Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, November 14, 1918, Page 16, Image 16

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Yankee, Thought Dead,
Flees Austrian Camp
Trieste. Nov. 14.—Aviator C. O.
Young, lies Monies. lowa, who was
supposed to have been killed has nt
rive'd here with a number of Allied
prisoners, who succeeded in escaping
from Austrian concentration camps,
owing to local riots.
With him was Paul G. 1 tat lilt, ol
Drew. M-iss.. who escaped front a
prisoners' camp November 4.
IttM'HS ON 111 > IMWI'.H
Provlilcnce* Nov. ll.—l.illy Suml.i>
has to "go some" to shock Ma Sun
day, but be succeeded when lie re- j
CcivciV the news the kaiser bad been!
booted off bis throne and had slipped
hurriedly a-ross the Holland border .
"Bill" and "Ma" were lunching at i
their private table in the diningroom,
of the Hotel Crown when the news
came in. With one yeP, "Bill was i:
the middle of the table among "he
dishes and choice viftnds. I luits \\lls ,
"Ma" was shocked.
You are in danger of
catching the grip if you are
weak and run-down.
The grip germ finds its
earliest victims among those
whose resisting power is
The pure food elements
in Father John's Medicine
build energy to resist grip
The gentle laxative effect,
of Father John's Medicine
helps to drive out impuri-j
You are sate when you
take Father John's Medi
cine because it is guaran
teed free from alcohol or
dangerous drugs in any
.'ilow It Can Be Avoided and Treated. Simple Rules to Be
Followed. No Occasion for Panic
No need of anyone being afraid
of the after effects and slow recov
ering from Spanish Influenza, hard
colds or Grippe, if they will use
common sense and start in build
ing up their health and strength the
right way.
The main tiling Is to get the blood
rich, red, and pure, so it can carry
life-giving oxygen and strength to
every part of the body. l.mpure
lilQod is the cause of so many slow
recoveries and set-backs.
Doctors say: "Get the blood right
and the rest is easy, that nine-tenths
of.all sickness is due to lack of iron
and phosphates; the healthy strong,
vigorous man or woman's blood is
always loaded with these two life
giving elements".
Physicians also claim with fresh
air and nourishing food nothing
equals Phosphated Iron as a blood
Carter's little Liver Pills
You Cannot be A Remedy That
Constipated jMwiSi JX e , S ;S
and Happy Worth Living
Small PiU MPIILS Genuine bears signature
Small Dote TiN. ■* a ' -
many colorless faces but will greatly help most pale-faced people
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t Broad way, 32d St., New York
One Block from Pennsylvania Station
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Shopping or Buaineis
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The Restaurant Prices Are Most Moderate
Young Ilarrisluirg Lieutenant Conducts General McCoy to
Observation Post
Since the official censorship of
news-front overseas has been modi
fied to some extent it is expected that
the American soldier will feci more
free to tell the thrilling experiences
through whieli he has been passing
since America entered the war. Re
cent letters (written in October) in
dicate the terrific nature of the light
ing in which llarrisburg and other
soldiers have been engaged. Lieu
tenant Albert 11. Stackpole, .of the
One Hundred Thirteenth Field Ar
tillery, narrates some interesting
incidents of the bloody conflict in
the Argonne sector. Referring to
letters from the home folks, he says.
"The last big bunch—August ones
—came when 1 was lying irt a litt.c
pit not much more titan a shellhole
while my battery v. as giving them
h—l a little distance froth inc. The
hole was my lied, dlnlngrootn. etc.
Rather suggested a grave in appear
ance and darn lucky 1 cm that it
wasn't. We had two boys wounded
in that position and the batteries on
both sides of us lost several killed."
"Hello! Here's a chance to he
old Mrs Santa ('laus herself! I'nt
writing in pencil and in a hurry that
it I the Christmas label | may reach
>ou in time for consideration. Only
three pounds, but such a variety of
little things to eat —namely, the old
Christmas standhys: clear toys, sand
tarts (Oh, boy!), etc.. ad infinitum."
Under date of October 19, Lieu
tenant Stackpole writes:
"We moved our position two
nights ago away front the Roche
dugouts and 1 was bewailing our
fate, hut. joy of joys, we relieved n
French battery, and if you know
how tlie French construct their po
sitions —well! The captain and I
have a little place all to ourselves,
with table, a good stove, soft bunks
and all that sort of thing; and last
night we sent a detail down to 11 -,
an evacuated Hun village on the
plain twe're on top of the hill) and
you should have seen the plunder
they brought back. Anything in the
world we could wish for to make
ourselves more civilized —pots and
pans for the kitchen, vegetables
from Rodie gardens, mirrors, tables,
a small bathtub, buckets, table linen,
towels, crockery enough to equip
three or four messes—well, it was
surely a sight. So this morning we
sorted it out and arranged things.
We've got a line little home now.
"Last night and this morning we
had a French lieutenant of the de
parting battery as a guest and hav
ing discovered a new cook. I had
them prepare a fine mess. If it does
not bore you, I'll recite the menu of
the last two meals, which are the
best by far that 1 have had in sev
eral months. .
"For dinner we began with some
; fine old fat sardines, garnished with
| piehles and what not; passed front
them to steak and beans with to
i mato dressing, having on the side
: hot Southern biscuits and toast witli
jjam. Then for dessert awfuly good
pears and coffee. Altogether it was
i a most successful feast, and the
I Frenchman certainly did mop it up,
| which was a great compliment. This
| morning, having spread the Boehe
tablecloth and iiut his dishes and
i cups out, we served peaches and hot
I cakes and syrup, with butter, too
| (I mention these because everything
j is awfully hard to get—we had no
• butter for dinnerl; steak and French
fried potatoes and coffee. It was
an meal and I'll admit
Ithe Frenchman thought so, too, but
J we're only eating twice a day and
it has to be large. If they'll only
I let us alone for a while 1 can't ask
I for anything better than just to live
I here.
1"On the way to this town Ta tow-n
near his battery position] I passed
through a quartermaster headquar
tonic and health builder. Phospliat
ed Iron takes hold from the (irst
(lose. Results are seen and folt;
strength returns, food digests, appe
tite picks up, sleep is restful, there
is a color in the cheeks und a spar
kle to the eye that only blood
charged with iron and phosphates
can give.
it is the duty of everyone who has
had Spanish Influenza, Grippe or a
hard cold to build up their system
with nature's tonic, Pliosphated Iron.
It sure is health protection. Safety
first. The results will repay you
many times. Give yourself a show.
Special notice: To insure doctors
and their patients getting the genu
ine Phosphated Iron we have put in
capsules. Do not take pills or tab
lets. Insist on capsules.
On sale by G. A. Gorgas. the drug
gist, and leading druggists every
ters of the Meade bunch. by Uio way.
and ran inlo "Dick" Robinson. 1
was tickled to death to see him: in
vited me to his mess and we talked
for quite a while, exchanging news.
Sam Fleming must he somewhere
near, but I haven't been able to
locate hint as yet. Our artillery
brigade is temporarily supporting
that division.
"Tlie news we had this morning
[October 19| was wonderful. Night
before last we heard a heavy barrage
off our right flank, but didn't know
what it was: this morning they tell
us the American Army has pushed
forward twelve kilometers on a.front
of thirty kilometers. Not bad, what!
And, at the same time conies the
news that Ostend and Lille have
fallen and that the German army is
in full retreat all along the line.
The news has cheered my battery
up tremendously. They've all been
rather sick lately l —weatfevr's been
rotten —but that news, coddled with
the knowledge that we had a good
part in these recent drives, has just
put them on their feet again."
Under date of October 21. writing
to the home folks. Lieutenant Stack
pole says: "Our lot- here continues
to he a happy one —quiet, rest, con
tentment and regular, well-cooked,
hot food. All this for the lirst time
in almost two months. The only
thing to crab about is the weather —
which, to be thoroughly consistent
as a witness to 'sunny' France, must
perforce pour down buckets all the
time. I'm only hoping that the snow
won't come down iti the same whole
sale quantities, not that it matters
very much' for we're sure to be out
of the mountains and on the plains
again before it begins.
"I'm wondering how the people in
the States are taking the wonderful
news which comes in here day by
day: whether they crowd around the
bulletin boards to devour it and
eagerly buy first editions from the
boys, or whether the continuance of
this sort of news has rendered them
blase and careless of it. 1 often
wonder, to, if they can visualize the
scenes of these huge advances, and
imagine the toll! Rut why dwell on
the rotten side of the war when it
has glorious parts and interesting
events to it'.'"
In this letter the young Harris
burg ofticer also refers to a meeting
with General Frank McCoy, of Lew
istown, whose division came into the
Argonne lighting about the time the
letter was written "As I told you,"
lie says. 'X was up at an Infantry
reginiental P. C. where lie was tem
porarily stationed, and in my ca
pacity as liaison officer I guided him
and my own colonel out to where my
artillery observation post was lo
cated—at that time on the crest of
the hill, several hundred yards away
from the main infantry line, among
tlie outposts. We got. there safely
and esconced ourselves in tlie little
two-feet-deep holes that were our
life-savers, and then phoned back
for the tirst battalion to open up.
They did so, and Brother Boclie fol
lowed suit —just peppered that ridge
of ours with 77s and 150s. Every
l'ew seconds it would he an express
train shriek and we'd crush ourselves
into little balls. Then a deafening
crash and lumps of dirt falling all
over us. or the shell would pass
over and explode down the hill. Ex
citing enough, but not too pleasant
and awfully bothersome for obser
vation. The General certainly had
a wonderful control and coolness —
didn't bother him a bit."
Prayers For Victory Are
Given by Presbyterians
"At our feet lies Austtria and
Germany,wrecked, scorning her fugi
tive kings. Our work has only just
begun. God grant that our noble
soldiers, our womanhood, glorious in
activity, may be spared for the great
work of reconstruction. May they be
the instruments to bring about God's
I great plan."
j So spoke the Rev. Dr. T>. S. Mudge
j last night at an impressive prayer
and praise service held in the Pine
j Street Presbyterian Church corn
| memorating the victory of Allied
I arms.
"It is the handwriting on the
wall." Dr. Mudge continued, "and
; the nation that disobeys God shall
j surely suffer while the nation that
| serves God shall receive its reward.
The opportunity is at hand. We pray
! God that American strength of char-
I acter and rightful purpose may be
| the means of rescuing the fallen na
According to police three persons
were burned about the face last
night when feed wires broke in front
of the Federal building while a street
car was passing. The names of the
persons could not be learned. R. T.
Wheeler, of 32 7 Dauphin street, was
taken to the Harrisburg Hospital
suffering from a burned palm.
| I'nrlx. The signing of the armis
tice was the occasion for celebrations
in numerous towns in Hpain.
Santiago. The steamer Pennsyl
vania, loading saltpetre at lnique, has
been completely destroyed by (ire. No
members of the crew were injured.
New York. ISx-President Roose
velt passed a restful night at the
Roosevelt Hospital here.
YVnahliiKtmi. The War Industries
Board removed all restrictions placed
on tne use of tin plate in the manu
facture of tin containers.
YVashington. A high official said
last night it will require twice as
much time to get out of the war as it
did to go through with it.
New York. Charles M. Schwab
said last night 416,000 tons of ship
ping were placed in operation during
October, bringing the total tonnage
built by the Kmergency Fleet Cor
poration above the 3,000.000 mark.
New York. Demobilization of the.
three Lutheran organizations and
plans for the great ecclesiastical
merger which will unite them under
the name of the i'nited Lutheran
Church in America again occupied the
attention of the convention here this
YY nnhlngtoii. Statistics here show
300,000 t.utherans are In uniform and
100 chaplains are with the Army and
Washington. Fuel Administrator
Garlield announced the signing of the
armistice will not affect the status of
the Fuel Administration, and regula
tions and supervision will continue
l until the signing of tire peace treaty.
Hapsburgs Take Oath
' as Hungarian Citizens
Herne, Xov. 14.—Budapest newspa
pers received here contnln details of
a remarkable ceremony In which
Archduke .losef of Austria and his
son, Josef Francis, took oath to the.
Hungarian constitution as simple
Hungarian citizens named Itapsb'lrg. ;
The newspapers this was the lirst
Instance in 40 years when such a re- j
nouncement was made. All privileges
were given tip by the archduke and
ills son.
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart
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Inflow of Christmas
Parcels For Soldiers
Heavy at Red Cross
Hundreds of llarrlsburg boys will \
have their Christmas day brightened
■ by the receipt of packages of Chrlst
i mas cheer front Harrlaburg mothers,
; if tlie inflow of people to Christinas
Parcel Inspection headquarters at
! River and Market streets, next to the
Hotel Senate Is any criterion. Hun
| dreds of mothers have already
' brought their parcels to the liead-
I quarters.
t In sending ■ Christmas parcels, the
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Why you should give twice as much as you ever gave before!
The need is for a sum 70% greater than any gilt ever asked for since the world
began. The Government has fixed this sum at $170,500,000.
By giving to these seven organizations all at once, the cost and effort of sue addi
tional campaigns is saved.
Unless Americans do give twice as much as ever before, our soldiers and sailors
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3600 Recreation Buildings 2500 Libraries supplying 5,000,000 books
1000 Miles of Movie Film 85 Hostess Houses
100 Leading Stage Stars 15,000 Eig-brother "secretaries"
2000 Athletic Directors Millions of dollars of home comforts
When you give double, you make sure that every fighter has the cheer and com
forts of these seven organizations every step of the way from home to the front and
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school, a club and an athletic field—and a knowledge that the folks back home are with
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You have loaned your money to supply their physical needs.
Now give to maintain the Morale that is winning the war!
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| giver must first recelv a label from
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I the gift is given. When the package
I is filled it is taken to Red Cross in
! sped ion headquarters again where,
j if It passes inspection, the package
j is sealed and a label and necessary
postage are attixed. Under the
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gladden the heart of a soldier.
Though the headquarters were
opened a week ago. the corps of vol
unteer workers under the leadership
of Miss Mary Cameron, chairman, are
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NOVEMBER 14, 1918
| very busy attending to the wants of
the hundreds of Harrisburg mothers.
' Believing that they will make the
I Christinas of their boys as homelike
j as possible, these mothers have speed-
I ed hundreds of gift parcels across the
| sea to sons in khaki.
| There, are sweethearts and wives,
j too, of the boys, who come to the
! headquarters with their packages. All
of them are proud of the work done
jby the boys. Much comment on the
excellent work of the Americans in
the fighting Is heard and every send
er of a parcel shows pride In the
achievements of her special laddie in
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The work of Iho canteen commit
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American fted Cross, will continue
unabated for a long time to come,
it "was stated yesterday, regardless of
the fact that hostilities have teased.
There is much work for the workers,
it was said.
Charged with running an aulovne
bile while intoxicated, Adam LUCAS
and George Stulich were arrested
yesterday in Market Square by Of
ficer Hicks.
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