Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, January 09, 1919, Page 9, Image 9

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    Heroic Penna. Soldiers
Awarded Service Medals
Washington, Jan. 9.—-For acts of
extraordinary heroism. Distinguished
Service; Crosses have been awarded
the following Pennsylvania soldleis:
Wayue G. Lyster, Headquarters
Company, Fifth Regiment, United
States Marine Corps', for extraordl
nary heroism in action near St. Eti
enne, France, October 4-6; 1918. Pri
vate Lystei*a runner, displayed ex
ceptional courage in volunteering to
carry important messages over ts.--
raln constantly swept machine
gun and shell fire. ■ Home address,
John C. Lyster, father, Alden, Pa..
First Lieutenant Joseph W.
Seventh United States Engineers,
for extraordinary heroism in action
in Romagne, France, October 18. 1918.
Lieutenant Gray, although wounded,
personally supervised the -construo
ttion of a bridge under severe artil
lery and-direct machine gun fire,
thereby making it possible for the
Infantry and artillery to advance to
more advantageous positions. Home
address. Dr. D. W. Gray, father, 308
Secoftd street, Titusville, Pa.
■ r~
;; Ends Stubborn Coughs | ►
\ I in a Hurry
i► , ,
' > Fo r real effectiveness, this old homo- < >
< J made remedy has no equal. Kns- ' *
J J lly and cheaply prepared. < J
You'll never know how quickly a
bad cough can be conquered, until you
try this famous old home-made remedy.
Anyone who has coughed all day and
all night, will sav that the immediate
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is very easily prepared, and really
there is nothing better for coughs.
Into a pint bottle, put 2\j ounces
of Pinex; then add plain granu
lated sugar syrup to make a full
lunt. Or you can use clarified no
nages, honey, or corn syrup, instead
of sugar syrup. Either way, the full
pint saves about two-thirds of the
money usually spent for cough prepara
tions, and gives you a more positive,
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You can feel this take hold instant
ly, soothing and healing the mem
branes in all the air passages. It
promptly loosens a dry, tight rough,
and soon you will notice the phlegm
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A day's use will usually break up an
ordinary throat or chest cold, and it is
also splendid for bronchitis, eroup,
whooping cough, and bronchial asthma.
Pinex is a most valuable concen
trated compound of genuine Norway
pine extract, the most reliable remedy
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To avoid disappointment, ask your
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thing else. Guaranteed to give abso
lute satisfaction or money refunded-
The Pinex Co., {t. Wayne, lad,
, —i —i - i i - - r
I '
Of the Stomach
Is Dangerous
"Thousands Have It and Pon't I
Krlow It," Says PhysSeuSn. 1
Frequently Mistaken for In- 1
digestion—llow to Kecojnize I
and Treat.
"Thousands of people suit' r -more
or less constantly from furi 1, coat
ed tongue, bad breath,- sou burning
stomach, frequent vol utin' rumbling
In stomach, bitter -cue' ' tons, gas,
wind and stomach aeidi apd call it
indigestion when in icallty their
trouble is duo to .gastric catarrh of
the stomach," writes "a New York
Catarrh of the stomach is danger
ous because the mucous membrane
lining of ' te stomach is thickened
and a coa,.ng of phlegm covers the
eurfaqe s , that the digestive iiulds
cannot .J x with ihe food and digest
them. nis co ldition soon breeds
deadly ,sense in the fermented, un
nsstmi" ied foot. The. blood is pollut
ed nr carries the infection through
out 1 ; body. Gastric ulcers are apt
to f in and frequently an ulcer is
the .irst si n of a deadly cancer.
1 i satarrh of the stomach a good
a' I safe treatment is to tifke before
l lis a teaspoonful of pure' Blsur
: .0(1 Magnesia in half a glass of hot
water as hot as you can comfortably
drink it. The hot water washes the
I lUCOUS from the stomach walls and
draws the blood to the stomach while
the bisurated magnesia Is an excel
lent solvent for mucus and increases
the tVsciency of the hot water trent
nw t. Moreover the Bisurated Mag
it' serve as a powerful but
' rmless antacid which will neu
tralize any excess hydrochloric acid
that may be in your stomach TIKI
sweeten Its food contents. K, a. ,ia
tural digestion without .llsie of
any kind should soon follow llisur
ated Magnesia Is not a laxative, is
harmless, pleasant and easy to take
and can be oi.t ,'n ,i from any local
druggist. Hon i confuse Bisurated
Magnesia with other fornjs of mag
nesia. millts, citrates, etc., but get it
in the pure bisurated form (powder
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A dangerous
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once for-a box of King'* \ntl
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this fragrant healing antlsep.
tic cream. Relieves < Oolds am,
stops sneezing, 2Sc * a box, or
mailed to any address upon re
• ceipt of prtce s
Protest Made Against Use
of Tobacco in Passenger
Coaches as Being Harmful
To the Editor of the Telegraph:
A lady returning to Harrisburg
from Philadelphia two days ago,
entered a day coach and a found a
seat, which was soon shared by a
gentleman of the old school, and
incidentally, a member of our state ,
Legislature. A party of younger,
men, care-free as school boys, also
11 ntered the same car, nnd Imme
diately lighted their cigars, soon
puffing away In clouds of tobacco
smoke that resembled a smoking
car's atmosphere. One lady after
another In the car began coughing,
until the male escort of one of them
, went forward to protest to the con-
I ductor regarding the unusual annoy
ance. When he returned, he quietly
told the smokers that he had been :
I given permission by the conductor'
to tell them that there was a spe
[ cial car provided for smokers at the ;
rear of the train. Evidently! the '
rollicking crowd preferred remain- 1
ing where they wore, possibly they
objected to segregation, they good
naturedly threw away their cigars, !
the air cleared, and the incident was ;
But was it closed? The lady re- '
luting this incident was told by the >
courtly legislator beside her that the :
men who violated the official notice J
of the railroad company against
smokipg in that car, were none other -
than the very men who make the j
laws of our state. Had it not hap- ;
pened that there was a red-blooded ,
man in that car to object, the vio- j
latlon of the company's order would ;
have continued. What guarantee |
have we that our state legislators -
are not going to act again as though ,
the cars Uicy occupy are chartered i
for their use? Down near Baltimore
there is at least one railroad lino j
where smoking is tolerated in all t
the cars. Are we in Pennsylvania
to be forced to tolerate the same un- ;
healthful, annoying conditions? It j
our lav. s-makers set the example j
ami nothing is said about the intru
sion on the rights, of the nonsmoking
puhliub will this infringement cease?;
It is Tiigh time that some protest;
were uttered, lest smoking every- j
where become common practice,
lledieal science frowns down upon ]
the tobacco habit more and more. ,
and its baleful influence on the hu
man system extends even to inhaling ,
the fumes. Why, then, should we '
be forced to tolerate the constant
jeopardv of our health, in order that
a few selfish' human beings may es- j
cape segregation? Would that every;
jolly legislator in the "bunch" that;
"owned" the car which several wo- j
men, who had paid full fare, were
forced to occupy, know the story of i
the. nervous wreck who entered a
doctor's office in search relief.
"You snoke?" asked the M. D. i
"Certainly." replied the patient. ' ev
erybody does." "Let me show you
something," and the doctor took a {
leech from a liottlo, and fastened ;
it on his- patient's bare arm. After
filling with blood, the leech fell oft j
dead. "What caused it to die?" j
asked the awe-struck invalid. "The
presence of tobacco in your blood,
said the man of science. "Whew!
that's sort of gruesome," replied the
cigaret victim.
Ilarrisburg, Jan. 8, 1919.
Gives Up $2,000 For Brass
to Persuasive Swindler,
Philadelphia, Jan. 9.—Swindled I
out of nearly $2;000 by purchasing;
brass which had been represented
to him as gold, Louis Weisban, a |
grocer, of Twenty-eighth street and j
Polk avenue, Camden, yesterday
asked tho Camden police to investi
gate. About two weeks ago a man
giving his name as Adam Kerensky j
culled on the grocer and asked to j
be assisted in getting employment, j
claiming his wife apd tlyee children I
were destitute.
The hard luck story excited the i
sympathy of the grocer and he pro- !
cured a position for the fellow. He- 1
turning a day later the man said he !
felt under obligations to the grocer |
on account of his kindness and told;
him he was In a position to purchase j
a chest of gold at one-half its value. ;
After two men arrived with a !
chest supposed to be gold Kerensky.
who was in waiting with the grocer,
-said he would get a jeweler to test
the "gold." A supposed jeweler ar
rived, and after putting his "O. K." j
on the stuff the grocer wi lit to a i
bank, and .drew $1,300 and turned)
over diamond 'rings, valued at $4OO |
belonging to • wit';.-. Weisban was;
to have r - i .<oo additional yester-I
day, : •< i- i \lie men re-'
t""' i.i money he became sua- j
).;• • .s. - had the stuff tested else- j
i,i i , only to find it was brass.
| ;
Conferees Begin Work
on War Revenue Bill
Washington, Jan. 9.—Tn beginning i
consideration of the differing Senate]
and House drafts of the war revenue j
bill, the Joint conference committee I
of the two houses yesterday agreed j
upon rates of surtaxes and normal
taxes on individual incomes as levied
by the Senate bill and upon exception
of state and municipal bonds from
Federal taxation.
The conferees announced that i
agreements on the various sections of |
the bill would be made public each ,
day as reached. The conferees said |
their decision as announced would be !
final and. protests would not be en- |
The Senate bill provides for sur-|
taxes on a graduated scale from one '
per cent, on apiQunts in excess of;
$5,000 to sixty-five per cent, on in- j
comes of $5,000,000. The normal tax]
as provided In the Senate bill and j
agreed to by the conferees Is twelve j
pel 1 cent, for 1918, with reductions to]
eight per cent. In 1919 and 1920.
Two Oiled, Then Set Fire I
to His Body, Man Charges |
Chester, Pa., Jan. 9.—While visit
ing the aceldent ward of the Ches
ter Hospital yesterday, Chief of Po
lice Vance and Sergeant Robinson :
1 learned the details of what Chief}
j Vance characterizes "onp of the most
: cruel crimes perpetrated In thls*vi- ]
• clnlty In a long time."
The policemen found Ernest Walls, •
a young, man. suffering with burns}
which civgred the greater part of his \
Jjody, When- (JVstiohed by Chief;
VaficF, "Wulls 'suld "Charles Ward and ;
John Shields, young men of the west- 1
orn section of the city, had poured
oil over his body and set him on
fire. The ullsged crime wna com
mitted in a garage. Walls told the
> police.
1 Ward and ifliielcls were arrested
! and are beini held under ball to
1 await further Investigation.
q ■!, I- - . •.*
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I remove the cause. There la only one -
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signature oil bog. <O, i
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JANUARY 9, 1919.