Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, January 31, 1919, Page 18, Image 19

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Without Trace of Emotion, Dauphin's
Daring Aviator Explains What His
Many Decorations Stand For .
"Walter couldn't fix the spigot on
our sink," said Miss Esther Shaffer,
this morning, at the Shaffer home in
Dauphin, which is locuted on a high
kopje just above the new villa built
by Lieutenant Governor Beidleman.
With an affectionate arm resting
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ojMBR X.
""" 1
j on the stalwart hsouldcr of her hero
brother the premier "cloudvuster" of
j all this neighborhood, little Miss
I Shaffer gazed her sublime admira
| lion at a figure which will surely at
i tract much attention in Harrisburg.
j Shaffer, a sergeant in the Lafayette
squadron, one of the famous flying
j units in the late war, laughed boist
j erously at his kid sister's remark. He
i arrived at Dauphin last night, just
j released from a German prison and
i he looked the part of the very piod-
J ern cloud climber, the real prototype
!of daring Am erica nisnj. He wore a
I skyblue French uniform consisting of
| bright red leather puttees, blue
trousers and tunic, with a French
gubardine dver the top and a saucy
J two-pointed cup. On liis breast glist
j ened various medals, >each with its
particular narrative for bravery.
Medal Upon Medal
I "I guess thut'p the most* precious."
I said Shaffer, without any show of
pride or triumph, for ho is delight
! fully human, and just as natural as
j any American hoy who represents
| the result of real Democracy. It was
, a beautiful French military medal.
I Next to this was the Croix de Guerre,
jand above tha't the Lafayette ribbon,
j Then there was the French aviator's
medal, for Shaffer served under the
banner of France, and the Lafkyette
: corps pinion. His-uniform was given
him by the French government on
! being released front a German pris
on. When the Germans captured
him they took a fancy to his fur
shoes and fur coat. They put wood
'en shoes on him and says Shaffer:
j "Nix on them; they would never be
| popular in America."
j The arrival of Shaffer yesterday
. afternoon in the quiet village of
■ Dauphin brought Ihe great war
j vividly to this locality. To-day lie
| cannot .begin to meet, the demands
of his friends. He represented all the
| daring, ingenuity and dash of the
Yankee fighter whose arrival at the
| front forced Germany to surrender.
'Along with him relumed another of
i the Shaffer family, Etnest, who be
! came sergeant-major of infantry
and did not have the luck to get
abroad. These two bo.vs are part of a
! family of seven who have lived at
i Dauphin twenty years, the typical
j Pennsylvania solid folks who make
| the basis of our Democracy.
Ilow It Klurtcd
"1 got the flying bug from that
i fellow Peck who was smashed up in
Paxtang creek," related Walter. "1
went out there and saw his smashed
j machine and 1 thought that 1 would
| like to hunt through the air. Sister
says T could not. fix the spigot, and
| I guess she is right." Miss Esther
j nodded her head emphatically, and
the point was settled. "But it is not
j knowledge of mechanics that makes
I the aviator; it is the wild desire to
fly; get me: fly! Say the first time|
you go up alone; that's an experi
ence. On the level you would laugh
to see fifteen or twenty kids on the
first hop. You are scared to death.
'Gee, I'm glad to get on earth" they
all say."
Shaffer after his mind got fixed on,
cloud climbing with the Peck dis-j
aster worked nearly two years at the.
State Printing shops here, then he
got a job at Kssinglon, down the
Delaware where he flew seaplanes.
Here he imbibed the careless, reck
less, daring of the cult. "Lucky dog
1 was." he reflected this morning,
while sister Esther silently expressed
her admiration. "The man with me
was killed. I managed to jump free
—and here I am." The machine fell
into the Delaware.
Hard Examination
Shaffer went to Buffalo after this
and worked at his tiade which was
a linotj'per. He migrated to Brook
lyn, got some expeiience there, al
though the flying school only had
one machine. Hearing about the
Lafayette corps he wrote to Wash
ington, for Shaffer, though but 26
years old, has all the initiative in the
"Say," he interpolated. "That was
some examination we had to take
to get in the Lafayette. You had to
have perfect eyes and your moral
character had to be testified to by
half a dozen substantial persons."
Speaking of morals Shaffer said he
was shocked in France, where mor
ality seems to be only a shibboleth.
He said it was a dangerous experi
ence for American troops.
Shaffer paid a fine tribute to the
English Cloudclimbers. "They had
nerve," said he. "Three or four of
them would so out on patrol and if
they 'met fifty Boche machines they
would butt in qnd give them battle.
The French were more careful, be
cause they were always thinking
about safety first. The English did
not care whether they got blotted
out or not. The Frenchmen loved
the Yanks for their daring; they de
spised the Germans, who are only
animals. The Germuns were al
right when they flew in groups of
fifty or sixty. 1 have to hand it to
them for formulion. tine day I was
out with five of the Lafayette squad
ron. We were up about ten thou
sand feet In the clouds. A heavy
thick cloud lay just below—and say,
believe me, the Boches staged some
thing new. They had fifty machines
flying in a circle. One Boche would
be right behind the other so if you
butted in the Boche behind could
get you. We nipped at them, but
it was 100 dangerous, and they sent
us back. But when one Boche went
out alone he had no nerve, while
the Yank or British sky traveler had
the nerve to light alone. That seems
U> be the failing of the German.
Give him a crowd with him and an
officer and he showed system and
efficiency. When it comes to per
sonal initiative, he is nix."
"How did you fall a captive to
the Huns'.'" asked the Telegraph
reporter. •
"Tell him," suggested Sister Pls
ther, who could not forget that her
brother Walter fell down oh fixing
the broken spigot; "tell him about
the balloons."
"Jt was beyond Chateau Thierry,"
related the bright-eyed Dauphin lad.
"We hopped off at daybreak one
morning to fly over Rheims. They
call it 'Raams' over there. There
were eight machines in our patrol.
An ace was leading us, and he be
gan to do some queer acrobatics.
I thought he was signalling that
Boche were about us, but I could
not see any Boche. A heavy white
cloud was below me and 1 was some
eight thousand feet in the air.
'Shaffer boy,' I said to myself,
'they'll be talking about you In Dau
phin, Pa., if you can't bust those
Boche balloons. All of a suddent I
thought 1 could see a Boche bal
loon. The ace leading us was paint
ed red and white. Then I got onto
him. He was signalling that there
was a whole lino of Boche balloons,
moored to the earth butjjome dis
tance up in the air, and all with bat
As the air cleared I began to
shoot. It was a beautiful morn
ing. 1 could see through my glass
the Germans in the balloons observ
ing us. Euch balloon had a big
bluck cross on it. Three times i shot
at one, then my gun jammed. I
wus up against it. They were all
shooting at me and J could not shoot
at them. Then I took another gun
1 had and got it going. Just then a
sharp pain hit my right leg." Sister
Esther glanced inquiringly at Friend
Leg, gave it a sisterly pat and the
talk went on:
"Another bullet cut off m.v rud
der and I found myself wabbling
through the air and bumping right
into one of the Uoche balloons. I
looked for a place to land, but It
was all one big shell hole below
Good night, I said, here's where
Walt. Shaffer gets his. I remem
bered the last thing the commander
told me was that if I was downed
I should either smash or burn my
machine. So, as i did not want to
be burned up, I threw her on one
side, and put her on the hum for
ever, and presently was on earth
again, with all my clothes.
"Who are you, French or Amer
ican?" asked the Boche officer who
reached me first.
He spoke good French and I was
able to tell him. While he spoke
another guy took off my fur shoes.
They wanted to take my fur flying
suit, but I kept it. The Germans
seemed awed as they gathered round
and stared at me." .
"What do you think of the Ger
mans?" asked the Telegraph men
as .the Shaffer boys hurried down to
the state printing plant to see their
"Just animals," Raid Walter. "They
j treat you Hke a dog until you over
come them and then they lick your
hand like a dog.'
Chandler Brothers and Company,
members of New York and Philadel
phia Stock Exchanges—3 North Mar
ket Square. Harrisburg; 336 Chestnut
street. Philadelphlh; 34 Pine street,
New York—furnish the following
quotations: Open. Close.
Allis Chalmers 3031
Amer Beet Sugar 68 6814
American Can 46' i 4g' 4
Am Car and Foundry Co 88' a 89
Amcr Loco 59's 89'.
Amer Smelting .. ...... 70! 71%
i Anaconda .. .. .. .. .. 38' i 59
| Baldwin Locomotive .... 65% 6616
Baltimore and Ohio .... 46% 46%
Bethlehem Steel (B) ... 59% 59%
I California Petroleum ... 23% Z3'6
Canadian Pacific 158% 158%
Central Leather 58% 59
Chesapeake and Ohio .. 50'6 55%
Chicago, R I and Pacific 23% 2376
Chtno Con Copper 34 34
! Col Fuel and Iron 35% 35%
Corn Products 47 46 74
I Crucible Steel 52% 53%
I Erie ... 15% 15%
| Distilling Securities ... 52% 537
'General Motors 12214 23%
I Goodrich. B. F. .. 61% 60
j Great Northern pfd .... 91% 91%
Great Northern Ore subs 37 3674
I Hide and Leather- 15% 17%
Hide ami Leather pfd .. 86% 88
| Inspiration Copper 44% 45%
i Kennecott 32% 33%
Kansas City Southern . ..17 17
Maxwell Motors 29 29
Merc Mar .Ctfs 23 22%
Merc Mar Ctfs pfd 99% 98%
Mex Petroleum .. ' 169 168%
Midvale Steel ..' 41% 41
New York Central J3 73%
Pennsylvania Railroad 45 45
Pittsburgh Coul 45% 45%
Reading 78% 78%
Republic Iron and Steel . 72% 72%
Southern Pacific .. . .. 98% 98%
Southern Ry 26% 26%
Studebaker 49% 50%
Union Pacific 127% 127%
U S I Alcohol 103 103
U S Rubber 76 76%
1 t; S Steel 89 90 %
f U S Steel pfd 114% 115%
Utah Copper 69% 70
Westinghouse Mfg 41% 41%
Willys-Overland 24 24%
Following quotations furnished by
Howard A. Riley antl Company, 212
North Third street, Harrisburg. Pa.;
Land Title Building, Phila., Pa.;; 20
] Broad street, New York City;
Last Sale.
Aetna ~ . - 7%
Wright - 3%
Am Marconi 4%
Submarine 11%
U. S. Ship 3%
United Motors 36%
Last Sale.
Barnett %
t'osden 7%
Federal 2%
Intel' Pet .. _ 21 %
Houston . . . .. 78
Met Pel 3 1-16
Boston And Wyo 20
Ulenrock .. .., 37*
Island . . .... 7%
Midwest . . .... ......... IS6
Sapulpa , 7 %
Last Sale.
Atlanta 5
Big Ledge %
Cresson 5
Cal and Jerome 7-16
Goldfleld Con 21
Mother Lode 33
| Nlplsslng 8 %
Rescue . . ... ' 7
Tonopah Mln 3%
Tcnopgh Ex . . .* 2 7-16
Boston and Montana 50
Caledonia 30
Con Arizona 1 3-16
Hecla ..' 4%
Jumbo Ex 14
Ray Hercules .. 2%
Tonopah Bel 3%
By Associatid Press
Philadelphia, Jan. 30.—Stocks clos
ed firm.
Baldwin locomotive 66%
General Asphalt 62
General Asphalt. Pfd 95
loke Superior Corporation .... !9%
Lehigh Navigation 72
la-hlgh Valley si\%
Pennsylvania Railroad 45
Philadelphia Electric 25%
Philadelphia Company 80
Philadelphia Company. Pfd 30
Philadelphia Rapid Transit .... 24%
Reading 78%
Storage Battery 52%
Union Traction 87%
I nlted Clas Improvement 71%
United States Steel 89%
York Railways Bid 7%
York Railways, pfd 81
By Associated Press
Chicago, Jan. 30. (U. & Bureau
of Markets). Hogs Receipts,
50,000; market steady; better grades
with weight favored. Bulk of sales,
$17.35 © 1*7.65; butchers. $17.50® 17.75;
light, $16.50® 17.50: packing. $16.50®
17.40; throwouts. $15.75® 16.50; pigs,
good to choice. $12.50© 15.50.
Cattle Receipts, 9,000; quiet and
steady on all classes. Beer catCe.
good, choice and prime, $15.85®20.00-
Common and medium, $9.80®15.85;
butcher stock, cows and heifers, *6.65
W14.00: canners and cutters. $5.60®
6.65; sockers and feeders, good, choice
and fancy, $10.50® 14.25; Inferior,
common and medium. $7.75® 10.50.
Veal calves, good and choice. $14.15®
Sheep Receipts, 18,000; market
steady to 25c lower. Fat. lambs weak
ening most. I-afnbs, choice and prime,
$16.50® 16.75: medium find good. $15.25
® 16.50: culls, $12.00© 14.25; ewes,
choice and prime, $10.75© 1 t.oO; me
dium and good, $9.50© 10.75; culls,
$5.00® 8.00.
I'HII.MM til *, I'llonUCH
By Associated Press
Philadelphia. Jan, so. wheal -7
No. 1. eori. tru. 62 20. .So. 2. leu. 18 2t.
No. 3. soft red. |2.24.
Corn The market IS firm; No. 2,
yellow, as lo grade and location,
!1.38© 3.45.
Oats . The market Is loner; I
NO. it. white, !7%©68c; No. 3. while, 1
97 ©67 s4c. ' I
Bran The market Is steady: soft
winter, pel ton. 140.50®47.00; spring. I
... 141 <<"45.00, |
Butter Thee market is steady;!
western, creamery, extra-, firsts, 470;
nearby prints, faqcy. 15®53c, i
Mefinso sugars Markui steady;'
powdered. a.4oc, aim, line grauulat
cd. 7.25 c.
Cheese The market I* lower; i
Xe ii/fh unu is. undo. fh,i x miia.
25if 37c; do.. No. 2, 32if 31 tie. .
Eggs Market lower; FOnnsylVi*'
nla uiid other nearby nruis, tree
cases. $17.90 per case, do., current
teeeipts, tree cuoes, eii.iu per
case, .. uAl.'i.,. ill,. i.tKls. Ilci ao..
117.10617.70 per case; do., lirsts, tree
cases, *17.1t) per case; tuncy, selected,
packed, 60©60 c per uur.cn.
Live l J ounry —r Alfirket firmer;
fowls, 32 ©3 4c; spring cnicKeas, 30®
22c; iowis, not leguoj'iiS,'32©3t>(l; wiinu
ICgllUi'llo. ulsyCie, j olfls, t.cil
roosters, 326 32c; old roosters, 21© 82c,
staggy, young roosters, 26©20;
Sl/ll..„ cllltttti,., llUi ,te„u, lis. uUhjw...
while leghorns, 29©30 c; broil
ing chickens, fancy, 36©38 c; roastinif
ClllCkcUs oU©uUC, UUtki, I'cmu
spring, 38@40o; do., old, 30@35c; In
|Uian Runners, 30©370; spring uucks,
I.oll* isiunu, olifobc; turkeys. utn„t,
geese, nearby. 32®56c; western, 32®
Dressed Poultry Firm; turkeys,
spring. choice to fuuey, 41®-tut,
do., western, choice to raucy, 43® He,.
tiirkeyG, iresh Killed, lair to good, 33
6 42c; turkeys. cuiuiuoii, 3e©„„e; ulu.
turkeys, 38®48c; fowls, fresh I
4044,4-c, wesle.il uucks, 3344,40 c; geese. I
26®3i'e; dressed Pekin ducks, 28® I
4c; old ducks, 30®32c; Indian Kuii
uers, 36®87c; spring ducks, Dong
isiaud. -ciijfioc. • |
Potatoes The market is lower'
New Jersey, No. 1, 80®90o
oasael, ill)., ,\o. Z, bOif-uc ,/uf
basket, uu, lbtl-lb. bags. No. J, $B.6uJ
3,00 extra quality; uu., No. 2. 61.5u©
2.25; Pennsylvania, No. 1 100 lbs
f1.8U02.20; do., per 100 lbs., fancy,
ic.yary-.ib, Nwh Jersey, 4 \ u . 4( A J
lbs.. ol.latf2.so. do.. No. 2, 100 lb*
f1.55#1.7D; western, per 100 lbs., f2 00
®2. to, New York state, per 100 lbs
f1.70tf1.90; Maine, per 100 lbs., 61.60®
1.80, DeiaWa.e .a a.,u„ U| j, ei ,
bag, suc®sl.lo, Michigan., per 101
lbs., f 1.50 431 i. 0; Floriua. per barrel
f2.60® 2.00; Florida. per busn.li
hamper, 75®80c; Florida, per iu-lb'
bugs. $t.60©3.00; North Carolina u„,"
barrel. $1.50©4.0u; couth t-aionna Zlt
barrel, SI.JU©4.O; Rollout. p cr 'bar
rel. $3.25: Easterh Shore. Der
barrel, $2.00®2.7U; fancy, Macungic
Nu. i, UaiiUi, uu . *
pel uurrc, *l.+itkH 1.50. '
Flour —The market is weak; winter
straight, western. 6t0.26tf10.50 uer
barrel; do., nearby, f0.50® 10.00 per
barrel; Kansas straight, $10.70®iu.65
per barrel; do., short, patent, flo 60
tf 10.00 per barrel; spring, short pat
ents, f10.454f 10.65 per barrel; spring
•patent, f 10.4atf 10 o_u_ per , barret,
firsts, clear, $9.20®9.,5 per barrel.
Hay The market is firm; timothy
No. 1. large and small bales, $3l q u £
32.00 per ton; No. 2. small bales, $29 00
® 20.00 per ton; No. 3t $25.00®26.UU n e r
ion; sample, f 12.50© 12.00 per ton: uu
grade. $7.50® 11.50 per ton.
Clover Light mixed. $29 00®
SO.00; No. I. f27.00®23.00; No. 2 $'29100
Tallow The nfarket is, weak
prime. city, in tierces, !®10c; prime
special, loose. 10c; prime country
Blie?' dark. 7®7%c; edible in tierces'
12 Vi ® 13c. >
Chicago, Jan, 30.—Board of Trade
Corn—May. 1.20' 4 : July. 1.17.
Oats—May. 57%; July, 5516.
Pork—Januarj, 44.00: May, 38.."i"i.
I-ard—January. 2!.07; May, 23.30.
TUbs—January, 22.22; May, 21.35.
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Pollock Hits Critics
of Preiidsnt -Wilson
\Tntthlng;tM|, Jan. —Cjjitlcs of
President Wtlson aiul his proposal
for a league of nations were sharp-
It rebuked In Senate yesterday by
Senator Pollock, of South Carolina.
Democrat, who, in Ills first prepared
address, chargey that pattlsA poli-
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Mahogany Finish, upholstered in Finest
Quality bine damask. Value $225.00. Feb- \ / hZfi /J/J
ruary Sale Price *P •*-
''l , .pf |
Tliree-Piecp Bed Davenport, Chair and
Rocker, Oak, Fumed Oak, Mahogany,
Brown Spanish Mule skin Covering, com- _
plete with mattress. $150.00 value. Feb- fifa
ruary Sale Price UU
Everything For the Home at Prices
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NEW PRICES —3oc. 60c. Si.2o