Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, January 21, 1919, Page 11, Image 11

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ry Good Eddie" Featured
' at Majestic First Part
of the Week
Tery Good Eddie" the popular
ical comedy transformed into
ludeville offering and presented
te Majestic Theater the first part
he week, winning the favor of
large crowds last night,
le Two Ladellos, a duo of com
acrobats opened the bill with
usual tumbling feats. They were
>wed by Louise Nace, a singing
edian with a baritone-soprano
e. If it had not been for the
that she was outranked in num
by the musical comedy com
f Miss Nace would have car
oft the honors. She has a very
1 voice, which with personality
good songs and patter, always
he musical comedy, "Very Good
ie," with members of the same
presenting it at the Orpheum
re, pleased the audience not so
h because of/the musical beau
as because of the very good
ing chorus. Although deficient
oice they made up for it in hand
e appearance. Carney Christie
ed the part of Eddie. Georgina,
wife was played by Jean Thomas;
:y Darling by George Poultney,
Elsie Darling by Vallie Belasco j
ayncsboro. Pa. Jan. 21.—At a
ting of the Washington and
icy Towpships Dairy Association,
;h was largely attended, it was
ded to purchase cattle feed in
oad lots, which will make it so
each individual farmer will be
to secure the food much cheaper,
will also encourage the produc
of milk in the winter months as
as summer, for the very best
will be given the stock.
>e's Diapepsin at once ends
sourness, gas, acidity,
Tien meals upset you and you
h gas, acids and undigested food.
;n you have lumps of indigestion
or any distress in stomach you
get relief insantly—No waiting!
s soon as you eat a tablet of
e's Diapepsin, all the indigestion
i stops. Gases, acidity, heart
l, flatulence and dyspepsia van-
Pape's Diapepsin tablets cost
' little at drug stores.
Quick and Harmless
heumatism Remedy
at Has Driven AU Agony from
Hnndrctls of Despairing
e fair to yourself, you sufferer
i rheumatism, no matter what
L Get from your druggist a pack
of Rheuma, the guaranteed pre
ition. Use the entire bottle, and
ou don't think it has given you
k and sure relief, say so, and you
have your money back,
n't that a fair offer? Can you see
deceit about It? What chance dc
take? Absolutely none.
ien get a bottle of Rheuma today,
a reputable physician's prescrip
, altogether different from reme
usually prescribed free from nar
rsi and perfectly harmless,
heuma acts on the kidneys and
s to force the uric acid from the
lien Joints and other lodging
es. It pleases you in a day; ii
es you hopeful and happy in a
k. It has released from bondage
imatic sufferers who thought
ling would give relief. It should
s much for you—it seldom fails,
nedy's drug store will supply you
guarantee money back if not sat
irrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cored
ocal applications as they cannot
h the diseased portion of the
There is only one way to cure
irrhal Deafness, and that is by a
titutional remedy. HALL'S CA
-IRH MEDICINE acts through
Blood on the Mucous Surfaces
he System. Catarrhal Deafness
aused by an inflamed condition
he mucous lining of the Eusta
n Tube. When this tube is in
led you have a rumbling sound
nperfect hearing, and when it is
ely closed. Deafness Is the re-
Unless the inflammation can
educed and this tube restored to
lormal condition, hearing may be
royed forever. Many cases of
tness are caused by Catarrh,
:h is an inflamed condition of
Mucous Surfaces.
case of Catarrhal Deafness that
lot be cured by HALL'S CA
1 druggists 75c. Circulars free.
J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, Ohio
: get out that bottle of
Sloan's Liniment and
"knock it galley-west"
sn't say "It will be all right to
■ow." Rheumatic twinges won't
ve themselves. It takes the
ter-lrritant of Slpan's Liniment
ring quick relief. Effective, too,
nearly every external ache and
that man's heir to.
it it on and let it penetrate with
-nbbliig. Clean, sure, economical
8 tried, it becomes a lifelong
id. Your druggist has it. Get
SOc flflc 51.20
Liniment (
K.ills Pain
Attaches of State Government
Say Goodby to Governor
at His Offices
attaches of the
Governor Martin
night. It was an
ernor's private
oilice was oanaed with palms and
I ferns and decorated with tlags and
[he shook hands with scores of
During the evening Mrs. Brum
baugh also said farewell to the
wives and families of state officials
at the department
The Governor remained at his of
fice until a late hour, shaking hands
with the officials and attaches and
chatting wit"h a number of personal
friends among the legislators and
visitors. Virtually all of the state
officials called on htm, the Public
Service Commissioners in a body.
Dr. and Mrs. Brumbaugh spent
the night at the Pcnn-Harris and
this afternoon start for Pinehurst,
N. C. William H. Ball, the private
secretary for the last three years,
goes to Philadelphia, where he will
engage in the read estate business.
Will Meet Tomorrow —The State
Board of Agriculture and various
other agricultural bodies will begin
their formal sessions tomorrow.
The State Commission of Agricul
ture will meet late today.
New Secretary Busy—Prof. Fred
erick Rasmussen, the new secretary
of .agriculture, spent yesterday and
today going over the details of the
department. He will probably com
mence to outline new work and to
speed up activities very promptly.
Captain Godcliarlos iloine —Cap-
tain Frederic A. Godcharles, deputy
secretary of the commonwealth, who
is on leave for army service, is here
foi the inaugural. He is the holder
of the very fortunate position of
small arms instructor on the staff
of General Leonard Wood.
Ex-Members Visit—Ex-Represen
tatives Rininger and Thompson,
Blair: Siggins. Warren, and Kitts
and Buvee, Erie, were legislative
Considering Rates. The Public
Service Commission is giving consid
eration to the recently-advanced tele
phone rates, it was stated at the of
fice of the Commission to-day, but
no decision has been reached as to
what action will be taken. No pro
test has been filed against the new
rates the Commission and it is
considering them upon its own ini
Doxen Decisions. —The State Com
pensation Board to-day announced
decisions in a dozen cases. A new
hearing was ordered in Hart vs. State
Insurance Fund. Williamsport.
The Latest Version. Governor
Brumbaugh last night said that he
coud not be paid to write a history
of Pennsylvania and that all the War
Board ever intended him to do was to
compile records of Pennsylvania sol
diers. When the Governor an
nounced the creation of the War
Service Board he said that he had
been chosen director and that he
would "write the story of what Penn
sylvania did in the war."
Murderer Receives
Life Sentence For
Each of Two Crimes
By Associated Press
| Jersey City, N. J., "Jan. 21.
Charles Evans, of Springfield, Ills.,
18 years old and a deserter from the
Navy, who recently confessed to two
murders, was sentenced here yester
day to life imprisonment for each
crime, the two sentences to run con
currently. Evans killed a man who
resisted him during a robbery, and
later killed a policeman who tried
to arrest him. He received the
court's sentence with a smile, and
remarked that he would be a "model
Railroad Men Get
Pay Checks With No
Banks to Cash Them
By Associated Press
Altoona, Jan. 21.—The paying of
16,000 Pennsylvania Railroad em
ployes for the first half of January
started yesterday in Altoona without
any arrangements having been made
for the cashing of checks by the
local banks which are standing pat
. on their decision not to advance the
money. In consequence the employes
. must depend on merchants and ho
telkeepers for the favor of having
the checks exchanged for money and
are likely to be seriously inconveni
enced for the time being.
Royalists Revolt in
Portugal, Is Report
London. Jan. 21. —A Royalist rev
olution has broken out in Portugal,
according to a wireless dispatch
form London. Palva Conceiro has
placed himself at the head of a
Royalist revolt at Oporto, Braga and
Viseus and has proclaimed former
King Manuel king of Portugal. Gov
ernment troops are on their way to
suppress the conspiracy. The wire
less dispatch adds that former Kink
Manuel has sent a telegram to the
Portuguese government reproving
the attempt in his behalf.
Falls While Kissing
the Blarney Stone
London, Jan. 21.—Peter McGulre,
some time of San Francisco, now of
the United States Navy, Imperiled his
neck for the right to tell his admir
ing friends at home "I've kissed the
Blarney Stone."
Washington, D. C., Jan. 20.—The
War Department last night an
nounced the reappointment of Cap
tain Sam Bucklew, a National Army
infantry pfficer dismissed from the
army, after trial by court-martial,
on charges Involving the account
ing for certain construction funds
intrusted to him while he was on
duty at Camp Funston, Kan.
Lykcns, Pa., Jan. 21.—Seven wild
turkeys were received from the state
game commission to-day and placed
□n the state game preserve west of
town. During recdht months, quite
a number of turkeys, pheasants and
a number of deer have been released
j on the new preserve
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JANUARY 21, 1919.
f .
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Harrisburg, Pa.