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' Describes Journey of National
Guard Unit From Camp
Hancock to France
Captain George P. Drake, of tho
American Expeditionary Forces, In
a letter to his wife, Mrs. George P.
Drake. 2218 North Fifth stret, nar
rates a number of Interesting experi
ences In the Groat World War. Ho
"We spent a very pleasant Thanks
giving day. Tho (lay was rainy and
the evening more so. It was declared
an absolute holiday for the tnen and
only tho necessary military work Was
done. About the only thing I had to
do was to send the headquarter truck
to Huldecourt for rations. We do
this every day, rogardless of any
thing olse. Tho men must eat, you
know, and wo have to make this trip
every day as rations are drawn from
flay to day. In tho morning the chap
lain held church services in tho
theater and he preached a very fine
sermon. We had an ordinary lunch
at 1 o'clock and at i o'clock we had
our dinner. Wo had no extras is
sued and what we had out\of the
government Issue wo had to fecrape
up wherever wo could. Captain En
nis, the mess officer, went to Bar-le-
Duc for the pig and some other
things. This Is the menu:
"Cauliflower with milk dressing,
roast pork, baked beans, celery
hearts, pickles, sliced onions
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Hair and Make It Fall Out
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very ■*'• e cough and cold and have
not been able to get anything to help
mm. It Is weakening my system."
j Answer: Use the following and
your cold and cough will vanish and
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a at* o, bottle of Concentrated Es
sence Mentho-Laxene and take every
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made syrup. Full direction as to
tfse will be found on bottle. This Is
b mild laxative and will drive the
eold from the system.
• • •
Lucille asks: "I have tried to cur*
dandruff, Itching scalp, falling hair
ahd baldness with numerous tonics,
etc., but in vain. What do you
Answer: I have been recommend
ing Plain Yellow Mlnyol for the past
seven years and scores of my patients
are delighted with the quick, pleas
ant action of this remedy In stopping
Itching, falling hair, dandruff, etc. It
glvee the hair health, lustre and
vigor as nothing else does. Obtain
In 4-oz. jars with full directions.
• • •
Maud* writes: "Can you please
prescribe modtclne which will relieve
me of such distressing symptoms of
kidney and bladder, as the following:
Pains in small of !>ack, soreness in
region of bladder, frequent calls at
night but scanty flow with pain,
burtiing and foul odor, puffing of
Urns, etc."
Answer: Those seeking relief from
kidney and bladder disorders should
begin" taking Balmwort Tablets,, a
verv Successful formula sold in
•eaied tubes with full directions.
* * *
Gerry asks: "For several months i
I have not town feeltng well. My I
ekln Is sallow, my tongue is coated,
• .
and salad, toaat and Jam, coffee or
chocolate, champagne.
"Not such a bad dinner at that,
conatderlng that Bar-le-Duc la about
forty-five klloa away and not much
to be bought after you gat there and
that everything you buy la vary high.
Over the table we had a wooden
chandelier with candlea all over the
top and candlea on the table and a
big tire going In the fireplace. 80
taking everything Into conalderatlon
wo had a very enjoyable Thanksglv
"I don't believe I have ever told
you all about our thp from Camp
H&ncock to France, and aa tha cen
sorship has ben lifted somewhat I
will try and tell you juet where we
were at. and about when. Wo left
Camp Ilancock, Augusta, Ga., on
Sunday afternoon. May 12, 1918, at 3
o'clock, and arrived at Camp Mills,
L. 1., on Tuesday morning We left
Camp Mills Saturday afternoon. May
18, for pier 60, New York, and board
ed tho steamship Ceramic, which
was a British boat and has since
been sunk by a submarine. I might
say that from the time we arrived at
Camp Mills until we left It was noth
ing but a continual grind getting the
equipment for the men and all day
Friday, Friday night and Saturday
was some of the busiest times that
I ever put in, although on Friday
night I did turn the work of issuing
stores over to tho sergeants and
went to New York, where I called
you on tho telephone. I tried to do
it from Hempstead, but I believe
everyone In Camp Mills wanted to
use the fey stations there.
"We sailed from New York at
about 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon.
May 19. Wo dropped down the river
to Sandy Hook, where there were
fourteen other transports loaded with
soldiers waiting for us. We were the
last to join the convoy and we im
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i nothing can help you.
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| and safely, and at little expense,
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! Kennedy and good druggists every
| where.
It'is guaranteed to banish dan-
Idruflf, ,stop itching scalp and falling
| hair, and' promote a new growth, or
j the cost, shall as it Is, be refunded,
j Tarislan sage is a scienttAc prepa
j ration that supplies all hair needs—
ian antiseptic, delicately perfumed
| liquid', neither sticky or greasy, easy
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or the hair or scalp.
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tle in any man's or woman's persoiml
appearance. , Neglect means dull,
thin, lifeless hair and Anally bald
ness, while a little attention now in
sures thick and lustrous hair for
years to come. |
No matter what your hair troubles
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application will prove it in almost
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have headache, am sleepless, nervous
and bothered with chronic constipa
tion. Please help me."
Answer: neod a laxative
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Mrs. B. writes: "I hesitate to ask
advice as my case is so unusual. In a
word, I am tired and worn out all
the time. Rest does not refresh me.
I have been married over a year and
formerly did not know what It was
to be tired or nervous. Sometimes I
feel hysterical. I fear I will become
a nuisance to my husband if this
Answer: Your nervous system has
been depleted. You need a tonic in
vigorating medicine that will aid In
supplying more food-energy, to your
nerves. Take Three Grain Cadom
ene Tablets regularly for several
NOTE: For many years Dr. Baker
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dence similar to the following:
Dr. Lewis Baker, Dear Sir: . In
reading your good advice to others I
have found relief. I enclose stamps,
and please send me your "Great Guide
Book, and Beauty," and I
thank you for advice to others which/
so helped me. May your good work
go on. You will get better reward
than money In helplna so many who
suffer and often canflot get a doc
tor, us there Is no money to pay one.
One of your many well-wishers.
Sincerely, i
150 Free street,
Portland, M.
mediately etarted our journey acroaa
the ocean. We were convoyed by an
American oattleajilp and English
converted orueer all the way acyroaa.
We had an uneventful trip except on
the I Oth of May one of the ahlpa
sighted a submarine and they
dropped some depth charges. We
didn't see any more and X don't know
whether they got him or not. During
the last two days of the voyage we
were escorted In by airships, air
planes, torpedoboata and other small
armed boats. In all there were
about forty of these boats around us.
and they were especially watchful
when we were going down the Irish
coast. The ship docked at Liver
pool early on the morning of May
31 and we remained on ship all that
day. Our baggage was taken off
and I, was off the boat and went up
to the railroad yards to see that It
was loaded in the cars. It was my
first sight of English freight cars and
they certainly looked funny. They
I have only four wheels and are only
'about twelve feet long and hold about
ten or twelve tons of freight. We
left the ship on the Ist of June for
Rumsey, which is an English rest
camp. The baggage-loading detail
and" myself left from another station
than the rest of tho train and ar
rived at Rumsey about 2 o'clock
the next morning. >
"We stopped at Derby for coffee.
It was about a twelve-hour trip
through a very beautiful part of
England. A lieutenant and myself
had a compartment all to ourselves
and the men were about eight to the
compartment with their equipment
which made it a little crowded for
them but they got along all right.
You know all the passenger cars are
called carriages, freight cars, vans
or wagons. The carriages have three,
four or five compartments. In all
that distance I saw only one grade
crossing. The railroad goes either
overhead or underneath a road and
the entire railroad Is fenced In, all
of which Is a good Idea. ,
"We left Rumsey June 5 and
marched to Southampton, a distance
fo about eight miles. It was a very
easy march over fine roads and the
Colonel took It easy. Wo crossed the
English channel that same evening
on the channel boat. Prince George.
We were very crowded as the capac
ity of the boat was 700 and we had
1,295 men, so you see there was not
much Toom left. We received an is
sue of thirty-nine pounds of cheese
and several boxes of crackers for
1,295 men for breakfast tho next
morning. You can figure for your
self how much each man got. The
English ration Is not very liberal.
"We disembarked at LaHarve,
France, in the morning of June 6.
We marched through the city, up a
steep hill to another rest camp, up a
camp is near the edge of the city and
I was able to go In and see the city
for about two hours.
"We left I.a Ilarve at 2.30 a. m.,
June 8. for Camp de Meucon, Vannes,
Morbihan. This was an artillery
training canip. Here we underwent
extensive training, received our
horses and equipment and attended
schools. Vannes 1s a very old city
and this"part of France is inhabited
by the Britons. Their dress Is very
peculiar and very ancient. Wo had
an Interesting stay in this town and
while there I was at St. Nazal re to
get stores, also went with the colonel
and the chaplain to Nantes, also to
Port Navalo, which is a sort of sum
mer resort.
"We arrived at Mezy railhead at
12.80 a. m„ August 8, and the firut
thing we heard the railhead officer
say was " put out those lights." The
airplanes have been busy at this
point and only that evening they had
dropped a few bombs. You know a
railhead or ammunition dump is a
favorite place for the Jerrys to work
"We went into camp in the Eols
vent Jean Guilame or William woods
and Joined Companies A and B,
which had left us at Vannes the dav
after we arrived. They had been to
thf front since early in July. This
is the place where I received the
telegram from General Beary telling
me of the arrival of Jean, hence
the name Jean. We were here until
August 12 when we moved a little
nearer the front to the Bois Muniere,
where the ammunition train got*
down to real work in hauling the
ammunition up to the front. The
Jerrys dropped bombs all around
us while we were here, but we al
ways escaped. I guess because we
were In the woods and pretty well
camouflaged. You know camouflage
is a great thing over here. Always
keeps everything out of sight.
This camp was not a great ways
from the Vesle and I got up to the
front pretty often We left the Bol
Muniere on September 13 for the
rest period. We arrived at Epernay
on the evening of the 13th where we
camped for the night, left Kpornay
14 and cat hP e d for night
at Hellze, passing through Vitry-le-
Francois. arrived at Chaminob,
where we were to spend a thirty-day
rest period. The men were quartered
in the town and headquarters was at
the Chateau Troise Fountaine. We
did not stay here long for on the 18th
we were ordered to the Argonne sec
"We left Cheminon on the 18th
and camped at l'vorflmon where we
stayed the 19th. We left Yvonlmon
on the .9th and camped near Les
Islettes. We were here two days,
leaving on the nd and camped in
the Bois Chalade, Argonne, about Ave
kilos from the German lines. The
motor section was about a mile from
the horse section, and on the 24th
the horse section was shelled and we
lost eighteen men wounded, and 131
horses killed, wounded and evacu
ated. Some start for them. The mo
tor section also lost three men killed
while at this place and this Is the
place where some time later Vohn
Bausch had his leg broken. Cap-
Jni! n an d I were in a dugout
The men were in dugouts on the side
h i U ~ r in a "y "belter they
could And. On the morning of Sep
tember 25 the bombardment began
when hundreds of gujis began firing
and let was & terrible roar for a few
days. Something one will not forget.
It was at this place I had my twenty
three-hour trip in trying to go from
the woods to Varennes. The infantry
division was relieved on the 10th of
October, but the artillery brigade
and ammunition train was held in
reserve. 1 will not tell of all the
things that happened while I was In
the Argonne, only our movements
"The woods was very wet and
damp and a great many men were
getting pneumonia and on the 17th
of October ws were moved to Les
Islettes and went Into billets. The
chaplain. Captain Moyer and my
self were in a nice room with a ffre
placo and It certainly was an agree
able change. While we were at this
place a Jerry bombed the town but
did no ..damage. He missed calcu
lations and- dropped them on the
edge of town. While we were af
this place we were detached from the
Twenty-eighth Division and attach
ed to corps and hauled for the Sev
enty-eighth and Seventy-ninth Di
visions. Our artillery and our two
caisson companies were ordered to
Belgium and we have not seen our
two caisson Companies since, I un
derstand they were in another bomb
ing raid, having lost seventeen men
and forty horses. Major Rsnnlngsr
is also sick and has been evacuated
to the rear and In all probability will
go home.
"On October 23 we left Des Islettes
for Bute vine. In the St. Mlhlel sec
tor, but aa this plaoe was pretty near
the lines we were stopped at Beucom
villa, where we lived with the rats
for a few days. I had to even chase
the rats oft my bed at night.
"On October 29th wo moved to
S&vonleres, where we are now at.
The ammunition train did good work
here and since the ammunition haul
ing has stopped they" aro salvaging
i the divisional area."
Reception Tendered the
Returning Yanks Pleases
Uncle Sam's Doughboys
Arthur G. Black, a soldier from
this city, who Was among the re
cent to retuVn to this country from
the .European front, has written
his* father, George W. Black, 1940
North street, a letter In which he
describes his trip across and gives
a vivid description of the recep
tion tendered the returning soldiers
at New York City. The letter was
written on Christmas Day from
Camp Merritt, and follows:
"I thought X would write to you
and let you know that I am well,
and hope that you are all the same.
Trust that you got the telegram
which I sent yesterday. X left Brest,
FVance on the 17th day of December
to sail for the states. We got on the
boat on the 16th, and sailed the
next day at 7 p. m. Sailed on the
ship named "Prance," you may see
the picture of it in one of the papers
In the next few days, it was in the
New York Herald to-day.
"We had a nice trip- across, ex- !
cept the second and third days wet
were caught In a storm and It was
very rough. The waves were as high
as the B deck of the ship, and the
way it rocked was something awful.
There were about four thousand i
troops on board, and about three
thousand of them sick, and I was :
one of them. But In a few days I '
was all right again and did not care i
how much It rocked then. The last
two days of the trip the ocean was
very calm. It looked Just like a big
sheet of glass, and then wc made
good time. You could not tell wheth
er we were on water or on a train, .
it went so smoothly. I will send you 1
a card with the picture of the ship
on it. The ship was 667 feet long,
but sometimes It seemed as If it was
| only ten feet long tbe way it rocked.
"X will never forget the day we
pulled In the harbor. It was on the
24th of December, the day before
Christmas, at 12.30 p. m„ when the
noise started. There) were at least
five hundred ships In the harbor,
big and Bmall together, but they all
made noise and it was so loud that j
we could not hear each other talk ;
when we were right beside each |
other. All whistles of the boats, ships ,
and trains, factories and mills were
blowing, and It lasted from * 12.30 |
until 'way af\er 2 o'clock. i
"It took twg boats to tow
us into the dock. When we got there,
there were band concerts and every
thing else. There were bands on the
ships, and an army band op the
dock, and lots of people. They were
playing from the time they saw us 1
until we got off the boat. That was
not all, there were lots of people |
in the building cheering, and out of
the WoolwortU building and the Na
tional Biscuit Company windows
there yre re paper flying from all di
rections, till the streets below look
ed as though it had snowed.
"They also had a big Are boat in
the harbor and had half a dozen
lines of hose spraying water on It.
Believe me, It was the best day of
my life! But that was not.all. When
we got off the boat there were all j
kinds of things for us, and it did i
not cost us a cent for anything. Be- I
fore we could start to cat anything !
or get it into our pockets, there was
some ole coming with something
else. "The Salvation Army, Red
t Cross, Knigths of Columbus, and Y. I
Look at tongue! Then give fruit
laxative for stomach,
liver, bowels.
"California Syrup of Figs"
can't harm children and
they love it.
Mother! Tour child isn't naturally
cross and peevish. See if tongue Is
coated; this is a sure sign the little
stomach, liver and bowels need a
cleansing at once.
When listless, pale, feverish, full
of cold, breath bad, throat sore,
doesn't eat, sleep or act naturally
has stomach-ache, diarrhoea, re
member, a gentle liver and bowel
cleansing should always be the first
treatment given.
Nothing equals "California Syrup
of Figs" for children's Ills; give a
teaspoonful. and in a few hours all
the foul waste, sour olle and fer
menting food which Is clogged In the
bowels passes out of the system, and
you have m well and playful child
again. All children love this harm
less, delicious "fruit laxative," and
It never falls to effect a good "In
side" cleansing. Directions for ba
bies, children of all ages and grown
ups are plainly on the bottle.
Keep it handy in your home. A
little given to-day saves a sick child
to-morrow, hut get the genuine. Ask
your druggist for a bottle of "Cali
fornia Syrup of Figs," then see tlAt
it is made, by the "California Fig
Syrup, Company."
* Members of
No. 150, K. of P.
Meeting of Importance
THURSDAY EV£., JAN. 9, 1919
Your Attendance Requested
W. A. Sower,
C. C.
James L Baker,
K.-6C Rwanda.
M. C. A. all had candy, clgarets,
chewing gum, coffee, biscuits, cakes,
frnlt and lots of other things. We
noVer had a time like It dnywhere
"These organisations did the beat
P*"•of the work In the army for
the Doughboys. They were up on the
lines where the shells were flying
and bursting around them, serving
hot chocolate, cigarets, candy chew
lnggum and cakes, all the time dur
ing the war. No matter where we
Wcro, they were with us all the
I got off the ship at 3.15 p. m.
at pier 67, and from there I went
on the ferry across the river and
got on the train for Camp Merritt,
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m^T.-:'fl".".e , Vric 86 :!"T h .. b,e " erIS. V "s.e VrVoV" . . "'"Mi J* ?"•' P ° , " ,,> & X'.u-cb'bZx^TY.S
,l£ ~ , T.".T'" b r , "..T^"";.. H ?95 Vn\Tr"e r "" b " r r.. b,e .". C Td,n ® ' kVblcti." " Snle 9c
35c vaine Lonsdaie cnmbrlc mns- 7e'vnlae lace curtains. Baie price, VnluW dish 'BODS' ' '.u 'DRI7 J ' 10C T " ,oe bre " d Sa,e Price,
lln. Sole price 20e pair 50c .c valne dish pans. Sale price, Sc.
15c value buck towpls. Sale price, 33c value light and dark outing |. t . .1"' 25c ~lue Palters. Sale prlec. 10c
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P, i"e value' Turkl.b ' iiWris'.' s!.U j v.iuc apron ,V„gbms. ' Swtw 390 <*' "•'*' iVl"c Vrict" "'lSe'
P r ce 10c ■ price 19c 39c value chlnn vases. Sale price, 39c valne china powder boxes.
29c Sale price 25c
January Sale Specials in '
Art Needlework January Sale Specials in
pr£ ,BCh ., r " ler . p,e "".. s £c 1 co^ e r.: , "":.; I p™?; d . m " 4e :" p . White Goods and Wash Goods
* l *Pe comb,Bßt,# " ""Jgi droaTe <P flai^nrlce e ~ ,,P "oSe ,27c value longolotb. Sale price 21c .. 39c T ., ue white voiles,
L. .""J". sc dren'a gowns. Snle price 5., c * 3 sc vulne longclotb. Sale price 39c
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aes. Sale pricen 39c to 75c price 10c 35 value nslnsook. Sale price 20c 20c tmncr Mrlpt . WOTen tu .
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* * 15e value Palm Olive snap. Sale 29e valne / chlldrea'a knit toflnea.
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January Sale Specials In January Sale Specials in No*e Our
L adf"Hau d Dre " sakmd WoclDre " GoodB STORE HOURS
Trimmed and natrlmmed, and all 91.4S valne, 30-inch black nllk 30c value silk mouanellne, all eel- - -_ A . M
this season's beat goods. meosallne. Sale price Lli •" PHce 20c MOFe OpeHS 8.30 A. M.
9OAO to 98.00 valuca. Sale value 30-lneh black silk 78c Vnlaa silk pop!las. b|ack, navy. Q n, |V .sr r
93.50 to 95.00 values. Sale priori hWMllw. Sale price 9c r... sad brcwa. Salc pricj. StOrC Cl0e8 DaiiyExCept
•J'™ Tsc value black wool oergc. Salo 91.00 valae 9-laeh silk poplin, Sahirdav IAA P M
92.00 to 93.00 valuea. Sale prims rase aad garnet. Sale price ..79c OaiUrCUiy D.UU I. In*
92250 value children's hats. S.lc valnc 80-laeh hlaok and white '"fiat StOTC Open Saturday
price 08c shepherd cheeks. Sale price ...48e pt.oB v.SO-tach hiiUk taffeta . '
91.50 valne children's hata Sale 91.90 cerdnreys. Sale price ..48c silk. Sale price 91.48 c EVCUIIIgS
Soutter's 25c Departnent Store
Where Every Day la Bargain Day i]
: 215 Market Street Opposite Courthouse^
a., A A fl ft ft IflldddMdddt ftj
where we will bo for about three or
four daya. Then we will leave for a
camp cloaer home, so It will not be
worth while writing to me now until
I know where I will be. It may be
that I will be home in about two
weeks. I did not lose any weight In
the army. Weighed myself to-day
nnd tipped the scales at 16G 1-2
pounds without my overcoat.
"We had some dinner to-day, the
first good dinner we had since I
have been in the arpiy. 1 had all the
turkey I could eat, pie, cake, olives,
hot chocolate, asparagus, beans, or
nnges, bananas, apples, candy, all
kinds of nuts, celery, turkey filling,
grapes, bread, butter and jelly, and
when I got all this stuff put away
JANUARY 9, 1919.
they came around and wanted to
know whether I wanted any more.
They told us they had plenty of It,
and they sure must h&Ve, the way
It was piled up In froht of Us.
"The best part of It was wo did
not have to go apd get our things
ths way wo have been doing for
about six months. They had men
there to put It right on our plates,
and all we had to do was to see
that It would get off. But they would
not let our plates get empty. They
also made UB fill our pockets with
candy, nuts and fruit, and we sure
had one big time. A Christmas that
X will never forget.
"Well, I guess I will coleo this
time. This Is abo.ut the flrst big let
ter that I wrote to you for a
time. J wish you all a Marry Chrtat
tnaa and a Happy Now Yaar. Ehpect
to too home In a few daya, ao ood
are beat treated ||P.
NEW PRICES—-30c. 60c. 61 JO