Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, January 08, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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    Store Closes Regularly Store Closes Regularly !
On Saturdays at Six Saturdays at Six
Sheets and
Pillow Cases
3 ' k
7 ticli quality and assured ccouo-
C,. arc the features of our stuck'-of
iiicets and pillow cases, which at
f resent includes large assortments
- ajl the staple grades. You can
depend upon their serviceability be
cause wc handle only the grades
that wc know arc satisfactory And
you arc sure of getting here the best
tallies obtainable.
inches wide; perfect goods, cut from
the piece; 110 dressing, soft finish;
jinc even thread; can he used in •
stead of longcloth or nainsook. Stile
price. 35C yard.
White Bed Blankets; sixe. 64x80,
pink or blue borders; good weight
and fleece. Sale price. $3.19 pair.
Wave Crest Blanket 72x90, 3-
nicli hem at top; laundered, center
Scam. Good quality. Sale price.
$1.35 each.
Sheets & Pillow Cases
Sheets and Billow Cases — fruit
of loom sheets. 54x90. This is one
6f the best makes of sheet. Sale
price, $1.30 each.
Double Bed Size Sheet. 81x90--
Made of standard sheeting, will
wear well and launder easily.
$1.59 each.
L'tica Shoot, 90x90 —I his goods
need 110 comment as the name sig
nifies quality. Sale price, $3.16
Mohawk Sheets, 90x99 Large,
double bed size; one of the best
makes. Sale price, $3.19 each.
Pillow Cases; made of wave crest,
sheeting size. 45x36. This is a good
standard case, 35C each.
Empire (same as Mohawk)
with light mill imperfections will
not hurt wearing quality. Sale price,
40c each.
Oneida (same as Utica) 45x36
with slight mill imperfections. \\ ill
not hurt wearing quality. Sale price,
43 1 Z C each.
Pillow Cases made of medium
•pialitv muslin; 42x36 or 4ex36.
Your choice, sale price, 30? each.
These bedspreads would be good
value at their regular prices, but,
notwithstanding, we have made a
substantial reduction on the price
of each bedspread quoted.
Hemmed Crochet Bedspreads.
Size. 68x80. These spreads contain
very little dressing and will launder
closer. Sale price, each. $1,50.
Hemmed Crochet Bedspreads.
Size. 75x80. 8ach .51.75.
Hemmed Crochet Bedspreads,
size, 77x56. Good weight. Each,
Scalloped Crochet Bedspreads.
Full double bed size with cut cor
ners. 4 feet 6 inches. Each, $3.50,
Scalloped Satin Finished Bed
spreads with cut corners; extra
large. Each. $4,35.
Light, easily laundered and dur
able for winter or summer use.
Size 62x90. Each, $3,00.
Size. 72x90. Each. $3,35.
Size, 80x90. Each, $3.45.
Sale of Turkish Towels — Muck
Towels and toweling at big reduc
tions front our regular prices.
littck Towels; bleached and hem
med. Size, about 15x30. Each,
15C. or 51.75 per dozen.
Huck Towels, bleached and hem
med with red stripe borders. Size;
about 16x32. Each, 17C.
Hemstitched Huck Towels; se
lected seconds. No holes, or tears.
Size, about 18x36. Each, 21?.
Huck Towels, extra large; made
of fine quality Huckaback. Each,
Union Linen Towels. Size, about
18x36. These towels are half linen
—are extra heavy and absorbent,
and are very exceptional values.
Each, 39c.
Bleached, pansy twilled toweling.
Per yard, 12*/£?.
Heavy bleached crash -with red
border; suitable -lor hand roller or
dish towels. Per yard, 15?.
All linen Crash; bleached and
plain white or with red and blue
borders. Per yard. 30?.
Unbleached Crash; part linen;
strong and absorbent. Per yd, 18c
—leached crash ; part linen; strong
nid absorbeiff. Per yard, 25?.
Bleached linen finished toweling
vith red border. Per yard, 17?.
Turkish Towels
Turkish Towels; bleached and
*emmed. Size, about 17x31. Each,
L 5?.
Turkish Towels; bleached, and
lemmed. Size, about 18x33. Each,
Turkish Towels; bleached and
iuuqicd. Size, about 20x38- Each.
. . BOWMAN'S—Second JT6o'
- / White
\ / Undermuslins, Blouses, Petticoats,
Corsets and Housekeepers' Linens J
1 *
Sales of White which we begin tomorrow are quite the most important we have ever held.
/ Fortunate purchases the result of unsettled market conditions are responsible for some
of the finest values in dainty white-wear that have been offered in years.
barsighted women will see in these Sales a not-to-be-missed opportunity to buy the new
supply of white-wear at much lower prices than are likely to prevail later on. Selection may now be
made from big stocks. The sales begin tomorrow.
i, - - —i (g) j- ——,
Coi sets and Brassieres <' Reinforced Tub Silk Petticoats
Specially Priced /j || Regular and extra sizes with fitted elastic waist
Fine white Coutil Corsets, Medium and low busts; long free bin //? M\\\ l)a,ld : so,ne with P laiu scalloped edge while others
good range of sizes. Very special. $1.19. & 111 l \ have tucked ruttles;
Bandeau Brassieres in flesh, closed front and back with elastic bands l\J YT CQ
at back. Very special, 49?. \ /
BOWMAN'S—Second Floor. \ Q. J) J BOWMAN'S—Third Floor
i u ■■
Drawers , ( Bloomers Nightgowns
Lace and | \ \ / Tub Silk bloomers in pink, blue and Venice Lace'and Satin trimmed Crepe de Chine
embroidery j \ / lavender, also white jersev bloomers. nightgowns. Some with beautiful ribbon trimming,
trimmed. ' \ 4iM <Tk~7 Special at ' Special at
'/t ey $1.98 $3.98 and $4.98
second Floor M BOWMAN'S —Second Floor. BOWMAN'S—Second Floor.
Envelope Combination
Chemises s it \&J {/
Crepe de Chine and satin en- X — \
velope Chemise, with a bit of T x . , . ~ , , .
lace or a band of embroidery . 1 Lace tnmmed, in flesh and V )
triinining that transforms white. Excellent values at the f - \ 3s?/ / /
these garments into dainty . . | ——— ——j \ , //7 / J J
models. Underwear of quality special price of \ V j /
Special at $2.98 and $3.98. Of! llltC
Nainsook Envelope Chemise, # 3\V- \
j lace and embroidery trimmed; (t) \\Yv)V\ \
also pink batiste with tucks . ' bowmaa "ccond Floor Oft.ll Lo /II jj) JU\ \ \
and ribbon shoulder straps. I 1 li'/Wl I I
Special at $1.19. V v y /Li L-' /
bowman's— „ With embroidered ruf- \ N \\o J
Second Floor I ' I 1 ' ' "*1 j \ // J I /
flc, with or without •
(fj to White Sale
/ ' 11l \ \ \ BOWMAN'S—
I Ik u\\W ft \ Second Floor
.. -Vrtirrfi&iP '
' JANUARY 8. 1919.
! I ■ .1 I ■ ■ I * 4
Linens and Mer
cerized Damask
Priced Unusually Low *
A splendid opportunity to provide
tloths for the table in a large vari
ety of materials, including pure lin
en, union linen, imported and do
mestic mercerized damask.
—7O inches wide, bleached snow
white; in several pretty patterns;
good strong quality; an unusual
bargain, per yard, $2.15.
inches wide, bleached heavy Da
mask, of beautiful quality. Per yd.,
$1.59 and $2.00.
DAMASK —72 inches wide, bleach
ed snow white. Finished with a
rich linen lustre. Per yard, $l.OO.
Mercerized Table Damask of ex
cellent quality; 72 inches wide. Per
yard, 89<?.
64 inches wide. Per yard, 69^.
58 inches wide. Per yard, 59£.
Irish Linen Pattern Cloths. Size,
70x70; grass bleached, with the
Derryvalc written guarantee of
their purity. Each, $5.00.
CLOTHS—Woven of very line
union linen and bleached pure white.
Size, 72x72. Each, $4.75.
Size, 72x90. Each, $6.75.
DAMASK CLOTHS —Of beautiful
satin finish. Compares favorably
with real linen. Size, 68x68. Each,
Mercerized Damask Cloths, hem
med and ready tor use. Each, $2.25
Lunch Cloths
Mercerized Damask Lunch
Cloths; hemmed and ready for use.
These cloths are finished with *
beautiful satin lustre.
Size, 36x36. Each, 75£.
Size, 45x45. Each, $1.25.
Size, 54x54. Each, $1.75.
NAPKINS —Mercerized Damask
Napkins. Hemmed and ready for
use. Size, 18x18. Per doz. $l.OO.
White Goods
Unusual offering in white goods
—providing material for winter sew
ing and spring use at prices that
will surely arouse the keenest in
terest among our discerning patrons
Colonial Long Cloth—Suede fin
ish, 10 yards to piece. Per piece,
English Long Cloth— 36 inches
wide. 10 yards to piece. This cloth
is of very fine quality and consti
tutes a splendid offering. Per piece,
Not more than two pieces sold to
one customer.
New Madcria Nainsook—4o inch
es wide, 10 yards to a piece.
No. 1 grade. Per piece, $2.50.
No. 2 grade. Per piece, $3.25.
White Poplin, 27 inches wide. Per
yard, 35^.
White, Mercerized Voile, 40 inch-,
es wide with tape selvedge, excel
lent quality. Per yard, 25^.
White Lingerie Crepe, 30 inches
wide, per yard, 39^.
White Pajama Check, 30 inches
wide, 19£.
White Lawn—"Pride of the
West." Per yard, 19tf.
Killarney Linene—39 inches wide.
Per yard, 39^.
White Dimity Checked and
striped. Per yard, 19^.
White Flaxon Plain, checked
and striped;
a yard.
NULINON 36 inches wide.
Very desirable for nurses' uniforms,
dresses and suits. Per yard, 50^.
wide, a good substitute for linen in
making up fancy work. Per yard,
White Linen Finish Suitings; 36
inches wide. Good weight. Per
yard, 29^.
Fancy White Voiles in stripes,
checks and figures. Per yard, 25f>
Diaper Cloth
A yell known brand in the origi
nal envelopes. Antiseptic and non
irritating; 10 yards to a piece.
Width, 18 inches. Per piece, 98^.
Width, 20 in. Per piece, sl.lo.
.Width, 22 in. Per piece, $1.20.
<?OWMAN'S —Second Floor. ,