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Veteran of Verdun Home
Minus Part of Left Leg,
but Proud of His Medals
I.ykons, Pa.. Jan. 2S.—Charles!
Diesel, sou of Mr. and Mrs. W illiant j
• K. Dresel, of Pine street, returned
to-day from overseas. He had been
through some of the big fighting and.
at Verdun was shot through the;
ankle of the left leg. While being
removed to a hospital he experienced
a gas attack, Gangerene developed
/and some of the leg had to be re
moved. He carries several citations
for bravery.'
Marietta. Pa., Jan. 28. —Private
John K. tilller. who was. the first
Marietta, lad to he engaged in battle'
and was wounded twice in the battle
of the Marne. has recovered from his
injuries and Is" now' home. He is th*
first Marietta - man to return front;
overseas. •
Corporal Herman I- l.ong. of
Landisville.• a member of ttie 304 th
Field Signal Battalion, of the 79,n
Division, is officially reported bound
ed in action while fighting in the vi
cinity of the Argonne-Forest.
Private Monroe K. Winner,
Company. K. i®th United States In-,
fantry. son of Mr. and Mrs. I.eti
Witmer..ef IJtitz, died of wounds re
ceive,fin "action in France. He was
23 yearS of age.
Mrs. Annie Vogel. of Marietta. has
n son. Herman, who is in France
with the "infantry, and another son.
Edward, who served the United
States .Navy .for many years, and ex
pects to ip-enMst again. ,
Ig>wistown. Pa.. Jan. 29. Paul
Sassantan, veteran of the border
campaign, and the lighting on the
west front in France, has arrived at
his home here. His parents. Mr. and
Mrs. William S. Sassaman wer
greatly surprised, for they did not
„ know that he was in this countrv.
He went to France with Company M.
119 th Infantry, and was in the tidi
est of the fight along the Marne and.
at Chateau Thierry. Sassaman lost
two fingers on one hand.
Lieut. • Mike" Mateer has sent a
message to friends here stating that
he will arrive late to-day. The tele
gram was sent from Camp Dix. N. J.
- Halifax. Pa.. Jan. 29.—The polity
holders of the Halifax Fire Insur
ance Company have elected the fol
• lowing directors: C. P. Scholl. John
F. Nace, James M. Hoffman. lienry
:K. Shoop. Joseph A. 1-eho. /ohn A.
Uawber. llirnian Yeager. A. M. llotT
man. James M. Meckley, Ira A. Kjt- ,
ilers. John H. Warfel and I-awrence
if l.ebo. The new board of directors,
-le ted these officers: President. Cat- 1
Yin P. School: vice-president. Hiram j
Yeager: secretary. G. W. Sliultz: ]
'treasurer. J. A. I.ebo; general agent.:
.A. M- Hoffman; executive commit- ■
tee. John E. Nace, James M. Hoff
jftan and H. R. Shoop.
, MORE i.l x l >ll> \ 11> IPPK AR
\rw Hlf,i,mti,9d. PS.. Jan. 28. —Ad-
ditional candidates for political of
"flces are appearing in Perry county, j
XcCleHan Woods, of Wheatfield towq
"•slrip. and G. W. Meek, also of Wheat
. field townfhip. have announced them
selves as candidates for the Repub
• I Cyan and Democratic nominations, re- 1
-sjie ctlvely. for County Commissioner,
.fames W. Flickinger,\>? Tyrone town
\ship. announced himself for the Re
publican nomination several weeks
■aft" j. •
■" Halifax. P. 1 .. Jan. 28 —< n Satur
tfat evening Clarence K. Rettinger.
-Son of Mr. andxMrs. William H. Ret
tinger. and Miss Bessie Paulus.
[daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George
Paulus. were married by the Rev. J.
t*' Peagg, pas'vr .of the Trinity Re
formed Church.
. Ne ltloomtirld. Pa.. Jan. 2V—E. C
Pile." of Landlsburg. who has been an I
agent of the Mutual Life Insurance
Company for some time, has been
made district manager of Bucks and 1
.Montgomery,counties, with offices at
* ■ IT—Ml——TTnff"~ ! in Ti—
- ijuiJuiJULfr
Drink as much I
as you care for
Unlike coffee,which dis
agrees with many you
can drink as many cups of |
Posfum as you care for j
with no fear of nervousness,
sleeplessness or other appoy
| apce to health,for Postup)
: is pure and wholesome and J
| contains no harmful ele- |
meiyt such as -the drug 1
"caffeine", ii) coffee. ;
j Your grocer sells Postum. i
| i I
' „ „vt~ - , ' r - ii ffi ft aaaaay
Total wl Sixty Now Members
of School Hoards to Ho i
Elected in Perry
Marysville, Pa., Jan. 29 Many
changes wffl be made In the direc-•
1 torates of the thirty school districts
of Perry county in the fall elections. 1
In but one of the thirty districts are
leSs than two new directors elected.
A total of sixty new directors wlji
be elected.
I-andisburg borough will not elect'
a single director this year, no elec-1
lion for school director being held
there until the fall of 1921. when
four directors will be named.
Twenty-seven of the districts will j
'elect two new directors, and the re-i
t maining "two,, Rye and Tuscarorai
1 townships, will name of trio of nefr
Will Install New Officers:
Dr. Jos. Kalbfus to Speak
Enola, Pa.. Jan. 2S.—Washington ,
j Comp 690. P. O. S. of A., have elect- '
:ed the following officers for 1919.1
■They will be installed at a public!
meeting in Bitner's Hall on Monday'
evening at S o'clock. A special
musical program will be rendered.
Prominent men are included among
the speakers. Included will be Dr.
Joseph Kalbfus. of the Pennsylvania
State Game Commission. District
President J. J. Hemmer, of Worm
leysburg. wilt, have charge of the
installation ceremofty.
' Officers to be installed are: Past
president. R. M. Adams: president.
I Grant Heckert; vice-president. Ed
ward Hazzard: financial secretary, ■
H. 11. Minnich: recording secretary,
W. K. Burkholder; treasurer, George
H. Horning; master of forms. W. H_s-
Beers: conductor, Frank Hazzard:
I inspector, F. M. Rimer: guard. M.
' L. Miller.
Marysville. Pa.. Jan. 28.—Tickets
in large numbers have been sold for
the Marysville Chautauqua, whichj
opens to-morrow afternoon In the!
Galen Theater, but the prevalence
'of influenza has limited this sale
♦somewhat. The reserved seat chart
i was opened in the offices of the
Marysville Water Company this
' morning High-class lectures and
entertainments are included on the
i program.
Enola. Pa.. Jan. 29.—The relig
ious work committee of the Enola
P. R. R. Y. M. C. A. will resume its
study of the Book of Genesis on
Friday evening in the auditoriuffi of
the association.
New Cumberland. Pa., Jan. 28. —
'This evening Miss, Ida. Kreiger will
entertain-her Sunday school class at
her home at Bellavista.
New t unthcrland, Pa.. Jan. 2S. —-
R. F. Eisen>erger Post, G. A. R..
will meet on Saturday evening,
February 2.
Enola. Pa., Jan. 28.—Prof. E. A.
Stouffer, cf Afbright College. Ann
ville. a member of the Anti-Saloon.
League, spoke to the members of
the Enola Metfiodist Episcopal
■ Church.
Halifax. Pa . Jan. 29 —A social w as
veld on Saturday evening in the High
School auditorium by the Sophomore
| class. The evening was spent in
playing various games and at a late
hour refreshments were served. j
Personal and Social Items
of Towns on West Shore
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shover, of
! Shiremanstown, • spent Sunday at j
j Winchester.
Mrs. Clair V. Miller and Mrs. Mau-i
rice Eshleman, of Pittsburgh; Mrs.
A. C. Myers, of Mcchaniesburg, and'
Mrs. K. E. Abbott, of Harrisburg,
were entertained recently by Mr. and .
I Mrs. Samuel Drawbaugh and Miss
I Thelma Drawbaugh, at their rest- ;
dence at ShiremansPptvn,
Miss Violet Stevens, of Shiremnns- J
town, spent the weekend with her
aunt. Miss Affile Diller, in Harris
burg. „
Mrs. Mart- Zimmerman, of Shire- ,
■ munstown. was a Harrisburg visitor
on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Moss Rowles and
son. Frederick, of Meehanicsburg, |
were weekend visitors at the home |
: of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ;
W. K. Rowles, at Shiremanstown. j
Mrs. John F. Snyder and her,
i daughter. Mrs. William Clouser. of j
Shiremanstown.visited Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Snyder, of Harrisburg.
Mrs. Martin Greenuwalt, Mrs. J
Roy D. lioc.h and son. Donald, of i
Penbrook. were weekend guests of;
Miss Louisb Noel!, of Shiremans
Mrs. Edward C. Miller, of Shire- j
manstown, was a Harrisburg visitor
| on Saturday.
i Miss Martha Miller and sister.
! Miss Dorcas Miller, of Penbrook,
spent Sunday with tl\eir grandpar-1
ents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Neb-,
inger, of Shiremanstown.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Erb and i
family, of Sporting Hill, spoilt Sat
urdav with Mrs. Erb's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. George F. Jacobs, of Shire
Miss Dorothy Zerbe, MiSs Emily ;
Zerbe and Lawrence Zerbe. of Spring,
l-ake, spent Sunday with Mr. and'
Mrs. Leon R. of Shiremans- 1
Miss Kathryn Zimmerman, of St.
John's, spent the weekend yith her
sister, Miss Pearl Zimmerman, of;
. Shiremanstown.
" George I. Fisher, a student at Penn j
State, and John L. Bitner, of Dick- I
inson law school, spent the weekend ■
with their parents at Enola.
Miss Clara Snyder, Miss Leolln
Gill and Miss Nancy Bitner, of
Enola, are spending several days in
New York City.
Miss Mary Buttorff, music teacher:
in the sehoo's of New Cumberland,'
will lead the singing at the Teach- ,
ers' Institute there on Friday. Jan
uary 31. ✓ I
Miss Effio Koch will entertain the
Eudora Guild at her home in Reno
street. New Cumberlahd, Thursday
evening. ♦
Charles Ross, sexton of the Baugh
' man Memorial Methodist Church, is
ill at his home in Bridge street, New
Mrs. Robert Shelly, who spent the
past week with her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. S. A. Williams, at New Cumber
land, has returned to Trenton. N. J.
Mrs. J. Grimes Mi ley, of New Cum
berland, has returned home after
spending a month with her mother
in Kentucky.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ensminger
and daughter, Evelyn, have retained
to their homes, at Brooklyn, N. Y„
after spending some time with his
mother, Mrs. Alice Ensminger, of
Columbia. Pa., Jan. 28.—The Girls'
Patriotic League, an organization
having its origin during the war. with
Miss Ada M. Forrey, a teacher, as di
rector. has increased to a member
. ship of 150 and the league is now
seeking larger quarters, instructions
are given every night in the week
and a portion of the time "is given to
Innocent amusements .
lHlltthurg, Pa.. Jan. 28.—There is a
scarcity of houses here. Practically
all the houses have engaged for
April 1 and there are still a number'
lof applicants for homes.
Miners Imprisoned For
Two Hours by Coal Rush
l.ykens, Pa., Jan. 28.—A number
; of miners were penned In the mines
hero yesterday when a string of cais
broke loose on the electric slope andi
j dashed to tho bottom, tearing out'
i thq props and letting loose about
littv tons of rock and coal.
| The men had been working at the
bottom of the slope und had jjjsl.
.dispatched the cars to the surface.
They were making ready for the re-j
j turn of empties when they heard a;
rumbling noise up the tracks, they<
• immediately sought safety and had'
just gotten out of tHe'way when the;
volume of debris reached the bottom,'
'j cutting off their exit. They were shut;
[up for two hours when they were
(released without a scratch.
Liverpool, Pa., Jan. 28.—The Liter- ;
j ary Society program for Friday night;
, i i.- as follows: Music, orchestra; solo, j
\V H. Brookhart: recitation. Ruth i
j Foltz; duet. Mr. and Mrs. George I
CroW: reading. Mary Mitchell: music.'
J orchestra: recitations. Sylvia Weaver;
' and Kern Sptcher: duet. Mrs. J. 1..'
i Trympytp and Mrs. Splcher; recita
. | tions, Helen Stroup and Pauline Crow:
• ] debate. "Resolved, That ISducation
I Increases Happiness." affirmative. '
| Mrs. W. E. Tlebel and R. W. Bashore, J
and negative, Hobart Brookhart and ■
• j Miss Ruth Long: decision: music, or-'
■. chestra.
Hnllnm. Pa . Jan. 28.—Geot gi 4 R.,
i Blessing, well-known retired farmer,]
| died at noon Saturday at his home,
near here from paralysis. He was]
81 years old, and is surviA'ed by his
I'Wife, eleven children, twenty-two]
I grandchildren and fourteen great-
I grandchildren. The funeral services
I were held this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Suburban Notes
;! Prof, iiarry Stanny, of Millersburg,
• siient Saturday evening with friends.
] Chester K. l.eho has gone to War
ren. 0., after a visit to his parents,
' Mr. anjl Mrs. James M. Lebo.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weaver and
• two children spent Sunday at Eliza-;
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lentz. of liar
risburg, spent Monday at the home
of Mr. and "Mrs. James S&iroyer.
Melvin G. Sponsler has been eleet
ed as teacher of the tlftrd and fourth,
•, grade school to fill the vacancy
caused by the resignation of Miss
Christine K. Xei /.g to accept a gov
. ] eminent position.
> Mrs. Harvey Boyer and daughter.
Grace Boyer, of Middletown, are
. j guests of her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
I J. R, Lentz. %
Mrs. Sarah Harper and Mrs. John
[ Hilbert and daughter, of Steelton.
spettt Sunday at the home of the
former's daughter, Mrs. Joseph Dill
. man.
.i W. T. Willets spent Monday in
. Philadelphia.
Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Keitn. of Tlar
. risburg. spent Sunday at the home
i •of the latter's mother, Mrs. Clara
. j Westfall. *
Lloyd E. "Straw was home from
[; Lebanon over Sunday.
fc AX NY 11,1.K
Albert Gantz. of Philadelphia, was
. i the guest of his brother, Charles
I , Gantz, for several days.
Mrs. George Kinports and daugh
j; ter, Bessie, are gusts of relatives at
Mrs. Laura Lens has returned to
her home at Baltimore, Md., after
I visiting her parents, Mr. and' Mrs.
. j Frank Gebhart.
Miss Kuthryn Boltz. qf Lebanon,
visited . her parents, Mi? and Mrs.
William Boltz.
Mrs. Eluier Finkenbinder and
. daughters. Caroline and Miriam, of
. Harrisburg. were guests of relatives
] here on Saturday.
[ Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sebmuck and
children, Sidney and Pauline, spent
Saturday at Lebanon.
Mrs. S. Elizabeth Henry is visiting
friends at Lebanon.
\ Reno Keibler. who enlisted at the
.(outbreak of Avar, returned borne on
\A 11.1.1 A A! STOW V
Enoch Morgan, aged 7 years, son of
! William Morgan, contractor, died at
bis home from influenza. Flis par
ents and a brother are seriously ill
j Avith the same disease.
Miss Helen Durbia and Miss Marion
Durbin are spending y few weeks in
; New York CUV
j William Lelghtnfcr, of Harrisburg,
] spent the weekend with his mother,
i Fred Koenig and children, of Rend
i ing. spent Sunday with his parents,
I Mr. tind Sirs. Wtliiam Koenig.
I Mrs. Thomas Jamej returned homo
I from Sunbury Avhere site spent some
j time with Harry Mutchler.
Mrs. Charles Evans, of Kenovo, re
! turned home after a brief visit with
Mr. and Mrs. William Megget. of
Camden. N. J.. attended the funeral
of his sister. Mrs. Lizzie Bast on Sat
Mrs. R. A. Chpster anil daughter.
Mrs. Harry Matter, are visiting Mrs.
John MeCollum, at Wilmington.
Miss Mary Kendrick, of Pottsville,
spent a few days AVlth her aunt, Mrs.
■ J. T. Hughes.
The liev. If. E. ,Baner. of Tremont. I
spent Sunday here.
Lieutenant Ralph Crab ill, son of the
Rev H. A. Frabill, pastor of the
I'nited Brethren Church. arrived
home Saturday, lie'bad been in ac
tive service with the Aviation Corps
on the Western Front for four
i months and on the last day of the
1 war had a narrow escape from three
; German planes.
j- R. 11. Middletnn. of Roiling Springs,
traffic solicitor of ti)e Cumberland
Valley Railroad, spent Saturday in
town looking after the interests of
the company.
Ray K1 ugh. son of S. H. Klugh, is
home after being mustered out of
Mrs. W. D. Bollinger lias returned
home after visitiifc her sister, Mrs.
C. A. Pike at Washington.
A. H. I'lsh Avas a visitor in Harris
burg on Saturday.
Miss Zelia Cathcart, a student of
Irving College. Mechanlcsburg. spent
Sunday at her home here.
The Rev. V. T. Xearhoof tvas a re
cent visitor in Harrisburg.
Millerstown school have re-opened
after being closed for several weeks
because of the influenza epidemic.
John Fish spent the weekend with
James Kipp in Harrisburg.
Adam Hoiinan lias gone to Slate
College to attend school.
Dr. L. S. Howard and family, of
Harrisburg. spent Sunday with Mrs.
Catherine Wright.
Miss Reheccu Weimer, of Newport,
visited friends here on Sunday.
Miss Margaret Bollinger spent the
weekend with friends at the Millers
vlile Normal School.
Miss ElPn Murray is visiting with
relatives in Harrisburg.
Charles I. Barner, who Is employed
in DelaAvare* City, and Hi-tice Barner,
who is employed in Harrisburg. are
visiting here with their parents. Mr.
and Mrs J. I. Barner.
W, H. Hebel spent Monday in Ifer
Mr. and Mrs. liarry Ileckard and
daughter, Isabel, of Xewporl, were
recent visitors at G. W. Crow's.
Cumberland. Valley News
Mrs. M. K. Sullzubcrgcr Pre- 1
scntcri With Church Hvin
nal at Anniversary
llechnuicMhurg, Pa.. Jan. 27.—1n
honor of het; twenty-ninth annlver-1
Sitry as teacher of the "All at Work"
: women's Bible class in the Church of
Rod Sunday school, Mrs. Morris Iy(
Sultzaberger was presented yester
' day by members of the class with a
I] huge basket of carnations and a
beautiful flexible-back church hym- 1
nal. The presentation speeches
■ were made by Mrs. Edward Sehlcl
and Sirs. .Chester 13. RUlnebart. Mrs."
Si. S. Anderson, the oldest member
'c.of the class, also spoke.
Unveil Photograph of
Chambersburg Officer
Clmiiiboi'shuig, Pa.. Jan. 28. Ai
handsome portrait of, Second Lieu-;
' tenant Philip Kvans Kriechbaum of j
this ilace, who was killed in action j
i in France while leading his com- ,
pany in the Argonno Forest on Oc
tober 2. 1918. was unveiled by King!
■Richard Pommandery Xo. 14 7.
t Knights of Malta, during a memorial ]
i; service held in honor of the mem
bers of t"he lodge who died during
. i the past year. i
t Lieutenant Kriechbaum was In j
command of Company 112 th In-;
i fantry, which is composed largely'
• of boys from this place and Harris- j
burg, in the absence of his two ;
! brothers. Captain Roy R. Kriech
baum and Lieutenant J. Ritner
' Kriechbaum." who were in a hos
pital recovering from wounds at the
I time of the Argonne Forest battle.
f Lieutenant P. Kvans Kriechbaum
.'was a past commander of King
Richard eommandery. Knights of
• .Malta. Seven other members of this
I I eommandery died during 1918.
Claim to Have Receipts
For Electric Co. Bonds
t'airlisle. Pa., dan. 28.—Interest in
the action of the Big Spring Elec
trical Company,"of Newville. against
Kitzmiller Brothers, of Shtppens
burg, who it was claimed failed to
i make payment for SJO.Ono in bonds
sold to them, has been increased by
| the statement of the Shippensburg
! men, who elaim in reply that the
i entire amount subscribed -was paid ]
; "and that they hold the receipt of
; the treasurer of the company fori
this sum. The amount involved isi
slightly more than $45,000, the
Xeivyille utility cqmpanw claiming i
1 that only about $4,000 was paid fori
tlie bonds in question. An early j
, hearing in the case will be held.
; Cumberland License Court
Has but Slight Interest'
1 Carlisle. Pa., Jan.' 28.—Oumber
| land county license court opened
I this morning with slight interest'
| taken, the dry order for July 1 hav-j
ling caused fewer remonstrances j
I than usual to be entered. There i
I were twenty applications, all of the I
I holders last year requesting permis-]
j sion to sell for the half year. A re- !
I monstrance against the Failed
! .Stales JLnel at Mount Holly Springs
I was tiled and some argument took
] place. Judge Sudler has held the|
| cases under advisement. The bounty i
j license year closes at midnight on'
1 January 31.
Mcclinuli >liul'K, Pa., Jan. 28. —An r
| other crowded lipase greeted the
performers in J the humorous play
• entitled "Scenes al the Fnion De
pot," which wae repeated last night
,in Franklin Hall, for the benefit
i of the Citizens Fire Company.
i —„ —.
of the stomach has upset ;
many a night's rest. If
your stomach is acid- !
disturbed, dissolve two
or three
on the tongue before retir
ing and enjoy refreshing
, sleep. The purity and
goodness of Ki-moids
guaranteed by
j Citizens of Near Waynesboro j
Sign Petition of
* Protest
Waynesboro. Pa., Jan. 2S. That!
| rendering plants for the purpose of!
• tuJiiuK care 01 dead horses and other |
[animals in this section are not popu
j lar with the people is attested by an I
j advertisement appearing in a local I
j paper, signed by many farmers, op-'
i posing the establishment of such an i
industry in their midst.
Fifty-five residents of Wayne Cas
tle and nearby state that they will I
take legal action to prevent the' plac
ing of such a plant in their locality
if it is in any way a nuisance or
disturbance to the comfort of their
homes, or endangers the value of i
their property. Several such plants!
■have been in the courts recently-;
| from Greencastle. and the residents
I of Antrim toWnship, north and west
id' Waynesboro, want to guard
| against the experience of Grecnens- !
tie residents, wljo have opposed the
j continuance of the industry' there.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Strock
Celebrate Golden Wedding
Mcclianiexburg. Pa , Jan. 29.—Mr.
:and Mrs. A.. Gregg Strock, 421 South
I Frederick street, celebrated their
j fiftieth wedding anniversary on Sun
! day with a dinner to their children
| itifd friends. They were the re
cipients of many pretty gifts and of
many congratulations The guests
i included: The Rev. J. "Russell Buclt
| er, Mr. and Mrs. O. 11. Aulthouse.,
i daughters Ruth and Viola and son
! Roy: Miss Celestia Strock. Carl
strock. Mrs Catharine Baker. Mr.
jand Mrs. W. F. MeFadden, all of
Meehanicsburg: Mr. and Mrs.
George N. Kauffman and daughter,
j Florence. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob K.
Snyder, of New Cumberland: Mr.
and Mrs. A. M. Haulman, of Harris
] burg ,nnd M r. and Mrs. A. G. Strock.
A letter from Frank Strock, a son
in the I nited States service in
France, reached his parents on the
morning of the anniversary.
* .Meehanicsburg". Pa., Jan. 28.
Benjamin Titzel. yvlio for many years
j was a resident of Silver Spring
] township, died at the home of his
aunt, Miss Salonie Titzel. on Sunday
night from heart trouble. He was
aged 53 years and is survived by
i two daughter. Mrs.. Norman Books,
of Linglestown. and Mrs. Raymond
, Painter, of Middletown, and one
; brother. John 1 K. Titzel.
The funeral services will be held
!-at Miss Titzel's home, 313 East Main
; street. Meehanicsburg, on Wednes-
I day afternoon at 2 o'clock, conduct
ed by the Rev. Dr. T. J. Ferguson,
pastor of Silver Spring Presbyterian
j Church. Burial will be at Peace
I Church Cemetery.
w . Ki-:.u ■" Willi;":!.: ! <nililiiiliiilii::Mii:iii:ii:iiiiuiiiiiii:i,ii.iiiii!i 1 inilMllllM
: 'i: ,|i milll UllimriHlllluiOlli Mi
"sB ' i: '> 'iiiinijiii'i
f til
28-30-32 North Third Street
Exquisite Style and Superb Quality
Developed by the deft hands of the skilled worker
Characterize our complete assortments of
gfsjjf %
High Class Underwear for Women
The taste of the American woman for charming Xj&jr
• . lingerie has risen in proportion to her desire for
outer modes of the type which is distinguished for
!p beauty of design and quality.
Every woman loves dainty clothes -r- and natur- • X&k' /T jl*
!|j§ /ally so. kjawn j \
j|j It is, indeed, with a sense of deep
ill pride that we point to our Underwear .... U J H
||| Department as the service that will , / s§sj
glj meet the demands of every woman, *• /
however modest her purse. / I
For after- all, good underwear is [ J
the most economical. And at the jj
|p| same time the desire for pretty things
is gratified. y
If for only inspection, we welcome you to visit this fascinating depart
||| ment. Perhaps there are many things here you do not know about and
will be happy to find.
g-j Particular Attention is Directed to Our Comprehensive and New Lines of
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Philippine Hand Embroidered Muslin, Voile and Nainsook
if! 1 • i
!|p'. Gowns, $2.95 to $5.50. Gowns, $1.25 to $2.95.
Envelope Chemise, $2.29 to Envelope Chemise, $1.75 to
Hi $3.50. ' $4.75.
in t -
v inthliMlM <u >m J* ■ Nil N II Ih% hM ilkßUMMHWlltldfaaißßWilitHllilHtHli'lUWHill.MßUtl 'UiillH' MS J ■ illnß,, IDS.WIiMIBaMI
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Picture of Mercersburg
Girl, Given to Missing >
Soldier, Is Returned| [
Chambersbiirg, Pa.. Jan. 29. |)
Photographer lleidwohl, of lingers-! (
town, received a photograph from t
I France with a letter front Corporal j.
I Carlyle Earp, Seventy-ninth Division i
| Meadquurtors, who found the pio- j
| ture on Hill 378 and sent it to the
major for identification, it proved
j to he the likeness of Miss Khuannu
I Huwbaker, of Mercersburg, who I
gave it to a soldier boy friend who |
' may have been killed, as lie lias not |
! been heard front since the armistice, j
< 'linmbcrsburg. Pa.. Jan. 2S.—
j The Rev. C. ft. Oarlin, a private in
an army motor truck company]
! which spent. last night here, j
preached a strong serntop in King|
] Street United Brethren Church at j
•an evangelistic meeting. He was i
pastor of a Methodist church inj
Dresden, Kan., when lie enlisted.
Waynesboro, Pa:, Jan. '2 B.—The.
fire companies of this city were |
summoned to a fire in the large;
! stables belonging to Daniel Stoneri
and tenanted by Harold (•(ton. Sun-1
I day evening. The roof of the build-j
ing was burned off and a large quan-!
lily of corn fodder and hay was de-1
! stroyed and damaged. The loss is
placed at $l,OOO. • j
Waynesboro, Pa., Jan. 28.—The!
Mechanics Fire Company, this city, i
j will hold its annual fair and bazaar ;
; in its hall, beginning on Saturday
night, February 8, and continuing
every night until February 22.
Chatnbersburg, Pa., Jan. 28.
Councilnten W. M. Rupert and G.
Edward Miller and Borough Engi
neer Horace G. Kilmer have gone to
Chicago to IooIT for- apparatus for
street cleaning.
! Chumltcrsltiirg, Pit., Jan. 28. — I
Samuel G. Greenawalt, former eher-1
jiff of Franklin county, is seriously;
ill at his home here with an attack
of influenza. Mr. Greenawaltgis a
member of the borough council.
Marietta. Pa., Jan. 28. Lieutenant
Herman L. Brandt, of Marietta, who
was among the first of the river bor- j
ough's young men to answer the call
to arms, has been honorably dis- !
charged from service.
We even trade homes on "Fords.]
i Baekenstoss Bros., Real Estate. Russ I
; Bidg. I
Day and Night School
Harrisburg's Greatest Commercial School
\\ icon Geo, Pa.. Jan. 28.—At
meet lap: of the Wiconisco Viand, t
following officers were elected: 1
rector, Theodore Gordon; lend
John P. Page: president, Sana
tloover: vice-president, George
Gitlings; secretary, Percy Kratzi
treasurer, William Daniels.
| The Best Cough Syrup
Is Home-made
W Herr'n an eiwy way to MT ft, and
g r f t have the beat rough remedy
g you ever tried.
You've probably beard of this we
known plan of making cough syrup
home. Rut have you ever used '
When vou do, you will understa
why thousands of families, the woi
over, feel that they could hardly ke
house without it. it's simple a
cheap, but, the way it fakes hold
a cough will quickly earn it a p
mnucnt place in voiir home.
Into a pint bottle, pour ount
of I'inex; then add plain granulat
sugar syrup to-fill up the pint. Or,
desired, use clarilied molasses, hopi
or corn svrup, instead of sugar svri
Either way, it tastes good, net
spoils, and gives you a full pint
better cough remedy than you coi
buy rftidy-made for three times
It is really wonderful how quid
this home-made remedv conquers
| cough—usually in 24 hours or less,
seems to penetrate through evcrv i
passage, loosens a dry, hoarse or tit
] cough, lifts the phlegm, heals the me
branes, and gives almost immcdii
relief. Splendid for throat tick
hoarseness, croup, bronchitis and br<
chial asthma.
I'inex is a highly concentrated co
pound of genuine Korwav pine extra
and has been used for generations :
throat and chest ailments.
To avoid disappointment ask yc
druggist for "2't ounces of Pine
with directions, and don't accept at
thing else. Guaranteed to give ah
lute satisfaction or moncv refund
The Pinex Co., l>'t. Wayne, Ind.
You R only protection is
an accurate scale.
Guess work has no place
in modern business.
Hariishiii-g- < I'enna,