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" When a Girl "
A New, Romantic Serial Dealing With the Absorbing
Problems of a Girl Wife
(Copyright, 1918, by King's Feature
Syndicate, Inc.)
Chapter XLVI
Before Virginia's .dinner at the
Roehambeau was over I issued invi
tations to our postponed family din
And all during the day of my
party while I was deep in nervous
yet hopeful preparations for it, I
remembered Jim's delight because I
leaned aqyoss the table in the little
card room issuing a laughing man
date to Betty and Terry:
"You two are included because
you're our closest friends —Jim's
'war family.' So you'll break all en
gagements and come, won't you?"
They accepted and Virginia cried
with real enthusiasm:
"How jolly of you. Anne, and how
equally jolly ot you two to cancel
your appointments lor us."
The first thing I had done to win
Virginia's complete approval was to
Invite Betty'Brice to dinner.
That came to me next day with
such force it almost caused me to
drop the fish-ring I was examining
with terror lest for the first time in
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capacitated? Am weak, nervous, timid,
setf-conscious. Do not sleep well.
Arise with a tired feeling, lame back
and often have severe headache in
the back part of head. Fickle ap
petite, but when I do eat. do not get
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! my career as a cook it refuse to jell.
I rescued the mold, put it back on
the ice prayerfully and advanced to
the next course —chicken en casse
' role. By the time that was steaming
away with a savory promise, my
shortcake was ready to come out of
the oven and cool a bit in anticipa
tion of its gentle burial beneath
peaches and cream.
Then dame a flurry of final prep
aration—setting the table, dressing
and ■ superintending Jim's tie and
Neal's hair.
After that came the delicate task
of greeting the guests in a manner
that would seem unflurried and
make Jim proud of his wife and full
of delicious anticipation anent her
It started with fine promise when
Terry arrived and said in his rich,
delightful voice: "I can see that this
is going to be a top-hole party!"
And it was—at first.
When Virginia praised my cook
ing, I thought I should expire of Joy.
To think of stately Virginia's dis
cussing mere food. All through din
ner I felt exuberantly uncertain that
my party was a real success. Even
the percolator worked and the
cream poured out thick and rich.
The janitor's wife came up to do
the dishes for me—and after Phoebe,
and Neal and I had cleared the re
fractory table and had returned to
"play lady," as Neal put it some one
suggested that we have a go at
poker. That "some one" was Jim.
He insisted on teaching me the
game. I detest all card games ex
cept bridge, and was on the verge
of insisting that I'd prefer to stay
out, when I caught a glimpse of
Neal and Phoebe —happily esconced
on the couch, quite absorbed in each
other. So I played poker. Or
tried to.
The game ended abruptly an hour
later—for suddenly Virginia discov
ered that happy little group of two,
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depression, do not sleep well, have
to arise frequently. Urine bad odor
and color, very scant sometimes. My
ankles puff and under my eyes X have
'bags.' Please prescribe."
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you need treatment to tone up the
functions of kidneys and gladder. Ob
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Bringing Up Father Copyright, 1918, International News Service - By McManus
10 • ot^oLL-r. , khs ( — y \ i think this <r~z n^i —. < n
and decided that she wanted a
chatty evening. She sent Phoebe
into the bedroom for her bag, settled
her score and then strolled over to
the couch and sat down in the mid
dle of it with a complete air of in
tending to remain there.
From the moment of her first
move to end the poker game Jim
surprised me.
"Virginia, don't be a spoil-sport,"
he protested irritably.
This to his beloved Virginia—and
he followed it by stubbornly insisting
that Betty and Terry continue the
game. But Betty wooed Terry away
with a smile and said she also felt
"All right, then, let the girls gos
sip—but shoot a few dice with me,
Terry." he urged.
Betty and Terry exchanged a
quick glance—and then the English
man said he'd rather talk and get
"How about you, Neal?" asked
Jim, moistening his lips nervously
as he produced a little black cylin
der from his cardbox
"I'm with you," said Neal. Routed
from Phoebe's side, he gladly seized
the chance of getting into Jim's good
"I'll match you for the first
Jim tossed a penny on the table,
covered it with his hand and watched
Neal intently. Neal brought a coin
from his pocket, shook it between
clasped palms and lifted his right
hand to show the Indian head—
while Jim's coin lay with the date up.
Good boy, Neal. You win." Jim's
voice was hard, yet feverish.
Neal shook the dice box. Out
came a pair of three,
i Jim was breathing heavily as he
crouched over the table with his
eyes a-glitter.
Again Neal tossed the little cubes
out on the table —and now a six ,
rolled into sight, followed by a four.
I felt Jim stiffen —and relax. The
last toss was a five and a four. Jim
raked in the two quarters that lay
before him and suggested doubling
the stakes.
A moment later he was laughing
nervously as a one and then a six
rolled out at his first light flirt of
the dice box.
| "Better luck next time, kid!" he
exclaimed, but his hands trembled
as he handed the box back to Neal.
Again Neal lost. Jim clutched the
coins eagerly and laughed—a dry,
reckless laugh. As he sat there,
with his hair tossed into a tumbled
mass and his eyes fairly burning on
Neal and the dice and the Jumbled
pile of bills and coin in front qf him,
I became aware of the strange si
lence in the room. The only thing
that broke it was Jim's staccato
laughter and the rattle of the dice.
Suddenly Virginia rose:
"Jimmie. dear, will you take me
home? I've a lot of work to do at
the apartment to-morrow —and I
want to ask you about some of it.
We'll walk and get a bit of air. Mrs.
Brice and the Captain will drive
Phoebe over, I'm sure."
No one protested at her strange
Jim loti'ked up—almost dazed.
"Then he got to his feet and though
he staggered against the table for
a moment, still the wonted sweet
smile struggled back to his face as
he assured Virginia that he'd really
like advising her.
He looked down at the .pile of
money almost as if weighing it, then
he reached out a hand* his fingers
closed to a fist, but instead of open
ing it to seize the money he pushed
it toward Neal
"Take it, Neal —It's yours," he
And though there were gracious
good-bys after that, and reminders
of the Motor Cup races for which
Captain Terry has invited us next
day, my evening seemed to end with
the moment Jim pushed the money
he had won from him back to Neal.
My good-nights were automatic.
Still automatically I crossed the
window and strained my eyes into
the darkness for a glimpse of Jim.
What was she saying to him —this
sister he loved? Did the dice game
that had terrified me mean anything
to her? Would a worry shared
bring us close or make her shut me
out behinds walls of reserve?
And while I stood pondering and
wondering, I felt a strong young arm
fling itself across my shoulders. Neal
—my brother Neal.
Virginia had shut him off from
Phoebe, yet he said nothing of his
own hurt, and merely stood with
his arm about me offering his silent
sympathy. 'How good it was to feel
that whatever came, I had Neal.
But as I turned to smile at my
brother the pile of coins winked up
at me maliciously from the corner of
the table where Jim had played his
(To Be Continued)
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Scale From Arrogance
to Desperation
Prominence is given by the Brit
ish newspapers to some of the utter
ances made by former Emperor
William while the war was in prog
ress, including the following:
"Before the leaves fall from the
trees we shall be back again in the
dear fatherland. Exterminate first
the treacherous English and walk
over General French's contemptible
little army. The warlike spirit still
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powerful spirit which attacks the
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sword, which without victory and
without honor I cannot sheathe
again. We stand wlt"h our hearts
toward God—to the dust with all
the enemies of Germany. Amen."
1915 .
"Our brave soldiers have shown
themselves to be invincible in battle
against nearly the whole world. The
war drama now is coming to its
close." I
To the King of the Senussi he
| said:
"Our common enemies whom A
lah wilL annihilate to the last man
shall fly before thee. So be it."
Regarding the United States the
Emperor declared:
"America had better look out after
the war. X shall stand no nonsense
from the Americans. My destructive
sword has crushed the Russians, ln
a short while I will announce new
victories. The war drama now is
coming to its close. In a just cause
I am ready to force myself to be
"The world was prepared for any
thing but a victory of the German
fleet over the British fleet. Fear
will creep into the bones of the
"Bucharest has been taken. What
a magnificent success on the road to
complete victory has been gained I
with God's help!
"Germany Is invincible in spite of 1
the superior numbers of our enemies
and every day confirms this anew.
Germany knows her strength and
she relies on God's help.
"The foe is defending his native
soil foot by foot. This is the resist
ance of despair, but it must be
broken. He has prepared his soup
and now he must sup it. I look to
you to see to it.
"All Qermany contemplates with
pride her brave sons whose deeds
with God's help will be a landmark
on the road to final victory."
"If the enemy does not want
peace, then we must bring peace by
battering in with iron fist and shin
ing sword the doors of those who
will not have peace.
"Victory in the coming year will
again be on our side and on that of
our allies. If only we cast the bur
den on the Lord. He will smite the
foe hip and thigh as he did Amalek,
the prototype of perfidious England.
"Our U-boats are not going to rest
until, with God's help, the enemy is
beaten. With the help of God, who
has hitherto graciously protected us,
the enemy shall have a decision.
"England is particularly the en
emy to be struck down, however dif
ficult it may be.
"The year 1917, with its great bat
tles, has proved that the German
people has in the Lord of Creation
above an unconditional and avowed
ally on whom It can absolutely rely."
June—"God, the has laid a
heavy burden on my shoulders, but
I can carry it in the consciousness
•of our good right with confidence in
our Hharp sword and our strength."
September—"The military and
moral strength and the unanimous
determination of the German people
must and will succeed, with God's
help, in breaking the more and more
openly manifested will to destruction
of the enemy, who Is charging upon
us from all parts of the earth."
October —"The hour is grave, but,
trusting in your strength and in
God's gracious help, we feel our
selves to be strong enough to defend
our beloved fatherland."
Declares the Lowering of
Wartime Wages Essential
\>v York, Nov. 14.—Abolition of
the national eight-hour day and a
lowering of wartime scales are es
sential If American mines and factor-'
les are to continue to compete In the
world of trade, according to William
H. Barr, of Buffalo, president of the
National Founders' Association, who
addressed the annual convention of
the organisation here yesterday.
Declaring the liquidation of labor
to be "the first and greatest problem
which will demand the attention of
our Industry," Mr. Barr counseled
the meating of this problem "without
resentment or bitterness."
The old cynical saying,' '"When
Poverty comes in at the door Love
flies out of the window," is not al
ways true.
As a matter of fact. Love has oft
en been strengthened and saved,
sometimes even been born out of the
pity and sympathy and the drawing
closer together due to financial re
What is true is that Love is very
apt to fly before the advent of Stingi
ness and Unfairness.'*
The success 6f marriage is almost
always an economic problem. With
that phase of it satisfactorily settled,
the other phase can generally be
trusted to take care of themselves.
The man who doles out the house
keeping allowance as if he were giv
ing alms; the woman who lets the
bread-bill slide to spend the money
on some bit of extravagance; the
man who grouches about expense at
I home and poses as a "prince" at
j downtown bars; the woman who will
I have, regardless of the amount of
( her husband's income—these are re
sponsible for more separations and
disagreements than all the vampires
and novels and plays and moving
and soul-mates put together.
All the free-verse and free-love
pictures and theoretical piffle of ev
ery sort cannot change the faat that
marriage is a business enterprise and
as with every other business enter
prise, it's success is almost entirely
a matter o'f straight book-keeping.
.As an exhibit along this line, I
present the experience of one of my
correspondents. Her letter, in con
trast to most of those I reoeite, deals
not with difficulties but with results,
and is so clear-headed and suggest
ive that I am sure it will be help.,
ful to many.
"My dear Mrs. Woodrow, - ' she
writes, "I am alwuys interested in
your articles, and as you are asking
your readers for some suggestions
about the allowance problem I
would like to. give a few practical
.'ln most cases I feel sure that the
wife herself is chiefly in the blame.
A man—if he is any man at all —
will not fuss about added expense,
but will admire his wife the more if
she will only come to him in a
straightforward businesslike fasnion
I —hot complaining or fault-tinding,
I but in a cheerful mood —and show
■ him by facts and figures why it is
necessary for her -to have a larger
I weekly amount on which to run the
"Of course, this applies only to
wives who are acquainted with the
exact amount of their husbands' in
comes and who know that he can
afford to be more generous. But ev
ery wife should "be acquainted with
the amount of the income—other
wise she is not a partner, but a de- i
"In any case, though, let her drive '
out of her consciousness any expec- i
| tation of fear dr injustice, let her I
tell herself that she is entitled to a
square deal and feci that she is go
ing to get it; and if she approaches
him in this attitude she will surely
1 "The following very satisfactory
plan was suggested to me by my
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husband a. few years ago and has
proven most satisfactory in actual
practice, as it gives us both a feel
ing of freedom and independence,
and with me especially it has been
most helpful in teaching me to count
the cost of a thing before buying
! and never to contract a bill unless I
know when and how I am going to
pay it.
"This is our system: On the Ist
and 15tli of each month we reckon
the amount of money niy 'husband
has on hand and set aside sums
necessary to cover our household ex
penses—the rent and the bill of the
butcher, baker and candlestick
maker. Then a certain fixed per
centage is retained for deposit in tho
bank - against a possible emergency
and for saving. The remainder we
divide equally between ourselves.
"We both keep strict account of
what we septn, and for any mutual
pleasure an outing, visit to the
theatre or movies, etc.—each pays
halt the expense, including cart'ure,
luncheon candy or whatever may
come up.
"It has proved such a fine busi
ness arrangement that I wish oth
ers would try it. There are no
more disagreeable times when the
bills cume in; 110 '1 can t see what
you do with all the money I give
you; you never have anything to
show for it.' I will state, too, that
our income is not very large—less
than it was before we adopted
this plan—but somehow we have
more and get more pleasure out
of it than in the old days. Also we
know where it goes, and I have
saved enough of my share to buy
two Liberty Bonds."
There is a contented woman. She
does not say it. but one gathers she
was not always so. A Square deal
and buincss methods have been
magic wands to bring happiness to
her home. She feels that she is truly
*J?\ rt s er ln the establishment, free
o ' l } de P ont ' e nt in her own sphere
Perhaps her exact plan might not
suit all households, but some modi
iof the bud ' et system can
almost always be applied. Certainly
f v e i m experi f! lce 18 a fillr criterion,
it seems worth trying.
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NOVEMBER 14, 1918".
Washington, D, C., Nov. 14.—Presi
dent Wilson has received messages
from all parts of the country asking
that lie proclaim a national holiday
in honor of the winning of the war.
worn in connection with W. B.
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No decision has been reached. One
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