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    Paris Flings Oat Its Flags foHomr of King 1 WJBr Emmanac Vernier to Vi'uWenAPaptfafl
* ■ \ &!je Star-lnfccpcn&cnl. - , **'
Gets Out Following Turmoil
in Which Premier Is
Bitterly Assailctl
Election of President Is Called
For Last of the
*By Associated Press
Copenhagen, Dec. 9.—The
German government has de
cided to convoke a confer
ence of representatives of
all the states of the former
empire on December 29 to
elect a president cf the Ger
man republic according to
a Berlin report. This step is
said to have been taken in
order to avoid fresh out
Paris, Dec. 19. —The German
government headed hv Fried
rich Ebert has resigned as a re
sult of events on Tiiesdav, ac
cording to a dispatch received
at Zurich from Stuttgart, says
tlie Journal's correspondent
According to the Matin,
which published the report yes
terday,the Ebert-Haase govern
ment has entreated the Allies'
to occupy Berlin.
It is learned here that at the;
meeting of the central congress
of the delegates from Soldiers';
and Workmen's Councils on
Monday the session resulted in
disorderly scenes in 'which there !
were many personal encounters.;
The turbulent scenes continued
on Tuesday when Georgti Lede
bour, a leader of the ludepcn-.
dent Socialists, made a bitter at
tack on Premier Evert.
Fried rich Eotrt. who was named,
as minister of the interior in the'
I'ahinet of Prince Maximilian, of I
Baden, on "November 3, and became j
imperial chancellor on November S,;
took command of the situation in
Berlin follow.ag the revolutionary ]
uprising there. On November 13 it,
was announced that he hail become
premier and had chosen his cabinet,
naming I Inyo l laa.se, Philip
Scheidentann, Wilhelm Ditlmann,
Herr Band berg and Richard Barth
us the secretaries in charge of the
departments created by the revo
-1 utionarv government.
Basel, Dec. 19.—The execu
tive committee of the Soldiers'
and Workmen's Council of Ber
lin and its suburbs, too, intent,is
to resign, according to messages
received from the German cap
ital. It is said that it will be re
placed by an executive commit
tee elected by the general as
sembly and' the Soldiers' and
Workmen's Councils of the em
Zurich, Dec, 19.—Serious dis
orders have broken out at Dan
zig, West_ Prussia, according to
dispatches received here. Civil
and military prisons have been
opened and the inmates set at
liberty, it is said and street light
ing is reported.
Amsterdam, Dec. 19.—Three
of the principal directors of the
Krupp Munition Works at Es
sen, including Dr. Branscn
berger, inventor of the "big
Berthas," have been arrcst'cd by
the revolutionary committee in
that city, according to advices
received here.
For llnrrlxhurg mill vlclnltl'f Fair
to-night, with loirml tempera
ture about freer lug | Friday lair
mill slightly warmer.
For FiiMlern Pennsylvania: Fair
10-niKhtl Friday fair and sllght-
I y wnrinrri moderate northeast
lo CIIMI wind*. •
The Susiiuehnnnii river mid all Its
branches will fall slowly. v
singe of ahoiit .VI feet la indi
cated for llurrisburg Fyiday
fieneral I auditions
Pressure lias Inerenaed somewhat
over the Middle Atlantic and
Sew Knglnnd slates and con
tinues high over the remainder
of the eastern hull of (he coun
try, except nlong the northern
border, where It liux decreased
considerably. There has been n
general* though not very decid
ed decrease In pressure over the
western half of the country, ex
cept In the I'pper Missouri Vnl
ley, where n marked decrease
has occurred In ndvnnre f n
disturbance moving down front
Aorthweslern Luanda. ,
j Just When They Thought They Had the House All Cleaned Up
*jatj ; @
11 JrAi I ITY:OrY> ' J mind IF WE ) -ssdSofc-d
Former Emperor Confined to
Bed With Chill and Old
Ear Trouble
Beard Grows as Hair Whitens j
and Ruddy Complex
ion Pales
By .-Issocialed Press
AiiiiTongoii, Holland, Doc. lit. —i
Former Emperor William has. beetl \
confined to his .bed since Sunday
with a severe chill. His indisposition
has brought about a renewal of his.,
old ear trouble, necessitating the.call- I
ins in of n specialist, a professor l
from Utrecht, to assist the-local doc- I
tor. ' j
The constant worry of the last
live weeks and his virtual imprison- !
inent in Count Bentinck's castle here J
have changed William Hohenzol- !
lern's appearance considerably. In- '
stead of the ruddy complexion he
wore, his face has become ashen, i
his hair" and moustache gray, and |
his features deeply lined. Since he |
has lain abed with his illness his I
face has remained unshaven and (
the seventy-two hours' growth of I
beard seems to have added ten years |
to his age.
The ex-emperor's favorite adju- j
tant. Captain SigurdiVon llsemann,
also is ill, and the former empress '
has become her husband's almost!
sole attendant.
' Xo strangers are permitted to en- 1
tor the castle grounds any'
pretext, while all arrivals in the vil- I
lage are being most closely watch- !
"Chiefy" Gilner to Be
Resplendent in New Suit
and a Haircut Tomort-ow
As every Harrisburger knows,
"Chiefy" Patrick Gilner owns the
State Capitol. He can't use the whole
building himself, so he lets the state's
•servants make use of it. Every year
these employes chip together to pay
the rent, which includes the purchase
of a new equipment, from top hat, the
shiny kind, to shoes, also the shin,"
kind, tend including a new suit, guar
anteed not to be the shiny kind.
The rent Includes a hath and a
shave ("Chiefy" must live up to the
building he owns) haircut and Every
thing else necessary to start the own
er of the State Capitol aright In the
New Year.
Dinner at the Columbus Hotel
rounds out the state's remuneration
to Its hospitable host. Prior to the
dinner, however, "C'hiefy." who is not
troubled with false modesty, prome
nades oti the Capitol pla/.d for the
benefit of ills friends, clients and well
wishers. He will he on rfctnd to-inor-l
row, with his new suit, nud a'large
turnout is expected. J
Seasonable Weather Helps in Conservation of Anthra
cite, Fuel Administration Finds; Warned to Get
Orders in Now While Dealers Have Supply
The coal situation in llarrisburg
depends entirely upon the weather,
Paul Johnston! acting fuel adminis
trator, said to-day. The present mild
weather has conserved the city's fuel
resources, but snappy winter weather
would quickly exhaust the supply of
prepared anthracite.
With seasonable weather, the sup
ply of coal now in dealers' yards
would last only two weeks, Mr. John
ston said. Therefore he urged that
all those presons who have not se-
List of "iTbn't For Buyers"
Issued by City
To safeguard the interests of llar
risburg housewives and other buyers,
CSdorge B. Xebinger, city inspector of
weights and measures, has issued a
list of "don'ts" for buyers to follow.
Xo trouble lias as yet been experi
enced front unscrupulous dealers in
llarrisburg, but Mr. Xebinger be
lieves it well to warn Harrisburg
purchasers at this time. His list fol
Don'ts For the Slibppcrs
Don't forget to watch the scales
and the measures when you are buy
ing commodities.
. Don't fail to ask the price per
pound or per peck, and then see that
you get the quantity vou ordered.
Don't buy produce from an un
marksd basket. Your rye cannot tell
the difference between the fourteen
quart and the half-bushel b.-.sket
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H. R. Palmer Will Be
New Head of Light and
Power Company Here
if. R. Palmer, hn charge of the
distribution of power for the Vir
ginia Railways and Power Company
in the cities of Richmond and Nor
folk, will succeed C. M. Kaltwasser
as hood of the Harrlsburg Eight and
Power Company. He will come here
about January 1, at which time Mr.
Kaltwasser will leave to assume the
management of the Rubber Insulat
ed Metal Company and the Century
Plolnileld Tire Company in New
Jersey. Mr. Kaltwasser resigned
some time ago. Mr. Palmer is- a<
young man of wide experience in
his line and is well known in elec
trical circles.
cured two-thirds of the amount of
coal they ordered, go to their deal
ers and arrange for the immediate
delivery of the remainder. Two
thirds of the amount ordered by the
consumers is allowed them before
any of the householders receive their
entire orders.
Situation Not Gloomy
Air. Johnston said Ihat*"people are
not buying coal, they are doing
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Widow of Former Steel Mag
nate Was Widely Known
Throughout State
Mrs. Mary Steurntj' Rent, well
known throughout Central Pennsyl
vania. widow of Major Luther
Stedman Bent, member of families
long prominent in steel and railroad
corporations and one of the early
presidents of the old Pennsylvania
Steel Company, at Steelton, died yes
terday at hr lute home, 0040 Dr'exel
Bond, Overbrook, after a year's ill
Her husband, who died on April
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Hanks Have Mobilized Precious Metal For War Reserve, So
Crisp New Bills May He Used in Holiday Stockings
You lucky individuals who have
been accustomed to receive ten and I
twenty-dollar gold pieces from fatii- J
er as his present on Christmas morn, !
will not fare so well this year, it is
almost certain. That you will ad- '
mlt that Sherman characterized war i
mildly is almost certain^
Gold coins of every denomination i
are an exceedingly scarce article In.'
Harrisburg, and you inay rightly j
consider yourself lucky to* find one j
of the shining bits of metal nestling |
in the bottom of your sock us it I
hangs by the fireside. And since I
father is experiencing such difficulty
to procure the much-prized coins, j
(he may decide that his bank account'
hus been pretty well drained this j
year, and force you to be content]
with a more humble present.
! High School Program Is Un
touched, With Deep Hole
in School Loan
| Board May Issue Bonds to Get
Itself Out of Present
- " , I
i Taxpayers of the city declar-;
[ ed to-day that in order to com- j
; plete either the original high
i school program as outlined and ;
j approved in 1916, or the one |
| just proposed in the latest re-;
port of Drs. J. MI. VanSiekle and j
> Henry Snyder, the school board will j
j be compelled to use large stints of|
| money either front direct taxation or;
I from ah additional bond issue.
I Of the $1,25(1,000 authorized to be
| spent to complete' the program of i
19111, $063,000 has been expended for
the Edison school and the addition to j
I the Camp Curtin building, while i
about SIOO,OOO more will be needed!
I to take over the buildings adjoining j
i Technical High "school, leaving,
I about $490,000, and les& than one-'
! half of the work completed. .
In Xcctl of Money
I Robert A. Enders, president of the
j city school board,, said he was in fa-
VOr of the co-educational plan us
outlined, in the latest report, jnelud- j
ing the remodeling of Technical High
school and the erection of an ad
tfition so that it can he used for a
co-educational junior school, and the
erection of a new senior boys' and :
girls' high school.
That these two projects will cost;
much more than $490,000 was ad
mitted by officials as no site has been ;
purchased for the senior school. This ,
; item alone will necessitate a big ex- ]
j penditure, lea V 5 tit the most not
I more than $400,000 for building pur-!
I poses.
President Enders said lie has made
ja study of the linancial situation of
ft+te school dtatiV-t and that he be
lieves the loan issue of $1,250,000 au- j
thorized by the voters does hot inter
fere with the law permitting tnc |
district to issue bonds for an In-1
debtedness not to exceed two peri
cent., of the assessed valuation at
property incite city. Under the new
I assessment taxable property in ilar
! risburg Is valued nt $02,000,000, glv
| ing the district a borrowing capacity
! without asking for the consent of the
j taxpayers of $1,240,000. The net
i debt of the district now is about
! SB3 4,000, leaving $406,000 which
j could" be secured by a bond issue
authorized by the directors, he said.
! This amount, together with the
| $490,000 of the $1,250,000 loan,
] would make a total of $896,000 for
'i tile wcrk. .
j The report of the two school ex
[ perts will be submitted at the boatd
; meeting to-morrow and may be dis
cussed, but it is not believed it will
| be acte'd upon.
Second Collection to Be
Made in Nursery Home's
Waste Saving Campaign
, A second collection *of contribu-
I tions foi* the Nursery Home will be
[made to-morrow and Saturday in a
, renewal of its waste savins' cuni
i ptiign. it was announced to-day. The
| offlctuis of the home have been ad
j vised since the last collection that a
! number of baas in different parts of
[ the itj which had been prepared
j for the bonte were missed by the
! collectors, because some persons
I who intended to donate did not hear
! the bugle cull or were absent when
! the trucks made their rounds.
Persons tilling bags for donation
• to the home have been requested to
j place them on their front door steps,
jso that the collectors will be sure
'to get them. The truck will be an
| nounced by the bugle call and
i donors will learn of its approach in
J that way, should they have any
! thing to add to their colections.
Soldier Reported Missing ,
Comes Safely Through War
Bruce It. Iloover, son of Mrs. Laurie
j A. Hoover. 193!) Rudy street, who was
j reported aa missing in action. Is now
• safe and well. The cheering news
J was brought to his mother in a ci
i blegram recently received.
' Young Hoover has seen sixty-one
days-of actual fighting, lie was in
i five battles, these being fought around
the famoin Hill 201. He is widely
• known here. .
| But then father may not do this.
I lie may go to bank and after glanc
! ing about, decide that some of the
! artistically decorated, fresh bills may
; serve the purpose just as well as the
gold coins. So don't be surprised
; if. Instead of the usual goid coin,
1 ycr fin'* n nice, smooth bill, Fath
er's shopping efforts certainly wiil
be less arduous.
reason your chances of re
ceiving gold pieces this year are
small is this: The Federal govern
ment lir-t.. Issued an urgent appeal
that l.unkH mobilize .their gold and
send it to Washington where It is
being held in reserve. So Harris
burg is pretty well drnlned of the
precous metal and about the only
plnca to tlnd a gold coin Is "down ]
at the bottom of someone's sock," j
at cne bank president announces. |
French Capital Has
Holiday For Its
Latin Guest
Spain's Premier Is
to Visit Paris
on Mission
By Associated ttress
By Associated Vrcss
Paris, Dee. Il>.—King Victor
Emmanuel of Italy, arrived lieie .
to-<lr y and was welcomed by
l*i Osideiit PoiiK'arc, I'irmicv
('lcincnceaii and other minis
ters. The king was aeeomiiaidcd
l,v his son, the Prince of Pied
Paris. Dee. I!).—King Victor Em
manuel, of Italy, will arrive here to
day. 'J'ho city is hung with tings
and a general holiday has oecn de
clared. Rain was f u.r.'g this ,n..orn
tng, hut there was premise of the
weather improving.
The newspapers hail the Kins as
"a man of honor, w in hus been a
real leader of his country, both .-t.
and oi: the battlefield."
Will TeJl of German Cruelty
Civilians seized by the Germans in
occupied Krenclr territory and sent
to a hostage camp at Holzmintlen,
Germany, will appoint a delegation
to call upon President Wilson to tell
lvtm something of what they suffered
morally and .physically, while de
tamed by the Germans, it is an
The plan was formed at Hje sug
gestion of Dr. Henry Van Dyke, of,
Princeton University, who recently
j mot'sorts of th'e'sa people.
Spanish Premier to See Wilson
Count RomunOn&c Spanish Pl'O;
i ruier, is coining to Paris to intcr
! view President Wilson. He will no
'accompanied by Robert M. Scutum,
i secretary of the American embassy,
i and Senorcs Palacio end Espinos i,
'high officials of, the foreign office.
' Dining' his absence Aniulic Jiineno,
| Minister of the Interior, will act us
j Premier. Count Homunones s ex-
I peeled to be away from Madrid for
iat lei'.st live or s t x da>s.
| When it became known that Prcm
: dent Wilson was coming to Europe,
| King AM'onso and members of the
ea'jim.t approached -icspph E Wil
li aid, American Ami assa.dor, to ste
if t could be arrai'.g'.U for Mr. Wtl
i son to visit Spain.
This was not so much for a politi
! eal object as it was to show him
! the spot from which Columbus sailed
; to discover the new world. The ro
! .suit of the negotiu'lons was that Mr,
Wilson could not visit Spain, b,.t
I *.viiula be glad to dtsc.ifes future refa
! tions between Spain and the United
i States v*th Count I', manonos. .'jews
\ of the l itter's intention to como to
I Paris has created .1 most excellent
impression throughout Spain and
i opiniort is generally expressed that II
i will strengthen the ir.h.iidly relations
I between the United States and Spain,
i Senator Leon I'ourgeois, president
; of the French Society for a League
jof Nations, and Count D'Estour-
I nelfes De Constant, also a delegate
i of the so- lety, gave to The Asso-
I elated Press yesterday a brief, ac-
I count ot' a conference they had had
I with Premier Clcnienceuu.
The premier declared tfiat the
I principle of a League of Nations
! would not fail to bo inscribed in the
j preliminaries of a peace such as
I would be decided upon by tile Allies.
M. Clemenceau agreed that the
Allies must resole upon a common
i plan of organization. He invited
the delegates of the Society for a
League of Nations to confer with
the members of similar societies in
i ihe Allied countries, with a view to
preparing a complete text which
could give the governments con
j cerned trspiration and ideas.
Big Christmas Tree
to Be Erected Tomorrow
Harrisburg's big Christmas tree
will be erected to-morrow, tjie com
mittee in charge reported to-duy.
A tall tree to be used for the Mu
nicipal Chrlstmuß entertainment has
been selected and wns cut to-day.
It was expected that it would lie
brought to the city by night nnd
erected in Market Square in tho
The municipal Christmas tree
committee will meet to-morrow eve
ning at 8 o'clock to make llnal plans
for the event. Iteporls from all the
subcommittee will be received und
the program will be announced then.
Suits Brought Agaihst
Penn-Harris Contractors
Suits have been brought against
! Xelson and Hewitt, contractors for
I the Penn-Harris hotel, charging
| negligence and asking damages be
cause of lite collapse of a building
in Third street adjoining the hotel
site. 'The structure toppled over
while excavatioi s were being made
for .'the hotel foundations. Plain
tiffs in the petfor.e lib d arc Edwin F.
Wiawr ur.d M. Martina Keanw,
bringitit: separate suits. A total of
f 20,0ut) damages is usked in tho lat
ter action. ,
A hoy went into Bed Cross
membership headquarters this
morning. Under his arm ho cur
ried a small bungalow, built of
tiny logs.
"My father sent this down," he
said, ""lie was going to put it
along with our other little houses
under the Christmas tree. He
made it himself. It's a dandy—
ain't it'.'"
"All right, old top," said Mer
cer !!. Tate, "hut what's it for?"
"Well," the boy said, 'we all
the old 'tlu' up at our house,
and my father he said that it cer
tainly run as short. But some
Bed Cross girl come up to our
house every day for a week and
helped us out. So my father he
said that if he didn't have a whole
lot of money he had this little
house he made, and maybe he
could sell it and get enough
money for him and my mother
to .loin the Bed Cross."
"Pete,"' said *Mr. Tate, "how
many members are there in yor.r
"Four." said the boy.
"Here's four dollars for your
house." said Mr. Tate. "Go ahead
and join."
Which the boy did.
And Tate says that the littlo
house will be under the good old
Christmas tred just the same.
Remarkable Work Cited to
Impress City With Need
For Dollars
Despite the fact that two of the
Red Cross nurses who served'during
the recent influenza epidemic died
utter contracting the disease froth
their patients—and despite the fact
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: ®4* 4 "I* 4*4*4' 4*4* %*ir i*4* I- J-* I* 3*4*4*4* it* 4 i* 44*4*4*4*4*®
ifarrfsburg— Teachers of the Harrisburg schools ire*' jm
4 voting to-day cfi the question of going into the State
I < s4i ijj,
j T Retirement Fund. The result qf the. vote, will not be
14* known until to-morr©w. M
4 f
l4> f
j-*> 4
jT Berlin - A he* cond clay''; session, of the Congress X
14* of the Soldiers' at*d Workmen's Councils of Germany V
I -•*•
I *fcnse of the govern-
[T °ment ; s. policy concerning demobilizing and food supply,
i . * T*
I *S* was- i had attacked the gov- Hfefi
•4 it
14* cm nt policy. _
i 4* *6
X* Washim ton— The cost of the great shipbuilding plant s*'
£ at Hog 'lsland was estimated ti day at $63.3(10,000 by
X d, manager of the Shipping Board's. X
4 Emergency Flefet Corporation.- which has de-
X 0 *4
-J be com- afe
12 P''' '* ' w sa '.dd Xi
I f tf
4* . —Virtually all of the 23,000-err. T
i A, Electric.-. Company's big manufac
' ;
7 turing plant here walked out to-day in sympathy with j,
14* striking co-workers in the company's'plant at Erie. T
T Washinginc tivities.of 8010 Pasha, executed ds X
\f T French traitor in promoting in the States the TO.'
jT financing by the German government of the Paris Journal- X
JX an,( * ' n w^a<: was. h- .ribcd as an attempt to form a new X
[X alliance between the Journal and Hearst papers, were rc 4*
IX cited to the Senate Committee investigating German if
i <?•
4 propaganda to-day.
•T cl' X
iT Fort Wayne—The majority of the employes of trie 4*
i T s
iX ' rrt a - re hrrnch of the General Electric Company, A
U>um{ crlng botw n -1,000 and,5.000 men and women, wqnt X
i •-> •
IF ' of tin r ie brarich
r ( - e c * §
•Sl I-'rnnk B. WIIIIUIIIN nnd Mnrllin fc. Splinthlrl, MCRUnlo*biirs;i T
, Hoily llobrli-nn nnil l(o>lc t'arne". St„ltn| John 1,. Grorge nnd T
Bertha K. Melaenheliucr, HnrrUbnrv.
i§b44* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4*4*4*4* 4* 4*4* 4* 4*4*4*4* 4*4"^*^®*
Premier and Col.
House Call on
Will Be With the
i Yankee Troops
on Christmas
By Associated Press
Paris, Dec. 19.—Premier Clemen
I ceau and Colonel E. M. House visit
ed President Wilson this morning at
bis Paris residence. The French
[premier and the President were en
: gaged for more than an hour ,in an
1 intimate discussion.
Colonel House also conferred with
the President during the morning.
To Stay in France on Christmas
| The President'has bctn invited to
| visit London at Christmas time, but
; he probably will not accept, as bq
j bus planned to dine Christmas day
| with the American troops In the
' field.
President Wilson to-duv was
banded an address of welcome by
the Central Union of French Agri
cultural Associations, on behalf ,cf
its 2.500 affiliated organizations. a
Crops Need Protection
After pointing out the share that
J the rurai" classes had In winning the
victory for the Al -es. the ndd'cua
(sets forth the peculiar conditions tin -
j d;r wh'eh 1 .en:h agriculture '.s op
erating and •cadr the attention of
; the peace conference to'the fact that
i.p-t tection is necessary for its nor
mal development and for the ic
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