Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, January 30, 1919, Image 5

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    Yew Task Formed For
Desk Officer Buch Who
Now Gives Correct Time
Harrlsburg people have found an
>ther use for the police station —•
hat of furnishing them tho time.
With tho declaration of tho 801 l
'elephone Company to discontinue
ts old practice of furnishing the
lme to Inquirers, many persons wore
.t a loss to know what to do, but
ither housewives who frequently
orget to wind tholr clocks and per
itt them to run down, have started
liq custom of calling the police sta
lon for this Information.
Daily a dozen or more purposes
vail themselves of the telephone to
all Officer Buch to the telephone to
earn tlio time. And tho custom Is
rowing and demanding more of
Is limited time, Officer Buch
larding Resigns War
Finance Corporation
By Associated Press
Washington, Jan. 30. —W. P. O.
larding yesterday resigned r.s man
ging director of the War- Finance
'orporation because of the increas
tg press of duties as governor of
le Federal Reserve Board. Ho was
uccieded as managing director of
10 finance corporation by Eugene
loyer, Jr.,'now a director, but will
atain his oflico as a director of the
■ Keep the stomach well,
■he liver active, the bowels
■egular, and the breath
will be sweet and healthy,
nut let poisons accumu
late in the digestive organs,
■he system becomes clogged,
lases form in the stomach
Ind affect the breath.
I Correct
Ih.ese conditions with
■leecham's Pills. They
Biromptly regulate the bodi
ly functions and are a quick
Bcmedy for sour stomach and
had Breath
lATgest Sale of Any Medicine in the World*
,;1 Sold everywhere. In Boxes* 10c.. 25c*
■est For Backache,
I Rheumatsm, Lumbago
■ it.i Mow T*u libtiiliied at All Drug
Storm. IM tiunranteed.
■l'!;e sliooting. tearing pains of Neu-
Sciatica, and Lumbago are
relieved, while Headache,
and Earache simply flee.
colds and sore throats that
pneumonia and tonsllitis
By bo cured in a single night—and
only is 20tli Century Liniment
relief needed in such cases as
in practically any painful
■There's nothing injurious in 20th
Liniment. It contains such
known remedies as Camphor,
and many other ingredients
by the highest medical au-
Hu'itics in tho lanu, things that
Bng soothing relief and real joy to
and aching muscles.
into tho nearest drug store
|B stop 011 your way home at any
and get a bottle. If results
what you want make an effort to
m I®!
I Indent asks: "Please relieve me
i coated tongue, foul breath, head
e. constipation and „ general 111-
jiswer: If habitually constipated,
should take Three-Grain Sulpherb
ilets (not sulphur) and arouse the
nns which eliminate waste ma
il, from ypur body. These tab
purify tne blood and Improve
health by acting on the Jiver,
neys and bowels. Obtain in sealed
es with full directions.
* * •
eekel writes: "I find my natural
ngth and nervous system failing
1 do not recuperate as of yore,
[food and rest seem not to benefit
they should. Am weak, despond
and unable to perform the duties
Ich were assumed earlier in life,
le my ambition for work and
Lsuro is slowly going."
pswer: 1 think a powerful, harm-
I tonic and nervine medicine will
kvenuto and restore the func
[s of digestion, assimilation am.
hination by invigorating the
rous system. Obtain Three-Grain
pmene Tablets, packed In sealed
l*s. and take as per directions
■mpanying. •
* • •
fhankful" writes: "I have suffered
pronic cough for almost a year,
I catch a fresh cold every feV.
Iks Nothing the doctor gives mi
Is, so I write to you."
pswer: You need a thorough lax
p cough syrup, one that not onl>
fcves, but surely drives it frotr.
■system. Tho following regular).-
I will ount any curable cough i
■ promptly: Obtain a 2%-v■?.. botl'i
■Essence Mentho-Laxene, mix It
War Department Announces
Departure From France
of Artillery
, By Associated Press
WnslUngtnn, Jan. 80. — Departure
from France of tho transport Due
D'Aosta with tho 331 st Field Ar
tillery comploto and the Headquar
ters Company, Medical Detachment,
and Battery E, of the 339 th Field
Artillgry Is announced by the War
Department. The 331 st Artillery
Regiment, of the 86th Division will
go to Camp Grant, 111., while the
units of the 839 th Artillery will go
to Camp Dodge, lowa, to join the
other units of this regiment now en
route there.
Delaware Breakwater, Del., Jpn.
31.—The steamship Haverford bound
for Philadelphia with 2,096 troops
from France on beard, passed In
the Delawae capes shortly before 10
o'clock last night.
When sighted about six miles off
the capes the Haverford slganeld
that her peering gear was tempo
rarily disabled and that repairs were
being made. Two hours later she
made only two miles and finally
anchored just outside the break
water. At 9.40 o'clock the ship
again got under way and proceeded
up the bay. She is expected to arrive
in Philadelphia to-morrow morn
Ntwpoi-t News, Va., Jan. 30.
Three transports, the Zeelandia,
Martha Washington and Montlcello,
bringing troops from overseas reach
ed HHampton Roads yesterday. The
Zeclandia landed 1,655 officers and
men,. but the Martha Washington
and Montlcello arrived too late to
dock and will discharge their pas
sengers to-morrow.
The Zeelandia alnded the 311 th
Ammunition Train, 2 5 officers and
1,193 men, detachment Cadre of the
86th (Black Hawk) Division, 16
men; Headquarters Company, a
medical detachment and Batteries
B and C of the 325 th Field Artil
lery, 32 officers and 335 men; forty
casual officers and four casual en
listed men.
To Spend $500,000,000
on Railroads This Year
Washington, Jan. 30. About
$300,000,000 will be spent by rail
roads this year for extensions and
improvements and $200,000,000 for
new cars and locomotives, accord
ing to preliminary plans of the rail
road administration.
Much greater capital expenditures
will be authorized, but Indications
now are that the entire program
can not be carried out before the
end of the year, and no improve
ments or purchases of equipment will
be ordered by the railroad admin
istration without approval by the
individual railroad company.
A Cincinnati Burlier Tells How to
Mnkc a Remedy For Gray Hair
Mr. Frank Harbaugh, of Cincin
nati, 0., who has been a barber for
more than forty years recently made
the following statement:
"Anyone can prepare a simple
mixture at home, at very little cost,
that will darken, gray hair, and
make it soft and glossy. To a half
pint of water add 1 ounce bay rum,
*\ small box of Barbo Compound and
Vi ounce glycerine. These ingredi
ents can be bought at any drug
store at very little cost. Apply to tho
f-ialr twice a week until the desired
i hade is obtained. This will mako
gray haired person look twenty
years younger. This is not a dye. It
does not color the most delicate scalp,
is not stlpky or greasy and does not
rub off.
rKel) octets
& J)r. Zrew3l£aAe3 Oc*
The questions answered below are
general in character, the symptoms or
diseases are given and the answers
will apply in any case of similar na
Those wishing further advice, free,
may address Dr. Lewis Baker, College
Bldg., College-Elwood streets, Dayton,
Ohio, enclosing self - addressed
stamped envelope for reply. Full
name and address must he given, but
only Initials or fictitloi • names will
be used in -my answers. The pre
scriptions can be tilled at any well
stocked drug store. Any druggist
can order of wholesaler.
with a home-made sugar syrup or
honey as per directions on bottle.
• • •
Mrs. D. asks: "Can you prescribe a
reliable treatment to get rid of dand
ruff, Itching and feverish scalp?"
Answer: I know you can got in
stant relief and permanent results by
using Plain Yellow Minyol as per di
rections which accompany each i-oz.
* * *
Ahe writes: "Something seems to
be wrong with my system and I don't
know what it is. 1 have huge puffs
Under my eye§, my eyes are blood
shot in the morning and my feet and
ankles are swollen. Sometimes 1
have chills and feel weak and tired
most of the time."
Answer: Your eliminating organs,
such as liver and kidneys, are in
need of treatment. Begin taking
Balmwort Tablets at once. Get them
in sealed tubes with full directions
of any well-stocked druggist.
NOTE: For many years Dr. Baker
has been giving free advice and pre
scriptions to millions of people
through the press columns, and doubt
less lias helped in relieving Illness
and distress more than any single in
lividual In the worlds history. Thou
sands have written him expressions
of gratitude and confidence similar
to the following:
Dr. Lewis Baker, Dear Kir:—For
the enclosed coupon and 2 ct. stamp
•ilease send me your "Great Guide
Book to Health and Beauty." I am
not a regularly trained nurse, but
have cared for invalids more than
forty years and would be glad to
'earn many things from your book
■'or their benefit. I have cured my
lelf and nearly 50 others with your
wonderful prescription for Rheuma
tism and am now taking the Balm
wort. Tablets for liver and kidneys,
"hanking you, I am
Yours sincerely,
Orange, Texas.
More Pennsylvania
Boys Are Released
From German Grasps
By Associated Press
Washington, Jan. 80. — The War
Department last night made public
another list of Pennsylvanlans held
prisoner by Germany who have been
Joseph Rogers, Scranton, has been
released and has returned to France.
The following are reported re
leased from Camp Altdam, and will
sail from Stettin, Germany:
Joseph Pilotti, Slovan; Daniel L.
Lewis, Taylor; Boyd S. Blinn, New
The following are reported as re
leased and now in the territory oc
cupied by allied troops: Lieutenant
Charles W. Drew, Philadelphia, and
Frank W. Norton, Willlamsport.
Reported released • frpm Camp
Merseburg, Private Peter J. Brand
stetter, Ford City.
Reported released from German
prison camp is Ernest A. Reusch,
Reported released from Merse
burg and to have arrived at Alt
dam is William J. Ferris, Erie.
Reported released from Emmons
penberg Is John J. Hlgglns, Phila
Russians in Paris
Declare Principles
For Their Interior
, By Associated Press '
Washington, Jan. 30.—Represen
tatives In Paris of the various gov
ernments In Russia which are op
posing the Bolsheviki regime have
issued a manifesto declaring the
fundamental principles of Russia In
terior and foreign policies. The dec
laration, as cabled' to the Russian
embassy here recites these interior
policies: - .
Broad decentralization and devel
opment of locul government admin
Recognition of individual histori
cal forms of self government and
development of different nationali
ties it, the boundaries of a single,
Individual Russia In the forms of
autonomy and federation;
Independence of Poland; and
Re-establishment by the tempo
rary government to the constitu
tional rights of Finland.
Regarding the foreign policy, the
declaration said Russia's national
aspirations would correspond to the
principles of international' unity
adopted by all the allies, and that
the country had no "aggressive ten
Kills Aged Banker Who
Foreclosed Mortgage;
Then Shoots Himself
Patcliognc, N. Y.,' Jan. 30.—Smith
W. Conklin, an aged banker and
real estate owner who was repute'd
to be a millionaire, was shot and
killed in his office here late yester
day by William W. Wright, head of
a New York detective agency. After
shooting Conklin twice in the back,
Wright attempted to take his own
life, but failed.
According to police, Conklin re
cently foreclosed a mortgage he held
on property which formed part of
the estate left by Wright's father.
Constable John Glover, to whom
Wright was speaking shortly before
the shooting, said Wright admitted
"having trouble with Conklin."
Additional Subscribers
to Penn-Harris Stock
Warwick M. Oglesby, secretary
and treasurer of the Harrisburg Ho
tel Company, announced today the
l'st of ne wsubscribers to take stock
in the company, as a result of the
canvass started at the epochal din
ner recently when the confident pre
diction was made that this stock
will eventually pay ten per cent.
The list include the following, with
the books still open: B. F. Blough,
R. C. Boyles, John D. Banks, Frank
L. Cook, Carson Coovers, Frederick
W. Coover, S. S. Eberts, W. H, Fet
ter, H. A. Fishburn, Samuel Fish
man, Spencer C. Gilbert, Henry
Boas Gilbert, Harriet Henderson
Gilbert, Sarah Gilbert, Spencer G.
Hall, Elmer H. Gingrich, Galen
Hain, Frank S. Keet, H. C. Kennedy,
J. L. L. Kuhn, Frank R Leib, Frank
J. Maclilan, Henry G. Mueller, H.
W. Ncndlg, Caroline An
thony F Petrasfc, Mrs. M. M. S.
Shellehamer, C. C. Slothower, Wit
mer, Blair & Witmer, Wtllard S.
Young. •
"Honeymoon Town"
Is Now Torquay's Name
Torquay, Eng., Jan. 30.—This
seacoast town so well known to
American visitors, and which has
hitherto been known as "Queen of
of Western Watering Places," will
have to bo • temporarily renamed
"Honeymoon-town." It is here that
the authorities, have decided New
Zealand troops shall assemble with
their British brides before return
ing The dally arrivals of
New Zealanders and their wjves is
expected to reach a thousand.
The girls of Torquay are not
viewing this invasion altogether fav
orably, though many have no reason
to complain as they have already se
lected husba.nds from the thirteen
thousand New Zealand troops who
have passed through the place dur
ing the war.
Strikers Vote to Reject
* Woolen Mill Offer
Lawrence, Mass., Jan. 30.—Votes
to reject tHe offer of the American
Woolen Comphny to Rive the work
ers at its mills in this city a 48-
hour week with 4 8 hours pay, with
time and a half for overtime, were
taken last night at meetings of oper
atives of several nationalities em -
ployed in the company's mills. Six
teen hundred Russians voted not to
KO to work next Monday morning
unless the company should agree fay
to-morrow night to grant a 48-hour
week with 5 4 hours pay. They also
decided to establish picket lines
about all the mills in the city on
Monday. i
Turn Y. M. C. A. War Huts
of England Into Social Clubs
London, Jan. 3 o.—The Young
Men's Christian Association huts, to
the number of about one thousand,
dotted all the country, which
have been erected for the soldiers
lye to continue their usefulness in
another sphere. Plans are being
mnde for the huts to be moved into
villages nnd turned Into social clubs
for tho Improvement of social life In
Industrial and rural communities.
Queen Mary Voices
Sympathy For Women
London, Jan. 30.—Deep sympathy
for the women of India and Inter
est In stepß taken for their advance
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a message she has sent to all women
of the Indian Empire. The Queen
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en for the part they played in urg
ing their husbands, sons and broth
ers to render faithful service In the
war. v
Prof: Kelly Miller Will
Speak Before the Forum
Prof. Kelly Miller, dean of How
ard University, will speak before the
People's Forum in Wesley church
JANUARY 30, 1919.
on Forster street, Sunday afternoon
at 3.30 o'clock. Prof. Miller Is one
of the foremost colored writers and
educators in the United States. He
is an orator of ability and a scholar
of note. His work at Howard ranks
him among the big college men of
the world.
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