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    nfluenza Takes 6,122 in
Thirty Cities of Country;
Toll Heaviest in Phila.
By Associate A Press
Washington, Oct. 16.—There were
6,122 deaths from Spanish Influenza
in thirty cities the week ending Oc
tober 12 as compared with 19 the
week ending September 14 when the
.tisease got its lirst foothold In New
England. In the same period there
were 4.409 deaths from pneumonia.
These figures, announced to-day
by the Bureau of the Census, do not
include figures from army camps,
and with repots missing from all
mating the total number of deaths,
districts there was no way of esti-
Dflfer cities and towns and country
Hie heaviest toll from influenzo
was 1,697 in Philadelphia. The New
York total was 979; Boston, 850, and
Chicago, 571.
Duluth, Minn . Oct. 16.—Fanned
by a wind increasing in velocity, for
est tires broke out afresh last night
*>n a 25-ni.de stretch between Lawler
and McGrath about 60 miles south
west of here. Adjutant General
Rhinow and Governor Burnquist
left Duluth for Lawler and Aitkin
with 100 home guardsmen to aid in
lighting the flames.
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ing, concentrated, healing balm, to
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the increasing
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some learn in a short time I And still
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tage of their opportunities.
What is the use of turning one's
back to war conditions.
The war is on! Paper costs more
and more as the scarcity becomes more
The business man will need more
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The Telegraph
Printing Co.
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Engraving Die Stamping Plate Printing
Edward W. Beatty, K. C., aged 41,
has been chosen president of the
Canadian Pacific, porhaps the long
est railroad in the world. Its vast
system penetrating every Hettled por
tion of Canada, has 18,233 miles. He
succeeds Lord Shaughnessy, most
important of railroad presidents In
the western hemisphere, and one of
the builders of modern Canada. He
is a Canadian who worked his way
from the bottom.
Although not a government con
trolled load, the Canadian Pacific
haß not only contributed 13,000 men
to the Canadian Expeditionary
Force for service in France, but it
has materially aided in transporting
i Life's Problems
Are Discussed
A bunch of letters and all In the
i minor key.
Most of them are written by girls
who are unhappy in their homes, or
thwarted in their hopes, or by lonely
girls who lack friends and admirers
or who are thrown with uncongenial
associates or else have no compan
ions of their own age and tastes.
To older people this may seem a
trivial woe. It is nothing of the
kind. In the first place no woe is
trivial. In the second, to be pretty
and attractive and to make friends
easily is the heart's desire of every
young girl.
In reading over these letters, how
ever, I was struck by thefact that
not one of them was written by a
girl wlio has a sweetheart either
drafted, or in a training camp, or in
Embarrassing Hairs
Can Be Quickly Removed
(Beauty Culture)
Hairs can be easily banished from
| the skin by this quick, painless
I method: Mix into a stiff paste some
I powdered delatone and water, spread
on hairy surface and in two or three
minutes rub off, wash the skin and
it will be free from hair or blem
ish. Excepting in veiy stubborn
growths, one. application is suffl
-1 cient. To avoid disappointment, buy
1 the delatone in an original package.
France; and I began to wonder why
this was so.
The girls with soldier sweethearts
have suffered the bittern 3ss of part
ing, and they continually endure a
wearing suspense and anxiety. So I
came to the conclusion that it was
because in addition to being upheld
by patriotic pride and loyalty, ♦hoy
also realized that the situs Won was
necessary and right and unchange
able. Hence, all their eforts were
put forth to meet this bravely and
Bat there is nothing hard and fast
about the problems of the other girls.
Whatever theirbrothers may be, there
is always the chance that Fate may
suddenly intervene and clear up their
difficulties in a jiffy. At any mo
ment some good fairy may wave her
magic wand, and, presto! eve'ytldng
is changed and the desert olossims
as the rose.
Then, lonely, discouraged, disap
pointed girls, why not be your own
good fairy? Why wear your heart
out with longing and then weep to
think how miserable you are? Why
shouldn't you play the part of Fate
and exercise a little magic interven
i You want friends and companions. .
i Well, they are not coming to seek '
I you in your gloom and obscurity, j
j You must take certain steps to meet
I them. Why not take those steps and
go at least half way? We get our
heart's desires by going after them, j
One of the persons I know who j
has hosts of friends is a man who I
is not very young nor strikingly |
good looking nor rich, but if he lived j
in a wilderness the world would never j
wear a path to his door. His con- |
versation does not glitter. He talks |
enough when he wishes, but he rarely
! wishes. He has a very large fund of |
i information on many subjects, but j
ihe does not display it. Yet young I
Many a Night Lost Sleep.
I "My trouble began like a rash break
ing out all over my face in red marks,
j Later they developed into tiny pimples "
that gTew larger causing my face to be
a terrible sight. The skin was sore
and many a night I lost sleep. At
times I could have sat down and cried.
"I thought my face would never heal
until I decided to try Cuticura Soap
and Ointment. They afforded relief
in a very short time so I purchased
two cakes of Cuticura and two
boxes of Cuticura Ointr. :nt and now
my face is healed." (Signed) Miss
• Marion Kline, 1009 E. Packer St,
Shamokin, Pa., Dec. 14, 1917.
Make Cuticura Soap and Ointment
your every-day toilet preparations.
Suxplt Each Fra by Mall. Addrrw poat-caH:
"OnUcwa, Dapi. E, Mitn." Sold •varrwhera.
Soap 25c. Ointment 2L and 50c. Talcum 2Sc
There was never a time when the
sacrifices and the help of women
! were more appreciated than at the
i present time. Women should learn
war-nursing and nursing at home.
There is no better way than to study
the new edition of the "Common
Sense Medical Adviser"—w.ith chap
j ters on First Aid, Bandaging, Anat
\ omy. Hygiene, Care of the Sick, Dis
; eases of Women, Mother and Babe,
the Marriage Relations —to be had at
some drug stores or send 50c to
Publisher, 65 4 Washington Street,
Buffalo, N. Y.
If a woman suffers from weak
back, nervousness or dizziness—if
! pains afflict her, the best tonic and
|' corrective is one made up of native
herbs and made without alcohol,
which makes weak women strong
and sick women well. It is the pre
scription of Dr. Pierce, used by him
In active practice many years and
now sold by almost every druggist
; in the land, in liquid or in tablets.
Send Dr. Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y., 10c
for trial pkg. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
j Pellets are also best for liver and
{ | bowel trouble.
tErle, Pa.—"Dur
ing the time I
was bringing upi
my family I be
came very deli
cate and weak.
Was miserable all
the time until I
began taking Dr.
Pierce's Favorite
Prescription. I
found it most
beneficial 'during
motherhood. to
give me strength.
For several years
I depended en-
I! tirely on this medicine to keep me
in good health, which it did. I
I heartily recommend the 'Prescrip-
I tton' to women who become weak and
run-down while raising their fam-'
lliea."—Mrs. J. AicGuire, 218 Scott St.
men and old, young women and old I
delight In his society.
If you are sad, you haven't talked I
to him ten minutes before the clouds
vanish. If you feel like talking non- ,
sense, he falls In with your mood, j
He Is unerringly understanding. In
other words, he has a genius for .
friendship and is in the best sense of j
the phrase, all things to all men.
I think he is unconscious of his j
popularity. He has very little to
say himself, because he is so genu- I
inely interested in the interests of j
others. I have heard him say of the [
most tiresome bores. "They are very j
delightful when you come to know j
them," and of the silliest people. J
"Oh, a little surface affectation, but j
good stuff beneath." And he be- i
lieves it. he means it.
It is Just a little supercilious and i
a little narrow-minded to Judge the I
people with whom one is thrown as
stupid, or ignorant, or tiresome, of ;
to consider one's self wasted on them. I
It usually means that we ourselves 1
are so stupid or ignorant that we are
blind to the interesting and lovely
side of them.
So, lonely girl, why don't you
broaden your interests? It's a nar
row little world if you herd always
with peo-ple who have exactly the
same tastes as yourself.
One wants to hear the news of
the universe. And the news of the !
universe isn't in the newspapers. ■
It's what the window-cleaner and the j
poet and the green grocer and the ;
financier, the chorus girl and the
heiress, the burglar and the "col- i
onel's lady" are saying. That's the I
language of life, the language most |
worth knowing.
Learn and listen. If you are lone- J
ly and have no one to talk to, talk 5
to the canary bird in the window, the I
oat on the sunny ledge, the dog on
the doorstep.
Did you ever really make friends
with animals? If you can speak, i
their language, they will talk to you
Borrow you neighbor's baby. If !
you are able to change the awful dis- |
dain .in a baby's eyes to smiles and
laughter, you can entertain and
amuse ahd charm any one.
Be friends with the universe and
you will not very long complain of
being lonely.
Congressman Meeker Weds
on Death Bedd; After He
Learns He Cannot Recover
By Associated Press
St. Louis, Mo.. Oct. 16. Congress
man Jacob E. Meeker died here this
morning of Spanisli influenza after
his marriage at midnight, last night,
to his private secretary.
Congressman Meeker, a Republican,
had served two terms in the House of
Representatives from the Tenth (St.
Louis) District. He was renominated
in the August primary and was here
in the interest of his re-election when
he become seriously ill. He was re
moved to a hospital last Monday.
His marriage at midnight to Mrs.
Alice Redmon, his secretary, followed
announcement by his physician that
he could not recover. He was divorc
ed from his first wife and leaves four
Detroit Tigers First
on Honor Roll at Front,
With 24 in Service
Chicago, Oct. 16. —Recent claims
that the Cleveland club led Ameri
can League clubs with eighteen stars
in its service flag, sixteen of them
representing players in the Army,
caused President B. B. Johnson to
ask each of the eight clubs in the
league to give the number of its
men in the service. The head of the
league announced to-day that the
Detroit club was the first to respond,
with an officia Hist of twenty-four
players in the Army and Navy; sev
enteen in the former and seven in
the latter; and a manager going
overseas for the Knights of Colum
bus to promote athletics. With only
one man in a shipyard, President
Navin, of Detroit, challenged the
major league to beat Its loyalty per
centage. The Chicago club has six
teen players in service, four of them
officers, while other clubs in the
league are to be heard from.
Courthouse Notes
OfflclnlK Recovering. —Ed. H. Fisher,
chief clerk In the office of the county
commissioners, who had been ill for
some time, returned to-day. Charles
8. Grubb, another clerk in the office,
Is recovering from a severe cold and
is still confined to his home at Loy
alton. Deputy Prothonotary Henry F.
Holler, who has been on the sick
list for several days, is recuperating
at his home, in Hummelstown.
Register Is Hotter. Register of
Wills Roy C. Danner, who has been
suffering from pneumonia, is resting
comfortably and his condition is
slightly improved, physicians report
To Draw .lory. Seventy-two
names will be drawn from the Jury
wheel on Friday at the office of Sheriff
• W. W. Caldwell. The men who are
drawn will bo called for the special
Criminal Court session to be held dur
ing the week of December 2. >
Many Ciet Licenses. County
Treasurer Mark Mumma and his as
sistants are busy issuing hunters's li
censes, 4.012 having been taken out
i so far this season.
1 Report Electrocutions. Official
reports of the electrocutions of
Charles Kyler and Andrew Carey, both
colored, who were convicted and sen
tenced for murders in this county,
have beeq received at the protohon
tary's office from the penitentiary at
Pay Employes. Employes of the
I highway and water departments were
' paid to-day, drawing more than sB,oo*
Irom the city treasur*. ,
hundreds of thousands of troops and
millions of tons of munitions.
Lord Shaughnessy, who is retiring
because he believes a younger
man should be on the job. still re
mains rb chairman of the board of
directors, and will give the new man
agement the benefit of his experi
ence and council.
When compared with the vast
Canadian Pacific system of 18.233
miles other great railway lines pale
into insignificance. The New Y'ork
Central coders 5,721 mles. the Union
Pacific system 8,007 miles, the
Southern Pacific 11,136 miles and
the Cape to Cairo Railway in its
longest single stretch 2,000 miles.
TO THE PEOPLE of the Har
rlsburg District, Liberty Loan.
THE ALLOTMENT of $6,130,-
000 given to Harrlsburg
the District appears in
through its failure
TO REALIZE that now is the
time for all
GOOD MEN to come to the aid
of their country.
burg will average six houses.
dows, which means
not bought Liberty Bonds.
buy a $5O bond
a million dollars.
AND THE CITY would still be
"shy" a cold million.
SO WE'LL HAVE to do better.
you clamored for Uncondition
al Surrender.
DID YOU NOT? You did! But
did you mean it?
IF YOU DID buy bonds. If you
have bought bonds
BUY MORE BONDS. Not one in
stance has been reported
where a man
boys over yonder give their
TO BE HURT. Many of us give
only three cheers.
ROW, and a third to-morrow—
THE CAMPAIGN will be over.
You are not in France, fight
are you one of the "kamerad
TURISTS. Be game buy
mud. If you really want
Will You or Won't You?
We are prepared to lend
to those who wish to buy Liberty Bonds but do not have the
ready money.
Small cash payments or security for the first payments will
be accepted.
Rate of interest for six months, 4*4 per cent.
This offer removes the question "Can You or Can't-You?"
Today the question is simply this—Will You or Won't You ?
Call On Us For Details
Harrisburg National Bank Harrisburg Trust Company
Edward Bailey, President- George W. Reily, President.
W. L. Gorgas, Cashier. Edwin Keister, Trust Officer.
George G. Carl, Treasurer.
A Series of Plain Talks to
•By Ray C. Beery, A.8., M.A.
President of the Parents Association.
(Copyright, 1918, by the Parents Association. Inc.)
No. #3. Do Your Children Provoke You or Do You Understand Them?
CHILDREN often seem a nuis
ance. Some really do cause an
endless amount of trouble.
But who is to blame? The child
can't help it If the mother doesn't
understand It.
The following case of how a lit- I
tie girl misbehaved while her mother I
was entertaining a club group is re
ported by one mother!
"Betty, stay out of that room.
Do ypu hear me 7 Come here- Betty,
come here, I say, BETTY!" At this
point, the mother went in .and led
Betty out of the room. In a minute
or two, Betty started up the open
stairway. "Betty, don't you go up
those steps—you'll fall and hurt
yourself. Betty, did you hear what
I said? Come right down off those
steps, right away." By this time,
Betty was near the top and the
mother said in a loud voice, "Betty,
do you want me to get the whip in
the kitchen and whip you 7 Do
you 7 Betty Indicated that she didn't
and so she paused long enough to
make a study of her mother's face
I and in fact the whole situation;
| then she climbed on upstairs.
Her mother doubtless surprised
j her in that she actually went out to
I get the whip, and of course, Betty
did come down when she discovered
that her mother actually had the
whip. The mother then assumed
that she had won a great victory.
But had she?
Let us analyze this case. It Is In
"Take the mother's first expres
sion, "Stay out of that room." This
is a negative suggestion. The proper
way to use suggestion would be to
tell the daughter where she might
play; perhaps accompanied by defi
nite, positive suggestions as to what
she might play.
By using the expression, "Do you
| hear me?" and the two expressions
I following, the mother violated the
; fundamental principle of expectancy,
j The habit of reaping commands is
one of the most common causes of
J disobedience. When a mother tells
| a child to do one thing, and then
I tells him to do another almost be
i fore lie has time to carry out the
! first, he quite naturally feels that
I she must not have expected him
| very strongly to obey the first time
I and he, therefore, does not think of
the following commands as being
Most of the expressions used in
the case described suggested fault
finding because they related to acts
| already committed by the daughter.
| A mere suggestion of fault-finding
I has a peculiar effect upon children;
i whenever fault-finding is introduced
I in any situation, it complicates it—
' makes it difficult to manage from
| that point on. The words of a com
! mand should be spoken clearly but
\ in a slow and calm manner.
| The Idea of substitution never
[i occurred to this mother. The prop
' er thing for her to have done was to
plan for her little daughter's enter
tainment for the afternoon just ts
she did for the members of her
club. Betty should have been given
a fair amount of space in some room
and provided with interesting occu
pation of some sort. It might have
been well to give her some new
Not only would It have been wise
for this mother to use substitution
by arranging for the child to have
a definite place to play and provid
ing adequate material, but she
should have shown Betty that she
was interested In her having a good
' time. She should have gone- occa
t sionally into the room where the
| child was playing, shown her co-
I operation by asking if she wanted
! anything, or by making little sugges
| tions.
The analysis of this case would
hardly be complete without calling
attention to the probability that the
mother's habitual use of wrong
methods played a part in causing the
scene. A mother cannot use wrong
methods in the daily routine and
expect to have a child's manner In
the presence of company perfect.
(Copyright, 1918, The Parents Asso
ciation, Inc.)
A Vigorous, 'Healthy Body,
Sparkling Eyes and Health-Col
ored Cheeks Come in Two
Weeks, Says Discoverer of Bio
World's Grandest Health Build
er Costs Nothing Unless It
Gives to Women the Buoyant
Health They Long For.
It is safe to say that right here
in this big city are tens of thousands
of weak, nervous, run-down, de
pressed women who in two weeks'
time could make themselves so
healthy, so attractive and so keen
minded that they would compel the
admiration of all their friends.
The vital health building elements
that these despondent women lack
are all plentifully supplied in Blo
St. Paul's Baptist Church
Offered as Hospital
The St. Paul's Baptist Church, cor-'
ncr of Cameron and State streets, this '
morning was offered as a hospital for
the treatment of Influenza victims by
the pastor, the Rev; E. E. Luther
Cunningham. The Rev; Mr. Cunning
ham announced that the church has
been placed .in complete readiness for
the reception of the influenza pa
tients, and a corps of workers to act
as nurses and do the other necessary
work is ready to begin at any time,
j The building has been offered to the
city health authorities.
Pape's Diapepsin at once ends
sourness, gases acidity,
Undigested food! Lumps of painj
belching gas, acids and sourness;
| When your stomach is all upset,
| here is Instant relief—No waiting!
f The moment you eat a tablet of
s Pape's Diapepsin all the indigestion
' j pain, dyspepsia misery, the sourness,
i gases and stomach acidity ends.
> Pape's Diapepsin tablets cost little
1 at any drug store but there is no
' surer or quicker stomach relief
Use McNeil's Pain Exterminator—Ad.
If you are ambitious, crave suc
cess in life, want to have a healthy.
Vigorous body, clear skin -and eyes
that show no dullness, make up
your mind to get a package of Bio
fercn right away.
It costs but little and you can get
an original package at any druggist
Take two tablets after each meal
and one at bedtime—seven a day
for seven days then one after
meals till all are gone. Then if you
don't <eel twice as good, look twice
a sattractive and feel twic eas strong
as before you started your money
is waiting for you. It belongs to
you, for the discoverer of Bio-feren
doesn't want one penny of it unless
it fulfills all claims.
Note to Physicians: There is no
secret about the formula of 810-feren,
it is printed on every package. Here
it is: Lecithin; Calcium Glycero
phosphate; Iron Peptonate; Mang
anese Peptonate: Ext. Nux Vomica-
Powd. Bentian; Phenolphthaleinj
Olearesin Capsicum; Kolo.