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ifoung Adams County Miller
Has Thrilling Experience
When Floodgate Gives
Gettysburg, Pa.. Nov. 22. —Clyde
Plank, son of Luther Plank, a
miller at Table Hock, had a nar
row escape from being drowned
while engaged in cleaning fin ac
cumulation of dirt from the water
entrance to the mill! The flood
gate used to hold off the waver
when the tuiil is not in operation
became loosened and a wall of
water rushed over him entirely en
gulfing hir body and hurling him
among the wheels and shafts. By
presence of n-.liyi he was able to
find the main shaft and pull him
self übove tlio level of the water to
avoid suffocation.
New Cumberland, Pa., Nov. 22. —
Pupils of the borough schools gave
$250 for the war fund.
Asthma Sufferers
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■ HARRISBURG, PA. qdat hart a bit I
'News of Mifflin County
Soldiers in U. S. Service
brwktonn. Pa., Nov. 22.—Lawrence
Burlew, brought to this country from
France, is improving from his
The many friends of Sergeant Wil
liam H. Felix, are pleased to hear
that he is improving from the serious
wounds received in France. He was
born in Lewistown and is a son of
the late Charles Felix, of Lewistown.
The Rev. Reid Dickson, of Lewis
town, engaged in Y. M. C. A. work in
France, after a visit to friends here
ha 3 returned to Europe.
Major F. A. Rupp, after a visit
here, is again in France. He to
this county some time ago In charge
of wounded siMdiers.
Mrs. Willis Manbeck has four sons
in the service. One was slightly
wounded and another seriously
wounded during the war.
Charles Williams has three sons in
i the service and as far as is known
they- have all escaped injury.
I Milton Myers, killed in France,
! September 29, had a record •as a
! brave and fearless soldier.
| Perry Garret has three sons in the
i United States army.
| George Phillips, of Lewistown, a
I lieutenant in an aviation corps is
reported flying in Franco.
' John and Jacob Eby are in France,
i and another brother, who was in the
United States service was discharged
on account of rheumatism.
Corporal V. A, "Goss writes home
| from France that he has been in the
! thick of the fight.
Gettysburg, Pa., Nov. 22.—A dis
ease of some kind is appearing
among the hogs in the southern end
i of the town, killing them off in a
: few days. Just what the disease is
is not known, hut about fifteen of
the porkers, all of them fat and
ready *o be killed, have been
hauled out in the past week, by dif
ferent owners. With pork selling
i at twenty cents ar pound it means a
i loss of about one hundred and fifty
, dollars to most of the losers, not
i counting what it will cost them to
I buy their meat and lard for the
1 coming year.
sunhury. Pa.. Nov. 22.—Private
Donald L. Campbell, of the American
' Expeditionary Forces, died in France.
of bronchial pneumonia, following
! his having been gassed, according to
' word received by his wife, who lives
j at Fisher's Ferry, near here.
Milton. Pa., Nov. 22.—Raymond
Shupp. 19, of near here, was instant
i lv killed when lie stepped in front
of a train at a Milton grade crossing.
' He was a munition worker.
Volunteer Helper at
Emergency Hospital
Dies of Pneumonia
Millrrnburg, Pa., Nov. 22.—Harry
M. Murama, aged 33 years, died on
Wednesday after a weeks' illness of
pneumonia. Mr. Munima was a help
j er at the Emergency Hospital sev
| eral weeks ago and also assisted at
' the home of Ray Sechrist, who died
of the same disease ten days ago.
He was a member of Camp No. 5770,
Modern Woodmen of America, and a
member of the Reformed Church. He
Is survived by his wife and a young
son. Funeral services will be held
at the late home to-morrow after
noon at 2 o'clock. Burial in Oak Hill;
cemetery. The Rev. Bair will conduct I
the service.
Danville, Pa.. Nov. 22.—-V German
helmet, with two holes in it, was re
ceived by William C. Pursel, as a
gift from Major J. Beaver Gearhart. :
who is with the American forces in |
France. A lock of hair on iRe in- .
! side indicates the reason for the hel-
I met being broken. It is camouflaged ,
i with a dirt-colored paint, and strip-
I cd with lines of pale red and gray. I
j making the effect such that lying on I
I the ground it might be taken for a !
j projecting rock.
i Liverpool, Nov. 22.—Mr. and Mrs.
Vernon Glass, of Northumberland,
j formerly of this place, are receiving!
congratulations on the birth OT j
! twins, a son and daughter, born Mon- 1
i day, November 18. Prior to her mar
| riage, Mrs. Glass was Miss Mary Ker- I
[i stetter. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.I
• E. Kerstetter, and was one of LJver-
I pool's popular young women.
Halifax. Pa., Nov. 22.—The ap
peals for linens for the hospitals of
France, met with a "hearty response,
from Halifax people. A louse-to
■ house canvass was made by mem-
I hers of the Red CroSs Auxiliary and
j some articles were given, but nearly
i every person gave mWney. The allot
ment for Halifax was three dozen
each of sheets, bath and hand towels
and handkerchiefs, amounting to
i nearly $75. By getting the articles
at wholesale Harrisburg Chapter
! saved about 20 per cent.
Marietta, Pa., Nov. 22. —Aviator
! Bert Deitz. arrived from Ohio yes
; terday, just too late to see his moth
'er who died. Mrs. Jacob Deitz was j
j 49 years of age, and an active worker
iof the Presbyterian church. She is
| survived by her husband, live chil- |
dren. one of whom is in France,- A
j brother, Frank Sharp, the last of the
I family also survives. Death teas due \
j to pleurisy.
Marietta, Pa„ Nov. 22. While
working at the factory of Hess and
Company, shoe manufacturers, David
H. Snader, Jr., of near Akron, met
with an accident which will keep him
from work for some time by getting
his left hand in the cogs of the .ma
Marietta. Pa., Nov. 22.—A pretty
wedding was solemnized yesterday
at the home of Mrs. Rebecca Landis,
when her daughter. Miss Anna L.
' Landis, was married to John H.
j sel. of Penn townyhip. near East
! Petersburg. The oeremony was per- ■
formed by the Rev. A. S. Hottenstein. 1
Marrietta, Pa., Nov. '22.—Paul H.
Bletz, Jr., of Manor township, has
j been cited for bravery jn France.
; Young Btotz entered the service in
! 1917. in Company C, Fourth Regiment,
and has been overseas many, months.
George LongSdorf, of the United j
j States Navy, wears a gold star slgni- !
■ fying that he assisted in sinking a 1
German submarine. 1 He is visiting j
at his home In MountviUe.
Northumberland. • Pa., Nov. 22. —Mr.
I and Mrs. Abram I. Dudley, of No. 32i
Northway, received word to-day • of
• the death of their son. Private Wll-(
lard H. Dudley, who had died in the!
I League Island Navy Yard on Tues
-1 day. Xo details were given. TheC.
I young man enlisted as ai cook,. He
■ is surviyed by his wife and three
j children.
Columbin, Pa., Nov. 21.*—Winding
t up the United War Workers Cam
: paign with the'organization of "an
over-the-top club," team captains
i raised a considerable sum toward
the town s quota for the War Chest.
; The method in the Fourth
Liberty Loan Drive netted more
; than SSOO.
i New BloomHehl, Pa.. Nov. 22.
The New Bloomfleid branch of the
; American ReO Cross has voted to
| adopt a French orphan, the cost wtli
i be $36.50 to take care of it for one
year. A glass bowl will be placed in
Thomas Bender's restaurant for the
purpose of collecting money to
, adopt another homeless baby.
h.n uward nlv nyat rerommended
Bronchial Asthma
fatn •( atmdy and nbaarvatioa convlneo
lim it won id cnfelr, uuickhr aad anrr't
• lop a bad cough Had giva inalant ralias n
Uronobial Aatbaa. Gnaraalaad kark|l •
Hera ia abaolule proof from naers.
Waterburv. Ct.— No asthma thanks to OxidaM
■ialtm. ii'. I'd. —We find it all you claim.
Kendrick, Cot.— Am well pleased with results.
; Circle ride. O.—More help than from I
' Somerset, MUM.— It gives full satisfaction. j
Detroit, MICH. —It has benefited me greatly, |
IVorctster, Matt.— ls worth thousands to mo,
! Kerne. X. II.— I speak in highest praise of it
! Hen ton, Mich.—t got nearly instant relief,
j Uotrcll, Mich. —For astlima, be-t thing I've foW|
■ Cincinnati, O.—lt is a wonderful medicine.
smttft* Hat in. X. Y.— Delighted with Oxidase. I
! Rochdale. Mati.—C ough gone,gained eight Ins, I,
! Signed letters on file. Order todgj}
Hoses back it -I fail*. All Drngilala y
G. A. Gorgas
Do Everything You Can to:
Avoid Influenza.
I Doctors advise the frequent use
|of a good gargle or spray as the
best means of avoiding influenza.
I TONSILINE, The National Sore
I Throat Remedy, makes an ideal
1 and effective spray or gargle.
Look For the GIRAFFE. j
Officer and Enlisted Man
Reported Missing in France
Lcwtiitown, Pa., Nov.' 22.—John j
Jones, of Lewlstown, has received a
telegram, infoiming him that his
son, James S. Jones is officially miss
ing in action in France, since the
hard fighting of Septemher 29. Mrs.
W. Warren Shatzer. has also re- i
ceived word from the War Depart- J
1 ment that her husband, Lieutenant t
William Warren Shatzer. is reported ■
as missing since July 9.
Private Jones, enlisted in Pitts- j
burgh at the beginning of the war j
and was sent to Columbus barracks, 1
and from there to Eagle Pass, Texas, |
and Syracuse, X. Y. Then he went i
to France.
Although reported missing since j
July 9. Mrs. Shntzer received a letter
written by her husband on October |
12, stating that he, was then back on !
the lines. There was nothing in the j
letter to Indicate thai he hud met i
with any casualty. Mr. Shatzer is a '
lieutenant in Company G, One Hun- !
dred and Twelfth Infantry, Twenty- :
| eighth Division. Mr. Shatzer was ,
| tirst lieutenant of Company M. |
Eighth Pennsylvania, when he left i
I Lewlstown. I
Columbia. Pa., Nov. 22. —Colunt-
; liiu Chapter of the Ked Cross, at the
i largest meeting in its history Wed
nesday night elected these officers'
I for the ensuing year: Chairman,'
I.Mrs. 11. M. North, Jr.; vice-chair-j
'man, Mrs. E. C. Shannon; secre-]
tary, Lucy Hayes Grier; treasurer, i
Bertha A. Pannebecker; directors,
the Rev.' George *W. Brown; Modie j
Heinentan, Mrs. Christian "A. Groffj
and Lr. Richard lloeser. All tho
' directors of the. former year were i
I anted by the chairman. At tli
conclusion of the meeting. Captain, i
Daniel B. Strickler, who just re- j
turned from the battlefields of;
France, where he had been engaged i
in action, narrated scenes at thg.
front. Mere than six hundred peo- I
pie heard the address.
Kutlterforil Heights, Pa., Nov. 22.
—A community supper was given,!
at Rutherford Heights recently un-1
der the auspices of the women of,
the community for the benefit ol'
[ the United War Work campaign. J
The supper was held at the home I
lof Mrs. Kifse. proprietor of the j
I Rutherford Inn. Mrs. Edward De- j
hart was chosen as captain of the i
I affair, with Mrs. R. B. Troni sec- i
I retary and. Mrs. Reily. A. Kramer, j
I treasurer. The following women ]
acted as lieutenants: . Mrs. Rev. E. |
! F. Brown, Mrs. Early, Mrs. George (
; .Shay. Mrs. E. L. MeCrone and. Mrs,
; Kuse. These women wjth a good!
' corps of did lint; work.,
! The sum realized from the supper
was $137.
i New Bloomlichl, Pa., Nov. 22.
Mrs. E. E. Moore, Mrs. W. H. Dar
lington and Mrs. James M. Baer will
attend the luncheon and anjiual con
ference of the Red Cross Chapter
branches and auxiliaries at the Civic
Club at Harrisburg.
Halifax, Pa., Nov. 22, —Miss Mary
Hoffman, of Halifax, and Clay Swab, :
of Enders, were married on Monday j
at the parsonage of the United •
Brethren Church, at Enders by the
pastor, the Rev. H. H. Fertig. |
Halifax, Pa.. Nov. 22.—Halifax has '
again gone over the top in the Unit- ;
ed War Work drive tlie town and.vi
cinlty ...Contributing S7OO, just SSO j
more than the quota.
Milton, Pa , Nov. 22.—Milton dis
trict has contributed more ttian $26,- I
000 to the War Work fund, practical- j
lj* every . section of the district ex-!
' ceeded its quota.
Halifax, Pa., Nov. 22.—Mrs. Alice
CraUscr. of town has in her posses
sion two old coins dated 1800 and
'lBlO. The' 1800 coin is ten years old
er than the-one found by Mrs. X. J.
Moyer, of Halifax township, some
time ago.
Columbgi, Ha- Nov. 22.—The
Pennsylvania .Shirt Company, a new
industry of which D. H. Shotrone is
! to be manager, will begin opera
tions next Monday, giving employ
ment to a number of girls.
Suburban Notes
Mrs. A. E. Kerstctter spent several
da* s this week in Northumberland.
Miss Prera B. Robinson, a member
of the faculty pt Willlamsport Dicki
son Seminary, was called home this
week on accoant of the death of her
father, S. A, Robinson.
Mrs. B. F. Blattenberger was a re
cent visitor at Harrisburg.
Mrs. Alvin Grubb and daughter,
Caroline, are visiting here with Mr.
and Mrs. A. M. Shuler.
Mrs. Clara Lutz Is visiting her son
at Sunbury. • i
Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Kerstetter, of
Harrisburg. were recent visitors at;
Frank Brown's.
Mrs. Hilda Murray and daughter.
Phyllis, are visiting relatives at
W. IV. Wllker and Prof. H. O.
Mitchell, spent Thursday at Harris
Mrs. John S. Trimmer,* of Harris
burg. is spending some time here"
with her daughter, Mi-s. Charles E.
Deckard, who is ill.
A daughter was born to Mr. and ;
Mrs. George Howe on Friday. No- ;
vember 15.
Mr. and Mrs. W H. Snyder and j
daughter, Helen, of Harrisburg. spent
Sunday at the home of W. D. 80l- j
Mrs. J. C. Ritzman was a visitor in !
Harrisburg on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Detrick and j
daughter, Marion, have returned to j
their home in Lemoyne.
A. H. Fish and his daughter, Mrs.
J. E. Rounaiey were visitors in' Har- :
risburg on Tuesday.
Mrs. Ida Kepner, of Port Royal, I
is visiting her niece. Mrs. C. A. Walt- |
Mr*. J. O. Charles and daughter,
Carol, have returned to their home j
in Emaus. after *pendlng ten day* 1
Wuft her mother, Mrs. Hannah '
Mis* Kathryn Rlckabaugh visited ;
friends at Harrisburg.
Mrs. Mary Pellow has returned ,
home Irom a visit with her duugh- ;
ter at Harrisburg.
Mr. and Mr*. H. S. Branyau spent j
Monday at Philadelphia.
Independent Americans to
Hold Memorial For Soldier
New Cumberland, Nov. 22.—Mem
bers of Riverside Council No. 87,
Order of Independent Americans,
will uttend a special service in
Baughman Memorial Church next
Sunday evening. It is their annual
Thanksgiving service, but in this case
also will be a memorial service to
William 11, Nauss, a 'former mem
ber of the service, who was killed in
France. The council has thirty-two
men in the service, and a number
have been reported wounded.
The members, of whom there are
about 500, will meet at the home of
the council, Second and Bridge
streets, and proceed in a body to the
church. All the members have been
requested to attend.
New Cumberland, Pa., Nov. 25.
Services at Baughman Memorial
Methodist Church Sunday will be as
follows. Shore session of Sunday
school at 9.30 and a Rally Day pro
gram will be rendered at 10.80. This
will be in place of the morning ser
! At 7.30 the pastor, the. Rev. V. T.
Rue, will preach the annual Thanks
givlng_sermon to Riverside Council
i No. 87, Order of Americans. Ep
worth League at 0.30,
Washington Heights, Pa„ Nov. 32.
j - The "Win One" class of Calvary
I nited Brethren Sunday school,
taught by w.' y. Rishel. met at the
home of Miss Maude Peffer on Tues
day evening. After the business
meeting the hostess served refresh
ments to Mrs. Samuel Bonigarduer,
Mrs. Lloyd Bossard, Mrs. Alfed
Shade, .Mrs. H. A, Nelson, Miss Goldie
Nay lor. Miss Ruth Sponsler, Miss
Ethel Beyer, Miss .Myrtle Rupp, Miss
t. ynthia Boyer, Mrs. R. 51. Peffer, W.
O. Rishel, Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Eshle
man, Miss 51attd Peffer
Shircmavtown, p a „ Nov 22
Little Walt w Russell Zimmerman,
son of Mr. and .Mrs. Walter S. Zim
merman, of East Main street an
nounces the birth of a baby sister,
ha rah Frances Zimmerman, Novem
ber 18, 1918.
Shit'cinniislowii, Pa„ Nov 22
1 rvin Heighes. of Lemoyne; S. 'S.
Rupp, Jacob B. Fre.v and Harry D.
~ l "® n, anstown, are home
' a successful gunning trip to Big
°i e Tannery, Fulton county.
i I
Must, We Another War To
Save the World From Its Menace?
A shudder rims through the Western nations as they watch the millions of Central Europe
plunge from autocracy toward anarchy, and publicists begin to ask if we must fight again—against
the new foe. V * * •
"Must we save the world from anarchy" is on every lip and the fact that such questions as
these are being asked everywhere is proof enough that "the war does not end when the enemy
surrenders," according to The New Republic. On the other hand, we find the Hartford Courant
convinced that the scientific socialism of Germany can never develop the disorder that was bound
to accompany the Bolshevism inherited from the old Russian nihilism. And the Boston Globe
reminds us that "whereas Russia was predominately illiterate, in Germany illiteracy is less than
one per cent."
The leading article in THE LITERARY DIGEST this'week deals witfi the greatest menace
that threatens the conclusion of world peace—the Bolsheviki. Other news-features in this par
ticularly interesting number of "The Digest" arc:
Records of American and British Navies in the War
The Veil of Silence Is Lifted and in This Article Tribute Is Paid to the Wonderful Work That Both
Navies Have Performed .
An "Unconditional Surrender"
The Specter of Famine Over Europe
Denmark Wants Schleswig
The Oil-can as a Globe-Trotter
Fire as a Weapon
Art Thefts in France and Italy
The London Theater's Prosperity
Shall Soldiers Pay for Comforts From
Y. M. C. A. and K. of C.?
The Soldiers' Lack of Hate
Personal Glimpses of Men and Events
How "The Digest" Will Serve You in the Future
just as THE LITERARY DIGEST has provided dur
ing the long years of- war that have just ended the
most authoritative and dependable of news articles
from week to week, so now, in the wonderful period
of reconstruction that lies before us, it will furnish
the vitals news upon all the great questions of the day
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I / / \ N^ERVEy/
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Personal and Social Items
of Towns on West Shore
Mr. and 51 rs. D. S. Eslileman, of
Washington Heights, visited Mr. and
Mrs. William Bishop, *of Moore's
Miss Pearl Kauffman, of Worm
leysburg, was the guest of Miss
Maude Peffer, at Washington
Mrs. J. P. Koontz, of York, is vis
| itlng her son, the Rev. P. R. Koontz,
• ut Washington Heights. >
I Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Pelfer and
! Miss Hilda Famous, of Washington
■ Heights, motored to Newport where
they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
I Krik Fleurie.
j .Mrs. I. W. Rishel,. of Washington
I Ileights, visited her mother. Mrs. Ida
Smith, of Howard street. Harrisburg.
Sir. and Mrs. Edgar Wire and fam
ily and Mrs. John Wire, of New
I Cumberland, are spending a week in
Adams county.
Mrs. Harry Paden and three chil
dren, of Ohio, visited relatives In
New Cumberland yesterday.
Dr. Ward Sprenltel, of Philadel
phia, visited his parents. Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Sprenkel, *nt New Cum
berland, this week.
George Miller, of STiiremanstown,
spent Tuesday at Goldsboro.
Mrs. J. S. Brinton, of Shiremans
"town, spent a day recently with hot
son, Harry Brinton,' and family, at
Miss Alice Wallace, of, Shiremans
! town, visited friends ut Harrisburg
I on Wednesday.
Mrs. Del be rt I. Melo.v, daughter,
Thelma, have returned to their home
. at Boiling Springs, after visiting at
i the home of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Me
! Konley, at Shiremanstown.
j Mrs. D. W. Miller, Mrs. Ray E.
i Wolfe, daughter, Janet Louise Wolfe,
j of Shiremanstown, were visitors at
Harrisburg on Wednesday.
Miss Mary Ross has returned to
j her home in Mechanicsburg after bc
! ing entertained by Miss Elma Sense
l man, ut Shiremanstown. *
New Cumberland. p a ., Nov. 22.
| Next Tuesday evening the Sunshine
j Guild will hold a nvetlng ut the Red
I Cross rooms.
Now Cumberland, Pa., Nov. 22. —
i Yesterday 175 colored soldiers ar
j rived here. They will assist in the
j worTv at the government plant at
Marsh Run.
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The Republican Opportunity
Mr .Wilson's Idealism at the Peace Table
When the Tanks Were Gassed
America: First in Farm Tractors
Whn the Breweries Gd Dry
Barrie Putting Wilhelm in His Place
Turning French Light on Our Music
Christianity's' Victory
Germany's Moral Defeat
Best of the Current Poetry
Important News of Finance and Commerce
the arrangements for disbanding the various units and
restoring their members to civil life, the great read
justments that will become necessary in the worlds of
finance, commerce, and industry, the rehabilitation of
the wounded and crippled, the means by which they
may be made self-supporting, etc. All these and many
more allied topics in the social, political, and economic
- fields, will he treated without bias and with the simple
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