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„ Airst Steamer Carrying Sup
jj plies Reaches Trhste;
Rumania Sends Apj eal
f Washington. Jan. 1 -Arrival at
■ Trieste of the first St tamer carrying
food supplies th >er s and
the sending of a T mission to
Warsaw to organiz food relief In
Poland and another t Menta to In
vestigate food conditions : re were
announced in a ca '• gran-, received
at the Food Admi ration offices
vesterday from Herbert C. rloover at
Paris. A commission also has left
for Belgrade to take charee of the
situation there.
Conditions In Vienna at . also In
Rumania were said to oe o.'sperate.
Mr. Hoover said repr : itives of.
the Viennese munlclp ti- now- at
Berne, Switzerland, st hat food
supplies for the -".00< 00 people In
the Austrian capital vvoul. not last
more than ten days. The las gov
ernment. the cablegram Id. pur-1
posed to forward at met a week s
supply for the city.
As to Rumania, the rail' m said
the American and Alii. ministers
there had telegraphed tha they were
convinced that the f supplies
would not last more t\ :t another
thirty days and tha' immediate
steps for relief must be ".'ton If the
country is not to be su v . icrged into
Chicago, Jan. 1. — M s- Lucy Fage
Caston yesterday rasign . us head of I
the Antl-Clgaret l.eaguv of America,
which she founded on lecembei- 19.
1599. Friction within te organiza
tion was said to have caised her ac
tion. Miss Caston refuted to dis
cuss her resentment, aganst the sale
of cigarets in Army ointeens, but
said: "The war is ov-r now. and
the cigaret is once more a poison."
\OIT lork. Jan. I.—Tie threatened
damper on New York's New Year's
. Eve celebration by tin strike of
waiters and cooks of twenty-five
■ large dining establisunents was
averted when the hotel: and restau
rants put on girls to take the strik
ers' places.
Get busy with i bottle of
I Dr. King's New Discovery
I at onct
Coughs, colds and bronchial at
tacks—they are all likely to result in
dangerous aftermaths unless cheeked
in time.
And how effectively and quickly
Dr. King's New Discovery helps to
do the checking wo-k! Inflamed,
irritated membranes t re soothed, the
mucous phlegm loose led freely, and
quiet, restful sleep follows.
All druggists have it. Sold since
> 1869.
a Constipation Emancipation
, No more lazy bowels, yellow com
s plexion, sick headac.ie, indigestion,
- embarrassing breath, when you use
as a corrective Dr. King's New Life
Pills. They systematize the system
nd keep the world Poking cheerful.
i- Stomach and Liver
Trouble Vanished
After Taking Tonall
1 hu\e had stomac and liver
trouble for years." si\ Mrs. Erne
line Hoffman, of 14 J i ward ave
nue. York, Pa.
"The miseries I i gone through
. at times were terrib: .'ould bloat
up after eating and t' lazy spells,
and pains 1 woud wound my
heart were at times i. liable, and
my complexion was yellow. 1
tried a great many dies but it
appeared nothing h'el ■ rtie as Ton
. ail lias done. lam f> 1 ; much im
' proved in every respect. I can eat
iiid enjoy my meals. My nerves are
just tine. 1 would rot be without
The above testimotial was given
■Sept. 7. 1918.
Tonall is sold at Got gas' Drug
ore, Harrisburg, ad all leading
.Lrug stores in Easern Pennsyl
vania. . i
The Dependabl:
Remedy for All A
i COLDS $//\\
i Sore Throat
60 Doses, 30c
Junlp^ P \ UT j Vf/.** vxrnL _ J
e 1 r , IVD,; " ir
? I H. Mauk v B u i^ st -
I i HrMat * Ambulonce PSonea
Melvln Mrngen. lutraetvr
reglflar" B !-! Bc **""ers lu the
cwi Elementary or Collegiate
SPKCIAI!. ,arl Januar > r 10 - ESU p. m
cJLe N fT r , Pra ' Elementary
k V,, (Intensive) is vieidinw
ber miv re 'r UUB 'a *• l 'nnteU num-.
er ma> be to thin
i-oarse. beginning early In Janu
\v^V mp . letlnK il ' June.
atVe°Y "m.'c'a ° F
Second and State t. Bell I2M-lt
~T '
Gilt of $60,000 by Order of
Elks Acknolwodged by I
Commander Booth v
By Associated Press
Now Volk, Jan. I.—Gratitude for !
work done in France by the Salva- |
tioi Arm> war relief service was
ex; ssed in a New Year's cable
me. ige from General Pershing re- !
cel. ad yesterday by Commander J
Evangeline Booth. i
"\\ e feel deep gratitude," the ,
mastKige said, "for the enormous
contribution which the Salvation J
Army has made to the moral and ,
physical welfare of this expedition '
and all ranks join me in sending |
heartiest greetings and cordial best :
wisjies for the new year."
Receipt of a $60,000 New Year's I
gift of the War Relief Commission !
of the Order of Elks to the Salva- i
tion Army was announced last night i
by Commander Evangeline C. Booth. '
The money is to he used for war re- j
lief work. In presenting the check .
the Elks' commission, of which
former Governor John K. Tener. of ;
Pennsylvania, is chairman, declar- ,
ed it to be "in recognition of the
untiring, unselfish effort of the Sal- I
vation Army and in appreciation of I
a great work modestly performed in |
the name of'Qod and humantiy." I
* V I
M iddietoum !
Case of Scarlet Fever
Is Found in School Room
A u.ise of scarlet fever was discov- j
ered in the schoolroom of Miss Irene j
Churchman in the Susquehanna '
street school building. Harry Stotz, :
being the victim. The four rooms in i
the cuilding were closed and furni- t
gate ! by the local board of health, i
ard will remain closed for several !
days. The Stotz home, Catherine and
Stat streets, has been quarantined. |
A family gathering was held at the ,
hone of Mr. and Mrs. 'Charles!
Hardy. West Water street, on last :
Sunday, and a dinner was served, j
Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. |
Charles Hardy, and two children, i
Bruce and Carolina Hardy, Orville i
Beii'.e! and wife, John Heneky, of j
Har'isburg; Ruth Sheton. Susan
■Bar enoyer, Lena Ashenfelter, !
Ma ret Noel, Mr. and Mrs. Cltarles
11a Sr.. and son, Bruce Hardy .
uni i. igliter. Ivy Hardy.
y slof Ashenka, of Poland, who !
is u.ptar, has been secured by j
A. LiUckenbill. the marble and ,
gi i.-e dealer,- North Union street. |
dance held in the Luna rink j
on inlay night by the ' Jitney ;
'CI f town for the benefit of the !
load lied Cross, was a success.
T' Woman's Bible class of the '
First nited Brethren church, held j
its n c ilar monthly meeting at the 1
hoi '* Mrs. Christian Hershey, in
; East Hater street, on Monday even
| ing an elected the following officers: j
j Pros it, Mrs. M. G. Bossier: vice- j
I pres. .t. Mrs. Harrison Heisey: I
te; Mrs. S. P. Longenecker; I
ass ~t teacher, Mrs. M. G. Boss- '<
' ler ?■ >.ond assistant teacher, Miss !
Jem . Detweiler; secretary, Mrs, :
Win Wagner; assistant secretary, !
Mr; M. Gingrich; treasurer, Mrs. j
. An: Fetrow; librarians, Mrs.
i Christian Hershey and Mrs. George |
' Steck: llower committee, Mrs. J. M.
' McCauleyl evangelistic chairlady,'
, Mrs. Annie Fetrow; music commit
: tee, Mrs. C. N. Jackson; member-
I ship. Mrs. C. P. Longenecker; social,
Mrs. J. Eicheiberger. After a social
! hour had been spent refreshments
; were served.
The Men's Bible class of the
| Methodist Episcopal Church, will
, ' hold an annual social at the par
; sonata. 120 North Union street, this
i evening and the election of officers
i'wilt he he.d.
. Word was received in town yes
terday by John Stager, of South 1
Union street, that Mrs. Claude |
Whitaucr died at her home at Wash- I
! ington, from pneumonia, leaving a ]
j husband and three children. Mr. 1
I Whitaucr is well known in town be
| ing the son of the lute Mr. and Mrs.
W. 11 Whitauer. The body will be
brought to Elizabethtown for burial.
Miss Clara Beck entertained a
number of friehds at her home.
North Spring street, last evening at
1 a New Year's party, Games of var
' i ious kinds were played, after which
; refreshments were served.
Miss Ida Beaverson, of New
Cumberland, is spending several days
in town.
Dawson Adeholt. of RoyaHon,
I received a letter from his son, Harry
I Adeholt. who is one of the men
from the local car works who is en
listed in the service of Uncle Sam.
! but doing government work in
: Fiance of rebuilding cars, that he
land tin rest of the men who are
doing the same work, expected to
i be on thoir way home from over
i seas ;n about two weeks.
Kirk Sob wan is spending the
weekend at Ait. Wolf, York county,
with his family.
| A special meeting of the Rescue
; Hose Company, was held last even
i ing to take action on the company
■ taking part in the parade at Gblds-
I iioro to-day, after which it was de
' cided tli it those wishing to take part
! could do so. About twenty-five of
j the members left this morning for
■ Uolilsdoro where a parade and flag
' raising was he'd by the fire com-
I puny of that place.
Mrs. Cameron Conrad and daugh
ter, of Race street! Mrs. Charles
Ackertnan, of East Water street,
and H. E. Derrick, of Wilson street,
are ill with pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Burd nre
spending some time at Philadelphia
and New York City.
Mrs. J. Llovd Kramer and Miss
Helen Kramer are visiting relatives
at Newark, N J.. for the weekend.
Mr. an.l Mrs. T. C. Boyd returned
to their home in North Union street,
after spending the past ten days at
El wood City as the guests of the
latter's parents. .Mr. and Mrs. J.
Raises $5 Money Order
to One For $500,000
Pittsburgh. j a nT X.— Changing a5
post ofll monew order to one for
ssoQ,oo<> and presenting it at the
money i rrier division of the local
post office f or payment yesterday,
William Minahan, aged 33, of "24
Broad street. Johnstown, Pa., was ar
rested ami h e |d in $l,OOO bail for the
Erie term 0 f Federal Court.
Minalian told Commissioner Knox
that he w R s chief engineer of the
Westinghouge interest and that he
was paid S6OO a month. He said that
he had about 1750,000 In a Johns
town bank. J
Store Closes Regularly Store Closes Regularly '
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JANUARY 1, 1919. '