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Pershing Medal Emblem
of Gratitude and Merit
By Associated Press
Washington. Dec. 20. Award of
a distinguished service medal to Gen
eral Pershing was made, says a gen
eral Army order published to-day. "as
a token of the gratitude of the Ameri
can people to the commander of our
armies In the field for his distinguish
ed services, and in appreciation of the
success which our nrmles have achiev
ed under his leadership.''
'Work Was a Drag'
Says a Well-known "Farmer,
Gives All.
Credit to Toimll for Restored Health
*1 had what was supposed to be
dropsy. I have farmed all my life.
For years work was a drag to me,"
says George E. Sensenlg, Gap., R. D.
No. 2, Lancaster county. Pa.
'Now after taking four bottles of
Tonull 1 can work on the farm with
pleasure. My swelling and bloating
have all gone. My wife uses it also
and joins with me In praising its
merits. We would not think of go
ing without it in our home. The
Roots, Herbs and Barks which arc
in Tonall can't bo beat, when it
comes to flxjng up a sick person,
dropsy or stomach troubles."
Tonall is sold at Gorgas' Drug
Store, Hnrrisburg, und all leading
drug stores In Jiastern Pennsylvania.
J® Order Your i
Hershey's Superior Ice Cream
Today So As to Be Sure of Delivery
tOn Christmas
CJ You've made up your mind to make this / 1
the happiest Christmas of them all. \ "S5 r / Lr&l
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nearest Hershey Ice Cream dealer to count V^ 4
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fl He's a mighty busy dealer right now Wlf Vuk y
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mand. O'course he'll have an extra supply ourselves if YOU were missed.
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Superior Ice Cream at the last minute. "fl™ >' ke we r . e to make mountains
of Ice Cream tor December loth and
<I We're running full tilt out here at our there's a person for every plate of it.
fine, new plant and by the looks o' things
Hershey's Superior Ice Cream is going to fNo other dessert takest the place of Her
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Real Strawberry Christmas allotment at once as we
Chocolate y /"v no * wan * to disappoint any of
Maple-nut I 9 /\. our trade ''
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Finest Equipped Plant In Pennsylvania
Names of Only Dead
Remain to Be Published
Washington, Dec. 20. Casualties
of the American Expeditionary Forces
which have not been published, but
have been announced officially by
General Pershing, had been reduced i
at noon on Wednesday to 66,892. I
These, the War Department stated 1
yesterday, were classified as follows; I
Major casualties, including killed
In action, died of wounds, died of
disea.se, and died of other cuuses,
1,680; wounded, 64,862; missing and
prisoners, 350.
A large proportion of the 64,862
names listed as wounded ure minor
cases, many patients having long
since recovered and returned to duty.
Officials explained that the total was
really less, due to the fact that Gen
eral Pershing's total Included marine
casualties of 1,202 killed and more
than 4,000 wounded, which had already |
been published by Marine Corps i
Headquarters here.
Columbia, Pa., Dec. 20.—Fifty ladies
canvassing In nine wards for three
days procured 2,256 memberships inj
the Christmas roll call for Columbia'
Chapter of the Red Cross. An open;
canvass the remainder of the week is;
expected to bring the number up to;
nearly 4,000.
Columbia, Pa., Dec. 20.—An old,
stone mansion on the Dambach farm,;
near here, which had been fitted up as j
a summer home by A. F. Pontz, of;
Isincaster, was destroyed by fire. The
home was on the bank of the Susque- :
hanna river and commanded a fine j
view of the surrounding country. Thei
loss is stated to be about 39,000.
| Share of America in Over
throw of Bolsheviks Con
cerns the President
By Associated Press
London, Dec. 20. The London
correspondent of the Manchester
Guardian suggests that President
Wilson's sudden determination to
come to England is due to his de-
I sire to consult the British govern
i rnent regarding the Russian situa
tion before the preliminaries to the
| peace conference. The correspond
ent points to the presence in London
,of former Premier Kcrensky and
! Paul N. Milukoff, former Russian
i foreign minister and leader of the
! constitutional democrats. He also
1 calls attention in this connection to
I Wednesday's statement by Viscount
iMilner, the secretary for war, on the
| Russian situation, which he says was
J "evidently intended to prepare the
j public for events to come."
"Rumors of an advanced policy
' against Russia are growing dally,"
the correspondent continues, "and
I feeling not only in labor quarters
i but in commercial quarters, too, has
i become very tense about our next
adventure in Russia. The impetus
of the Allied movement Is believed 1
to come from London, not Purls.
The share which America must take
In any big attempt to overthrow the
Bolshevikl und reconstruct Russia,
If Bhe takes a further share, must
be a large one."
Hallam Bank Reimbursed
For Loss in Bold Robbery
• ll ii lln in, Pa„ Dec. 20.—The treasury
of the Hallam State Bank has been
reimbursed by the Fidelity Casualty
Insurance Company, of Muryland, with
the sum of <2,515, the amount unre
covercd from the bold daylight bonk
robbery on the afternoon of October
14, last, when Cashier W..C. Blessing
and his two assistants, Philip Bless
ing and Miss Eva Fisher, were held
up at the point of a revolver! It is
said, by Kdward Smith, of ltcd Lion.
The total of the booty obtained by
Smith, the alleged holdup man. was
15,385. However, with the arrest i f
Smith by operatives of the White De
tective Agency, of York, the next day,
the sum of $2,840 was recovered and
returned to the bank. As a result of
the Insurance carried, the Hallam
bank will not sustain the loss of a
penny, the entire amount now having
been returned. Smith, who la charged
with the bold holdup. Is now In the
York county Jail awaiting the action
of the January court.
Wells vllle, Pa.. Dec. 20.—The Tie v.
C. M. CofTelt. pastor of the Rossville
.Lutheran charge, and his wife and lit
tle daughter are confined to bed at tho
home of the Rev. Mr. Coffelfs parents
near Quarryvllle, Lancaster county,
where they have-been visiting, suffer
ing from influenza.
Montegclas Addresses Note to
President Asking Princi
ples to Be FolAlowcd
| Munich, Dec. 20.—General Counl
Max Montgelas, who was recalled
' from Switzerland -to enter the Ba
ivarlan cabinet on November 21 and
[.who has been referred to by French
j newspapers as the "second Llchnow
! sky," because of his revelations of
j conditions prevailing In Germany
l.early In the war, has published an
j open letter to President Wilson, In
j which he says:
j "In these decisive weeks the eyes
j of all tlye world are upon you. Above
all, the eyes of the German people In
the present difficult crisis, are watch
ing you ♦ • • we do not beg,
we do not want forgiveness, but Vant
"We do not sayy Pharisaically that
one of us is guiltier than the other.
We do not separate ourselves in these
days of suffering from any of our
countrymen, high or low. We want
to bear in common a portion Tif the
blame devolving upon our people In
this world catastrophe.
"Each of us who knows your coun
try kqows well that proud conscious
American nation beneath the 'Star;
Spangled Banner' and honors it. We j
disdain to blame others, but we ex
pect, Mr. President, that you will, de- !
spite all opposition, achieve success'
with the principles you laid dows. j
We are building upon the words you |
spoke at Washington's grave, when
you said that every arbitrary power,
regardles of what side it appears
upon, must be destroyed or con
demned to impoteney. We are build
ing upon the word of impartial Jus
tice, which knows no difference as
to those to be Judged. We are con
fident that you want to create a
league of equality between nations.
In which each people may freely
breathe and work and prosper spir
"You know better than I what the
German spirit has given your great
people. You know the world can do
without this spirit less than ever aft
er it has been freed from the bonds
of militarism. If our expectations are
deceived, we shall not cease fight
ing on for the attainments of better
days. Your message Is hopeful, but
we must be afraid that not all the
Allies will listen to your words. You
have power, and you have a duty to
Nebraska's New Governor
Gives Advice to Farmer
Annapolis, Md. —Speaking before
the conference of Governors here
Governor-elect Samuel R. MeKelvle,
of Nebraska, urged farmers to form
co-operative organizations for pur
chasing and marketing and for the
solicitation of loans at low Interest
Co-operation among farmers, he
said, is the safest solution of most
of the rural economic ills.
Mr. MeKelvle advocated a gradu
ated tax on land and strict land lease
laws providing for proper cultivation
and rotation of crops and shelter for
livestock and grain best means
of dealing with the absentee land
lord situation.
Governor W. L. Harding, of lowa,
also urged co-operation for market
ing. The "food produce gambler"
must be abolished, he said.
Meets Chum in France;
Sees One He Knew on Road
Cherokee, la. —In a letter home
Sergeant Victor Conklln, of Correc
tlonville, describes a chance meeting
between himself and Van Feltus, an
other Correctionvllle boy, on a road
somewhere in France.
Conklln was driving a big truck
along a narrow road, and was Just
turning around. As the truck was
squarely ucross the road a motor
cycle came along and was forced
to stop until the truck was out of
the way. The glances of the driver
apd the rider met, and their faces
lit up with mutual recognition.
Neither of the boys had seen any
one In France they knew, and did
not know tho other was anywhere
within hundreds of miles of himself.
The boys hud been chums in school
and theirs was a true .reunion.
The weekly class meeting of the
Harrisburg Chapter of the American
Institute of Banking will be held
this evening at 8 o'clock in the
Technical High school.
Forty-seven members have en
rolled and it is expected that there
will be additional applications for
membership at the meeting to-night.
A practical demonstration of the
Burroughs posting machine will be
given by the courtesy of R, W. Dow
dell, local manager. Several young
ladies front the various banks in'the
city and Steelton will operate the
Harrisburg has very cordially re
sponded to the local Ited Cross ap
peal for jellies to be sent to soldters
at Marsh Run. It is emphasized by
Walter Spofford, secretary of the
chapter, that these jellies are Intend
ed for the use of soldiers in the hos
pitals. The contributions m.'iy be
brought to the basement of the.
Public Library up to to-morrow
By Associated Press
Washington. The Senate to-day
ratified a trade treaty between the
United States and Guatemala.
Washington. Convicted of strik
ing enlisted men under his command,
bieutenunt Ulus C. Miller has been
dismissed from the Army.
Washington. Six million persons
have joined the American Red Cross
I since the beginning of the Christmas
j "rollcall," Monday.
Washington. "The proposition Is
I ridiculous," said Senator Penrose, con
cerning the suggestion to sink the
surrendered German fleet. ,
Washington. - Joseph B. Eastman,
| appointed a member of the Inter
state Commerce Commission, Is a
member of the Massachusetts Public
Service Commission and a Republican.
Washington*. Influenza prevails In
i virtually all Army camps at home. A
report to-day by the surgeon-general
showed a decline In the number of
rase* for the week, ending December
ISL . _
Final Arrangements Being
Made For Inaugural Ball
Final arrangements for the Grand
Inaugural Ball to bo .given In Chest
nut street auditorium the evening of
January 21, are being made by the
special comnilttee of k the Harrisburg
Republican Club. Scores of requests
for invitations havej been received
from all parts of the state. •
Details for the decoration of the
hall now are being looked +l* r. It
is proposed to have them eluborate
with patriotic touch j
Members of the inarching club
to-day wereW-cquesiwd to appear at
the clubhouse to-morrow or Mon
day evening to be measured for the
new marching coats-.
York Haven, Fa., Dec* 20.—Seven
thousand dollars. In jionus money was
distributed to-day among the more
than 200 employes by the York Haven
Paper Company. The bonus paid was
at the rate of flvd per cent. of the
employes' salaries for a period cover
ing the last fix months. Every em
ploye, notwithstanding Uic length of
service, participated In the bonus,
which ranged anywhere from a few
[ cents to $5O for each workman.
York Haven, Pa., Dec. 20.—Follow
ing a nine days' sickness from In
fluenza and pneumonia, Harry A.
i Fink, a well-known resident of Pleas
ant Grove, neiyr here, died yesterday
morning. Besides his wife, he Is sur
vived by a family of nine children,
all at home; his father, O. V. Fink,
and several brothers and sisters.
Columbia, Pa., Dec. 20.—Mrs. Josle
R. Hafsh, owner of the Hotel Colum
bia, a former president of the Toadies'
Auxiliary.-of the Columbia Hospital
and widely known as a philanthropic
worker among the people of her com
munity, died yesterday morning at
her home from heart trouble, aged 57
Tlie Good Kinds for Christmas
Boxes 25, 50 and 100
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$ 2 - 4 g
DECEMBER 20, 1918.
By Associated Press
•New York, Dec. 20. The Federal
Council of Churches announced to-day
It had sent to President Wilson a
cablegram conveying the action of Its
executive committer at Atlantic City
favoring the proposals for a League of
so A INw
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Halifax. Pa., Dec. 20. —Dr. L. S. Mar
shall, who was a member of a party of
gunners on a deer-hunting expedition
at Whetliam, Lycoming county, killed
a large buck last week. It was a
handsome specimen, and Its head will
be mounted.