Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, November 20, 1918, Page 5, Image 5

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    President May Stay
Abroad Indefinitely
WnHhliiKton, Nov. 20.
Senators who conferred with rre i
dent Wilson last night for two hours
left the White House with the im
pression that the President now in
tends to remain in France indennlte'. .
or at least until the greater P a ft of
the work of the peace conference "a.
been completed. . . .
The President is understood to he es
pecially interested in the application!!!
the framing of the treaty of thep in
ciple of freedom of the seas, wi.ich he j
enunciated in his fourteen terms, l ie
Allies, in agreeing to discuss P ea
with Germany, have reserved the
right of freedom of action onthls
d. question at the peace conference.
The program for a league of " ati °" a
was another subject to which th
President was said to h a% ®
much study. He was understood to
regard this as essential for the m aln
tenance of the peace of the world.
During his absence from the United
States the President intends to con
tinue to exercise all functions of his
office. He will keep in communica
tion with Washington b >' xv ' rc j£ as
while at sea and by cable and. If nec
essary, by dispatch boats while he is
Washington, Nov. 20. Director
General McAdoo announces his inten
tion of establishing a passenger rate
of two cents a mile for soldiers re
turning to their homes after discharge
from the Army. By law soldiers are
allowed three and one-half cents a
mile ftir transportation and meals,
and the speciul fare will enable them,
lie believes, to buy meals and pay for
sleeping car reservations.
■lefTerNon City. Mo., Nov. 20.—Of
ficial tabulation of Missouri election
returns .•show Selden P. Spencer, Re
publican, defeated former Governor
Joseph W. Folk for United States
senator by a majority of 36.683.
Speaker Clark was re-elected in the
ninth by 1.529.
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feren. 4
1,399 MEN IN THE
Thirteen Pcnnsylvanians Are
Named in Fatalities in Bat
tle Overseas
Washington, Nov. 20.—The two
casualty lists given out by the War
Department to-day oontain 1,399
names, those killed in action number
ing 263. Thirteen Pennsylvania men
are among the latter. The summary
and lists follow:
Killed in action 263
Died of wounds US
Died of disease 145
Wounded, degree undeter
mined 280
Wounded slightly 318
Missing in action 9-t
Wounded severely 131
Died of accident and other
causes 3
Prisoners 18
Total 1.399
William A. Potter. West Philadel
Thomas D. Vandiver, Philadelphia.
William F. Craig. Philadelphia.
, Sergeant
William G. Meighen, Wind Ridge.
Martin Mayer Brandt. Lebanon.
Lawrence S. Little, Indiana.
Charles H. Steele. Temple.
improve, and now everybody is say
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anese Peptonatcf Ext. Nux Vomica;
Powd, Bentian; Phenolphthaleln;
Olearesln Capsicum; Kola.
Charles A. Michaels, New Castle.
Jesse Miles, Media.
Roy Rachel. Erie.
Albert H. Gaunter, Philadelphia.
I Private
Roscoe C. McCrcary, Portage.
Harry E. Strayer. York.
Joseph P. Ryan, Dunmore.
Cook .
John J. Bedlngfield, Philadelphia.
, Leroy H. Stark. Hudson.
Edward R. Barry, Forty Fort.
John Halblg, Philadelphia.
> William Snyder Rittenhouse, Hack
Cornelius T. McCarthy. Philadel
Samuel R. Andrews. Carlisle.
Robert W. Dunn, Vandergrift.
John Richard. Boban, Mahanoy.
Howard Zimmerman, Lewistown.
Michael F. McGarrity. Philadelphia.
Johii S. King, Rockledge, Mont
gomery county.
Jacob Musicant, Philadelphia.
Paul Myers, New Cumberland.
Harry S. Blerly, Hazelton.
William Gonzia Duckett, Philadel
Aaron Batcheler, Philadelphia.
William H. Heller. Johnstown.
Mechanics ,
Antonio Lukasz Bozek, Wilkes-
Bar re.
Roscoe Schlesinger, Avis.
Robert Ackroyd, Philadelphia.
Peter L. Duseh, Du Bois.
Fred D. Gilmore, Donora.
John A. Gorham. Scranton.
Harry Gross, Philadelphia.
Harry Heiner, Danville.
Earl William Allison, Limestone.
Albert J. Batzel, Phoenixvllle.
Louis Caputo, Pottstown.
Cahrles H. Greenall, Allentown.
Raymond Boyle, Locust Gap, North
umberland county.
Timothy F. Callahan, Philadelphia.
Ernest Daniel Davies, Philadelphia.
Leo Theodore Lutka. Scranton.
Roy William Moredock, Scranton.
Earl Wagner. Charleroi.
Jack Franklin Yannaccl, Y'ukon.
Anson C. Miller, Clarks Summit.
George A. Mitchell, West Philadel
John Mitchell, Philadelphia.
Ira Priest, West Willow.
Robert C. Redfoot, Fredonia.
Stuart G. Reed. Lairdsville.
Albert F. • Sehultz, Philadelphia.
Charles Trock, Philadelphia.
Charles Wertz, Montgomery.
avounded slightly
James Zubress. Girardsville.
Frederick G. Graboske. Nantlcoke.
Theodore F. Hanna, Edgewood.
Peter Williams. Philadelphia.
William F. Caputo, Pittsburgh.
Jacob Jakobiak, Reading.
Anthony Marsincavage, Mount Car
Stephen Sevier Pohl, Erie.
George Reese, Scranton.
Clarence H. Sidney, Philadelphia.
Irvin H. Weidman, Clay.
Mervin M. Young. Columbia.
Nathan Zolyan, Philadelphia.
George W. Ellis, Jr., Philadelphia.
, Harry P. Flesher, Alverton.
Ralph Albert Garrett, 326 Peffer
street, Harrlsburg.
Raffaele Pasquoli, Philadelphia.
Louis Esterhai, Phoenixvllle.
Joseph E. Sweeney, Lilly.
Joseph Aloyslus Flynn, Plymouth.
The casualties below were pub
lished this morning:
Jack C. Allison, Philadelphia.
Corporals (
Joseph Kucko, Olyphant.
William H. Snyder. Mount Pleasant.
Thomas W. Davis, Conemaugh.
Michael J. Cassidy. Erie.
Philip G. Godfrey, Coudersport.
John Lawrence Fleming, Grove
Stephen J. Hanrahan, Philadelphia.
Stanley Andreslc, Shamokin.
James J. Teskey, Susquehanna.
Warren H. Fatzinger, Bethlehem.
Elmer H. Armstrong, Philadelphia.
Edward P. Bloss. Parson.
Raymond Brough, Lebanon.
Michael G. Flnnegan. Philadelphia.
Victor Gazelle. Masontown.
Harry J. Williams. Phllltpsburg.
Michael F. Felmy. Jersey Shore.
Frank T. Collins, Philadelphia.
Alphons J. Rockelmann, Philadel
Boleslaw J. Skowronski, Natrona.
William F. Caldwell, Pittsburgh.
George Joseph Shoemaker, 220
Liberty street. Harrlsburg.
James Reld Martin, Philadelphia.
William J. Eden, Philadelphia.
Fred W. Kauffman, Philadelphia.
George W. Kelley, West Etna.
Joseph August, Gilberton.
Clyde W. Bennett. WlUlamsport.
Arthur Rutledge, Juniata Station.
Joe Bovlnes. Midland.
Peter J. Conway, Philadelphia.
.John F. Newman, Philadelphia.
James Steover, Lebanon.
Clarence E. Yoders, Waynesburg.
Charles P. Eisenbarth, Carrlck.
Claude N. German, Slatlngton.
James AV. Hammltt, Masontown.
Paul W. Helder, Myerstown.
AVesley F. Hill, Linden.
Howard Eugene Hoag, Philadel
Anthony Jordan, New Eagle.
Roy Allen Kengle. AVeatherly.
John A. Lengel, Pine Grove.
Henry McKenna. Philadelphia.
Pete Marino. Philadelphia.
Arthur Marsden, Philadelphia.
Lewis E. Neye. .Donaldson, Schuyl
kill county.
Theodore R. Dewey, Scranton.
James L. Mcponald. Conemaugh.
James D. Bond. Pittsburgh.
Orvllle E. Greer, iConnellsville.
Theodore M. Robinson, West Pitts
Fred R. Vllllnger, Washington.
Eugene P. Frazier, Connellsvllle.
Arthur O. Smith. Philadelphia.
Henry Adamson, Turtle Creek.
Charles Duncan, Turtle Creek.
Howard Strailman Blttlnger, Me
Benjamin Borgh. Beaver Falls.
Paul Boyle. Apollo.
Samuel J. Brown, Meyerstown.
Carl O. DahUtrom, Conemaugh.
Louis Freedman, Philadelphia.
Robert Michael Goettel. Perkasle.
George J. Lleb. Philadelphia.
Carl Semadlna, Erie.
Ray A. Harding, Athens.
Michael Jordon. Rankin.
Bert S. Means, A'anderbllt.
James H. Potts, East Pittsburgh.
Nicholas D. Romano, Scranton.
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Groom Hangs Himself
as Bride Awaits Him
A'ork, Pa., Nov. 20. AA'hlle Mis-
Jennie McKlnney, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Puul McKlnney. attired i: her
bridal dress, waited for her fiance,
George PfafT, aged 36. a printer, to
come with a cab to take her to the
church to marry her yesterday morn
ing. Pfaff's body was hanging In an
outbuilding at the rear of his home.
He had used a window sush cord,
vhich he wrapped twice around his
neck, and his mother found him dang-
i >
I ling by his neck. Ho told relatives
Monday night that It would bo his last
night alive.
I'faff is understood to have visited
his intended bride on Monday night,
and he left for home ostensibly to in
form his parents of his approaching
marriage, for apparently they did not
kjiow of it. Miss McKlnney had been'
married before, but was divorced. She
has two children.