Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, December 06, 1918, Page 4, Image 4

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Lieut. Baslcr Writes How
German Prisoners Are Help
ing to Build Houses They
Helped to Demolish; Looks
Regularly For the Harris
burg Telegraph
In a letter to his father, at Auburn,
f"a.. Lieutenant W. J. Baalor of the
jeventy-fourth Artillery, C. A. C„
Writes of his experiences since the
declaration of peace. A part of his
Iptter, under date of November 29, fol
> "Received two Harrisburg Tele
graphs v'-day and sure was 'tickled
to .death" to get them. 1 believe every
iffloer read them, so don't forget to
tet me a new subscription with the
L E. F. address.
"Never saw such a rejoicing, kiss
pS, handshaking, singing, etc. Most
Vonderful sight 1 ever saw in
(he other day. Went through on ara
iulance, and people fairly pulled
iriver and myself off, they were so
tappy .over peace. They said, 'Oh!
>h! the Americans America saved I
Trance,' etc. 1 happened to be In the same city last week and oh! what a
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I contrast from grim horrors of wap to
perfect peace.
"Saw German prisoners to-day re
building houses which in 1914 they
helped to demolish. Guess they wish
they'd have left them alone.
"The doctors are wonderful to work
with. 1 am assistant surgeon and do
ing ambulance work. Had an eighty
mile ride to-day to get three 'Sam
mies' fiom a French hospital. We
(U. S.) are getting all our boys in
our own hospitals as soon as we can.
"Have all kinds of cases, even a
Hursr with appendicitis, and Quite
a few boys from the front, and
oh! they are such patient sufferers,
and always thanking you for anything
you do for them. The nurses are ex
tremely kind to them, but when you
see them one can't help but be kind.
If some people could only understand
the wonderful way these tine chaps
'carry on!' They would sacrifice most
anything to help them. Write often,
and don't forget the Telegraph.
Lieutenant llnsler is a graduate of
the Harrisburg Academy, 'l3. atTd of
thefniversity of "Pennsylvania 17. He
was formerly interne at the Hnrrls
buig Hospital,
During November $14,004 worth
of goodß were reported to the Har
risburg police department as stolen,
and $12,385.50 were recovered. Seven
of ten stolen automobiles were recov
ered. The police patrol made 169
calls for persons arrested, and nine
I emergency hospital calls.
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Corporal John Raympnd Beecher, |
son of J. S. Beecher, of near j
Newville, Pa„ reported missing;
In action September 1. It was |
later learne,, that he is a prisoner i
in Camp ltastatt, Germany. He is
a member of Company G, 112 th
Infantry, Private Herman Beecher,.
a brother, is also S'/ vlng Ills %ountry 1
iriu France, and is a member of the
1 o3rd Ammunition Train.
Word has been, received by Mrs.!
Mary C. flaker, of Shepherdstown,
that her son. Parker Dee Baker, has
arrived safely overseas. Private
Baker is attached to Headquarters
Company, 163 rd Infantry.
Took Part in Battle
Private Wilburt Herman, 1214
Cameron street, who is a member
of the 110 th Infantry, was one of
the men who took part in the offen
sive on July 14. In a letter to his
mother, Mrs. H. G, Herman, he
says: "I suppose you will- read in
the papers about the regirrtent that
was trapped tn the Argonne Woods.
Well, we were ordered in to relieve
them, and we sure did make Fritz
sweat. It is great to rustle those
machine gun nests, especially when
we get them from the flank before
they have a chance to turn. Wo
gained all points, and are now nt
rest camp with part of the rescued
batallion. We were just in time,
as they were about 'all in.' "
Safe From Fritz
In another letter, dated Septem
ber 10, Private Herman says' "Just
a few lines to let you know Fritz
has not got me yet, although it is
not his fault for he tries pretty hard.
I see by the Telegraph, which I re
ceive pretty frequently under the
conditions, that you know more
about the war than we do. I also
see what glory the 110 th is getting
ii&ck home. But let me say that
half has not been told. * • • I
am sorry I cannot tell you all, but I
will be lucky if you can read what
1 am writing after the censor gets
through with it. But as I notice
seme lof the letters have gotten
through, which I have read in. the
Telegraph, perhaps the censor who
gets this will have a heart. We
are at it yet, have captured a great
10 Are Killed, 23 Hurt
by Four Explosions at
duPont Cap Works
Pompton Lakes, N. J., Dec. 6.
Eleven men were killed and twenty
three injured here late yesterday by
four explosions which destroyed the
detonator assembling building of the
duPont cap works and shook the
countryside for miles around. Fire,
which* followed- the explosions, was
confined to the one unit, and the
property loss was said to be slight.
With the first blast, hundreds of
men, women and children who had
relatives working at the plant,
hastened to the scene, but becaijße of
possible danger to them guards
barred them at the gates. As soon
as It was possible the injured were
rushed to the company's hospital at
Haskell. It is feared that four or
five of the injured may die.
Officials of the company said last
night they believed an employe at
work assembling French fuse detona
tors, which are filled with fulminate
or mercury, had dropped one. of
them. Exploding, this had set off
the stock in the building, which, of
ficials claimed, contained only twen
ty-five or thirty pounds of fulmi
The assembling building, located
on a slight hill, was widely sepa
rated from the other units, compris
ing the plant, which are scattered for
two or three miles up a narrow val
ley. The killed and injured were
all at work in this structure, but
officials said a few others also em
ployed there had escaped. The com
pany employs In all approximately
4,000 persons at its Pompton Lake
Troop Four Gets Four
New Tenderfoot Scouts
Troop No. 4 mtt at 7 o'clock in
IninTanuel Presbyterian Church on
Monday evening, tor the purpose of
passing off tenderfoot tests. Four
fellows are now tenderfeet in Troop
4 who were candidates one week
ago. They are Stanley Hosmer, Ted
Selig, Edwin Warner and George'
Hopkins. Th 6 tests were taken be
fore the troop so the troop also had
a good review of the tests.
One of our boys in service, George
Pavord, who is a member of the J
S. A. T. C. at State College, was
back and visited us.
We also spent a part of the even
ing in whipping the ends of our
knot-tying ropes. We did a pretty
fair job, as the scout executive had
taught Us how to do this at the pre
vious meeting.
Troop 4 has about eighteen act
ive members and is fast coming into
its own again. The meeting closed
with the scout oath and the troop
yell, which is
Boy Scouts of America,
Troop 1-2-3-4,
Scribe. *
General Tasker H. Bliss
Named as Peace Delegate
I Hi.
.. *■■■' 1
1 c - :M"v> & t
': f m : ' ;H % i
' . ■
General Tasker H. Bliss, American
representative on the Supreme War
Council, has been appointed a repre
sentative of the United States at the
peace conference by President Wil
son. General Bliss has been In closo
touch with the military and diplo
matic leaders of the Entente and his
knowledge of European conditions
will no doubt be a great aid to the
Corporal Beecher Private Beecher
. -s. MXf- m, ,'-3S J
' William Herman Private Baker
number of towns the past few days.
They must have been very pretty
places before war put them in the
condition they are now. But the
French people a.re entering them
as we drive Fritz out, and it is rot
many weeks before they have them
in fair shape.
"We do not have much time to
help them, as we do our assisting
in the French army. Keep Fritz
goingj until he hollers 'enough,' and
by the way, some of those hunters
in Pennsylvania should come over
here and see how fine the hunting
is. Uncle Sam will give them a
license free."
Under date of September 25.
Private Herman writes: "Once
again a few lines to let you know 1
am well and happy. There has been
lots of moving is left of
the 110 th since I wrote, and 1 hap
pen to be one of Company H, who
is left in good, sound condition so
far. i
Youthful Hcros
"Just was reading the Telegraph
again. Say the / fellow who Is on
the staff of the Telegraph and got
up that idea of condensing the news
of the week on one page for (he
benefit of us boys, must have stayed
awake in bed at night to dope it out,
as it is certainly great. So far I
seem to get It even, if I do not get
any from Monday to Friday, that
Saturday paper seems to bear a
charmed life, for ever since tney
have inaugurate! it, I have gotten
it. I notice that the draft is now
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City State
From a Sick Bed
To Matrimony
"In June, 1917, I had been in bed
for ten weeks," says Mrs. Susanna
Ssnsenig, of East Ehi I, It. 2, Lancas
ter county, Pa. "Today I ant mar
ried and live on a small farm and I
do all my own work, ntllk cows, and
churn butter, 1 had dropsy so bad
I did not expect to live. My system
was all run down. Ankles swe led.
I bought a bottle of Tonall at
Ldeher's Drug Store, Lancaster, Pa.,
and after taking two bottles 1 could
walk upstnlrH und two months ago I
wuil married again, 1 had d'oetored
with three physicians, but not HIIICO
using Tondll. I would keep Tonall
In tho house now for any sb knees
which may occur. My friends all
are surprised and rejoice over my
complete recovery, and I tell every
body about the merits of Toiroll and
thank my Maker I found the rem
edy," T
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shey, and MarU', at Steelton. ,
'lB to 45, that hits Dad. Well, bj?
the time they act them trained we
: will have it over, over hers. •
"When the history of this war is
j actually printed, and oil is told that
• can be told, Just as It took place,
j I lure will be some great surprises
j about those 15. 16, 17 and IS years
I old boys whlcn will be far Srcater
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DECEMBER 6, 1918.
than the Drummer Boy of Shiloh,
as these boyi of to-day carried tho
gun and bnyoix I this time, hot a
Under date of September 31 he
writes: "Well, mother, 1 cannot
brag of good luck this time, as Fritz
got me at last, but the first so far.
I have been chasing him since July
14, so thnt Is not bad, as all he gave
mc was a* small dose of gas. Am
writing this In a band hospital, so
you see I will soon bo' at the Hun
again. Gee, I could stay here for
ever, if It were not for getting back
atr Fritz for being so moan to me,
as tie gavo me some of that dopo
of his."