Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, November 14, 1918, Page 5, Image 5

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Interesting Bulletin Prepared
byihe Department of Labor
and Industry Bureau
Almost 50,000 positions have been
offered by employers of Pennsylvania
to men who may be disabled in the
great war according to a bulletin is
sued to-day by the Department of
Labor and Industry, which has been
conducting an extensive survey
the subject in the United States ana
Canada. Sixty counties of the state
made offers, 900 firms being repre
sented. The great bulk of them
were industrial in character.
In the places offered for soldiers
and sailors were jobs for men with
out arms or legs, who had lost
speech, were deaf, suffered facial
dlstigurements. partially or wholly
blind and otherwise incapacitated
from doing their former work. The
opportunities included munitions
manufacture, mining, chair-making,
cigar making, printing, textiles,
brick making, milk condensing, box
packing, machinery, boiler work,
chemical manufacture, automobile
finishing, hospital duty, building,
farming, clerks, beverages, leather
manufacture, lumber, shoe making
and selling, bottle and cutlery mak
Washington offers the most places
Hurry, Mother! Remove poisons
from little stomach,
liver, bowels.
Give "California Syrup of Figs"
at once if bilious or
Look at the tongue, mother! If ■
coated, it is a sure sign that your lit- |
tie one's stomach, liver and bowels )
need a gentle, thorough cleansing at j
When peevish, cross, listless, pale, i
doesn't sleep, doesn't eat or act na
turally. or is feverish, stomach sour,
breath bad; has stomach-ache, sore
throat,, diarrhoea, full of cold, give
a teaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Figs," and in a fe. hours all the
foul, constipated waste, undigested*
food and sour bile gently moves out
of the little bowels without griping
and you have a well, playful child
You needn't coax sick children to
take this harmless "fruit laxative;"
they love Its delicious taste, and It
always makes them .'eel splendid.
Ask your druggist for a bot
tle of "California Syrup of Figs."
which has directions for babies, chil
dren of all ages and for grown-ups
plainly on the bottle. Beware of
counterfeits sold here. To be sure
you get the genuine, ask to see that
It is made by "California Fig Svrup
Company." Refuse any other kind
with contempt.
They Are Always on Top
In Every YValn c 1 Li'a
Tt li a fact that red blooded men
and women are at the top in every
walk of life. Men and women with
the driving force of red blood, rlcli
In Iron and Phosphates do things,
they get results.
Red blooded women are tho heads
of the happiest and most contented
homes, they have tho will and the
desire to bo real' companion j and
Leadership and happiness li only
for the men and women who aro
willing to keep their blood and
nerves strengthened and nourished
ivitu Iron and Phosphates.
A prominent doctor says, "Tt Is n
irtue that so many men and women
lack tho rich, red blood and strong
steady nerve to achieve their am
pftlons. It FA nil the more PO because
thin, watery blood Is unnecessary, as
rich, red blood and strong nerves arc
within the grasp of everyone.
Phosphsted Iron makes pure blood
by making new blood. It gives
strength, brings color to tho cheeks.
Increases the weight and appetite,
drives away the blues and those
siecpless nlphts. steadies arvd renews
pour nervous energy, makes you feci
like a livo ono once again".
„There must be something to It
Everyone who tries it Is loud In
praise of Phosphated Tron. and vou
have got to show people these days.
To Insure physicians and their
patients receiving the genuine Phos
phated Iron It has been put up In
capsules only. Do not allow dealers
to give you pills or tablets. Insist
en capsules,
G. A. Gorgas and leading druggists
Wi| To Help Make
Mil Strong, Keen
ll| Red-Blooded
J W-Americans
Now U D
Being used by over three million peo
ple annually. It will increase (the
strength of weak, nervous, run-down
folks in two weeks' time in many in
stances. Ask your Doctor or drug
gist about Ik
with Philadelphia, Allegheny, Elk,
Clinton and other counties looming
One of the tables included in the
bulletin classiflfles the employment
opportunities by disability of work
ers; another table classifies the open
ings by counties, numbers of plants,
kinds of firms and numbers of open
ings in each class of employment.
One series of tables shows at what
tasks several hundreds of disabled
men are now employed by the
Philadelphia and lleuding Hallway
The bulletin is issued by the De
partment of Labor and Industry as
a step toward obtaining complete co
operation of employers and employes
of Pennsylvania in the rehabilitation
oeogram, by making uvuilnbte infor
mation on the project of placing dis
abled men at suitable taks. One
chapter presents a brief outline of
the Act of Congress under which the
nation-wide work of rehabilitating
disabled soldiers and sailors is being
| developed.
| Another chapter on "Placement
Disabled Soldiers and Sailors in
| Employment" gives a general review
iof the placement subject, outlining
| conditions that may be expected and
| methods that may be employed in
! locating each disabled soldier and
| sailor at a specified task in Pennsyl-
I vania plants.
j Casualties of war and industry ure
I compared in another chapter in
I which it is shown tjiat more men
are injured in industry than in war
fare on a general average. Illustra
tions in the bulletin portray work
| that is being conducted in reliabiita
tion of disabled soldiers by the in-
I valided soldiers' commission of the
j Dominion of Canada.
I The counties, number of firms of
fering places and positions tendered
are as follows:
Adams, 3 firms, 13 places; Alle
gheny, 102 and 4,907; Armstrong, 4
I and 97; Beaver, 15 and 198: Bed
ford, 4 and 4 35: Berks, 33 and 1,4 87;
| Blair, 12 and 717: Bradford, 1 and
4; Bucks, 8 and 185;' Butler, 7 and
| 583; Cambria. 24 and 446; Cameron,
2 and 36; Carbon, 4 and 81: Center,
2 and 67>; Chester, 9 and 145; Clar
ion, 2 and 48; Clearfield. 6 and' 167;
Clinton, 6 and 1,145; Columbia, S
and 4 09; Crawford, 6 and 835; Cum
f rf-lund, 3 and 19; Dauphin. 15 and
360; Delaware, 13 and 347; Elk, 6
and 2,034; Erie, 28 and 568; Fayette.
16 and 176; Franklin, 6 and 406:
Huntingdon, 3 and 86; Indiana, 4
and 127; Jefferson, 7 and 138;
Lackawanna, 16 and 2,882; Lancas
ter, 25 and 998; Lawrence, 14 and
660; Lebanon, 13 and 133; Lehigh,
18 and 810; Luzerne. 25 and 1,811: j
IVyoming. 14 and 876; McKean, IS
and 352: Mercer, 9 and 233; Mifflin, ;
2 and 138; Monroe, and 47; Mont-j
gomery, 27 and 1,084: Northampton, 1
21 and 1,726; Northumberland, 9 :
and 243; Philadelphia, 187 and;
5,271; Potter. 5 and 134; Schuylkill,
20 and 1,433; Snyder, 2 and 45:
Somerset, 7 and 506: Sullivan, 1 and
105; Susquehanna, 3 and 221; Tioga,
1 and 2: t'nion, 1 and 1; Venango,
18 and 244; Warren, 11 and 135;
Washington, 14 and 9,661; Wayne.'
5 and 1,222: Westmoreland, 21 and
3.448; Wyoming, 1 and 9; York, 56 ;
and 687.
In all there were 900 firms making ,
offers. ' Those concerned offered 16
agricultural places, 908 clerical and
commercial; 47,321 industrial, 1,127
miscellaneous places, a total of 4 9,-
Will Use Draft Boards
to Demobilize Army
Local draft boards have been noti
fied by Provost Marshal General
Crowder that they may be used as
local agents in the demobilization of
the Army. This notice was sent out
from Washington yesterday to all
boards in this city. The plans for
demobilizing the Army overseas and
the men in the cantonments have
not been completed.
General Crowder announced that
men between thirty-six and forty-tiVe
years of age need not till out their
questionnaires, but return them to
their local boards. The boards are
instructed to cancel all entries re
lating to men of this class and these
men will no longer be bound by the
selective service law.
The Clearing House for the Re
covery of Stolen Automobiles will be
established in rooms 400-1-2-3 of the
Trustee building Monday. The clear
ing house hus been established
through the Pennsylvania Police
Chiefs' Association. Clerks and de
tectives will be hired whose duties
j will be to run down thefts reported
to the Clearjng House. Automobiltsts
especially will be protected by the
I new organization. When an automo
bile is stolen, the theft is to be re
ported to the nearest chief of police,
he will notify the clearing house and
within a short time every police de
partment in the state will be notitied
and furnished a description of the
machine, and in addition the Clear
ing House detectives will be on the
| hunt. Automobilists have been re
quested to join the Clearing House.
The fee is nominal, which fur
nishes the motorists considerable
protection against theft.
Two Harrisburg Soldiers
Officially Reported Missing
t. w
WBSBB J f frPßr
Two local boys are reported
missing in action. They are Cor
poral Robert H. Hoke, of Paxtonla.
and Samuel Koonrs, 649 Boyd'street!
Word was received recently by
Hoke's father. Robert S. Hoke, that
his son had been missing since Sep
tember 26. He is a member of
Company D. 316 th Infantry, and
was an undertaker at Mt. Holly be
fore entering the service. "
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Koons. par-'i
ents of Private Koons, stated thai in
a recent letter from their son they
were led to believe that he is safe. 1
Wheat Flour Ruling
Abrogated by Peace
Wheat flour can now be purchased
without accompanying percentage of
substitutes. Such was the announce
ment last evening of Dauphin County
l'"ood Administrator McCormtck. The
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■ s
announcement was made by Mr. Mc-
Cormtck upon the receipt of a tele
gram from Federal Administrator
Hoover that this ruling had been re
The old ruling called for the use
oj twenty' per cent, substitutes with
| eighty per cent, of wheat flour. Al-
I though the ban has now been removed
(.from the purchase of wheat flour
without substitutes, it was stated by
the local food administrator that the
need for conservation Is Just as great
as ever.
Despite reports to the contrary.
Mr. McCormtck stated that the cattle,
survey In Dauphin county will be
Carried out without change. The sur
vey will be Nevomber 19, und the
blanks sent out by the administration
are expected to be turned In accord
ing to previously announced plans.
Caught in the act of selling a quart
of whisky to n soldier at Fifth and
Walnut streets late last night, Early
Jackson, was arrested and will be
given a hearing this afternoon at 2
NOVEMBER 14. 1918
Washington, I>. C., Nov. 14.—1t has j
been learned that President Wilson |
was at work until 2 o'clock in the
morning on Ills address to Congress
Monday announcing armistice terms.
He had the address ready and hud
been asleep half an hour when news
that the armistice had been signed
reached him.
and Ointment for
Skin Troubles
All dnifririats: Soap 28. Olntmant IS ft BO Talcum 25.
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