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i Attorney General Sends Im
r portant Letter to Banking
Commissioner Lafean
loan associations
wherever possible
1 Hk? MQ<3 s\' General Francis
I WKWBWtofI Shunk BroWn in
i j ng commissioner
K3 M .1 Daniel L. Lefean
in response to an
inquiry from the commissioner as to
how associations should proceed.
4 If the present holdings of Liberty
Bonds was made because the build
ing and loan association believed it
■ had the legal right to so invest under
' the act of 191" and thatdhe amount
so obtained and held does not affect
♦ the ability of the association to meet
present demands, you should not in
sist upon their disposal of such
bonds," says the attorney. "But
should suggest that wherever pos
sible they should be used in distribu
tion in lieu of cash. In such cases
where such holdings have absorbed
the assets of the association to such
an extent that demanding stock
holders can not obtain moneys to
which they are legally entitled and
will not accept such bonds in lieu of
cash, the association must produce
the money. But I can not too earnest
ly suggest that wherever associations
have bought they should be used
•wherever possible in lieu of cash in
the transaction of its business.
Mr. Lafean said that associations
had been writing to him asking for
Buckwheat Is In—Ths buckwheat
crop is commencing to come in from
the farms of Pennsylvania and of
ficials at the State Department of
Agriculture expect to see Pennsyl
vania which has been seesawing with
New York for the leadership of pro
duction take a definite lead this year.
There has been a very largely in
creased acreage compared to that
sown the last half dozen years. It
y Insists That Frail,
• Nervous Women Can
Speedily Become
Strong and Vigorous
A Vigorous Healthy Body,
Sparkling Eyes and Health-
Colored Cheeks Come in Two
Weeks, Says Discoverer of
World's Grandest Health
Builder Costs Nothing
Ur.l ess It Gives to
Women the Buoyant
Health They Long for.
It is safe to 6ay that right herd In
Vjis big city are tens of thousands of
'steak, nervous, run-down, depressed
women who in two weeks' time could
make themselves so healthy, so attrac
tive and so keen-minded that they
would compel the admiration of all
their friends.
The vital health building elements
that these despondent women lack ere
all plentifully supplied in Bio-feren.
If you are ambitious, crave success
in life, want to have a healthy, vigor
ous body, clear skin and eyes that
show no dullness, make up your mind
to get a package of Bio-feren right
' away.
It costs but little and you can get
an original package at any druggist
Take two tablets after each meal
and one at bedtime—seven a day for
seven days—then one after meals till
all are gone. Then If you don't feel
twice as good, look twice as attractive
, and feel twice as strong as before you
itarted, your money is waiting for you.
It belongs to you, for the discoverer
of Bio-feren doesn't want one penny
of it unless it fulfills all claims.
Note to Physicians! There Is no
secret about the formula of Bio-feren,
It is printed on every package. Here
it is: Lecithin; Calcium Glycero-phos
phate; Iron Peptonate; Manganese
Peptonate; Ext. Mux Vomica; Powd.
Gentian; Phenalphthalein; 01eore3ia
Capsicum; Kolo.
/a t™
1 Promise* to keep
' I Teeth clean: to
J help cure een
sitivc. bleeding
w 1 Ask your Dentist,
L I he knows. On sale
A m atall druggists and
DENTISTS ■ toilet counters.
Auto Truck
Cabs -T ops-Bodies si^aL,
Built to Your Order
We can make any size or of truck body,
cab or top on short notice and give you a guar-
En<* ~ r
Is not thought that much damage
was done by the frosts.
Governor Has Visitors —Governor
Brumbaugh is spending the week
end in Harrisburg with his house
guests at the Executive Mansion.
Many Fish Shipped —Shipment of
fish for stocking of streams is under
way at practically everyone of the
state's tish hatcheries and in spite
of the labor shortage and the diffi
culties of transportation. Commis
sioner of Fisheries Nathan R. Buller
has reported good results being ob
tained. "Trout shipments this fall
have exceeded expectations," said he.
"At the middle of August we did not
expect to be able to do much, but
we have accomplished results and
placed trout in streams where I am
surb they will provide excellent sport
for the first time in years. This is in
n great measure due to the interest
sportwnen are taking. We have sent
out over a million young trout, all
from three hatcheries and the re
ports are uniformly good. Bass and
bluegills are being distributed in
large numbers and Torresdale has
started shipping out cattish. Tho
bass we have sent out are fairly well
grown and I look for good results.
We have been pretty successful in
hatching bass and have been for
tunate in getting men who were in
terested to receive shipments and
distribute the tish to best advan
tage. Pleasant Mount is now ship
ping out bass, while Union yjity is
sending-out trout and bass."
Work Goes Ahead —Repair work
on the Lincoln Highway is being
rushed by the whole force of the
State Highway Department. The
worst places have been found in
, Fulton, Franklin and Bedford coun
! Board Meeting Changed- —The Oe
[ tober meeting of the State Board of
I Pardons fixed for October 16, was
! to-day postponed until Tuesday, Oc
tober 29. "It has been deemed wise
| because of the prevelance of influ
j enza to postpone the meeting," said
i Secretary George D. Thorn, to-day.
j should Re-cxaminc —Major W. G.
j Murdock to-day issued this notice
! to all local and district draft boards:
j "The attention of Examining physi
! eians is called to the fact that when
i registrants are called for exantina
i tion after the epidemic of influenza,
some of them may present one or
| more of the after effects, especially
I in the lungs. Where registrants pre-
Isent such temporary defects the men
[should be called for a second exarn-
I lnation at a later period."
i Need Army Doctors Adjutant
! General Be&ry to-day called upon
| the bommandant at Camp Crane at
jAllentown for additional medical of- ■
: licers. Over a dozen army doctors
I were detailed to assist the state in :
righting influenza in the coal fields '
I yesterday, but it is understood that
; the state authorities are asking for
! seventy more. The state arsenal last
night sent out on rush orders from
General Beary tent hospital units to
Tremont, Tower City and Pottsville,
the orders being the second for the
| two latter places.
Candidate Withdraws—Victor E.
j Francis, Prohibition candidate for
the House in the Second Fayette dis
trict. has filed his withdrawal.
; Now Sergeant—Harry K. Weider
| has been appointed sergeant in the
'quartermaster department of the
Keserve Militia.
Women Notaries—More. women
[ have been appointed notaries public
lin the last year than ever known
: in any similar period at the State
| Capitol. The number of notaries
| named has also increased and at the
i same time many whose terms ended
j this year have been recommissioned,
| Officials at the State Department say
I that the chief reason for the in
crease was the war because it has
j increased the needs for notaries ow
ing to the draft and other work
I where affidavits are required and
i because women are needed to re
| place men who have gone into the
j military service. There will be an
unusually large number of notaries'
j names sent to the next Senate for
| confirmation.
Plione Calls Chit—Appeals to peo
ple connected with the State Govern
ment to use the telephone as little as
I possible because influenza has made
telephone exchanges short handed
j has, resulted in a material reduc
tion of telephone calls from the
[ State House this week. Many
! messages which heretofore went by
' long distance telephone have been
j sent by telegraph.
By Associated Press
Chlctigo. Oct. 12. tt T . S. Bureau
I of Markets). Hogs Receipts,
; 8,000; market fully steady on good
[hogs; packing grades dull, about
I steady with yesterday's close; good
pigs 50c lower. Butchers. slS.ls<§>
15.60: • light. $17.60 <}> 18.50; packing,
$16.75 ft 18.00; rough, _5_16125'g>17.25;
pigs, good to choice, $15.50@ 16.50.
1 Cattle Receipts. 3,000; compared
with a week ago. beef and butchers'
: cattle 75c to $l.OO lower; calves, $1.50
j to $1.75 lower; stockers and feeders.
5c to $l.OO lo.wer.
Sheep Receipts. 3.000; compared
with a week ago. fat classes of iambs
and ewes mostly steady; fat yearlings
and wethers 25c lower; best feeding
1 lambs 50c lower; others and feeding
j and breeding sheep unevenly 50c to
! $1.50 lower.
Washington, Oct. 12.: —A bill de
signed to put a stop to granting
["slacker commissions" in the army
iand to prevnt indiscriminate award
ing of commissions, was reported
from the Senate Military Affairs
} Committee yesterday with a favor
i able recommendation.
The bill amends the new man
power bill, so as to require that all
| commissions hereafter shall be
■awarded by the President and must
receive th indorsement of the Sen
Shiremanstown. Pa., Oct. 12.—The
women folks at this place are assist
ing farmers in this section to husk
i corn.
702 Names on List Reported
to War Department from
Battle Fronts
Washington, Oct. 12. —The cas
ualty lists given out by the War
Department today contain "02
names, 137 of which were killed In
notion. Twenty Pennsylvanians fig
ure in the -fatalities. Seven cita
tions for bravery carrying distin
guished service crosses were award
ed men from Pennsylvania. The
lists follow: . ,
Killed in action 137
Missing in action 28
Wounded severely 267
Died from wounds 116
Died from accident and other
causes, 4 4
Died of diseases, -107
Died from airplane accidents... 3
Total, t . 702*|
Clay Webster Donne, 518 W. Sav
ory St.. Pottsville. Pa.
Waid J. Taylor, Brockport, Pa.
Melvin H. Stumbaugh, Ridgway,
Joseph J. Lozoskle, 313 E. Beech
St.. Hazleton. Pa.
Frank A. Slpe, 338 S. Court ave..
York, Pa.
Oliver Vogel, 324 4th St.. Brack
enrldge. Pa.
Harry William Withers, 568 West
King St.. York, Pa.
Jeremiah, Zerbe. R. F. D. 1. Leba
non, Pa.
Walter A. Frank, 14 Hancock st.,
McAdoo, Pa.
William McKinley Neff, 244 Col
lege Hill Road. York, Pa.
Dontinico Petraroia, 13S Lajid St.,
Greensburg. Pa.
John Yarmecky, 297 Harold ave.,
Johnstown, Pa.
W. C. Suiter, 92 7 Orange St., Sha
mokin, Pa.
Robert Burleigh, R. F. D. 1. New
I Stanton, Pa.
j Nyman Benedict. 2330 S. Franklin
St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Robert C. Dornon, New Alexander,
! Pa.
I Allan K. Gabler. Greensboro, Pa.
Alex Goldberg, 222 Hamilton st„
| Greensburg. Pa.
Jacob Kazinetz. 614 Cross St., Phil
adelphia. Pa
John A. Scanlon. 3970 Terrace St.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Thomas J. Cleary, 1113 Tenth ave.,
I Beaver Fall, Pa.
I William McK. Cashman. 3012
j Spruce ave., Altoona. Pa.
| David Jones, 34 Summers St.,
Pittsburgh. Pa.
Ruben R. Reichard, 35 Third St.,
Ashland. Pa.
Harry McLaughlin, 5 Buttonwood
Ist., Norristown, Pa.
Peter Youngcourt, 15 W.< Tama
rack St.. Hazleton. Pa.
Privates ,
William Cline. 712 X. Eighth st„
Philadelphia. Pa.
Louis Congileo. 16 S. Main st.,
; Lambertvtlle, Pa.
I Peter Costanzo, 53 Prospect st.,
! Xanticoke, Pa.
Amiello Giannijietro. 7222 Heger
-1 man St., Philadelphia, Pa.
j Robert B. Gilmore, 2149 N. Sec
! ond St., Philadelphia. Pa.
Antony Gudusky, Pittston, Pa.
Nelson James Shonts, R. F. D. 1,
Grand Valley. Pa.
Alex John Barbour, 19 Center St.,
Smethport, Pa.
| Lvnn W. Daniels. 7318 Susque
thanna st., Pittsburgh, Pa.
| George Peterson Dewey, 107 Sea
ward ave., Bradford, Pa.
I John Charles Boland, 607 Beaver
1 st., Hollidaysburg. Pa.
George W. McAllonis. Sonman,
Elmer Marshall McCaslin, R. F. D.
3, Coraopolis. Pa.
William Smoker, 910 May st.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Arthur B. Potter. 209 Trenton
ave.. Wilkinsburgh, Pa.
Joseph Nelson Skiles, Perryopolis.
Nicholas Weiss, 12 Orphan St.,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Preston Charles Welsh, 310 Car
lisle St., York. Pa.
John Daniel Withers, 568 W. King
st., York. Pa.
William Burns, 437 Breckenbridge
st„ Phoenixville, Pa.
James A. Pacheli, 13 W. La Fay
ette st., Morristown, Pa.
John Thomas, 115 River St.,
Scranton, Pa.
The following Pennsylvanian's re
ceived citations for bravery with, dis
tinguished service crosses:
Captain George E. McGinnis, Am
bulance Company one hundred ten,
one hundred sanitary train. For ex
traordinary heroism in action at
Fisemette, France, ninth, tenth Au
gust nineteen hundred eighteen.
During the night of ninth of August
Captain McGinnis with coipplete dis
regard of his personal safety made
'a reconnaissance under fire and lo
i cated a line of evacuation for arn
' bulance from Fismette and on the
| morning of tenth of August under
shell Are he personally repaired the
bridge between Fismes and Fismette
thereby making possible the evacu
ation of twenty-eight wounded men.
Home address: Mrs. Mabel O.
McGinnis, Clarendon, Pa.
Wagoner, Harry E. Roach, Am
bulance Company one hundred ten,
one hundred third Sanitary Train.
For extraordinary heroism in action
near Fismes. France, tenth, eleventh
August nineteen hundred eighteen.
Because of the destruction from
shell Are of ten of the thirteen am
bulances of his company Wagoner
Roach worked for forty-eight hours
driving through a shell swept and
gas infested area, thereby making
possible the evacuation of the
Wagoner, Origines P. Biemueller,
Ambulance Company one hundred
ten, one hundred third Sanitary
Train. For extraordinary heroism in
action near Flames, tenth, thirteenth
August nineteen hundred eighteen.
Because of the destruction from
shell Are of ten of the thirteen am
bulances of his company, ••Wagoner
Biemueller worked for seventy two
hours, forty-eight of them without
rest driving through a shell swept
and gas Infested area and thereby
making possible the evacuation of
the wounded.
Home address: Andrew Biemuel
ler, father, Tyrone. Pa.
Private James B. Brown. Ambul
ance Company one hundred ten, one
hundred third Sanitary Train. For
extraordinary heroism in action near
Fismes. France, tehth-thlrteenth Au
gust nineteen hundred eighteen.
Because of the destruction front j
shell fire of ten of the thirteen ant- i
bulances of his company. Private
Brown worked for seventy two
hours, forty eight of them without .
rest driving through a shell swept
and gas infested area and thereby
making possible the evacuation of
the wounded.
Home address: Grace L. Brown,
mother, 2131 North Seventh st„ ,
Philadelphia, Pa.
First Sergeant Anthony Scanlon.
Company F, One Hundred and
Sixteenth Infantry. For extra
ordianary heroism in action near
Soissons, France, July 21, 1911k
Although himself severely wounded
he displayed exceptional courage and
leadership by reorganizing his Bat
talion under fire when all of its offi
cers had been killed or incapacitated
by injuries.
Home address: Mrs. Anna Con
way, R. F. D. 2, Lost Creek, Pa.
The casualties below issued by the
War Department this morning:
Daniel William Brooks,' 1909 i
Wayne st.. Rwissvale, Pa.
G. H. Zellers, 143 E. James st., i
Lancaster, Pa.
Albert Harrison Crane, 109 Spring .
St., Carbondale, Pa.
William S. Crlpps, 6617 Charles
st., Philadelphia. Pa.
Roy E. Faulkner, 222 Franklin
ave., Scranton, Pa.
Norman P. Michel. 115 N. Laurel
st., Hazleton, Pa.
Charles Rizzo, 512 N. 64th St.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Fred H. Miller. 619 % Idaho st.,
Farrell, Pa.
Harold Carey, Wayneshurg. Pa.
William A. Keller. 209 N\ 12th St..
Philadelphia. Pa.
Edward J. Kono. Hokes. Pa.
Andrew J. McCloskey, Lehigh
Gap. Pa.
Charles A. McCormick. 2'42 3 Nau
dain St.. Philadelphia. Pa.
George Innatz, 732 N Washington
I st.. Wilkesbarre. Pa.
I Clarence J. Wagner,' Hamburg,
i Pa.
Walter Marshall.- Sarve. Pa.
Adam C. Wetzel. Kutztown. Pa.
Tom Kapunihana. 208 N. Marshall
st.. Philadelphia. Pa.
John J. McCall, 23 Coles Village,
| Mahanov City. Pa. _ _
Warren 1,. Thomas. 152 W. King
st.. York, Pa.
Jesse Lamce Meredith, 393 Moore
St., Johnstown. Pa.
Claude E. Shiffer, R. F. D. 2, Her
shey. Pa. _
Michael T. Joyce, 700 Gross St.,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Sergeants *
Carl Mattison, R. F. D. 3, Box 33,
Kane, Pa. ... _ ...
James W. C. Lindsay, 101 Zaitlei |
ave., Punxsutawney. Pa.
William B. Redding. R. F. D. 2,
I New Brighton, Pa.
) Wayne Bennett, Laceyvllle, Wy-
I coming Co.. Pa.
i Ernest C. Tipton. R. F. D„ 5.
York, Pa. . •
Frank Bardociewiz, 218 Fritz St.,
S Tvm™<l h A P 'c..ner, 8.1 Hlchl*.
7 Center
ave.. East McKeesnort. Pa.
Joseph E. McCormick 5813
Mignonette St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
James C. McQuillan. 343 Dunms v
town ave.. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Clarence Peter Malkemas. 110
Blackman St.. Wilkesbarre Pa.
Jefferson D. Matheny, 12 Summit
ave.. Uniontown. Pa.
Walter Winkler. Schenley,P.
Joseph Evanlckey, Box 164, Don-
Dan Gaceemo. 1211 Tube \ oorhes.
McKeesport. Pa.
Thomas J. Gllmartln. 118 York
ave West Pittston. Pa.
Anthony Hatchett, 314 Carver St..
Pittsburgh. Pa.
Lawrence C. Lavelle, 1628 Con
cord ave., Carrick. Pa.
Wayne Quay Taylor, McConnels
burg. Pa.
Andrew Senlck. Eckley, Pa.
The following Pennsylvania' s re
ceived citations for bravery with dis
tinguished service crosses:
Private C. L. Stewart. Company
Ft Seventy Machine Gun Battalion.
For extraordinary heroism in action
at Chateau Thierry. France, thirtj
first May to fourth June, nineteen
hundred eighteen. As a motorcycle
rider he worked steadily for twenty
four hours without rest He was
struck bv shrapnel which wounded
v.Yrr, in the neck, back and in both
legs, but he continued on duty_ in
snite of these injuries.
Home address: Mrs. Nancy Stew
art mother. R. F. D. No. 2^erona.
K. J- Harbison. Company
K Twenty Sixth Infantry. For ex
traordinary heroism in action-west
Tj.r-v.L.e-Sec, France. July 20,
-1,18 Although severly wounded in
the-ieg by machine gun fire he re
fused to "go to the rear, bandaged
M. mvn wound and advanced with
his platoon until, its final objective
Wa Nexrto e kln: Mrs. Alnie Harbl
son. 2037 East Arizona St.. Phil
adelphia, Pa.
How War Ends More
Important Than When It
Closes, Lodge Declares
Washington. Oct. 12. JT on
the " e "®" States Senator
3- ii? srbrr e r v , r;
make reparation for her crimes i" Bei
gium and France? There is nothing
in the fourteen terms about repara
tion. but that is one of the details
vital to a peace settlement. Germany
must be made to pay for her devasta
tion. Personally. I should like! to see
her forced to pay for the lives of
Americans lost on the Lusitania, and
for our lost merchant ships.
"The best diplomats In France to
day are the armies of America, Eng
land, France and Italy.
"When the war ends is pot nearly
so important now as how it ends. It
may conceivably end in a way to make
us hang out heads In shame. As a Re
publican and speaking for all those
about me, I say we have given and
shall give to the President our loyal
support, but we are supporting laws,
not men. . -
"The higher allegiance we all share
is to the country and the cause, and
to that all else must and will be
subordinated. My own belief Is that
the American people want uncondi
tional surrender and dlcated peace,
and I shall stand for that In public
and In private. In any field, at any
I Steeiton News Items ,
No Let Up in Number of New
Cases of Influenza
* Reported
Yesterday the entrance of j
Steeiton Chapter, American Red J
Cross, into the fight against the
"flue," almost their first step being
to call for volunteers to war on the
disease which appeal was responded
liberally. A registration station
for receiving volunteer workers was
established yesterday at Fairlamb's
i store, Front and Market streets,
j Some registered there in person and
1 some by telephone all during the
j day. each offering such service as
Ihd or she is fitted for in the estl-
I inallon of the Red Cross,
j Tlie new Cottage Hill Emergency
j Hospital has thirty-five cases al
ready, and twenty-five new ones are
expected to-day. Assisting the doc
tors there supplied by the state are
a squad of volunteer nurses and at
tendants under the supervision of
Mrs. Imhoff. Men who volunteer
will be used for night work at the
hospital as attendants. To-day ex
j'tra ward t£nts will be put up on the
athletic field. Miss Carlene Barrett
has charge of the cooking at the
Emergency Hospital, assisted by a
coterie of volunteer workers. *
A house to house canvass of the in
fluenza situation already started by
the polite, will • furnish the most
complete data on fhe same so far
obtained. One third of the borough
was covered by them yesterday
which resulted in recording the
names of 902 sufferers from the dis
ease. In one house visited ten cases
of influenza were found out of eleven
living there. Some other houses vis
ited by the police had five, six and
seven cases of the disease. That all
estimates of the number of sufferers
from the disease will be shattered is
the view of Chief of Police Grove,
who said that ther were no signs of
the epidemic subsiding yesterday.
The latter put a ban on roller skat
ing last night as well as coasters and
express wagons until the disease col
lapses. Though the open air is good
for the kiddies, complaints have
come to that official that the noises
from these pastimes disturbs the
sick and on this account they will
be prohibited until things are nor
mal again.
The total deaths reached ten yes
terday when three persons died
from the disease. The latter were
Patrick Kearney, 50 years old; An
tonio Donatella, 19 years of age, and
Mike Serafina, 38 years old. The
first two'died in the Harrisburg Hos
pital yesterday morning.
Fifty-Six Colored Men .
Are Called to Service
Fifty-six colored registrants qual
ified for general military service
were selected yesterday by local
board for Division No. 1 of Dauphin
county who will leave for Carrtp
Green. Charlotte. N. C.. "October 18.
They are: Winfred Toliver. Walter
Toliver, James Taylor, Fred Grant
Hervev, Fleming Skipwlth, Henry
McNahan, William Branch, Floyd
McDaniel, Eppie Wilson. Johnnie
Bratcher. "Jim" Thomas, Roy Daw
kins. Hope Clinton, John French,
Charles Douglas Freeman, Roy
Bankston, Clarendon Carlisle John
ston. James Moon, Luther Root,
James Roberts, William Ed Sum
mers. Lloyd Pettyjohn, George Lee,
George . Broadtc, John Bates, Jr.,
William Anderson, Thomas Lee Al
len, Andrew Powell, John S. Gray,
Rufus Hunter, Willie Jackson,
Clarence Jos, Elwood Sneed. Frank
Washington Ellis, Marion Kelly.
Emerson Brown, Wade Hall, Alfred
Boone, Earl Brown, George Meh
ley, George McAfee, Willie Priest.
Earl Foster Banks, Arthur Green,
Willie Alvin .Vaughn, William Car
ter, John Jackson. Lorenzo Evans,
Leroy -Yancy, Johnnie James, Wil
liam Henry Wilson. James Lee
Hawkins, Asberry Williams, Robert
Pitt, Lewis Morgan. Will Hall. Ar
thur Grav, James Johnston, Bunnie
Gurnett, David Williams, HatTy
Fred Hadley, Jeff Suber, Charles
Austin. John Baptists Smothers. -Lit
Watson, Wesley Elder, John Rich
ardson, Burrell Bates.
Word was reoeived in this city
early to-day announcing the death
in Philadelphia of Mrs. Marion
Barth Lingle, formerly of Harris
burg and Steelton, who died of pneu
monia'at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Barth. 110 Beau
mont avenue, that city. Mrs. Lingle,
it is said, had enly been 111 with the
disease, contracted after an attack
of influenza, a short while and her
death came as a shock to her fam
ily and friends alike. Surviving the
deceased besides her parents are fier
husband, Lieutenant John Lingle, in
active service in France, and a
brother. Carl Barth, of Philadelphia.
Funeral services for Mrs. Lingle
have not yet been announced.
I ~— if
Take Notice:
The price of Bethle
hem Motor Trucks
will be advanced soon. Let us
have your order now at today's
price and save that extra sum for
The OverlanchHarrisburg Co.
Harrisburg, Pa.
Bay More Liberty Bonds and Help Harrisburg '
Go Over the Top
Thirty Beds Made Ready For
Sufferers in Borough
' Epidemic
The official personnel of the staff
of the new Emergency Hospital at
Cottage Hill was announced this
morning. It is headed by Captain
11. C. Battley, who has complete
command of the temporary institu
tion. Dr. W. J. Middleton is chief
of the staff of physicians. Assistant
to Captain Battley in the capacity
of safety engineer is W. E. Chick,
upon whose shoulders will fall a
large share of the executive respon
sibilities of the hospital The State
Board of Health has sent one of its
best-equipped nurses to Cottage Hill
in the person of Mrs. Mitchell, who
will have supervision of the rilirsing
staff at the hospital.
The Emergency Hospital is now
eqtiipped with 100 beds, thirty-nine
of which are already occupied by
I patients.
Hereafter, it is announced, all I
prospective hospital patients will j
first have to undergo an official j
diagnosis of their cases by physi- j
cians before they will be permitted j
entrance to the improvised hospital, j
Such a ruling has been found lm-1
perative owing to the fact that many |
here who are suffering from minor
ailments wholly outside the in-1
fluenza'class are seeking admittance!
to the institution when neither j
their condition nor the character of I
their complaints warrant their ac- j
ceptance there. The hospital is j
strictly for sufferers from the epi-!
|demic and none but these will be j
! admitted.
f Local doctors combating the'
I scourge have asked Superintendent!
lof Schools L. E. McGinnis to Issue j
i a call for volunteers among the |
j teachers to help in stamping out i
| the disease. Such teachers as re
i spond will be put to work as
! nurses' aids. Another move some- j
j what in the same direction was that i
!of Charles Davis, principal (jf tile
Steeiton High School, who called!
| for volunteers among the students to
iact as helpers on ambuhinces.
I Many of the boys responded to the
I call.
1 Physicians here have sent out
j urgent requests that all professional
I calls on them be made as early as
possible in the morning.
I The Postal Telegraph Cable Com-
I pany to-day notified the Liberty
jLoan committee through C. E. Diehl,
'manager, that the company would
I subscribe for $5,000 Liberty Bonds
in Harrisburg.
There will be no meeting of the
j Harrisburg Real Estate Board on
I Monday evening, owijig to the state
health board ruling. The annual
meeting of the board will be held on
| October 23, if the ban Is lifted.
Scores at Funeral
of Aged Canary Bird
' Moorestown, N. J., Oct. 12.
'Scores of persons attended the fu-
Ineral of a canary bird at the home
|of Harry Chambers, in East Main
street, yesterday for the bird was 25
j years old and many grownups had
known the bird since they were chil-
| It had been a songster up to a
jfew weeks ago, despite its unusual
jage. A little silver box was used to
ibury the bird.
Balm of Life
(Tor Internal and External Use)
is the one remedy that should always be on
the home medicine shelf. Invaluable when
used externally for
Neuralgia. Soreness
Sprains, Rheumatism
An emergency remedy that you can
obtain now at your druggist or dealer in
medicine. Use internally at once accord
ing to directions that come with the bottle
for indigestion and internal pains. Use as
a liniment for rheumatism, soreness, etc.,
and notice its quick effects.
Prepared by The Dill Co., Norristown,
Pa. Also manufacturers of those tried,
Dill's Liver Pills
Dill's Cough Syrup
Dill's Worm Syrup
Dili's Kidney Pills
' Ask jrour druggist or dealer in medicine
The kind mother a I way a kept
OCTOBER 12, 1913.
Minersville, Stricken,
Calls For Martial Law'
I'ottavllle, Pa., Oct. 12. —The influ
enza, epidemic situation at Miners
ville Is nppalllng. Application was
made to the state authorities for mar
tial law and It is expected the town
j will be under full military control ;
Iby night. The local authorities sijy
; the situation Is entirely beyond them,
j Dead are being found In houses who
' have been dead several days without
| attention, and sick and dead are be
■ lng found In bed together. It is ex
| pected to conipletely isolate the town.
[ Graves cannot be dug fast enough
lon account of the scarcity of labor t
! and friends and members of families |
j are being called upon to perform :
! this labor. Undertakers have been
I summoned from Reading.
Three Soldiers From
Near Here Captives!
Washington, Oct.'l2.—Pennsylvania j
soldiers held as prisoners of war at I
various camps in Germany include the
At Rastatt—Eugene Gibson. Co
lumbia; John W. Carl, Newport; Leon
H. Ktse, Columbia.
At unknown camps Harry L.
Northeimer, Reading; Arthur Reeder,
Amsterdam, Oct. 12. —Count Ap
ponyi, the Opposition leader in the
I Hungarian Parliament, has approved
|of the peace proposals of the Cen
jtral Empires, according to a Krank
ifort dispatch to the Nteuwe Courant
(of Rotterdam.
I "It is not we who bring about the
I fall of the dual monarchy," he is
i quoted as saying. "It has collapsed
! of itself."
I Washington, Oct. 12.—Hearings in
j the investigation of airplane produc-
Ition by the Department of Justice
(Virtually were completed yesterday,
land final drafting of the report will
I begin next week. Charles E. Hughes,
I who is conducting the investigation,
'declines to say how long it will take
(to complete the work, but it is un-
I derstood two or three weeks will be
| required. RuAtors that the report al
| ready hid been sent to President
j Wilson were denied by Mr. Hughes.
1 Automobile
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