Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, February 03, 1919, Page 9, Image 9

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Boats Operated by Shipping
Board to Go Back Un
tvnaliliiKtoii, Feb. S.—Dutch ships
requisitioned by the American Gov
ernment during the war and now
operated by the shipping board will
be unconditionally returned to Hol
land as rapidly as they reach Amer
ican ports at the conclusion of their
ipresent voyages. This announcement
Is made by the War Trade Board,
which has reached an agreement on
the subject with the shipping board.
The Dutch ships were seized in
American ports, last March 20 by or
der of P-esident Wilson, acting in the
war emergency. There were 87 of,
the vessels with an aggregate of
639,000 deadweight tons, but several
of them were destroyed by enemy ac
tion or storms while in the service of
the United States.
Under the agreement reached with
the Dutch ship owners vessels de
stroyed were to be replaced by money
or by ships at option of the Dutch
owners, and liberal rates for the use
of the vessels were allowed. There
was no information today as to the
exact number of the ships that had
been lost or whether payment would
be in money or In American tonnage.
Professor Francis H. Green, dean
of the department of Knglish in I lie
West Chester State Normal .School,
addressed the men's mass meeting in
Fahnestock Hall, yesterday afternoon,
on the subject, "Our Choices." He
was introduced by Dr. J. George
Becht, executive secretary of the
State Board of Kducation. A. D.
Bacon, president of the board of di
rectors of the Central Y. M. C. A., pre
sided. The Rev. S. Wlnfleld Herman
read the Scriptures. The quartet from
the Zion Lutheran Church sang, and
William E. Bretz played a number of
organ numbers preceding the meeting.
Look out for Span
ish Influenza.
At the first sign ol
a cold take
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in 34 hour*—relieve* grit U ? dove. Iloat*
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with Mr Hill's pirv At All Drur Slot
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help you
dodge this
ft "When the nose is stoppetl u P. )
\ as by a coW in the head, or |
I when from bad hab.t mou f-
I CatKl f air Is o U nfy parliSy
I of the throat, wndp.pc or \
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I form the healthy habit of clearing
I your heed by anutfing a little
I LONDON'S up your nose.
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■ w!il pay you your money back if
I LONDON S doe* not do oil wo
R say. Sample tin free on request.
Gives You Fighting
Strength to Ward
Off Colds and
The germs of Cold and Influ
enza are still prevalent
Only those systems contain
ing good, rich, red {flood and
fighting physical strength are
able to throw off these germs.
It is criminal to neglect a
weakened or impaired system.
One shoulu take every precau
tion, not only for himself, but
for every member of his family,
to build up the blood and
strengthen the system. Nothing
will so quickly accomplish this
building up process and give
you that strength to resist this
disease as
Munyon's Marrowbone Tonic
Tablets will increase the number'
of red cells in your blood, will
aid digestion, stimulate your
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All druggists, $l.OO a bottle.
MONDAY EVENING. \ jlrrisburg flSßfa TELEGRAPH: , FEBRUARY 3, 1919,
Decisions Handed Down in
Municipal and County Cases
by the State Board
Two decisions
i \ \ t //J awarding co m
dVXV pcnsatlon to men
city and a county
StaSiESSff n exhaustive in
vestigation. Both establish prece
In one case the widow of Robert
K. Ellis," of New Castle, Is awarded
compensation for the death of her
husband, the official dog catcher of
New Castle, because he died from
rabies inflicted by the bite of a dog
he was endeavoring to catch because
it was unlicensed. Such an injury
is held to be an accidental one
within the meaning of the compen
sation act, while it is held that the
position hold by Ellis lender the mu
nicipality entitles his dependents to
compensation. The case attracted
much attention, as Ellis was bitten
in October, 1916, and died in De
cember as the direct result, the opin
ion holds.
Mrs. Martha Minser, of Indiana,
is given compensation for the death
of her husband, Samuel D. Minser,
who was fatally injured by a blow
or a fall while gathering evidence
for the district attorney of illegal
sales of liquors in a mining town in
that county. In making the deci
sion a new hearing is refused.
The relation of general contractor
and sub-contractor is held not to in
terfere with compensation for de
pnedenjs in claim of GoGldman vs.
Oler <fc Shapiro and Berman, Phila
delphia; compensation is awarded in
Valentin! vs. Marshall Foundry Co.,
Philadelphia, although the decedent
did not contain any marks of a fatal
electric shock when found, it being
held that death could be produced
without visible signs on the body,'
and these appalls dismissed; Mi
chael vs. Koppcrs Co., Pittsburgh;.
Repine vs. Pennsylvania railroad,
Indiana; Haggart vs. O'Brien Bros.,
Avoca; Mariano vs. Brill Co., Phila
-delphia; Bieber vs. Fayette Coal
Co., Noblestown, and Toulon vs.
Elks' Club, Eric.
New hearings were awarded In
Dorring vs. Neely Bolt & Nut Co.,
Pittsburgh; Myers vs. Meyers, Mc-
Keesport, and Beal vs. Brothers
Valley Coal Co., McDonaldton.
History Wanted.—Major W. G.
Murdock, the state's chief draft of
ficer, has issued a call to all local
boards which have not filed their
history of the operation of the draft
in their "districts to do so before
February 10. "It is imperative that
all boards forward their reports be
fore board records are sealed," says
the notice.
Big Attendance. —Unusual Jar.u- j
ary weather was the cause of a large j
attendance at many of the' farmers' i
institutes held throughout the state !
last month. The reports coming in
show the greatest interest in prepa
ration of land for corn and draining
of lands and swamps. Live stock
and wheat are generally reported
in good condition.
Pardon Hoard. The February
meeting of the state board of par
dons is announced for the 19tli. The
list will be closed in a week.
Spoko to Scribes. Governor
Sproul and Attorney General Schaf
fer were speakers ah the annual
dinner of the Chester Pen and Pen
cil Club at Chester Saturday night. |
McXlchol Congratulated. . Ex. j
Representative Thomas F. Ale- |
Nichol, named as a judge for Phil- j
adelphia municipal court, has been I
getting many congratulations from
legislative friends.
Itowand Refuses.—District Attor
ney Rowand, of Allegheny county,
has refused to join in the move
ment of ex-Attorney General Brown
for the nonprossing of the Pitts
burgh Life cases. They will now go
to trial. The men involv? 1 re cntly
made A settlement in the civil ac
The Central Y. M. C. A. acted as
host. aSturday niglft, to men employ
ed by the Central Iron and Steel Com
pany. At least 500 men were present.
Talent from the mills was a feature.
Ashton D. Peace was director of the
Somerset Judge Dead—Judge Wil
liam H. Ruppel, of the Somerset
county courts, is dead. He was well
known to many here. The Governor
will have to name his successor.
Insists on l'isliway—Speaker Rob
ert S. Spangler in an interview at
York declared that a fishway in the
Susquehanna at McCall's Ferry was
bound to come.
To Meet Friday—The State For
estry Commission will have its
monthly meeting Friday and will dis
cuss legislation.
To Attend Meetings—A number of
the legislators have been invited to
attend the state school directors' con
vention and will do so to hear the
views on school legislation.
Soft Coal Prices Show
Little Change First Day
of Restriction Removal
Washington, Feb. 3. There was
no reduction in the price of bitumin
ous coawl At the mines on the first
day after the'removal of the govern
ment restrlfctions. the National Coal
Association announced last night, on
the basis of telegrams received from!
practically all rmportant producing
centers. Prices were said to have
held generally firm, while in several
districts tho better grades of coal ad
Reports from various districts in
Pennsylvania show sales generally at
the previous government price, but
high quality coals, well prepared, in!
some instances wero sold at material
Increases over the previous govern
ment figures.
Wllliamstowii, Pa., Feb. 3. In
fluenza is again on the increase in
this borough, there being approxi
mately one hundred and fifty cases,
a number of deaths resulting. Mrs!
William Morgan died Saturday. She
was about 30 years old and is sur
vived by her husband and severaf
small children .
WUliamstown, Pa., Feb. 3. Al
bert Lewis, who for several years
had .been connected with the Troirp
Piano Company, at Harrisburg, has
opened a business of his own here
Mr. Lewis' home is in Williams
"SKNK t'ADII tfiE" | \ni.()OU
Marietta. Pa.. Feb. 3.—While walk
ing over the York county hills yes
terday. J. E. Senlt, a prominent at
torney found a 'skunk cabbarre"
stalk in full bloom. E
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