs. Blair, Culp, Kllenbergcr,
McGowan and others discussed the
d'fferent phases of the problem, and
the general feeling was expressed that
inasmuch as so nmcli of health insur
ance attacked the high ideals of medi
cine and encroached upon the rights
Of physicians, this would unite the
fraternity as nothing else has done for
DIR. Good and Dayton were elected
as members of.the society. Tt was
agreed to have the Academician print
ed regularly, and. as Dr. Stull, the
newly-elected secretary-treasurer, felt
taht he had too much to do to act as
editor, the president appointed Dr. C.
Al. Fickert as his assistant.
[Continued from First Page.]
beverages." was Dr. Harris' positive
statement, after a moment of deep
thinking. "No matter how small the
quantity of alcohol in a beverage
or a patent medicine, what is sought
for is the 'kick.' There will be no
more beverages or medicines with
this 'kick,' and a good thing it will
be. While there may be only one
per cent, of alcohol*in beer, the
drinker tries to get his 'kick' by
drinking great gobs of it. thus mis
treating his bodilv functions. The
'kick' is what we must eliminate. It
was proved in the influenza epidemic
that when the temporary exhiliara
tion subsided the patient, particular
ly if his heart were weak, imme
diately died. Only a stupid class of
of physicians advised alcohol treat
Saloonnien's Last Hope
Dr. Harris' idea would kill the
hope of saloonmen that the "two per
cent" beer now sold might not be
classed as an intoxicant If it were
not. its manufacture would permit
them to operate much as usual. It
is an open secret in "booze" circles
that a fight will be made on the
"per cent." of alcohol that may be
contained in heverag-es and the near
beers that will be marketed,
i "But how will one recognize a
beverage or patent medicine which
contains alcohol?" was asked Dr.
"I will tell you," said he. "And this
should be general knowledge. Any
drink o rpatent medicine which re
quires an internal revenue tax will
be classed as an intoxicating bev
erage. It was this point which made
such a success of the prohibition
bill ofTered by TV. C. Houston for
the doing away of all drinking in
Hawaii. In this bill he incorporated
the restriction that any thing which
required a tax was intoxicating and
Hawaii is now dry as a bone."
Up o U. S. Government
"This would put things up to the
internal revenue department, then "
"Exactly, and in the bill which is
soon to he presented at Washington,
this feature will be important. It
has great scope. A revenue sflinip
instantly identifies a drink, whether
beverage or patent medicine, as in
toxicating. The great combination of
dry forces which is about to pre
sent this bill, vbeltcves that patent
medicines must be under the same
control and conditions as any other
3Tis Ruth Ilickert, tea,cher of kin
dergarten I nthe public schools of
Haddonfleld, N. J., is at home wlili her
parents. Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Ttickert,
2423 North Sixtli street, convalescing
from a severe attack of the flue.
| Res pons ihi lilt/ For Great Confh
| mission of Socialists Sow L
Vienna Doctor .lr
Berne, Feb. 6.—Responsibility fot
the great war will be Investigated l>.\
a commission appointed by the So
clallst conference. In session here, i,
was decided yesterday. This con'
mission will comprise two British,
two French, one Hungarian, one Aus
trian and two German delegates, with
J'resident Hjalmar Branting acting
a.t a member. The personnel of tHis
commission has not been announced
Fieter J. Troelhtra, the Dutch So
cialist leader and hne of the British
delegates declared today that tin
"prime object of the conference was
to influence the peace conference at
Followlng an attack on the German
Majority Socialists by 'Kurt Eisner
the Bavarian premier, during th<
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania—Treasury Department
i Statement of the Amounts in the
Several Funds at Close of Business
January 21, 1919.
Aldtne Trust Co., Phila
delphia 812,000 00
American Bank, Phila,
delphia 32,000 00
American National Bank,
[ IVaynesburg 16,000 00
Annville National Bank.
Annvilie 8.000 60
Anthracite Trust Com- IRftoo 00
pany, Seranton 16.000 on
Athens National Bank,
Athens S.ooo uu
AUentown National Bank, . . fl
AUentown ®' ow "
Allentown Trust Co., Al- OQO 00
lentown KVYi'
Bank of Kast Falls, Phil- OQO 0Q
Bank of Commerce. 1 hil- , 0 000 00
adelphia " •
Burgrettstown 40 0000 00
Bank. Biirgettßtown.. i 000 00
Bank of X>onora, Donora.
Bank of North America, 16 000 00
Philadelphia ••• • • '
Bank of South WliHari|a
port. South illwim. 8,000 CO
port ' *
Beilefonte Trust <-o„ 35 000 90
Bellefonte ••••••••••'*
Braddoek Trust v. „ 30-000 00
Braddock •• • • •••• ':
Brookville Title & Trust 00
Co., Brookville •••••• •:
Butler County National p()
Bank. Butler ''
Bridgeville I rust -0., je.ooo 00
Bridgeville .. •. • •• • • ,
Bolivar National Bank. 4> ooo 00
Berwick Saving and lrust g 00
Co.. Berwick .•••• • • • • •
Camp Curtin Trust co., 000 00
llarrisburg •••••• A '''
Carlisle Trust Co., <-ai 16,000 00
Carnegie National Bank, J4.000 00
Carnegie .. .- • ••• •
Carnegie Trust Co.. car 100,000 00
Central National Bank. 400 0 00
Philadelphia • j"W.'nk
Central National g 0()0 00
Central Trust Company. 32,000 00
llarrisburg -•• • •• • V.'
Charter National Ban. 12 ,500 00
Centra* National Bank, 12 0 00 00
Mount Union •••;' V ''j* 16,000 00
citizens Bank, Freeianu.
Citizens Trust Company. l 2 0 00 00
Cannonsburg ••• •• • •''
Chartiers Trust 16 QOO 00
Citizens'* National Bank, s.OOO 00
CiUzens na staie Bank of 4 000 00
1 isbUl'V. faIK l * l
Citizens Banking Co" - 00
Citfzen's °National Bank, 24 0 0 0 00
Meyersdale •• • " kU.;,,
Clt . Uen „v I'nlontown.. 00
Citizens State Bank. Wil- s.OOO 09
city Bank 1 of' McKeasporL 16 000 00
Carlisle 1 "deposit 12,000 00
Clearfield Trust Company. 40 .000 00
ClVntSn fi Cminty' Trust Co.. l 2 p0
Co^nblw a Avenue Trust p eo
Co.. Philadelphia. ..-■
Commonwealth liust •• 24 ,000 00
Conewago" Trust Com- 4 0 00 00
C on U nontaT 1 suitable
Title A Trust Company. 24 0 00 00
Philadelphia ••• • ■ 'x'
County savins 3 BanK " 80,000 00
County t °Trust Company. g OQO 00
CDtzens Bank. 120000 0 o
CltTz a ens n TVu"t % Company. 20 Pftn 0 0
Clarion ••••V j. 16,000 oo
%„rcul Trust- Com- g p#o 00
Bank. „ ()00 0 o
DiVn°e n Bank of Pittston. g . QOO UQ
pittston •I" Mechanics
Dr Nati"ar n B d ank! PhUa- 2f , 0f10 (0
Deport Bank. 20 opo 00
E "t B Lnd' Savings and ;gnoo 0 0
Exchange jiatlonal Bank. 32 000 00
Farmers Bank. Barkes- 6 0 00 00
Farmers National Bunk, 4 ,000 00
Farnwrs' Trust Company, 75 0 00 oO
Farmers 6 State Bank. g floo 00
Hanover. K 'nu
Farmers National B , 12,000 00
Farmers National Bank. 12 ,000 00
Montrose .. ••• • •
F t r o me pun & xs?tawney T ... • 00
Red Lion o '.' 8 " 0 - .••• <> o
4.000 co
Bankl e, T > rone LOOO 00
TTarmere Mechanics
F^ru e st a CO.. West- Cites-
FajVner;jNiu'n| Bank. 15 000 00
8.00 00 >
ValilT, Fayelte OYy""'. ".000 00
F p a any' U phila 1 de U |phla . <.OOO 00 .
F, phlUde?p r hla t ' . COm^ <' ooo 00
P'rf . 20.000 00
FiVe'port Bank. Freeport. 8.000 00
Franklin Trust Company,
Philadelphia ••••••••■ ".000 00
Fulton National Bank.
latncaslcr s .° oo l 'o
Fanners l>eposit National.
Bank. Pittsburgli 60.000 CO
F "anon* , T . r . U ' t . . C °": • 8.000 00
First National Bank,
Addison 8,000 00
First National Bank,
Bedford 16,000 00
First National Bank.
Berwick 8,000 CO
First National Bank. ,
Black Lick 8,000 00
First National Bank.
vßeaver Falls 1.16,0 m 00
First National Bank,
Cherry Tree 12,000 00
First National Bank,
Cressun 10,000 00
ict to Be Investigated by Com
folding Session at Berne;
cases His Nation
forenoon, another German delegate
ficrr Mueller, a Majority Socialist,
ienltd that Germany was entirely to
dame for the war and dofended his
party. He said:
"It was not Germany alon*. but the
militarists of the whole of Europe, j
who were the originators of the war.]
German Socialists would have lost |
forever all their influence up, n the ,
people if they iiad ventured to op- :
pose the war. Wo cannot accept the'
judgment of our enemies, but only !
hat of neutrals."
Carl Catusky. a German delegate,
ivho lias been mentioned as one ol
Germany's delegation to the peace
conference at Paris, spoke at the eve
ning session, making a renewed at
First National Bank.
(.Marion 16.000 00
First National Bank,
Carnegie 60.000 00
First National Bank,
Carrolltown 16,000 00
• irst National Bahk,
Clifton Heights 16,000 00
First National Bank.
Onshore S.OOO 00
First National Bank.
Ebensburg 40.000 00
First National Bank.
Glen Campbell 20 000 00
I irst National Bank,
Franklin 20.000 00
First National Bank,
Harrlsburg 25.000 00
First National Bank,
Huntingdon 20,000 00
First National Bank,
Johnstown 26,000 00
I irst National Bank.
Greensburg 100.000 00
First National Bank.
Intercourse g.OOO 00
First National Bank.
Lebanon 6 000 00
First N a t 1 on a 1 Bank,
Marysvilie 4000 00
First National Bank.
Meshoppen 16.000 00
First National Bank.
Montrose 12,000 00
First National Bank.
New Freedom 8,000 00
First National Bank,
New Kensington S.OOO 00
First National Bank,
Olvphant 8.000 00
First National Batik,
Nanticoke • 28,000 00
First National Bank,
Pittston 62,000 CO
First National Bank,
Plymouth 40.000 00
First National Bank.
Portage 8,000 00
First National Bank,
Pitcairn 12,000 00
First National Bank,
rfa.vre 8,000 00
First National Bank.
Somerfield 8.000 00
First National Bank.
fjpangler 8,000 00
First National Bank,
Spring Grove 8,000 00
First National Bank.
Trafford City 8,000 00
First National Bank,
Tyrone 16,000 00
First National Bank.
IVellsboro 35,000 00
First National Bank,
Washington 20,000 00
First National Bank,
Wilkinsburg 20,000 00
First National Bunk.
Weatherly 4,000 00
First National Bank,
Montoursvifle 8,000 00
First National Bank.
Blairsville 10,000 00
First National Bank,
Canton 16,000 00
First National Bank.
Charleroi 16,000 00
First National Bank of •
Salisbury, Klk Kick 12,000 00
First National Bank,
McKeesport 16,000 00
First National Bank.
MifTlintown 12,000 00
First National Bank,
Rimersburg 8,000 00
First National Bank,
Willi aril sport 28,000 00
First National Bank.
Turtle Creek 12,000 00 ,
First National Bank,
York 22,500 00 .
Glass City Union Deposit
Bank, Jeanette 8,000 00
Glen Rock State Bank.
Glen Rock 4,000 00
Guaranty Safe Deposit <fc
Trust Co., Butler 16,000 00
Guarantee Trust & Safe
Deposit Co., Philadel
phia 16,000 f.O
Hamburg Savings Bank.
Hamburg 8,000 00
Hanover Bank of Wilkes-
Barre, Wilkes-Barre. .. 12,000 00
Heights Deposit Bank,
Wilkes-Rarre 12,000 00
Homer City National
Bank, Homer City 15.000 00
Industrial National Bank,
West York 8,000 00
Juniata Valley National"
Bank, Mifflintown 8,000 00
Jeannette Savings and
Trust Co., Jeannette .. 4,000 00
Jenkintown National
Bank, Jenkintown 12,000 00
Kennett Trust Co., Ken
nett Square 10,000 00
Katie Trust' & Savings
Co., Kane 16,000 00
Keystone National Bank,
Pittsburgh 20,000 00
Keystone Bank, Scran
ton 12,000 00
I.ineoln Deposit & Trust
Co.. AUoona 20,000 oft
I/strobe Trust Company,
Latrobe . 16,000 00
Lebanon County Trust
Co., Lebanon 8,000 00
I.ineoln Trust Company,
Seranton 24,000 CO
I.lttlestown Savings In
stitution, Littlestown .. 8,000 00
Logan Trust.. Company,
Philadelphia 20,000 00
Luzerne County National
Bank, Wilkes-Barre ... 16,000 00 .
Luzerne National Bank,
Luzerne 8,000 00
Lycoming National Bank,
WiUiamsport 8,000 00
Lyndora National Bank.
Lyndora 12,000 00
Liberty National Bank,
Pittsburgh 24,000 00
Marion Center National
Bank, Marion Center... > 8,000 00
Madera National Bank,
Madera 20,000 00
Marine National Bank,
lCrie 40,000 00
.Market Street National
Bank. Sharnokin 12,000 OS
Mechanics Trust Com
pany, llarrisburg 60,000 CO
Merchants National Bank,
Jlarrisburg 40,000 04)
M- rchants National Bank,
Pottsville 30.000 00
Miners Bank, Wilkes-
Barre 36,000 CO .
Miners Deposit Bank, Ly
kens 15,000 00
Miners •'Saving Bank, <
Pittston 81,000 00
Metropolitan National i
Bank, Pittsburgh 44,000 00
McDowell National Bank. 1
Sharon IC.OOO CO
McKeesport Title & Trust 1
Co.. McKeesport 40,000 00
Middle City Bank. Phila
delphia 60,000 00
Nanticoke National Bank,
Nanticoke 8,000 00
National Bank of Oftr- -
mantown, Philadelphia. 20,000 00
National Bank of Jersey
Shore, Jersey Shore.-.. 8,000 00
National Bank of Mai- 2
vern, Malvern 12,000 00
Northern Central Trust 3
Co., Williamsport 28,000 00
North Seranton Bank, 1
Seranton , 20,000 00
FEBRUARY 5, 1919.
taelc against the German Majority
Socialist party. He concluded:
"The Majority Socialists, having,
protested against the terms of the
Bresl-Ultovsk and Bucharest treaties.
have today the right to claim Jos' |
treatment for the German people.
Germany must be fed. She must bo;
given un opportunity to get work end '
to avoid troubles which will lead to -
Printing Office Bargains
For Sale
One 14-in.x24-in. Casting Box.
One Danniel's Planer.
One Gas Metal Pot.
One Small Egg Stove.
Seven Feet 3-in. of 1 11-16 Shafting.
Ten Feet of 1%-iri. Shafting.
Federal Machine Shop
Cranberry St., Near Second
Harrisburg, Pa.
National Bank of Coates
vilie, Coatesville 8,000 00
National Bank of Fay
ette County, Untontown 80,000 00
Oil City Trust Company,
Oil City 80,000 00
Punxsutawney National
Bank, Punxautawnev.. 10,000 00
People" Bank, Carnegie. 12,000 00
Pennsylvania Nation
al Bank, Chester 36,000 00
Peoples National Bank.
Bust Brady 16,000 00
Peoples Bunk, Hanover.. 8,000 00
Peoples National Bank.
Lebanon 8,000 00
Pe >ples National Bank.
MeKeesport 36,000 00
Peoples Bank. Mifflin •••• 4,000 00
I J eoples National Bank.
Monessen 12,000 00
Peoples National Bank,
Mount Pleasant 12,000 00
Peoples National Bank,
Stewnrtstown 15,000 00
Peoples Union Savings
Bank. Plttston 36,000 00
Peoples Saving and Dime
Bank, Scranton 96,000 00
Peoples Trust Co., Wvo
missing ... 16,000 00
Pine Brook Bank, Scran-
T „ t ° n . 12,000 00
Pittsburgh Trust Com
pany. Pittsburgh 9 l;o,000 00
Phiison National Bank
Berlin 12.000 00
Penna. Company for In
surance on Lives and
Granting Annul ties,
Philadelphia 40 000 On
Peoples State Bank. Bed
Plymouth NaYionaV Bank.' M °° °°
Provide°nt th Trust"Com- Ss '°° o 00
RePiJg^^i 1 Bank." " Mo ° °°
Heal Lstate and Trust
s.'^a w Sffi.T "
Meyersdale 16 000 on
Second National Bank of '
brankford. Fliiladel-
Se t 'l. Trust' Co.; Scou < '°° o °°
Security ' Titie " Trust IMO ° °°
aiiiU 2M °° 00
Stro^?i ,a^ la onai
Hank Stroudsburg .. 28 000 on
Susquehanna Trust and ' °°
£afe Deposit Co.. Wil
11amsport aaa
Swan hmore National
<l.f. an |L S "? rthmo "'" 16,000 00
Deposit and Trust
CO. of Lawrence
County. New Castle .. *ig noo on
Snow shoe Bank, Snow ' 00
S °toiF S ' de Scran- <,o °° 00
Stone' Nailonai M °° °°
TruY 0*0°" Har- 12 " 000 < " )
St^Bfnk- o f-Elizai. e 4 th; IM °° °°
T^f d °° MO
"• 000 0 °
National IM °° 00
8 000 00
Vnlon 1 Bunk'of 10 '° 00 00
Connrllsvllla .... ~ - nn nn
T t, M?n n er l i?„ t ,Y n . a . , . Bank : II
1 McK-eeY.u't ° al ... °°
m. n , ? rust Company of ' 00
40 ' oooo °
10 ' 000 00
Wayne 1 " County" Savings' 2 °' ooo °°
Bank. Honesdale • o 0 000 no
Washington Trust Com
pany. Pittsburgh 150 000 00
Warren Savings Bank lau " uuo 00
West rr side' Bank,' Scran- 4 °'° no °°
We£ "Branch" Naiionai lo '°° n °°
T'kiS" K W'ijliamsport ... 16,000 0#
Anion Deposit and Trust
\v'ct mP S. n i y " \Y a >neburg. 16.000 00
West Side Bank, West
W'Mtejm "National ' Bank, 8 "° 00 00
Wilb'ur * 10. P..' Trust' Co.; 8 " 000 . 00
South Bethlehem 120,000 00
wayne Junction Trust
Uo Philadelphia 16,000 00
Washington Trust Co..
Washington 20,000 00
York County National
Lank, York 12,000 00
York Trust Co.. York 20,000 00
Yough Trust Co., Con
nellsville 40,000 00
Colonial Trust Co., Pitts
burgh 358,645 92
Commonwealth Trust Co.,
Harrisburg 343.609 18
Corn Exchange National
Bank, Philadelphia .... 3 654 12
Diamond National Bank,
Pittsburgh 637 79
Harrisburg Trust Com
pany, Jlarrisburg 9,400 15
Mellon National Bank,
Pittsburgh 3,443 17
Quaker City National
Bank, Philadelphia . . 38,632 36
Cash on hand 218,210 53
Total Amount In Gen
eral Fund 86,245,633 22
Anthracite Trust Com
pany, Scranton $50,000 00
Archbald Bank. Arjihbald 5,000 00
Bradford National Bank,
Bradford 15,000 00
Commercial National
Bank. Bradford 16,000 C'O
Commercial Trust Com
pany, Harrisburg- .... 6,000 00
Commonwealth Ttust Co,
Harrisburg 28,61u 02
Colonial NatlOna. Bank,
Connellsville 25.000 00
Farmers & Traders Na
unal Bank, Westlu-ui 1-1,000 00
Farmers Deposit Bank.
Cresson 7,600 00
Fayette City National
,Bank. Fayette City 20,00,0 00
First National Bank,
Cherry Tree 10.0C0 00
First National Bank.
GalOton 6.00 C 00
First National Bank,
Knoxville 5,000 00
First National Bank,
Mansfield 10,000 00
| a recrudescence of Bolshevism"
| Dr. Friedrlch Adler, of Vienna, aon
cured the former Austrian Oorerni
ment of having: "systematically work
-1 ed for the war."
Frank Bohm, an American BodtMwt
arrived here today. There are now
ninety delegates present,
I lng 25 countries. , '
Bt l , 1 0 n a 1 Bank,.
New Wilmington 6.00 C 00
First National Bank,
Fir. a . tt v I IS.COO 00
First National Bank,
■vState College : 6,000 00
Fiist National Bank,
SM °° °°
M.UanPcs TrustCo.;'iLarl 10 '°° 0 °°
risburg 1S 000 00
Mclvean County Trust
Co., Bradford 15 000 CO
Miners National Bank.
Blossburg 15,000 00
Mononguhela Nation
al Bank. Brownsville.. 60.000 00
Miners and Merchants '
Deposit Bank, Portaga 10,000 00
Monaca National Bank.
rott°e n r ac %iVi — 6.000 00
lf, tter Title & Trust
Co, Pittsburgh 15,000 00
Punxsutawney National
Hank, Punxsutawney.. 90,000 00
Second National Bank.
aMeyersdale if) aaa aa
Somerset Trust Company.
25 ' bOO 0 °
QuW 3 °' oo ° C#
TiflfcoYn't'YSLYifgs' & "' OOO °°
TiniiiVu. t:o '' Vellsboro -• 33,000 00
Union Trust Co. of Penn
sylvanla, Harrisburg.. 85,000 00
Total Amount in Sink-
Ing Fund $651,110 03
Bank of Commerce, Phil
adelphia ■ t" 6 oon en
Citizens National Baik! , " s '° oo °°
{tinkhannock i A AAA AA
Colonial National Bank 0
7 - s °° 00
dolphia 9 r aaa aa
p?) , ", yra D Ba n k . Palmyral 30,000 00
Peoples Bank, Steelton .. 30 000 00
Peoples Savings and Dimi ' 00
People N : au n or, "Bank 60 " 0 '0 P °
Coloni'al b Tru
Commonwealth' TruVt" Co" 145,664 93
Harrisburg i.... 71394 sk
Corn Kxehange National
Bank, Philadelphia 166 402 79
Diamond National Bank
Pittsburgh ... ' 264 538 m
H.rriaburg Trust Co.
Harrisburg ' 211"> RI
Mellon National Bank, '
Pittsburgh 266 "23 17
Quaker City National
Bank, Philadelphia .... 221,223 83
Total Amount In Motor
Fund $1,364,065 54 '
American National Bank
rawjais; m
I'hiladelphia 40.000 00
First .National Bank, I
, Florae
UdYn Yrust Cm of Pennl 1 °' 0( ' 0 °°
sylvan ia, Harrisburg.. 20,000 00
Union J-rust co, Donora 10,000 00
Colonial Trust Co, Pitts
bi,rs'l 82,930 54
Total Amount In Game
Protection and Prop
agation Fund ....... $282,930 54
Bedford County Trust Co.
Bedford j2S one as
First National Bank, '
Somerset 25 000 aa
National Bank of Coates
ville, Coatesville 25 000 aa
Third National Bank. "'" uv 00
Philadelphia 60,000 00
Providence Bank, Scran-
Diamond National' Bank, 26 ' 000 00
Pittsburgh 148,338 87
Total Amount In Fund
for Payment of Boun
tles $298,338 SI
Union Trust Co.'of Penn
sylvania, Harrisburg .. 30.000 00
Commonwealth Trust Co.,
Harrisburg 34,567 78
Total Amount In Insur
ance Fund $64 557 7a
Commonwealth Trust Co.
Harrlsbufg $65,233 75
Total Amount in School
Fund *65
Commonwealth Trust Co.
Harrisburg $17,989 49
Total Amount in Prison
Manufacturing Fund. sl7 989 49
Commonwealth Trust Co. . -
.Harrisburg $32,059 08
Colonial Trust Co., Pitts- >
burgh 126,670 49
Total Amount In Fed
eral Appropriation .. $158,729 52
Harrisburg Trust Com
pany, Harrisburg . , $8,794 76
Total Amount In Fish
Propagation Fund .. $8,794-16
Total amount In all
Funds $9,167,382 98
The above statement Includes the
names of all Banks, Corporations and
Firms with whom the moneys of said
funds are deposited.
Bonds are held by the State for the
safe keeping of the same.
Interest at the rate of 2 per centum
is received by the State on such de
State of Pennsylvania, City of Hir-i
risburg—ss. "
Personally appeared before me
Charles A. Snyder, Auditor General-
Harman Al. Kcphart, State Treasurer
who being duly sworn according to
law, salth that the foregoing state
ment Is true and correct to the best
of his knowledge and belief.
State Treasurer.
Sworn and subscribed before ma
tins 4th day of February, 1919.
Auditor General.
Published in pursuance of the pro
visions of Section IL Act of Febru-i
try 17, 1906, Harrisburg, Pa.
Auditor OaaeraL I