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    v Princess Patricia
to Wed a Sailor
London, Dec. 28. The Court Cir
cular to-night makes the following
"The King has gladly consented to
the betrothal of Princess Patricia of
Cannouglit to Commander Alexander
Ramsay, heir to the Karl of Dul
Princfess Patricia of Connnught Is a
daughter of the Duke of Connaught,
former Governor General of Canada,
and a cousin of King George. She is
In her early thirties and long has
been a favorite in court circles in
England and Canada. Known as
Princess "Pat," she has been regard
ed as the most popular of the young
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er embers of British royalty.
Alexander Robert Muule Ramsay is
a commander In the royul navy. He
was born In 1881, the son of the thir
teenth Karl of Ualhousle. Command
er Rrtnsay served with the British
forces In the I Dardanelles In 1914, and
for valiant work was awarded the
Distinguished Service Order.
REAL IIA 111) tl< tv
Charles Marshal. Pultun street,
near Rally, went to bed shivering one
night and when lie wakened the next
morning found a nice, warm automo
bile robe wrapped about him. That's
what he said to police when arrested,
but now lie is under S.IOO ball, and
this afternoon was called upon in po
lice court to explain how the robe
got wrapped around him, inasmuch as
it is said to have been stolen from an
automobile near his home.
/ i
iFour Pennsylvania Soldiers
Fall in Action in War
on Huns
Washington, Dec. 28,—The list of
casuals given out by the War Depart
ment today totals only 920 names.
But lour I'ennsylvanians were killed
In action, oat of the ninety reported.
The summary follows:
Killed In action I 90
Died of wounds, 89
Died of accident and other
causes . 30
Died of airplane accident, 3
Died of disease, 73
Wounded severely, 375
Wounded (degree undetermin
ed) 43
Wounded slightly, ............. 37
Missing in action 176
Total 920
Pennsylvanians reported this after
noon are: -
Wllmer M. Landls, Quakertown.
Clarence E. K. Stettler. R. F. D. 1.
Reed Barnttz, Philadelphia.
Homer D. McFall, Tarentum.
"Stanley Q. Mellott, Tannery.
Richard 8. Taylor. Philadelphia.
Harry Wood, Plttston.
George 11. Gebhart, Boston.
Antoni Lasruzk, Glenlyon.
Earl A. Moser, PottsvlUe.
Michael Riley, Pittsburgh.
John A. Thomas, Heldlorsberg.
Edward 8. Miller, Brockwayville.
Lafayette A. O'Conner, Philadelphia.
John Petrllyak, Plymouth.
Isidore Wiener, Newvllle.
Joseph C. Wiles, R. F. D. 1, Boyers.
George Williams, West Hazleton.
John Robert Betton, Dubois.
Le Roy Brooks, West Chester.
Samuel P. Brown, Philadelphia.
I-oulH Cacla, Reading.
Robert W. Carlln, West Philadel
Joseph Dlnkowltz, Philadelphia.
Joseph C. Evans, Philadelphia.
William Fleming, Jr., Philadelphia.
France E. Forry, Richfield.
Wilbert J. Haggerty, Slgel.
Christopher C. R. Johnson, Harveys.
William H. Jones, Bath.
John A. Klelnman, York.
Henry J. Kubler, R. F. D. 1, Broad
John D. Lockhart, R. F. D 2., Smlcks
Domenieo Bambino, Dunmore.
Wilbert C. Boddy, York.
Louis Britton, Philadelphia.
Ltfgi Fubiani, Philadelphia.
Henry W. Grryblll, Paxtonvllle.
John W. Mackowski, Erie.
Morris Grollman, Philadelphia.
Karl A. Muschette, Philadelphia.
John C. Hodes, Harrlsburg.
Leonard W. Rought, R.' F. D. 1,
Earl Stewart, Blairsvllle.
Ralph N. B.raub, Watsontown.
Boy T. Swartzlandor, New Kensing
Chancey E. Williams, Alford.
William Baltodozzia, Scranton.
Harry R. Oruver, Cementon.
Alvtn Kane, Sharpsburg.
Pennsylvanians reported this morn
ing are:
Royal P. Steinbacher, Williamsport.
Myrl G. Snyder, Scottdale.
Charles Bobwicz, Nnntlcoke.
Lawrence E. Stark, Bunola.
Hugh D. Mac Donald, Bustleton.
Henry John O'Brien, Bradford.
James A. Johnson, Pittsburgh.
Jacob F. Mertz, Eplirata.
Robert Hlllas, Philadelphia,
llussel l.eroy Matehett. Harrlsburg.
John C. Dickey, Avonmore.
Joseph J. Gallagher. Plymouth.
Charles I>eroy George. Whltesburg.
Thomas F. Kelly, Philadelphia.
Alfred Allen Pace, Bradford.
Thomas A. Rlefcr, Houtzdale.
Edwin Hubert Warnock, New
John Tomaszewskl, Pittsburgh.
Pat Diamond, Expedlt.
Hugh J. Dougherty, Philadelphia)
Thomas Holland, Monfingahela.
Frank Mack, Beaver Falls.
George A. Pell, Lykens.
Howard Shollenberger, Philadelphia.
Harvey W. BUtner, Myersdale.
Herbert E. Braoy, Philadelphia.
Donton Canonge. R. F. D. McDonald.
Nlkodem Dembek, Natrona.
Moses Johnson, Chester.
John J. Leonard, Parsons.
Vane H. Lowmaster, R. F. D. 1,
Walter T. Bruner, Philadelphia.
Frank I.ee Hart. It. F. D. 1. Carlisle.
Owen Edward MoOarvey, Stdughton.
Norton Downs, Three Tuns.
George A. Pettit, Williamsport.
Charles E. Both, Verona.
Charles Pagnotto, Renovo.
Registration For City's
Free Commercial Course
to Open Thursday Night
Registration for the free evening
commercial school to be opened by
the city school board In the Cen
trul High building will take place
next Thursday and Friday evenings
from 7 to 9 o'clock. Professor J. H.
Blckley, supervisor of special ac
tivities. announced to-day.
No person under fifteen years of
age will bo admitted, and each ap
plicant will be given Individual con
sideration to determine hts or her
ability to take the course, Professor
Blckley said. Residents of the city
will be required to pay a nominal
registration fee to Induce regular at
tendance and as a security for books
loaned by the school district. The
deposit will bs returned at the end
of the y?ar If the student has at
tended three-fourths of the sessions.
A tuition and registration fee slight
ly larger than tne one for residents
of the city will be required from non
resident applicants.
Classes wilt be held each Monday.
Tuesday and Thursday evenings from
7.30 to 9.30 o'clock and Instruction
will be given In business, English,
shorthand, typewriting, commercial
arithmetic and bookkeeping.
Now Cumberland, Pa., Dec. 28. —
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Hollar, of 210
' WAR WEEKLY Cat ut and Moll to Your Soldier WAR WEEKLY
VoL 1, No. 18. HAHHI3DUHG, PA.. DEC. 21-27. Our Yank Edition.
I 1 1 " "I
If France Had. a P. T. Barnum She Could Soon Pay Her
War Debt Offjhe American Tourists
• £ra'tl'a
Saturday, December 21
Night classes are to be opened in
commercial courses at Central High
School for benefit of young men und
women compelled to stop school be
fore graduation.
Free life Insurance is given em
ployes of Lalance-Gi osjean Manufac
turing Company.
Technical High School boys votes
Harrlsburg Telegraph best newspaper
in city.
Two men arrested for robbing till
in Market street restaurant.
Ambrose W. Nunenitteher, veteran i
Harrlsburg druggist, who operated
store at Third und North streets,
Application of W. L. torney for
permit to operate Jitney between Har
rlsburg and Chuinberaburg brings
many protests before Public Service
Frunels B. Dwyer arrives home
from France where he served as
M. C. A. secretary.
Woman applies for divorce saying
Bhe hud to Jump frofn a window into
snow drift to save life.
Lodge No. 694, B. of R. T„ votes
to move from Mnrysville to Enola.
Thomas Winters, Duncannon, de- j
ranged by news of the death of his
only son in France. Jumps from win.
dow of express and is badly hurt.
School board bund Issue brings a
big premium.
Son is born to Mrs. David M. Rupp,
Mechnnicsburg, widow of late Lieu
tenant Hupp, killed In action.
Hotel reservations taxed to utmost
to provide quarters for thousands
coming here next month for Gover
nor Sprout's Inauguration.
Mrs. Richard Ueciitel, widow of
Sergeant Bechtel, Company IJ, 109 th
Machine Gun Battalion, received let
ter from France with bullet hole
through It, tlie letter beiitg torn when
the soldier was killed in uction.
Monday, December 23
Christmas greetings from boys of
the 28th Division are received from
Complaint against the six-cent
f&res of tlie Harrlsburg Railways
Company took a queer qulst to-duy
when it is charged conductois "knock
down" too many fares.'
Pennsylvania roiling stock said to
be In bad shape because virtually no
new cars have been purchased since
1917". , m .
Lonely widower asks Telegraph to
find him a bride and three applicants
Immediately put In bids for matri
mony. . , .
Red Cross makes appeal for nurses
to handle intluenza cases which again
are growing ulinost to epidemic sixe.
Mrs. Hurley Fisher, of Granville,
Mifflin county, mother of fifteen chil
dren adopts another.
Frank Petre, Carlisle, 'eported to
have been hit in eighteen places by
shrapnel splinters.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Stoner, near
Gettysburg, died within twenty.four
hours of Influenza.
All household effects of William
Kennedy's family ure lost in lire
which destroys home when stove
used to bake Christmas cakes - be
comes overheated.
Captain James McIC. Ueiley arrives
home sorlously wounded.
Last two of Violet Oakley's beauti
ful mural decorations for Senute
chamber arrive here.
Lower Paxton township residents
petition for better highways.
Congressional committee approves
plan to survey Susquehanna river
with idea of making it navigable.
ldenity of man who held up con
ductor of West Shore trolley car
and stole 81UU still a mystery.
Tuesday, December 24
Body of Mrs. Ida Weaver, missing
from home four weeks, found in
river. She is believed to have drowned
herself day after husband's funeral.
Colonel Lewis E. Beitler, named
chief of staff for Governor Bproul's
inaugural, names F. 11. Hoy, Jr., as
chief of aids.
War Department order declares
men of 28th division will be mustered
out into civilian life add not back
Into National. Guard, thus disrupting
the famous division which entered
the war us Pennsylvania troops.
Because bids for collecting ashes
fti 1919 is considered too high, the city
may attempt the work along the same
plan as It Keeps the streets clean.
When Your Haulage Problems Worry You A
Motor Trucks
w Mean Service and Economy
lIIMTMB Bell ItrrlM IMtltri
103 MifrlKct St. 3405. 30 If. Camiwa St.
Geary avenue, announce the birth
of a daughter, Nan Pearl Byors Hol
lar. Mrs. Hollar was formerly Miss
Pearl Nan Byers.
Protest against the fare zones on
residents' iS " lullo lI A Lueknow
The Chambersburg auto bus run
dpwn and kills Miss Anna M. Slpes,
Kenneth Lillpy, MurjsVille school
,', atlly wounded while playing
with dynamite cap in high school.
81st n year" Pott '* er - Halifax, dies in
mai ?y Harrlsburg soldiers
are appearing in tlie heavy casually
A 5 ow *4B published.
Outbreak of typhoid fever in Hunt
pmluted "wate ved b caused by
rival home as unit
Th l i?d' k ,„!Vf ht ; inch water '""in at
ihifd and WaJnut streets delays traf-
Wednesday, December 25
Christinas is quietly celebrated In
churches >vlth prayers of thanks for
victorious ending of the great war
! Kr o°f r £££?%&
home from B the**front?" wounil ' d •
"Chiefy" Gilner, long familiur iiir
"'. e "t Uapitol where ho believed hlm
,, important person" Jinn
Gilner was taken 111 shortly I,
Christinas when presented with his
annual suit by Capitol attaches
Thursday, December 26
Jitney drivers compelled to with
draw because of Public Service Com
"J i° n H ord ? r withrduw money from
city indemnity fund.
Coroner Eckinger agrees to submit
fnS- ""tin 0 " to county courts for rul
ing when county commissioners for
second time cut down his bills
I'ood Administration agrees to work
at least six months lunger in interests
of conservation. res
Liberty Loan organization, which
four times has pushed Harrlsburg
over the top, is asked to back the
coming Victory Loan "
Musical Arts Society announces an
nuul rendition of tlie "Messiah" will be
fng k Grace Church Monday even-
Trolley service Is held up because
too many employes are made sick by
big Christmas dinners.
Victor Grove resigns as chief of
Steelton police when Council refuses
to add to police force.
n>Y'i D ' "Kaln heads West
End Republican Club.
Many changes In state compensa
tion laws are suggested.
Friday, December 27
Harry J. Finley, of the Twenty
eighth, arrives home with mangled
right arm. '
Coal goes a begging for first time
in more than a year because wurm
weather permits dealers to stock up
Names of every soldier who took
part In the great war are sought for
permanent history to bo written for
the slate.
Clergymen again are to be given
railway tickets at half price under
ruling of Federal Administration
Mayor Keister will preside at an
nual memorial services to bo held
Sunday for city firemen.
Klwanls Club Joins movement to
provide all wounded soldiers with Jobs
as good as they gave up to enter the
Five employes of the Pennsylvania
Railroad are dismissed for infraction
of the rules.
Announcement officially made bv
Pennsylvania Railroad that no man
of the 25,000 who left the Corporation
to carry the nation's arms Is to lose
his place. Jobs as good or better than
the ones given up sre to be provided
every man who returns.
Approximately 15,000 Harrlsburg
men, women and children enrolled In
P.ed Cross In membership drive Just
Prominent women of city nnd coun
ty recommended to Governor for ap
pointment ns trustees for mothers'
pension fund.
Ralph 8. Olipplnger and Blanche E.
Clippinger, brother and sister, died.
In Carlisle home of influenza within
few hours of each.
Machine Carrying Mail From
New York to Bellefontc
Is Wrecked
Llterpool, Pa., Dec. 28.—0n Thurs
day afternoon at 6 o'clock a large
airplane landed on the Davis farm
near Sellnsgrove. The plane was
carrying mall from Lpng Island to
Bellefonte. The avlntor said his ma
chine did not work right when he
nrted, but he thought It might do
uetter after It had run awhile. Near
Sellnsgrove the engine became worse
and the aviator tried to land In a
wheatfleld, but as the guiding ap
paratus did not respond to tho ac
tion of the levers he was unable to
control the machine and It landed on
a large walnut tree. The tree was
eighteen Inches In diameter and whs
torn out of the ground by the force
of the machine.
The plane Is ninety-feet long and
equipped with a Duplex engine. It
carried 150 gallons of gasoline, which
all leaked away after the tank had
been punctured by a limb of the tree.
The machine was damaged beyond re
pair. It had about a one-horse load
of mail which was taken to the Sellns
grove postofllce. The aviator was
not injured more than a small cut on
and a stiff Jaw.
Soldier Charged With
Passing Bad Check'
A soldier who calls himself H. L.
Stewart, of California, wearing three
wound stripes and two overseaes
stripes, was arrested at the Pennsyl
vania station yesterday after pass- I
ing a worthless check for $55 nt a |
local clothing store, and receiving in
return a 025 overcoat and $lO change.
His story of lighting overseas sound
ed so genuine that the store manager
cashed his check, but the subsequent
suspicious actions of the soldier
aroused the businessman to action,
end Stewart wus arrested. He con
fessed then that the check was bogus.
Newport, Pa..' Dec. 28.—Elections
will take place In both the Reformed
Church of the Incarnation and the
Lutheran Church on Sunday.
The Reformed Church recently
nominated candidates for the several
positions to be filled and on Sunday
morning will elect two elder;; and
two deacons, who will be Installed
on Monday evening. The nominees
are: Elders —J. Flcltes, Clarence
Kllnepeter, C. K. Miller and P. A.
Nlckcy: deacons—Jesse Thomas,
James Wilt, William J. Morrow, Sam
uel P. Smith, George 1. I.eedy and
George W. Myers.
The Lutheran Church will elect
its oflicers at the Sunday morning :
meeting und install them In the even- ;
Newport, Pu., Dec. 28.—Notice 'has '
been received here of tho severe j
.wounding In France during the lute |
days of the wur of Private Raymond ij
D. Fisher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry J ;
Fisher, of East Newport. He was',
serving with the One Hundred and i
Tenth Infantry. Private Fisher en
tered the service last year by enlist
ing with the Third Regiment of tho
old Pennsylvania National Guard dur
ing the summer of 1917.
Liverpool, Dec. 28. —Paul Cox and
Mrs. Lizzie Crawford, of Turkey Val
ley, were married Thursday night at
the home of his son, Henry Cox, by
the Rev. <l. C. Cramer, pastor of the
United Evangelical Church.
Suburban Notes
Mrs. Jean Coulter, R. N., has gone
to New Buffalo to help nurse patients
who are 111 with Influenza.
Mrs. J. L. Erlenmeyer and son,
Luther Erlenmeyer and family and
Luther Knlsley spent Thursday with
relatives at Harrlsburg.
Mrs. H. M. Gelger, of Northumber
land, visited here this week with her
father, J. D. Shive.
Miss Alma Lutz, who is employed
at Harrlsburg, Is'vlsitlng her mother,
Mrs. Annie Lutz.
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Pllley havo
closed their summer home here and
have gone to Philadelphia for tho
Leon Lutz, of Harrlsburg, spent
Thursday hero with his family, who
are visiting at John W. Lutz's.
Miss Maa-y Morris, R. N., of Johns
Hopkins' Hospital, Baltimore, is vis
iting her parents. Dr. and Mrs. W.
Q. Morris.
TIM t **OM ftfcff—l mnltm #h*ml*in*l<mli4 * Utmml mttrf IVnwihtW •~r4v~~jrj tl ~ Uflfhl Uttirirtml „ -Jflr." I MUkt ft lr m). I ►1
100 P KN 50 ML 1050
Lansing Mich Deo 20 1918
/ N
Harrisburg Auto Co
Harrisburg Pa
Present price on all passenger models guar
anteed until June. V/ ire specificationfr for flrany .
shipments. Good produotlon anticipated on all
models. Freight equipment fairly plentiful
Reo Motor Car Co.
Tlie Above Telegram Explains Itself
Present prices guaranteed until June. That means that there will be no
increase or decrease. And it looks as though it might be an increase after
June. So it's up to you to get your Reo now while the getting's good. You
are already acquainted with the fact that a Reo is about the best little old bus
on the market, so why wait ? Get in touch with us at once.
Consider a Bethlehem
from the Pocket-Book
Point of View
Price is no consideration in a
motor truck unless its delivery
service is alert, dependable and
economical, and adequate to cover
all of your hauling needs.
Bethlehem Motor Truifcks have con
quered every war test they have been put
to. The Gray & Davis Electric Starting I
and Lighting System, which is part of
every Bethlehem, together with perfect 1
balance of truck construction, means
quicker getaway and quicker delivery. j
Under the heading of economy, Bethlehem
Trucks stand out with especial significance,
low upkeep, maximum mile 3 per gallon plus
ton miles per gallon.
On the basis of hauling needs—Bethlehem
Internal Gear Drive Motor Trucks have over
shadowed past and present performances of
trucks built under "average practice" specifi
l cationa. v /
Ton Chassis Ton Chassis Ton Chassis
$1965 $2365 $3465
F. O. B. Allentown
The Overland-Harrisburg Co.
212-214 N. Second Street
Automobile Mechanics
A Thorough COUTH, tn Automobile Mechanics. Lecture, on tho
Mechanical Theorv of Parts r,f the Automobile; Essentials of ,
Electricity Wiring of Ignition, Starting and lighting Systems, the *
Dismantling and Reassembling Parts of ihe Chassis and Engine,
Actual Repair Work on Complete Cars, Shooting Trouble. Ad
vantageous to those owning or contemplating the buying of tractors
or automobiles. Learn to make your own repairs. Two months
course, 6 days a week—9 to 3. Opens January 2nd, 1919. _
Practical Electricity
The most comprehensive electrical knowledge possible In one
year may be obtained through this course, as the entire work of *
the course Is concentrated upon the study of theoretical and practl- •
cal electricity. The system of Instruction is In the highest degree
The student Is offered practlee In the laWatorles, the electrical
shops and the Institute's lighting nnd power plant.
Nine months course, Ave days per week—9 A. M. to 3 P. M.
Opens January 2nd. 1919.
Knr further Information write to %
Broad and Spring Garden Sts. Philadelphia, Pa.