Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, September 30, 1918, Page 9, Image 9

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Vow Construction and Instal
lation Put Untter New
Rule by State Board . j
' Temporary war
iTI /7] regulations for
v\\A i toilers i" Pettn
v\v\ACt> sylvanta establish
ments, which have
;\* increased rapidly
ihSSv In the last year
I HjiWWtßtWw trlal expansion,
r wel ' e announced
•W" % today by the State
ji- -.A Industrial Board,
iamtßomSnmSE&tl in the form of an
amendment to the code for safety
ir. construction and operation of
A written request must be made
to the Department of Labor and in
dustry before boilers not Pennsyl
vania standard may be installed and
operated and it must set information
concerning history and construction
of such boilers in order to determine
working pressure. The factor of
safety must not be less than live
and this factor should be increased
5 each five years thereafter. Regu
lations are also made for second
hand boilers and when the chemical
and physical properlties in the shell
plate are not known the tensile
strength is to be assumed at certain
figures all boilers under that class
are to be inspected and tested by a
State inspector from the department
before being operated.
State Wants To Know —Inquiries]
| are being made by the attorney gen
eral's department of various alder
men and justices of the peace who
have been reported to State Draft
headquarters as charging draft reg-!
istrants fo'-m making out question- j
naires. Some reports are that as
high as a dollar was charged not-1
withstanding the request that such
, services he given free. In the case
of a notary public who inquired of
the attorney general's department
whether he could legally charge a
notarial fee for taking the affidavit
of a registrant he was told that he |
could do so, but that there were few
so unpatriotic as to the charge. |
Increases Filed.—Notices of in- j
creases of stock have been tiled ati
the State Capitol as follows: Briggsl
Machinery Co., Pittsburgh. $3 5,000
to $75,000; Swain-Hickman Co..
Philadelphia, $30,000 to $100,000;
Scottdale Ice Co., Scottdale, $15,000
to $50,00o; Canonsburg Gas Coal
Co.. Pittsburgh, SBO,OOO to $86,000;
Industrial Warehouse and Transfer
Co., Philadelphia, $5,000 to $75,000;
Industrial Requirements Co., Phila
delphia, $25,000 to $75,000; Pitts
burgh-Cumberland Oil and Gas Co.,
Pittsburgh, SIO,OOO to $75,000; Mon
roes Coal Mining Co., Philadelphia,
$650,000 to $000,000; Penn Hosiery
Co., Reading, $6,000 to $20,000; The
Howard Anihracite Coal Co., Scran-!
ton, SIO,OOO to $150,000; Centralj
Coal Co., Scranton, $30,000 to SIOO,-1
000; Kane Gasoline Co.. Kane
$50,000 to $150,000; Walk Co., Phil
adelphia, $15,000 to SIOO,OOO. The
North Chester Realty Co., Chester,
filed notice of increase of stock from
$5,000 to $138,450 and a bond issue l
Of $2,750,000.
Checking Up.—Commencing this j
week every application for charter
papers tiled at the Department of
the secretary of the,commonwealth
* is being followed up with a notice
to the applicants of what the federal
government desires in the way of
conservation of capital. The federal
rulings have been printed and their
relation to the state government ex
plained. Similar action is being ta
ken in regard to notices of author
ity to increase stock or bonds filed
by corporations.
I-ook For Action.—Decisions are
expected this week front the War
Industries board in regard to the
construction of the road links on the
Pennsylvania State Highway system,
the urgency of some projects having
been submitted at Washington last
Monday. Highway Commissioner J
Denny O'Xeil who was at the Capitoi
says that with the State concentrat
ing its road repair forces and ma
chinery on the Lincoln Highway to
facilitate movement of army trucks
at greatly increased expense to the
department the State should be per
mitted to receive materials for build
'"■g ol sections needed to help along
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the movement of trucks whtcn are
relieving railroad transportation und
used for general travel. Virtually all
repair work of any size has been
stopped by the State except on the
Lincoln Highway.
Some Not Oil.—Analyses of olive
oil bought in stores in Pennsylvania
by agents of the Dairy and Food
Commissioner indicate that some of
it never came from an olive and that
various samples are called oil largely
by courtesy. Scores of samples have
been taken by State agents through
out the Stute and are examined.
Even chemists are puzzled to get the
derivation of some of the substitutes
which have been offered for sale,
while several labels used are all en
tertaining study in evasion.
Illg Increase.-^-The largest notice
of an increase of stock to be tiled
at the Capitol in some time came
from the William B. Rambo Build
ing and Loan Association, of Norris
lown, which advanced its authorized
stock from $500,000 to $1,000,000.
Old Fashioned Grip.—Cases of in
fluenza which are so prevalent in
several parts of Pennsylvania are
declared by Dr. B. F. Royer, the
State Health Commissioner, to be
nothing more than a recurrunce of
the old fashioned grip. Dr. Royer
who has been studying cases in var
ious cities, says that he is convinced
of that fact and that Philadelphia
bacteriologists confirm that point of
Dr. Royer says that Pennsylvania
has many eases and as it is short
of doctors and nurses for its own
people can not give much assistance
to other States in treatment of cases.
"This is the time to let sunshine
into the houses. I notice many
awnings are still uk>. That is a mis
take. Let the sunshine in," said ho.
"Avoid crowded places, entertain
ments and churches where there are
crowds and keep the open air as
much us possible. Sunshine Is what
is needed tc keep in good trim."
Abolish Crossings.—The Public
Service Commission has issued an
order for abolition of two grade
crossings where State highway
routes cross the Black Lick branch
of the Clearfield Division of the
Pennsylvania Railroad in Cumbria
and Allegheny Townships, Cambria
County. The proceedings against
these crossings were instituted by
.the commission on its own motion
and they are to he abolished under,
plans and specifications prepared by
the State Highway Department-
These plans provide for a relocation
between the crossings in a manner
satisfactory to the municipalities In
interest. The State Highwuy De
partment is to do the work and the
cost is apportioned as follows; Pub
lic Service Commission appropriate
$1,600; Cambria county, $500; Alle
gheny township, $100: Cambria
township, $1,500 and the Pennsyl
vania Railroad $4,150, the State
Highway Department to pay the rest.
Attending Meeting —Health Com
missioner Royer is In Philadelphia
attending the meeting of the State
Health Department Advisory Board
in regard to influenza.
Agreement Made —The Scranton
Board of Trade has arranged for an
agreement on surface support with
people in that city. The Surface Pro
tective Association does not approve
of it, however.
Military Instruction —Military In
struction has been launched as a
branch of the course at State Normal
Schools. In some of the schools the
girls want to learn to drill, too.
Lieutenants have been detailed to in
struct the boys.
Men to I.cave —Drafted men called
to move from Pennsylvania local
draft districts this week to Fort
Thomas, Ky„ for training for limited
military service will go as arranged
according to an announcement at
State Draft headquarters to-day. The
only movements postponed are those
to Camps Lee and Humphreys. The
Fort Thomas movement will extend
over five days. All local boards have
been called upon to fill out a pro
gress chart showing the number of
September registrants examined and
classified. By to-night all men with
in the ages specified must have re
ceived tile questionnaires.
Halifax, Pa., Sept. 30.—Mr. and
Mrs. Curtis Runtniel, of near town,
announce the birth of a daughter,
Carrie Rummel, on Friday, Septem
ber 27. 1918.
New Cumberland, Pa., Sept. 30.
Rally Day will be observed In the
Baughman Memorial Methodist
Church next Sunday.
Bulgars' Sincerity Shown by
Presence of Radeff, Skilful
Diplomat, in Parley
London, Sept. 30.—Negotiations are
proceeding between the Bulgarian
delegates and the Allied command at
Salonlki regarding the terms of the
armistice proposed by Bulgaria, ac
cording to a Reuter telegram from
It is pointed out that the fact that
M. Radeff, former member of the Bul
garian cabinet and former Bulgarian
minister at Berne, has been added to
the delegation, shows that the Bul
garian government is In earnest In
Its offer. M. Radeff Is one of Bul
garia's most skilful and experienced
An American, said to be the Amer
ican charge d'affaires at Sofia, ac
companied the Bulgarian delegates to
Salonlki to confer with the Allied
command relative to an armistice, ac
cording to a Berlin telegram received
here "by the way of Copenhagen. It
It said by the telegram that "he ap
parently played a very Important
part In recent events.
Amsterdam, Sept. 30.—King Ferdi
nand of Bulgaria has telegraphed to
Emperor Charles of Austria, assur
ing him of his loyalty to the Qua
druple Alliance, according to the
Neue Friele Press which Is quoted In
dispatches reaching here.
London, Sept. 30.—Large fifes are
burning around the important base
of Uskub, towards which the Ser
vians are advancing from Veles, ac
cording to the Serbian official state
ment of Saturday. The Serbians have
captured the Important mountain
range of Plaehkovitsa, south of
Standing of the Crews
H \lt HI Sill RG SIDF.
Philadelphia Division The 103
crew first to go after 3.30 o'clock: 119,
118, 101, 123, 106, 32. 110.
Engineer for 101.
Conductor for 118.
Brakemen for 118, 101, 105, 132
Engineers up: McCurdy, Andrews,
Firemen up: Bradley, Smith, Pitl
gean, Kozler, Adams, Moak, Graham,
Dallinger, Myers, Leach, Graver,
Mack, Lenard, Deven, Barclay.
Brakemen up: Kell, Neigor, Burns,
Williams, Hughes, Long, Dorsctt,
Middle Division —The 15 crew first
tog og after 1.45 o'clock: 22, 31, 220,
240, 237, 16. 258, 221, 451, 25.
Firemen for 31, 16.
Fireman for 31.
Conductor for 16.
Flagman for 31.
Brakeman for 16.
Engineers up: Leib, Albright. Tit
ler, KaufEman, Leiter, Rowe, Brink,
Firemen up: Gray, Fortenbaugh,
Sunderland, Hartzler, Brown, Book,
Naylor, Cook.
Conductor up: Bennett.
BiHkemen up: Kreps, Trego, Zim
merman, Smith, ftegester. Rhea,
Bonsell.Dane, Shelley, Beers, Deihl,
Buker, Bowman, Fdnlcal, Myers,
Yard Board —■ Engineers for 4-7 C,
5-7 C.
Firemen for 4-7 C, 5-7 C. 11C, 3-
15C, 16C. 17C, 18C.
Engineers up: Boyer, Hamilton,
Miller, R. B. Miller, McCartney, Rif
fert. Waltz, Hall, Blever, Essig,
Boyle. Nye, Revie.
Firemen up: Soles, Lauver, Car
penter, Shambaugh, Wevodan, Man
ning. Ellenberger, Hampton. Lynn,
Bolan, Galbraith, Neith, Lower, Boy
er, Edenrode, Sheets, Graham.
Philadelphia Division Conductors
for 17, 50.
Flagmen for 56, 54, 17.
Brakeman for 17.
Conductor up: Shirk.
Brakemen up: Shelley, Spangler,
Middle Division —The 251 crew first
tog o after 2 o'clock: 119, 103, 118,
303. 124, 257, 105, 256. 109, 123.
Firemen for 119, 103, 109.
FJagmen for 103, 09.
Yntd Board—Engineers for 3d 126,
149, 112, 118.
Firemen for 2d 126, 2d 122, 2d 102,
Engineers up: Liddlck, Zeiders,
Bair, Potter, Brown. Blckhart. Wal
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• t. *
Firemen up: Fink, Fake. Peirce,
Ready, Wallace, Perry, Stephen,
Gamber, Eshelman, Bruce.
Philadelphia Division Engineers
up Gibbons, Kennedy.
Firemen up: Copelund. Floyd, Shaft -
I- Middle Division Engineers up:
Riley, Robley, Mlller.Graham. Keane,
Crlmmel, Crane, Buck, Crum, Alex
Firemen up: Snyder. Redder, Yon.
Stephens .Sheesley, Fletcher, Ross,
Simmons, Gross, Kuntz, Arnold,
Stauffer, Sheats, Bender, Dunn.
The 24 crew first to go after 12.30 '
o'clock: 64.' 24. 61, 62. 51, 57. 63, 22,
66, 63, 65. 7, 71, 65. 69, 67, 14, 19, 52.
18, 70, 72.
Engineers for 54, 61. 69, 71, 18, 19,
Firemen for 51, 57, 61. 62, 63. 69.
71, 7, 22.
Brakemen for 51, 52, 57. 60, 61, 62,
63, 66, 69, 71, 6, 7, 14, 19, 22.
j Flagmen for 61, 66, 71, 7, 24.
' Firemen up: Bricker, Miller, Fitz-
Gerald, Whitcomb, Keller. Keim.
Eng-ineers up: Chronlster. Hoffman,
.Tones, Merkle, Frauenfeder, Glass.
Moyer, Sassaman. Grawford, Booser,
Moyer, Bates. Bruaw, Lackey.
Conductors up: Hall, Helabaum,
Flagmen up: Liebtreu, Dahn, Tra
Brakemen up: Leinlnger, Ryan,
Heagy, Bowman. Deardorf.