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FOR SALE One Harley-Davldson
Motorcycle, with side car, Inquire 301
South Fourteenth street,
*tde car and tandem, electric equipped.
4225.00. Indian Twin Tandem. SSO.
' Burst. Llngleslown. Pa.
Bargain at $95.00. Horn. Llngles
town. Pa.
FOR SALE One 1918 brand-new
Reading Standard Electric, with side
car; one 1917 Indian, with sidecar; one
1916 Indian, with sidecar. All above
machines are In first-class condition,
and will be sold cheap. Harrlsburg
Motorcycle Exchange, 1227 North
Sixth street.
GOODYEAR TIRES In sizes 30x3%
and 32x4 A. YV. T. Fabrics, and 30x3%
Rib Cold at prices less than you can
buy, 1213 North Third street.
AUTO KADI AO IRS ol all Kinds re-
f (aired by specialists. Also fenders,
amps. etc. Best service in town. Har
risburg Auto Radiator Works, 803
North Third street.
Frames stralgmoned and welded.
Heavy Cast Irou Our Specialty.
Expert Welders. Work Guaranteed.
1538 Lognn St.
BELL 4396 J.
- MAO' •"* All types: 4 and 6
Bosch high tension. Eishmunn. Dlxey.
Splltdorf. Mea, Remy and different
makes of coils, carburetors, etc. A
Sehiffman. 22-24-26 North Cumeruu
street. Bell 3633.
NOTICE Letters of Administra
tion on the Estate of Benedetto Sal
\adori, late of Harrisburg. Dauphin
, County, Pa., deceased, having oeen
granted to the undersigned residing
in said city, all persons indebted to
said Estate are requested to make im
mediate payment, and those having
claims will present them lor settle
222 Market Street.
NOTICE Letters of Administra
tion in the Estate of Guiseppe Di Dalio
having been granted to the undersign
ed, all persons owing the said Estate
will make payment at once, and those
lir.vmg claims will present them with
out delay to
r Administrator,
No. 16 South Second Street,
Harrisburg, l'a.
NOTICE Letters of Administra
tion on the Estate of Harry C. Baum,
laic of Harrisburg, Dauphin County,
Pa., deceased, having been granted to
the undersigned, all persons Indebted
to said Estate are requested to make
Immediate payment, and those having
claims will present them for settle
ment, to
28 North Seventeenth Street,
Harrlsburg, Pa.
NOTICE Letters of Administra
lion on the Estate of Fred W. Heck
(also known as Warren F. Heck), late !
of Harrlsburg. Dauphin County, Pa., j
' deceased, having been granted to the ;
undersigned, all persons indebted to!
said Estate are requested to make ,
immediate payment, and those having ,
claims will present them for settle- ]
222 Market Street.
Harrisburg, Pa.. ]
Administrator. !
NOTICE Letters of Administra- 1
tion on the Estate of Lerue L. Ellen- j
borger. late of Oberlin, Dauphin Coun
ty. Pa., deceased, having been granted 1
to the undersigned, all persons indebt- !
ed to said Estate are requested to i
make immediate payment, and those'
having claims will present them lor!
settlement to
Or to Administratrix.
11. L. DRESS, Attorney,
Steelton. Pa.
NOTICE is hereby given that the I
following accounts have been filed in
the Court of Common Pleas of Dau- :
pliin County, Pa., aid will lie confirm- !
<-d by said Court on the 16th day of
January, 1919. unless cause be shown
to the contrary:
Third account and distribution of
Charles A. Ambler, Insurance Commis
sioner, and liquidator of American
Union Fire Insurance Company.
First account of Charles A. Ambler,
Insurance Commissioner, and liquida- i
tor of Citizens Life Insurance Com
pany of America.
Final report, embracing third dts- '
tribution of Charles A. Ambler, Insur- ,
ance Commissioner, und liquidator of
Y'ork County Mutual Live Stock In- j
surance Company,
v. Report and final account of Victor
Braddock, receiver of Home Building
and Loan Association.
Annual account of Principal and
Trustees of Emails Orphan House,
rliddletown, Pa.
First and final account of Walter E.
Dietrich, trusted of Emma Bretz, late
of llarrisburg. Pa.
Final account of Isaiah S. Daniel,
committee of Daniel Keiter, a lunatic. !
late of Halifax township. Dauphin !
county. Pa., deceased.
Final account of Mary H. Arm- j
strong, formerly Mary H. Haldeman, I
trustee of Edward M. Haldeman. Esq. \
First and final account of Central :
Trust Company, committee of Paul B. j
Steckley. deceased.
Second and final account of Edwin !
M. Horshey. receiver for the City Auto
Supply Company.
* Prothonotary.
The undersigned will sell at public
sale on the premises located at No. i
311 South Front street, in the Bor
ough of Steeiton, on Saturday after- I
noon. January 4, 1919, the following I
personal property belonging to the '
Estate of Elmer E. -Fiese, deceased
und the Estate of Sarah A. Fiese. de- i
ceased, respectively, to wit:
1 large Mack auto truck fully i
x equipped and in good condition. 1
1 gasoline tank and gasoline con
fined therein.
i oil barrel and oil contained there
Some coal and a large amount of
kindling wood.
1 Mitchell automobile.
lairge amount of carpet.
• % dozen or more chamber suits i
f, complete, including beds, springs !
mattresses, wash stands and bureaus'
Several sets of dishes of ancient
nd modern styles, the old dishes be-
very valuable.
3 men's watches. 1 in very good
condition and very valuable.
1 parlor suit.
Large number of chairs.
* - Sideboards,
Corner cupboards, and
All other furniture found and
needed in a dwelling house.
Sale to commence at 1.30 p \t
sharp, when terms will be made :
known by
Steelton Pa '
Administrator of E. E. Fiese, deceai- 1
Administrator of Sarah A. Fiese de '
" Attorneys.
WHEREAS, the Hon. Geo. Kunkel,
; President, and the Hon. 8. J. M. Me-
Carrell, Additional Uw Judge , of
Oyer and Terminer and Quarter Ses
sions of the Peace, of the Twelfth Ju
dicial District,.composed of the County
of Dauphin, having issued their pre
cept bearing date the 11th day o£.l)e
cember, A. D. 1918, to me directed for
holding a Court of Oyer and Terminer
and General Jail Delivery anil Quar
ter Sessions of the Peace at Harris
borg, for the County of Dauphin, and
commence the second Monday of Janu
ary. 1919, being the I.3th day of Janu
ary, 1919, and to continue two weeks.
Notice Is thereto! c hereby given to
the Coroner, Justices of the Peace. Al
dermen and Constables of said County
Of Dauphin, that they be then and
there In their proper persons, at 10
o'clock In the forenoon of said day,
with their records, inquisitions, ex
aminations and thely own remem
brances, to do those things which to
their office appertain to he done and
those who are bound In recognisances
to prosecute against the prisoners
that are or shall be In the Jnli of Dau
phin County be then and there to
prosecute against them as shall be
Given under my hand at llarrisburg,
the 11th day of December, A, D.
1918, being the one hundred and
forty-third year- of Independence of
the United States.
Sheriff's Office, Harrlsburg, Pa.,
December 14. 1918.
Letters Testamentary having been
j issued to the undersigned upon the
Estate of Sarah 1,. Auxer, late of the
City of llarrisburg. Dauphin County,
deceased, notice Is hereby given to
all persons having claims or demands
against the said Estate to make
known the same, and alt persons In
debted to said decedent to make pay
ment without delay to
918 Green Street,
Harrlsburg, l'a.
The owners of unregistered proper
ties in the Sixth and Twelfth Wards
of the City of Harrisburg, in accord- I
ance with the terms of a certain part
of the Art of Assembly, approved 27th
June, 1913, Pamphlet Laws of 1913.
page 568, and Ordinance No. 11. File
of City Council, Session of 1918-1919.
are hereby notified to furnish within
thtrtv days from the 12th day of De- I
ceinber, 1918. to the City "Engineer, at
this office, descriptions of their re- .
spective properties, upon blanks to be
furnished by the city, and at the same '
time to present their conveyances to
be stamped by the said engineer with- j
out charge as evidence of the registry i
tiiereof. Any person or persons neg- |
lecting or refusing to comply with ;
the provisions of this section for a i
period of thirty days after public no
tice of the requirements thereof shall
bo liable to a penalty of five dollars,
to be recovered with costs of suit. In ,
the name and for the use of the city, i
as penalttos for the violation of city |
ordinances are recoverable." Blanks j
may be obtained at the office of the
City Engineer, Room 316 Common
wealth Trust Company Building. 222 !
Market Street Harrlsburg, Pa.
City Engineer.
- 1
Notice is hereby given to the holders
of the following Improvement Bonds. :
issued by the City of Harrisburg, Pa..
that the same will be redeemed at the
Office of the City Treasurer, on Jan
uary 2, 1919. at which time Interest
on all said bonds will cease:
No. Amount Street.
C 465 SIOO Second street.
C 406 100 Second street.
fO 429 100 Klttatlnny street.
(' 436 lm) Hamilton street.
O 457 100 Hamilton street.
C 458 100 Hamilton street.
O 459 100 Hamilton street.
C 460 100 Hamilton street.
C 469 100 Muench street.
C 470 100 Muench street.
C 471 100 Muench street.
C 472 100 Muench street.
C 473 100 Muench street.
C 474 100 Muench street.
C 496 100 Penn street.
C 497 100 Penn street.
C 498 100 Penn street.
C 509 100 Clinton street.
tC 59 4 100 Bailey street,
tc 2o 100 Brook street.
C 863 100 Cowden street.
C 874 100 Jefferson street.
' 875 100 Jefferson street.
C BSO 100 PelTer street.
C 881 100 PefTer street.
C 898 100 Brady street.
U 899 100 Brady street.
O 904 100 Drdmmond street.
C 915 100 Hunter street.
C 916 100 Hunter street,
c 941 100 Wallace street.
O 975 100 Woodbine street.
CIOO4 100 North street.
CIOOS 100 North street.
CIO2B 100 Daisy street.
C 1073 100 Seneca street.
<"1074 100 Seneca street.
C 1075 100 Seneca street.
C 1076 100 Seneca street.
C 1077 100 Seneca street.
CIOB3 100 Geiger street.
CIOB4 100 Geiger street.
CIOBS 100 Geiger street.
Cllsß 100 Fifteenth street.
CI 165 100 Balm street.
CI 180 1(10 Ella alley.
CI 239 100 Naudain street.
C 1253 100 Logan street.
C 1254 100 Orange alley.
C 1255 100 Orange alley.
C 1236 100 Orange alley.
C 1273 100 Seventh street.
C 1304 100 Emerald Rtreet.
("1319 100 Nineteenth street. !
C 1356 100 Chestnut street. I
C 1363 100 Twenty-first street. I
CC 690 200 Berryhill street.
CO 691 200 Berryhill street.
10'* 288 Seneca street.
*'£ 288 Seneca street.
CC u>3 200 Seneca street.
( .S i? 5 280 Seneca street.
CO u}7 200 Seneca street.
J'}" 288 Seneca stiver.
CC 759 200 Seneca street.
J''" 2"0 Seneca street.
CC 799 200 Shrub street.
x ';'. 288 Linden street.
CC 8.3.3 200 Miller street.
rSI ?S'! 288 Naudain street.
CO 8,6 200 Derry street.
C<; 288 I.ogan street. .
CL 88- 288 Derry street.
CO 899 200 Chestnut street
CC 903 200 Twenty-first street
Cg 911 200 Hillside Road.
CC 912 200 Hillside Road.
, S ; J? s®® Seneca street.
5 SS? Sixteenth street.
8 Ji 1 ; C'? 8 perry street.
8 -v- 552 perry street
PI 1 588 Derry street.
8 -j; ®* BB Logan street.
Dl 6 4 000 Emerald street.
.8 888 Maclay street.
D ios 500 ■ Seventh street
No. Amount. Street.
51 S2OO Summit street.
2 2 200 Summit street
53 200 Summit street.
168 ioo Summit street.
*s® Summit street.
•/. 57 , Emerald street.
•C alled January 2, 1918, at which
time Interest ceased.
tCalled July 1, 1918. at which time
interest ceased. time
••Called January 2, 1916, at which
time interest ceased.
„ , , City Treasurer.
Harrisburg, Pa., Dec. 20. 1918.
100 South Thirteenth Street.
CU North Sixteenth Street.
1515 State Street.
803 North Seventeenth Street.
1713 Korster Street.
154 9 State Street. t
2058 Whitehall Street.
Bergner Building 1
Left to right! "Cuckoo" Beck. i!Wt Hahn, "Bill" Iloerner, "Ken." Fisher, "Bud" Lingle, "Grcenlo"
Burchfleld, "Hughle" Wells, "Doughnuts" Wllsbuch, Joe Wachtman, " Peto" Blank, "Hen" Bhopo und
"Bill" Mnurer, , *
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through the eyes of a Maroon stu
Best all-around athlete, Carl Bock.
Most popular boy, "Pete" Shank.
Most popular teacher, Prof. W. D.
Biggest Bluffer, "Doughnuts"
Beat-llkod boy, "Cap" Ebner.
Most popular with the tflrls,
"Buddie" Llngle.
The greenest looking Freshman.
"Greenio" Burchfleld.
The wisest looking Senior, "Hon"
j Shope.
Biggest "itldder," "William the
I Silent" Hoerner.
Best student, "Hughie" Wells.
Best-known fellow, "Silent Will"
| Hoerner.
Best singer, "Bill" Maurer.
Most popular "eats," Beans.
Best looking, "Ken" Fisher. ,
Regt dressed, Bert Hahn.
Best Grammar school, Forney.
Best location in Harrlsburg, Hill.
Best Harrisburg newspaper, the
Most popular study, French.
Least popular study, Public Speak
Favorite day of the year, Last Day
of School.
Favorite college, State.
Favorite profession, Electrical
Best mathematician, Waehtman.
Favorite magazine. The Tatier.
By Associated Press
New York. Dec. 21.—Speculative
issues constituted the only features
of interest at the outset of the week
end session on the Stock Exchange.
Marino preferred, United Fruit,
Mexican .Petroleum and General Mo
tors advanced one to three points,
while rails, steels, tobaccos and
utilities displayed further reaction
ary tendencies. Liberty Fourth 4Vis
changed hands at the new low price
of 94.44. Trading was exceedingly
light, the market coming to a
standstill before the end of the first
half hour.
Chandler Brothers and Company,
members of New York and Philadel
phia Stock Exchanges—3 North Mar
ket Square, Harrlsburg; 336 Chestnut
street, Philadelphia: 34 Pine street.
New York—furnish the following
quotations: Open. Close.
A.llis Chalmers 30 74 31
Amer Beet Sugar 63 63
American Can 46 Vi 46%
Am Car and Foundry ... 87 87%
Amer Smelting 79% 5874
American Sugra 110% 110%
Anaconda 64 64
Atchison 90'4 90%
Baldwin Locomotive. ... 74)4 75
Baltimore and Ohio .... 52% 53'4
Bethlehem Steel 61% 62%
Canadian Pacific 136>4 156V4
Central Leather 59V4 58 %
Chesapeake and Ohio ... 56 56
Chi Mil and St Paul ... 42 42
Chicago R I and Pacific . 25% 26
Chino Con Copper 33 33
Corn Products 47 47V4
Crucible Steel 36% 37
Distilling Securities ... 50% 51',4
Erie 17% 17%
General Motors 129 129
Great Northern pfd .... 95% 96%
Great Northern Ore subs 32V4 32%
Hide and Leather 13% 13%
Hide and Leather pfd .. 69% 69%
Inspiration Copper 45% 45
International Paper ... 31 31
Kansas City Southern ... 19V4 19%
Lackawanna Steel 67% 67%
Lehigh Valley 57 56)4
Maxwell Motors 29% 29%
Merc Mar Ctfs 26% 26%
Merc Mar Ctfs pfd 110% 110%
Mex Petroleum 169% 167%
Miami Copper 23% 23%
Midvale Steel 44% 44%
New fork Central 75'% 76
N Y N H and H 31% 32
Northern Pacific 93% 94%
Pennsylvnaia Railroad . 43% 45
Railway Steel Spg 73 73
Ray Con Copper 20% 20%
Reading 81% 81%
Republic Iron and Steel 74% 74%
Southern Pacific 99 98%
Southern lty 29% 29%
Studebaker 52% 51%
Union Pacific 128 127%
U S I Alcohol 102% 103
U S Rubber 77% 77%
U 8 Steel 93 74 96
Utah Copper 7374 74%
Willys-Overland 25 25'%
By Associated Press
Pliiliidelpuhin. Dec. 21, Wheat
No. 1. sou, red. $2.20; No. 2. red. $2.24;
No. 3. soft, red. $2.24.
Corn —The market is steady; No. 2.
yellow, to grade and location.
51. 55® 1.70: No. 3. yellow. $1,554)11.70.
Oats The market is firm;
No. 2, white. 81% ®B2c; No. 3, white,
80% ® 81c.
Bran The market Is steady; soft
winter, per ton. $40,504)147.00; spring,
per ton. $44.004r45.00.
Butter The market is firm;
western, extra. packed. creamery.
69c: nearby, prints, fancy, 73@76c.
Cheese The market is firm;
New York and Wisconsin, full milk.
Eggs Market firm; Pennsylvania, i
and other nearby firsts, free cases.
$21.00 per case; do.. current '
receipts. free cases, $20.40 per 1
case; western, extra firsts, lree case.-. '
$21.00 per case; do., firsts, free
cases. $20,104) 20.40 per case; fancy, •
selected, packed, 75®77c per dozen. ]
Refined Sugars Market steady; ;
powdered. 8.45 c; extra fine granulat- |
ed. 7.25 c.
Dive Poultry The market is firm;
fowls, 32®35c: spring clicickens, 28®
32c; fowls, not'leghorns. 31®32c; white ,
leghorns. 29®3c; >oung. softmeated
roosters, 21®22c; old roosters. 21®22c;
spring chickens, not leghorns. 30®32c,
white leghorns. 29®80c; ducks. Peking
spring. 32®35c; do., old. 30®35c; !u
--dinn Runner. 28®30c; spring ducks.
Long Island. 34® 36c; turkeys. 36® 38c;
geese, nearby. 28®33c; western. 38®
32c. ,
Dressed Poultry Steady; turkeys,
Dqnish Diplomat Attends In
teresting Service of
A large congregation and many
clergy attended the services in Trin-
j ity Episcopal Church yesterday,
, when two deacons were advanced to
i the priesthood and one man made a
| deacon. John Schwacke, lieadmas
| ter of Yates School, Lancaster, was
j ordained to the diaconate, and the
! Rev. C. B. E. Robinson, of Lykens,
I and Ihe Rev. Joseph H. Bond, of
, Mansfield, both deacons, were ad
vanced to the priesthood. The ser
| mon was preached by the Rev. Fred-
I rick Virgin, of the diocese of Ver
! inont, head scoutmaster of Pennsyl
vania. The Rev. Dr. Floyd Appleton,
rector of St. Paul's Church. Harris
burg, acted as the bishop's chaplain.
The Rev. William Charles Heilman,
rector of Trinity Church, was master
of ceremonies. Mr. Schwacke was
presented to the Bishop by the Rev.
George Israel Brown, of St. John's
Church, Lancaster, while the dea
cons were presented by the Rev.
Fr. Pulsifer, chaplain of Yates
j School. Hie Rev. Henry A. Post, of
; St. Andrew's Church, Harrisburg,
I was the epistoler. The Rev. Leroy F.
Baker, founder of Trinity Church,
1 was in the chancel.
Immediately after the ceremonies
I the newly-ordained clergymen and
the visiting priests were entertained
at luncheon in the parish house.- An
; interesting feature of the luncheon
I was the presence of Sigzorda Lund,
lof Denmark. Lund is a son of the
chief librarian of the University of
: Copenhagen and a nephew of the
Danish Consul General to Brazil. He
| is now on his way to Rio de Janeiro
to join his uncle in the work of
the consulate. Lund spoke feelingly
of the friendship of his countrymen
toward Ajnerica., A short address
was aFo made by Elliot Darlington,
son of Bishop Darlington and a mem
ber of the American diplomatic corps
in Denmark.
"Pittsburgh Kate," a notorious
characer, a few months ago ordered
out of the borough, again made her
appearance yesterday. During her
stay in town she is the guest of the
borough, at the local police station.
spring, choice to fancy. 43® 44c; f
do., western, choice to fancy, 42043 c;
turkeys, fresh killed, fair to good, 37 !
©4lc; tutkcys, common, 30035 c; old, i
turkeys, 3S ® 40c; fowls, fresh
killed fowls, fancy, 3503044 c; do.,
smaller sizes, ®34 He; old i ousters] i
37c; broiling chickens, western, 42©
44c; roasting chickens, 29®3tic; ducks I
40® 42c; western ducks, 38040 c; geese! I
27 032 c; dressed Pekin ducks. 34® j
26c; old ducks, 30®32c; Indian Kun- i
tiers, 2i©3714c; spring ducks, Long!
Island, 30040 c.
Potatoes The market is firm;!
New Jersey, No. 1, 80©3Oc;
per basket; .do.. No. 2, 60®ouc per i
basket; do., 100-lb. bags. No. 1 $2 su® '
3.00, extra quality; do.. No. 2. $1.50® !
2.25; Pennsylvania. 100 lbs.. No 1 1
12.600 2.65; do., per 100 lbs., fancy*
$2.0503.10; New Jersey, No. 1. 100 !
lbs., $2.1502.50; do.. No. 2. 100 lbs i
$1.2501.75; western, per 100 lbs., $2.00'
02.25; New York State, per luo fb I
$2.2502.35; Maine, per 100 lbs., $1,60® 1
I.90; Delaware and Maryland, per lou !
bag, 00c® $1.10; Micliigan, per 100 '
lbs., $1.5601.(0; Florida, per barrel i
$2.6002.00; Florida. per bushel! i
hamper, 7a®Ssc; Florida, per 150-Ib
bags, $1.5003.0.0; North Carolina, per
barrel. $1.5004.00; South Carolina, perl
barrel, $1.5004.00; Norfolk, per bar- '
re I. $3.4504.75; Kastern, Shore, perl
barrel. $2.0003.75;. fancy, Macungie 1
No. 1, per barrel. 52.tm03.10; do.. No.
2. per barrel. $1.2501.50.
Flour Firm; winter wheat, new I
100 per cent. Hour, $10.25010.65 per
barrel; Kansas wheat, new, $lO 850 1
11.20 per barrel; current receipts I
$10.60010.85 per barrel; spring wheat' I
Hay—Tlie market is Arm; timothy'I
No. 1. large anil small bales. $33 000'
34.00 per ton; No. 2. small bales. s3l jo 1
032.00 per ton; No. 3. $25.00026.00 per'
ton; sample. $12.50013.00 per ton- no I
grade. $7.50 011.50 per ton.
Clover Light mixed. $30,000 '
31.00 per ton; No. 1, light, mixed !
$27.00028.00 per ton; No. 2. light!
mixed. $25.000 26.00 per ton; no!
grade. $18.00020.00 per ton. •
Talldw The market Is steady;
prime city, in tierces. 1 Be; city i
special loose, 16V4c; prime country. I
15c; dark. 1401414 c; edible In tierces.
1801814 c.
By Associated Press
Philadelphia, Dec. 21.—Slocks clos- !
ed higher. /
Baldwin Locomotive 75
(jeneral Asphalt 3*14 ,
General Asphalt. Pfd 76
Superior Corporation .... 1714 ;
Lehigh Navigation 70
Lehigh Valley 56
Pennsylvania Railroad 4514 I
Philadelphia Electr'r 2"
Philadelphia Rapid Transit .... 27', '
Reading .. e SI
Storage Rrttery "> '"•
Union Traction -... •
United Csis Imr-ov-trt lit ""
United qteel 05,
York p"wy 7 'i j
York Railways, Pfd 34 14
IMM ' <•' ' w
By Associated , rets I
Chieaao. I fee. 21. <U. S. Bureau!
of Markets). Hogs Receipts.
7.000; market mostly steady, with j
yesterday. Bulk of sales. $17,250
17.60: butchers. $17.40017.65; light, I
$16.65017.40; packing, $16.500 17.40;,
throw outs, $15.50016.50; pigs, good to I
choice. $13.760 14.75.
Cattle Receipts. 3.000; compared I
with a week ago. beef steers 50c to I
75c lower: fat cows end heifers tin- '
steady; other classes' 50c to 75c lower; j
hulls. 25c to 50c lower; canners. 25c,
higher: ealves, $2.00 lower; stoekcrs i
aid feeders about steady.
phcep —, Receipts. 2,000; compared i
with a week ngo, fat lambs 25c to 50c
lower; wethers and yearlings, 50e to
76c lower; ewes steady to 25c lower;
feeding lambs generally steady.
| To-morrow will mark the third an
niversary of the Rev. Warner Brown
as pastor of the Mt.Zion Baptist Church
Special services will be held at 10.45
|a. m., 3 and 7 p. m. In the morning
I the Rev. J. E. Bland will preach,
while the anniversary sermon will be
preached in the afternoon by the Hey.
K. Luther Cunningham, of St. Paul's
Baptist Church, Harrlsburg. The
evening sermon will be preached by
the pastor. The local choir will be
assisted by the choir of St. Paul's
■ Baptist Church.
' Trinity Episcopal—the ltev. William
! Charles Heilman. rector. 8 a. m.. Holy
! Communion; 10 a. in.. Church School,
address by the ltev. F. K. Virgin; 11
а. in., morning prayer and sermon,
"The Peace of God;" 7.30 p. in., even
ing prayer and sermon. Quiet service
! Christmas eve at 8 o'clock. Early
celebration Christmas morning at
7.30; full Christmas celebration at 10.
Sunday School Christmas service
' Thursday evening.
St. John's Lutheran—the Rev. G_.
1 N. Laufter. pastor, will preach at 10.45
. a. m. on "The Visit of tile Shepherds;"
| 7.30 p. m., cantata by choir; Sunday
•School. 9.30: Intermediate C. lv, 6.30.
! First Presbyterian the Rev. C.
! B. Segelken, pastor, will l preach at
ill a. in. on "The Christ of History
1 and the Christ of Experience;" 7.30
! p. rti.. Christmas service by Sunday
| School: 9.45 Sunday School.
Centenary United Brethren the
! Rev. Joseph' Daupherty, pastor, will
i preach at 11 u. m. on "Born A
i Savior;" 7.20 p. in., Christmas cnter
! tainment by Sunday School, offering
for Quincy Orphanage; Sunday
1 School, 9.45; Jr. C. K.. 1.30; Sr. C. E.,
б.30. Prayer service Thursday even
-1 ing 7.30.
First Methodist the Rev. 11. A.
• Sawyer, pastor, will preach at 10.45
: a. m. on "Message of Peace and
' Good-will" and at 7.30 illustrated
"Story of tile Christ-child;" 9.80,
Sunday School; 6.30, Epwgrth League.
Main Street Church of God the
Rev. J. E. St line .pastor, will preach
at 10.30 a. m. on "Tile Prophet's
• Vision of the Clirist-cliild7.3o p. ni.,
i Christmas entertainment by Sunday
; School; 2.30, Sunday School.
Grace United Evangelical—the Rev.
J. K. Hoffman, pastor, will preach at
10.30 and 7.30. Sunday School at 9.15,
and K. L. C. E. at 6.45.
Captain Kistier Tells of
Silence at End of War
| Among other interesting letters re
cently received by Dauphin eouni.i-.ins
from the brave lads across the seas
are a series of interesting ones com
ing from Captain Howard M Ktst
; ler. Three Hundred and Twe'l'lh
Machine Gun Battalion, Seenty
lvinth Division. Writing to his par
unts. Mr. and Mrs. W H. Kistier, 196
Scutli Second , street, Steelton, ho
[ tells a number of interesting eyperi
' erices. Under date of November 13
ho tells of the great push forward.
, Suddenly, he relates in following let
ters, the push stopped and all firing
ceased. The silence seemed tincun
-1 r.y, coming suddenly after a two
months' experier.ee In hearing un
earthly noises.
Churches Announce Special
Christmas Music Tomorrow
Two of the borough churches have
announced special musical services
for to-morrow evening. In the Meth
odist Church at 7.30 an augmented
choir will render the following pro
gram: Anthem, "Sing, O Heaven."
Pierce; "Christ Is Born, the Great
Anointed," Berridge; lullaby, solo
quartet, Froelich; "While Slwpherds
Watched," Lermun; "O Com*, All Ye
Faithful," Peace. After the musical
service the pastor, the Rev. Herbert
A. Sawyer, will deliver an illustrated
lecture out "The Story or the Christ
In St. John's Lutheran Church
to-morrow evening at 7.30 the choir,
augmented to thirty voices will ren
der Peace's Christmas cantata, "The
Messiah's Advent." The program fol
lows: Pastorale; contralto solo. "Be
hold. I Will Rise'; chorus, "Hark, the
Elad Sound"; quartet, "He Conies
the Broken Heart to Bind"; full
chorus, "Our Glad Hosanna"; tenor
so'o, "The Voice of Him"; soprano
and contralto duet, "How Beautiful
Upon the Mountains"; chorus, "O
Zion That Bringath Good Tidings";
bass solo, "Hast Thou Not Known?";
chorus, "There Is No Searching":
quartet, "He Giveth Power"; chorus,
"But They That Walt"; soprano solo,.
"There Were Shepherds"; bars solo,'
"And the Angel Said Unto Them";!
chorus, "Behold. I Bring You Good !
Tidings"; quartet. "Ye Shall Find
tho Bribe": soprano solo, "And Sud- i
denlv"; rliorus, "G'ory to God";
tenor .solo, "Behold, There Came
Wise Men"; solo and cheorus, "O
Come All Ye Faithful"; chorale,
"Brighter! and Best"; eont alto solo.
"O Mry We ICcep"; chorus, "Sing, O
Ve Heavens": full chorus, "Blessed
Be the Name": post 1 tide.
In the Main Street Church of God
the ch'Mron. fo the Sunday school
will r- nder :> "pecinl program to
mori' v even'ng at 7.30.
Rec?. Crorr. Workrooms
to Close Until Jan. 11
Mrs. Frank Bobbins, chairman of
■' p Sterlton Red Cross Chapter, to
day issued notion that the work
rooms wi 1 he closed during Christ
inas week and January 1. After this
time the rooms will be open on reg
ular days and all workers are earn
estly requested to report regularly,
that the new nlloment of work may
he completed as early as possible.'
Mrs. W. E. Ch'ck. of Cottage Hill, |
left yesterday for Maiden, Mass., |
where she will spend Christmas with \
her mother.
Mrs. William J. Mlddleton left this l
morning for Phi adclphia, to spend
the.hoßdnvs with her daughter. Mar-
K'acnt Mlddleton. who is In training
in St. Timothy's Hospital.
Wilhelm Leaver. His
Bed For Walk Around
the Bentinck Castle
*• Associated Press
Amerongen, Holland, Hoc. 21.
Former Emperor William who had
been ill during nil ho present week,
was able to walk about the castlo
grounds thin morning, taking ad
vantage of a few hours of line weath- !
or there. lie had been confined to |
his bod since last Sundv. Ttie ex- i
emperor appeared to have recovered '
from his chill and while his onr af- '
fection rtill troubled him it vfas 1
■ understood to have been greatly alle- i
via tod,
[CoiitiniuMl fiom First I'agc. ]
In which every house contains a Red !
Cross meinbor are painted gre.n. .
Koine surprising things develop >n :
I his board. There, are throe or four
blocks out Market street, for ex- !
oniple, where the homes ore above j
the average, which are not in the j
hundred per cent, class, blocks "up 1
town," where the people are very !
well to do, are slacking. And there !
are other blocks—sonic in the Seventli !
ward, for example, where there are
long lines of "hundred per centers."
y hot Holding Out
| Tho story Is current that head
! quarters nro holding out returns In
an attempt to Induce residents of
the district to Join. This is abso
lutely not true.
"The membership headquarters."
said Mrs. I.yman I>. Gilbert last
night, "has made public every mem
bership secured during the week.
| There Is absolutely nothing back."
Can Mill Volunteer
| Complaints still come to headquar
' ters that some Harrlsburg people are
| being overlooked by the solicitors.
For the benefit of persons who have
| not been asked to Join the lied Cross
i the following lißts i, ... M jors is pub
| l'shed, with their addresses and Bell
I telephone numbers. Memberships
will be taken at these homes, or sollc
i Itors will be available If information
jis given the majors. The list is:
First Ward—Mrs. J. A. Stuart, 15.2
i South Twelfth: 976-W.
| Second, Third, Ninth Wards, west
jof railroad—!ilv. Edward Sponsler,
| 25 South Front; 982.
Fourth and Eighth Wards, west of
j railroad—Mrs. Mabel Cronlse Jones,
j 105 Locust; 4214.
I Fifth Ward—Mrs. Frank C. Sites,
j 1008 North Sixth; 1130-J.
I Sixth Ward —Mrs. John Dapp, 1420
| >(orth Second; 61-J.
! Seventh Ward —Mrs. John Sher
| ger, 1809 North Sixth; 1969.
| Eleventh Ward—Mrs. E. J. Stack
■ pole, 1825 Nortti Front; 62.
Twelfth Ward—Sirs. John ICelly,
| 1722 Nor'h Second: 875-J.
I Fourteenth Ward—Mrs. Frank It.
j Oyster, 3211 North Front; 3620.
I Tenth Ward—Mrs. Arthur Hull. 2132
I North Second: 1137-M.
j Second Ward—Mrs, C. A. Sniucker,
| 1311 Vernon: 4153.
Seventh Ward—Mrs. C. M. Spahf,
327 South Sixteenth; 532-J.
Eighth Ward—Mrs. W. J. Stewart,
j 1837 Whitehall; 1728.
Ninth Ward —Mrs. E. F. Doehne,
| Market near Twenty-third; 1751.
I Thirteenth Ward—Mrs. C. P. Tur-
I net - , 1042 Rolleston; 1691-R.
I Or headquarters will take member
! ships at Third and Locust.
Lots of Contributions
Mrs. Charles Stroll, who is in
charge of the booth at the Majestic
theater, last night reported dona
tions totalling $187.29 yesterday and
Thursday. 'Large contributions are
expected during the four perfor
mances to-da.v.
y ; "V
1 ° our customers, and to those
who ought to be our customers, we wish
" r vt&ih
■' We will continue to offer to
both the best of banking service
ii iiiiiiwwpiifwMi now 111 -*TV member federal reserve system
BUY w. s. s.
c =J>
etjbi EEGS^
fax Oay
January Ist Is Tax Day
The following high grade investment bonds, selected from a wide assortment we now
have on hand, are free from personal property tax in Pennsylvania. We offer them,
subject to prior sale and change in price, and recommend them especially to residents
of Pennsylvania, who wish to take advantage of the tax exemption, in making their *
returns of personal property for taxation, as of January ist.
. * Yield.
U. S. Liberty Loan 414$ 4.60-4.75%
* Federal Land Lank A'/ 3 s 4.20%
•Plttston, Penn. 4'/jS 4.50%
* Pennsylvania R. R. Gen. 4%* 4.88%
- Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Ist 3%s 4.65%
iNew York Central & Hudson River R. R. Ist 3%s 4.65%
i Philadelphia Electric Co. Ist 5s 5.35%
tScranton Eloctic Co Ist 5s 5.25%
tDuquesne Light Co. 6s 6.60%
•Tax Exempt from all Federal Income Tnx.
■(■ These companies will pay interest without deduction of any Normal Federal Income Tax
up to 2%, which they may lawfully pay at the source.
We will reserve any of these bonds for delivery and payment up to JanUary Ist
In writing we suggest you ask for Circular No. 300.
Harris, Forbes & Company
Pine Street, Corner William, New York
Kunkel Building, Harrisburg
DECEMBER 21, 1918,
[Continued from First I'agc.]
been expected, because information
awaited from London had not ar
rived. However, about all' that re
mains to bo disclosed is the route j
the President will taico und the pro
gram of his movements during the |
three or four days of his stay in j
the English capital.
Confident Just Peace Will Be Miulc
"I am confident that the big coun- .
oil of statesmen of the world will be
able to rench a just and reasonable |
solution of the problems that will j
bo presented to them, and thus earn j
the gratitude of the world for the ]
most critical and necessary service
which has ever been rendered," said j
President Wilson in an interview yes
terday, referring to the approaching
pence conference.
Tho interview was given to tho
correspondent of the London Times.
In It the President is reported to
have stated his views on the dis
cussion of the freedom of the seas
and to have contrasted the evils of
the Vienna -congress wtlh a hopeful
outlook for the Versailles congress.
Lord Northcliffe, editor of the
London Times, has given the Asso
ciated Press a copy of the Inter
view, from which the following ex- j
tracts have been'made:
Vienna Congress One of Bosses
The congress of Vienna, the cor
respondent say 3 President Wilson
told him, was u congress of "bosses."
The delegates were concerned more
with their own interests and the
classes they represented than tlie
wishes of their peoples.
"Versailles, as President Wilson
said," the interviewer continues,
"must be a meeting place of the ser
vants of the peoples represented bv
delegates, and he added, 'There is no i
master mind who can settle the |
problems of to-day. If there is any
body who thinks he knows what is I
in the mind of all peoples, that man j
is a fool. We have all got to put our j
heads together and pool everything |
we have got for the benefit of the i
ideals which are common to all.'
"Asked whether he would visit tlie !
Grand Fleet President Wilson re-1
i plied '.hat he was afraid ho would
'not have lime, adding that lie fully
j realized that behind the great ar
i tiilcs there was the strong, silent
I ant! watchful support of the LSrit
| isli navy in securing the communi
j cations of the Allies.
Refers to Comradeship
"He referred also to the very
I happy comradeship and co-opera
| tion between the British and Amcr
j ican navies."
I The correspondent then adds:
"President Wilson, in discussing
II he role of the British fleet in tho
maintenance of what, at any 'ate
' during the war, had been the free
j doni of the seas for the free people
I of the world, spoke with a sincerity
j which no amount of writing can
j convey. His accents convinced me
that he is a believer in the decency I
land honesty of the Anglo-Saxon
: race. Ho said:
Generous Understanding Noedtd
" 'lt is essential for the future
> peace of the world that there should
|he the frankest co-operation and
most generous understanding be
jtween the two Englisn-speaking j
I democracies. We comprehend and
I appreciate, I believe, the grave
! problems which the war has
: brought to the British people, and
fully understand the special inter
j national questions which arise from
I the fact of your peculiar position as
an island empire.' "
The correspondent declared that
he left the President "with the as
surance ringing in my ears that he
desired to co-operate with the Brit
ish and with all the Allies in se
curing, with their counsel, 4 nesi
state of affaire through out the
l/'irfvprsfty' Honors Wilson
The University of Paris, availing
Itself for the first time of the au
thorizatlon granted by a recent de
free to nominate honorary doctors*
decided to bestow this title upon
President Wilson as a former pro
fessor and president of Princeton
University, President Wilson re
ceived bis diploma at a ceremony
in the Sorbonne this afternoon.
After the ceremony President
•Wilson was received by the univer
sity in its halls, Students and pupils
of the Elysee schools were present
ed to the American executive.
Ixxik to America For Plan
President Wilson and the Amerl
can delegates yesterday had a daj
of few interruptions before them 14
which to study various plans which
have been proposed for carrying oul
details of the Wilson program. Ap
parently the other powers are look*
Ing to the United States to bring
forth a concrete proposition con
cerning freedom of the seas. It It
believed that the proposed limitation
of construction of naval craft t
lightly armored vessels, like revenut
cutters, whose sole purpose would b
to protect merchant shipping, flndt
favor with the American delegation.
No Use For Armored Ships
Advocates of this plan say thert
would be no further use for heavllj
armed ships, if all nations wert
placed on un equal footing by thli
In ankwer to the British plea thai
she requires a great navy to defend
her colonies, advocates of the plan
of limiting construction say that,
with no strong enemy of the sea,
England would not require a greai
fleet, as she could protect her dis
tant possessions by troops trans
ported on armed transports.
Tliis, however, Is only one of tin
plans advanced to open the discus
! slon and develop tho views of other
j powers.
| Count rtomanones, the Spanish
] premier, was in conference for hall
an hour with President Wilson lasl
evening. It is reported that the.pre
i mler invited the President to visli
! Spain, but no official announcement
| as to Mr. Wilson's reply has been
Premier Clemenceau also cbn.
I ferred with the President during the
The Sorbonne will confer an hon
orary degree on the President late
The property of John Keller, de
ceased, was sold this smornlng al
public sale to Joseph Lictenstein fot
_• .
1(1 X. Third St. Pemia. Station- "**
A plate without n roof which do**
not Interfere with taate or speech.
Plntra Itepalrcd While Yon Walt
RMPK'Q dental
Ifgmm a offices