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    E. Z. GROSS, OUT
Attack by City Cduimissioner j
Is I'nwarrantcd. Savs
. . fc
Chief Executive
Mayor Keister yesterday re
fused to discuss the political aspect
of the attack or E. Z. Gross. City |
'Commissioner, who Wednesday night
slammed the police department for;
what he alleged to be the failure!
to round up persons who turn in j
fa'se alarms.
Gross is quoted as saying that the j
police department "let the
take its own course, as it does with j
the other things brought to its at- I
Mayor Keister said that the state
ment is unwarranted, and that the
farts in the case show Gross to Jiave ]
spoken without knowing what he j
was talking about. He said the po- j
lice records would show that arrests]
have been made on the charge of! 1
turning in false alarms. The. records ]
show that the last arrest was niade I
October 9. . The Mayor said a few J
•minutes after that arrest was made.! l
another false alarm was turned in j 1
and that his police have been on the j 1
watch ever since to apprehend such ]
disorderly characters. He admitted ;
no one has been arrested on the j
charge since, atid added that it is p
very hard to apprehend such of- .
fepders. |.
The rumor is current among the t
policemen at the Mayor's office, and ] ]
on the streets, the Mayor's friends ,
say, that Gross wants to discredit (
the Mayor so as to give his own
campaign for the Mayoralty a beU 1
ter impetus. The Mayor refused to
comment upon this aspect of tAe I
case, merely reiterating that Gross'
attack was unwarranted in view of
the facts. 4
Gross' Slain
Commissioner Gross when he j
'earned of the Mayor's statement j
that he did not know the .facts about I ]
false alarms, said: "Records of the [
lire department show that since De- !
cember 18 there have been five false:'
alarms. Not one arrest has been j
made. These alarms are turned in.
1 believe, by mischievous youths, I
from fourteen to about twenty years '
of age.
''False alarms do not cost the
so much to operate the fire appa
ratus. but they do endanger the lives
and property of the residents. Every- |
one knows that when a motor-driven
fire truck comes tearing down the ,
street that traffic dangers are great- J
ly increased. Then. too. there is al- ,
wavs the danger of a smashup be- i ]
cause' a few reckless drivers of other ! i
vehicles will get in the way of the
approaching trucks. The firemen are ;
willipg to do their best to save prop- !
crty. hut it is certainly discouraging ,
to run so many risks, be aroused at!
all Ijours of the night, race to a box | ]
ami find that it is only a false j
■ Commissioner Gross made no com- j
ment about his candidacy. He has,]
asked his friends for support, how- j i
ever, and privately declared that j
"his hat is in the ring.''
The Official King
Investigation of lire department j
records shows that since December j
18 there have been five false alarms,
as follow: December 18, evening.
Kox 36, Second and Dauphin streets:
n.orning of December 23, Hox 13.1
Race and Paxton streets, 3.05 o'clock;
evenings of January 19. Box 3, Wash-!
ington and River strfeets, 9.35 I
o'clock; January 16. Box 12. Race;
and Hanna strets. 12.02 t*'clock; Jan
uary 28, Box 214, Fourteenth and!
State street. 12.52 o'clock.
Fire Chief John C.*Kindler de-1
clared that during the last few j
months two and three false alarms!
have bee nturned in, while a few j
years ago there were seldom more j
than that many in a year. His only j
remark about the situation was i
"Something should be done to stop it. |
1 report the alarms to the police for ;
Krister Stands Pat
Mayor Keister stands firm in his
determination to conduct no investi-:
gation of the alleged irregularities)
of the policemen and officials, as
charged by Theodore A. Magnelli. l
the discharged policemen. He said I
Magnelli's charges were only rtatur-l
al. coming from a policeman who!
was vindictive because of losing his;
Joh. . '
In spite of this stand by the may
or. the opinion persists that the
charges must have a foundation ofj
fact behind tliem, and that a thor-j
ough investigation to prove them or
disprove them, should ve started atl
once. It is generally felt that so!
many rumors of a nasty character
have been prevalentn during the last!
year and a half, that in justice to|
the conscientious members of the
force, they should be proved or dis
The charge of Councilman Gross
• 'hief Wetzel also denied, who de
clared in proof of his defense of the
department that the three boys who
wero arrested October 9 for turning
in a false alarm from the box at
Tent hand State streets, would be I
given a hearing in juvenile court this)
Mr. Gross is quoted as saying. "So
far as I can remember, they toave
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not made an arrest in the past year
of persons who send in fire alarms
without cause", '
Talking Through Ills Hat
: - Chief Wetzel was also of the opin
! ion that evidently Mr. Gross waa
I talking without knowing what he
was talking about. Me admitted,
however, that false alarms have been
turned In continually since the last
arrest, but no additional arrests'
have bee nmade. ;,
| He said that as the fire companies '
have .men deputized with police pow-;
eCs. and as there are more firemen ]
thnn police, the firemen should
break up the false alarm epidemic.;
Chief Wetzel said that he request- I
ed all theaters a week ago to throw
] a warning on the screen eveiy night
at 9 o'clock, that-children under 16 j
years of age nnd unaccompanied by:
their parents, should leave the tlie-j
aters. A number of officers who we;
hirbd at theaters al night, declared!
that they enforce the order effec-!
"Will Let Job Stand}"
Pier Says in Answer
\s to Seattle Strikers
Washington. Jan. 31.—1t will be
the policy of the government in ship- j
yard strikes to "let the Job stand." '
Charles Plez. director general of the ;
Emergency Fleet Corporation, said j
yesterday. . H .i referied particularly,
the situation at Seattle, where he '
said men had been out for a week. ]
and at San Francisco, where he said !
it was reported workers in two !
trades intended to go out shortly and
tie up all the work in the district, i
Mr. Piez declared most of the
yards needed a breathing spell, that
he did not think the government j J
would continue to furnish work at ;
extremely high wages unless increas- ] ,
ed skill and output iustified it. and !
that in hUs view it was highly un- ) '
wise for shipyard workers in their:
own interests to call strikes at ex- ! '
.jsting scales.
Cumberland Valley
Elects Directing Board
Harrisburg men are included ;
among the directors elected at the;
annual meeting of the Cumberland!
Valley and Martinsburg Railroad j
Company. The board named is: M. '
C. Kennedy. H. A. Riddle. Thomas ,
B. Kennedy, J. B. Hover, Spencer)
C. Gilbert. George H. Stewart und
Rewis S. Sadler.
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Famous Fighting Keystone
• Division to Be Perpetuated
After War
The wish that the Keystone
Division be reorganized Into the
National Guard of Pennsylvania
has beep expressed often by
members of the now famous alul
battle-scarred unit.
In this manner t lie brilliant |
history of tlc Iron Men inny l>c
preserved'ln a living organization ,
which will be ready for the ucxt
Few divisions, America.l or al
lied. made such n splendid record
on the Held of battle as did the
men from Pennsylvania.. It is j
recorded they never gave ground
and never stopped fighting until
every objective had been won.
The bright red Keystone the men
now wear on their arms at the
recommendation of General Per
shing is one of tlic honor murks
of the great War.
"War Department officials are in
favor of the old names and numbers '
of the regiments of the National |
Guard of Pennsylvania luting re- I
tained when the 28th Division re- ]
turns to this state and the Guard is !
reorganized," said Adjutant General ]
F. D. Beary yesterday after his re
turn from Washington where he ;
discussed the militia, situation with
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the chief of the militia bureau and !
other officers.
"We have all the authority needed
now for reorganization of the Guard
and absorption or the Reserve Mill- 1
tia into the new Guard," continued
the Adjutant General, "if the 2Sth
comes home this spring we will not
ask any legislation to Increase the
Militia because it would be absorb
ed, but if there is uncertainty about
it we will seek the right to add a
couple of regiments until the reor
ganization lakes place."
General Heuvey, chief of the bu
reau of militia affairs, is favorable
to withholding the gradUul increase
of state strength under the national
defense act because it would require
this state to have 30,100 men in
1920. For the present the strength
will be on the scale of 200 men for
each repersentative in Congress. This
would give 7.200 men. The Reserve
Militia contains 3,200 men. The
Guard contained 1,1,000 men In 1916
and 16.500 in 1917.
The general will return to Wash
ington next week to discuss the ques
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! tlon of the strength per unit. It is f 1
] now 65 and the belief ts that when j ,
the reorganization comes It will I
I be about that figure. ,
I Geperal Beary, who discussed mill- i .
tary training with General Heavey J i
! said thai he thought the time was
approaching when national and state j
authorities should get together on i
the proposition. A number'ot bills j
I dealing with that subject are ex-1
' peoted in the legislature soon.
Middle burg. Pa., .Tun. 30.—The!
,! annual convention of the Snyder]
! county school directors'was held in
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| For Skin Troubles
Soap 2Sc. O IBUnset 25 and 50c.
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the courthouse at Middleburg Tues
day. Dr. Tietrich, deputy state su
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February Furniture Sale
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principal of the West Chester State
Normal School, ami H. H. Mauser,
superintendent of schools of North
umberland county, were the speak-
ers. P. S. Hitter, of Middleburif,
was elected president, and James
Herman, of Adams township, secre
tary of the convention.