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pr. Bagnell Preaching Series
of Interesting Sermons on
Timely Subjects
Grace Methodist Episcopal
fhurch, State street near Third, was
the scene of two most unusual and
Interesting sermons on January sth
and 12th by Dr. Robert Bagnell. Dr.
Bagnell is preaching a series of ser
mons on four great subjects, and his
discussions of the first two have
created a great deal of interest, and
have helped clear up many a point
in doubt. This Sunday evening at
7:30 o'clock, he will preach a ser
mon on the topic, "If a.man neglects
his chance of salvation here, will he
get another chance?"* This topic will
be presented in a straightforward,
logical manner, that will appeal to
all. and it is anticipated that this
sermon will be heard by the largest
audience since the series were be
In the morning, at 10.30 o'clock.
Dr. Bagnell will preach a sermon on
the topic, "The Gravest Charge
Against the Church." This will be
Dr. Bagnell's second sermon as pre
paratory to the Centenary move
ment. as it effects Grace Church.
The Sunday school will meet at
12.10 and the Teen-Age department
will be under the control of its new
ly elected officers for the first time.
These officers were elected at a
most successful social, held Thurs
day evening, at 7.30 o'clock in the
social room of Grace Church, and
are as follows: President. Harriet S.
Stoner; vice president, Charles 11.
Crist: secretary, Mary Emma Fish- i
or: absentee secretary, Emily E. i
Sites; treasurer, A. Daniel Bacon,
Jr.; assistant secretary, Marion A.
Harfwick: social secretary, Florence
B. Burtnett.
The Epworth League will hold a
meeting of special interest at 6.30
o'clock, in the lecture room of Grace
Church, with Miss Marion Town
send, fourth vice president, speak
ing on the topic, "Making Democ
racy Safe for the World."
Evangelistic Services
at Park Street Church
The revival services which have
fbeen successfully held in Park
Street United Evangelical Church
for the past two weeks will be con
tinued for at least another week.
The Rev. W. E. Potteiger, pastor of
the Penbrook United Evangelical
Church, will assist the pastor this
week preaching every evening but
Saturday. The Rev. Mr. Potteiger
has had considerable success as pas
At 9:30 to-morrow a combined
Sunday school and congregational
service will be held in the church
auditorium when Bishop Swengel
will teach the lesson of the "Pass
over" to the senior and intermediate
departments of the school. This will
be the only service of the morning,
lasting until about 11 o'clock. A fif
teen-minute song service, conducted
by Chorister A. M. Blake, will open
this morning service.
At 7.30 the pastor will have for
his subject. 'The Divine Forewarn
ing," based on Ex. 12:12-13.
Unique Services at
Riverside Methodist
Are Well Attended
The special "Win-my-Chum" ser
vices in Riverside M. E. Church
each night this week were well at
tended and very inspiring. The
special music helped to make each ;
service attractive. Different leaders
had charge of song service and op
ening exercises at each service. The
con<®!uding service of the series will
be held at 6.30 on Sunday evening
at the regular Epworth League De
votional service.
Each night next week there will
be held special evangelistic services
at 7.30 with special song service
every evening. These services will
be conducted by the pastor, the Rev.
Rev. C. F. Berkheimer.
The Rev. George E. Guille of the
Moody Bible Institute will conclude
his bible study and evangelistic ser
vices at Derry Street U. B. Church,
Sunday, January 19, with the fol
lowing services:
Sermons at 10.30 A. M. and 7.30
A. M. and at 2.00 P. M. will speak
to men only in the men's assembly
room of the church.
■ i
"jyT EMBERS of the Legislature
and employes of the state
who are compelled to spend the
week-end in our city are sincerely
welcomed to worship with us. All
seats free, also comfortable. We
take pride in our beautiful church
and are glad to have visitors freely
use this house of God. Our church
is centrally located, just opposite
the Penna. R. R. Passenger Station.
S. W. Herman, D. D. Pastor
St. Stephen's Church
Sunday, January 19th.
11 A. M.—Dr. Emplngham, national superintendent of the
JSpiscopal Church Temperance Society, -will preach on
"The Temperance Movement"
Eminent Minister Will Ad
dress Meeting Tomorrow
Evening; Many Endeavor
ers Expected
Arrangements are about complet
ed for a rousing Christian Endeavor
mass meeting to be held in the
Opera House, Carlisle, to-morrow
evening at 7.30 o'clock. The Rev.
Dr. Francis E. Clark, of Boston,
founder of the C. E. movement, wilt
be the principal speaker. Many so
cieties of the Cumberland valley
are expected to send delegates. Dr.
Clark will also address a mass meet
ing at Shippensburg at 2 o'clock in
the afternoon.
Cumberland valley and a rah! rah!
Here's the president, ah! ah! ah!
What's his name? What's his name?
Dr. Clark! Dr. Ojark! Dr. Clark!
A special invitation is extending
to the societies of Dauphin county
and Harrisburg to send a large dele
gation to Carlisle to-morrow, and
hear Dr. Clark speak.
Endeavor societies will study the
topic "Our Relation to God. I. Re
penting." at the vsvrious churches
on Sunday evening.
Christian Endeavor week will be
observed by the societies of the
Harrisburg C. E. Union. February
2-9. Arrangements are being made
for six big contesting rallies,, as fol
lows: Central district, city; Hill
district, city; up-town district. New
Cumberland; Steelton, and Pen
brook. Special programs will be
rendered and live wire speakers will
be secured.
Dr. William T. Ellis, a well-known
author and traveller, has been sent
by the New York "Herald" to make
an independent study of social, po
litical and religious conditions in the
near East, including, of course,
Bible lands. Dr. Ellis's reports will
be cabled to this country.
At the Harris Street Keystone
League of Christian Endeavor to
morrow evening, C. B. Fisher will
conduct the service.
State Secretary H. B. Macrocy,
Pittsburgh, and Field Secretary
Gates, of Illinois, are making an
Officers of First Church of
Harrisburg Elected at
Business Meeting
The annual business meeting of
the First Baptist Church, the Rev.
"William J. Lockhart, pastor, was
held this week. The following were
elected Deacons for the ensuing
year: Joseph L. Leonard, H. E. Ben
nett, Reuben Simmers, O. F. Smith,
Charles H. Linde. Herbert B. Alex
ander, William C. Sourber. The fol
lowing were elected Trustees for the
coming year: George N. Spencer,
Howard V. Winchell, Ray S. Shoe
maker, William F. Jones, Philip J.
Arnold, Eber Gano Butler and Anna
E. Dewhirst; the last two being
elected financial secretary and treas
' urer respectively. Orville F. Smith
was elected church clerk. The Ad
visory Board composed of the offi
cers, deacons and trustees of the
church organized by electing Ray S.
Shoemaker president and Charles H.
Linde secretary.
All reports showed the church to
be actively engaged in the work of
the Lord, helping every good cause.
Contributions to missionary work
were nearly double that of the pre
vious year. The year closing showed
a very substantial balance on hand
in the current expense account of
the church. The First Baptist
Church has abandoned all indirect
methods of "raising money" to pay
expenses or give to missions and de
pends solely upon the gifts of those
who love to give, this Scriptural
method has reflected its value in
increase in mow received.
Itinerary trip, including mass meet
ings to be held in many of the prin
ciple cities and towus of the state
during February and March.
The Interdenominational Toung
People's Commission met in New
York City recently to consider prob
lems connected with their work and
plan prayer-meeting topics and pro
grams. A series of topics were
prepared for 1920 by a committee
on which the Epworth League and
Baptist Young People's Union were
represented. These bodies will fol
low the topic outlined. Officers for
the year 1919 are as follows: Presi
dent, Dr. F. O. Erb. of Philadelphia:
secretary, the Rev.- Win. Ralph
■Hall, Philadelphia.
Mr 3. W. E. Rickert and Mrs. E.
L. Yogel will have charge of the K.
L. C. E. service at Park Street
United Evangelical Church on Sun
day evening. '
The Christian Endeavor topic for
next Sunday evening at Market
Square will be "Prayer." This meet
ing is one of a series of Bible studies
now being conducted by Miss Xone
maker, a graduate of Moody Bible
Institute. Stewart Taylor will lead
o'scer. again issues warning igainst
the devotions and John Henry will
conduct the singing.
Dr. Enipringham to Speak at
Three City Episcopal
Those who attend St. Stephen's
Church at Jl A. M.; St. Andrews at
4 P. 51., or St. Paul's at 7.30 P. M.
tomorrow will have the privilege of
hearing Dr. Enipringham, the noted
temperance lecturer, it was an
nounced to-day.
Dr. Enipringham came into na
t.onal prominence nine years ago bo
cause of his action when president
of the Ministers' Association of Syra
cuse, N. Y., in appointing a com
mittee to investigate the commer
cialized vice in that city. Largely as
a result of liis work, the segregated
district of Syracuse was abolished
Sopie years later, when at the
height of his popularity as the rec
tor of the large and influential St.
Paul s—the "Cathedral" of Central
New York—he resigned that po
sition of prominence to become the
New i ork superintendent of the
Anti-Saloon League, this action
challenging wide attention because
of the financial sacrifice involved.
Since his election to the high
honor of National Superintendent of
the Episcopal Church Temperance
Society, Dr. Empringham has made
frequent visits to places of historic
importance in Europe and Asia.
The conversational simplicity of
his scientific lectures makes them
t.ie delight of all who hear this gift
ed reformer.
Name S. S. Officers
at Augsburg Lutheran
The following officers were elected
and installed to serve during the
coming year at the Augsburg Luth
eran Sunday School:
r- F'rst department—superintendent,
D.H. Rineard; first assistant, super
intendent, L. Ross Yaple; second as
sistant, Superintendent, J. F. Hoff
man; secretary, Roy S. Culler; as- 1
sistant Secretary, Harold Dolde
pianist. Mrs. E. A. Wallower, assist
ant pianist, Margaret M. Murray.
Second department— superinten
dent, E. S. Manbeck; first assistant
superintendent, M. F. Mitchell; sec
ond assistant superintendent, E T
Snyder; secretry, O. H. Lingle; as
sistant secretary. Oscar Hoffman;
pianist. Myrtle Ebner; assistant pi
anist, Reba Shue.
Third department: General sup
erintendent, Chalmer C. Groff; as.
sistant general superintendent, J. R.
Ewing; treasurer, E. S. Manbeck;
general secretary, Robert K. Cook;
assistant general secretary, Paul J.
Hoover and Frank D. Warren; pian
ist, Pearle M. Geisinger, assistant
pianist, Rachel Longsdorf; librarian,
Harry Swovelin; assistant librarians,
J. B. Shumaker and Marion E. Man
Kindergarten—Ruth M. Ulsh; as
sistant superintendents, Aline W.
Bateman and Mrs. A. M. Stamets;
Secretary, Mrs. J. M. Arbegast; as
sistant Secretary, Anna L. Seitz; pi
anist, Mary C. Garland.
Home Department—Mrs. C. Kee
Cradle Roll —Mrs. J. C. Lusk, Jr.
There Is a deep interest the re
vival sendees at the Fourth Street
Church of God. There were four
teen conversions during the past
week. Dr. W. N. Yates will speak
Sunday morning on "Sure Founda
tion" and In the evening on "The
Tested Building." Mr. Fulton, of the
Bethesdn Mission, will address the
meeting for men at 2.30, and Mrs.
Fulton will sing at the meeting for
womn at the same hour. Monday
night will be boys' night; Tuesday
night will be inaugural night; Wed
nesday night will be girls' night;
Thursday night will.be toilers' nisht;
Friday night will be unlucky night.
Plans For Great Service Feb
ruary 2 Arc Rapidly
Being Matured
The plans for the great Victory
and Merger Celebration of the
Lutherans of Harrisburg and vicin
ity, are rapidly being matured by the
Joint committee representing the
Lutheran Ministerial Association of
Harrisburg and the Lutheran Bro
therhood Central of Harrisburg and
This mass meeting, which pro
mises to surpass any meeting of its
kind ever before held by the Lu
therans of this vicinity, will be held
in Chestnut Street Auditorium on
Sunday evening, February 2, 1919.
at 7. 30 o'clock, and provision will
be made for an overflow meeting in
Zion Lutheran Church.
The two speakers for the occasion
will be Rev. F. 11. Knubel, president
of the United Lutheran Church, who
will speak on The Future of the
United Lutheran Church, and Rev.,
J. A. W. Haas, President of Muhlen
burg College, who will deliver a
patriotic address. The Lutherans
of this vicinity are fortunate iu
having the opportunity to hear, at
one meeting, two of tho foremost
Lutherans of America, both of
whom are exceptionally strong
All of the Lutheran Churches in
Harrisburg and the immediate vicin
ity will be closed on the evening of
this meeting.
Market Square Presbyterian
Pastor to Deliver Second
Sermon of Scries
The second sermon in the series
which Dr. George E. Hawes is
Ilawes is preaching to the morning
congregations at Market Square
Presbyterian Church will be deliv
ered tomorrow morning. Last sab
bath he discussed the doctrines of
Providence as it can be seen in the
recent war. To-morrow his theme is
"Prayer, and Its Answers."
The evening subject is equally
timely. The deathblow having been
given" to John Barleycorn it is time
that the people who have been con
tending against his supremacy
should come together to rejoice.
This week is one of the greatest
weeks in the history of America.
Enough states have voted to write
prohibition in the Federal Constitu
tion. Certainly this "satan" will be
"bound for a season." "I would like
to invite all workers who have la
bored long to bring about this day.
I would like to see present ail the
women and little children of Harris
burg, who are going to enter a
brighter future. I would like to have
every enslaved man who is at liber
ty, with us. • 1 would like to see
every legislator who jnay be in the
city in our audience. These are
great days," sgys Dr. Ilawes.
The Rev. Mr. Rogers, the assist
ant pastor, is engaged in a most
laudable work trying to bring to
gether the young people of the con
gregation in a strong working peo
ples' society.
Music in the Churches
Nlorning Prelude.- "Adagio"
(from "Fifth Sonata;') Guilmant;
anthem, "Fear Not se, O
Max Spicker; offertory. Melody,
Reinberger; postlude, "Allegro Apas
sionata," Guilmant.
Evening —■ Prelude, \ ision,
Rheinberger: alto and soprano solo,
"He Shall Feed His Flock," Han
del, Miss Monn and Mrs. Gensler;
offertory, "Intermezzo," Delibes;
postlude, "Postlude," Batiste.
Bethlehem Lutheran. Morning—
Prelude, "In Memoriam, Nevin;
quartet, "Bread of the
Shepard; offertory, "Berceuse,"
Faulkes; postlude, Merkel. Even
ing—prelude, "MeditaUon," Harker;
quartet, "O Jesuf# ThSu art stand
ing" Shepard; tenor solo, "My Soul
is Athirst for God" (The Holy City),
John P. Gibson; offertory, "Salut
d'Amonr," Elgar; fantasie, Polleri.
Mrs. W'm. K. Bumbaugh, director;
j. Stewart Black, organist.
Salem Reformed. Morning—
"Epithalamium," Matthews; an
them, "The Lord is Exalted,". West;
soprano solo. "The Lord is My Light
and My Salvation," Allitson. Mrs. C.
W. Myers; praeludium, ,(B Flat
Major). Bach.
tion," Sturges; duet, "X Waited for
the Lord," Mendelssohn, Mrs. Wm.
llelsley, Mrs. Myers.
Messiah Lutheran. Morning—
Prelude, "Favorite Hymns," Select
ed; offertory, "lAst Hope." Gott
schalk; postlude, "Allegretto Mo.
derato," Tours. Evening—Prelude,
(a) "Adagio in C sharp minor,"
Beethoven; (b) "Nocturne in E
flat," Chopin; offertory, "Ave
Maria," Verdi; anthem, "Behold,
the Days Come," Woodward; post
lude, "Grand Chorus," Dubois.
Pino Street Presbyterian. Morn
ing—Prelude, "Fountain P.everrie,"
anthem. "O Lord God of
Hosts," Harvey B. Gaul; offertory,
"Andante Cantabile," Rea; anthem,
"Fear Not, O Israel," Spiker; post
lude, "Praeludium in C minor," J.
S. Bach. Evening—Prelude, "Noc
turne," Maitland; solo, "My Own
Dear Land," Frank Hall, by Mrs.
Cox; offertory, "Short Pastoral in
A," Merkel; anthem, "Rock of
Ages," Buck; postlude, "Grand
Chorus In D major," Guilmant.
Salem Reformed. Morning—
Prelude, "Adoration," Turner; an
them, "The Splendor of the Glory
I><Mrd," Woodward; anthem, "Praise
Ye the. Father," Gounod; postlude,
"Festal March," Kroeger. Evening
—Prelude, "Meditation," Kinder;
anthem, "God Shall Wipe Away All
Tears," Fields; Anthem, "Make a
Joyful Noise," Vance; postlude,
March, Mailly. Chorister, Mrs. Geo.
A. Hutman; organist, Mrs. Nelle
Market Square Presbyterian.
Morning—Prelude, "Lgende Sym
phonique," Bonnet; anthem, "Seek
Ye the Lord," Bridge; offertory,
"Canzona," Bonnet; postlude, "Alle
luia," Rockwell. Evening—Pre
lude, Prelude in G Major, "Gavottee
et Musette," Bach; anthem. "Abide
With Me," Dunatan; offertory, "Me
ditation," Callaerts; postlude,
"Marche Modern e," Lemare,
Church Directory
Maclay Street—The Rev. Dr. ItVll
liam S. Houck. 11, the Rev. O. J.
Farling will preach; 7.30, the Rev.
John Royal Harris, of Pittsburgh,
will preach; Sunday school, 9.45.
Fourth Street—The Rev. Dr. Wil
liam N. Yates. 10.30, "A Sure Foun
dation;" 7.30, Tested Build
ing; 2.30, Mr. and Mrs. Fulton will
assist in evangelistic services; Sun
day school, 1.40.
Highspire—The Rev. Jay C. Forn
crook. ,10.30, "Full Consecration;"
Nagle Street—The Rev. Elmer E.
Kaufltman. 10.30, "The Borrowed
Ax;" 7.30, "A General Invitation;"
Sunday school, 1.30.
Green Street—The Rev. H. S. Her
shey. 10.30. "Christ Our Guide;"
~30, "Seeking Jesus;" Sunday
school, 2.
Progress—The Rev. J. M. Wag
goner. 10.30, "Aggressive Christian
Work;". Sunday school, 9.30.
Linglestown—The Rev. J. M. Wag
goner. 7; Sunday school, 9.30.
Piec.sant View—The Rev. George
W. Harper. Sunday school, 9.45:
10.45, "Indifference to the Truth;"
evangelistic services, 7.30.
Second—The Rev. Albert Josiah
Greene. 10*30, "The Cry of the Af
flicted Saint;" 7.30, "The Supreme
Choice and Its Recompense;" Sun
day school, 12.
St. Paul's—The Rev. E. Luther
Cunningham. 10.30, "The Gate of
Iron," by the Rev. Dr. W. A. Ray, of
Memphis. Tenn.; 7.30, "The Gates of
Pearl," pastor; Sunday school, 19.30.
Tabernacle —The Rev. Millard Os
more Peirce. 11, "The One Requi
site;" 7.30, "Dark! Yes Dark! But
Still Trusting;" Sunday school, 9.45.
Market Street Baptist—The Rev.
W. S. Dunlop. 10.30, "The Qualifi
cations of a Christian;" 7.30, "Re
sponding to God;" Sunday school,
First—The Rev. William J. Lock
hart. 10.30 and 7.30; Sunday school,
11.45. Bible pictures of men who
made the supreme sacrifice.
Sixth —The Rev. J. Owen Jones.
10.30, "A Man of God:" 7.30, "The
Cutting Power of the Gospel;" Sun
day school, 1.45.
Otterbein—Tlie Rev. Dr. S. Edwin
Rupp. 10.30. "Knowledge of God;"
7.30, "A Day of Decision;" Sunday
school, 2.
Derry Street —The Rev. J. A. Ly
ter. George E. Guille, of Moody
Bible Institute, will preach at 10.30
and 7.30; Sunday school, 2. At 2
o'clock Sunday Dr. Guille will speak
to men only in the men's assembly
room of church.
First—The Rev. W. E. Daugherty.
10.30, "Man's Obligation to Man;"
7.30, "Vicarious Suffering;" Sunday
school, 1.45.
State—The Rev. H. F. Rhoad.
10.45, "Ambassadors of God;" 7.30,
"God's Invitation to Man;" Sunday
school, 9.30.
Second—The Rev. Alfred Nevin
Sayres, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"The Task of Foreign Missions," and
at 7.30, "The Source of Freedom's
Authority." Sunday school at 1.45.
Salem—The Rev. Ellis N..Kremer,
pastor, will preach at 11. The Rev.
Clayton A. Rauck will preach at 7.30.
Sunday school at 9.45.
Immanuel—The Rev. H. Everett
Hallman, pastor. slorning worship,
10. Sunday school, 11.15. Evening
worship, 7.30.
Westminster—The Rev. H. Everett
Hallman, moderator. Church ser
vices, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Tho
Rev. Henry W. Miller, Baltimore,
Md., will preach. Sunday school at
1.45. C. E. at 6.30.
Olivet—Communion service in the
morning and preaching at 7.30, by
the Rev. R. H. Layton, of Hershey.
Covenant The Rev. Harvey
Klaer, pastor, will preach at 10.30.
Sermon by the Rev. John* Royal
Harris, of Pittsburgh, and at 7.30
by the pastor, "The Possible Impos
sibilities of Faith." Sunday scjiool at
2 o'clock.
Bethany—The Rev. John M. War
den. "A Man With a Desire to See
Jesus." Sunday school at 9.
Capital—The Rev. B. M. Ward,
pastor, will preach at 10.45, "Nehe
miah the Patriot." 7.30, "A Legacy
[of Power." Sunday school at 12.15.
Division Street Chapel—The Rev.
H. H. Baldwin, pastor, will preach
at 7.45, "Choosing a Leader."
Pine Street —The Rev. Sey
mour Mudge, pastor; the Rev. J. S.
Armentrout, assistant pastor. 10.30,
morning service, "Camouflaged
Christians." 7.30, evening service,
"The Guilt of Gossip." 1.40 church
Sunday school. '
St. Matthew's —The Rev. E. E.
Snyder, pastor. 11, Holy Communion
will be observed. 7.30, "Heaven."
Sunday school at 9.45.
Shiloh, Riverside —The Rev. E. E.
Snyder. Sunday school at 2.
Memorial —The Rev. L. C. Manges,
will preach at 10.30, "A Code of
Christian , Duties," and at 7.30, "The
Mistake of a Great Woman and the
Consequences." Sunday school at 2.
Bethlehem —The Rev. J. Bradley
Markward, pastor, will preach at
10.30. Holy Communion. 7.30, "Done
In Remembrance." Sunday school at
11.45 p. m.
Calvary—The Rev. Edward H.
Paar, pastor, will preach at 11.
"Christ's First Miracle," and at 7.30,
"Mordecai and Esther." Sunday
school at 10.
Trinity, Camp Hill —The Hev. Dr.
E. D. Welgle, pastor, will preach at
10.30, "The Devout Resolution," and
at 7.30, "The Christian's Life In
Christ." Sunday school at 9.30.
Zion —The Rev. S. Winfleld Her
man, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"A Better Life in a Better World,"
and at 7.30, "The Need of Men of
Convictions." Sunday school at 1.45.
Messiah —The Rev. Henry W. A.
Hanson, pastor. 10.30, Holy Com
munion. 7.30, Holy Communion,
and sermon. Sunday school at 2. The
pastor will be assisted by the Rev.
Dr. M. Coover, of Gettysburg.
Trinity—The Rev. R. L. Meisen
helder, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"The God of the Amen," and at 7.30,
"A So-Called Lesser Sin." Sunday
school at 2.
Redeemer —The Rev. M. E. Shafer,
pastor, will preach at 10.30, "How
God Answers Prayer." 7.30, "Ameri
ca's Opportunity."
Christ —The Rev, Thomas Reisch,
pastor, will preach at 10.30, "A Safe
Deposit," and at' 7.30, "The Wriggle
Of the Serpent's Tail." Sunday
school at 2.
A. M. E.
Bethel—The Rev. IT. H. Cooper,
pastor. Specinl evangelistic services.
Mrs. A. V, Jones Winston will preach
at 10.30, "The Way," and at 7.30,
"God's Judgment oh the World."
Wesley Union —The Rev. Stephen
A. McNeill, pastor, will preach at
10.45, "Victory Inspired By Hope,'"
and at 7.45, "Life's Sunset in Glory."
Sunduy school at 1.
Harris Street—The Rev. A. G.
Flexer, pastor, will preach at 10.30,
"The Great Refusal," and at 7.30,
"Naaman." Sunday school at 9.30.
Mission—The Rev. E. Pottieger,
pastor. The Rev. W. S. Harris will
preach at 11 a. m. Sunday school at
10 a. nt.
Penbrook Preaching services
morning and evening by the pastor
W. E. Pottieger.
Enola—The Rev. IT. M. Buck,
pastor, will preach at 10.45, "Chris
tian Love," and at 7.30, "A Message
From Malachi —God's Promise of
Blessing on the Good." Sunday
school at 9.30.
Park Street—Tho Rev. A. E. Han
gen, pastor. Combined Sunday school
and congregational service at 9.30.
Bishop Swengel will teach tho Sun
day school lesson of tho day to the
senior and intermediate departments
assembled in the church auditorium,
7.30, "The Divine Forewarning."
St. Andrew's—The Rev. Henry A.
Post, rector. 8, Holy Communion;
11, morning prayer. and sermon by
the rector; 4, evening prayer and
sermon by the Rev. Dr. James Ent
pringham, of New York City, na
tional superintendent of the Church
Temperance Society. This service
will be in place of the usual service
at 7.30 p. m.
St. Augustine's—The Rev. Wil
loughby M. Parchment, rector. Mat
ins, sermon and Holy Communion at
11; church school *t 12.30; evensong
and sermon at 8.
St. Paul's—The Rev. Floyd Apple
ton, rector. Men's communion at 8.
11 a. m., "The Educational Prob
lem." At 8 p. m. the Rev. James
Empringham of the Church Tem
perance Society. Sunday school at
2.30 p. m.
St. Stephen's—The Rev. Rollin A.
Sawyer, rector- —8 a. m., Holy Com
munion; 10, Sunday school; 11,
morning prayer and sermon by Dr.
Empringham. of New York, on
Church Temperance Work." j
7.30, evening prayer and address. j
Fifth Street—The Rev. Edwin A. i
Pyles. 10.30, "God's Ownership Ac-:
knowledged;" 7.30, "The Sin We Are ;
Afraid to Mention;" Sunday school, j
2 o'clock.
.Ridge Avenue—Tho Rev. H. R. i
Bender. Morning, "The Witness of
the Spirit;" evening, "The Kingdom
of God Is Within You;" Sunday
school, 10.
Camp Curtin Memorial—The Rev.
John H. Mortimer. 10.30, "The
Ephesian Church and Ours;" 7.30,
"Self-Realization and Self-Disposi
tion;" Sunday school. 2.
Riverside —The Rev. C. F. Berk
heimer. 10.30, "The Call of the
World;" Sunday school, 2. "Win-
My-Chum" service at 6.30.
St. Paul's—The Rev. William
Moses. 10.30 and 7.30. Sunday
school, 1.4 5.
West Fairview —The Rev. C. F.
Berkheimer. 7.30; Sunday school,
Camp Hill —The Rev. Joseph E.
Brenneman. 11 and 7.30; Sunday
school, 9.45.
Dauphin—The Rev. George F.
Hess. 7.30, "Achieving Greatness
Through Christ," John 14:12; Sun
day school 2.
Epworth—The Rev. J. D. W. Dea
vor. 11, "A Life Service For
Christ;" 7.30, "Man's Greatest Sin;"
Sunday school, 10.
Gospel Hall—lo.3o, "Breaking of
Bread;" 2.30, Sunday school; 7.30,
Evangelist S. C. Keller, of Camp
Hill, will begin a series of special
meetings, speaking from a large
chart, "The Feasts of Jehovah,"
continuing every night during com
ing Week except Saturday at 7.45.
Church of the Brethren—The Rev.
William K. Conner. 11, "Be Not
Conformed to This World;" 7.30,
"The Prince Satan;" Sunday school,
The Christian and Missionary Al
liance —The Rev. W. H. Worrell.
Sunday school, 9.30; 10.30, "Paul's
Letter to the Ephesians;" 7.30, evan
gelistic service, "Thou Art Weighed
in the Balance and Found Wanting."
First Church of Christ—"Life,"
morning at 11 and evening at 7.30;
Sunday school, 11; testimonial meet
ing Wednesday at 8; free reading
room, Kunkel building, 11.30 to 5
Kinnard's hall —The Rev. Jacob S.
Lehman. 10.30, ■ confirmation of a
On Sunday there will be special
services in the Baughman Memor
ial Methodist Church at New Cum
berland. Young men of Dickinson
College sent out under the auspices
of the Y. M. C. A. will have charge
of the services at 10.30 A. M., 2.30
P. M. and at the evangelistic ser
vices at 7.30 P. M.
A mass meeting will be held at
2.30 to which all the congregations
of the town will be invited.
Morning Postlude, "Prayer,"
Ay kan; baritone solo, "It Is Enough,"
Mendelssohn, Robert Smith; offci
torv in E Minor, Chopin; anthem,
"The God pf 'Abraham Praise,"
Buck; Festal Postlude in A, Boslet.
Evening Prelude, "Chanson
eglire," W.ilstenholme; soprano and
tenor duet, "Come Unto Me;" offer
to. y. Interlude In E Flat, Guilmant:
Gospel Hymn, by request, Mr.
snantz; Festal Fostlude in F, Le
r.esere. Mrs. E. J. Decevee, chor
ister; William Prctz, organist.
The monthly meeting of the Wom
an's Missionary Society of the First
Baptist Church will be held Mon
day evening at 7.45 in the home of
Mrs. E. C. Schaflstall, 2415 North
Sixth street. Mrs. Charles H. Llnde,
chairman of the program committee,
has prepared an interesting program
fcr the evening. Mrs. Mary C.
Thompson, formerly of D Land,
Florida, will tell of some methods
In vogue in Southern Baptist so
cieties, ,
JANUARY 18, 1919.
Slate Executive to Address
Men For Last Time Before
Leaving Chair
nKvjpF |
Governor Martin G. Brumbaugh,
the State's executive will address the
men of Harrisburg at a mass meet
ing to be held in Falinestock Hall
to-morrow afternoon. Ills address
will be his last public appearance
before leaving the gubernatorial
chair. It will be "A Farewell Mes
sage to the Men of Harrisburg."
From all present indications, the
hall will be crowded with men who
are anxious to hear this parting
word from the Go\trnoi'.
A special musical* program has
been prepared. This will include
selections by Mrs. Robert B. Reeves,
contralto; Miss Margaretta Kennedv,
'cellist, and Miss Ruth S. Kraybill,
organist. The meeting will be pre
ceded by an organ recital to open
at 3.15 o'clock.
Bishop Weekley to Be in
Charge of Evangelistic
Services at Highspire U. B.
Beginning with Monday evening
at 7:4 - 5, January 20, special evan
gelistic services will bo held for a
period of ten days in charge of
Bishop "Weekley, at Highspire
United Brethren Church. Bishop
Weekley Is a fine evangelist. His
preaching is practical, pointed and
thoroughly evangelical. Ho lias a
wide range of experience in evangel
ism and church work in general,
having been a pastor for many years
and also home missionary secretary
of the United Brethren Church, as
well as bishop for a period of six
teen years. He is now head of the
commission of evangelism in the
United Brethren Church and is also
employed by the preachers aid
board to help secure funds to pen
sion retired ministers.
P//^^ Vm?.
Third and Pine Streets
| If Sunday, January 19, 1919 Wjl |
| •$ Preacher, REV. L. S. MUIIGE, D. D.. Pastor
HI 10:30 A.M.
"Camouflaged Christians"
7:30 P. M.
li| "The Guilt of Gossip."
& | An Ancient lCxnmplc—A Modern Application
% ; ji: Not what you licar. but what you re- S -J
'it S incinbci'. helps you in dally life. What
|l here yoti hear you will remember .
All Members and Friends Are invited t
Come Tomorrow to
Bethleliem Lutheran Church
Green and Cumberland Streets, ~
Rev. J. Bradley Markward, D. D., Pastor.
10.30 a. ni.—The Iloly Communion will be Celebrated.
7.30 p. m. —The Holy Communion and address, "Done In R
1.43 p. m. —Sunday School.
Farewell Message to the Men of Harrisburg by
Governor Martin G. Brumbaugh
This will be the Governor's last public address as Govern*
of Pennsylvania
Central Y. M. C. A., Fahnestock Hall
Locust and Second Streets
Sunday, January 19th, 3.30 P. M.
SPECIAL MUSICAL PROGRAM—Mrs. Rol>crt B. Reeves, Contralt
Miss Mnrgorctta Kennedy, Cello; Miss Ruth S. KraybilJ, Organ,
Organ Recital at 3.15 P. M.
Many Events on Program I
NVeck at "Church With
Hie Chimes"
The Rev. Dr. Herman will pre
at both services in Zion Luthe
< hurch tomorrow. The morn
\ 1 7, ne " iu 1,0 "A Better Life i
Better World," and will touch u
the groat reform movements
ideals which are gripping tho wo
their origin in and their nccese
"J ' 1 }>y tliose dominated
Christianity. At tho evening
vico tho theme will o "The Neod
Men and Women of Convictions.
At ttie Sunday School hour
offering will he for the. boneflt of
Armenian Relief Fund. It is ho
that tho most liberal response
last year will be repeated. The
nior catechism class is growing,
Invites those who desiro to bo
tor informed in regard to Bibl
teachings to attend at 6.30 o'ch
Tho Literary Circle of Zion
meet at the homo of Miss Bro
5\ ormleysburg, on Monday even
The women of Zion will conduct f
mission study classes this year. r I
will bo led by Mrs. J. E. Whec
Mrs. Chester Buck an. 4 lira S. V
Held Herman, Miss Ida Evans,
Mrs. S. Ort Bowman. Two of
classes will meet at afternoon h(
and two at evening hours, thus
fording opportunity for all to
tend. The mid-week service v/il
conducted by the pastor.
On Thursday evening the mei
Zion Brotherhood will offer an
ceptional program, having as g
and speaker Captain Crowe, of
moyne, who will give an acooun
his experiences at tho fronl
France. The Young Peoples' ]
sionary Society will meet with 1
I hler,- 213;. North Second street,
Saturday evening.
To Observe Baptism at
Camp Hill Presbyter
At the Camp Hill Presbyte
Church, the Rev. Raymond
Ketchledge, pastor, the Saernm
of Baptism and the Lord's Suj
will bo observed at the morning
vice, beginning at eleven o'cl
The congregation will also obs<
"Homo Day" and the uastor
preach on the theme "Home It
At tlie evening service, held
7.30, the pastor will deliver a
niou on John Calvin. Tho sen
will be illustrated by about 50
ore.l slides, depicting various sci
in the life history of this great
former. I
Old-Fashioned Quarterly
Meeting at Harris A. M.
The revival services at lis
church will conclude tomorrow i
an old time quarterly meeting.
Rev, E. H. Corry, will be in chs
j and will preach at 10.30 a. m.
7.4 5 p. ni. The two weeks' ser
have added much to the spiri
condition of the church. Several
cepted Jesus as their pardoning
viour. Tho Rev. 11. L. Briscoe,
tor and Marshall Ficklin, supe
tendent of the Sunday School,
tend a cordial invitation to the i
I lie to attend Sunday school at 1
and Christian Endeavor at 6.30.