Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, October 02, 1918, Image 3

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War T partment Informs Relatives of Serious Injuries Re
ccj ed While Following Flag on Battlefields of France
Word has been received by Mrs.
Lroy Landis) Harrisburg R. F; D.
Ro. 1, from the War Department,
her husband, Private Leroy
was wounded in action Au-
Kust 9. Landis was attached to Com
payn D. of the old Eighth Regiment,
and trained at Camp Hancock. He
sailed for France last May.
The name of Corporal John G.
Miller, son of Airs, Louise Miller, of
614 Granite street, appears on yes
terday's casualty list. He enlisted
In January 17, 1917, and was sent
to Camp Hancock. Miller was
wounded in action, August 9, accord
Bleeding Thumbs Result
of Women's War Work
Somebody ought to write a poem
and call it "The Ballad of the Blood
ing Thumbs." It should be dedi
cated to the volunteer workers In the
recent Belgian clothing campaign
launched here. When a reporter
suggested this to a sparkle-eyed girl
who was nursing a bandaged finger,
she gazed at him resentfully. "It's
just like you men to be tensing us
after we've done your work! Hero
we've taken your places when you
refused to volunteer to nail boxes
and help pack, and then, when wo
hit our thumbs with the hammer,
you laugh! It's beastly of you!"
When men didn't offer their serv
ices for the packing and shipping of
the boxes, the women tackled the lob
themselves. With the (assistance of
soldiers from the various nearby gov
ernmental operations the work is
now being accomplished. While the
women were busily hammering nails
into a huge package box cover yes
terday morning, an aged man Came
walking *>v. "Why 'don't you get
men to (T.'> that work," ho queried.
"We asked tor men and they didn't
j, respond." he was told. "Then we
waded into the work ourselves. And
workers tell a tale of the old man's
taking the hammer and nails. "He
helped us himself," chortled a work
er gleefully as she looked accusingly
at the unoffending reporter.
Germans Mine Cambrai;
British Outwit Enemy
TJ.v Associated Press •
Paris. Oct. 2.—Cambrai has been
mined, but the British forces have
fought around the town and thus
have foiled the plans of the enerny.
The Germans decided on September
1 to burn Cambrai, and forced the
civilian population to leave.
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Discoverer instructs drug
gists everywhere not to
take a cent of anyone's
money unless Bio-feren
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r weeks.
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A..C DhU9Blßll' lAHOt PACKAGE si* <
ing to a message sent the mother
by the War Department.
Similar word from the war au
thorities reached Mrs. Mary Shatto
saying that her son. Corporal James
A. Shatto, bad been severely wound
ed in action on a date not given.
This soldier was a member of . the
Eighth Regiment, now a part of the
One Hundred and Twelfth Infantry.
Private Romeo Dewarf is another
name found on the casualty list of
yesterday which listed him as miss
ing. He was among the first to leave
Carlisle in the selective draft. He
went to Camp Meade.
i [Continued from First Page.]
counted. Duncannon and Newport
had 1,500 each apd Millerstown 750.
! "The interest being taken by the
i people in the war trophies is indica
•|tive of their general interest in the
I I.iberty Loan —the fighting fourth,"
declares Mr. McCormick.
Plants Doing Fine
i George S. Reinoehl, chairman, and
LJohn C. Jessup, secretary of the in
,, dustrial end of the campaign, said
t j to-day that the team workers aro
, covering plants as they were never
J covered before. The general inclina-
I tion on the part of workers every
' i where is to double the amount of
. bonds they bought in the third loan.
; Outside Firms Buying Ilcro
, Reports are being received from
■ numbers of foreign firms whteh have
. llarrisburg branches. One of these
i is the Emerson-Brantlngliam Com
. pany, which to-day bought $5,000
; worth of bonds. The employes of
. tlio company are also buying® Ac
. cording to headquarters, the Fmer
son-Rrantinghani purchase is a tcs
. timonlal to the salesmanship of A.
: 11. Armstrong.
i Charles M. Steiff, Inc., and the
[ Askln-Marlne Company will buy
i bonds locally, as they did in the
• third loan.
Meetings Today and Tomorrow
Tho Liberty Troupers to-day are
covering n lot of territory in the
north of the county. Leaving here'
at 12:01 this nftorno'on they have
meetings nt Mlllorsburg at 12:45.
Elizabethville at 2:30. Lykens 6:30
/mil Wtlllnmstown at 8:30.
Meetings planned for to-morrow
Include those at' the Dives, Pomeroy
& Stewart store at 5:30 and at the
post office at 7:30, at both of which
■ Cnptnln Tngrnm, of the British Red
■ Cross, will speak. The federal build
ing meeting will be for workers in
the Homes' drive, which starts next
week. Dr. Bagnell talks to-morrow
night at 8 at Linglestown.
Little Bank Docs Well
The People's National Bank of
Duncannon is one of the small hanks
in the district, hut it reported yes
terday that after only a few days'
work it has sold more than a quar
ter the quota of bonds allotted it.
Bernard Schmidt yesterday bought
Liberty Bonds totaling $5,0i00.
Charles B. Pass, Who is selling bonds
to the empleys of the Schmidt bak
eries, has not yet covered the plants
fully, hut expects jto report within
a day or so that all are "hundred
International Harvester Company
to-day notified Donald McCormick
tnat it would buy a large total of
bonds through the Harrisburg dis
Middle Division Work In •-
S. H. Smith. W. A. GaOrr
H. Derrick and T! W. Mick
Harrisburg, are in charge of tin*
erty Loaji canvas among Middle di
vision employes of the Pennsylva
nia Railroad. Mr. Derrick reported
this morning that 134 men have
been canvassed so far, and while not
all bought bonds the total sold has
reached $6,700. There are twcf "hun
dred per cent crews," as follows:
Crow 19 on Harrisburg side, com
posed of H. F. Stewart, engineman;
G. W. Derrick, fireman; P. M. Hoff
man, conductor: G. W. Bennett, flag
man, and K C. Miller and J. E.
Swales, brakemen.
Crew 61, Mifflin Local—C. S.
Ewing, engineman; C. F\ Foust, fire
man; E. W. Mickey, conductor; C.
A. Simonton, flagman; W. H. Bar
rick, H. S. Swartz and 11. A. Steffan,
Campaign Sidelights
The condition of Harold Linder
man, bond salesman, and Liberty
Loan worker, who is a patient at
Keystone Hospital, suffering from
pneumonia, is reported as being se
Mike Ivornik, £>nn Francisco Hun
garian, yesterday bought $1,700
worth of bonds from Harrisburg
Corpora] McCann. who is speak
ing at various meetings in the coun
ty, got some shrapnel in the arm on
the western front, but he imagines
he made several Germans pay for it.
The war exhibit train comes here
October 10.
Two big meetings were held this
morning in the Steclton mills of the
Bethlehem Company and hundreds
of employes were permitted to "take
20" while the meetings were on.
A rousing rally, as Corporal Mc-
Cann puts its. was held nt noon to
day fit the Blough Manufacturing
Dauphin county, outside of Harris
burg, will probably "beat Harris
burg to it," in the matter of first
getting over the top with its full
quota, in the opinion of Chairman
William Jennings.
. Chairman Andrew S. Patterson, of
tho city district, thinks that the
homes compftign will be compara
tively easy if the people will live up
to the intensiveness of the commit
tee workers. This campaign starts
next week.
Gerard Sees Revolt in
Germany When War Ends
San Francisco, Oct. 2. —Sounding
a keynote of "no negotiation with
out occupation," James" W. Gerard,
ex-United States ambassador to Ger
many, said in an address yesterday
there must be no thought of peace
until troops of the Entente have
forced their way into German ter
ritory. Mr. Gerard was speaking for
the Fourth Liberty Loan. He went
"Tho United States and her Al
lies must force their way well into
enomy territory, despite all attempts
at peace, and must keep on going
until Germany.bows to their will."
Mr. Gerard predicted a revolution
in Germany after the war "that will
make the French revolution look
like a Sunday school picnic."
"There is no one in Germany to
start a revolution," he said. "But the
returning soldiery will demand an
accounting, and having so lately
emerged from savagery, they will
strike hard."
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OCTOBER 2, 1918.