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Miss Tetterm.er's Guests Enjoy
Music and Dancing, Fol
lowed by Buffet Supper
An enjoyable evening was spent
Tuesday at the home of Miss Helena
Tettermer when she entertained for
boys of the 503 d Wero Squadron,
Mlddletown, at her home, 1628 Penn
street. The house was decorated
with chrysanthemums and ferns.
Music was furnished for the dancers
by Miss Anna B. Capin and Miss A.
Mariano. A buffet supper was served
to the following guests:
Misses Elizabeth Burkheart, Mar
garet Marks, Leola Speece, Anna B.
<"apin. Antoinette Sariuno, Helena
B. Tettemer, Mrs. Laura Hollinger,
Mrs. Harry Tettemer, Corporal Mon
roe Mechling, Corporal Charles Dil
lan, Sergeant Herbert Zeztchle, Pri
vate Walter Sewiskie, Corporal
George Wenkel, Private William B.
Still Collect Salvage
For the Local Red Cross
The salvage committee finds it
necessary to remind the people of
llarrisburg that it needs large dona
tions of old newspapers and maga
zines. The Red Cross collector will
call for contributions if Red Cross
headquarters are notified. Bell phone
4854. Drop a post card to the chair
man at 105 Locust street, if desired.
Many people who were giving their
papers regularly during the early fall
seem to think that the need of sal
vage work has passed, whereas it is
even greater than ever. It is hoped
that at least twenty-five people daily
will notify headquarters or the chair
man that they have salvage to give.
The Rowican Canipfire Girls under
the direction of their guardian, Mrs.
Rita Suydani and assistant guardian,
Mrs. Edwin W. Payne, last Satur
day collected the sum of 196.20 to be
devoted to the purchase of chocolate
lor our boys over there and on the
The following girls gave able as
sistance in the work: Verna Hughes,
Lillian Dallman, Sarah Palm. Francis
Hoffsomer, Catherine Ferman, Lil
lian. Maeey. Ruth Maeey, Helen Rice,
Margaret Rice, Thelma Wager. Violet
Dice. Harriet Jones and Dorothy
The Campflre Girls wisli to thank
Bowman and Company and the Vic
toria theater for the space they do
nated for placing of booths.
An important meeting of the Rob
erta Disbrovv Lloyd Sunshine Society
will be held next Monday afternoon
at 2.30 o'clock at the Y. W. C. A.
A full attendance is desired at
this meeting as plans will be dis
cussed for Christmas work and mem
bers will be asked to report on visits
they have made since the last meet
The Womans' Aid Society, of the
iliMTisburg Hospital, held its annual
Thanksgiving meeting this afternoon
at the hospital. A report of Thanks
giving day at the hospital showing
the generosity of the people of Har
rlsburg in giving contributions asked
for before Thanksgiving vyas read.
The meeting was of great importance.
Miss Nannie Hawkins has re
turned to' her home in Cameron Ex
tension after a trip to Baltimore and
Annapolis. While in Annapolis Miss
Hawkins attended the Naval Acad
emy dance.
w f a o t r ch The Doll SAouiweek
Watch for the doll show this week. Dolls in *;■'
all sizes, from one inch to 30 inches; socket
heads: a limited supply in three sizes; kid /c/jHr[ V vlj
bodies; doll pacifiers, rattles, milk bottles and kj & \
hot water bottles, knitted sacques, leggings, Wu
sweaters, bootees, caps and small mittens, doll f— ''• ,b
wigs. Dolls to be repaired not taken in after u
December 10. VU IjTiUi'
a XmS
The Marianne Toy Shop
II Suggessive Christmas Gifts J
=♦ m =
j gy^
Silk Gloves, SI.OO up Silk Hose, SI.OO up K*
|,V Chamoisettes, $1 up Lisle Hose, 60£ up iw
Kid Gloves, $2.00 up Cotton Hose, 35£ up
Handkerchiefs, beautiful assortment .. 15£ up Kvjf
yMt Silk Camisoles, $1 up | Muslin Nightgowns,
Silk Envelopes, $1.50 up (RmS
$2.75 mp Envelope Chemise, Kh
jwfi Silk Nightgowns, $1.25 up WH
m $5.00 up Corset Covers, 59£ up i
irt Flannelette Gowns and Billy Burke Pajamas, (tijj
1 j $2.50 up
§ I Kimonos, $1.95 up Bath Robes, $2.95 up } B
§ 1 Silk Vs, 52.00 up Silk 5# .| g
= J Cotton Petticoats, Silk Bloomers, * it b
| { $1.25 up $2.25 up jpi
= I Porto Rico Nightgowns and Chemise, $3.50 up ♦ B
Wolfe Corset & Lingerie Shop
224 N. Second St. , J g
$0 Don't Fail to Look Over Our Gift Suggestions ftl
The W. M. B. Club met at the
Clifton on the evening of Decem
ber 4, During a succesful business
meeting it was decided to hold a
dance in the near futtire. The eve
ning was pelasantly spent in play
ing cards and dancing. The follow
ing members enjoyed a buffet sup
per: President Kathryn McNeal,
Vice-president Irene Johnson, Sec
retly Margaret Worley. Treasurer
Edith Mullen. "Knas" McNeal, "Blot
tus" I-eVin, "Marti Moltz, "Judy"
Wiland. "Dutehte" Hawthorne. "Peg
gy Cunningham, "Pinky" Mullen,
"Johnny" Johnson, "Buddie" Landis,
"Peggie" Spencer, "Solie" Shope,
"Midge' Worley, "Bird" Morrow,
'Dottle' Dahl, of Carlisle, and "Petty"
The next meeting will be held at
the home of Irene Johnson,
Berryhill street.
Unique French Gathering *•"
One of the most successful meet
ings held this year by Central stu
dents was that of "Le Cercle Fran
enis" last evening at the home of
! Winston Romlg. 630 Camp street.
'After a short business session, dur-
I ing which Miss Hazel Collier wasj
j elected secretary, novel entertain-
I ment was enjoyed. French charades
! were given and the members took
i part in a delightful little French
game. The first verse "The Mar
sellaise" was taught by Miss Phil
lips. Throughout the meeting all
conversation was in French. Refresh
ments were served to the following:
Margaret Good. Charlotte Grove. Es
ther Jean, Goldie Marcus, Eleanor
Ehy, Hazel Collier, Ruth Langdon,
Violet Hollinger.
Katherinc Dickert, Merle Smith,
Hilda IJaturin, Miss Edith Phillips.
William Mcßride, Winston Roniig.!
[George Pulas and Horace Selfg.
i The next meeting of the club w4l
j be held at the home of Miss Kathryn
\Wharton, 1519 North Second street.
[December 18.
Junior Class Meeting
! The Junior class of Central held
[a mass meeting in chapel yesterday
I between sessions. Arrangements were
! completed for the Junior dance to
j be held at Hanshaw's Hall to-nior
-1 row evening. President Richard
i Robinson and Secretary Margaret
[ Sehreadley selected the following
j committees: Pin committee —Har-
I riet Bastian, Mary Blair, Mary Ga-
I ble, Donald Egolf, John Minnaugh
[and William Cleckncr. Th'e commit
itee for class adviser is the same ex
j copt that Mary Rodney will take the
1 place of Mary Gable.
I The University Club held Its rexu
| lar meeting Tuesday evening, liie
following new members' were elecr
| ed: A. R. Hollinger, Gettysburg; C.
; F. Zimmerman. Princeton: the Rev.
I Dr. George Preston Mains. Wesleynn:
; Dr. C. M. Rlioades, Hahnemann Med
ical College; H. G. Niesley, Pennsyl
vania State College: the Rev. Win
field S. Herman, Gettysburg; W. E.
Severance, Harvard; G. A. Tyson,
The R. F. O. M. Club of the Y. W.
C. A. will hold a meeting this eve
ning in the clubrooms. After a six
o'clock supper has been served the
evening is to be spent in making gar
ments for the four orphans adopted
by the club. Miss Carrie Miller is
Mrs. Howard M. Brown, 638 Reily
street, has been called to Birdsboro
by the serious illness of her mother,
Mrs. Henry L. Buck, who is suffer
ing with Spanish influenza.
Miss Anna Mary Beetam started
| for her home in Denver, Colo., this
morning after a month's stay with
her cousin, Miss Ida Grant, of Mar
* ket street. *
Girl Scouts of Grace Metho
dist Church Secure Fine
Talent For Program
wfit- ska £M
A concert in which many people
are interested is being arranged for
Tuesday evening, December 10 at 8
o'clock in the large Sunday school
hall of Grace Methodist Church,
State street. The program, in the
hands of Miss Ivie M. R. Cook's class
of Girl Scouts will hate many at
tractions. The I'ennasyivania Rail
road Men's Glee Club, one of the most
popular musical organizations of the
city, will sing several times assisted
by the following artists: Miss Mar
garetta Kennedy, violin-cellist; Miss
Margaret Vaughn, harpist: soloists;
Mrs. Harry G. Keflfer. reader. Chil
dren's chorus of 200 voices composed
of members of the Junior Red Cross.
Boy and Girl Scouts will appear in
patriotic tableaux and song numbers
and Miss Gene Moses, whose picture
is seen above, will be soloist for this
great body of singers. Mrs. William
K. Bumbaugh, soprano, will give
several selections in .her own charm
ing style and the Updegrove orches
tra will play. Tickets are on sale
by the children and at Rose's, Sec
ond and Walnut streets.
The Jewish Red Cross auxiliary
has announced that a large meeting
| will'be held in Kesher Israel Syna
-1 gogue, Thursday evening, Decem-
I ber 12. Among the speakers of the
evening will be Mrs. John Y. Boyd
and Jesse E. B. Cunningham. At a
meeting held last Monday sixteen
| women offered their services for the
Red Crqss membership drive. The
Social Sewing Circle donated 88.50 to
the auxiliary.
All members are asked to return
the work they have out.
A regular meeting of the Harris
burg Civic Club will be held next
Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock in
stead of at 3.30 which is the cus
tom. Governor Brumbaugh, the
speaker has a conference in Annapo
lis and has to take an earlier train
so the hour has been advanced.
The doll show planned by the Girl
Scouts of Augsburg Lutheran Church
for Friday evening, with an enter
tainment to follow, has been canceled
and the dolls will be sent immedi
ately to the Loysvilio Orphans Home
Miss Frances Acuff has announced
the junior honor roll of the Seiler
school for November as follows:
Pauline Wert, Florence Wallace
Hamilton, Edna Eggert and Eliza
beth Coloviras.
. Frederick L. Morganthaler, of
NJontgomery and Company, is regis
tered at Hotel McAlpin, New York
City, during the National American
Storage Warehousemen's convention.
Herbert E. Bassctt, editor of the
Wayne-Independent, has gone home
to Honesdale after serving here on
the grand Jury. '
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Cunningham
went home to Brooklyn this morn
ing after a week's stay among rela
tives in this vicinity. *
Miss Pearl Lockwood, of Troy,
N. Y., is visiting her sister, Mrs.
Clare D. Bennett, of State street.
Mrs. John Pope, of Selma, Ark.,
is .visiting her sister, Mrs.. M. M.
Coons, 128 Locust street.
Miss Celeste Burg, of Yorlt, re
cently visited Mr. and Mrs. 11. B.
Rehard, 1945 Green street.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey B. Fletcher,
of Frankfort, Ky., are in town for a
little visit with their relatives, Mr.
and Mrs. George W. Tannhauser, of
State strqet.
Miss Edna Fleitz and "Miss Mario
Jeffrey Fleits, of Baltimore, are visit
ing their sister, Mrs. Herman P.
Mertz, of Green street.
Paul B. Gray and Luther F. Gray
went home to Pittsburgh this morn
ing after a week's stay among rela
tives in suburban Harrisburg.
Miss Paiillne Campbell, of Phila
delphia, is a guest of Miss Grace D.
Farley, of Green street.
J. Montgomery Trace, of the firm
of Montgomery and Company, lias re
turned from a visit to Pittsburgh,
where 4ie attended the Pitt-Penn
State game.
Sergeant Harry R. Brown is
spending a five days' furlough with
his parents, Mr. and Mi's. Howard
M. Brown. 638 Reily street.
Miss Evelyn Gracey, of Rochester,
X. Y., is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Paul
Kistler, of State sftrect, for the re
mainder of the month.
Miss Rita Buxbaum, of North
Second street, is going to Carlisle, to
attend the big military ball this
evening given by the Dickinson Col
lege S. A. T. C.
Miss Sara Cullen and Miss Mabel
Cullen, of Tioga, are guests of their
aunt, Mrs. Luther Walters, of Penn
street, for a week.
Earl B. Thompson, of Chicago, Is
a guest at the home of lilh brother,
Walter K. Thompson, of State street, j
on the way to New York and Boston. j
WAimisßUßo M&& telegraph
Encouraging Fuels Set Forth
in Report of Railroad
During November 5,860 persons
\ lstted the Pennsylvania Railroad
Young Men's Christian Aaaociatton
building at Reily and Wallace streets.
The restroOms were used 3306 times
during the month; 1,560 jersons used ,
the gymnasium: 1,600 baths were
j furnished; 693 person* used the na
itatorium; 2 7 new members were re-
I reived; 35 books were drawn from
| the library; 48 visits were made to
' the sick and injured.
| The foregoing fact's stand out in
i the report of Secretary Gregory and i
! show a growing interest in the rail- J
; road s branch of the Y. M. C. A. aetivi- ;
ties in the city. (
The religious work secretary's re
port showed that eight religibus j
meetings were held in the building I
with 980 in attendance; live group |
meetings were held outside the
building with eighty-four in attend
ance. fifteen students enrolled in the 1
Correspondence Rible classes; two
students were graduated during No
vember; one of the largest classes
is the school boys and girls' stereop
ticon class held at 7 o'clock on Fri- (
day evenings with an average attend-'
ance of 2 89.
The cottage prayer meeting com- |
mittee reports one conversion and in- ,
creasing interest. The Sunday after
noon meetings for meif and women
has been resumed with gratifying re
sults. An exceptional program Is be
ing launched in this department,
[ By Associated Press
Washington. The Government
Weather Bureau predicted fair
weather in the southeastern portion
of Pennsylvania, cloudy in north and
wdst portions to-night, with cloudy
and probable rain on Friday.
Washington. it was said to-day
that if Representative Carter Glass, of
Virginia, iinds his health will permit,
his appointment as Secretary of the
Treasury will be announced immedi
Washington. Word reacliod the
capital to-day that Vice-President
George G. Ward would refuse the ap
pointment as director of the combined
Western Union-Commercial Cable
Service, authorized by Postmaster
General Burleson.
Washington. Two large battle
cruisers are in process of construction
at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, and it
is planned to begin soon to build the
largest dreadnauglits tjierc. two at a
time, Rear Admiral C. W. Parks told
the House naval affairs committee.
Washington. By unanimous vote
the Senate foreigp relations commit
tee to-day disapproved the resolution
of Senator Cummins, of lowa. Repub
lican, proposing to send a Senate com
mittee to Paris for the peace confer
Washington. The National War
I,abor Board to-day refused to as
sume Jurisdiction in a case brought
by the city .firemen of Omaha, Neb.,
seeking the right to organize and
higher wages.
Small children who make a prac
tice of breaking milk bottles and
other glass on the streets, will be
arrested and prosecuted- in the
future, according to police authori
ties. who have been receiving nu
merous complaints about the prac
tice. Housewives also have been
urged to avoid leaving milk bottles
stand on their steps, as they con
stitute a temptation to the small
•hoy. It is declared that the puncture
menace has increased greatly due to
bottles broken on the streets.
Five negroes are "doing time" in
the guardhouse at Marsh Run as a
result of their desire for whisky
last evening. The five men entered
the* Eagle Hotel, Seventh and Boas
streets, und after asking for a drink
of water, held up the bartender at
the point of a revolver and helped
themselves to two quarts of whisky.
State police arrested them at Marsh
Sergeant William J. Griffith, of
Williamstown. son of Mr. and Mrs.
John W.'Griffith, West Broad street,
Williamstown, has received the
Croix de Guerre from the French
government in recognition for his
bravery in action at Chateau Thier
ry, and Verdun. He was wounded
and gassed on the battlefield and
had to undergo an operation at the
Pierpont Morgan Hospital, Septem
ber 16.
The following officers were elect
ed at last night's meeting of Key
stone lodge, No. 1070, I. A. of M.:
President. O. A. Ludy; vice-presi
dent, H. U. Bean; financial secre
tary, C. S. Davidson; corresponding
secretary, A. F. Speese; treasurer,
H. H. Grant; conductor, B. T. Sei
ple; sentinel. George Brown; gen
eral committee, George Owens. M.
Calnc and W. H. McXair.
The governors of the Motor Club of
Harrisburg will hold their monthly
meeting Friday evening at 8 o'clock
at the club headquarters, 109 South
Second street. •
According to a telegram received
in this city from Worcester, Mass.,
dated December 2, Thomas J. Cleary,
of 58 Pleasant street, Worcester,
Mass., and Miss Marian Viola But
ter, at this city, werfe united in mar
riage by the Rev. Dr. William H.
Goggin, rector of St. Paul's Church.
[All announcements under this head
ing must be accompanied bp name
lo assure accuracy. 1
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence BricKlcy,
1836 Chestnut street, announce the
birth of a son,. Kenneth Brickley,
Saturday, November 30, 1918.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Walton,
of Scranton, former' Harrlsburgers,
announce the birth of a daughter,
Sara Elizabeth Walton. Saturday,
November 30, 1918.
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Dwyer, of
Mtddletown, announce the birth of a
daughter. Feme Eileen Dwyer, Sun
day, December 1. 1918. Sergeant
Dwyer Is doing military police duty
with Company I, 112 th Infantry in
To Take Wounded
- to Carlisle Hospital
Within a month '6OO wounded
soldiers are expected to arrive at the
ariny convalescent hospital now un
der construction at the famous In
dian school site. In Carlisle. Major
Bachmyer In charge of the work,
I said last night that remodeling work
I is progressing rapidly. ThoiJnedtcal
I staff now comprises
officers, one chief nurse, and one
usslstant nurse. According to present
indications, the first contingent of
wounded men will arrive soon after
Christmas Day.
Captain McCreath Is
Adjutant of Brigade
A. S. McCreath, 119 South Front
street, has received ward that his
son, Captain William McCreath, Ims
been made acting adjutant of his
.brigade at Camp Beauregaid, where
>he has been stationed since his re
! turn from France. Captain McN
! Creath will he home for Christmas.
Standing of the Crews
I'lillndelphln Division The V>3
-crew first to go after 3.3o'o'clock:
127. 113, 111.
Flagman for 111.
Brakeman for 127.
Engineers up: Schwartz. Lenney,
Sfeflfy. Hlankenhorn. Shouff. iiouseal.
McCurdy, s. K. Steffy, Frickman. Nis
sley, Hogentogler, Smith,
i Firemen up: Sorge, Hllshea. Halton,
I Moyer, Frystnger, .Myers, Mace, Del
| weiier, Williams, Brooius. Crainar.
Novak, Beyer, Herr, Anderson.
Conductor up: Heed.
Brakemen up: Poff, Whinger, Xoltl
inger, Schelberger, Dorsett. Funk,
Lutz, Hollenba'ugh, Burns, Pines, lial
j bleib, Haney.
Middle Division —The 18 crew first
to go after 1.30 o'clock: 16. 26. 32. 24.
39, 223, 250. 37, 234, 267. Laid off:
29. 28, 26.
Engineers for 18, 16. 39.
Firemen for 18, 16, 39, 250, 37.
Conductor for 18.
Engineer*, up: Karley, Titter, Lef
fard, Sheely, Krepps, Cope, Cock,
Smith, Gladhill, Nissley, Loper, Gray,
Snyder, Kauffman, Beverlin, Rathfon,
Strlckler, Stone, Rowe, Kistlcr,
Firemen up: Benson. Miller, Ging
rich Banks, Jones, Myers, Broun.
Bieff, Dennison, Moretz, Barton,
Lewie, Hubbert, Shellenberger, Kiner,
Fortenbaugh. Arndt, Graham, Ulsh,
Seveck, Tunibaugh, Strayer, Sieg
fried Stemler.
Brakemen up: Hoffman, Nicholas,
Depew, Dare, Zimmerman, Ncice,
Dennis, Turnbaugh, Forbes, Leach.
Shelley, Yingst, * Kombergor, Mens,
Bitner, Hegedus, Raff, Roebuck,
Woodward, Clouser, Kemp, Sterrlng
er. \
Yard Bonrd Engineers for 2-7 C,
3-7 C, 4-7 C, 10C, 11C, 2-14 C, ICC, 50C.
Firemen for 3-7 C, 10C, 12C, 2-15 C,
4-15 C, 23C.
Engineers up: Miller, R. B. Miller,
RifTers, McCartney, Waltz. Hall,
Desch. Graham, Fry, Dougherty.
Eyde. Ewing, Snell, Hftisher.
Firemen up: Hoffman, Chubb, Bus
kin. Feight, Clemm, Guycr, Russell,
Owens, Patrick, Drake, Little, At
tick. Bowers, Brehm, Lake.
Philadelphia Division The 226
crew first to go after 3.45 o'clock:
207, 210, 216, 244, 217, 243, 242, 219,
202, 235, 254, 216, 234, 208, 228, 222.
Engineers for 215, 217, 219, 254,
234, 254.
Firemen for 226, 207, 210, 217, 243,
2*9. 234.
Conductors for 17, 19, 02.
Flagman for 16. •
Brakemen for 07 (-21, 10. 14, 17,
43, 42, 19. 08 (2), 22. \
Brakemen up. Eshleman, Adams,
Freeman. Audsill, Naviur.
Middle Division —The 109 crew first
to go after 1.45 o'clock: 126, 119, 112,
114. 236, 102, 118, 222, 246, 232, 231.
Laid off: 122, 107, 117.
Firemen for 109, 124, 112, 114, 102.
Conductors for 112, 102.
Flagman for 118.
Brakeman for 114.
Yard Ronrd Engineers for Ist
126, 2d 129, 3d 129, 2d 132, 140, 149,
152, Ist 102. 2d 102.
.Firemen for 2d 126, 137, Ist 10J, Cd
Engineers up: Hanlon, Brown,
Kawell, Lutz, Hugglns, Ewing, Barn
hart, Bruaw, Zelders, Sellers, Books.
Firemen up: Chapman, Ashcnfelter,
Knackstedt, Rlckert, Eichclbargcr,
Bruce, haver. Gnmber, Fake, Plorfce,
Lightner, Miller, Koch, Fisher,
Philadelphia Division Engineers
up: Gilliums, ' Pleam, Osmond, Gib
bons, Kennedy.
Firemen up: Copeland, Shalfner,
Althouse, Shive.
Middle Division Engineers up:
Smith. Keane, Crum, Crane, Buck,
Schreck, Kelley, Miller, Keiser, Crim
mel, Keane, Graham.
Firemen up: Haverstine, Barr, Kel
ly, Rupert, Snyder, Horning, Wilson,
Hoffman, Howard, Kunkle, Smith,
Johnson. Harshbarger, Wolfe, Penn
syl, Kelly, Beisel, Sheats, Morris,
Kepner, Pierce.
The 69 crew first to go after 12.45
o'clock: 63, .55, 64, 8, 54, 20, 58, 15,
62, 53.
Engineers for 53, 54. 63, 64, 20.
Firemen for 63, 54, 69, 15.
Flagman for 54.
Brakemen for 53, 54. 55, 58, 63, 64,
67. 69. 69.. 19, 20.
Engineers up: Beecher, Hoffman,
Firemen up: Buffington, Brintpn,
Harrison, Burtnett, Stone, CHne,
Yeingst, Kurtz, Shellhammcr.
For Christmas
For Mother and Father
A Pair of Belsinger Glasses to
enable them to see Just as good
as they ever saw. Just send
mother and father to us and we
will make this Christmas a bright
one by making them a pair of
good glasses to see with. You
will find the price reasonable.
J. S. Belsinger
212 Locust St, Next Door to Orplieum
Registered Optometrist A Optlelon
The Home of "Gennln Shure-Oas"
Conductors up: Hetrlck. Patton,
Hetrlck, Ford, Holt
Flagmen up: Shlreman, Lrhmer,
Schwartz. Lukons, Kiohmau, Martin,
I.utery, Shultz, Caasel, Ziitk. l.ub
Brakemen up: Helm, Anderson,
Bowers, Hendrlok. Smith, Kugel,
Bowman, Oaman, Ryan, Chronister,
Cuddlaon, Ileagy.
/g" ===== .
! Walnut near Second i
V * '■ 1 "
Combination Sale of High
• o
Grade Dresses and Suits
~ ' i
50 Entire Suit
; High Grade Stock
Dresses Comprising Fur Trimmed, Plain Tai-
I in Tricolette, Satin, Georgette, Jersey lored and Sport models —including
and Combinations—in desirable col- Silvertones, Velours, Serges, Ox
ors taken from our regular stocks-- fordS( Mixtures and other materials,
- $47.50 to $82.50
, Extraordinary Special, I /
• $33.75 to $49.50 /3 utt
j< ' ,
Harrisburg's Best Christmas
Is Without Doubt, to Be Found Now at the
J. H. Troup Store
HAVE you yet to choose, your Christmas piano,
player-piano or talking machine? * Let us suggest
that you here, tomorrow or Saturday.
The Holiday rush is on. Never before has the sell
ing been so large. Stocks are still full, but we are ap
proaching the danger line and t must advise patrons to
lose no time now in making selection of any instrument -
Tomorrow and Saturday will be opportune days,
owing to the &rriVal of many wanted instruments;
take advantage.
■ Choose one these
three leading makes of
i phonographs NOW.
They cost no more than
inferior, unknown makes, v*.
/ that can't be sold except ilayeVS
as bargains, yet they are
Pianos superior in everyway. t0 choose from
We have a style, size and
finish to suit you. Pay-,
to choose from ments as low as $385 Up
Tin $5.00
up Monthly Comprising new and
used Emersons, Auto-
Including new and • tones, Autopianos, Es
us e d Chickerings, ,teys, Kimballs, Mer-
Sohmers, Mehl in s , I rills, Fosters, Daven-
Kimballs, Pooles, Bush port & Traceys, Shon
& Lanes, Esteys, Mer- jfl IM BnJwljß ingers, Angelus, Mar
rills, Shoningers, Mar- fE || ijlg|flg shall & Wendells, and
shall & Wendells, Fos- }| jS Pffffjlii If jf|ifjff| others with 36 Music
ters, Tiffanys, Frances Mml J||MmP •$ fjSjl|| Rolls and Bench in
payments as low as jlll lijl Mj p Payments as low as
• s
Delivery of any instrument selected will be made as
desired, at once or not until Christmas. Stores .closes
daily at 5.30; Saturday at 9.30.
. > *
J. H.. Troup Music House
Troup Building (Est. 1881). 1 5 S. Market Sq.
(The Only J. H. Troup Store in the City)
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' DECEMBER 5, 1918. 1 v
Wright's Orchestra
of Columbus, Ohio, at Wlntordftle!
Hall, 15 North Market Square,
Thursday, Friday and Suturday eve
nings, December 5, C, 7. A wonder
ful dance attraction. Admission 50
and 75 cents.
Children's Hair Cutting
Mornings, 9 to 12 O'clock
Young Lady Rhone Appointments
Attendants Suggested
MAE'S Hair Dressing Parlors
I 34 N. 2nd St. Entire 2nd Floor