Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, December 10, 1918, Image 3

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    Store Closes Regularly oses e o ll ' 3
Six floors filled Fth\
Gift Suggestions
With only twelve shopping days until Christmas, time is an important factor The holiday "rushl
is here and you will want to conserve your time to the best advantage possible
Here you.will And six large floors under one roof. Just walk up one aisle and down another and on to the next floor up, or down to the basement. As you go note the tens of /ifeSKL
iV * KHis an ( sot articles that suggest themselves as appropriate for gifts. Some one or more of these innumerable articles will surely offer a solution to your gift problem. I
I*\ [ lle , vast P lirc asmg organization with which this store is associated offers exceptional opportunities for selection of gift articles' ir om the world's leading markets at prices /£ &
most advantageous. Quality merchandise is most acceptable for gifts as it gives longer service and therefore more highly appreciated by the recipient. \/JjJl^
j Alain Floor Christmas Suggestions v
Wwl e ?° V £ °! aU "i? kes inc l? di, !K < h * fan }? US Centemcri Hosiery for either member of the family. Emboidered flannel, neckwear of all materials, fur
I/0 & Co -' Chateau, bownes, Pernn & Cie, Kayser, Vanity Beautiful ribbons, a most welcome gift for the kid- collars, Windsor ties and greeting: cards WCM
f ■ Fair, imported and domestic and washable capes. dies; also lingerie bows, camisoles; celluloid and Dress patterns in rich sill s, wash and woolen goods
F Perfumes, toilet waters, toilet articles, mirrors, metal bag frames and rings can be seen in this depart- in all desirable weaves, patterns and colors.
(y J \\ brushes, combs, atomizers and tourist cases. inent. Shoes for women and children, also slippers. Li \T\
*l<f vo t*„ i 11 *i i < j , In our jewelry department can be found bar pins, Leather goods, including fine assortment of pocket- f<)
\( & Lmbrellas the always useful and pract.cal gift for carri cuff Hnk val] . ri . k liu . I>ooks andlmndbags; mill! uv sets and eases collar V
S men, women and children. small clocks in mahogany and Richelieu ivory. bags, pass folders, card cases,'bill fold, tobacco pouch
Men s shirts, ties in plain and fancy, gloves, scarfs, Ivory-ware mirrors, hair receiver, powder box, pic- and writing sets,
bathrobes, sweaters, suspenders, belts, and collars, ture frames, hat and clothes brush, cream and salve Handkerchiefs in a profusion of beautiful designs,,
are some of the many things which greet you. jars, trays, perfume bottles, nail file. prettv colorings and daintt materials
t • •• '
Second Floor Suggestions
Here you have art needlework to choose from in beautiful knit
slippers, cretonne center piece rolls, napkin holders, scarfs in embroidery
and filet lace, filet luncheon sets, pillow shams, fancy art baskets.
In white goods there arc towel sets, bath mats, lunch cloths, table
cloths, napkins, satin bed spread and embroidered bed sets.
In undermuslins, the famous Italian silk underwear by Julius Kavser.
Nightgowns, vests and bloomers, pajamas, camisoles, envelope chemise,
boudoir caps, aprons and housedresses.
For baby and the children here i; the ever-welcome apparel in chil
drens' coats, dresses, sweaters, rain capes and coats, bathrobes and
kimonos; infants caps, carriage boots, baby moccasins, soft sole shoes,
baby novelties and many other things for baby's comfort.
Our domestic department offers many and useful suggestions in blan
kets, comforts, automobile robes, and rugs; Beacon blankets for bath
robes, sheets and pillow cases.
Corsets of the most leading makes and Hair oGods and Hair Orna
Third Floor Suggestions
Apparel heads the list of useful gift offerings, and we have gone beyond
all former limits in getting together a most complete and satisfying as
sortment in every class of outer apparel* Furs, like diamonds, from a re
liable source. They are here in selected pelts from the most reliable
makers. A superb assortment of stylish and beautiful dresses. Newest
hions in suits that arc smart and erviceable. Winter coats that arc
-wming beyond description. Skirt in a widely varied showing. Petti
coats in any color or shade, bathrobes and kimonos.
Blouses in Georgette and other dainty materials, beautifully
trimmed, beaded and embroidered. Rich in delicate color shades. The
finest assortment of high-grade blouses that appeal to the discriminating.
Distinctive sweaters, scarf sets and skating caps. Sweaters in wool
and silk. A big assortment of sweaters that is unexcelled for complete
ness in style models, color effects and size.
And what woman would refuse to accept an order to choose one of
the fine hats in our Millinery Department? i
Basement Christmas Suggestions ■ \
'( /T\\ ?\ C ? th !> -*° n 1C V 1^ 0 ha PP3f ' s here in gorgeous array. The China Department offers, many suggestions electric lamps, dinner
1y )j i.-. . ' Ca< f° ( f s ' t f nno ! l :V (11 | S ii^, a " l i e ' s ', s^' in ff horses, drums, building blocks, sets, silverware, cut glass, chocolate sets, crumb trays and scrapers, coflee per- (f A
kitchen cabinets, automobiles, doll lughchairs, express wagons, blackboards, fire colators, desk sets and roasters. \ O
JJ? i I !r nKS : I .nct , ° 1 ; t°>s, dol cairiages, Kiddie Kar, mechanical tanks, desks, teddy • Trunks, traveling bags and suit cases in the lus gage Department. Tltis IrT
W ) i-, K<irS ' i''. UnS 'i V 1 S u' S 'n NC OCI P C( Ies, tool chests, war toys, banks, pianos, doll section is of interest to anyone contemplating a gift o someone who travels /3L
.A, ouses, n.iss .ecs wKC narrow s, theaters, sleighs, doll sport sets, doll cradles, doll ON the road, or to a student who must go awav to sell 01. Dependable luggage r W
hammocks, air rifles, stoves and doll furniture ~ , ~ ~ , '1 r JvLT K
iHumuic. tliat measures up to the Bowman standard. y/Fh
tVe gladly cash all your C .J ■
Jj? # Christmas Savings Checks *4 \
°P y SPi ——1 jf ■ - | j Shop Early
S ° n,y 12 Days
W For Shopping: MK* g . • kf\T\ i w*; L-- rlf i* v c , . W
J ~ .k, Je f Jv IBmMlk pKuJ' *<* shopping sr.-.
Chnstmas Unti ' ChriStma^^ |
<■ J •
*Jounded 1871 Harris burg, Pa*
This store believes in the principle
of a shorter workday for its em
ployes. We practice what we
believe by closing this store
Saturdays at six and by
refraining irom being f
open any evening be
fore Christmas
Fourth Floor Suggestions
What would pretty furnishings of a home be without a beautiful
rug" or other floor cover ng? A beautiful rug is half the beauty of a
room. Many a wife ha said, ''Remember, John, you gave me that
beautiful rug twenty yer-'s ago." Those are the kind of rugs to buy.
J lie most (lepcndable rut s and the largest assortment in this section of
the state is here to choose from, including the finest domestic and im
ported weaves.
Trained pictures in choice subjects in carbon, Japanese photo
gravure and embroiderer. All beautifully framed in gold and mahog
any. A manufacturers sample lot at special prices.
Curtains and drapery materials in scares of attractive patterns
and designs, recent nove'ties as well as the staple draperies that arc
always in good taste, arc here to choose from.
A red cedar chest is a much desired gift. We have them in plain
and brass bound design:, also matting boxes.
Fifth Floor Suggestions
Fifth Floor for Fine Furniture at Bowman's, is a well-known ex
pression in Uarrisburg. We believe it is a well-earned slogan at that.
An inspection of the finer grades of furniture and the good medium
grade quality, will convince you that it is no empty phrase. For years
we have equipped the best homes in Uarrisburg with fine grades of
Whether you wish a complete suite or just odd pieces for a Christ
mas gift you will find an excellent assortment to choose from.
Davenport, davenport table, Martha Washington sewing table,
library table, kitchen cabinet, dining-room set, floor lamp, fireside rock
er, hall clock, bed-room suite, tabourettc, pedestal, smoking cabinet,
dinner chimes, card table, lea wagon, Priscilla work cabinet, firelcss
The Aeolian-Vocalion, the phonograph with the wonderful tone
control is here, make vour selection now. Delivery made any time
before Christmas. A small down payment, balance on easy terms.