Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, December 09, 1918, Page 3, Image 3

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    ... ■ Store Closes Regularly i9/W/iiyt/r Store Closes Regularly
On Saturdays at Six On Saturdays at Six
. - . • " # '
11 1 LI. 1!M1—2350 UNITKD _ , . "
. 1 1 12,000 Handkerchiefs |[ "t"Ztt" ■
hand embroidered with liijili and low necks. Regular t"SD7iril mil Be Placed On Sale Tomorrow I ! Dress Goods
and extra sizes, SJ.SO to $4.25. . J* *&/ ~ " iftljv fH
Flannelette Pcfthcoats. in dark and light colors, 79c frjr * CD Itemized below are several numbers of strictly all wool
to $1.50. Ivliit. S€tS U J ' fabrics. The season's best seller*, at specially interesting
bowmaX's—second Floor. fis!S"&i. :& ./xpA • V.G prices that will effect a great saving. Nothing can be appre
" jjjjh 6 t, Jr 6 : pH ciated more as a useful and handsome gift for Christmas
A Customer Remarked the Other Day W ) 6 for 35C Or 69C 2L DOZCn K - |
£P 54-inchVclour de Laine, suede velour and velour Melange
4STYri ~ ta *f 1 1 ® a complete line of shades; yd., $4.50.
W nat beautltui Sifo. $ Three- hundred and sixty thousand Handkerchiefs were purchased by our New v /J | 48 and 54-inch Plaids for suit or skirt including shawl
'Cr&bSP York office. Our allotment is twelve thousand. One of the largest manufacturers of "'V'."iff IP plaids, velour plaids or stripes m beautiful color combina
ti • • i, ... „„ AC( ; A _ t) .„ i, P<t ... nrr i tri describe the FT/SB* handkerchiefs makes a cleanout on the first of December. Every year this store mi tion; yd., $3.95.
fmesTcollectiun of plain and fancv Art Baskets in the city. @ ? cts its 9 ota ' handkerchiefs are known as "irregulars." All kinds of handker- 54-inch Mannish Serge Suiting in navy or black; yd. $4.50
This collec ion consists of the little cut flower baskets, the S chiefs - plain and beautiful patterns; but some may be cut slightly off square; others 9 fefig 56-mch black and white Check Vclour in half inch and
kind with , e hitrh handle and floral decorations. The finish jfc, VW j \ mav have a little misprint in'design—but only such irregularities as are noticeable to / ABS one ,nch checks; yd., $2.50.
is imitation -hi ivorv. The prices range from 75c to $3.75. &■ Sr the trained inspectors of a first-class factory. Ihe average person would seldom dis- ffi 54-inch diagonal Serge Suiting in navy only; yd., $2.25.
_ c-nA &'• )£/ tinguish the difference unless attention was called to some slight irregularity. 56-inch Twill Bolivia Suiting in Myrtle and plum; yd., $4.00
* Plain Sandwich 1 rays, rOc to Sa.Ot. £ II . _ 54-inch Kumfy Cloth—loo per cent, wool; yd., $3.95
Fancy Fruit Baskets, in varied color designs and all sizes, j-yj jwfec ■$ These Handkerchiefs are made up in shamrock, linen, cotton, nainsook —plain A fy 48-inch All Wool French Serge—full line of colors; plenty
$2.50 to $6.00. ml $ hemstitched and embroidered—in white and colors. Sold only in sets of six, but two \'iffl klsrk and navy; yd., $2.95.
Fancy lap Lunch Baskets, in various colored decorations, Fn\£lr out ie s ' x were nia< Je U P f° r 25c quality. So you can readily see that you are bB| 46-inch All Wool Storm Serge; sponged and shrunk; black
$4.00 to $6.50. JL J g ett '"§ excellent values in these sets of six for 35c, or twelve for 69c. Just in time sp only; yd., $1.39.
Fancy Sewing Baskets, in plain grass and Oriental colors, ; for gifts. JfaS wi BOWMAN'S— Main Floor.
75c * "
BowMANs—se< ond Floor. ! J • and A Little Girl
A'P rrQCPFTt"IGI I " —— —————— —form about the happiest -m-
Dj iV i v I combination possible to find, uvn-m
T 5 A -1 Here are Ribbon Bows to
To Make Christmas Merry VV Omen S Apparel
§ Which means that they are £ . ' 1 ° rC , p,ai ". ill
here to make the kiddies the "T \ attflC ' ' B MPIa . or brocaded ribbons with an 'GJLP j'SI ✓ ,
happiest Christmas of anv of it \ excellent fastner attached. \\l v y
their little lives. In the base- /\\ V\ T T-k • £ | feW \ V, Packed in Chirstmas ooxes U
ment vou will find a delightful /JX I AT ImP /J? they make cherry greetings. {
assemblage of dolls, military /J§\
,oy S . ntechTOtcal tpys, games. (fc if tj ' in pastclle shades, also
drcus, Ouija bo™ is! etc. ■ ' A A rf° K 'l T* "T ''d ml" kio4
On rainv davs ft is a prob- liiWf \ hke- ? 1-2 inches tv.de; yd., 39c and 59c.
lem hotv to keep the young iJkltjlll 1. / / \ Artistic Hair Low fasteners; each lac.
folks indoors, but with any of I \ ' BOWMAN'S— Main Floor.
the above-mentioned toys it T¥V Kq W? *
will not be a question, but a T e flp ect a quick reduction in our stock of Women's Suits, !_Wr" 1
1 jk-iSfti Coats and Dresses tve have prices. Ken,ember that the Igg f R'lthrobeS Fof Mdl
in their new and much-appre- garments offered are new in style and fine in quality. They are gVA LldtlllUDLO 1 W1 iTIV.II
ciated toys which they got on the same garments you have seen and admired here earlier in the What man would not smile and be very much pleased
c , t . Lhristmas. |||l|M ||HJE| season. /$ if on Christmas morning he was greeted with a package
select now while the entire stock is complete. ill l! KB „ , . , , , • i • ti A ™ 'A ! rrtntninino- -i R-itb Rnhp? We have a new and varied
' ' I 'IUVI ilB But the time has come when a clearance is desirable, and we l\ containing a mtn Koue. \vc na\e a new anu varieu
' BOWMAN'S— Basement. • 'tiSL 111; liyWß , . . .. . , . , • . ;* /I I assortment of Bath Robes for men, and we feel sure
IP® have not hesitated to reduce prices to a point uhere it is extrata- j / j amQng the number thefe js ;U one lhat wU , be sure
H'lm gancefor you NOT to buy. jl to nie et your very desire. Beautiful new patterns.
„ Tffl All suits reduced to $22.50, $29.50, $38.75 and $54.50. ' n~T\ Prices range from $7.50 to $15.00.
I A—| / \ fe \ BOWMAN'S —Mair Floor.
v9V> C.l /-r Also all suits of exclusive models regularly selling up to S2S(J Ay' > T ■ _
Vy\_ I \ are ' nc^U(^ ' n l h' s sa l®> specially priced from $6O to $1.25. y
For Christmas presents, in a varied and attractive \ Three lots of Dresses at $14.95, $21.75 and $27.75.
' selection, from 90c, per set, tip. • BOWMAN'S— Third Floor , >
Special SakOf A Manufacture^l
Framed Pictures ' jll| |I
WfjEm?' '.JFLFFIFIJL We purchased the entire sample line of a large manufacturer of the choicest subjects in Carbon. N HI JBGI R
Japanese, Photogravure and Embroidered Pictures. All beautifully framed in oak, gold and mahog- H i Hp n|
any. There is only one of a kind and just in time for Christmas gifts. (
• Having bought them for much less than the usual price, we can offer them to you for considerably ®
less than what would otherwise be possible. They will be put on sale Tuesday morning at special G ||j
A Holiday Showing of 19c 39& 69c $ l-49 $ L9 g anc J $2.98 Your Aeolian-Vocalion
Beautiful VV aiStS BOWMAN'S—Fourth Floor. pfp
In most any and every shade and style. Yes styles, they're x _
just what you're seeing worn right now by the most fashion- A C'ifr nf An ! Gifts of Fine Leather For the Ma | . ' Make your selection Now—Delivery made anytime befort
able people'and you'll sec them up to Spring, too. Some have VJIIL U1 4 111 VJlllUlClld ■ - Christmas.
demure little frills, some plain while others are combination or *' ie . traveler, be his trips just for the weekend or for Ihe Bowman Club Plait secures lor you an Aeolian
of colors. Better lutrrv to get some while the stock is com- T ,iat sounds like a strictly utility gift, but when one sees months' duration, nothing could be better chosen than one Vocalion on a small down payment, balance convenieiv
* . or several articles ot leather. monthly terms.
Wplete, and thus have your Christmas list of gifts complete, the Umbrellas the real worth of such a gift suggestion is ap- Collar boxes, $2.50. • " A ~ >
Mill, one of these beautiful waists among the lis,. paren , There raany sfyles t0 select (rom> you may be Military toed in leather cases, $1.98 ,o $4. . VoCaltOtt Price!
Viii?. have them in Coral, l och blue, grey, white and flesh. gure Q £ secur j n g a very good selection at a very moderate Pocket and traveling manicure sets, $l.OO to $12.50.
New Artillery Red and smart shades in collarlcss effects. price Every shade and new style. Children's umbrellas a P,'" . an< ! ca . rc ' case . s . c odned, 50c to $4.98. Conventional models equipped with Graduola are pricei
F 3 Men's pocketbooks, all kinds, 50c to $2.50. from $115.00 upwards; without Graduola from $50.00. Man-
New Suit Blouses in taupe, grey, brown, navy, black and , specialty, $1.59 to $lO.OO. • Leather writing pads, fitted out with pencil arid tablet, beautiful period models, priced from $240.00.
combination of colors. BOWMAN-s —Main Floor. $2.50. j ust received a new shipment of the Aeolian-Vocaliot
Christmas Sweaters in silk fiber in a'l the new smart styles; records, consisting of a large selection of Vocal and Tnstru
also skating sweaters in angora and full knitted coat effect. , __ _ . _ _ ' mental numbers. \ isit the Aeolian parlors on the sth floa
and up. Christmas Shopping Days A'-e Short— hMr .*- rc c ords -
Angora Scarf Sets with caps to match—in an assortment ' AEOLIAN PARLOR
shades. Just the thing for the g1tl Christmas gift. C/f/O'/r ##7 thp A/1n <T tl 1n CT ' . "" —
U BOWMAN'S —Third Flcoa ' I'l UIC iVIUI 711/1& . jfWMAN'S-Flfth Floor. .
DECEMBER 9, 1918.