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NOTICE Letters of Administra
tion on the Estate of Tale Mileff, late
of Steelton, Dauphin County, l'u., de
ceased. having been granted to the
undersigned, all persons indebted to
said Estate arc requested to make im
mediate payment, and those having
claims will present them for settle
ment to
Or to Administrator.
11. L. DRESS, Attorney,
- Steelton. I'a.
NOTICE -r- Letters of Administra
tion on the Estate of John A. Behui,
late of Middle Paxton Township,
Dauphin County, Pa., deceased, hav
ing been granted to the undersigned
lesiding in Middle Paxton Township,
all persons indebted to said Estate
are requested to make immediate pay
ment. and those having claims will
present them for settlement.
Dauphin, I'a.
Or . R. D.
RUSH Bldg.,
Harrisburg. Pa.
Catharine Amanda Dean, late of Har
risburg. Dauphin County. Pa., deceas
ed. The undersigned Auditor, ap
pointed to distribute the balance re
maining in the hands of Paul A. Kun
kel. Executor of said deceased, to and
among those legally entitled to the
same, will sit for that purpose on
Tuesday. December 17, 1918. at 10
o'clock, in the Law Offices of the Au
ditor, No. 3 Russ Building. Market
Square. Harrisburg, Pa., where all
parties in said distribution may at
NOTICE Letters of Administra
tion on the Estate of William Stroud
Lindley, late of Harrisburg, Dauphin
County, Pa., deceased, having been
granted to the undersigned residing
in Harrisburg. Pa., all persons indebt
ed to said Estate are requested to
make immediate payment, and those
having claims will present tifeoi tor
Or to Administrator.
Union Trust Bldg.
In the District Court of the United
States for the Middle District of
In re, Jacob S. llurst. Bankrupt
• No. 3703, in Bankruptcy.
B. WITMER. Judge of the District
Court of the United States for the
Xliddle District of Pennsylvania, Jacob
S. Hurst, of Lower Paxton Township,
R. F. D., 3, Harrisburg, in the County
of Dauphin and State of Pennsylvania,
in said district, respectfully repre
That on the 27tli duy of August,
last past, he was duly adjudged bank
rupt under the Acts of Congress re
lating to Bankruptcy; that he has
duly surrendered all his property, and
rights of property, and has fully com
plied with all the requirements of
said Acts nnd of the order of the
Court touching his bankruptcy.
may be decreed by the Court to have
a full discharge from all debts prov
able against his estate under said
bankrupt acts, except such debts as
are excepted by law from sucli dis
Dated this 28th day of September,
A. D. 1918.
Xliddle District of Pennsylvania, ss:
On this 4111 day of October, A. D.
1918, on reading the foregoing peti
tion, it is
hearing he bad upon the came on the
Tilth day of December, A. D. 1918, be
fore said Court at Seranton, Pa., in
said district, at 10 o'clock in the fore
noon: and that notice thereof be pub
lished in "Harrisburg Telegraph," a
newspaper printed in said district, and
that all known creditors and other
persons in interest may appear at the
said time and place anil show-cause,
if any they have, why the prayer of
said petitioner should not, lie granted.
BY THE COURT, that the Clerk shall
send by mail to all known creditors,
copies of said petition and this order
addressed to them ut their places of
residence as stated.
XVITXESS, the Hon. Charles
B. XVitmer. Judge of said
(Seal of Court. and the Seal
• the Court) thereof, at Seranton, in
said District, this 4th day
of October, A. D. 1918.
Annual Meeting of the Harrisburg
chapter of the American National lied
Cross will' he held on November 21.
1918, at 8 o'clock of said day. at
Technical High School Auditorium,
for the election of an Executive Com
mittee or Board of Directors, consid
eration of and action upon reports,
and transaction of such other busi
ness as may properly come before the
Chapter. Each member of the Chap
ter is earnestly urged to he present.
i Acting Secretary.
Estate of John Henry Boyer. late of '
llarrisburg. Dauphin County, Pa.,
on the above Estate having been
granted to the undersigned by the 1
Register of Wills of Dauphin County,
all persons having claims or demands
against the said Estate are hereby re
quested to make known the same, and
all persons indebted to tile said de- j
cedent will make payment without
delay, to
Adniinist ratrix.
1813 North Fifth Street. ,
llarrisburg. Pa.
B. F. I'M BERG ER. Attorney.
108 North Second Street.
NOTICE Betters' of Administra
tion on the Estate of Bydla A. Kinter, j
hue of llarrisburg. Dauphin County,
Pa., deceased, having been granted to
ihe undersigned residing in llarris
burg, Pa., all persons indebted to said
Estate are requested to riiake imme
diate payment, and those having
claims Will present them for settle
1711 Susquehanna Street.
Or llarrisburg. Pa.
3 Kuss Bldg.,
llarrisburg, Pa.
NOTICE Is hereby given that Bet
ters of Administration have been
granted by the Register of Wills of
Dauphin County, to the undersigned,
upon the Estate of Taylor laird
Snavely. deceased. All persons in
debted to said Estate are hereby re
quested to make immediate payment,
iM il those who have claims to present
shall do so without f.urthcr delay to
1143 JCarker Street.
Or Harrisburg, Pa.
Russ Bldg.. llarrisburg, Pa.
llarrisburg. Pa., Oct, 31, 1318.
Notice Is hereby given that a special
meeting of the stockholders of the
Acme Baking Company will be held
at the office of the Company, in the
City of Harrisburg. upon December
31, 1918, at 11 o'clock A. 11.. to take
action in approval or disapproval of
the sale of the franchise and all of
the property and assets of that Com
pany to the Capital City Baking Com
pany. in accordance with the oiler and
terms, on file with the Secretary of
th Cmpany.
Secretary r
Assistant to Marshal Foch
Takes Part in the Truce
r" 3SKV3 is®■ .£ i -r ■"'SV i
-iyESTF.ia>*V •VVR.SCG.e.DD
| Xlajor-General XTnxime Weygand. of
I tlve French Army, Assistant to Mar
■ sOial Foch, will lie present at the
conference with the German armistice
delegates Marshal Foch will also
| have with him Admiral Sir Rosslyn
XVemyss, First Sea Lord of Great
! Britain, who will, presumably, ex
j plain the nuval armistice terms.
Cigarets Aid Italians
Trap 300 Austrians
Minneapolis. Lieutenant Roberto
' <!e Violim, of the Sixth Alpine Corps,
' lias recently come to the United
States on a special mission for his
j government.
A strategy thai was resorted to in
■ the capture of an Austrian post was
1 thus described by Lieutenant Violini:
"The men lit cigarets and stuck
I them on the barbed wire in front of
; tile Austrian trenches." he said. "Thou
j they dropped down and made their
j way lo the llank of the Austrian die
vision. They found almost no one
■there, and virtually everybody was
in the front tiring at the cigarets. XVe
■ took 300 prisoners and machine guns
and other war material, whose use
we did not even know, so inferior
were we in the matter of equipment."
By Associated l'rcss
New York, Nov. 14.—-Ambulances
j were sent t <> a North River pier to
day in response to u call from an
' American naval vessel that two men
< had been killed in the blowing out
i of a steam pipe.
NOTICE Letters of Administra
tion. e. t. a., on the Estate of Anna
C. Banks, late of Harrisburg, Pa., de
) ceased, liaviilg been granted to tile
undersigned residing in Harrisburg,
I i'a.. all persons indebted to said Estate
I are requested to make immediate pay
-1 mont, and those having claims will
present them for settlement.
Or to Administrator, e, t. a.
]. J'. BOWMAN.
THE owners of unregistered prop
erties in the Eleventh XVaid, of the
i City of Harrisburg, in accordance
with the terms of a certain pan of
the Act of Assembly, approved 27th
I mne, 19X3. Pamphlet Laws of 1913,
! page 568, and Ordinance No. 11, Kile
of City Council, Session of 1918-laia,
! ure hereby notifled to furnish within
: thirty days lrom the 28th duy of oc
! tober, 1918, to the City "Engineer, ai
j this office, descriptions of their re
i spective properties, upon blanks to be
i furnished by the city, and at the same
! time to present their conveyances to
be Stamped by the said engineer with-
I out charge as evidence of the registry
thereof. Any person or persons
1 neglecting or refusing to comply with
ihe provisions of tnis section for a
period of thirty days after public no
nce of th(j requirements thereof shall
be liable to a penalty of'tive dollars,
lo be iccoveieu Willi costs of suit, in
the name and l'or the use of the city,
l penalties for the violation of city
ordinances are recoverable." Blanks
1 may ue obtained at the office of the
I oiiy Engineer, lfoom 316 Common
j wealth Trust Company Building, Z22
1 Market street, Harrisburg, Pa.
. City Engineer.
i NOTICE Letters of Administra
! tion on tHe Estate of Gjuro Vorkapic,
j late of Steelton, Dauphin County, Pa.,
deceased, having been granted to the
I undersigned, all persons indebted to
i said Estate are requested to make
immediate payment, and those having
I claims will present them for gettle
-1 lip ut to
lOr tO Administrator.
11. L. DRESS, Attorney,
Steelton, Pa.
1 NOTICE Betters of Administra
tion on tin- Estate of Milan Stula,
late of Steelton, Dauphin County, Pa.,
deceased, having been granted to the
undersigned, all persons indebted to
said Estate are requested to make im
| mediate payment, and those having
claims will present them for settle-
I me nt to •
i Or to Administrator.
11. B. DRESS, Attorney.
Steelton, Pa.
I NOTICE Betters of Administra
tion on the Estate of JOJIO Dobrenic,
j late of Steelton, Dauphin County, Pa.,
i deceased, having been granted to tile
i undersigned, all persons indebted to
! said Estate are requested to make im-
I mediate payment, and those having
, elaim3 will present them for settle
ment to
Or to Administrator.
11. B. DRESS, Attorney.
Steelton, Pa.
i William W. Smith, Plaintiff, vs. Grace
] Beatty and Samuel Beutty, her liifs
-1 band, Defendants.
In pursuance to an order of the
Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin
County, Pa., sitting in Equity, duted
October 28, 1318, the undersigned will
expose to public sale, on the premises.
Saturday. November 30, 1318, at 10
o'clock A. M., the following described
real estute:
ABB that certain house and lot of
ground, situuted in the Sixth Ward
in tile City of llarrisburg, bounded
and described as follows:
BEGINNING at a point Ridge Ave
nue, or Sixth street, at corner of
property late of Wm. McFadden;
thence along the line of same 85 ft. to
an alley; thence along said alley 12
ft. 3 in. to property, now or late, of
Samuel Russel; thence along the lino
of same 85 ft. to Ridge Avenue, or
Sixth Street: thence along Ridge Ave
nue, or Sixth Street, 12 ft. 3 in. to the
place of beginning.
Having thereon erected a three
storv frame dwelling house, known
as No. 1412 North Sixtii Street.
Terms of Sale Twenty per cent,
of the purchase price at the time the
propertv is stricken down to the pur
chaser and the remainder of the pur
chase price on or before January 14,
1313 the day for confirmation* of said
sale by the Court.
Master in Partition.
VEMBER 23. at Navaro Hotel. Worm
leysburg. Pa., at 1:30 P. M„ Sand and
■ Coal Fleet, consisting of steamboat
and equipment; one pump and equip
ment: six flatsi two horses and har
ness; two carts, one wagon: block and
falls and other tools too numerous to
mention. Terms Cash.
maxwell h. HITE.
Henry Gregory, Former
Merchant, Dies at 84
Henry Gregory, aged 84 years, a
former well-known wholesale notion
merchant of this city, died Tuesday
evening at the Masonic Homes, Eliz
abethtown. Pa. Death was due to
a complication o diseases attrib
utable to old age. Mr. Gregory left
no survivors. The body will be
taken to Heading to-morrow morn
ing where burial and funeral serv
ices will be.held. This evening after
7 o'clock the body can be viewed
at the undertaking parlors of F. C.
Neely, 908 North Second street, this
city. Mr. Gregory was prominent in
fraternal circles, having membership
with Robert Burns Lodge No. 404. F.
ter No. 21. Harrisburg Council No.
7, R. and F. M. M„ and Pilgrim
Commandery No. 11, Knights Tent- j
Funeral services for Mrs. Susan I
Lee, aged 65, will be held to-morrow
afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home,
020 North street, the Rev. Mr. Mac-
Neil, pastor of Wesley A.*XI. E.
Church, officiating. Burial will be
made in the Lincoln Cemetery. Mrs.
Lee is survived by live daughters,
Xlrs. Frances Xlartin, Xlrs. Bertha
llimes, Misses Idella and Anna Lee,
this city; Mrs. Louisa Harris, Toledo;
two sons, William, Jersey City; Ed
ward, this city; one brother, Edwin
Puller, Steelton; one grandson and
one great-grandson.
Xlrs. Emma Bret'/., widow of Wil
liam Bretz, died at her residence, of
North Fourteenth street, Monday. She
was aged 04 years. Funeral services
will be held to-morrow morning at
9.30 o'clock, the Rev. J. A. Lyter,
pastor of the Deny Street 'United
brethren Church, officiating. Burial
will be maxlo at Elizabethville.
Funeral "services for Joseph C.
Crowcll, who died at the Harrisburg
Hospital Tuesday afternoon, will be
held Friday afternoon at his late res
idence in West Xlain street, Xiechan
icslnirg, the Rev. Geoge Fulton offici
ating. Burial will be made in the
Silver Spring Cemetery.
Word has been received in the city
of the recent death of Percy Oliver
Smith, aged 50 years, in Boston,
Xlass.. after a brief illness. Mr,
Smith,.who had a wide acquaintance
here was connected with the bank
ing house of Bates it Co., Boston,
since his young manhood. His wife,
who survives him, with live children,
was formerly Miss Gertrude Marie.
Butler, of Harrisburg," daughter of
tHe late John L. Butler. She is re
siding at 7 Arborway Court, Forrest
llills, Xlass.
Funeral services for John R. Xlil
ler, who died at his late home, No.
2J3 Boas street, yesterday morning,
will be held at the above address Sat
urday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial
will take place at Harrisburg Ceme
tey. The Rev. -Dr. Flexer, of the
Harris Street Evangelical Church,
will officiate at the services. Surviv
ing Mr. Miller are his widow, Xlrs. An
nie .•••iler, and the following chil
dren: Mrs. Eugene Secor, Harris
burg; Mrs. Anna Shultz, i.liddletown;
Xlrs. John Morrison, Philadelphia;
Xlrs. Charles Moan, Carney's Point,
XL Xliller, Harrisburg, and Joseph S.
N. J.; W. S. Xliller, Paxtang; Jacob
Xliller, Dayton, Ohio.
Xlichael Pincus, aged 32 years, 632
Harris street, died in the Harrisburg
Hospital of Spanish Influenza. There
are now twenty patients at the hos
pital, including two who were trans
ferred from the Emergency Hospital
which now has been discontinued.
• Xtiss Ruth Butler, aged 18 years,
died this morning at Philadelphia.
She was the daughter of Mr. and
Xlrs. Wm. T. Butler, 60 Balm street.
Funeral services will he held in St.
Francis' Roman Catholic Church
Saturday morning at 9 o'clock, the
Rev. Joseph R. Murphy officiating.
Burial will be made in the Calvary
Cemetery. The body was brought
from Philadelphia to-day by Under
taker Sourbier
Emanuel Bloomenthal, 17,
Home With British Badge
For Service at the Front
Emmanuel Bloomenfhal, aged 17,
son of Irving Bloomenthal, 2347 Bo
gar street, is perhaps the only Hur
risburger possessing the British
badge for Foreign Service at the
lront, which he earned as a member
of the 54ih Battalion, Sixth Ammuni
tion Column, Canadian Army. He is
expecting in addition a badge for
service at the front 4n 1!18. and still
another badge for service at the front
and in England.
Young Bloomenthal enlisted in To
ronto, Can., last November, and was
sent to England and then to France,
room where he finally was sent to the
front line trenches at Amiens, Arras
and on the Somme. Finally he was
called to the battalion headquarters
where it had been learned that he
was under the age limit, and lie was
sent home with an honorable dis
charge, arriving at the home of bis
father last weel:.
Jewish Welfare House
Opened in Carlisle
| The joint celebration of the Carlisle
and llarrisburg branches of- tile Jew
ish Welfare boards, last evening, in
honor of the opening of the Welfare
I Mouse ill Pomfert street, Carlisle, was
i attended by many from this city and
surrounding towns.
| Charles Berg presided at the meet
ing and there were several speakers
from the. students' Training Corps, in
cluding Lieutenant Furby, command
-1 ing officer. Among the speakers
were: Henry Claster, of this city;
Kabbi Louis J. Haas, of Ohev Sholom
Temple, and Bouis gpector, in charge
of the Jewish Welfare work at Camp
Cpton. The latter outlined the .Work
done among the soldiers. Refresh
ments were served, after Miss Clara
belle Claster had given several solos,
accompanied l>y Miss Sara Baturin.
Reorganized Army May Be
Based on Universal Service
Washington, Nov. 14.—Plans for
the reorganization of the War De
partment and the army itself now
! tire in process of formulation by the
; general stall and soon will be before
I Secretary Baker. Orders for the ac
|tual breaking up of the army can
: not be promulgated until these plans
finally are completed, as the demo
bilization program is dependent to
some extent upon the udoption of
a reorganization policy.
The Secretary has Indicated that
new legislation will be necessary to
carry out the reorganization and is
expected to lay a definite program
before Congress at the earliest pos
sible moment. This may reopen the
1 whole question of universal military
training and many officials antici
pate a long legislative struggle be
fore final action is taken on whal
er >r policy Vi'. Baker may pro-
Chandler Brothers and Company,
members of New York and Philadel
phia Stock Exchanges—3 North Mar
ket Square, Harrisburg; 336 Chestnut
street, Philadelphia; 34 Pine street.
New York—furnish the following
quotations Open. Nvn.
Allis Chalmers 28 28 j
American Can 4647%
Am Car and Foundry ... 86% 86%
Amer Loco 66% 66%
Amer Smelting 88% 89%
Anaconda 7U 70
Atchison - 96 96%
Baldwin Locomotive ... 84% 83% !
Baltimore and Ohio .... 59 59% |
Bethlehem Steel 61% 62 l
Butte Copper t'2% 22% I
California Petroleum ... 22 22 !
Canadian Pacific 166% 166% ]
Central Leather 61 61
Chesapeake and Ohio .. 61 60% I
Chi R I and Pacific 1 30% 30% ,
Chino Con Copper 40% 41% I
Col Fuel and Iron 39% 39Va |
Corn Products 49 49%
Crucible Steel 55% 56%
Erie ...'. 20% 20%
General Motors 130 130
Goodrich B F 57 57
Great Northern pfd .... 102% 102%
Great Northern Ore subs 34 34%
Hide and Leather 14& 15%
Hide and Leather pfd ... 76 76
Inspiration Copper .... 03% 52%
Kennecott 38% 39%
Kansas City Southern ... 22% 22%
Lackawanna Steel 69% 71%
Lehigh Valley 63 63
War Ctfs 30 30
Merc War Ctfs pfd 121% 123%
Mcx Petroleum 172% 174
Miami Copper 27 27
Midvale Steel 43% 43%
New York Central 8- 82%
NY N H and H 40% 40%
New York Ont and West 23 23
Northern Pacific 100 101
Pennsylvania Railroad . 49 49%
Pittsburgh Coal 48% 48%
.Railway Steel Spg: .... 67% 67%
Ray Con Copper 23% 23%
Reading 89% 90%
Southern Pacific 106% 106%
Southern Ry 33 33
Studebaker 68% 68%
Union Pacific 133% 134%
V S I Alcohol 100 99%
U S Rubber 71% 72%
II S Steel 99% 99%
II S Steel pfd 112% 112%
Utah Copper 86 86%
Westinghouse Mfg 44% 44%
Willys-Overland 27% 27%
Western Maryland 15% 15%
By .-IssucialeJ Press
Philadelphia, Nov. 1 I. Wheat
No. 1. soli, red, $2.20; No. 2, red, $2.24;
No. 2, soft, red, $2.24.
Bran Tlie market Is steady; soft
Winter, per ton, $40.50<b47.00; spring,
per ton, $44.00@> 45.00.
Butter Tlie market is steady;
western, extra. packed, creamery,
63c; nearby prints, fancy. 67® 69c.
Eggs - Market firm; Pennsylvania,
and other nearby firsts, free cases,
$20.40(1} 21.00 per ease; do., current re
ceipts, free cases, $19,80<1( 20.00 per
ease; western, extra firsts, i'ree cases,
$20.40® 21.00 per case; do., firsts, free
eases, st9.Bo<t}2o.o(> per case; fancy, se
lected, packed, 73®75c per dozen.
Cheese The market is firm;
New York and Wisconsin, full iniik,
32 it 33 %c.
Corn The market is dull; No. 3.
yellow, as to grade and location.
$1.55(1} 1.70; No. 3, yellow, $1.55® 1.70.
Oats The market is steady;
No. 2, white, 79%®80c; No. 2, while,
7 8 ® 7 8 % c.
Refined Sugars Market steady;
powdered, B.4sc;,extra lliie granulat
ed. 7.25 c.
Live Poultry Market lower;
fowls, 23®28c; spring chickens, 23®
28c; fowls, not leghorns, 31@32c; white
leghorns, HOtVoi young, softmeated
roosters. 24®25c; young, staggy roost
ers, 20®22c; old roosters, 20®22c;
spring chickens, not leghorns, 30®32c;
white leghorns. 29®30e; dttcks. Peking
spring, 28®32c; d0.,01d,30®35c; Indian
Runner, 28®30c; spring ducks. Long
Island, 34® 36c; turkeys. 34®36c;
geese, nearby, 28®32c; western, 2S®
Dressed Poultry—Easier, turkeys,
nmiui, etioicc io tancy, . 5-:uo, do.,
tair to good, 32®37c; do., old, 37®38c:
do., western, choice to fancy. 37®3$c;
do., fair to good. 32®36c; do., old toms.
:<oc: old common. 30c: fresh killed
fowls, fancy, 36%®37c: do., smaller
sizes,32® 36c; old roosters,2B%c; spring
sizes,3stu 31C, ol<J rouolels.}/- > a o, spring
ducks. Long Island, 3'J®4oc; spring
fowls, tancy. 26®.i5%c, Uu., good to
ducks, Pennsylvania, 39® 40c; frozen
choice, 32®34c; do., smuil sizes, 28®
30c; dressed Pekin ducks higher, 34®
36c; old, 30®32c; Indian Runners, 27®
27% c; spring ducks. Long Island. 30®
40c; broiling chickens, western, 42®
45c; do., rpasting chickens, 30@31c.
Potatoes —The market is steady;
New Jersey, No. il, 85e®l.uo
per basket; do., No. 2, 50®75c
per basnet; do., 100-tb. bags. No. t,
$2.50®3.00, extra quality; do.. No. 2.
$1.90®2 26; Pennsylvania. 100 lbs..
$"15®2.50; New Jersey, per 100 lbs.
No. 1, $2.16®2.50; do.. No. 2, 100 lbs.,
$1.25®1.76; western, per 100 lbs., $1.25
i i.oo, Maine, per luv tbs., l.eu®
1.80; Delaware arid Maryland, per 100
lbs., 90c®$1.10; Michigan, per 100 lb..
$1.60® 1.70; Florida. per barrel,
$2.00® 4.00; Florida, per bushel,
hamper, 76®S5c; Florida, per 160-!b.
bags $1.5U®3.00; North Carolina, per
barrel, $1.50®4.00; South Carolina, per
■barrel. $1.50®4.00; Norfolk, per oar
te-i. IZ.OuW 4. i 5: Eastern per
barrel. $2.00®3.75.
Flour Dull; winter wheat, new,
lOu per cent. Iloui. iv.ou w 10.3 a per
barrel; Kansas wheat, new, $10.50®
10 85 per barrel; current receipts.
$10.60® 10.85 per barrel; spring wheat,
new. $10.50® 10.85 per barrel.
liay —Tlie market is easier; timothy
No. 1, large and small' bales. S32.OU®
33.00 per ton; No. 2, small bales, $29.00
I ®30.00 per ton; No. 3, $23.00® 25.00 per
I-!., -a— ..We, v P>< Inn. uu
i gr<l.- s7.su® '• I.f" ner ton.
I clover Light mixed. $29.00®
| $30.00 per ton; No. 1, light, mixed,
I $26.00® 27.00 per ton; No. 2, light mix
j.-d, $22.00®23.00 per ton; no grade,
i slß.u>(® 2o.oo per ton.
Tallow The market is quiet:
prime city, In tierces, 19% c;, city,
speclul loose. 20c; prime country.
18% c; dark, 16%®17c; edible. In
tierces. 22 @22 %c.
Pure Wheat Bread
Now May Be Eaten;
80-20 Rule Is Lifted
I'lillnilfliiliiu, Nov. 14, Howard
Heinz, federal food administrator for
Pennsylvania, returned" last night
from a conference at Washington
with Mr. Hoover and the state admin
istrators and announced that the 80-
20 regulation regarding wheat flour
substitutes will terminate to-day. In
other words, pure wheat bread again
comes Into its own.
It had been originally intended that
the abolition of the wheat substi
tute rule would take place on Janu
ary 1 but In view of the shortage of
feedstuffs for cattle, it was deemed
wise to abolish the substitute rule at
Announcement is therefore official
ly made of the immediate abandon
ment of the 80-20 rule as affecting
the sale of flour and substitutes: in
other words, consumers may pur
chase flour without substitutes here
after and bakers may bake traignt
wheat bread. The government is
formulating plana for the purchase
of surplus etoclts of substitutes ac
mumulated by the bakers and the
trade in furtherance of substitute
Word has been received of the
safe arrival overseas of Captain
Henry A. Gorman, former chief resl-
I dent physician at the Harrisburg
Hospital *■ •*
Head of German Mission '
Which Received tke Terms:
•jffew-Q-;. •■' ®S K f^ i ßßi ; ' i ' 6| < -
• #1
Muthias Krzberger, the Centrist
lender and member of the Reichstag,
recently appointed Secretary of State,
who is head of the Herman armistice
delegation which crossed "No-Man's
l.and" and entered llie French lines
for conference with Marshal Foch. |
I >r. Bribe rear was the author of the
famous Reichstag resolution by which
civilian Germany first feebly sought
to check her militarists, and which
voiced the program of the Main Com
mittee of the Reichstag, July 19, 1917.
as calling for 'a peace without annex
ation or indemnity."
This Recruit Said He
Was Only 88 Years Old
Fort Worth, Tex,.—The oldest re
cruit in the American Army, likely j
any other army, put in his appear
ance at headquarters. Camp Bowie,
this week, lie is a prisoner, and
claimed to be 88 years old, in order
to be above the draft age and es
cape military service. But Lieuten
ant George C. McCarthy, Acting j
Judge Advocate, is determined to
make a good soldier out of the 88-
year-old boy.
iiis name is Albert Sewing, and he
is a negro from Wichita Fails. For
his age, Albert is a mighty well-pre
served specimen, having not a gray
hair in his kinky head, not a wrin
kle on his black face, and lie moved
as lithely as a panther.- Albert de
clared he was horn in 183-1 and
knew Abraham Lincoln when lie was
a hoy.
There were several other negro
prisoners in the Judge Advocate's of
iice at the time, all charged with
evading the draft. Some said they
Intd' not been summoned, some
didn't know about registering and
ond declared he was too old for serv
ice, that he was 35 at the tirst reg
istration. Albert sat next to this
prisoner and as McCarthy questioned
him about age an idea struck Al
bert. If the other negro was 35 and
too old, maybe he was too old also
and he'd make it 34.
So when asked his age he insisted
by all that is holy that he was born
ill 183 4.
"So you're 88 years old then," Mc-
Carthy told him. Albert hadn't
thought of it in thut way, but it was
too late.
"Yas, sab, I'se 88."
"Suppose you knew Abe Lincoln
when he was a boy?"
"Yas, sub. sure did. Used to play
with him. little Abe," lie said.
But, alas, McCarthy comes from
Chicago, where people 88 are bent,
whitened and wrlnkletL So he *ent
Albert to the prison stdekade to give
him h chance to lose sixty years.
Maine Mussels Will
Help Food Situation
Itangor, Me.—lmmense beds of
mussels, which are regarded by Eu
ropeans as a great delicacy and by
many Americans as equal to lobster,
Which they closely resemble in tuste,
it ave been discovered along the
■•luine coast by Professor I. S. Field,
of Clark's College, Worcester, Mass.,
and his assistants, after a two
months' cruise in tlie United States
Fisheries Commission's steamer Gan
The cruise extended from ICittery
Point to tlie mouth of tlie St. Croix,
the entire length of the coast line,
and was made for the purpose of
investigating the mussel beds with
the view of utilizing tlie deposits as
an article of food for commercial de
velopment, especially in the export,
Surprisingly large deposits of the
shellfish were found, tlie monetary
value running far into the. millions,
and so satisfied are the Fisheries Bu
reau with the result of the invest
gation that arrungemerft s already
have been made with several can
ning establishments to put the neg
lected delicacy on the market —in
cans, in their own liquor, and also
dried and smoked.
Confidence is expressed that a
great industry will lie established as
the direct result of Professor Fields'
276 Tons of Poisoned Oats
For Rats In Montana
work in Montann during the last sea
son has saved 12.7e0.000 worth of
farm crops at a cost of $82,800, ac
cording to the report of the Montana
extension specialist in rodent con
trol. The bureau of biologicul sur
vey, which co-operates with the state
agencies, furnished trained leader
ship and contributed $12,000 from
its emergency appropriation toward
the cost, and Montana farmers paid
the remaining $70,800. Work was
carried on in tw#nty-flve counties,
and 276 tons of poisoned oats were
prepared in accordance with the bu
reau of biological survey formula.
Great numbers of ground squirrels
and prairie dogs were destroyed. The
increasing demand for the work, ac
cording to report of the stute
specialist, 1® secured it a prominent
place on the programs of work of the
county agents and .has made easy
the introduction of othor lines of ag
ricultural improvement work.
Anioy, China. Nov. 14.—News of
the signing of an armistice between
the Allies and Germany was re
ceived here on Tuesday. By com
mon consent yesterday was made a
general holiday, the citizens of
allied and neutral countries here
participating in a spontaneous cele
bration.' f
Treasury Department
Statement of the Amounts In the
Several Funds at the Close of
Business October 31, 1918:
Aldlne Trust Co., Phila
delphia $15,000 00
American Bank, Phila
delphia 50.000 00,
American National Bank,
Waynesboro 20,000 00
Annvllle National Bank,
Annville 10.000 00
Anthracite Trust Com
pany, Seranton , 25,000 00
Athens Xatlonu! Bank,
Athens 10.000 00
Allentown Trust Co.. Al
ientown 10,000 00
Allentown Nutlonul Bank,
Allentown 10,000 00
Bank of East Falls, Phil
adelphia - . .. 5,000 00
Hank of Commerce, Phil
adelphia 25,000 00
Bank of Donora, Dortora - 20,000 00
Bank of North America,
Philadelphia 30,000 00
Bellefonte Trust Com-
pan.v, Bellefont 20,000 00
Brnddoek Trust Com
pany, Braddock 30,000 00
Brookville Title & Trust
Company, Brookville.. 0.000 00
Butler County National
Bank. Butler 2,000 00
Brldgevllle Trust Com
pany, Brldgevllle 2a,000 00
Bolivar National Bank.
Bolivar 5 - 000 00
Berwick Suvlngs & Trust .
Company, Berwick ... 10,000 00
Cnmn Curtin Trust Com
pany, Harrisburg .... la.OOO 00
Carlisle Trust Company,
Carlisle -0,000 00
Carnegie National Bank, I
Carnegie 35.000 00
Carnegie Trust Company. „„
Carnegie 100,000 00
Central National Bank,
Philadelphia 40,000 00
Central National Bank.
York 10,000 00
Central Trust Company,. ...... ..
Harrisburg 50,000 00
Charter National Bank.
Media 12,000 00
Centrnl National Bank,
Mount Union
Citizens Hank, Freelaud 2a,000 00
Citizens Trust Company.
Cannonsburg la,ooo 00
1 Chartiers Trust Com
pany, MeKees Reeks . .. -0,000 00 (
Citizens Stute Bank of
Salisbury, Elk Lick ...
Citizens National Bank, innnnoo
Indiana 10.000 00
Citizens Banking Com
panv. Oil City l"- 000 00
Citizens National Bunk.
Meycrsdale *O.OOO 00
Citizens Title & Trust
Company, Uniontown.. la,ooo 00
City Bank of MeKeesport,
McKeuaport JU.uuu uu
Citizens State Bank, Wil
liamsport lQ.oou uu
° Carlisle DeP °* U " t 15,000 00
.50.000 00
Cl Cb-mer Na . U ? na !. • """" 10 ' 000 00
Clinton CouilVy Trust Co., '
1.-ock Haven lo.ouu uu
Columbia Avenue Trust
Co:. Philadelphia ..... 20,000 00
Commonwealth Trust Co.,
Pittsburgh -•••-. '"'• oou 00 I
Conewago Trust Coin- |
puny, \\ a rren •••••;••
Con t i nental K(|ultabi
ausr.frr?: j
■' ■-• •I
County Trust Compan>. ,
Somerset ."Vl' 1.
Citizens National Bunk. .
Washington lba.ooo 00 j
| Citizens Trust Companj. W
Clarion ••••:•
Clearfield National BanU. lo 000 0 o
citv e ßan! c 35.000 00
CO pany e . rC HarrTsburg 10.000 00
Delaware Q°\inty Na- IftO A OO 0l )
tional Baiik. Chester.. 100.000 00
Dl piUsU.T k ° £ . .V." /"• 35-000 00
Drovers and Merchants
Bank, Philadelphia .. . -0.000 UU
Deposit National Bank.
DuBOIH ; " •
mtSburgh" - 40.000 00
E lMtUb B urK N h at ! on . al Banli - 50.000 00
Farmers Bank. Parkes
burg '
Farmers Nationul Bank,
Farmers Trust Company.
Carlisle ••••;• uu
Farmers State Bank.
Hanover • • • • " " ,v
farmers National Bunk. Q0() 0()
Farmers Nationai Bank, ,-noo 00
Montrose ••••;
Farmers & Miners Trust
Co., Punxsutawney ... J.UUU uu
Farmers & Merchants
Bank. Red Lion .... - • uu
*"state"College ?!*!?*..' 5.000 00
Fa Na m tlonul 'Bunk. 0 Tyrone 5.000 ,00
Farmers & Mechanic s
Trust Co., West Ches- 4|J ()00 00
Farmers i iierehants iaaoo 00
Bank, West New Jon .. 10.000 00
Farmers National Bank.
Somerset * ' '
Farmers & Mechanic -r, aaa 00
Bank Northumberland iG.ooo 00
10.000 00
Fr pa"n k y? PhllldeTphia . o . m . 5.000 00
Federal Trust Company.
First Savings & rntst 2 -, 000 00
Free port' Bank. Krue port 10.000 00
Franklin Trust Companj. Q 0#
Philadelphia .• • • •• ••{?
Fulton National . . Ba f J l .* 10.000 00
Fa S"pii p^'^ a !l o 't' loo ' ooo 00
First National Bank. 00
Addison ;' „'' j.'
First National Bank. 0()
Bedford Vi";.'
First National Ban . 10 00 0 00
Berwick •••":'
First National Bank, 10 000 00
Black Lick ■■■■•
First National Bank. 00
Beaver balls .•• •••• ••
First Nat 1 on a 1 Ban .. 00
Cherry I ree
First Nat I on a 1 Bank. oo()
Firif National Banic. # Q0
Carnegie i # Villi/
First Natlo na I " 20.000 00
First N a tlon.l Bank.
Clifton Heignts ••••••
First Nationa • jo.ooo 00
Cresson ••<••• ;• •■ • .
First National < • jq ooq 00
Dusliore •
First National ■ 50,000 00
Kbensburg ••"."n-li,'
First National BanU.
Glen Campbell •••• " •
First National Bank. 2 . Q0
Franklin • • • • • j•
First National Bank. Q 0Q
1 larrisburg .-••• ••" : •
First National Bank. 4 0Q 0()
Johnstown -•- "VI "C'
I Fl, '. Ht N hr° n 100,000 00
First N a tie na 1 Bank. oo
Intercourse •••i *v 1
! First National Bank.
| Huntingdon •■■ • • •'':' ,' M
i F M S o'ntram- °. " *■'•• •• • • 15.000 00
First National. Bank. •
New Freedom 10.0UU uu
Fi'rsl National Bank.
' olyphant ••• " 10 ' 000 uo
First National Bank. .- rtnftoo
Nantieoke ............ 4a,000 00
First National Bank,
Pittston - •••:• io,ooo 0(J
First National Bapk.
Plymouth 40,000 00
First National Bank.
First National Bank,
Pltcalrn 10.000 00
First National Bunk,
Say re 10.000 00
First National Bank,
Somerfleld 10,000 00
First National Bank, _ ,
Spangler .............. 10,000 00
1 NOVEMBER 14, 1918.'
First National Bank,
Spring Grove 10,000 00 •
First National Bank,
Trafford City 10,000 00
First National Bank,
Tyrone 20,000 00
First Nut ion u 1 Bank,
Washington 26,000 00
First National Bank,
Welisboro 10,000 00
First National Bank,
Wilkinsburg 25,000 00
First National Bank,
Weatherly 5,000 00
First National Bunk,
Montoursvllle 10,000 00
First National Bank,
Blatrsvllle r. . 10,000 00
First National Bunk,
Canton 20,000 00
First National Bank,
Charleroi 20,000 00
First National Bank, .....
Mifflintown lu.ooo 00
First National Bank,
iiimersburg 10,000 00
First National Bank,
Williamsport 40,000 00
First National Bank,
York ................. 40,000 00
First National Bank,
McKeesport 20,000 00
First National Bank, .
Turtle Creek la,ooo 00
First National Bank of
Salisbury, Elk Lick... 15,000 00
Glass City Union Deposit
Bunk, Jeannette 10,000 00
Glen Rock State Bank,
Glen Rock 5,000 00
Guaranty Safe Deposit &
Trust Co.. Butler 20,000 00
Guarantee Trust & Safe
Deposit Co., Philadel
phia 20.000 00
Hanover Hank of Wilkes-
Barre, Wilkes-Barre ... 15,000 00
Heights Deposit Bank,
Wilkes-Barrd 15,000 00
Homer City National
Bank, Homer City .... 15,000 00
Hamburg Savings Bank.
Hamburg 10,000 00
Industrial National Bank,
West Yolk 10,000 00
Jeannette Savings and
Trust Co., Jeannette .. 5,000 00
Jenkintown National
Bank, Jenkintown .... 15,000 00
Juniata Valley Nutlonal
Hank, Mifflintown 10,000 00
Kane Trust & Savings
Co., Kane 20,000 00
Kevstone National Bank.
Pittsburgh 30,000 00
Keystone Hank, Scran
ton 15,000 00
Liberty National Bank,
Pittsburgh ••• •, 40,000 00
Lutrobe Trust Company,
Latrobe 20,000 00
Lebunon County Trust
Company, Lebanon ... 10,000 00
Lincoln Trust Company,
Scranton 35,000 00
Littlestown Savings In
stitution, Littlestown,. 10,000 00
Logan Trust Company,
Philadelphia 30,000 00
Luserne County National
Hank. Wilkes-Barre . . 30,000 0O
Luzerne National Bank,
Luzerne 10,000 00
Lycoming National Bank,
Williamsport 10,010 00
Lyndora National Bank,
Lyndorn 15,000 co
Lincoln Deposit ic Trust
" Co., Altoona 25,000 00
Marion Center National
I Bank, .Marion Center. . 10,000 00
Madera National Bank,
1 Madera 20,000 00
| Murine National Bank,
Erie 50,000 00
I Market Street National
Bank, Shamokin 15,000 00
Mechanics Trust Com
pany, Harrisburg 60,000 CO
Merchants National Bank,
Harrisburg 30,000 00
Merchants National Bank,
Pottsville 30,000 00
Miners Bank, Wilkes-
Bar re 50,000 00
Miners Deposit Bank, Ly
kens • la,ooo 00
Miners Saving Bank,
Pittston 100,000 00
Metropolitan National
Bank, Pittsburgh 60,000 00
McDowell National Bank,
Sharon 25,000 CO
McKeesport Title & Trust
Co.. McKeesport 80,000 00
Middle City Bank, Pliila- „. ... „.
delpllia CO,OOO 10
Nanticok.e National Bank, .....
Nan*4coke • 10,000 00
National Bank of Ger
mantown, Philadelphia Jj.oCO 00
National Bank of Jersey
Shore. Jersey Shore... 10,000 00
National Bank of Mai- ..... ..
vern, Malvern la.OOO 00
Northern Central Trust
Co., Williamsport 40,000 00
North Scranton Bank,
Scranton -0.000 00
National Bank of Coates
ville, Coatesvllle 10,000 00
Oil City Trust Company,
Oil City 50,000 00
Peoples Bank, Carnegie ]5.000 00
Palmyra Bank. Palmyra, 10,000 00
Pennsylvania Nation
al Bank. Chester 60,000 00
Peoples National Bank,
East Brady 25,000 00
Peoples Bank. Hanover.. 10,000 00
Peoples National Bank, .....
Lebanon • • • 10.000 00
Peoples Bank, MoKees
port 5p,000 00
Peoples National Bank,
Mifflin 5,000 00
Peoples National Bank,
\lonot<Bon 1.1,000 oo
Peoples National Bank. .......
Mount Pleasant 1 J, 222 2
Peoples Bank, Steeitou . . 30,000 00
Peoples National Bank, ..... ...
Stewartstown 15,000 00
Peoples Union Savings .......
Bank, Pittston 00.000 00
Peoples Saving and Dime
Bank, Scranton 14a,000 00
p, t n o e „ Br . ook . Bink :. Bl ; ,ra ": 13.000 00
Pittsburgh' Trust Com- .........
pany, Pittsburgh 100.000 CO
Penna. Company for In
surance on Lives and
Granting Annuities. .......
Philadelphia 00.000 00
P Tion ß St . ttle . Bank '. Re • 10.000 00
Plvmouth National Bank,
Plymouth 35 ' 000 00
Provident Trust Com
tianv. Pittsburgh . 0,000 00
Philson National Bank. ......
Berlin 13.000 00
Reading National Bank,
Reading 4j ' 000 00
Real Estate and Trust .......
Co., Washington la,ooo 00
Red Lion First National
Bank. Red Lion ...... 20,000 00
Se Xlt n oona Nttt . lo ". ttl . • . BR " •' 20,000. 00
Second National Bank. .......
Meyersdale • 15.000 00
Second National Bank.
Philadelphia 6,000 00
Scotdale Trust Co., Scot- .....
dale • • • • 1a.090
Security Title & Trust
Company, York 50,000 oo
South Philadelphia State .......
Bank. Philadelphia ... 10,000 00
Stroudsburg National
"Bank. Stroudsburg ... 40,000 00
Susquehanna Trust and
Safe Deposit Co.. Wll
liamsport 25 - 000 °9
Swarthmore National
Bank. Swarthmore ... 20.000 00
Safe Deposit Trust Co. of
UasU r e nCB C ° Unty :. eW 20,000 CO
Sn sT;e Sh ° e Bttnk '.. Bn ° W 5-000 00
South Side Bank. Scran-
"KS&'Hitt 10 " 11 ! 15.000 00
B Ts& TrU * t .. C ?'. , .. Ha '' 20,000 00
State Batik of Elizabeth.
Elizabeth 6,000 00
Third National Bank, .......
Philadelphia 20,000 00
Tower City National ......
Bank, Tower City .... 5,000 00
Turtle Creek Savings &
Trust Co.. Turtle Creek 20,000 00
Rural Valley National
Bank. Rural Valley... 10,000 00
Tenth National Bank,
Philadelphia 10,000 00
Union Rniik, Nanty Glo 10,000 00
Union National Bank.
Connellsville 22,500 00
Union National Bank.
Minernvllle 21,000 00
Union Banking & Trust
Company Dußols .... 10,000 00
Union Trust Company of
Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh 50,030 00
United States National
Hank. Johnstown 10,000 0#
Union National Bank,
Johnstown 25,000 OS
Wayne County Savings . _
Ban*, Honesdale ..... 25,000 OS
Washington Trust Com- _
pany, Pittsburgh 125,000 08
West Side Bank, Scran
ton ; 25,000 00
Warren Savings Bank,
Warren 50,000 00
West Branch National
Bunk. Williamsport. ... 20,000 OS
West Side Bank, West
Pittston 10,900 OS
Western National Bank,
York 10,000 08
Wilbur. E. P., Trust Co..
South Bethlehem 150,000 OS
Wayne Junction Trust
Co.. Philadelphia 20,000 08
Washington Trust Co.,
Washington 25,000 08
York County National
Bank, York 20.000 08
York Trust Co.. York... 25,000 00
Yough Trust Co.. Con
nellsyille 50,000 OS
Colonial Trust Co., Pitts
, burgh 309,777 5S<
Commonwealth Trust Co.,
Harrisburg 103,194 03' •
Corn Exchange National
Bank, Philadelphia ... 101,301 74>
Diamond National Bank,
Pittsburgh 060,650 01
Harrisburg Trust Com
pany, Harrisburg 19,815 SO"
Mellon National Bank.
Pittsburgh 119,367 41
Qunker City National
Bank. Philadelphia ... 259,429 78
Cusn on hand 137,635 83
Total Amount.ln Oen
eral Fund $8,179,178 1* •
Anthracite Trust Coin-
Scranton $50,000 00
Archbald B%nk, Arch bald 6,000 CO
Bradford National Bank,
Bradford 15,000 00
Commercial National
Hank, Bradford 15,000 08
Commercial Trust Com
pany, Harrisburg 5,000 08
Commonwealth Trust Co.,
Harrisburg £8,610 f>9
Colonial National Bank,
Connellsville 25,000 0®
Fanners & Traders Na
tional Bank, Westfleld 10,00(1 08
Farmers „ Deposit Bank.
Cresson 7,590 0®
Fayette City National
Bank, Fayette City 20,000 08
First National Bank,
Cherry Tree . 10,CCD 08
Firt National Bank.
Ualeton 5 000 00
First National Bank,
Knoxville 5,000 00
First National Bank,
Mansfield 10,000 00
First National Bank,
New Wilmington 6,00 COO
First National Bank,
Patton 15,000 00
First Nat ionul Bank,
State College 6,000 00
First National Bank,
Susquehanna 30,000 00
Grange National Bunk,
Patton 10,000 00
Mechanics Trust Co., Har
risburg 15,000 00
McKcan County Trust
Co.. Bradford 13,000 CO
Miners National Bank,
Blossburg 15,030 00
M'uiongaliela Nation
al Bank, Brownsville.. 50,000 00
Miners and Merchants
Deposit Bank, Portage 10,000 00
Monuca National Bank,
Monuca 5,(00 00
Potter Title & Trust
Co., Pittsburgh ....... 15,000 00
Punxsutawney National
Bank, Punxsutawney.. 90,000 00
Second National Bank,
Meyersdale 10,000 00
Somerset Trust Company,
Somerset 25,000 00
South Side Trust Co.,
Pittsburgh 30,000 00
Quaker City National
Bank, Philadelphia ... 25,000 00
Tioga County Savings &
Trust Co., Welisboro. . 35,000 00
Union Trust Co. of Penn
sylvania, Harrisburg.. 35,000 00
Total Amount in Sink
ing Fund $651,110 03
Commonwealth Trust Co.,
Harrisburg $935 63
Harrisburg, Trust Co.,
Harrisburg 22,216 27
Total Amount In Motor
Fund $23,150 90
American National Bank,
Ebensburg $25,000 00
Cambria Title Savings &.
Trust Co., Ebensburg.. 30,000 00
Franklin Trust Company,
Philadelphia 40,000 00
First National Bank,
BlaJrsvJlle 65,000 00
First, National Bank,
Jcssup 10,000 00
Union Trust Co. of. Penn
sylvania, Harrisburg.. 20,000 00
Union Trust Co., Dono.'a. 10,000 00
Colonial Trust Co., Pitts
burgh 21,683 76
Total Amount In Game
Protection and Prop
agation Fund $221,683 76
Bedford County Trust Co.,
Bedford $23,000 00
First National Bank,
Somerset 25,000 00
National Bank of Coates
ville, Coatesvllle 25,000 00
Third National Bank,
Philadelphia 60,000 00
Providence Bank, Scran
ton 25.000 00
Diamond National Bank,
Pittsburgh 31,575 83
Total Amount In Fund
for Payment of Boun
ties $181,575 8*
First National Bank, Con
fluence $10,009 CO
Union Trust Co. of Penn
sylvania, Harrisburg .. 30,000 00
Honesdale National Bank, •
Honesdule 15,000 CO
First Natlonul Bank,
Kane 25,000 00
Commonwealth Trust Co.,
Harrisburg 21,703 35
Total Amount In Insur
ance Fund $101,703 35
Commonwealth Trust Co.,
Harrisburg $11,967 34
Total Amount In State
School Fund $11,967 34
Commonwealth Trust Co.,
Harrisburg $33,345 71,
Total Amount In Prison
Manufacturing Fund.. $34,345 7t
Commonwealth Trust Co.,
Harrisburg $1,083 23
Colonial Trust Co., Pitts
burgh 95,484 09
Total Amount In Fed
eral Appropriation.. $96,587 31!
Harrisburg Trust Com
pany, Harrisburg .... $8,269 7®
Total Amount In Fish
Propagation Fund .. $8,269 7®
State of Pennsylvania, City of liars
Personally appeared before m
Charles A. Snyder, Auditor
Harman 41. Kephart. State Treasurer.,
who being duly sworn according to
law, salth that the foregoing state*
ment Is true and correct to the besQl
of .his knowledge and belief.
State Treasurer,
Sworn and subscribed before -me*
this 13lb day of November, 1918.
Auditor GeneraL (I
Published in pursuance of the pro.#
visions of Section 11, Act of Febru*
ary 17, !U**6.
' <-u*rjaa A. SNYDER, I
Auditor Geacfoli J