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Lewistown Soldier Is
Dead at Fort Sill, Okla.
Lcwistown, Pa., Jan. 30.—Bert
ram Henry, son of William M. Hen
ry, South Walnut street, this city,
died on Tuesday at Fort Sill. Okla
homa, aged 23 years. lie was to
have beert married In March.
He is survived by his. father apd
mother, one brother and two sisters.
<>n October 13. 1916 lie enlisted in
the army and three days later left
for camp at Columbus. Ohio. He
was a t,dac l>smith by trade and at
the time 'of' his death he was a
horseshoer,.a member ofBattery E.
First Field Artillery.
' Nil. Wolf. Pa.. Jan. 30. Daniel
SHboll, of near here, is believed to
have been killed in France. The
name Daniel Shroll, Xew Holland,
appeared on a recent casualty list
as having died of disease. An in
quiry at Xew Holland,
county, has failed to reveal a sol
dier by that name and it is believed
that the local youth is meant.
Blain, Pa., Jan. 30.—The Ladies'
Sewing Circle held its weekly meet
ing on Tuesday evening at the home
of Mrs. Edward D. Boycr.
- Rheumatism
A Home tore Given By One
Who Hud It
In tlie spring of 1593 I was
attacked by Muscular and In
flammatory Rheumatism. 1 suf
fered aa only thoce who have
•it know, for over three years I
•tried remedy after remedy, and
doctor after doctor, but such re
lief as 1 received was only
■temporary. Finally, I found a
remedy that cured me com
pletely, and it has never Re
turned. 1 have given it to a
number who were terribly af
flicted and even bedridden with
Rheumatism, and it effected a
cure in every case.
I want every sufferer from
any form of rheumatic trouble
to try this marvelous healing
power. Don't send a cent;
simply mail your name and ad
dress and I will send it free to
try. After you have used it and
it has proven itself to be that
long-looked for. means of cur
ing your rheumatism, you may
send the price of it. one dollar,
but understand. 1 do not want
• your money unless you are per
fectly satisfied to send it. Isn't
that fair? Why suffer any
longer when positive relief is
thus offered you free? Don't
delay. Write today.
Mark H. Jackson. No. 607-E,
Gurney Bldg.. Syracuse, X. Y.
Mr. Jackson is responsible.
Above statement true.
A Clean Scalp
Parisian Mure Quickly Stops til Itch
ing and - Prevent! UandruA'
Almost everybody -nowadays knows
tljat Parisian sage, the, invigorating
hair restorer, is guaranteed to re
move every trace of dandruff, stop
falling hair and itching scalp, or the
cost, small as it. is, will be refunded.
But you should know more about
this marvelous hair grower. You
ought to know that it immediately
destroys all odors that are bound to
came from the excretions of the
scalp, and in five minutes after an
application, your head will feel cool
and comfortable.
Everyone should have a bottle of
I'arisian sage handy because it is
such a pleasant and exhilarating hair
treatment. Ladies use it because
• they know it is delicately perfumed,
not sticky or greasy, and surely does
utake the hair beautiful, silky and
abundant. Here's what a Xew York
woman writes: "I have used Parisian
sage two weeks .only, yet in that
time find my hair has wonderfuilv
increased in beauty, thickness and
luxuriance, hut what surpnrised me
niqst was the disappearance of all
A large bottle of Parisian sage can
be obtained from Kennedy's or at any
good drug or toilet counter it's not'
I Blame the Woman
Who Lets a Man Drink
Sags Druggist Brown
Of t'lfiilaml. He Guarantee* a Simple'
Home Treatment Given Without
the Knowledge of the Drinker.
Cleveland. O,—No wife has r. right !
to let her husband drink: for alcohol- '
iam is a disease and a drunkard is a
sick man, says Druggist Brown of j
Cleveland. A woman can cure this:
disease stop a drinking husband in |
a .few weeks for half what he would
•tend "on IfqilOr rtr the same time. The
habit can be broken afid the disease
cured. Thousand's of cases prove it
and every yom'tnuhity; has its reform- j
ed drunkard. Druggist Bl own says i
the right-time to stop the drink habit
is at its beginning. Left to run fts
course it will .deaden the fine sensi
bilities of the man you love. Begin
with the firstwhiff of liquor, on his
breath, but do not despair if lie has
already gone from bad to worse until i
he has become a fum-soaked sot.*
Druggist Brown knows the curse !
of strong drink for he himself lias
b-uAi a victim. A loving sister, with- 1
put THs'knowledge or consent, rescued '
him from the brink of a drunkards
grave and for ten years kept her!
secret. She saved him from drink—|
"Twenty years ago I was bother
ed with rheumatic pains through
my shoulders and lungs to such an
extent that my head was drawn
down on my chest causing great
suffering After living different
medicines. 1 was finally persuaded
to-try Bliss Native Herb Tablets.
After taking this remedy for a
week I could move my head, and
after continuing treatment for a
short, time Was able to work."
Mrs. S. Crump. Bridgeport. 11l
"I can cheerfully say that Bliss
Native Herb Tablets have done me
a world of good, and 1 would not
he without them. I have not had
rheumatism for the past four
years.* 1 can also say they are fine
for la grippe.
"Stroudsburg, Pa!"
A rheumatic condition is one of
the results of constipation, which
Day and Night School
Harrisburg's Greatest Commercial School
Hotel Is Said to Be
Unsanitary; Protest
Transfer of License
Wriglitsvllle, Pa., Jan. SO.—
Wriglitsvilie borough board of
health will file a protest with
Judge Warner, protesting against
the transferrins of the license of
the Wilson Hotel, this place, from
the present landlord, H. C. Kel
ler, who was only recently re
granted the license, to Steven
Wilson, of Hallanv the owner of
the place, until Wilson complies
with the demands of the health
authorities to place the hotel in
a more healthful condition. Cer
tain unsarfitary conditions are
said to exist about the hotel and
the landlord has previously been
asked by the health authorities
to make tlio necessary healthful
changes. This, up to the present
time, has not been done, it is
said. The matter has been
placed in the hands of the bor
ough solicitor.
Philadelphia!! to Be
Buried at Hummelstown
Hummelstown, Pa., Jan. 30.—The
body of Guy H. Fox, who died in
Philadelphia on Tuesday morning,
will be brought to the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Fox,
to-morrow, at noon. Funeral serv
ices will be held to-morrow after
noon at 2 o'clock, conducted by the
Rev. Athur R. King, pastor of the
Reformed Church. Burial will be
in the Hummelstown Cemetery.
Liverpool, Pa., Jan. 30. —The
Voting People's Missionary Society
will repeat its missionary oratorical
missionary contest at Montgomery's
Ferry, Union Church on Sunday,
February 2, at 1.30 p. nt.
Liverpool, Pa., Jan. 30.—A grange
will meet on Wednesday, February
5. at the home of W. E. Hebel. At
this meeting "How to I.ower the
High Cost of Living" will be dis
cussed by Mrs. George W. Crow,
Mrs. W. E. Hebel and Miss Myra
Farner will give a piano duet and
Mrs. J. W. Spicher a recitation.
Liverpool. Pa., Jan. 30.—A. Wes
ley Holliday. a native of Liverpool,
died at the home of his father. John
U. Holliday, in Rochester. X. Y.. on
Monday of pneumonia. He is sur
vived bv a wife, three daughters, a
father and one sister.
Marietta. Pa., Jan. 30. —This eve
ning the pupils of the Marietta High
School will present a play in con
nection with the regular monthly
session of lyceum in the high school
Marietta, Pa., Jan. 30. —James
H. Brunner, West Market street res
tauranteur, while opening some
oysters at his place of business
found a large pearl frozen in the
shell. It is valued at about SIOO.
York Countians
Plant Gardens
Hnllum. Pa., Jan. 29. —Although
the season for gardening is still
some time oft, seweral residents
in this section of the country have
started to till the soil and are
planting onions and peas. The
spring-like weather has brought
about the early gardening. The
soil appears somewhat damp for
successful gardening.
: rescued him from his own depraved,
! besotted self by giving him a secret
) remedy, the formula of an old Euro
pean chemist. To pay his debt to her
and help other victims out of the
; murk and mire he has made the for
mula public.
! Druggists everywhere dispense it
I daily as Prepared Tesouin Powders,
j put up in doses. Get it of your
! own druggist and drop a powder
twice a day in tea, coffee, milk or
other drifik. Soon liquoV does not
taste the same, the craving for It dis
appears. and lo! one more drunkard
! has been saved and knows not when
' or why he lost his taste for drink.
Warning Note: Tescum should be
given only where it is desirable to
destroy all taste for alcohol and all
pleasure in its use. Those who en
courage moderate drinking should not
give it until the so-called moderate
drinker reaches the danger line, as
most of them do in time. Druggist
Brown has such confidence in pre
j pared Tescum Powders that ho per
: sonally guarantees results or lie will
refund out of his own pocket the price
J charged by the dispensing druggist.
It is sold in Ilarrisburg by J. Nelson
I Clark and other druggists.
is also a forerunner of biliousness,
sick headache. and indigestion!
t'nless attended to promptly the
system becomes so clogged up that
serious consequences are sure to
Bliss Native Herb Tablets are a
most effective remedy for the re
lief of tiiis condition. They act
gently but firmly on the liver and
bowels, drive out impurities, tone
up the system, and restore' g uo j
health. One tablet at night will
make the next day bright. Old and
young find them indispensable
Bliss Native Herb Tablets are
put up in a yellow box of 200 tab
lets. The portrait of Alonzo
O. Bliss is on every box. IjSi
Each tablet is stamped with
our trade mark. Price II per box-
Look for our money-back guaran'
xee on every box. Sold bv leading
druggists and- local agents every
■II C. V. NEWS ||
jThrec Cases From Montgom-j
cry Township in Frank
lin Courts
t'lianibcrsbiirg. Pa., Jan. 30.—-i
Failure to enforce the compulsory:
school attendance law in Montgom-)
■ cry township, this county, because j
i of opposition among the residents of
the township, has resulted in the
entrance of three actions in common)
pleas court of Franklin county, re-!
turnable on the first Monday inl
) March.
One of the cases was on the peti-'
i tion of Miss Xedia Schaeffer, a
I teacher in the Highland school j
I Montgomery township, who on Jan-,
! uary 21. was arraigned before Mag-I
istrate Jolin G. Painter at Binol,)
• this county, on a charge of having j
; neglected to properly report the!
| names of all children to the truant
| officer. She was adjudged guilty by;
! the magistrate and was lined S2O j
' and Croats. Her appeal followed.
The other two cases are appeals)
brought for similar reasons. The en-;
! forcement of the vaccination law in[
| the township was the cause of the!
! absence from school of\iany un
! vaccinated pupils as the people of I
j that community are out of sympathy)
with vaccination, believing that it is
a form of "hex doctoring."
ChambcrßbtHV* Pa., Jan. 30. j
• Only one remonstrance against the
) granting of a liquor license in)
j Franklin county, has been filed in
the office of the county prothonotary'
here. It is against the hotel at Fort!
Loudon owned by Daniel Baer ar.d '
contains the names of about 1001
signers. ]
Grccncastle, Pa.. Jan. 30.—Miss
1 Grace Brumbaugh, daughter of Mr. (
land Mrs. P. X. Brumbaugh,,arrived|
i home yesterday evening from Xcw)
York, having landed there on the
' Rochambeau, after doing hospital
I duty in France. Miss Brumbaugh j
I volunteered her services as a Red!
I Cross nurse soon after war was de- j
jelared with America.
Mcchaiiicsburg, Pa., Jan. 30.—The!
| play, "Scenes at the Union Depot."!
i which was given by local talent for
! the benefit, of the Citizens' Fire 1
Company, and one of the most suc-j
i cessful ever given, netted the com-!
! pany the sum of $3lO. The money!
| will be used to cover expenses of aj
i fitting celebration for the soldiers j
|of the town when they return to,
their homes again.
| I
I Waynesboro, Pa., Jan. 30.—A11;
i plans have been completed for the!
I Farmers' Institute, Friday and Sat- •
urday, to be held in the "Wayne!
; Heights High school .building. The j
j first session will be held Friday at I
j 1.30 p. m. Prizes will be awarded;
for the best potatoes, corn and best)
! baked cakes by the women.
Waynesboro, Pa., Jan. 30.—Mrs.:
, Etta Strine, this city, lias received j
) a letter informing her of the death
:of her son. Corporal Crawford C.)
Strine, who was a member of Com-:
'pany B. 316 th Infantry. Some time!
i ago official word was received by i
i Mrs. Strine stating that her son had'
j been wounded in action, but later!
) reports as to his condition led to the
) impression that he was gradually j
! improving.
Ciiambersburg, Pa„ Jan. 30. — j
Morris Xathan, proprietor of a!
{leading department' store in Johns
) town, has arrived here to make ar-!
' rangements for the opening of a de-'
\ partment store here.
Ciiambersburg. Pa., Jan, 30. j
'Miss Marian Hetfier, of McConnells-)
| burg. Fulton county, has been ad-|
! mitted to the Chambersburg hospital
■for an operation on her right leg.)
) Miss Heffler was injured shortly be-!
j fore Christmas, when an auto bus)
! driven by Max Sheets, of this place,
struck her and her friend, Miss Anna l
Mary Sipes. Miss Sipes died from in
i juries received in the accident.
Carlisle, Pa., Jan. 30.—The Rev.
Dr. G. M. DifCenderfer. for thirteen
years, pastor of the First Lutheran
; I church here., who was for some J
'|monthß at Newport News, as camp!
pastor, has accepted the pastorate:
i of the Lutheran Memorial church in|
j Washington, and will assume his,
■ duties April 1. The Rev. Mr. Diffen-;
i derfer resigned his position here to
j accept a post as secretary of the
Pastor's Fund Society of the Luther,-1
an church, relinquishing this to take!
up the duties of camp pastor. He is!
| widely known throughout Pennsyl-;
I vania and has held many important!
• church posts.
Carlisle, Ha., Jan. 30.—Relatives
here were informed late yesterday
of the death at Grand View sanl
torium of the Rev. Dr. Mervin J.
Eckels, a widely known Presbyter
ian minister, who was for some years
in charge of the Arch Street Pres
byterian church in Philadelphia.
He was 64 years old and was the
son of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Eckels,
of New Kingston, Cumberland coun
ty, and was educated in the local
schools. Ohambersliu: g Academy,
Lafayette College ,and the Western
Theological Seminary, at Pittsburgh.
'Carlisle, Pa., Jan. 30. After
eluding officers for nearly two days
after he was engaged in a flglit In
which he is alleged to have attack
ed a neighbor with a razor, Abram
Lane, colored, of Carlisle, was ar
rested at the point of a revolver by
local officers and lodged in jail. A
charge of assault with intent to kill
has been lodged against him.
Cliamhcrshurg. Pa., Jan.* 30.
Four lenchers in the local schools
are off duty because of Illness. One
of them. Miss line Hockenberr.v, a
member of the High school faculty,
being in the Merklein Hospital here
undergoing treatment. The other
teachers who are ill are Miss Paul
ine Drawbaugh. Miss Kate Sheets
and Miss Mary Ganoe.
Seventy-five Blain Men, Under Captain John A. Wilson,
Made Offer January 12, 1861
IMaiii, Pa.. Jan. SO.—The great
war has awakened a new pride of |
Perry counttans in their county, and!
investigations have been made as to
what the county has done in the
post. These searches tor infornta- j
tion have revealed the tact that one 1
of the county's towns. Plain, made
the first definite otter of volunteers
for the Union cause. The offer was
made on January 12. 1861, even be-1
foro war was declared, to James'
Buchanan, then president of ---the
United States.
The records of the War Depart- j
ment- have been very carefully pre-!
served and codified, but fail to show I
any earlier tender of services than
that of the local men. The letter is:
"Blain. Pa.,
"Jan. 12., IS6I.
"Honorable James Buchanan:
"Dear Sir:—Not knowing how
soon your Honor will have the need
Columbia Plans Community !
Home as Soldier Memorial I
Columbia. Pa., Jan. 30. —A clti- j
zens' meeting for the purpose ot'i
erecting a community home in C'o- j
luntbia is to be held in the high'
school auditorium Friday evening, j
February 7, under the auspices of
the Woman's Ulub. Delegates ate!
being named from all the civic and!
fraternal organizations in the bor
ough and the will be thor
oughly discussed and probably a!
decision reached as to the future!
plans, it is Intended that the com-'
munity home shall be a memorial I
for Columbia coldiers.
MitUUcburg. Pa., Jan. 30.—The'
annual convention of the Snyder I
county school directors was held in
j the courthouse at Middleburg Tues
< day. Dr. Tietrlch, deputy state su
perintendent of public instruction,
of ITarrisbiirg; Dr. G. M. Phillips,
principal of the West Chester State
| Normal |3chool, and IX 11. Mauser,
I superintendent of schools of North
' umberland county, were the speak
ers. P. S. Ritter. of Middleburg,
w-as elected president, and James;
Herman, of Adams township, secre-'
j tary of the convention.
Willlamstown. Pa., Jan. 30. —)
I Thomas C. Bowman, ;tged 37, died i
| at his home on Tuesday of influ- \
enza after a week's illness. He is ;
survived by his wife, seven children 1
and his father.
Wiilinnistown. Pa.-, Jan. 30—Lieu- j
tenant Harry Edwards, who was
I wounded in action in France, ar
rived to-day to spend a few days
with his mother. Lieutenant Ed
wards will return in a few days to
a hospital in New York/city.
Lykcns, Pa., Jan. 30.—Robert D.
! SchrefCler, son of George W.
| Schreffl-er, arrived home Monday
| evening:. He was grassed at Verdun
I last September and has spent sev
] eral weeks at different hospitals on
this side since his return from over-
I seas.
Chaniborsburg, Pa., Jan. 30. — i
j Miss Lvdia M. Kump, of this place,!
.has lifted her commission as notary!
public. The commission is for four I
I years, dating from January 20, 1919.'
Suburban Notes
, Mrs. J. G. Smith will give an ad-|
j dress Sunday morning at the mis-j
; sionary service of the Methodist |
I Episcopal Sunday School.
The H. A. Club will Hold a bakei
Saturday afternoon in the basement!
! of the Methodist Church.
Mrs. John Speece, aged 82 years,!
died Tuesday afternoon at the home|
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seller, in!
| Halifax township After a lingering
I illness. Funeral services will be ]
I held Friday afternoon from the!
: Seiler home, conducted by the Rev. I
J. F. Stabley, pastor of the Fisher- ]
| ville Lutheran Church. Interment!
will be in the Flsherville Cemetery.!
The Christian Endeavor Society
| of the United Brethren Church will!
'render u special program Sunday!
evening at 7.30 o'clock.
Mr. anj Mrs. Dal Marks and son
of Lewistown. spent several davs
this week with Mr. and Mrs. Jacob i
; Stalilnecker.
Miss Marian Charles, of Sunbury,
spent Sunday with her parents Mr
! and Mrs. Edwin Charles.
I Mr. and Mis. J. R. Kreeger are
visiting' friends in W'illiainsport. !
James Sigler spent several days
of this week in Philadelphia.
, Mrs. George Roush and Mrs. Mur-i
ray Kratzer spent Monday and Tues-'
; day with relatives at Pine Grove
Mrs. B. B. Beistel, of Harrisburg
I visited friends on Wednesday. j
.Miss Peart Gaupp, who had been!
nursing in France for a vear has
I returned home.
Isaiah Swab visited at BufTalo for 1
! several days.
Miss Mary Shadie has returned'
i from a several weeks' visit in Phila-1
' delphta.
j Private Stewart Swab, who was!
I stationed at Camp John Wise, San!
j Antonio, Texas, has been discharged'
from the Army.
I Sergeant Lester Horner, of Camp'
i Meade, Md„ lias been discharged
and has returned home.
G. F. Hoitzman of Baltimore Md
| visited friends and relatives on Sun-!
j day.
Melvin Romberger, of Sunburv !
. spent several days here. j
I "-■•liJ-iJj-j.WJt, 1ie,...
| Made of choicest
| grains and" ,'!
ready-to-eat \ |
Grape Nuts
1 Food of J
1 wonderful 1]
l avor^/
of tlie services of the uniformed
volunteers to suppress the Southern
fire-eating disunlonists, we hereby
tender the services of our company,
subject to your orders. We number
about seventy-five members.
"Very respectfully.
"Captain, Washington Artillery."
These men- have the honor of
being the first of the great army of
a million and a quarter of men to
give tlieir services freely to the na
Perry county's great enlistment in
proportion to 'her population—the
greatest in the country—ls a matter
of history and pride; and the above
is but another evidence of the patri
otic spirit that was evident at the
outbreak of that war and Which
now is.
May Remove Position of
Williamstown Miner's Son
WiUiamstown, Pa., Jan. 30. —It is
rumored that the breakery of the
mines at this place will shortly be
removed to Big Lick, between here
and Lykens. Operations are now
under way at Big Lick, making ready
for big changes which will shortly
take place. It is said that a big
volume of the work done at Wil
liamstown will be removed to that
Little Hazel Wilson
1306 N. Luzerne Ave. Baltimore, Md.
Read Her Letter---It Tells the Story—
i<3 I
s o tYU-i; O.
.0 JLOA- v-vb ;
\7 1 . •
MnrjTMmmw■ ' B^irrvx^-Ac.
wZpiiii In I 'ill ||/v\ °
l a- IdU. t-l
11 'jW q % u^J:<
/ vs a cm,
fek. (SboJ&V. , m<A'
tf Tf\(yw
o .
" • * • I
rPRI ANGLE Mints please the taste of little folks and big folks alike. Evidently
J- little Miss Wilson is a ' 'booster'' for Triangle Mints, because they are her fav
orite. That refreshing, delightful satisfaction that # comes with Triangle
Mints make them more than a confection. They are a daily necessity. Eat
plenty of them.
PpnnPrmini ' We need twent y-t ive young
A CfJJJCI 11111 11 women to help make Triangle
JQJJ (J Mints. The pay is good. The work
is pleasant. The prospects are fine.
Winterqreen Apply at Factory
, The Wintermints Co. *
Cinnamon 12th mi Herr Sts -
tki.kuhaph Bui,ni>G riarrisDurg, Jrenna.
Columbia Council Favors
the Scheme of Making
| . Susquehanna Navigable j
Columbia, Pa., Jan. 30. —Borough:
council, in special session last lilgltt,!
| unanimously adopted a resolutionj
j instructing the secretary to write to)
the United States Senators from
Pennsylvania and the members of :
I Congress from- county, re
] questing them to use their influence'
j and best endeavors in Congress to!
accomplish the navigation of. the!
I Susquehanna river from Chesapeake!
Bay to a point as far north as may
,be deemed feasible: This action
i followed the movement started by
| the Merchants and Manufacturers!
Association. The Ilarrisburg Ro
; tary Club is promoting the same en-:
j terprise. it is urged that petitions
be sent from businessmen through-i
lout the Susquehanna Vntley to their!
1 representatives In Congress to fur
j ther the project.
{Soldier Elected to
Teach at York Haven
| York Haven. Pa., Jan. 30. —John ;
Beshore, who was only recently dis- i
charged from the army, was elected )
! teacher of the fifth and sixth grades
school, to' succeed Mrs. Frank
I Mickey, at a special meeting of the !
| York Haven school board Tuesday!
| night. .Mr. Fetrow, who is a former
Newberry township teacher, will, as- j
) sunie charge on .Monday, Mrs. )
! Mickey's resignation becoming effec- '
; live February 1.
Hummelstown. Pa., Jan. 30.—Tlie
■ Rev. J. R. Zook. of Des Moines, la.,
'has arrived here and te the guest'
| of the Rev. Samuel K. Brehnt. 'The!
Rev. Mr. Zook will conduct a series!
I of evangelistic services in the Breth-I
ren in Christ Church.
JANUARY 30, 1919.
' Idle Since Christmas,
I Steel Pldtat Resumes Work
Ix'wistown, Pa., Jan. 30. After
being idle more thun a month the
Logan Iron ,and Steel Plant, at
Burnham resumed operations to
day. Six hundred and fifty men
were employed In this plant be
fore tlie mill was closed by a strike
before Christmas. A portion of the
men were out on a strike and this
so badly crippled the working force
that the entire works were shut
Wtcontaeo, Pa., Jan. 30.—Con
stable Shomper is killing a number
of dogs thut are at large without
license tags. Mr. Shomper is noti
fying all persons owning dogs to get
the required license and until such
time to keep same tied.
Wtlliamstown, Pa.. Jan. 30.—Airs.
Chester Greincr died at her home
on Tuesday evening from influenza,
aged 26 years. She ia survived by
her husband, two small children, her
parents, one sister and two broth
erk Burial will be in Evangelical
Cemetery on Friday afternoon.
WEIGHT records liave
little value unless
standard of the weighing
Henry Gilbert & Son
SOO South 2nd St., Harrlsburg
Sure Relief
j What a •' j
i Commotion lj
• there'll be in Harris- o
? burg when tomor- j
0 row's Telegraph !?
: comes off the press. o
? There you'll find the o
0 whole story and it j
j will be a relief to me I:
. to unload this ; ?
"i i 9
e secret. It's keeping , j
j me awake o' nights. ?
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