Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, October 02, 1918, Page 5, Image 5

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City Engineer Also Colls At
tention to Lack of Fire
Proof Vaults
With hundreds of deeds being
brought each week to the office of
City Engineer M. 13. Cowden for
registration, many property owners
unaware of the purpose of this sys
tematic collection of data giving
ownership and location of all real
estate in the city, are asking why
the deeds and other documents of
title must be registered.
Mr. Cowden when interviewed to
day by a Telegraph representative
explained the reason for the regis
tration and the purpose of it He
also called attention to the lack of
fireproof vaults for preserving the
records so valuable to the city and
collected at no small expense.
In explaining the registration of
deeds, Mr. Cowden said:
"You have asked me the same
questions that have been and are
asked daily in this office, why do
property owners have to register
their deeds and other muniments of
title in the office of the City Engi
neer, and what is the purpose of it •
"That the laws of the state and of
the city require it should be a suf
ficient answer to the first question.
Section 7 of the Act of Assembly
approved the twenty-seventh day of
June, A. D. 1913, in connection with
ordinance of Council No. 11, Ses
sion of 1918-1919, approved the
twelfth day of February, 1918, very
plainly make it the duty of all own
r ' \
No Trouble to Keep
Skin Free From Hairs
(The Modern Beauty)
There is no need for any woman
to countenance superfluous hairs, be
cause with a paste made by mixing
some powdered delatone with water
it is easy to get rid of them. The
paste is applied for 2 to 3*minutes.
then rubbed off and the skin washed.
This treatment will' rid the skin of
hair without leaving a' blemish, but
care should be taken to see that you
get real delatone.
"Bring up several children in the
right way and cares of home brought
me to the verge of nervous prostra
tion," says a well-known woman.
"Fearing that I might become ill
and have to give up housework and
the care of my little ones, created
a nightmare that was ever before
me. I , happened to mention my
affliction to one of my neighbors
and she advised me to procure some
Phosphated Iron. A day or two
later when I was feeling unusually
miserable I sent my daughter to the
drug store for a box of the capsules
and after ten days' treatment I felt
like a different person altogether.
I sleep well at night, something I
hadn't done in months before; my
appetite is good and in fact what
formerly seemed like mountains of
work in my home is now more like
play. An aunt of mine living over
East has been taking Phosphated
Iron with equally gratifying re
Phosphated Iron is put up in cap
sules only. In this locality it can
be obtained at G. A. Gorgas', 16
North Third Street and Pennsylvania
Railroad Station.
Sleeps Any Old Way Now
"1 am 50 years old and never
was sick until 8 years ago when I
got stomach trouble. I have spent
a fortune for medicine which did not
cure. 1 kept on suffering and get
ting worse. A fellow worker told me
about Mayr's Wonderful Remedy.
After taking three doses I felt like
a different man; before taking it I
could not lie on my back nor right
side. Now I can sleep any old way.'
It is a simple, harmless preparation
that removes the catarrhal mucus
front the intestinal tract and allays
the inflammation which causes prac
tically all stomach, liver and intes
tinal ailments, including appendi
citis. One dose will convince or
money refupded.
George A. Gorgas, 11. C. Kennedy,
Clark's drug store and druggists
! You should be able to
make your selection
of a
Grand Piano
from such standard
makes as
Kranich & Bach
Hazelton Brothers
Prices from
.$650 to SI2OO
Yohn Bros.,
8 N. Market Sq.
— J)
ers of real estate within the city
limits to register their deeds. It is
also provided that devisees cr per
sons acquiring title by partition or
otherwise shall furnish descriptions
of their respective properties.
"In Section 5 of this act is given
the reason, in these words: 'For the ;
purpose of procuring accurate in- I
formation in reference to the owner- j
ship of all real estate.' In times j
past, and even at present, the offi- |
elals of this city have been greatly j
handicapped by having to get sec
ond-hand information in regard to I
the otvnership of properties, and
much trouble has resulted from this, i
Properties have been assessed In;
wrong names, street paving and j
grading assessments have been in- j
correctly done. Heretofore this may I
have been chargeable to the city of- 1
ficials, but now, or at least when
this registration is complete, it will i
probably be the fault of the owner |
if he does not receive the official I
notice that should reach him if he
has failed to register his property.
Aside from secret ownership, after |
this registration has become a fact, I
it will not be necessary to go out
side of the office of the City Engi- j
neer, or the City Assessors office, i
to determine the dimensions, so far
as the deeds give them, and the lo
cation of each property in this city, j
"It is often answered that this
information is obtainable in the |
County Recorder's office, but this is j
not so because these records are in
dexed by names, and therefore the
owner or previous owner must be,
known to even start an examination.
On the other hand, files and plans
in the City Engineer's office are in
dexed locally; that is, any one in
quiring must know approximately
the location, and the rest becomes I
"It is estimated that there are fif- j
teen thousand different ownerships |
and within the few months that we |
have been operating, nearly seven ;
thousand deeds and other muniments
of title have been registered. These
papers as yet have not been plotted
and classified, but before the coming
spring most or all of it will be done. I
The sheriff, prothonotary and re
corder arc all required to see that
deeds now are registered so you can
see that in the future the last owner
will appear on our books. It is not
only the duty of the property owner
to obey this law, but it is certainly
a great protection to him, and he
will find it most useful.
"There is one part of the act that
I am very much afraid cannot be
carried out as fully as it is intended
that it should be. I refer to the
words, 'the said books, maps and
plans shall be carefully preserved in
the department of surveys of the
said city.' We intend to take as
good care of this as possible under
the circumstances, but we cannot
protect them • against fire. This,
however, is true of many of the val
uable records of the city and the
county of Dauphin, and it does not
seem practicable to have it other
wise unless the city or county, or
jointly, erect a fireproof county and
city building or buildings with
proper vaults. This has been sug
gested many times, but for various
reasons failed of culmination. After
we win this war the matter should
be taken up and proper offices pro
Edward Y. Snyder. Lonsr
Known as Expert Drui''
Dies After Short I':
In the death of Edward Yodcr Sny
der, 320 Chestnut street, and Wayne
A. Kershner, 46 North Seventeenth
street, yesterday, Harrisburg lost
two prominent bandmen. Snyder
died last evening at 6.45 o'clock at
his home, 320' Chestnut street. Kersh
ner died earlier in the day and an
account of his death w; s contained
in last night's Telegraph.
A member of the Majestic theater
orchestra and also a member of the
Zembo Temple Band, Mr. Snyder
was widely known in Harrisburg. He
lived in this city for approximately
fifteen years. Formerly he was a
member; of the famous Conway
band. For twelve years he traveled
with the Buffalo Bill band as the
leading drummer in the great Wild
| West show. Death was due to a
cold, which developed into pneu
He was prominently identified with
many fraternal organizations, in
cluding Zembo Temple, A. S. O. N.
M. S., and Knights of Pythias, Jr.,
O. U. A. M. and Daughters and Sons
of Liberty, all of Williamsport. Fu
neral arrangements will be an
nounced later.
Funeral services for Wayne A.
Kershner. division superintendent of
rights of way for the Bell Telephone
Company of Pennsylvania, will bo
held at 7.30 o'clock to-morrow night.
The Rev. Clayton Albert Smucker,
pastor of the Stevens Memorial
Methodist Church, will officiate.
Burial will be In Tamaqua where
the body will he taken by Under
taker Fackler. Services will he held
at the home of his father. John D.
Kershner, Tamaqua, Friday after
noon at 1.30 o'clock.
Maccabees to Hold Street
Festival For the Benefit
of Red Cross War Work
To-morrow evening from 6 to 11
o'clock, the Capitol City Review No.
2 88, W. B. A. of Maccabees, will
hold an outdoor carnival for the
benefit of the Harrisburg Chapter of
the Red Cross on Evergreen street,
from Chestnut to Summit street.
Dancing, .music and other forms of
entertainment will feature the oc
casion, while fancy work booths and
refreshment booths will line the
streets of the carnival. There will
be a community sing led by A. W.
Hartman, selections by the Municipal
Band, Gardner's Saxaphone Band
composacl of Technical High "School
boys, who have given their services
free for the occasion and vocal solos
by Mrs. Florence Ley, soprano and
Charles Sigler, tenor, J. Stewart
Black will accompany the singers
on the piano.
A pleasing novelty will be a Jap
anese "tea party" served on thc porch
of Mrs. E. G. Hoover's residence at
Evergreen and Chestnut streets, at
which a "genuine" Jap troupe will
indulge in native pastimes and songs.
A patriotic Address by a speaker yet
1 to be announced is part of the car
nival's pVogram. In case of inclement
weather, the affair will be hold be
tween the same hours Friday.
Reichstag Has a Scheme
to Limit Kaiser's Power
Amsterdam, Oct. 2. Tho three
majority parties in the Reichstag at
i a meeting on Saturday arrived at alt
| agreement looking to the formation
| of a parliamentary government with
j a responsible ministry, according to
Berlin advices.
This is to be accomplished, in part,
by the abolition of article 9 of ihe
Constitution. Autonomy will be
J granted to Alsace-Lorraine. ,
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OCTOBER 2, 1918.