Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, December 14, 1918, Page 16, Image 16

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Smnot and Penrose to Attack
the Democratic Plan to
Raise Billions
Washington, D". 14.—The
HAS speeded UP consideration of! TIE
war revenue bill. With less than a,
dozen members In their seats, miscel
laneous provisions of the
j signed to raise about tSJJ.OCo.t -
L the six billion dollars estimated for
r nest year were adopted yesteida.
without objection or discussion and
tho reading of the entire teat of the
Li'l <va.* completed by tho clerks.
'"he Senate to-day began work cn
i>s principal and controverted tea
tm as. Including the Income, war rx
-1 p-o.lts. beverage. Inheritance, tn
[ ev.ranee, luxury, child ls.bor and postal
tax. htf€tiOlA. ai• i.o -v
Provi loams approved constitute
practically nil of those which are un-j
J disputed and Include tho rinan-e
I Committee's revision downward cf the
tobacco, amusement, admission C'ii j
dues, excise cr remiluxury, specie ana
stamp tax sections.
The Senate also approved the com
mittee's action in eliminating taxes on
gusolinc, ugprs of motor vehicles, mail
order houses and many articles j
classed as semiluxurles.
Senator Smooth, of Utah. Repub
lican. plans an address on the bill s
general policies and Senator Penrose,
of Pennsylvania, ranking Republican
on the Finance Committee, expects to
speak Monday, attacking the proposal
to fix 1920 taxes.
In view of the rapid progress made.
Chairman Simmons, in charge cf the
bill, expressed increased confidence
for early passage of the measure in
the belief that the Republicans will
not cause great delay in a vote.
Marysvllle. Pa., Dec. 14. —J. Frank
Leonard, of Lincoln street, who had
been in training for several months
in a Machine Gun Officers Training
School at Camp Hancock, Ga., has
been mustered out of the United
States service, and has returned to
his Jt° nle here. He had been em
ployed by the Commercial Trust
Company at Harrisburg.
New Cumberland. Pa.. Dec. 14.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schenck, of Bel
lavasta, announce the birth of a son.
Raymond Preston Fchenck, Sunday,
December 8. 1918.
Services For Ten-Year-
Old Boy Who Was Killed
The funeral of Forester William
Stotz, the 10-ycar-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. William Stotz. who was struck
and killed by an automobile n°nr his
home on Tuesday evening, was held
from the parents' home in East Main
street this afternoon with services at
2 o'clock. The Rev. <>. M. Kraybill,
pastor of the Church of God. officiated.
Burial was made in the Middletown
cemetery. The pallbearers were: Ar
thur Coble, James Young, Aaron
Brlnser and William Dolson, play
mates of the boy.
The T. J. K. Club met at the home
of Miss Oma Lutz. East Emaua street,
last evening. After the business ses
sion. a social hour was enjoyed. Re
freshments were served to the fol
lowing: Mrs. C. Lloyd Lindeniuth,
Mrs. Raymond Gilbert. Mrs. Roy Meek
ley. Miss Roma'.ne Kennard, Miss
Charline Flshel, Miss Ruth McNair,
Miss Agnes Mackley, Miss Verona
Keiper. Miss Erma Brenneman and
Miss Oma Lutz.
The funeral of Mrs. Aaron Door
man was held from her late home in
fchippen street. Royalton, on Thurs
day afternoon, with services at 2
o'clock. The pallbearers were: Hom
er Poortnan. Harry Poorman, Samuel
Brown, sßylvester Schuler. Paul Gep
hart and Jacob Engle. Burial was
made in the Middletown cemetery.
The Big Five bowling team, cf
town, will play the Klizabethtown
team at the latter place this evening.
The large triple combination auto
liretruck which may be purchased by
the borough officials and toward
which the Rescue t Hose Company
agreed to pay $2,500 was given it test
at the corner of Race and Miller
streets this afternoon by the Denbv
Sales Corporation, of Harrisburg. The
demonstration was in charge of Fire
Chief George Thomas. The truck was
brought to town this morning and
taken to the Rescue Hose Company,
where it was inspected by many per
Captain S. J. Hutchison, who spoke
in St. Peter's Lutheran Church on
Wednesday evening, was entertained
by Mr. and Mrs. George I. King. North
Union street, while staying in town.
Mrs. Charles Hoitrider, of Royalton,
was given a birthday surprise party
at her home in Canal street. After a
social hour, refreshments were served
and covers laid for thirty-five people.
MiS. Koltrider received many useful
The Methodist Episcopal Sunday
services will be held in the Riverside
Chapel at 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. in.
because of repairs to the furnace. At
the morning service the Rev. Sidney
T. Cooke, of the American Bible So
ciety, in the Army and Navy, will
j.reach. There will be no Sunday
school session in the afternoon, but
those who attend another Sunday
school and get a certificate of attend
r.r.cc will be given credit for tame,
Mr. and Mrs. JaJroli Lockard, bf
street, received a letter 'rom
son, Frank Lockard, ,vho <s
Franco. He was. gassed and is in a
hospital. It is stated his con
'on is not serious.
lAe meeting of the Mothers' Con
gress Circle, which was to meet at the
homo of Mrs. D. W. Huntzbergcr,
Xortli Union street, last evening, nas
been postponed until Monday even
ing at the same place.
First United Brethren—The Rev. E.
A. G. Bossier. 11, "The Curse of
Moses:" 7.50, "The Story of the Crass."
Methodist Episcopal The Rev.
JJnir.o3 Cunningham. Services at
10.30 and 7.30 will be held in the Riv
erside Chapel.
Church of God—The Rev. O. M.
Kraybill. 11, "Full Assurance of
Hope"' 7,30, "Sclf-Kindlcd Fires."
Presbyterian—The Rev. T. C. Mc-
Carrell. 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.
St. Peter's Lutheran—The Rev. Ful
ler Bergstrcsser. 10.45, "The Crown
of Righteousness;" 7.30, "Prepare the
Way of the Lord."
Royalton United Brethren The
EeP.v. C. P.. Beidel. 10.30, "The Unseen
Power:" 7.30, "Heaven."
St. Michael's and All Angels'—The
F.cv. Floyd Appleton. Sermon at 4.50
P. M.
St. Mary's Catholic—The Rev. Jules
Foin. Mass Pt 8 end 10; vespers and
benediction, 7.30. •
Royalton Baptist—The Rev. George
Brown. 10.30 a. tn. and 7.30 p. m.
Bbenezer A. M. E.—Tho Rev. A. M.
•Flamer. 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. on.
Personal and Social Items
of Towns on West Shore
Lieutenant Walter D. My ere, hav
ing been mustered out of the ser
vice, Is spending some tlmo with hla
parents, Mr. und Mrs. George My
ers, near Marysvllle, before ho re
turns to Indlunupolis, where ho Is
engaged In tho practice of law.
Albert Palmer and son. Lloyd Pal
mer, Myrtle avenue, Marysvllle, hnvo
gone to Camp Grunt, ltochTord, 111.,
whero they will visit with tho for
mer's son. Lieutcnunt Robert Pal
Mrs. George Flicklngor, Mrs. Guy
Flicktnger und Mrs. Harry Westfall,
of Mtuysvlllo, spent Thursday at
Samuel Spldel, of Murysvlle, IN
visiting friends at Tyrone and Ai
Ttie Rev. and Mrs. Earl Nnuss, of
Ohio, are visiting the former's par
ents, .'in Second street, New Cumber
land. The Rev. Mr. Nauss has been
stationed at Camp Gorden, Atlanta,
Ga., for sevctul months.
Miss Emma Wentz and MTB. lier
S| ' Dives, Pomeroy Sc Stewart
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tha Shu pp. of WeHsvlllo, are visit
ing friends at New Cumberland!
Miss Gladys Bltner was hostess
for the Shlreinanstown Needle Club
at her home In East Main streeti en
Monday evening.
Mil, Benjamin Krb, of Bhlremans
town, visited friends at Mechanies
burg, on Thursday, ,
* Mr. and Mrs. Thaddous Btrayer.
of Lewleberry, spent a day with Mr,
and Mrs. Charles P, Neblngor, at
Mrs. J. Howard Reamer, of Bhlre
munstown, spent a day recently
with her mother and sltors, at
M echanicabu r£.
Miss Mary Harman, nurse at the
Harrisburg Hospital, visited her
parents at Shlremnnstown, on Fri
&tinmokln, Pa., Hoc. 14.—Over
coma by gas at the Henry Clay Col
liery here. Anthony Eviinoale, aged
10, u contract miner was suffocated.
The body was found a short time |
later by nnother employe.
Lloyd George Stands For
the Abolition of Conscript
Armies the World Over
I/oiidon, Dec. Ij,—Premier Lloyd
George, In a statement last night en
the subject of conscription, said.
"On the eve of this important elec
tion, which means so much to the
country, 1 wish to make it clear be
yond all doubt that I stand for the
abolition of conscript armies in all
"Without that, tho Peuco Con
ference would he a failure and u
siuim. These great military machines
nro responsible for the agony tho
world bus passed through, and it
would be' a poor ending to any peuco
conference that allowed them to con
tinue. Any delegate that represents
Great Bfltutn ut that confcrenco
must lubor to the end I have'stated."
Rutherford Men Seek
Straight 8-Hour Day
Desiring a day of eight consecu
tive hour®,* employes of the car
shops and roundhouses of the Rend
ing railroad at Rutherford met last
evening In Labor Hall at 221
Market street, when they drew up
resolutions and sent them to R. B.
Hußbrldge. superintendent of the mr
department of the Reading, They
asked that they be granted days
of eight consecutive hours with
twenty minutes ofT for lunch.
Offictuls had offered tho men days
on which they would work eight
hours with a half-honr oft for
lunch, themen not to bo paid for
this half-hour. A meeting for the
settlement of all grievances will be
held next Tuesday cvnlng in the P.
and R. Y. M. C. A.
Distillery Head Pleads
Guilty to Breaking Law
IndlaunpollH, Ind„ Dec. 14.—Samuel
Gutinann president of the Mountain
Distilling Company, of Cincinnati, O,
wao lined SI,OOO and costs In the
United States district court here yes
terday, when he pleaded guilty to
shipping liquor from Ohio into In
diana, The packages were not label
- properly. ,
One of America t
Successful Flyers
Lieutcpnpt Walter R. Avery, of
Boston, a lending "ace" of tho
American Aviation Corps in France.
Lieutenant Avery has been awarded
two decorations for his daring air
victories, which, according to a re
cent report, numbered eight,
> Tho United States civil service
\ , -i" "■
eommlssion announcev the following
examinations to be held in this cityi
Clerk t commuryial ajtuche (male),
January 1,4', 'mlnhpu'n salary for
this position in foreign oouhtrien is
SI,BOO wllh expenses for travel and
subsistence to the place bf employ
ment and returnttl pathologist in ce
real disease Investigations (male
and female), January 7, salaries
ranging from $2,500 to $3,000) ap
plication papers and further infor
mation regarding these examinations
may be secured from George S. Mr-
Crone, the commission's local rep
resentative, room 205, Post Office
Pittsburgh, Dec. 14.—With two men
under arrest and warrants issued :or
two others, special agents of the in
ternal Revenue Department ate in
vestigating what seems to be n or
ganized effort on the part of prac
tically one-tenth of the population cf
the mining town of Iselln. Indiana
I county, to evade the income 'ax.
Marietta, Pa.i Dee, IS.—Harvey F.
Keoneri of F.llsabethtown, has re
ceived word that htff brother. Anaihon
Keener) has been severely wounded In
France. *
Gordon Mcl.anarhan. son of T<Hj
Mcl.anaohun, of Kllzabethtown, has
liern Injured In France. The War Le j
partnient sent the message yesterday,
Mclutnachan and Keener were drafty*.
men and attached to the infantry.
For your dlßesUon us well as
pleasant tasto and the food vale
Peanuts are an important Item o,
food. Wo have tho now crop of
Real Jumbo Peanuts, roasted free>
duily, at 2Be per lb. Imperial Tea
Co.. 213 Chestnut street. —udv.
Ghi aeovv, Saturday. Dec. 14.—An
drew Uonnr Law announced here that
It was unlikely he would he chancel
lor Of the exchequer to take tho next
tudgct before parliament.